Is the Coming DHS Biowarfare test on U.S. Citizens a False-Flag Warning?

by | Dec 18, 2017 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    The town of Newkirk, Oklahoma is about to receive a series of “gifts” from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)…in the form of exposing the town to chemical agents. The purpose is to see how much protection is offered by houses and apartments against a bioweapon. It is also to see how first responders will be able to evacuate people and treat those in affected areas.

    An article written on 12/16/17 by Jay Syrmopoulos for Activist Post entitled Residents Outraged as DHS Spraying Town With Chemicals – Using Them as Human Guinea Pigs, covers all of the details. Let’s be clear: these are not weapons of biowarfare being tested, but substances that will mimic the spread and “adhesion” to buildings and materials; however, they are used specifically to assess biowarfare capabilities of an actual agent released or delivered. One of the chemicals is a pesticide named Dipel, among other “niceties” such as titanium dioxide, fluorescent brightener, and urea. Here’s an excerpt to illustrate the government mindset on this testing, scheduled to commence in January:

    “I’m really sorry that everyone is so afraid in Newkirk because these are very benign products,” Kitty Cardwell, a professor at Oklahoma State University and director of the National Institute of Microbial Forensics for Food and Agricultural Biosecurity, who has been involved in other Homeland Security projects, told Newsweek.

    Cardwell believes the chemicals are non-toxic at that minuscule amount and likely wouldn’t reach populated areas.

    Interestingly, while Cardwell and the U.S. government claim the chemicals used in the testing won’t adversely impact human health or the environment, the EU has proposed to classify titanium dioxide as a carcinogen—meaning that it is suspected of causing cancer – specifically when inhaled.”

    As you can see, Professor Kitty Cardwell is “sorry” that residents of Newkirk are afraid…although she is on the project…declaring all the chemicals safe. Where have we heard that line before?

    Perhaps Kitty Cardwell would like it if the DHS would spray down her neighborhood with those chemicals, or better yet: when the tests are done, perhaps she can take a “ground zero” front-row seat in the town…without any protective gear.

    The truly insidious thing about this has not been mentioned. There is a level 4 bioweapons facility in Kansas that was built there as a “shift” of resources from Plum Island. In that influenza outbreak we had in the winter of 2012-2013, the first reported case of an infected patient was outside of Lawrence, Kansas. The flu spread outward from there and infected the entire continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii within 52 days. Quite a “natural test” that was!

    The insidious part? The fact that the media has been interjecting news articles every other day about the increasing bioweapons capabilities of the North Koreans…how they’re gearing up to deliver smallpox, Anthrax, and other bio-warfare agents to the U.S. via missiles.

    Crafting the narrative once again, the Mainstream Media (MSM) “creates” and builds upon the potential for a threat, setting the stage for the government to run with the ball and deliver a false flag in that very form.

    Well, North Korea will have to stand in line. North Korea can very well be the “whipping boy” for the false flag in several different scenarios, such as an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack or a nuclear strike. Keep this article in mind that was released 12/4/17 from The Guardian, entitled U.S. Military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies, by Arthur Neslen. The article goes on to explain how DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has received more than $800 million already between 2008 and 2014 for such genetic experimentation.

    Keep in mind that DARPA develops technology for use by the DoD (Department of Defense) and the military. It stands to reason they are not spending almost a billion dollars to fight mosquitoes.

    What they are doing is pooling genetic information on people, creating a database, and weaponizing the information in the form of bioweapons specifically targeting ethnic genotypes.

    Myriad Genetics (the firm that tried to patent genes in its tests to determine cancer in patients according to family history and DNA) lost its court case back in 2013-2014, but they have an immense repository of genetic material completely accessible by the government. You may recall a few months ago one of the “gimmicks” of the NFL…sponsored by Orig3n, a genetics firm, was to hand out 55,000 genetic testing kits to Baltimore Ravens fans at the home game opener vs the Cleveland Browns on 9/17/17.  At the last minute it was negated over “certification concerns,” but polls taken showed that most of the “Eloi” would have been more than willing to take a DNA sample for “free” and send it in for results.

    The best cages, in the eyes of the government, are the ones We the People construct for and around ourselves.

    These repositories, along with the ones garnered by the military on servicemembers will guarantee that DARPA will have a substantial “pool” to use to tailor-make their weapons…peculiar to different concentrations of ethnic groups…such as Americans of Scandinavian or German extraction in Minnesota and the Great Lakes States, or Hispanic-Americans in the Southwest. These bioweapons could be used quickly and efficiently, leaving the natural resources, property, and other assets intact for gathering by the government…after the “reductions” are made.

