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Is THIS Why There Are So Many Troops In DC?

Mac Slavo
January 19th, 2021
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In an interesting video done by PrepperNow, a YouTube creator, a clip was found of a National Guardsman saying they are in Washington D.C. to ensure a “peaceful” transfer of “military power.” Military power?

We are in no way shape or form in normal territory right now, says PrepperNow. “All bets are off, all normal is out the window.” And as he says, it’s tough to get information right now and everything is eerily quiet. We all know this level of military involvement isn’t for a handful of deep state arrests and it’s certainly not to quell the protests over Biden’s selection to the throne.

This video starts by PrepperNow showing a clip of an interview with one of the national guardsmen stationed in Washington D.C. right now. This clip is from the Good Morning America show yesterday.  He says he’s proud of the troops who will “help the secret service and police departments with a peaceful transition of military power.”

This entire situation is off. Something isn’t right, and most of us understand that much. Is a military takeover happening? Are they planning a false flag psyop? Are they really that concerned about Trump supporters? Are they planning for an invasion? Who even knows at this point, as information that’s factual is almost impossible to come by.  All we have are questions and we aren’t getting any answers.

PrepperNow feels like something will happen within 36 hours.  But who knows at this point  All we know is that this military presence is a build-up for something and something big based on the number of boots on the ground. “We are heading into a heck of a 24 hours folks. Actually, 36.”

Donald Trump is doing executive orders right now and he isn’t acting like he’s leaving, and yet there are moving vans there and his family seems to be already moved out of the White House.  Things are extremely strange and make little sense right now.

The only thing we can do is to refuse to be afraid and stay prepared. We all need to do right by each other and help those who may need it if the SHTF. We can only rely on ourselves and try to be the person you’d want others to be in these times.  Stay aware and use discernment.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: January 19th, 2021

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    1. hmm... says:

      Like you mentioned,something big is definitely happening soon.None of this is normal.All this military presence is not for Trump supporters.Most likely a false flag or some type of event or several events on Wednesday.Let the shitshow begin.!!

    2. Mr_Yesterday says:

      Yep. The last day of peace.

      However, the interesting part just ended. The hopeful alignment with traditional American values had limits, and those limits were reached.

      It’s not confusing. Stop watching so much news and you’ll be better informed as to what’s really happening. Read more.

    3. Chris Avalon says:

      As you stated his family has left not him.Shit is about to get serious.Be alert this doesn’t sound good

    4. Bill says:

      The troops are likely in DC primarily to send a message to the American people that the Dems. are in charge, and that they can summon all the forces necessary to maintain power and control. I do have some thoughts about the lengths the State is going to with all the resources being brought in, not only visible troops but likely also clandestine elements. What in the world could the State rationally believe poses so much of a threat as to necessitate bringing in so many forces. It is not to protect the inauguration from “white terror”, there is no white terror, and those saying this rubbish know better. The troops will likely be around for awhile however.
      I do find some irony in all the security measures in DC though. Where was the National Guard when antifa and BLM was terrorizing and destroying areas of cities all over the US? And haven’t we heard from the Dems. that walls don’t work, why have so many barriers, of all different kinds been erected? Every resource available is being pressed into duty, and no expense is being spared for the security and safety of the State and its gov’t/officialdom. But when citizens of wrecked cities this past summer implored the officialdom/gov’t they were largely ignored. I don’t see some conspiracy by officials at work here, I see hyper “elitism” on display.

      • Frank Thoughts says:

        Symbolism matters. And when a clearly Chinese man stands directly behind Biden as he is sworn in tells you all you need to know: the bankrupt Corporation of the United States is being foreclosed on by China. America’s military will do what it always does and work for who pays its bills. Since China is now in charge, China pays the bills.

        Trump was a criminal who took charge only to avoid going to jail. The one good thing I can say about him is his taste for the ladies: both Melania and Ivanka were the hottest women to be in the White House since Jackie Kennedy.

    5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Elon Musk and the others have proven themselves to be sadistic, pathological lying psychopaths. The illegal surgery was performed on me without my consent while unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee, ( owned by Ascension Healthcare, formerly owned by Florida ex governor Rick Scott on March 27th, 2014.)

      I awoke with excruciatingly loud tinnitus in my left ear which reulted in months of sleep deprivation, sleeping as litle as an hour a day for almost an entire year. Additionally, was an immediate inability to cry and having to get prescription glasses for the first time in my life a couple of months later. Migraine headaches when being in rooms with many people that had cell phones also was a problem.

      They deny that they did it because it is totally illegal. It is just for the purpose of intellectual property theft. The messages that I am constantly bombarded are nothing but constant distraction, threats, intimidation, and harrassment. 

      This has immensely hindered my intellectual capabilities, and has not helped me in any way. They are obviously doing this to people that they know are already superior in intelligence, and trying to claim credit for it. Former Swedish stock broker Magnus Olsen is another one of their victims. 

      When the illegal sugery was performed on me, I was hospitalized for an intentional suicide attempt to end my life. I overdosed on prescription painkillers prescribed for an impinged shoulder and valium. Three doses of narcan were given to me in addition to using an external cardiac defibrilator on me to revive my heart.

