Is The Left Self-Destructing, Or Is Something Else Going On?

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at


    The temptation to revel in the implosion of the extreme political Left is high, and it’s understandable. I could go through a long list of insane offenses by the cultural Marxist cult of the church of “social justice,” but I think this latest example summarizes the problem nicely. In this video, teaching assistant Lindsay Shepard at Wilfred Laurier University in Canada is reprimanded and brow beaten by two professors for daring to commit the heresy of showing her students BOTH sides of the debate over transgenderism and pronoun politics.

    The zealotry on display here by these professors is indicative of a deep-rooted cancer within the Left. Shepard was not attempting to troll her class with misinformation or subtly manipulate them with propaganda, in fact she wasn’t seeking to pressure them to support either viewpoint. She was not violating anyone’s private property rights to assail them with her arguments, either. Her only goal was to show people in a public space that there are in fact at least two opposing viewpoints on the issue in question. But in a cult it is unacceptable to acknowledge that there are different ways of thinking from the prevailing doctrine. Other beliefs and evidence must be filtered out completely, otherwise, the devout members of the cult might be faced with uncertainty.

    If an ideological system is so fragile that it cannot tolerate the slightest hint of legitimate counter-evidence, then something is very wrong with that system. If that system is incapable of arguing its merits using facts and instead relies on the argument of “How dare you!,” the only things that could possibly keep it alive are threats of force and terror.

    Decades ago, it was the “Christian Right” that was often attacked as being too puritanical and theocratic in its attempts to not only control politics and legislation, but to also control the public mindset. They were not satisfied by merely dictating the laws; they wanted individual people to believe the way they believed, or at least act like it for the sake of conformity. This caused a considerable backlash from the general populace, and over time the image of the rest of Christianity suffered because of the overreach of an aggressive and often self-contradicting and hypocritical contingent.

    The social justice cult is running into the same conundrum today. The backlash is reaching epic proportions and the term “SJW” is becoming a household joke, when only a year ago most people had no clue what an SJW was — all they knew was that “political correctness” was furiously taking over Hollywood, the internet, politics, etc.

    Most people do not like zealots, no matter what side of the political spectrum they claim to come from. And, whenever zealotry poisons a social movement and causes it to violate the non-aggression principle, there is always a reaction in the other direction from the citizenry. You cannot force people to believe what you believe, to think the way you think or to speak the way you want them to speak.

    The laws of social physics at least partially explain the current collapse of the Left. However, I believe there is another underlying agenda taking place here, and it is working to the detriment of all people, regardless of their political affiliations.

    In my article “Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A cost,” published just after Donald Trump’s election win, I warned of the potential danger that the Left is being exploited by the establishment as a sacrificial appendage, a tool used to push conservatives to their own extremes and their own zealotry. Meaning, conservatives could be manipulated into embracing government power and totalitarianism in order to crush the zealotry of the cultural Marxists. Essentially, we would become monsters in order to defeat monsters.

    The next stage in this theater of fourth-generation warfare would be for the Left to hit rock bottom and then rise again from the ashes as something new, and entirely more dangerous.

    So, has the Left hit rock bottom yet?

    I would note that the tidal wave of mainstream media reports on sexual deviance and misconduct on the part of celebrities and politicians has been composed primarily of people on the left. Celebrity icons that are long time representatives of Democratic party money and support. I find it interesting also that many of these celebrities are people who attacked Donald Trump for his rather minor recorded discussion of sexual activity, the same recording the mainstream media used to admonish him as akin to a rapist.

    Whether or not the accused people are guilty, or even require a self-flagellating apology, remains to be seen. I am not one to take the court of public opinion very seriously. That said, I wonder why there have not been more accusations against Republican icons recently? I mean, Republican figures have certainly not been strangers to sexual misconduct in the past, so why are the vast majority of pariahs being exposed today, including Harvey Weinstein, major Democratic players?

    My theory is that the establishment and the controlled media are being very selective in their targets and are going after mainly leftists who represent low hanging fruit. But why? As mentioned above, the extreme Left must hit rock bottom, and then mutate into something else. They must be molded into something even more extreme. The social justice cult must be pressured into doubling down.

