If You Laugh At This Video Then You’re a Racist…

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    If you’ve got any doubts about whether or not political correctness has gone just a little too far, then look no further than the recent experience of college administrator Brian Farnan.

    Farnan, who is the Vice President of  Internal Affairs at the Students’ Society of McGill University, was trying to make light of mid term week at the school. He happened to be watching a Jay Leno monologue in which the former Tonight Show host jokingly analyzed President Obama’s body language. It was, as is often the case on late night, nothing more than a joke that used popular video editing techniques to depict President Obama kicking in a door out of frustration after a meeting with Congressional members.

    Brian Farnan thought it was funny. So he took a GIF image of the video and fired it out in his weekly email to students with the caption ““honestly midterms get out of here.” His intention was to make light of the heavy testing that particular week.

    What followed was hyperventilation from a hypersensitive school board and students, who apparently don’t have a single humorous bone in their bodies. Complaints were filed almost immediately with the school’s Equity Committee, claiming that Farnan was violating school rules by distributing “oppressive” information.

    Because of privacy policies we don’t know exactly what the Equity Committee concluded, but it resulted in an apology being issued by Farnan in which he strongly suggested that he was accused of racism for his offensive images. Under the school’s policy, violating Equity Committee guidelines may result in suspension or termination, especially if the offending party refuses to publicly apologize.

    Here’s the picture and a snippet of the video Farnan sent in his email.

    Does this particular imagery imply support of oppression or racism?


    This is the actual ‘Moving GIF’ file that was sent:


    And the original Tonight Show clip:

    Farnan apparently buckled under the pressure and issued the following public apology to school administrators, students, the President, and people of all races who may have felt insulted by his dastardly act of bigotry:

    “The email in question contained the phrase “Honestly midterms get out of here” followed by a URL leading to a .GIF image of President Obama violently kick a door and storming out of a room following a press conference. The inclusion of the .GIF image was intended to bring a humorous tone to the email and use President Obama’s frustration with the press conference in question to mimic the frustration students feel when confronted with midterm examinations. Despite the innocent intentions influencing my decision to use this particular image, I have come to recognize the negative implications of adding the .GIF image within this given context.


    Oppression, as outlined in SSMU’s Equity Policy, means the exercise of power by a group of people over another group of people with specific consideration of cultural, historical and living legacies. The image in question was an extension of the cultural, historical and living legacy surrounding people of color—particularly young men—being portrayed as violent in contemporary culture and media. By using this particular image of President Obama, I unknowingly perpetuated this living legacy and subsequently allowed a medium of SSMU’s communication to become the site of a microaggression; for this, I am deeply sorry.”

    But that’s not the end of the story.

    Farnan’s apology prompted another complaint, this time from a student who (gasp!) applied a little bit of common sense and took the email for what it was – a joke.

    “Brian, your GIF didn’t offend me, your apology did,” the student complainant wrote.

    “I am offended that you think I’m so shallow and high-strung that I would be offended by this.”

    To Brian Farnan, who was no doubt put into an untenable position, we say, ‘great GIF.’

    But, there’s a time to stand up and point out the ignorance of society and those around you, even if it means losing your job. This was one of those times,  Mr. Farnan.

    Unless of course you actually believe your own apology, in which case you’re part of the problem and are complicit in the police state indoctrination of children in Canada and America alike.


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      1. Are you kidding? Just the thought of losing that sweet gig and the, what 250 thou a year, made the sweat bead up on his butt crack. I am sure he dashed that apology off in no time flat.

        • Racist against his white side or his black side? I have never figured it out even though I have a 50 – 50 chance of being right.

          I’m thinking he needs a time out.

          • How far this country has fallen when satire is patroled by the PC agenda. Will Rodgers and Mark Twain would be racist by the standards of this gov’t and its media.

            • Just more undeniable evidence that what Tom Jefferson said about the two races was 100 percent truthful and on the money.

              “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [blacks] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.” –Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography, 1821. ME 1:72

              The coming collapse of this rapidly decomposing turd dump of a once great, once prosperous, once socially cohesive and once 90% White European nation draws nearer and nearer, and this ‘thin skinned’ minority whining and bleating and politically correct kind of Cultural Marxist, Frankfurt School bullshit is going to expedite what desperately must be done.

              Each race will get their own exclusively homogenous ethno-state, and that will put a permanent end to all these whiny race card playing hucksters.

              I have had my gut full of this crap, and I can hardly wait for the White Ethnostate to be established, so Whites can have these whiners off our backs – permanently.

              • Amen to all that. I’m up to my ears in this PC. Bull and think its time for a culling of the herd. His is america, speak English, thank God, and if you don’t like to own guns… Get on the boat with pos Morgan and get out.

            • If it was a clip of GWB doing the exact same thing, the idiots who protested would be pissing their pants and crying because the are laughing so hard. No double standard at all!!!

          • The best way to identify a racist is to wait and be called one. It is a 100% certainty that anyone who calls you a racist, is in fact, a racist.

            The best way to offend someone is to tell them the obvious truth when they refuse to see it themselves.

            Racists are easily offended.

            • Sign me up.

              • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
                damn proud to say i am a racist. and i am in good company: obama, holder, sharpton, jackson, etc. f em all

              • To be truthful, I love this stuff. The more PC these people get the less connection to reality they have. The farther they get from reality the less chance they have of surviving or being a threat. As they skip down the yellow brick road; I’ll be waiting.

                • Soooo true.

            • I don’t laugh at anything BO does, it is disgusting to see someone that pretends to be some type of leader and has all these executive orders ready to go to shove the country into marital law. Even BO with a banana in one hand and broken tree branch in the other would be hilarious to practically everyone. To me I just see someone that has gotten away with many times over what would have gotten generations ago any president at least impeached if not tried for treason. The society and the politicians have allowed BO to climb his tree to where he is now. That is way more pathetic than humorous.

              • I thought the video was real funny… Be Unifomed’s comments were not. (sick).

                • I don’t like racist comments from blacks or whites– both are equally offensive/ignorant.

                  • Anonymous-

                    Ohhhh, poor baby! Such holier-than-thou sensibilities!

                  • I’m not racist. I love my black wife and all my guns are black. Check please!

                  • I find anyone who is PC trying to hurt white people for no good reason to be offensive, so we’re even. If you can’t handle the truth, I don’t see how you get thru life.

                • I’ve no problem being called a racist.
                  It’s a communist assignation designed to place people in a defensive posture and to obscure the truth.
                  Some cultures are advanced, some are primitive.
                  If you want your children to live and thrive, you better get real and deal with REALITY AS IT EXISTS and not as political correctness would dictate.

                  • I agree with Gringo Viejo. I believe it was the mass murderer, Leon Trotsky who coined the word ‘racist’ and it’s purpose was to cow political opponents and to stifle political debate. Which is clearly and without question what these leftists and their minority pets are using this word to do.

                    Keith Alexander, who is a cohost of The Political Cesspool radio program on Liberty News Radio – commented on a show a week or so ago, that there is a huge difference between being a ‘racialist’ and a ‘racist’ – and the left has tried very hard to erase or blur the distinctions between the two terms. A racialist is someone who feels a sense of solidarity and brotherhood and kinship with members of his or her own race, and feels compelled out of a sense of loyalty to place the interests of their own race – which is their extended family, ahead of the interests of other races, who are clearly their racial competitors. Parents who place the interests of their own children and family ahead of the interests they might have for a family who lives down the street – are not demonized for doing so, right? In fact, this is expected of them – because, their children and their immediate family members are their responsibility.

                    These hate filled anti-racists (anti-racist is merely a codeword for anti-White) on the left, however, promote the insane idea that it is A-OK for all races except White European people to have racial solidarity with members of their own tribe, and encourage them to form and join organizations which are racially exclusive to their own group and who unabashedly work to advance, promote, or protect their group’s ethnic specific interests. Nobody on the left calls these minority ethnic activist organizations ‘racists’, but here is where the left’s hypocritical double standard rears its ugly anti-White head. When Whites decide that they also need to form or join organizations that advance, promote, or defend their group’s ethnic specific interests – just as all other racial groups are doing – then, the left goes into a hysterical, drooling, psychopathic, foot stomping hissy fit and starts spewing the smear word ‘racist’ at White people.

                    The game here could not be more obvious. The left is virulently anti-White and they understand that they are waging a fully declared war on White European Americans and ethnic identity politics is the name of this game. What they want Whites to do is to unilaterally disarm, and to not organize themselves along racial lines in order to defend themselves from an enemy who is clearly fighting this war using racially oriented battle tactics.

                    If you can stand it, tune into MSNBC and watch that network for a day or two. If you are White, have a bottle of Pepto-Bismal close by, because what you see and hear will be guaranteed to turn your stomach. But, it will also open your eyes wide – to the unbelievably volatile and simmering hot level of anti-White hatred and venom that explodes out of the mouths of the minorities on that network. Melissa-Harris Perry is one particularly hard core anti-white racist – and she appears to be participating in some kind of contest with Chrissy Matthews to see which one of them can spew the most rancid hatred and vitriol for the White race.

                    Perry, of course, is a black anti-White racist female. But, Matthews is a White guy and boy is this guy a self-hating, self-loathing, pathologically insane basket case. I often wonder how he can trust himself to give himself a shave each morning, because it is a minor miracle that he has the discipline to not take his razor and cut his own evil white throat, just to do the world a favor by ridding it of one more white guy.

                    So, my advice to my fellow White brothers and sisters – is to stop soiling your pants every time some race card playing minority, or self-hating white loser, or anti-white jew spews the ‘racist’ smear word at you. Simply look them in the eye, and calmly correct them and tell them that you are not a racist – you are a racialist. And, there is nothing whatsoever wrong or evil about feeling a sense of solidarity with members of your own race and whose racially specific interests are placed at the very top of your loyalty criteria.

                  • GREAT post Tucker!!!

            • Sheeple are most offended by the truth.

              • i think BO should issue an apology to the door’, then get a ticket for vandalism, and destroying public property. then a little anger management course could go along way, before letting him near the big red button again.

              • “You who Seek & Speak Truth are going to be called Evil Racist Antisemitic NAZIS!….So you May as Well GO ALL OUT!”…..Incogman, 2001

                His website is icogman dot net

                His articles Show what every tv msm refuses to speak of or show You about the too numerous to list events some call”Chimp Outs Against White folks”

                Complete with full color Large photos of enough examples of african black attacks and killings/rapes of whiteys to convince even the worst liberal fully deluded and in vast Denial of True agenda against whites going on.

                AND HIs site also contains more proof info, facts truths, that indeed everyhing conected to this agenda was invented by commies, and that those kommies are jewish.

                From 1848 Marxisim to 1930’s Franfurt school of cultural marxisim, up to Today 2014…Its all invented, Funded, Run by, Profited by, jewish folk.

                No other group benifits better than they do from these vile anti white, anti gentile goyim agendas. It is being done For that tribes benifit since They Are the Least populous of ALL listed “Minority” groups in Every nation they are, ever were, ever shall exist within.

                Need More Proof yet? okay please tell us all what is THE ONE Major slanderous word used that causes whites to cringe with guilt and FEAR, more than to be called or labled an….ANTISEMITIE? None I am aware of eh.

                no other words has so benifited that tribe of kommies more that racist and antisemitie.
                While whites Cringe in Guilt Induced Fear upon hearing those two words…Blacks and jews see nothing but $$$$$$ signes and Laugh all the way to the tribes banks!

                Their Final Ultimate Goal or agenda Is to use those Two words the exact same way as trotsky and his Boss headkommie Lennin did(both wee jewish)…

                IE: Lennins very First soviet state Law he did by exec order, was a law that Forbid antisemitisim.

                BUT…All one had to do to be guilty of antisemitisim in all of the ussr soviet nations, was to be “SUSPECTED” of it!…Not actually accused, Not charged, Not convicted…

                just simply “Suspected of “antisemitisim” in ANY way, shape or form that Lennin and all of his fellow jewdeo bolshevik kommie tribe determined it to be.

                And the ONLY criminal penalty once a “suspect” was DEATH by Bullet to back of Head as Fast as the closest member of the aprox 300 member CHEKA could arrive on scene to Shoot that bullet into that suspects head!

                Those soviet kommies even later on offered rewards to folks to alert soviet cheka of any suspects they are aware of…Their rewards were an xtra Pound of Meat or Butter Only for That “Month”‘s rations.

                It got so PC correctness bad that even Familys at Dinner tables across ussr soviet state Feared to speak in whispers to other Family members eating dinner, as what one stated “May” be misinterpreted as somehow “antisemitic” and result in family member cashing in on a free pound butter that month!(they were almost starving most days).

