Is CBD Oil a Good Choice for Your Bug-Out-Bag?

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 27 comments

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    As preppers, we are always looking for items that have more than one use to save space and money for our bug-out-bags.  With CBD oil’s rapid rise in popularity (even among the prepper community), it’s important to highlight why it might be a good choice for medicinal use and a great addition to a bug-out-bag.

    Holistic health and natural medicines, in general, have also seen a spike in popularity, as Big Pharma racks in billions by hooking people on their drugs.  CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a decent solution to the drugs being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry, and it has 3 specific uses that could make it a perfect addition to any bug-out-bag.

    The great news is that just a little CBD goes a long way, it is not addictive and has only trace amounts of THC in it. You will not get high using CBD oil. The three ways it can be effectively used during an emergency are:


    Rodent research has found that low doses of the cannabinoid reduce pro-inflammatory compounds in the body. This is a big deal if the SHTF! Because reduced inflammation can have wide-sweeping beneficial effects on the body, especially during times of stress, limiting that could be essential. Just one drop can do the trick.


    As a neuroprotective antioxidant, CBD oil may be particularly good to take after a night of reduced sleep and it helps eliminate the symptoms of anxiety – something that could come in handy if one needs to “bug out.”


    While it is not recommended to use CBD directly on an open wound (though it is an antibiotic and you could probably do so using your own discretion), CBD oil can be used on bruises, bug bites, and other areas of soreness. Unless the oil is infused into a transdermal patch, CBD oil placed directly on the skin does not enter the bloodstream, therefore, higher doses of the oil can be used to alleviate pain and inflammation in the skin.

    Remember that CBD oil is not likely to reduce pain as effectively as opioids can, but it isn’t addictive, and it won’t have you reliant on doctors or drug dealers when things go wrong. I suggest looking for an oil that is organic, non-GMO, and pesticide free.  Also, consider getting the oil in a darker bottle. These oils will last longer and will better retain their potency over time.

    Look, I know CBD oil isn’t right for everyone, but we should look at all options (especially when something has more than one purpose) when choosing what we will be tossing in our bug-out-bags.  I have some CBD oil in mine.  I also keep some in my medicine cabinet at home. I like the stuff and it works well for myself and my family.

    If you’re on the fence, you could always grab some CBD oil and check it out now, before committing it to your bug out bag.  Just remember, hemp oil, and CBD oil are not the same thing.  Both can be useful in holistic wellness; however, CBD has been shown to be more effective as it has the cannabinoids in it. Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant, and there is no THC whatsoever in it.

    In the end, what we put in our bug-out-bags all comes down to personal preference!


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      1. I have been using CBD oil now for two months.
        I don’t see any effects or any benifits, so I will stop using it when my current bottle runs out.

        Now, a real oil you should have in your bug out bag or home first aid kit is LAVENDER OIL.

        That shit works. Put it on cuts or infection sites 3 to 4 times a day and it cures the cuts in about 1/3 the time of regular medicine.

        Also, two years ago I got swimmers ear. After a $190 doctor visit and another $120 in prescritpions and terrible ear pain for TWO weeks my swimmer’s ear was finally cured.

        The following year i got swimmers ear again, This time I put lavender oil on a q-tip and rubbed it in my ear for 3 times a day for two days it my swimmer’s ear was cured.

        I pissed me off that I had to suffer two weeks of ear pain using crappy prescriptions when I could have just used lavender oil had I known about it.

        Any way, CDB oil does not seem to be doing anything.

        • John.

          Right on about lavender oil.

          I’ve used it effectively on skin disorders and for earaches.

          I mix it with olive oil, pine oil, and arnica oil for muscle aches, and in place of lotions. Massage for a few minutes.

          It smells good, too.


          • Just get a few OZ’s of the good stuff, and pack it away. It will be as valuable as GOLD when SHTF. Trust me.

            • I too have been taking CBD oil and the only thing it does (and only so so) is make me a little more tired. That shit is a ripoff! I agree with the lavender oil but for daily health (and anti cancer) I use black cumin seed oil and flax seed oil. When my bottle runs out I will demand a refund (60 day money back guarantee). Fookin stupid hippies!

        • To all moms n dad’s and all those with “bad ears”.

          3-4 drops of white vinegar in each ear after swimming. Every time. Never get swimmer’s ear again.

          • BOYO is full of it. I was a competitive swimmer for a decade swimming 10,000 yards a day in peak season. To maintain your ears,…
            After swimming, all you need is a few drops of rubbing alcohol to flood the ear a bit as to evaporate any water and chlorine from the swimming pool as the chlorine will dry out the inner ear and crack the skin, and that’s what swimmers ear is and it can be painful. Once your ears were dry from the alcohol that disperses the water, then add a few drops of sweet oil, and work it into the ear, and towel dry. That’s it. Rarely ever did I have any problems.
            To loosen up plugged up ear wax, used fresh hydrogen peroxide to eat away at the ear wax you can hear the production in the bubbles like rice crispies in your ear breaking down and softening the wax. After the crunching stops, rinse out and repeat with HP again until you see lumps of wax come out of your ear. problem solved.