    The people who supported attacks on Trump over his sexual commentary now look like idiots because some of their favorite Hollywood idols are being exposed as allegedly much worse in their behavior. What will their response be, I wonder? Admit they were wrong? Or become even more zealous in their political correctness and indignation?

    The obviously fraudulent and completely fabricated Russia-gate issue is also disintegrating. But, contrary to what many conservatives and liberty movement analysts assumed, this piece of propaganda was NOT meant to take down Donald Trump; not in the slightest. In fact, it was meant to help radicalize the Left, to make them more aggressive and violent and to give them false hope that there was a way to get rid of Trump without waiting for another election. That hope is being taken away from them as Russia-gate fumbles.

    The people who blindly supported the Russia-gate narrative now look like idiots. What will their response be, I wonder? Will it be to admit they were wrong? Or, will they become even more angry and violent?

    The U.S. government is clearly ready to help this narrative along. The FBI and DHS officially classified ANTIFA activities as “domestic terrorist violence” back in September. And, according to Edward Klein who is publishing FBI documentation on leftist groups in his new book, the government is also asserting that leftists have been traveling to Europe to meet with Al-Qaeda and ISIS representatives, apparently to form ties with said organizations and to learn terrorist skill sets.

    Do I believe this to be true? No, not really. This kind of agency propaganda reminds me quite a bit of the propaganda used against “patriot groups” over the last decade, including the not so subtle insinuations that “right-wing extremists” would work with Al-Qaeda and form an alliance. Which is, of course, absurd, because right-wingers are pretty adamant about opposing the tyranny inherent in Islam.

    The claim may be more believable in the case of cultural Marxists, but still unlikely. What is MORE likely, and what I have been warning about since before Trump’s election, is that there will be terror attacks in the name of leftist ideologies, but that these attacks will for the most part be initiated by the establishment. Just as the establishment funded and trained Al-Qaeda and ISIS and then set them loose to create havoc, and just as the establishment has engineered false flag attacks that were automatically blamed on a designated bogeyman, it now appears to be the extreme Left’s turn.

    If we see catalyzing events like war and continued economic downturn, the chances of Leftists being swept into an engineered fervor are even higher.

    The Left is plummeting into the depths of embarrassment and despair. As Trump’s first term goes forward, these feelings are probably only going to fester. Civil unrest and rioting are inevitable, but the greater threat is the issue of Gladio-style terror that is obviously being prepared. The narrative is being carefully set. And, at this point, conservatives are all too happy to believe that the Left is capable of almost anything. With the madness they have displayed so far, why wouldn’t we think the worst of them?

    Again, the danger is that when this begins to happen in great frequency, conservatives may respond by acting against their own ideals of limited government and individual liberty. When terror attacks are blamed on the Left, how will we react? Will we question the validity of the narrative? Will we apply suspicion to the Trump administration, which has only increased the number of swamp creatures in “the swamp” since its inception? Will we seek out solutions to the problem by staying true to the Constitution and without turning to state power? Or, will we embrace the narrative, embrace the Trump administration without question, throw our full weight behind government power and say “Let’s stomp lefty faces into the dirt!”

    I hope this will not be the outcome, because if it is, then the last vestiges of liberty in America are doomed. Hating the Left could be seen as reasonable and rational in our era, but abandoning our principles is not.


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      1. Brandon Smith, very interesting article. I’d love to think the left is destroying itself but that remains to be seen. I do enjoy seeing libturds turn on each other.

        • What Brandon hints at but doesnt say is that the radical behavior is a predetermined trigger to try to engage armed America in the coming mayhem because once that happens the last impediment to iron fisted totalitarianism is that armed populace and they want that gone!

          • What Brandon seems to think is that totalitarians can be non-denominational, that is, devoid of doctrine or ideology, simply using ideology for personal power acquisition to be dispensed with as it’s no longer needed.

            The problem with that thinking is that the Deep State is a large group of people, and you absolutely need ideology to ignite and motivate people. Ideology is not a symptom of the social tides, it IS the tide itself.

            Hitler actually believed what he preached, so did Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, they were the best vocal exponents for their cause, they didn’t invent their ideologies. Therefore, like cream, they rose to the top.