                Scoff if you wish, keep telling Yourself that cannot happen Here in usa!…Or just write off any of us who speak truth yet include that dreaded word “jew or jewish” when we use it to describe Who did these things etc.

                Once that agenda goes full blown in america, you won’t then be scoffing or remain deluded and in deep denial I wager.

                nobody can now deny that Yes PC from its origins in usa up untill todays era has gotten worse and worse as the years and decades passed by..That alone should be a RED FLAG warning that Yes, there must be a hidden agenda, and a worse yet end planned to that agenda eh.

                There IS! Like I said, it wil be an exact Copy of the 1920’s when Lennin mass killed all who the bolshevik Jewish kommies considered “Suspects” of antisemitisim….This time around they will likely Add racist suspects to that death squads lists.

                If a white folk person? it is OK to Act like a White man or woman! really it Really Is Okay!

                The bolshevik and black and liberal whites kommies are abject Fool’s, if they do not think that by ridding the nation of Whites is
                going to be a fast reversal Back to the Jungle canibals and caveman dweller lifestyles once zero whites are left to invent stuff, Build/Fix stuff, and keep a lid on those lesser and uncivilized races etc.

            • one way to piss of a liberal is to call them a Bigot
              or claim that there in some way bigoted ( which they are ) but never call them a racist. almost all liberals will hyperventilate when you throw out the racist term and claim there everything but that.

              they have no possible answer to the bigot tag you place on them and most of there arguments don’t work with that term .

              i also like to explain to liberals that what there most guilty of is reverse racism were they fawn and fall down at the feet of the average black man. just to try and prove there any thing but racist.

              i have seen first hand a women trying to get a petition signed stand and praise feel back slap and almost gush over some avergae black but ignore a white man who wants info.

              so tell me who is more racist them or me ?

              skittle shittin unicorn

              • A liberal at work called me a racist for watching fox news, I said how do you know I watch fox news, he said because I speak nothing but lies. I don’t watch fox news by the way but I told him to stop watching lame stream media and he said ” because you are a republican, gun owner and don’t like Obama bin Hussein that I must watch fox news and therefore a racist, now I believe that’s called stereotyping, so I guess that’s OK… until I had him called up to HR, with my witnesses (who were all black by the way) and got him fired! Stupid big fat liberal who couldn’t stand the fact that I couldn’t agree with anything he had to say and got all fired up as I kept my conservative cool, I had a lot of coworkers who thanked me as now they don’t have to hear his dumbass liberal views, as every conversation with him somehow always turned polictcal! Do I feel bad for this guy losing his job, NO, he had it coming. Two things I was taught at a young age, don’t talk religion or politics with people, unless you share the same views.

                • Iceman, I’ll take my hat off to you on the way you handled that situation. Had that been me he was going off on, he would’ve been picking himself up off the floor and needing a trip to the emergency room. I feel the same way you do about libturds but I would’ve decked him.

                • You’ve got a very long way to go, Iceman – if you still believe that Faux News network is a place to go to get the ‘truth’ about anything that matters most to traditional conservatives.

                  Faux News Network – is RINO’d and Neo-Conned to the n-degree, and all you get from those rats is the jewish, Israel First, America-Never line of pure baloney.

                  At best, the gang at Faux might offer you a choice of liberalism-light – but, once you’ve pulled your head out of your butt and really understand the media owner’s agenda (brainwashing the viewing audiences, molding and shaping their pea-sized brains to adopt the RINO and Neocon opinions on any given issue), you will finally understand and recognize that Faux network pushes 99% of the same liberal, Cultural Marxist, anti-White bullshit agenda as do the other openly liberal networks.

                  • Amen,
                    Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

                  • He said he didn’t watch Fox news…..

                  • Tucker must of missed the part where I said I didn’t watch fox news,oh well.

              • SSU, AMEN to your comments. Sad but true.

            • @GC
              You are racist!

            • the black man looks at himself in the mirror and proclaims “im black and im proud”
              the asian man looks at himself in the mirror and proclaims “im asian and im proud”
              the white man looks at himself in the mirror and proclaims “im white and there for im a racisist”

            • I really don’t think all the protest howling was because they thought it was racist, it was because he was insulting their communist messiah! The “racist” angle is the only way they can condemn it without showing their true (communist) colors.

          • They photo shopped out John Boehner who
            was standing in front of the door when
            he kicked him through it.

            • He even kicks like a wussy…
              You won the contest Outwest

              • Racist squirrel?
                Out at my squirrel/bird feeders a black
                squirrel was screwing the crap out of a
                gray squirrel, when a large pissed off
                male gray came along and beat the blacks
                ass hell, west, and crooked.
                Apparently, he had never heard about any
                political correctness.

                • Call PETA. They’ll help out.

                  • PETA will euthanize both and spend your donation on their own salaries and “raising awareness”.

                  • dom-

                    Of course the NAACP & ADL will demand a piece of the booty!

                • @OW,
                  ROFLMAO, soft drink (I was going to say Coke but that’ll get me in trouble with the man)up through the nose and across the keyboard and monitor. I needed the laugh, thanks.

                  • Careful, careful…don’t say Cohke and nose in the same sentence–you might get on some govt watch list and have the DEA kicking down your doors and confiscating everything…in several years you might get a few possessions back or at least be released ( but then again, if they find out your are anti- big govt, you might just be another NDAA stat.)

                • OutWest, the gray squirrels are an oppressed group. We white people have to stand up for the gray squirrels.

            • I think Boehner thought Obummer was trying to have him lick his shoes instead of kicking the door. Big mistake. He likes licking his shoes.

              • Not just the shoes.

              • The best thing Boehner could have done is say, “real mature, Barack!”

                If anyone would ask why he didn’t refer to him as “Mr. President”, he could just answer with the following:

                “I will call him that when he acts like it!”

                Boehner needs to fight political theatrics with politics.

                • I disagree, best thing for Boner to do would have been to break into tears again…..

          • He doesn’t have a white side, he is 7.25% black, 42.75% Arab, and 50% Jewish which is a mixture in itself.
            I don’t know what everybody gets all weird over racism, it’s natural to be racist, that’s how you keep the races pure which the Creator demands biblically. God told the ancient Israelites (Not to be confused with those known as Jews but are not. {Revelations 2:9 and 3:9}) to get rid of their strange wives and children. why? Because they had married women from other races and had mixed race children. God was sending curses down on them but when they sent their strange(racial alien) wives and children away, God blessed them.

            • You are dead on, we are all racist to a certain degree…
              Strange though that Moses second wife was an Ethopian, presumably black, which must be okay in GOD’s eyes. But it does make one wonder why the Isrealites were told by GOD to wipe out 36 different tribes of 1 million+ each, even the animals? I have always said, “I am not racist, I hate\love everone equally, you just have to PROVE to me you are worth being accepted by me by your actions”…
              Not to piss off people, but think about it, and place yourselves in thier shoes….

            • Mark is dead right, except he is confusing racism with racialism – a common mistake. Without possessing an instinctive, built-in sense of loyalty and a preference for your own race – you would be like a turtle that has been yanked out of it’s protective shell and then tossed into a field. You would be vulnerable to your enemies and, in the case of the turtle, you would quickly become a juicy meal for your competitors.

              Down through the ages, across all different races and ethnic groups and across all the vastly different kinds of societies that the different racial groups have created when they are in complete control of their territory – what have each and every one of these different groups considered to be the ultimate crime?

              Treason and disloyalty and betrayal of the group, right? And, what is the most common form of punishment for having been exposed for these crimes? Answer: Usually the death penalty.

              Thus, when one peels back the layers on this onion – one has to grudgingly accept the fact that without ‘racialism’ – which is an accelerated sense of loyalty towards and commitment to your own race and tribe – it becomes near impossible for a distinctive racial group to survive, because the racial group lacks unity and teamwork. It becomes a conglomeration of backstabbing rats who take great pleasure in betraying one another in order to achieve some slight and meaningless temporary material gain of some kind.

              This is why the Cultural Marxist enemy who has its evil tentacles wrapped so tightly around the throat of America works so hard to demonize, and if possible, they’d like to even criminalize, racial solidarity and racial loyalty among White Americans. They want us to lack unity and solidarity and racial loyalty – because it becomes easier for them to destroy us when we adopt those suicidal and unnatural attitudes and behaviors.

              One has to notice that these Cultural Marxists never attack blacks or mestizos or any other non-white racial group for expressing their feelings of racial loyalty or unity or solidarity, right? Whites and only Whites are in their cross-hairs.

              Anybody who’s White and who can still not see this unfair double standard needs to put their name on a list for a brain transplant, because the one they’ve currently got has failed them.

              • TUCKER: This Proves it all! This man was The Top Head of England’s kommie party members in His days era. His Book was written as THE Main Kommie Plan to destroy and obliterate USA Whites totally. His end game plans after decades and a couple generations of what we call anti white PC crap, was to use it all to convince white women to mate with and make babies with NON white Males, Beige babies aka Mulatos as his tribes Final solution to end the whites forever Globally within ONE Final generation.

                Once That final white gen died off all thats left would be Mulattos, Balcks and Browns…And of course His jewish tribe as all of those others Rulers.

                ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

                “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

                Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

                ALL His Plans entail HAS happened since Then, 1912, to Now 2014 eh.

          • six, concerning the post from yesterday….
            I hate to say but you have to read between the lines…
            Pelosi pertains to her input to the school system and the tyranny. The pink floyd input was about the same concerning the way the school system was in 1980’s in England. I was the 4th commenter that said something about homeschooling. The 3rd was about drought in Kommifornia. Since your post was about 12 hours past the first post, you are seeing what has been posted all over the place…
            Just be glad that Sybil E. (amen brothers and sisters and MAC) is not spouting his filth, causing hate and dissention. No disrespect, but stating the truth. I have to ask, do you not like the jokes that SmokinOkie, I and others place here? It seems by the thumbs, they are accepted. We here have such a hard time with the news of today, a joke here and there puts a smile on many faces…

            • Eppe, I’m the same way. prove to me by your actions that you’re worthy of acceptance by me and you’ll have a friend for life. BTW, on your jokes, I love them and keep them coming. I even print copies of the ones I like best. I’m also grateful there’s no more eisenturd here [THANK YOU MAC]. You can have green thumbs from me anytime. Your humor really helps me get thru an otherwise rotten day which I’ve had 2 of lately.

            • I posted sixth, by the time it appeared it was more than halfway down the page. When the replies stack up the comments stop making sense if read in descending order.
              Time stamps help, but you can get lost in moderation for a long time.

        • I’ve been called a racist more than once. But if there is one thing I dislike more than this President, it’s a lie to discredit him. He’s is a Socialist President and his Socialist Programs are enough to cause the American people to dislike him. But I dislike the people that perpetuate these lies more than I do him. God forgive me, but I have passed along many of these emails before I checked them out. And No He didn’t kick that door open. Trekker Out.

          • Hey, it was a joke and sent out as such. How many times do they mention that it was photoshopped?

            • Silver yes I know they mention it was photoshopped. But right after this was claimed to have taken place,it was sent all over the country by email as a factual event, and I have seen many more false pictures of Obumer that are depicted to be true when they aren’t. Trekker Out.

          • Self-Reliance And “Vive La Revolution”

            “History is packed with examples of how people rise up in the streets whenever economic conditions deteriorate.

            The French Revolution in 1789 is one famous example; the French people finally reached their breaking points after nearly starving to death.

            The 2011 Egyptian Revolution and entire Arab Spring movement is a similar example.

            In fact, a 2011 study from the New England Complex Systems Institute showed a clear statistical correlation between social unrest and (specifically) food prices. The higher food prices get, the greater the chances of riots and revolution.

            This is not a condition exclusive to the developing world; it is a fundamental human trait to provide for one’s family.

            And while human beings will take a lot of crap from their governments – stupid regulations, higher taxes, erosion of freedom, and even inflation– the moment that a man is no longer able to put food on the table for his family, revolution foments.”

            “It’s not about any single person or group of people. It is the system itself that needs changing.

            In our system we award a tiny elite with the power to kill, steal, wage war, educate our children, and conjure unlimited quantities of paper money out of thin air.”

            “The real answer is within ourselves. As Ron Paul told our audience in Santiago last year, become less dependent on the government and more self-reliant.”


            • Hey, KY Mom, Lexington Container now has a shopping cart system so you do NOT have to fill out a form, e-mail it to them then call on the phone to give them your card number. Just do the online cart thing.