            A Table Spoon of Apple Coder Vinegar before bed is good, dilute it a bit in a small glass of water. That will help in nighttime digestion. I feel like it cleanses my intestines.

            • Spent my childhood in all waters like many childhood friends.

              Only suffered swimmer’s ear twice I recall when I didn’t adhere to the vinegar which had been prescribed as the remedy by my pediatrician when I was wee.

              All the local kids parents used it too.

        • Easiest cure for swimmers ear is rubbing alcohol. A drop or two in the ear canal, repeat a couple of times a day if necessary (it usually isn’t). Guaranteed.

      2. A small bottle of Spirits of Terpentine, pine oil, might also be useful for medical purposes. It can be used for a number of ailments and to make a fire.

        Just don’t be stupid and pour the bottle into a fire.

        Put a few drops of terpentine on a cotton ball or on hair or on pine needles BEFORE
        attempting to strike a match.

        Gee wiz. The shit is hella dangerous if you’re stupid.


        • Well that takes out 85% of the population then.

          • Which when you think about it, isn’t a bad thing lol.

        • You can make this, and all the other remedies being discussed, here.

          Noone is realistically asking where it will come from.

      3. If you want to get rid of swimmers ear use earplugs. Works every time. I won’t dive without them.

      4. Honeypot, agreed about lavender oil, olive oil, pine oil, and arnica which I already keep in stock. Especially turpentine. I’ve never tried the CBD or hemp oil yet.

        • Don’t waste yer time and money…

          • I tried it for 60 days which was more than enough time to get it in my system and give an UNBIASED opinion on the stuff..After 60 days I couldn’t differentiate any difference whatsoever and will not be spending another penny on the stuff..Amazing what aggressive marketing and hype will do for a product..What I’m about to say may upset some here,but at least it’s the truth..The reason a lot of people are complaining of aches/pains and feeling sluggish/tired all the time is due to their POOR DIET and lack of EXERCISE..You are what you eat..If all you eat is junk food and you receive little to no exercise,your going to feel like sh*t 90% of the time..And then there’s also the hypochondriacs who are always complaining..

            • I don’t know why people want anything to do with this, if they are too pretty to just smoke one. There will be some anti-inflammatory action, and some pain relief, but you will mostly just be high, if it was grown well. If this offends your conscience, I would say don’t pretend, don’t do it halfway, don’t even go there.

      5. Honeypot, agreed about lavender oil, olive oil, pine oil, and arnica which I already keep in stock. Especially turpentine. I’ve never tried the CBD or hemp oil yet.

      6. Hell, why not, not that heavy and it sure can’t take up that much space in a pack. My wife is big time into the essential oils (Doterra))and sells them to the ladies where she works. I like the lemon to put in the water. My wife has lymes and the oils have helped ease the aching of joints.

        • repr, why waste space? Ibuprophen does 100X more than CBD oil. That crap is a joke. My wife tried it too and it doesn’t do a fuckin thing they say it does. Maybe a placebo effect?

          • I’ve never tried it but heard many things about how helpful it could be. Ah well.

          • Everyone on either side of the drug culture is a snob, who believes that his “fix” of choice is the very best.

            If a crude version of ibuprofen can be extracted from a plant, or you can use a cigarette or booze medicinally, or you like some other remedy, and consider that effective, I thought there was merit in being self-sufficient.

            To self medicate has a negative connotation. Why. That’s what it is. You’re doing that, on purpose.

      7. My wife had bad hip pain. I discovered black seed oil. It works amazingly on arthritis, it helped for months. She had hip replacement a week ago.

        A bit tough for hip pain. Available surface area to affected area tissues is an issue. It works better on knee, elbo, hand.

        For arthritis pain, black seed oil which is in the same family as cannabus oil has been shown to be as effective as Tylenol. Consider using black seed oil to reduce Tylenol use. Tylenol caused sorosis of the liver. Black seed oil, aside from skin irritation causes no known side effects.

        Recently, I’ve been working 12 hour days, to get stuff done, because I must. My hands and knee were throbbing. Some black seed oil applied topically and I slept like a baby. It made significant pain vanish in minutes.

        Black seed oil capsules should also be a one a day for anyone with cancer.

        To use topically for joint or muscle pain dilute 50% with coconut or olive oil to avoid skin irritation. I use a 50% black seed oil to 25% olive oil and 25% coconut oil mix.

        The only down side is it smells like Juish rye. Apply in several light coats for best effect and little mess.

        • Jimini Christmas, you all sound like a bunch of old whining geezers crying about your aches and pains. Hey, you know when you are getting old,…?? Is when you Grunt and exhale, when you plop down in your chair.

          • That’s not what it’s called, in the medical book.

      8. I always hear how people are lazy and weak, which is true-enough.

        If you are strong enough to live on your feet, you will always be in a state of repair, going from sickness to sickness.

        That’s a universal part of the human condition, this side of the fall of Adam.

        Someone feeding, sheltering, medicating, clothing, and entertaining you is doing mankind a favor, and we used to know that.

      9. If you buy CBD Oil for pain relief you need to know what type of CBD you are using. Many companies don’t even tell you, they just tell you it contains CBD. CBD from a whole plant extract works better than CBD isolate or synthetic CBD and this has been proven in multiple scientific trials.

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