      2. The public is being socially adjusted, conditioned to accept this. They will clamor, demand “off with their heads”, figuratively of course; lose your job, get publicly disgraced. Once this becomes the established norm the women will be lined up to go after guess who. The establishment is tossing out the political equivalent of a hand grenade, accepting the collateral damage to get their intended target, Trump. There are plenty more media talking heads, corrupt politicians, pseudo celebrities to tout the globalist, “we are one” agenda.

        • This has always been the case usually against a republican with the rest of the republicans and the left demanding resignation and the accused ends up resigning. Even if this should make it to the president, I like to believe that the era of kowtowing to the left is ending as more accused are standing firm.

      3. Kevin2, the left can target each other all they want. But if any of them target me there will be a fight. Bank on it.

        • They target your money, your pension, your job, your opportunities. Their agenda corrupts the environment your kids and grandkids live in. They and their neocon cohorts, the heads and tails of the coin are targeting everyone as we speak knowingly and many unknowingly furthering the one world goal.

          • Luckily Kevin they, these liberal progressive SJW’s, in turn have painted some real nice rainbow fluorescent targets on themselves. You gotta admit, they’re pretty easy to spot/scope in on.

            • Heartless

              Actually “The Progressive Left” is funded by the fascists that control the banks. Think Soros is a communist? He owns communists. Owns, buys, controls, uses, this isn’t communism. Communists are the “Human Resource” managers for fascists. Think Rockefeller is communist? Rothschild?

              The real controllers are in the shadows and they would pass you on the street unacknowledged, unknown, discreet. Their enemy is exposure and educating the masses.

              • Yeah Kevin, you’re most likely right. And I will admit I’d fallen for ‘it’ a bit due to the anger I feel when I see some little dip-sh*t wearing a Antifa bandana over his face. Such happened right here in my town at a demonstration that ended up with the removal of a Confederate obelisk honoring the war dead. The guys and gals of like mind to myself were all relatively restrained and logical. Those creeps…. loud, looking to get something going. And what I realized then and now is that the signs, the buses that brought them, and all the loudspeakers were not in their financial abilities. You’re right once more – big money funds those fools.

                • The big question is why? I see across the globe formerly insignificant groups now highly armed. The Islamics have been a thorn in the worlds side for 900 years. Now their a big problem. Who is arming them? They are but one problem. The result of all? Destabilization. Is it just an accidental byproduct of their activities? Lets look further. The global economic system is unsustainable. Every nation is in trouble. The net result will be? Destabilization. Is it an accidental byproduct of their activities? Accident? Coincidence? Not when actions are repeated here, there and everywhere. Anything that fosters stability is scorned. Everything that furthers chaos is accepted with open arms.

                  The only logical conclusion is that there are virtually omnipotent powerful forces that want chaos. The next question is why? Here I theorize. They want a clean slate to build their future. The former must be erased. Chaos will create the social / political environment for the masses to demand stability. Thats where TPTB come in to mold, create, manufacture the entire world in a form they desire.

                  I’m convinced I’m correct in the above. Its how the dots connect. Its the picture painted.

      4. I trust no one especially the left. There will be at some point a major blood letting and the left will go down first,fighting among themselves. The rest of us will no stomach for their trash will help them along.

      5. Absolutely NO one has ever answered my comment/question here, or anywhere else: On what BASIS does the left say ANYTHING is wrong? As Dostoyevski has written, “if there is no God… everything is permissible.” Philosopher Francis Schaeffer has chimed in that in a world that evolved from the slime, by definition “whatever is, is right.” I have cited existentialist Jean Paul Sartre – himself no Christian! – who said “a finite point without an infinite reference point has no meaning.” Truth is, morals to the fascist left are just the fading smile of PERSONAL PREFERENCE of the cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland. There are, and can be, no other explanation (and sorry, but the insufferable David Suzuki and his biology explanation has long since been debunked).

        There ARE no answers to this objection, because there are none logically possible. And that is why the fascist left ALWAYS devolves into a grab for POWER.

        N.B.: is this to say the non-left are sinless? Ah, but you make a category mistake. My point is that with the atheist left, there is no POSSIBILITY of absolutes, by definition; that conservatives often don’t live up to their ethics doesn’t prove that the ethics in and of themselves are not valid; in fact, it just proves that we are all fallen.

        It is for exactly reasons like this that the famed atheist philosopher Anthony Flew (whom I had to study at university) became a theist at the end of his life, as did atheist philosopher C.E.M. Joad earlier.