              I just ordered some ammo cans. Even got free shipping, which they didn’t have in the past!

              • Nimrod Hunter,

                Thank you for the information. That will be a lot easier in ordering.

                I haven’t been to their store in a while. I will have to check their website.

                Take care!
                KY Mom

          • I’ve got a question for Mountain Trekker.

            You’re exactly right about this guy being a Socialist President. And, that same label would also apply to no less than 99% of the Democrat politicians, plus 100% of the GOP RINOs. Which includes the swarmy little rat turd Rand Paul who’s now scurrying about the country giving speeches to audiences of R voters claiming that the GOP has to dramatically ‘change’ – which basically is codespeak for abandoning conservative principles and start pandering to parasitic and criminally prone minorities, who, thanks the refusal of Reagan and three awful terms of Bush Criminals to secure our border and shut down all third world immigration – are rapidly becoming the majority voting constituencies.

            But, here is my question. Maggie Thatcher was credited with once saying that Socialism always fails because eventually they run out of other people’s money to spend.

            So, with that in mind – do these Socialists think that the conservative people in the red states are simply going to sit by and let these bloodsucking leeches clean the last scrap of flesh off their bones? Without fighting back?

            You see the fundamental problem that the leftists and Socialists have is that they ‘need’ the people in the red states but the people in the red states do not need them. Thus, even if it takes a second Civil War to settle this issue – the left loses even if they are somehow able to win CW2, because if they kill all the people in the red states – who’s going to be left to pay for the parasites?

            Could it be possible that Socialists like obongo are even stupider than we give them credit for being?

        • anonymous, if I had been Farnan I would’ve told that committee where to go. I won’t tolerate PC for any amount of money.

        • I hope that he doesn’t need pill’s and he didn’t sign up to obama care it’s going to cost another QE at the federal reserve just for him!!!!!!!!

        • Just wondering, since I’m the only racist on here, has anyone else noticed the barrage of commercials on TV with black men and white women and visa versa. This has been going on for years to a degree, but it seems like a flood of this starting in 2014. Queers will be next. Trekker Out.

          • I have noticed it and it makes me to vomit.

            Miscegenation is but one of the many weapons that the jewish Cultural Marxists are deploying in their psychopathic, obsessive quest to engineer the genocide of the White European people.

            They are also trying to pair up White men with Asian chicks, pushing the yellow fever meme – which has been far more successful than their preferred path that would pair up White men with black females. There is something amazingly destructive and powerful about the speed at which mixing black genes into the white gene pool can eradicate, overwhelm, and destroy White European genetics. I’m no doctor, but I’ve read that Whites have genes which are recessive – which means they are fragile, and easily overpowered and dominated when mixed with black or other minority genes.

            The enemy understands genetics and this is why they have invested so much effort in pushing the black male-white female pairings. Also, while I will grant you that this white genocide garbage has certainly accelerated in the last 2 or 3 years – it has been going on for a long longer, but in the past, the jews who own Hollywood were trying to be a wee bit more subtle than they are now.

            Today, I suspect that they are seeing the comments being posted on the web by Whites who are awakening to the targeting of their race and they are feeling a sense of urgency to push the pedal to the medal and get our race so mongrelized that the well deserved backlash that they’ve got coming might fizzle out before it goes hot.

            • Tucker,
              Well, I am a biologist (or, was one). The term “recessive” doesn’t mean that a gene variant is fragile, but that it doesn’t cause the trait it codes for to be expressed unless there are two copies of the same allele on the same gene locus on each matching chromosome.

              So, say “A” codes for brown eyes, and “B” codes for blue eyes (it’s actually more complicated than that). People who have two “A” alleles will have brown eyes. People with an A and a B will ALSO have brown eyes. Only people with two B alleles will have blue eyes. So allele A is called dominant (relative to B) and codes for brown eyes.

              There can actually be many alleles of the same gene, with a “hierarchy” of dominance, and it takes multiple genes to code for a gross feature we call a “trait”. Classic psychopathy, for example, involves about a dozen genes, and each of those genes must have certain alleles in the genotype.

              Where this gets into race and miscegenation is that certain pathologies are influenced by race. Hypertension, stroke, Lupus, cancers of the prostate and lung, and kidney disease are diseases that are more likely to be expressed in those with African genotypes. Each of those involves multiple genes, and particular alleles of all those genes.

              To be fair, autism, skin cancer, and MS are seen more frequently in European populations.

              To me, it’s not even so much genetics that is the problem, but a pointed hostility of African-Americans against whites which just uses miscegenation as a tool to carry out a broader plan.

              I used to work at a place that had Jet Magazine on the lunch tables, and I often read them. The program, including “a white woman in every black man’s bed”, has been in print, and openly discussed, for decades.

              • Good follow up comment, Nimrod.

                I am old enough to remember how George Lincoln Rockwell would openly and repeatedly name the jews who own and run Hollywood and our mass media as being 100 percent behind the race mixing and mongrelization agenda – and, back in those days, the jews who would appear with Rockwell on various radio or TV interviews would be dancing around and trying to deny it,smirking, with their evil tongues planted in their equally evil cheeks and insinuate that Rockwell was just a paranoid, conspiracy theorist ‘kook’ for making those “outrageous” accusations.

                Just to show everyone how absolutely gutless and spineless the so-called ‘White political leadership’ of America has become since the Rockwell days – these slabs of two-inch-pecker-sporting-hyena shit not only will refuse to condemn race mixing, or finger the jews for being behind its promotion – but, they’ll even try to out do one another in swearing how passionately they support race mixing and the resulting genocide of the same race these assholes belong to. And, just to confirm their support for White genocide – these lily livered slabs of cockroach manure will eagerly join in with the jews on the left to demonize any courageous White Nationalist voice who expresses opposition to miscegenation on the grounds of White genocide.

                I will flatly state that I cannot wait for the collapse and chaos and ensuing mayhem that will provide the much needed opportunity to administer the long overdue counseling of these genocide promoting maggots.

                • I aint no genitic scientist expert by far…But I have noticed that regardless of complext genetic science involved…I never yet seen any white women Produce a white baby if she mated with a Non white Male.

                  So far every offspring I have seen, and thats many due to 43 yrs life in detroit! Every baby or child no matter their age level from white moms and brown or black daddys turned out looking much closer to that monky face look.

                  They “May” have somewhat lighter skin as mulattos, but there is never any mistaking their noses, lips, ears and usually that sort of Sloped neanderthal Forehead look prevelant in blacks and jewish folks..

                  if one looks at skulls or complete live persons Side facial profiles…One notices a Distinct Straight Line down from top forehead down to lower chin of a white persons side profile…

                  That same look at side profiles of blacks or jewish folks shows a Distinct Angled Slope going downwards from top forehead area to lower chin.

                  The Two Other Main places that phenom is seen is when use of same side profile look see at a head/face or skull of an Ape, and neanderthal mans side profiles.

                  Not sure what it all means scientifically?…but it sure Does make a huge difference in a Mixed race baby if mom or day is white.

                  We Should stick to Gods plans as written biblically and NOT mix with other races period.

                  He said he created ALL living thngs to reproduce After their Own Kind…so far every animals, Birds, Trees and Plant life Has strictly Obeyed Gods plans…Only Stupid Whites has Not Obeyed. look how swell That has worked out eh!

                  • There is one individual who is the product of race mixing between a white and a black, and this fellow seems to be an extremely rare exception to the rule.

                    Derek Jeter, the baseball player for the Yankees. At first glance, this guy would almost pass for being ‘White looking’.

                    I do not know if the black parent was 100 percent African Negro, and perhaps there was already a percentage of white DNA floating around inside them. In reality, however, Jeter is so rare of an exception that it makes him almost a freak of nature.

                    BTW: Over on breitbart.com the other day, they had an article up about Jeter and the title of the article was something like ‘Derek Jeter’s Baseball Diamond of Girl friends’.

                    Jeter seems to a ‘White supremacist’, because there was not a single photograph of any of his girlfriends who were not White.

                  • Actually, Them Guys, there is reason to speculate that the Neanderthal had a genotype that was so different from what has become known as “Homo sapiens” that when they inter-bred with the main line of humans, some of the offspring were like mules; sterile. Some of the Neanderthal genetic material has survived; maybe only a few percent of their genome can be found in modern humans.

                    It seems that only the female genetic material of the Neanderthal has survived, because it is all on the “X” chromosome. The “Y” chromosome is possessed by males.

                    So mainstream humans bred with another species, actually. In evolutionary terms, it was not a very good experiment.

      2. Are you kidding? I am sure that just the thought of losing that sweet gig and the six figure salary made the sweat break out on his butt crack. His fingers were like lightning on the keyboard to get that apology on file.

      3. I’ll tell you what’s racist. People like Chris Matthews a white guy who wants to dictate to other white people what a racist is because his man love for Obama, knows no bounds.

        • Thats right Rodster. And what is racist is calling that half breed a black only because he chose to be registered as black. He could have signed on as white but we know the family history. They were commies and anti-white. So whos the racist?

          Canadian laws aint the same as American laws. Course were fast approaching no laws so who am I kidding here.

          The racist shit is all being done to yank our chains and get us sidetracked w/ rage to take our attention off the real shit going down. And if the blacks want to get uppity about this shit, they need to look at their saviors track record for blacks. Theres a war on blacks going on and its being waged quietly. Theres a war on whites going on and its loud on purpose. They want violence for the racial problems when Obama and his kind refuse to look at the real war going on to keep blacks tied down.

          • The SPLC and NAACP were created by and run by Jews. I have not heard of many Jews marrying Blacks (though they perform with them in porno), but Jewish Hollywood endlessly pushes racial mixing. I saw a commercial depicting football squads of the ’20’s, in leather helmets, and one with a Black player. Sure thing. Seeing the truth on Talmudvision is virtually impossible. I can always tell when Israel is going to pound a neighbor, since the Nazi themed shows hit TV and the theaters. But then, TV was developed for social control. Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds on radio was the test run. Ever see a program about Israel’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty? Cultural Marxism is about the disenfranchisement and destruction of the only impediment to global tyranny – the White American male (as indoctrinated and uneducated as he may be).

            • Braveheart: They wee NOT white males of naacp…They were Russian Bolshevik Jews came to usa Specifically to Invent, Fund, Start, Run NAACP as a Tool to subvert Blacks into rabid antiwhites.

              One of their major goals was to entice Black pastors to join naacp. This was due to the jewish naacp crew determined it was too huge a job to subvert usa blacks entirely. But…If those jewish naacp kommies could get Black Preachers into the org, then for each preacher subverted and taught antiwhiteness, by use of Black Liberation Theology aka antiwhitey, whitey Owes blacks stuff attitudes…Then those black pastors will return to their churches all across america and use same tactics as naacp jews dod on Them, to teach the rest of black america to be that way.

              And look how good That kommie plan has worked eh!

              Most every TV show, ad, commercial, movie, history channel show is either about white women with black males, or is a show or movie on “evil nazis” or racist whiteys!

              AND Yes! MONGO’s correct…I use the same method to tell When is Israel or nuttyyahoo, or usa neocons and FOX TV going to begin Carpet bombing yet another nation? Or Demand usa citizens support such or else You aint a true Patriot american!

              IE: Every time, its Preceeded by Tons of daily non stop constant history channel Re runs and even several New major films of you guessed it…NAZIS! or HITLER!

              Plus tons of Old black and white WWII reruns shown constantly on TV movie channels.

              Research reason ADL aka anti defamation league was really invented in 1913! Its not at all concerned with “defamation” against white folks..ADL’s Main reason to exist is/was to offset and dispute ALL negative mentions of jews being kommies.

              ADL started same year 1913 as FED RES Jewish banksters did! Thats NO coincidence!…Nobody tosses around that antisemite word more than ADL.

              To ADL’s leader Abe Foxman, anybody disagrees with jews or israel or zionists, anybody speaks truth on any jew issues…Thats an antisemitie period.

              its used to stiffle speech period…And his tribe has 300+ more usa jewish orgs to back his org up!

              Yes they “look white” and use that feature to “Blend” in when they infiltrate nations. Thats why its always white nations his tribe infiltrates..

              Check out Brother kapners website for way more infos and PROOFS solid of all this stuff Braveheart. Kapners a former jew now orthodox christian man so if any knows its he. These are simply raw facts most white folks go ape shit over and remain in denial over. Its still truth never the less though eh. Notcie nay sayers even Here at shtf never supply valid counter arguments?…Just more vile name calls is all they provide to counter these Facts.