      Whenever I would pray, the tinnitus would start increasing in volume.

      People started breaking into my home, stealing and vandalizing every time that I would leave. Neighbors even placed things that they had stolen from my home in their windows, and used them in their yards in front of me.

      In February of 2016, my smart meter from WeEnergies ( Wisconsin Energy )  was hacked and read ddd-ddd for default, which I checked after stray electricity flew out of a light socket and laser split two coffee cups in half, one after the other. This was immediately after my Mother unexpectedly died in December of 2015. She was diagnosed with cancer in November, was treated for cancer, and died a month later.

      After I called WeEnergies to complain about the broken smart meter and stray energy flowing from the light socket they told me that any time that I wanted to know what the meter reading was that I should call them and ask them.  I called the manager Julia Schneider and she told me that it would be replaced. Then the police showed up at my house and told me that I couldn’t stay in my house until a private electrician also came in addition to WeEnergies electrician replacing the meter. It was over Washington’s birthday so I had to stay in a hotel for 5 days. 

      The day after arriving at the hotel, my dog developed a mast cell tumor, so I took him to the animal hospital right next to the hotel. I did not treat have him treated for cancer.

      People also let me know that they were spying on me by repeating, doing, or saying things that I have said or done in my home, including the media participating in this gas-lighting as well. When confronted they denied it, but Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge  did say on The Burning Platform that he was listening to me. I told him to stop. My Zero Hedge account was hacked. I opened another Zero Hedge account which was also soon hacked after my first phone was hacked in June of 2017.

      Immediately after my first phone was hacked, someone started using directed energy weapons on me. I did not know that that was what it was. I thought that there were protests taking place near the industrial park or highway because that is what they sounded like. I asked the police and fire department if they were in the neighborhood because of complaints about the noise. They asked, “What noise?” Neighbors also said that they did not hear it when I asked, but one of the neighbors that lives in an 8 unit condo behing me across the driveway from where my mother’s condo building was, was just standing in her driveway when the DEW chanting was saying “I’m capital Bob.” She yelled, “I respect that man.” Another time she yelled, turn it off, and it stopped. A couple of the neighbors in those buildings appeared to have heard the chants also because they 
      looked up like WTF is going on? 

      The man that lives below her also said really loud in his driveway, “as soon as you turn off your government microphone we’ll tell you.” 

      I refuse to talk to these terrorists in my neighborhood who I believe are part if the InfraGard terrorist cult network. Their lifestyles are crimes against humanity. People spy because they are sex offenders, thieves, intellectual property thieves, property thieves, identity thieves, or murderers. 

      I have lived in this neighborhood since 2000 and during the most vulnerable time in my life, they decided to opportunistically exploit my dire circumstances for their own opportunistic self-serving evil agendas. They obviously thought that I would move or kill myself, which they have conspired in trying to get me to do. The people that had placed the stolen items in their windows are renting, and their are several other homes in the neighborhood that are rented, one directly behind me in a 2 unit condo, the other across the street in a single family house that placed a photocopied LEO badge in their window.

      Also, immediately after my first phone was hacked, We Energies CEO and St. Mary’s Neurologist James Hurth MD. both abruptly resigned. Vault 7 technology is being used on me, hacking everything, even my sleep number bed. 

      In 2014 I would constantly wake up and notice that the light that I left on in the hallway was off. I thought that I turned it off while sleep walking, but now I know that it was turned off by evil psychopathic terrorists using vault 7 technology on me, thanks to Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Joshua Schulte!

      Everyone in government, health care, corporations, technology, utilities, and media have all been notified that these things are happening to me, and all have refused to prosecute the sick, evil, sadistic, pre-meditiated, cold blooded, terrorist monsters that have perpetrated these crimes against me with the intent to harm me, my life, my health, and my property.

      When I called the Grafton police because people were breaking into my house, Officer Alfonso told me to install security cameras, which would not prevent anyone from breaking into my house, and would also be able to be viewed by hackers, as well as giving them access into my wifi, and it is a well known fact that video can be recreated with CIA dumbo, which was developed by the animation industry. He actually said, “What makes you think that you’re so special that someone would steal from you?” 

      I asked him to check the security camera at the end of the street and he lied and said that they did not have access to it, even though I read that they were installec for that purpose.

      There is no hope for this country. You can thank InfraGard for that!

      Dr. John R. Hall proves illegal sugery was performed on people, but it is my hypothesis which has been ignored by all that these implants are placed in through people’s ears and nose. International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies:

      Joining the psychopaths that have perpetrated these crimes against me would be a fate worse than death. Their life styles are barbaric crimes against humanity. They have deviant personality disorder. I would rather die than join them, They are sick as hell! If there is one more problem that I do not want or need in my life, it is a gang of mentally incompetent, criminal psychopaths with deviant personality disorder. They are definitely not the solution! They are the problem!  

      Andrea Iravani 

    6. MAKEREADY says:

      Trump had every chance to declare an emergency and he didn’t. Does anybody know why? Because he was always and I repeat always, the TPTB controlled opposition or DeepFake president. JFK exposed them, he was murdered and Reagan tried and there was the attempt on his life. Trump fooled a lot of folks.