        • Great comment.

        • It is always a pleasure to read the comments of a rational, educated man. You are, of course, correct. Thanks.

      6. Jim in VA, same here. They have no idea of the hell they’d be unleashing by targeting us.

      7. This all backfires on the average American just as it always does, always has, and it’s all according to plan.

      8. Brandon who are “the establishment”? I think that this expression is a euphemism for something else. Could this be the western finance cartel? They are a syndicate of three families. These are 1) Rothschilds. They are Jews. 2) Hapsburgs. They are Catholics. 3) Rockefellers. They are Protestants. These three families rule the western world. Their power is money and money buys everything.

        You are correct about the left. They are collapsing and that is their own fault. Their biggest mistake was to abandon white working class people in favor of globalism. They took those people for granted and are now furious with them for not accepting hard leftism.

        If you read Tragedy and Hope you will see that the bankers have every intention of ruling the world and setting themselves up as the new royalty.The left have always been their puppets. After these useful idiots have expended their utility they will be disposed of.

        Look at what happened in Russia. The finance cartel paid Lenin and Trotsky to create the Soviet Union. Qui bono? The western finance cartel made trillions of dollars out of the USSR. When they refused credit to the USSR it promptly collapsed. The same people who financed the USSR collapsed it.

        This is what is happening to the left. The finance cartel does not see them as radical enough. They are seen as too weak to be useful. The finance cartel can be expected to finance terrorism as fear is seen as a better weapon than lefty idealism. Really horrid terrorism is coming…much worse than before.

        • freedomlover

          I haven’t read your posts before. This “revelation” of yours is on the money. No pun intended.

      9. The Social Justice Cult may implode for now but will be self-perpetuating as long as the liberals are in control of the American public education system, which has in reality become the public indoctrination system.

        Once our children have been indoctrinated by the public education system, the next generation of SJC will continue to spread like a malignancy into education, media, and our legal system.

      10. It is too far gone to recover sane and sound govt. Ilea iacta est. Prepare accordingly.

      11. The people are supposed to have the legal authority to “…execute the laws of the Union…” (see article 1, section 8, clause 15, US Constitution). The Constitution itself tells us what is necessary for “…the security of a free State…” but we have allowed criminals within the government to pass pretend legislation like the Dick Act of 1903 and the National Defense Act of 1916 so they could strip the people of their legitimate power (compulsory participation in a well regulated [enacted by state statute] militia) and create a large reserve of (article 1, section 10, clause 3) “troops or ships of war” from which they could draw upon to engage in imperialist, foreign wars of adventure.

        The Militia of the several States is mentioned 5 times in the US Constitution and is the least understood aspect of our government by a deliberately dumbed down electorate. See Section 13 of the 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights for the proper definition.

      12. The left is definitely a controlled entity. Look at Naomi Klein: supposed to be a radical but she is allowed to freely spout her views and board flights to foment unrest. If she was any danger to the system, she would have been rendered long ago.

        In Britain, they are setting people up for a far-left take-over and monstrous taxes and surveillance. Just as civil liberties were curtailed under the Labour government, the next Labour government will be even worse. Nannying and bullying women and Muslim politicians cattle prodding the population to the digital slaughter house.

      13. I could add that the Right is also self destructing.
        Good guys vs. the bad guys. Establishment vs. the young turks.
        RINO’s vs. conservatives.

        Expect the midterms to be a bloodbath for the Repubs. Unless everyone on the right votes.
        Dems will pick up House and Senate seats.
        You think Trump is a lame duck now, wait until the Senate changes over.
        One term prez. Not enough time to drain that swamp in one term.

        The next present will be 1,000X worse than Obungler.

      14. The only long tern solutions to stop the Left’s Long March are:

        1. Term Limits

        2. Retake public education

      15. The left is only rebranding to appear fresh and innocent, it will come back the same old left with new names.
        If you had an infiltrator in an enemy nation would you bring sexual allegations out about them? The left is keeping quiet about their infiltrators in the republican party.

        • and they wonder why so many hate them..yes so many non – criminals with zero records , hate them

          why? because they know the truth about what they are

          sure criminals hate them, well thats a given

          but typ walk of life people have woke up to the tyranny that comes from the blue line
          i have spoken to many ..

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