        • I get a thrill up my leg when i think of Obama…


          Apologies for those offended by my comment, video and the thrill up my leg… any micro-aggression in this comment was unintentional.

          • he gets a thrill up his leg in the video, i got tears runnin’ DOWN my leg, after WATCHING him SAY it!

          • I demand an apology mac .
            I have never seen such a homo erotic video clip .
            He is obviously a closet gay man .
            So why be so abusive?
            Live and let live and all that , GEEZ.

            • I would call Mattews a butt pirate , but thats rude.

              • Matthews might be related to Eisenkreuz. Now THAT’S something scary!

                • Are you not supposed to be at an “AA” meeting Brave ?

              • arrg! so he be talkin out both ends, arrrg! We be calling him the wrong way pirate thar mate.

              • Matthews wants to be obama’s little buddy.

                • you mean obamas little “buttie”

                  • Dammit Wrong, don’t make me laugh like that
                    on a full stomach, especially when I think
                    of obama and matthews dining on tube steak

                  • I suppose that could be described
                    as ‘tongue in cheek’ humor.

                  • nasty…..:)

              • let’s just say mathews “thinks outside of the BOX”.

                • I’m sure he abhors the “box!”

              • The black people I used to work with would have said, “Yah. He a booty bandit. Yah”

          • Mac, I find Chris Matthews offensive.

        • do you think it wrong for Matthews to get a tingle in his leg when Obama speaks, that being said, I’ve been a bigot all my life and no law can change the way I think, just the way I speak.

          • 1940justme, who says you have to follow any law that purports to regulate your speech? Nobody tells me what to think or say, period! they can get f#$%ed!

          • More people are waking up.

            The economy tanking, discovering the lies of Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS targeting groups, etc.

            SHOCK POLL: 71% of Obama supporters now REGRET voting for his reelection.
            -Washington Examiner

            • They regret voting for him but they aren’t demanding his impeachment. They should be.

              • And 99% of that 71% would vote for him again if they could….

            • Their regret is meaningless because their only regret is that they didn’t have someone like Hillary Clinton to vote for instead of Obama. They would have never crossed over and voted for anyone but a democrat.

          • Redneck is a culture and I’m getting tired of all the liberal cultural intolerance.

            • Exactly, the rural, conservative white male is the last group of people that is it acceptable to denigrate. With possible exceptions of black & female conservatives.

        • youre sick man

        • Chris Matthews is an “Uncle Tom” for the black NAACP. He has no business peaching to other white people about anything. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I dare him to come say anything to me face-to-face. I’ll send him home crying to his mama and to his hero Obamanation.

        • Is it OK to hate Obama every other day because he’s half white?

        • People who complain the most and accuse others of an action are usually themselves the biggest offenders. They are in fact racists so therefore expect everyone else also to be one. Then again who ever made it mandatory that we have to enjoy the company of every ethnic group. Personal experience can make one avoid contact with those of certain ethnic groups, anyone who denies that is a liar.

          • He who smelt it dealt it?

      4. Moral of the story is stand firm. Phil Mickelson of Duck Dynasty told Gq and the man from gladd there will be no apologies issued as none are required for anything. A&E quickly folded after their faux protests. On the other hand, Paula Dean got hammered after profusely apologizing through her tears on a daily basis in a vain attempt to save her empire, THATS what the lefties wanted, to humiliate her before throwing her out to the curb. She should have said something along the lines of ” Please, you’re busting my ass because I used the “N” word 30 years ago? Yeah, me and everybody else pal,just because I have money and a tv show doesn’t single me out as a villain, that’s only the attitude of the left.”

        • Jibo, I stand behind Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty. A&E and the rest of the libturds can get f#$%ed.

      5. Retraction, Phil Mickelson is the golfer, not the guy from Duck Dynasty. That’s Phil Robertson.

      6. yes, i find this story DEEPLY OFFENSIVE! the “EQUITY COMMITTEE” should turn in their resignations IMMEDIATELY! followed by the college board of trustees. but that’s what progressives DO, isn’t it? they use racism to further their liberal agenda. PFFT! obama has set back the civil rights movement 50 YEARS!…but i suspect he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. if there REALLY is a GOD, he’s going to end up in a place hotter, by a considerable amount, than death VALLEY.

        • YEA “EQUITY COMMITTEE” , these people have alot of time to take themselves alittle too seriously.
          this is another tenant of Agenda 21 , conformity.
          Ever notice how we have more and more ideals and regulations thrust on us by unelected people and groups?
          As long as people allow themselves to be backed into a corner and choose to stay there , we have no hope .

          • Nobody backs braveheart into a corner!

          • We never know the whole story. Maybe The Extacy Committee had him on their radar and used his joke as an opportunity. Or maybe (probably) they are as Hammer describes.
            This reminds me of the old man sitting across the desk from the HR manager. There was a job opening as a gate keeper. The HR manager ask the old man what did he think was his biggest weakness? The old man replied “Honesty”. The HR manager said “I don’t think honesty is a weakness.” The old man said “I don’t really give a shit what you think.”

            • Was the old man named Mcdave?

        • American universities have “Equity Commitees” and we wonder why we’re bankrupt. OTOH, not bad “work” if you can get it.

          • Equity Committee=Communist Headhunters

      7. Mcgill university!!! What are you kidding .. who ever heard of that cesspool of higher learning?
        Way too many colleges and so called universities.
        And this weak kneed turd deserves what ever he gets .. he is part of the problem.

        • “McGill” hmmm… Theres yer problem. Every body knows the Irish are good for nuthin’ racist.

          Ever heard or “INNA” or “NINA’ or Hibernophobia?

          Here’s a link:

          So yea, I’m a racist and SO ARE YOU!

          p.s. ERIN GO BRAGH!‎

          • @ hey there,

            My comment was not aimed at you, sorry for blue on blue collateral damage.

            oh yea,
            Still, ERIN GO BRAGH!

            • So yea, I’m a racist and SO ARE YOU!

              p.s. ERIN GO BRAGH!‎
              -I prefer”Erin go bra(less).”

              • SWFL-

                I caught that dude!

                1/2 Celt..1/2 Saxon here..worked out fine too!

                +1 to ya!

      8. Of cause this is racist, irrespective of the race of the author, if you don’t get caught up with narrowly defining the term”racist.” This is nothing more than someone playing up the “angry-black-man”; who when faced with frustration, lacks the ability to maintain civilized composure, but instead acts out and flashes the true nature of blacks, and that is they really are out of their element, when they portray themselves as civilized and sophisticated.

        • That’s bullshit.

        • ***the “angry-black-man”; who when faced with frustration, lacks the ability to maintain civilized composure, but instead acts out and flashes the true nature of blacks***

          Seen any whites playing ‘knock out’ lately?? 🙂

          • JayJay, AMEN to your comments. I have no problems telling the truth about blacks and I don’t care what they say about it. I’ve even said in front of some that no white people owe anything to any minority people and never faced any repercussions over it. No minority people can preach to white people about anything as far as I’m concerned. considering how they look at us and our country, they don’t have a leg to stand on. And yes, it’s only “monkeys” playing the knockout game.

            • Braveheart-

              Kudos to you, pal!

              True story…

              Approx 2 years after starting my own company, I was contracted to ‘upgrade’ an obsolete CNC control to a Windows-XP based touchscreen replacement, at a major Richmond Virginia area manufacturing corp.
              The conversion was going to take 3-4 days. Mostly involved ripping out old servo-drives/A-to-D bds/interface bds/axis drives & encoders/CPU logic etc..etc and installing/debugging the newest PC-based stuff.

              -(said corp does mega work for the US-govt..hint-hint)-

              ..I wasn’t aware of the intense racial rivalry/hatred endemic to that particular area(per the blacks), since Richmond is +6hrs outta my usual haunts/area.

              Anyway, day one revealed I was among the minority on the shop floor & the machine operator had a serious chip on his shoulder per white folks.
              He was always making snide remarks/insults etc… I gritted teeth/kept silent until near noon, on day 3..when I finished/dialed-in/tweaked system. Initial sample part was within .0005″….(I was shocked!!!!)

              Demetrius (aka “Big D”)the operator…lacked the I.Q. to grasp the programming parameters..which were geared to the 6th grade level…one thing led to another, he got mouthy for the last time..talking shit about whites screwing his kind outta positions/jobs/everything etc.

              –I LOST IT!!!


              -said something akin to:

              FUCK YOU BUCKWHEAT!!!

              ..if it weren’t for the WHITE RACE..you & your kind would still be running barefoot, across the savannahs & thru the jungles of Africa…dressed in animal skins…chucking spears…and eating one another!!!


              Yeah..was stupid of me! But fvckit..I’d had enough!
              The company maintenance tech(white guy) started laughing/snorting/choking & walked away in a hurry.

              Big D freaked!!!!….then spun on his heals & headed for HQ country.


              I ended up in a closed VIP office/meeting room with the plant mgr/human resources guy/purchasing mgr and a security flunky type(a huge MF’in heavy type)…

              ..was read the riot act..standard raking one over the coals shit, per my “RACISM”..yada-yada-yada!

              FYI…all were White.


              When they were done…I simply said:

              “Gentlemen, you know your employees..I do not. You contracted me for this update, per a contractual price($$$)..which I have delivered/provided to you..& nowhere in said contract is it mentioned, that I would be subjected to racial harassment/abuse from your employees..I have requested that certain employees be restricted from my presence, while working..my request was ignored..so either pay me per our contract or we’ll let our lawyers argue it in court!!!

              I got my $28k in a week!!!!!!


              But have never been called back, either!

              ..wouldn’t go if asked!


              Fvck affirmative action hiring policies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Amen Hunter, if this world would look at what is in the USA compared to Africa, there is no comparision. Africa is still in the pre-dark ages, and it should be noted, that if the USA decided to invade and occupy, thier lives would get 10000% better. Just look at the way the English have subjected the population to where they are now, yes you may say they are better in certain parts, but the majority are not…Funny how it all seems to boil down to raw materials – natural resources, which I am sure TPTB will be in Africa soon, cleaning them out for all thier are worth….

                • Just look at how South Africa has fallen apart since white minority rule was abolished. It has gone from a near first-world nation back to tribalism.

              • Ive gotten that kinda crap from other little brown mother fuckers,,,
                Held my tongue,
                Then nicely quit the position right before the little brown mo fo i was replacing got to retire,,,

                Buncha fucking assholes,,,

              • Hunter, you handled yourself much better than I would have. You said he was talking about whites screwing his people out of jobs, promotions, raises, etc.? I would’ve told him right on the sot to go somewhere else with his black lies. it’s white people who get screwed out of jobs, promotions, raises, etc. all of the time because of the black affirmative-action policies that are oppressive and discriminatory to white people, especially white males. I would’ve told him the only way he got his job was a quota and if he tried to make something of it, he would’ve been in the floor needing medical attention. I wouldn’t have cared about losing a job there. Plus, I would’ve told those asskissers for the EEOC that I wouldn’t tolerate “black racist oppression”.

              • OTAY! BUTTWHEAT! You little rascle…

            • Why does the content of a persons skin motivate your thought process of a race or people sir ? I am a person of color and I have been crucified by people of color because of my conservative beliefs. But that does not make me entitled to my own facts, …but just maybe my opinions…if that. Remember …All blacks, African Americans OR what the “F” your flavor of the the, “PC” month is, DONT ALL THINK ALIKE ! I am an American patriot and I believe in the U.S. constitution. YOU EITHER ARE WITH IT, OR NOT sir. P.S. Pretend your blind and remember what I said Mr braveheart. Good Day.

              • JB3 – It’s the 97% of your race that make the 3% like yourself look bad. See my post up aways – rural white males and black conservatives are the only groups left that are socially acceptable to discriminate against.

        • Had it been a run of the mill Joe Average person no big deal. You honestly think this the way the president of the US should act? Like a spoiled little child? You are the one with mental issues if you believe that way.

      9. So, souel_brother, what you’re saying is that if Bush or Clinton were shown in a similar video it wouldn’t be racist…just a president being immature???? So why not the same for Obungle??? Just an immature president acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum!! The only people adding the “black man” descriptive are the libs and blacks.

        With nothing other than name-calling to use as a defense for the piss-poor performance of the “golden boy”, the libs and blacks have backed us poor white folks into a corner!! It’s time we stood up for ourselves. Call it like it is – bullying. Fact is, I don’t go around saying that all black presidents would be bad – just that this particular one is.

        • (As I wag my finger)

          I did not kick that door, near the podium!

