Is “The Big One” Coming? Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Off The Coast Of Oregon

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck off the coast of Oregon on Wednesday.  The quake, which occurred 188 miles west of the town of Bandon is sparking fears that the Cascadia subduction zone will slip causing a major apocalyptic tsunami.

    The quake was recorded at a depth of about 10 km, according to the USGS website and there was no tsunami warning issued. Robert Sanders said people as far away as Portland reported feeling the tremblor.  No injuries or damage has been reported.

    All seems well and quiet on the West Coast.  For now.  But scientists still warn that the Cascadia subduction zone could cause a major event if the Juan de Fuca ocean plate, which goes under the North American continental plate causes a “slip” and a massive 9.0 earthquake. 

    FEMA is already preparing for that exact scenario too. Although the San Andreas Fault in southern California gets more headlines, it is important to remember that the Cascadia Subduction Zone is a much larger threat by far.  This fault zone is where the Juan de Fuca plate meets the North American plate, and it stretches approximately 700 miles from northern Vancouver Island all the way down to northern California.

    If a magnitude 9.0 earthquake were to strike, the immense shaking and subsequent tsunami would cause damage on a scale that is hard to even imagine right now.  Perhaps this is why FEMA feels such a need to get prepared for this type of disaster because the experts assure us that it is most definitely coming someday.  The following comes from the official website of the “Cascadia Rising” exercise (FEMA’s operation to plan for a major quake):

    A 9.0 magnitude earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) and the resulting tsunami is the most complex disaster scenario that emergency management and public safety officials in the Pacific Northwest could face. Cascadia Rising is an exercise to address that disaster.

    June 7-10, 2016 Emergency Operations and Coordination Centers (EOC/ECCs) at all levels of government and the private sector will activate to conduct a simulated field response operation within their jurisdictions and with neighboring communities, state EOCs, FEMA, and major military commands.

    According to a professor of geophysics at Oregon State University, the Cascadia Subduction Zone has the potential to create an earthquake “almost 30 times more energetic” than anything the San Andreas Fault can produce.


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      1. 7.3 in Venezuela earlier. Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ is ramping up. Have had several earthquakes on Lombok and around Bali in the past week or two. Thousands of people displaced there. Now there’s Hurricane Lane heading for Hawaii and word has it that there is not enough shelters for all the people there.

        • “Lane heading for Hawaii and word has it that there is not enough shelters for all the people there”.
          No sh_it! I’m on the Big island. We really don’t have shelters for much of anything, Most the shelters got maxed out when the 700 homes were destroyed by the latest eruption. Many people at shelters lived in tents and relied in the “shelters for toilets and other hygiene needs. Tents aren’t much help in a hurricane. I have no reason to go to a shelter so I stay home as will most my neighbors.
          The story is mainly about “poor” Honolulu where most the state population is. They definitely don’t have enough shelter.
          Hopefully they won’t need it.

          • Good for you, Rellik! THIS is the sort of thing I point to when relatives patronize and belittle me for my preps (those that actually see them, that is). It’s like insurance against this sort of thing. I was thinking of you & Nailbanger when looking at the latest on Lane, knowing (and smiling to myself) that you both would be completely fine.

            So, good on you! Interesting that the first thing that goes through the Sheeple’s minds is “how much govt assistance there is” for this sort of thing, not reflecting on how self-sufficient the population is (read: prepped ?)


          • For the love of God, save the pineapples!!!

          • Well rellik I hope you and the rest of Hawaii fare well if the track of Lane brings it on top of you.

      2. perhaps so, perhaps not but there seems to be increased EQ action on the ring of fire but that doesn’t mean that
        an EQ couldn’t happen elsewhere.

        Most of you perhaps have heard that an 9.2 at least is expected Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) and the resulting tsunami would cause much destruction in that area.

        They keep saying, have a plan. I plan to stay away.

      3. Hurricane Lane heading for Hawaii.
        Take care, all.

        Oregon Coast is vulnerable to Sunami.
        There are tsunami warnings already.
        They have life jackets for you down the road.

        I used to practice running up the hill.
        And I slept with my shoes on.

        But after awhile, I got used to the idea that where
        I was staying was both vulnerable to tsunami and volcanic
        eruptions. There are mountains covered in pretty black rock.

        California has nothing like that in the SF Bay Area or
        in Beverly Hills.

        There are no earthquakes or volcanos in the State where
        I am now. But it’s so hot you could die from the heat on a normal day.


      4. It sure wold solve a lot of problems

      5. Uh oh

      6. If the big one hits can we make sure that all the Libtards and Antifa are in the middle of it. PLEASE GOD!!!!!!

        • Pretty please with sugar on top!

      7. We don’t have that kind of luck for the libtards to be smack in the middle of it.. The socialist/communist party is not liberal. They don’t want to work with the president. Why do we call them liberals when they want to turn us into a communistic country? Anyways, If you have the money, jump a plane and get the heck out. If not buckle down and try to stay safe.

      8. In some interpretations of Bible code (if you can accept that), there is Baal worship, in HI, and a heathen grove, on the West Coast.

      9. Aww, Mac. Come on.

        As more and more the conservative alt-sites are being shutdown, fewer and fewer and fewer remain.

        Don’t you want to go out with style; not on some street corner, homeless, holding up some pathetic sign with “The End is Near!” written on it.

      10. Remember BI? He thought that the Cascadia and San Andreas would let go first. and then the New Madrid. As bad as those disasters would be. I prefer them to a civil war/ethnic cleansing/ martial law/ economic collapse SHTF.

      11. California falling into the ocean might be the only way to stop their wildfires.
        Governor “Moon-Beam” is more worried about loopholes in welfare laws to keep his illegal aliens in tacos.
        Let the hair go with the hide?
        Conservatives are welcome in “fly-over country”.
        Liberals – check for sales on life preservers.

      12. It does what it does and we have to pick up the pieces afterwards Ate you prepared

      13. I just don’t care anymore. I don’t care if the West Coast crumbles into the ocean,California burns down,Oregon and Washington State are flooded. The country is lost anyway.

      14. Well do not even think about coming up here after SHTF. We will eat any kind of meat that we hunt. Just kidding most people could never survive in Alaska. Serious peepers welcome. Bring supplies and we will trade you for land, lumbar and SKILLS to survive up here! If the winter doesn’t kill you then you are free from intrusive government killing you slowly.

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