    We have a long history of such “testing” on our citizens: the “Nuclear” Soldiers exposed to atomic bombs after World War II in the deserts of the Southwestern U.S., the “vaccinations on Desert Storm Veterans, all the way up to recent years where they’ve been releasing pathogens (Bacillus subtilis and the like) on subways and train stations to “learn about the spread.” We have an administration that is holding more than 60% public disapproval, and the demographics of the Congress appear ready to “shift Left” once again soon. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the powers that be behind the Oval Office…more powerful than the President…want war, and a reduction of the population.

    We are close to a war with North Korea, and taking aggressive stances with other nations. The False Flag potential is running high, and we may be seeing the groundwork for such a thing being prepared right now.  9/11 proved that war and “sudden” attack or tragedy is a powerful force to galvanize public support and shift attentions…while shifting the paradigm in the direction willed by the powers that be. The EMP can be the diversion, while the government takes advantage of the confusion to release genetically-modified bioweapons against its enemy: the American people.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. it is called a “flu shot”

        • I’m allergic to only one thing. Vaccines made via the egg yolk process. Not to any other thing whatsoever. Lucky me. Isn’t that truly odd too? Not one thing in nature has much or any effect on me. I’ve even been bit by a copperhead in my youth and though I’d one hell of a reaction….. no meds or treatment and I pulled through. Sat on a ground-bees’ nest – same deal. No poison ivy/oak/sumac does much more than a temp irritation that goes away with just some fresh water. Only something man-made gets me. Hmmm.

        • yep.
          out goes the emergency broadcast… NK has/is about to release a bioweapon, but its all ok, get to the nearest vac checkpoint and get your shot now! DHS will save you!

          no real ff even needed! just some airtime!

      2. Very possibly.

      3. They ought to make Kitty Cardwell be present in town from start to finish.

        • Exactly what I was thinking until I realized she’s probably a dutiful slave and buys into her own BS

        • …with NO protective gear allowed for ANY DHS personnel.. See how fast it goes off then.

        • Yes, Kitty should be there, inhaling it all into her lungs. What about those of us who are allergic to these supposedly harmless chemicals??? Yeah, THEY don’t give one good gd.

      4. Alright Gandi tell us how the NRA is behind this too.

        • *snicker*

      5. Has anyone read science fiction works like 1984, Brave New World, Farenheit 451, etc.? Some of what is going on today with rewriting history, controlling what people say;it is too reminiscent of those works.

      6. All weapons research of this kind should be done on Congress. That’ll stop this nonsense quickly!

      7. Sounds like culling the population

      8. if I was a resident of that town, I would lead an armed rebellion against that DHS drill. It’s a safe bet the local LE have already been bribed by DHS to let it take place. This is the same DHS that Obama allowed members of the Muslim Brotherhood into senior positions. Nothing DHS does is legitimate.

      9. The media has been hyping up various chicken hawks lately on the MSM propaganda shows (called the misnomer the news) that North Korea is still developing a huge pool of bioweapons, has a current pool of bio weapons and is just itching for the right moment to release them on us in a “preventive” strike against President Trump war mongering.

        The MEM bullshit factories and the usual MIC think tanks and spokeshitholes have been working overtime prepositioning the blame the last couple months…Oh yeah, its definitely coming.

      10. They have now been spraying the skies for almost thirty years and to date, there have been no studies done on the long term effects of our breathing in the heavy metals they have forced us to breathe. What if they already know what the effects are and what if the primary reason they have thousands of Microwave towers all around the country is to make you the fork in the microwave?

        • You nailed it Falcon101. Add 5g micromillimeter smallcell units on every telephone pole and now those heavy metals turn you into an antenna AND a fork.

      11. I use Dipel in my vegetable garden for squash bugs, and stink bugs. It’s a very fine powder. It is a less toxic pesticide than other stuff you can use. Even so, I would never want to inhale it, or get it on my clothes. Or in this case, have it sprayed all over my town.

      12. My niece is a biologist on a Pentagon research center and it is for Bio-defense. Obviously she cannot say much, but she did tell me that the USA does not make bioweapons. Yeah, right. Her job is related to finding ways to protect Americans from the effects of other countries bioweapons. We will see, I guess.

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