      10. Political Correctness is DESTROYING this country!

        We are so worried about offending muslims that we can’t profile so instead we have to spend hundreds of billions on nude body scanners and stepped up security. Yes, Bin Laden is winning the war from his grave.

        And we certainly can’t offend the blacks (oops, sorry, “african americans”) or we must be racist. Even though their entire society and family structure is breaking down and they need our intervention desperately (non-govt intervention by the way).

        Women want to be on the front line even though any sane human knows that they aren’t strong enough to pull their own weight. It’s courageous of them but they would put others in danger. But political correctness will allow it in the end and good people will die.

        I can’t believe our stupid society.

        • Mr. Blutarsky, that’s sad but true. But ever since Obama’s first election, people have been speaking out against him and his actions and the racism charge is NOT stopping anyone. A growing number of white people have been overcoming their fear of being called racist and that is a positive sign. that is a scam that black losers and their uncle tom allies like Chris Matthews pull on any white people who speak the truth about black people. I’ve seen this ever since MLK was alive and doing his marches. If we don’t stand up for ourselves as a nation, as a group of people and fight all this BS, we are doomed. people have got to overcome their fear of political correctness. that’s not living.

        • Mr. B

          Thank you. Exactly what you said.


          • Whites Mistakenly believe that “Silence is Golden”

            WRONG! Silence is Really YELLOW! as in Cowardly!

            you know when I lived in detroit, and rode my Harely in the city, everytime any driver white or black did a stupid maneuver and came close to causeing a wreck with my bike and me…I’d get very Pissoed off and pull closer to offender driver to YELL “Why Don’t YOU start to drive more like a White Man”

            And Ironically not just the white drivers who screwed up, but even Most Black drivers Fully understood what I meant.

            Most blacks wont admit it, but they do Know….oh They do know all right how much better road traffic would be if only they too drove like most white men drive.

            And that goes for Most all other issues…

            just Picture if whites instead copied african blacks and began to act and do all things same as they does…The entire nation in every aspect would be same as africa nation. 10,000 yrs behind civilization in every way possible.

            I just see no good reason for them to not admit to these facts. If they’d admit it all, think how far advanced we could have taken america by now.

            no most blacks rather do same they do at factory jobs and most other type jobs they have…Work Slow downs! To stick it to the whitey man!

            Our two races have distinct differences far beyond skin color. Attutide is a real biggy eh.

            And normal avg reg sane white folk Knows that they should Copy whoever has proven and shown to be supperior in anything that matters…

            If their neighbor comes up with better Faster method to Mow lawns?…Whiteys going to Copy it regardless what color that guy is cause its the proper thing to do and saves time and work!

            Not most blacks will though if that guys a whitey..They will Purpously slow down their own job work as if it somehow is going to harm or cause pain or more cost to whitey…When all they harm is self. They even Burn Down their Own neighborhoods! Who Else ever does That?

        • I enjoy your posts Senator Bluto! Especially the one about not giving up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!

      11. OK,enuff with the grim news and politics,laugh/joy for the day: ht tp://beforeitsnews.com/beyond-science/2014/02/attack-of-the-killer-bunnies-woman-flees-bunny-stampede-on-japans-rabbit-island-video-2445496.html ,deltete space in http,just wanted to get some good news out and not have in moderation,this was a great video!

        • This video is a perfect illustration of what happens when you feed animals (EBT). TPTB should not delude themselves that these particular animals won’t bite the hand that’s been feeding them.

      12. Sumpthins not right. Obama is left handed and they usually kick with their left. He screwed that up too! I’ll bet he messes up in the bowling lane also!

        • Hes makes a mess of everything unless Teleprompter is on.

          Remember this one?

          On the “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” Obama talked about how he’d gotten better at bowling and had been practicing in the White House bowling alley.

          “I bowled a 129,” he told Leno.

          “That’s very good, Mr. President,” Leno said sarcastically.

          But then came the foot-in-mouth moment: “It’s like the Special Olympics or something,” the president said.

          • That was buried quickly wasn’t it???

      13. F**k them if they can’t take a joke. Folks out there who are old enough remember the good old days of political correctness gone to hell…Archie Bunker…need I say more.

        • archie bunker for prezdent!

          • “Eedith, would you bring some beers for our two jungle bunny guests?”


            • a big Hit Rock song back then says it all eh..

              Woah! Black Betty, Ram A Lam….Woah Black betty, Ram A Lam…

              Black Bettey Had a Chile, ram a lam,..Damn Thang Ran Wild!!! and does That not describe it all swell eh!

              Black child Ran WILD!…

        • Npgh, I agree. I used to enjoy archie bunker also. If I was that Farnan character, I would’ve told that “Equity Committee” where to go. who the hell would want to stay at some commie university? Oh, I forgot, of course, a commie would. [sarcasm]

      14. nagger


      15. Mac: regarding my “404” error when trying to post earlier. I think I was getting too fancy with my syntax, using too many parenthesis and other punctuation. I kept it simple the last attempt. I was concerned, because I have read of blocking of posts between poster and postee, and know of Websites that have been taken down recently for being non-PC.

        • Thanks Mongo… It sounds like this ‘syntax’ issue with various characters is the problem… We’re going to look into it a bit deeper in the near future, as it has affected my own comment postings as well. Appreciate the feedback!

      16. I thought it was pretty funny. Being easily offended shows a lack of maturity.

      17. the greatest lil’ WHITE political WHORE-HOUSE

        i do hope you all do realize that nwo zog cia puppet prez barry the muslim freemason illegal alien kenyan sniveling fairy is …

        under the psych drug care control of a psychiatrist named VALERIE JARRET

        WHO is ZOG Amerika’s ‘unOfficial’ FIRST fascist FEMALE BLACK PRESIDENT and WHO really controls the greatest lil’ WHITE political WHORE-HOUSE in wash dc and ZOG AmeriKa .

        N.O. ;0p

      18. No such animal as a racist. A person can be racially motivated. All people are racially motivated at some time. The word racist was invented in the early 1930’s in Europe by a communist named Magnus Herschfeld. The purpose of the word was to intimidate westerners (white people) out of the politcal debate about diversity and multiculturalism. Why? Because the communists had determined that the way to defeat the West was thru diversity and multiculturalism. If the West can be made non-white then there is no West any more. Bad guys win. He who controls the lexicon, controls the debate. He who controls the debate, wins the debate. Win the debate, win the world.

        • Well said!
          Hopefully some will learn and arm themselves with this info.

        • Maudy, if I remember correctly, the person who invented that word was a member of “the tribe”. Google “History of the NAACP” and you’ll find some interesting information about the founders of that organization. Plus, Google the names of the 5 WHITE MALES who founded the NAACP and ONLY ONE BLACK PERSON WAS A CO-FOUNDER. ALL OF THE WHITE MALES WHO FOUNDED THE NAACP WERE HIGH-RANKING OFFICIALS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND 4 OUT OF THE 5 WERE JEWISH. Them Guys or John Q Public, either of you have anything to add?

          • Braveheart-

            Your courage has never been an issue..nor in doubt..HERE/with me…..or most others for that matter.
            You’ve always been “BRAVEHEART”…24/7/365!

            Consistency counts, pal.

            …but I warn you, sir!
            You are standing at the edge of the precipice..wherein if you tread forward, per your logical reasoning/investigative skills…..you will be subjecting yourself to scathing scorn/anti-semantic attacks/red thumbs/slander etc.

            ..sometimes “REAL” truth…is a heavy load..to carry/support..and/or…have its back..here in 21st century zio-Amerika!

            The fearless ones soldier onwards..the call is yours, bro’!!!


            That said: ..never fear the rabbit-hole!

            Chase the truth to its burrow..you’ll be surprised at the “LIES” you were told/taught….that were/are inherent to anti-Christian/anti-human/zionist gospel.

            BTW, it ain’t pretty & it gets uglier…the deeper you go!!!!!!!

            Good luck, sir!

            • Hunter, thank you for the advice. I’ve always known there are times when truth hurts and I know how to handle truth. give me truth any day over propaganda. No, it’s never pretty and things are about to get uglier. I’ll blow my brains out before I ever give in to any communist bullshit. I know how to deal with truth. it’s only one reason I’m still alive.

          • Brave, as a matter of fact Magnus Herschfeld was a communist, was a secular Jew, was a homosexual activist. He didn’t fit in well and thus he hated western christians.

            • Maudy, I knew Herschfeld was a Jew and a commie, but I didn’t know he was also a member of that “alternative lifestyle”. Interesting, but not surprising.

          • Braveheart: I “may” have stuff I can add….Of Course I do! I spent past 20+ yrs research & massive amounts reading to get Jewized-Up!…Glad to Share..

            SEE an Above closer to Top Posting I posted right below Your other post of the same basic NAACP Infos etc Braveheart….Glad to see You wakeing to the true culprits and inventors of communisim and naacp.

            And Yes of course I agree that NO its NOT all blacks nor all jews that are like that…BUT I must also then agree that unless and untill blacks and jewish folks Divest themselves away from those who are that way, AND begin to OUT those bad ones like us whites always out bad whites….Then if they Remain a tight Knit Group as per usual so far…Even those Good ones of both groups Benifit Tremendously at whiteys expence and eventual extermination.

            Its like Christ says..”Whoevers NOT FOR me? IS Against ME!” There can be and Is NO Middle Ground.

            Let’s just Hope we soon see blacks and jews alike take this Sound advice and Divest from their mutual group-think mentality beforre “IT” goes down in usa eh.

            To Not Heed sound advice as this is is to Cry and Whine Later of OyVey Why is it always Us who get Booted out?

            Because how the hell are We supposed to Know which is which? Who should know Better than those of their Own groups right?…So Hop To it and begin to Divest from and OUT them evil kommies etc!

      19. If you don’t see the big picture on the race issue, then you’re doomed. You just don’t get it. It’s not about a picture. It’s not about the guy in the picture. It’s about defeating our civilization. I personally think you’ve already been defeated.

        • Maudy, I do see the full picture and I do know what their ultimate goal is. I’m not defeated. I don’t know about anyone else here, but I know I’m not defeated.

      20. Red Flag Warning – China Starts Dumping U.S. Dollar, Household Debt Climbs by Most Since 2007, Bank Runs Spread To Thailand, And George Soros Bets $1.3 Billion on Stock Market Crash

        … so whats the bad newz ???

        N.O. ;0p

        Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/red-flag-warning-china-starts-dumping-u-s-dollar-us-household-debt-climbs-by-most-since-2007-bank-runs-spread-to-thailand-and-george-soros-bets-1-3-billion-on-stock-market-crash/#PxKU8DsOLulx835P.99

      21. You know, the sad thing is that eventually people will be afraid to distribute any kind of video with a, uh, ‘person of color’ in it. The funny part, to me anyway, is that, uh, ‘persons of color’ will complain that humorous viral stuff only shows white people and is therefore — you guessed it — racist…

        • Affen, ever notice how they use “person of color”? The last time I checked, white was still a color. Therefore, they are being exclusionary. Bigoted, even. For people who claim to be for inclusion, we caught them in another lie.

          • Im offended.
            I aint white. Im flesh colored.

            Oh damn. Ill bet I cant use that word colored. Thats racist.

            • Calgacus that is racist. Are you trying to say blacks or hispanics ain’t flesh colored? Trekker Out. You Know What I Mean!

              • Mountain Trekker I wasnt being pc there was I. On purpose.
                Cal Out.

          • If I recall from physics correctly, black is the Absence of color. White contains all colors in the spectrum….just sayin’ .

            • Think you got that 180 out. Get out yer paint set and start mixin’.

              • Actually, he (or she) is correct. Your paint set isn’t colors – it’s pigments. Pigments reflect the color(s) absent in their makeup and absorb all others. White contains every color and therefore reflects nothing; black has no colors and thus reflects them all…

              • No Hes correct…Take a color wheel like in art class, if it includes all the colors on it and you spin it fast it turns white…White is ALL the colors and Black is absence of color.

                Or take a can of pure white Paint…Now mix in a couple DROPS of black or any Dark color, mix well and even when you can’t see any difference, Dip Both hands Index fingers Into, right hand finger into white paint, left finger into well Mixed batch…Now Place Both fingers side by side Touching…You WILL see a LINE down the very center where pure white is VS mixed with drops of dark paint color…

                ONE small drop make a difference and once done cannot ever change back to pure white..

                But do opposite test, drop couple drops pure white into can of black paint see what happens!

                To change black color you need a whole Gallon of white mixed it it!

                So white to Remain pure white Must never get Mixed with ANY other “Coloreds” get it Yet.

                If whiteys do not Keep whites white? Who else will?

        • This has come to pass because cowardly whites let it. Hard to go back now. Bet when the time comes and whitey is the minority there will be no such thing as racial sensitivity. More like a Rawanda solution for the pesky whiteys.

      22. Off Topic…

        It has been a cold winter.

        The January utility bills are arriving. I spoke with an older woman last night who was concerned about having the money to pay the bill. Increased food prices and now high utility bills.

        “Polar Vortex” Shock And Awe: The Utility Bill Arrives (And Why It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better)

        “The ‘polar vortex’ shock has arrived, only this time it is not in the form of another 12 inches of overnight snow accumulation but in the shape of household utility bills. A reader was kind enough to send us his just received ConEd bill for the month ended February 10.

        The result speaks for itself. It also speaks for where so much of US household disposable income will go in first quarter. Spoiler alert: not toward discretionary purchases.”


        • We’ve saved a lot on our electric bill by running a kerosene heater during the day. We lowered our thermostat down to 60. Heated with kerosene until it was at least 70º in the house.

        • Throw in those Obummercare premiums and deductibles and we have us a third world living standard. Morons are getting what the voted for. Just wait until half of the coal powered power plants are shut down. Sitting in the cold and dark on Christmas morning staring at where a tree and presents would be except that every dime went for other mandated things. Enjoy.

      23. today’s middle-class parents are increasingly trapped by financial meltdowns. Astonishingly, sending mothers to work has made families more vulnerable to financial disaster than ever before. Today’s two-income family earns 75% more money than its single-income counterpart of a generation ago, but has 25% less discretionary income to cover living costs. This is “the rare financial book that sidesteps accusations of individual wastefulness to focus on institutional changes,” raved the Boston Globe. Warren and Tyagi reveal how the ferocious bidding war for housing and education has silently engulfed America’s suburbs, driving up the cost of keeping families in the middle class. The authors show why the usual remedies-child-support enforcement, subsidized daycare, and higher salaries for women-won’t solve the problem. But as the Wall Street Journal observed, “The book is brimming with proposed solutions to the nail-biting anxiety that the middle class finds itself in: subsidized day care, school vouchers, new bank regulation, among other measures.” From Senator Edward M. Kennedy to Dr. Phil to Bill Moyers, The Two-Income Trap has created a sensation among economists, politicians, and families-all those who care about America’s middle-class crisis.

      24. food prices rising fast…obamacare…utilities….taxes….virtually EVERYTHING is rising in price….and many on this site say no collapse any time soon….PFFT!….i would LOVE to hear how americans are supposed to pay for all this. seriously….anyone? please bring FACTS if you DO respond.

      25. Your dam right im Racist..I support and hold MY race as something I am proud of..

        If you’re a white man, this is what you are. It doesn’t even matter if your wife is black and you have an adopted child from India, or how many black friends you have, somehow you’re going to end up being a racist according to how the media portrays the white man as “racist whities”.

        All of this is funny because the white man is the one that is stereotyped as being racist, which is hypocrisy at its best. It’s racist to assume that white men are racists.

        If you don’t get offended by racial insults, then you’re apparently racist too, but an actual racist would get offended by it. When you hear a certain word too much (I’m sure we’ve all heard “cracka” hundreds of times thanks to standup comedy) then you become desensitized to it.

        Well, that and the words white people get called sound stupid or non-offending. “cracker” came from cracking whips. Indiana Jones cracked whips too, and he was a badass. “honkey” sounds like some kind of gigantic sandwich, and “white boy” makes you seem like the lone white kid in breakdance movies that stands out amongst the other races and white kids. Most people only really think of rednecks when they think of “white trash” so they don’t get offended by it if they’re not rednecks.

        Statistics guy: It was found out that the majority of blacks in America listen to hip hop—
        Statistics guy: But I said the majority, meaning not all of th—
        Overzealous guy: YEAH WHATEVER HITLER

        • VRF, I have to agree with you. I believe in my people and my culture. If that makes me racist, then so be it. When God created me, he made me a white male and he put me in the South. Ain’t a damned thing anyone of any color can do about that. I believe that hiphop and rap are evil. I don’t see how anyone can call that trash music. Go ahead, red-thumb me. I don’t care. Life still goes on and so will I. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • VRF, if you think you’re racist, then you lost. They won. Read my post above, please.

        • 2 coworkers:

          black man:
          I’m proud to be black!

          White man:
          It’s great that you’re proud of who you are! I’m proud to be white.

          black man:

          • Question:

            In the cartoon show, the “Jetson’s”..(futuristic animation where everyone drives a UFO & has robotic maids)…have you ever seen a negro on that show?

            Answer: -NOPE-


            Future sure looks bright, doesn’t it?!?

            • No blacks on Flintstones either.
              You know the rest of the story….

          • Hey Dom,… I congratulate you for believing that Mac Slavo has finally convinced you that the mainstream meadia is tellin the truth. What I mean by that is,.. Mac for all these years tells us that “MSM” pits us against one another,….. but Mac would never do that……..would he ? Think my friend….THINK about it!

        • Even a black conservative man or woman is considered racist by the black community.

      26. racist

        A term usually used by minorities to get out of any situation.

        “Sir, I may have to give you a ticket for raping and brutally murdering that nun.”
        “You fuckin’ cracka ass racist! It’s just because I’m black ain’t it? You say that fuckin’ word like you know what you be talkin’ bout! You is ignorant!”

        • I wish I could give you 1000 green thumbs for that post!

      27. racist

        Someone who believes their race or culture is superior to any other. Or, someone who makes crude remarks to another’s race or insults them. Although, despite what most black people think, not all white people are racist. The majority aren’t. To say all white people are racist is morally low and pathetic, and well,..Racist

        • VRF, I don’t see us as being superior to anyone. I myself don’t do like blacks do. If I became like them, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. As far as I’m concerned the blacks can go to hell with all their BS.

          • Hey,!!!!Lets just call the web page here “SHTK”, instead of “SHTF” . sHIT hIT tHE Klan!!!!!Great Idea !!!

            • Contrary to what most people have been led to believe by academia, hollywood, and the media, the KKK was actually started by southern DEMOCRATS, the pre-cursor to today’s communist DEMOKRAT elite.

        • To say “all white people are racist” is racist in itself.

        • Careful, you’ll be axed………………………a querstion.

          • I see what you did there.

          • Po’d becareful, you just divulged a clan password. Under a sheet were all hard to tell apart. Axe me no question and I’ll tell you no lie. Trekker Out.

            • LMAO!

        • Mostly we are just sick of them and their losing ways. Who cares anymore about them? Why waste any energy on those who have no desire to better themselves but keep blaming others for their own failures.

      28. I wonder if the dolts who think the Obama fake video is racist think this Bush face video is racist…..


        I think it’s wicked funny, BTW.

        Racists see skin color first…. “black American” I see Obama as a man first, an American man (well, that’s debatable)…. and an asshole American man at that.

        Funny how the gays and the blacks want equality, but they want to be labeled special…. “black American”, “gay American”, etc. Why can’t they just be “AMERICAN”? Then, we’d all be equal.

      29. We can’t even have fun anymore. I’m sick of politically correct crap!

      30. Came across this in my wanderings today and thought it worth sharing:

        The author Mychal Massie is a respected writer and talk show host in Los Angeles.

        The other evening on my twitter, a person asked me why I didn’t like the Obama’s. Specifically I was asked: “I have to ask, why do you hate the Obama’s? It seems personal, not policy related. You even dissed (disrespect) their Christmas family picture.”

        The truth is I do not like the Obamas, what they represent, their ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation. I’ve made no secret of my contempt for the Obamas. As I responded to the person who asked me the aforementioned question, I don’t like them because they are committed to the fundamental change of my/our country into what can only be regarded as a Communist state.

        I don’t hate them per definition, but I condemn them because they are the worst kind of racialists, they are elitist Leninists with contempt for traditional America. They display disrespect for the sanctity of the office he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same, Michelle Obama’s raw contempt for white America is transpicuous.

        I don’t like them because they comport themselves as emperor and empress. I expect, no I demand respect, for the Office of President, and a love of our country and her citizens, from the leader entrusted with the governance of same. President and Mrs. Reagan displayed an unparalleled love for the country and her people. The Reagan’s made Americans feel good about themselves and about what we could accomplish.

        His arrogance by appointing 32 leftist czars and constantly bypassing congress is impeachable. Eric Holder is probably the MOST incompetent and arrogant DOJ head to ever hold the job. Could you envision President Reagan instructing his Justice Department to act like jack-booted thugs?

        Presidents are politicians and all politicians are known and pretty much expected to manipulate the truth, if not outright lie, but even using that low standard, the Obama’s have taken lies,dishonesty, deceit, mendacity,subterfuge and obfuscation to new depths. They are verbally abusive to the citizenry, and they display an animus for civility.

        I do not like them, because they both display bigotry overtly, as in the case of Harvard Professor Louis Gates, when he accused the Cambridge Police of acting stupidly, and her code speak pursuant to now being able to be proud of America. I view that statement and that Mind set as an insult to those who died to provide a country where a Kenyan, his illegal alien relatives, and his alleged progeny, could come and not only live freely, but rise to the highest, most powerful, position in the world.

        Michelle Obama is free to hate and disparage whites because Americans of every description paid with their blood to ensure her right to do that. I have a saying, that “the only reason a person hides things, is because they have something to hide.” No president in history has spent over a million dollars to keep his records and his past sealed.

        And what the two of them have shared has been proven to be lies. He lied about when and how they met, he lied about his mother’s death and problems with insurance, Michelle lied to a crowd pursuant to nearly $500,000 bank stocks they inherited from his family. He has lied about his father’s military service, about the civil rights movement, ad nausea. He lied to the world about the Supreme Court in a State of the Union address.

        He berated and publicly insulted a sitting Congressman. He has surrounded himself with the most rabidly, radical, socialist academicians today. He opposed rulings that protected women and children that even Planned Parenthood did not seek to support. He is openly hostile to business and aggressively hostile to Israel.

        His wife treats being the First Lady as her personal American Express Black Card (arguably the most prestigious credit card in the world). I condemn them because, as people are suffering, losing their homes, their jobs, their retirements, he and his family are arrogantly showing off their life of entitlement – as he goes about creating and fomenting class warfare.

        I don’t like them, and I neither apologize nor retreat from my public condemnation of them and of his policies. We should condemn them for the disrespect they show our people, for his willful and unconstitutional actions pursuant to obeying the Constitutional parameters he is bound by, and his willful disregard for Congressional authority.

        Dislike for them has nothing to do with the color of their skin; it has everything to do with their behavior, attitudes, and policies. And I have open scorn for their constantly playing the race card.
        I could go on, but let me conclude with this. I condemn in the strongest possible terms the media for refusing to investigate them, as they did President Bush and President Clinton, and for refusing to label them for what they truly are. There is no scenario known to man, whereby a white president and his wife could ignore laws, flaunt their position, and lord over the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.

        As I wrote in a syndicated column titled, “Nero In The White House” – “Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed such dishonesty in a political leader.

        He is the most mendacious political figure I have ever witnessed. Even by the low standards of his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic,contumacious arrogance is unequaled. Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be elevated to sainthood.

        Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed policies, intimidation, and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as an entitlement – while America’s people go homeless, hungry and unemployed.

        • Wow! That was amazing. I feel the same way but no way could I express it like that.

          Please take the time to read the whole thing.

        • FOB, that’s some of the best anti-Obama sentiment I’ve ever read anywhere.

        • Anyone who is surprised by what he actually turned out to be must have lived a sheltered life. Anyone with street smarts saw right through the fakes. If you knew and voted for him anyway then don’t complain.

        • I’m going to copy & paste that article. WOW. That covers it all!!! Thanks for posting that, FOB!! Think I’ll do some searching online- sounds like someone I’d like to get more familiar with.

          Thanks again!

        • Feisty Old Broad,

          Well said. I agree.

          Thank you for sharing this!

        • “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the media for refusing to investigate them, as they did President Bush”

          While I’m no fan of GWB, soes anyone remember how far back the press had to dig into his past to find anything they could use against him? What was it, a DUI back in the ’70’s? We don’t even know where 0bama was in the ’70’s, forget about what he was doing then. Pravda lives!!!

      31. Racism: just another way to control us through the guise of “Political Correctness.” It also serves to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves while TPTB continue to manipulate and lead the world toward their own ends.

        • G19, please read my post of 2PM.

        • Absolutely correct. PC is tyranny of thought. Can’t wait for the badly needed civil war to bring about the reset. Still doing all I can to bring it about. Anyone else doing their part, or is waiting for the white knight the plan?

          • Just keepin the powder dry, head on swivel and non compliance at full on. Prep, Prep,…… you know.

          • Get the idea of a civil war out of your head. Most whites will not fight and the govt. will be on the side of anyone but whitey. It will be a ass kicking with whites ending up like the Indians on reservations. Civil war is the last thing that is needed.

            • John W., I don’t know where you’ve been, but our problems are NOT about to get solved by peaceful means. While I can agree the govt. will be against white people, I think it’s only the LIBTURD white people who won’t fight and they’re NOT a majority, not by any means. What makes you think anyone can put 80,000,000 gun owners on reservations? give me the name of a movie where you saw that and I’ll check it out; sounds interesting. I agree a civil war is not desirable but it is coming and it can’t be stopped.

              • AMEN..Braveheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Maddog…

            “Still doing all I can to bring it about”

            Anything short of the moral high ground will be counter productive in the end…how could we attain the “moral” authority to “reset”… if we lower ourselves to their level.

            ” …is waiting for the white knight the plan”…

            WE… will be that proverbial Knight…

            When they pull we squeeze… I can’t stress this enough.
            I know in your heart you know this to be true.
            How it will manifest itself in the end, I don’t know…
            But WE, will know…

            Tip of the day…A steady sinus rhythm makes zero easier…

            Sorry for the lecture but I felt it needed to be said.

            • I’m sorry jerrytbg but I no longer see any way to bring about a correction with our country other than violence. The PTB are pushing bullshit on a daily if not hourly basis. There is now so much corruption it is impossible to know exactly how much damage is being done. The media is a complete joke anymore, and without an honest media it is hopeless to have an informed citizen. Look I know “civil war” sounds like I am a lunatic, however I do not see anyone putting forth any good solutions. You even say as most do ” How it will manifest itself in the end, I don’t know…”. I see tanks and fully militarized police in combat gear on my streets. For what your local pot head? Every federal employee now seems armed with M-16 rifles and they are loading them with hollow points. You know we could not shot hollow points at the enemy when I was in the military because they kill to easy and do to much damage. Do you think these armed killers are not in place for reason and do you honestly believe they are there to protect you or me? They will be used that I know. Look I think something very bad this way comes and people like ones that visit sites like this one better realize they are probably one of the biggest targets. I for one am preparing for what needs to be done. I will not be telling my grandkids how nice the FEMA camp was.

              • If I may make a suggestion…

                Be mindful of those around you that agree with you and say it’s time to act…I assure you they do not have your best interests at heart…Have they had interaction with LE lately?

                When the time TRULY comes… you’ll know.
                Whites of their eyes and all that… There will be plenty of time for the fog after it all starts…
                Please, don’t be there yet.

                • Yup, one of my favorite “fantasy entertainment” shows is Sons of Anarchy about an outlaw MC. LE infiltrates just about every “off-grid, anti-social” group there is, just because they are off-grid and anti-social. Your “brother” of two decades can be turned by threats to their family by just about any armed fed agency, you better believe it.

              • Maddog-

                ‘Tis said: in ancient Viking literature/prayer:


                Lo………….for there I see my father…and my mother.

                ..and my sisters & my brothers…

                ..and I see the line of my people..stretching back to the beginning.

                ..and they bid me to join them..in the Halls of Valhalla.

                ..where the brave..

                ..shall live..



                Very unusual prose, to be sure..prayer was documented by an Arab emissary, circa +900A.D. to the “Northmen’s Kingdom”…somewhere in (modern-day Norway).

                ..also discovered, said Vikings intoned said prayer..prior to any battle/conflict!


                Reading your post, for some reason…kicked this obscure info to the forefront of my attention..and no, I’m NOT a pagan..but I wondered profoundly.

                How many times..per eons past..have others grasped unto conviction/resolve..to do exactly…what you’ve declared immutable?



                Sometimes I wax philosophical…& wander off on tangents..but in the end..it boils down to individual courage, in the face of evil/wickedness!

                ..and the heart to bust their/its ass!!!!!!!!!!!!


                + bunches(^^^) to ya!

                • I have a feeling we are going to find out how the shit ends soon. I have been surprised at how many individuals are talking about war. Mike Savage even has a new book “The Coming Civil War”. Whether its a war or something else I do not think it is avoidable. Good luck to all.

                  • HUNTER: Too Many Christians today believe Christ’s command was for us to be sweet and Nicy Nice like Sugar..

                    So they have zero comprehension nor experience of being what christians are to truely be…SALT!

                    Salt Preserves what is Good, and Stings like Hell when placed into a wound.

                    Those folks that do evils and wrongs are who christians are also to Rebuke(Out them as evil doers etc) and to Refute(their evils or wrongs etc).

                    Thats where that Stings Salt comes into Play!….The Good folks are preserved by christians saltyness…Those evil or wrong doer others are stung deeply by our rebukes and refutations of it.

                    Today far too many pastors plays right Into PC correctness and always preach only of good feelings, happy happy we going to heaven so all is swell folks, type messages…They Fear to preach on SIN!

                    Especially Fear of jews, Militant Blacks, and Queer Faggots/lesbiens, wrongs or evils done.

                    Salt has been replaced with Sugar in a vast Majority of todays churches, pastors and christians.

                    It Ties In with how stupid and Fearfull most whites act and are, due to racial blame and racial slur name callings to.

                    If Just those couple issues Changed 180 degrees, america would be set aright and soon Fixed of 99% of troubles today.

                    40-50 yrs ago what we all heard repeated constantly when going to Buy a used car or whatever, was “ok remember now Joey do NOT pay full price try to Jew em down!”

                    Or if selling used car or etc it was always heard “Ok remember Joey do Not let Them buyers jew your price down!”

                    And not a single person batted an eye lash at hearing it right…Because back then most All folks especially whites were awake and Knew of these isues we now speak of.

                    Its as if a few of us today are tasked with RE awakening most folks to what prior Gen’s were all well aware of!

                    And its Not going so swell so far eh! We Need help with more folks awake and Willing to speak & teach many more to be so.

                  • Gotta love Dr. Savage!

          • maddog – “PC is tyranny of thought” Great phrase, I hope you don’t mind if I use that one!!!

      32. Off Topic…

        China Training For “Short, Sharp War” With Japan, US Navy Warns

        “As USNI reports, Capt. James Fannell, deputy chief of staff intelligence and information operations for PACFLEET, notes that while China has long trained for an amphibious invasion of Taiwan during military exercises but has expanded its training to include a similar attack on Japanese holdings in the East China Sea.

        He concludes, “the PLA has been given the new task to be able to conduct a short sharp war to destroy Japanese forces in the East China Sea following with what can only be expected a seizure of the Senkakus or even a southern Ryukyu [islands].”


      33. Actually, I was encouraged… I had no idea he could kick that high… I figured his best shot would be shin, maybe knee…

        Obvious MA training…

        Now Putin is counting his lucky stars he didn’t piss off the 0 when they last met…

        All hail the 0ri… 🙂

        • I hate it when I transpose words I was thinking…

          “Now Putin….when last they met”…

      34. I didn’t know skin color made people into such a dickheads.

      35. I have have held doors open for people and in a sense I’ve been a door stop and I’ve enjoyed the services and opportunities presented by doors, so I find the abuse to that poor door appalling! I can’t imagine how that poor door must feel to be the target of such hatred and obvious RACISM. Many of my closest portals are closely affiliated with doors. Just think of how many doors this man has probably abused and the hatred he must have for doors. Is it just brown doors this man hates and abuses or is it all doors?

        • BA-DA- BING! Stick around for the midnight show folks.

        • I have to admit Satori, most of your links are a little too left-leaning to me, but it really is amazing that groups with so little in common and such different outlooks on society (TEA Party vs. Occupy) can be railing so hard against the same adversaries. Food for thought – we really are being played against one another, aren’t we?

      36. I don’t know if ever before in the history of this country so much hope and trust have been invested by the populace in a single man.

        That such passionate hope and trust have been preyed upon to enslave and to doom the entire nation engenders a vision of ultimate betrayal and evil.


      37. barry soetoro AKA ‘BARRY THE NWO ZOG CIA FAIRY’ is a registered ‘FOREIGN STUDENT’ from malaysia AND BORN IN KENYA …

        how does a FOREIGNER BECOME PRESIDENT OF once free AMERICA ???


        I WILL NOT COMPLY !!!

        N.O. ;0p

        • Looks like good ole barry logged on under 4 different names and red-thumbed you on that one!!!

      38. “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negroe race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negroe to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

        Booker T. Washignton, Republican.

        • Doc, thank you for that quote from BTW. He was referring to the NAACP.

          • No, I think he was referring to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the Justice Brothers.

      39. Sooo…
        I seem to spend a lot of time in moderation….
        or not.

      40. I love our President.@#$%&*!@#$%^
        I love for him to quit.
        I love for him to leave the country.
        I love for him to stop making laws.
        I love for him to read the Contitution.
        I love for him to leaves the He!! ALONE!!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S N.REB

        • that, US THE HE!! ALONE oops

      41. This article shows the stupidity of you people on many levels. First, you defend the right of the person sent out this image to do so, a right I think he has. Then you excoriate those who exorcise their right to respond to it as they fit. What hypocrisy.
        Second, f someone had produced a similar image of one of your heroes, say, Ted Nugent stroking his weapon and his gun, you morons would be calling for blood.
        Third, you revel in a made up image, one not based in reality. This indicates you do not have a grasp on reality but prefer your prejudiced fantasies. Of course, this preference for fantasies explains the many references to a non-existent entity you call God. You prefer illusion over reality.

        • You’re just waisting your time. People here won’t listen to you. The mentality of the people here and Americans in general is that they have a right to do something and you don’t. Their mentality is that only they have a right to free speech and anyone else who doesn’t think like them are anti-American and don’t have that right.

          Just like their mentality of they have a right to do whatever they want around the world but no foreigner has a right to get mad or angry.

          If someone did make a clip of ted Nugent or wayna lapierre swinging a gun around like a toy. People here would get angry and would not accept that person’s right to free speech.

          That’s what the problem is in this nation. Many people who think highly of themselves but would never treat others the way they would want to be treated. The American way is “All about me and who gives a crap about you”.

          No matter how many foreign nations suffer or foreign people die because of decisions this nation makes, it doesn’t matter to people here how much the world suffers.

          At the end, Americans only think about themselves and how much they suffered. Not the nations or people that they caused suffering to. All the foreigners who died because of the wars the nations started. One example is how people here complain about how people in the Middle East are attacking U.s. troops when the u.s. military shouldn’t even be there. It is an unjustified war.

          But people here act like they will fight China or Russia or the UN if they try to invade. But other nations have no right to defend themselves.

        • NCJOE, it sounds like you’re talking about yourself again. YOU are the one who is facing ILLUSIONS and NOT reality. Our God is real and does exist, commie moron. you’re the one with prejudiced fantasies and has no grasp of reality. Your stupidity is showing again, so go f#$% yourself!

          • @1braveheart…..STFU you piece of shit. You make me mad.

      42. Hey……Anyone saw the madara vs the 5 kage fight? You would be shocked how one man can destroy 5 experienced fighters. Pretty scary. Look it up on youtube. It’s madara vs 5 kage.

      43. That’s the reaction of a petulant child.
        Yay us and all the morons who vote because it’s their civic duty… Haha, yeah.

        Who’s got the bigger stick in the 4th grade playground?
        Where’s my damn free Brawndo?!
        I’m still waiting and if I don’t get a god damn Brawndo in the next ten minutes I’m going to scream and flail around and probably maim or kill a lot of innocent people. Waaaa!

      44. Hitler demanded this type of treatment – you could say nothing against him or his party either. Now we have monitors in the newspapers and tv and radio stations?!??! Are you ready to grab your pitchfork? I am –

      45. Why oh WHY can’t MOST Americans see that the way the President “kicked DOWN” that door
        is the EXACT way he is:

        *Kicking down (eviscerating, ripping up) our CONSTITUTION;

        *Usurping and abusing the PROPER use of Executive Orders; &

        *Kicking down our ECONOMY and all that goes with it, all so that the financial, political, and economic underpinnings of the United States of America get weakened to the point of SINKING like a house built on QUICKSAND!

        Let me be clear: I have no issue with his ethnicity any more than I did with the former president’s ethnicity.

        But I DO have as much an issue with his BEHAVIOR that MASQUERADES as “Presidential”, as I did the FORMER president’s behavior who said the Constitution was just a (expletives omitted) ‘gosh’ ‘darn’ piece of paper! And who also lied about weapons of mass destruction, a lie which COST the lives of MANY precious young people’s lives!

        A lie is no more presidential than is imposing a socialist agenda on America.

        So if you assign me the label of being a “racist” then I will then tell you that you are assigning blame to me for something that does not exist, which is also known as scapegoating.

        I’m like that little boy in fairy tale who called it for what it is and shocked all the adults when he said, “Mommy, why is the Emperor wearing no clothes?” So when someone calls me a racist because I’m exposing that Mr. Bush LIED and asking WHY it did not get him impeached, and then exposing Unpresidential actions of the current President, then that person needs to have her/his head examined.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “SAY it America, “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!” – from the film “Network” by Paddy Chaevsky

        “We hang the petty thief and elect the bigger ones to public office.” – Aesop

      46. That’s how it is here in Canada nowadays. Comments that would go unnoticed years ago now are “racist”, “bigoted”, and “hate crimes”. If a public person says something offensive (except against Christians), they are immediately forced to cough up a humiliating public apology; their accusers do not care one whit if that apology is sincere or not, an apology MUST be forthcoming. It’s gotten so bad that I think the time has come for every Member of Parliament and every other public official to stand up en masse and apologize NOW for every offensive statement they have ever made in the past or might ever make in the future – just get it over with and cover their butts.

        I’m still surprised (and delighted) that Grandpa Duck stood his ground and refused to apologize for something he believed in and had every right to say. Too bad he would not have had that option or courtesy up here.

      47. Divide and conquer works every time. Fortunately the whites are still the majority in the u.s.a., for us older people we won’t see the blacks and mostly the mexicans and mixed races become the majority by mid century. Thank God for small favors.

        • Aljamo, you are going to see it. 50% of all children beginning school in the US are non-whte. And many more on the way. You won’t have to wait until the middle of the century. Only about five more years.

      48. I guess I’m Racist. LMAO! Obullshit kicking the door open he look like a little girl. (no offence to little girls). Just watching him do that makes me think that he has temper tantrums all the time. (I know he really didn’t kick the door open) I can just see him doing that in real life. There is just something about him, that makes me feel that way.
        If I’m Racist which color is the white side or the black side. I can’t figure out which?

        • Watch his eyes sometime and you realize that this is one bad dude that if given the opportunity will step on anyone.

        • Sarge-

          Let the “I guess I’m a racist” slide, ok!

          Humanity is composed of multiple species/races, we’re hard wired towards a natural affiliation of like kind..& a wariness, towards dissimilar races.
          Society/PC civilization, tends to “blur” this innate instinct..but it should NEVER be ignored by any who still possess it………..

          Close proximity & association/interaction w/ dissimilar races/species, tends to educate & teaches one which species are more untrustworthy/dangerous/violent…and which are mostly predictable/less violent and logical.

          I call it “paleolithic programming” at the DNA level almost.

          …but per myself, listening to my inner genetic-voices…has saved my life..more than once!

          Think about it!!!

          • That is brilliant!

            Gotta listen to that inner voice, first and foremost…

          • Hunter
            Thanks! Very interesting.

          • Hunter, AMEN to your comments.

      49. Hell… I’m disappointed he didn’t have a slice of watermelon in one hand and some fried chicken in the other. LOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL!!

      50. Just a comment, nothing new that hasn’t been discussed before or thats not already known by most. But I bought a few single cans of food at Family Dollar just for a taste test to see whats good and what ain’t. Just to mention one, their tomato soup is as good as any, so I went in to buy a case, and I didn’t want to strip the shelf so I asked the Manager if he had any cases in the back. Anywho, he told me to go ahead and take what was on the shelf cause he didn’t have any, and couldn’t even order extra cases if he wanted to, his orders can only be filled as an item is used. So as comments have been made before, when the Schumer Hits The Fan don’t think you’ll be able to get supplies out of the back room at stores, they ain’t there. Trekker Out, Si vis pacem, para bellum!

      51. That was well done. I guess I must be racist since I thought Leno’s comedy skit was hilarious! On the other hand, I hate rap music with a passion, but I love watermelon and fried chicken. I must be hopelessly screwed up. *Sigh*

        • YH, same here. You try and take my fried chicken and I’ll cut you………

          • PO’d Patriot,

            I second that! Down with Political Correctness!

        • YH, I grew up on fried chicken and watermelon and I’m white. Black people ain’t the only people who like chicken and watermelon.

          • 1braveheart,

            You said it. A summer barbecue here in Florida wouldn’t be the same without fried chicken and watermelon!

          • You strike me as a Jack Pirtles man that washes his ass once a week and your my neighbor from down the street lol!

      52. Here we go again, since being PC is so hard to do in this time and age. I hope this is far enough down the list to not be frowned upon. Cannot please everyone all the time…

        It’s time again for the annual ‘Stella Awards’! For those unfamiliar with these awards, they are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the McDonald’s in New Mexico , where she purchased coffee. You remember, she took the lid off the coffee and put it between her knees while she was driving. Who would ever think one could get burned doing that, right? That’s right; these are awards for the most outlandish lawsuits and verdicts in the U.S. You know, the kinds of cases that make you scratch your head. So keep your head scratcher handy.

        Here are the Stellas for year — 2013:

        * SEVENTH PLACE *

        Kathleen Robertson of Austin, Texas was awarded $80,000 by a jury of her peers after breaking her ankle tripping over a toddler who was running inside a furniture store. The store owners were understandably surprised by the verdict, considering the running toddler was her own son

        Start scratching!

        * SIXTH PLACE *

        Carl Truman, 19, of Los Angeles , California won $74,000 plus medical expenses when his neighbor ran over his hand with a Honda Accord. Truman apparently didn’t notice there was someone at the wheel of the car when he was trying to steal his neighbor’s hubcaps.

        Scratch some more…

        * FIFTH PLACE *

        Terrence Dickson, of Bristol , Pennsylvania , who was leaving a house he had just burglarized by way of the garage. Unfortunately for Dickson, the automatic garage door opener malfunctioned and he could not get the garage door to open. Worse, he couldn’t re-enter the house because the door connecting the garage to the house locked when Dickson pulled it shut. Forced to sit for eight, count ’em, EIGHT days and survive on a case of Pepsi and a large bag of dry dog food, he sued the homeowner’s insurance company claiming undue mental Anguish. Amazingly, the jury said the insurance company must pay Dickson $500,000 for his anguish. We should all have this kind of anguish Keep scratching. There are more…

        Double hand scratching after this one..

        * FOURTH PLACE *

        Jerry Williams, of Little Rock, Arkansas, garnered 4th Place in the Stella’s when he was awarded $14,500 plus medical expenses after being bitten on the butt by his next door neighbor’s beagle – even though the beagle was on a chain in its owner’s fenced yard. Williams did not get as much as he asked for because the jury believed the beagle might have been provoked at the time of the butt bite because Williams had climbed over the fence into the yard and repeatedly shot the dog with a pellet gun.

        Pick a new spot to scratch, you’re getting a bald spot..

        * THIRD PLACE *

        Amber Carson of Lancaster, Pennsylvania because a jury ordered a Philadelphia restaurant to pay her $113,500 after she slipped on a spilled soft drink and broke her tailbone. The reason the soft drink was on the floor: Ms. Carson had thrown it at her boyfriend 30 seconds earlier during an argument.
        Only two more so ease up on the scratching…

        *SECOND PLACE*

        Kara Walton, of Claymont , Delaware sued the owner of a night club in a nearby city because she fell from the bathroom window to the floor, knocking out her two front teeth. Even though Ms. Walton was trying to sneak through the ladies room window to avoid paying the $3.50 cover charge, the jury said the night club had to pay her $12,000….oh, yeah, plus dental expenses. Go figure.

        Ok. Here we go!!

        * FIRST PLACE *

        This year’s runaway First Place Stella Award winner was: Mrs. Merv Grazinski, of Oklahoma City , Oklahoma , who purchased new 32-foot Winnebago motor home. On her first trip home, from an OU football game, having driven on to the freeway, she set the cruise control at 70 mph and calmly left the driver’s seat to go to the back of the Winnebago to make herself a sandwich. Not surprisingly, the motor home left the freeway, crashed and overturned. Also not surprisingly, Mrs. Grazinski sued Winnebago for not putting in the owner’s manual that she couldn’t actually leave the driver’s seat while the cruise control was set. The Oklahoma jury awarded her, are you sitting down?

        $1,750,000 PLUS a new motor home. Winnebago actually changed their manuals as a result of this suit, just in case Mrs. Grazinski has any relatives who might also buy a motor home.

        If you think the USA court system is out of control, be sure to pass this one on.

        • After the “reset”, tort reform will be high on the list, as per your request.

          That was an amazing read! what?

      53. I don’t get it… How is it racist? I would be willing to bet dollars to dimes that EVERY president has felt like busting down a door after dealing with Congress Critters. Nothing racial about it. Just the frustration of dealing with Congress Critters.
        Amerika has become far too thin skinned.

      54. SSDD If you are white, you are racist. Boring

      55. Ann Coulter – new Obama promise…

        “If you like your life, you can keep it.”

        AnnCoulter dot com

        • KY Mom,

          Can you see the Iron Curtain being lowered? I can. No doubt I’m sure you can as well. We are quickly being converted to the USSR II, but just slowly enough that people don’t panic.

          The states will be nothing more than loosely segregated fiefdoms requiring permission and “papers” to transit through. I see a rough time ahead for Americans.

          As Edward Snowden rightly said this past Christmas, “…A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all.”

          God, to think that George Orwell was spot on correct all those years ago. It’s going to get pretty rough KY Mom.

          • YH,

            I agree. I too see rough times ahead. I feel sad for what I believe my children and grandchildren will face.

            Yet, still so many remain ignorant and do nothing.

            You take care.

            Keep praying and prepping!
            KY Mom

      56. FCC official, others warn agency study could stifle freedom of the press.

        New Newsroom research “study”

        FCC plans to issue new ‘net neutrality’ rules

        Fox News

      57. “If you like your race, you can keep it”?

      58. McGill University- that’s the school that the CIA hired, to give LSD to people without telling them what was happening to them. Barack O’Bunghole would fit right in!

      59. ROFLOL…

        Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Will go to bed smiling tonight.

        Thanks yall… Thanks Mac

      60. PC run amok? No,more likely Farnan sounds like he’s been publicly castrated.

      61. Yeah, I must be a “racist” then because I was rolling on the floor cracking up. Brilliant piece!




        COULD IT BE THE MEN IN BLACK ????????

      63. A great trilogy “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” by Matthew Bracken and how I see what the future of America to be. How it comes about and how it plays out. We’ll see.

      64. Jokes are now considered racist if they mention a black person or Mexican or Asian, but only if a white person tells it, even if the joke is based on absolute facts. As an example, consider the fact that when you are in central NC, there are fewer black people the farther west you go. Now consider this joke that I thought was funny.


        John and Bill were lifelong friends who lived in NY. John tells Bill “I’m tired of the cold so I’m moving south.” John loads up his station wagon with his snow blower strapped on top. Bill asks John, “Where are you moving to?” John says, “I’m heading south and I’ll stop as soon as I get far enough south that no one knows what the snow blower is.”

        Eventually John gets as far as Raleigh, NC and decides to settle there. He writes Bill to tell him where he lives. A few years pass, and Bill decides to visit John in Raleigh. He gets to the house, and no one is living there. So he asks the next door neighbor if he knows where John moved to. The neighbor says, I don’t know, but John was headed west with a black person strapped to the top of his car.”


        BTW, I haven’t found anyone who can explain to me why “Amos & Andy” on TV was racist, but “The Jeffersons” wasn’t.

      65. Theres a clip of him out there Ive seen where he throws the podium….as well as this one where he kicks the door…what a pussy!…besides thats yours and mines door and podium…public property!…not his to vandalize,should be charged with distruction of property/disorderly conduct and for being a general idiot…I tell you Im not impressed with him…childish self-centered egotistical narsicist…needs his backside kicked in like manner…geeze!…oh well…

      66. Oops!! I laughed, Oh No!! I’m black and I laughed at another black man. Now I’m a racist against black people!!! What have I become!!!!

      67. I just saw this. I get it though….he’s colored so he is violent right? like Boyz in the Hood Menace to the Hood. Juice in the Hood. Don’t drink Orange Juice in the Hood. right? Don’t Drink Dead Pressydints in South Central Hood. Right? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ……Funny video…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ah hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha Colored guy kicking shit…..That’s entertainment.

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