Iran’s WW3 WARNING: ‘We Won’t Negotiate Over Middle East DOMINANCE’

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 58 comments

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    Iran has just issued a chilling warning to the West. The nation has declared that it will not negotiate over its authority in the Middle East and its presence in other certain nations.

    Iran’s comments come as French foreign minister sought to discuss Tehran’s role in regional conflicts on a visit to the capital.  Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iran will not negotiate with the West over its presence in the Middle East.  Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s foreign minister, traveled to Tehran on Monday with a brief to reaffirm Europe’s support for a nuclear deal that opened Iran’s economy while echoing the United State’s concern about Tehran’s missile program and its influence in the region. French President Emmanuel Macron has criticised the program and raised the possibility of new sanctions.

    “European countries come (to Tehran) and say we want to negotiate with Iran over its presence in the region. It is none of your business. It is our region. Why are you here?” Khamenei was quoted as saying by his official website. Khamenei said Iran would only negotiate their presence in the region with other nation-states in the Middle East.

    According to the Express UK, President Donald Trump has threatened to pull out of the nuclear deal unless three European signatories help “fix” the accord by forcing Iran to limit its sway in the Middle East and rein in its missile program. Iran responded by saying  “We will negotiate with America when we wanted to be present in America,” he added.

    Trump has also promised that he would never allow Iran to become nuclear. The Trump administration will “never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon” as it seeks to prevent the outbreak of World War 3 with Hassan Rouhani, Vice President Mike Pence has declared.

    Pence warned the move by Trump signaled Hassan Rouhani’s final opportunity. “Make no mistake about it, this is their last chance. Unless the Iran nuclear deal is fixed in the coming months, the United States of America will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal immediately.


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      1. Seriously, the stories on here just get more zio-y everyday. The day we send troops into Iran is the day Israel in invaded by most shiites and some sunnis and all alawites and some druze and Lebanese christians simultaneously. Worn out troops fighting sand people when the Chinese are breathing down your neck is a bad strategy. And the Indians, Australians, Singaporeans aren’t going to be any help. And the Japs haven’t changed their Contipation yet from its USPeacenik post war BS.

        • Iran is building tens of thousands of missiles capable of SATURATING Israel in an overwhelming First Strike, with or without nukes.

          Before that attack, Israel will mitigate the threat. Game on. 🙂

          • Hey I know! Let’s just leave them alone and stay out of their business! Let isrealhell deal with their own zioshitpile. Let er’ rip tater chip! 🙂

            • Genius, even if we totally pulled out of the ME next week the sand fleas won’t stop gunning for us. The whole freakin’ world is out to get us. It’s way too late to turn back. It’s not going to stop what’s coming.

              • You reap what you sow plonker.

              • Deplorable Braveheart, ‘the whole world is out to get us’ because we’re over there meddling in their affairs. People in the Middle East hate us because we’ve been bombing and destroying there since the 50’s. The Ayatollah’s question is valid, why are we even over there? We have enough issues at home which need out attention. We should focus on those, and stop being the world police. It has gotten us nowhere.

              • we NEVER had arab enemies in the mid east until the s h ithole Israel was forced in there

        • Israel will be invaded by muslim cults and countries? I think you have forgotten the outcome of the Six Day War.

        • How ironic that AFTER the Iranians boot out the US-imposed Shah in 1979 that, all of a sudden, EVERYTHING she does is BAD. Yet US/NATO/Israel/Saudi Barbarians can all get together and DECIDE let’s create this Daesh/ISIS monster and unleash it on Russia & Iran’s ally – Syria.

          The sheer impunity is jaw-dropping. And as the Western presstitutes ENCOURAGE ignorant Americans to hate the Persians for defending themselves, we are now in a greater danger of yet another instigated Bankster/NWO/Ziopress war. I don’t even bother trying to wake up anybody any more. That ship has sailed. If the masses want to perish in their manufactured ignorance, let them!

          Ever been on a crazy roller coaster ride that you just wanna get off? Well, I seriously don’t think I’m getting off this insane planet alive before the sh!t hits the fan. Shame on me.

      2. How much longer do you think we have to wait before the Zionists bomb Iran and the whole region goes HOT? Then everyone can try out their latest planes, tanks, and missles on each others’ populations.

        • That has always been the plan. The ultimate goal in ME: Iran
          The ultimate goal worldwide: Russia after the Zionists destroy America from within with the likes of CNN, Facebook, Google, BLM, Obama, the Clintons and the NY Times.

      3. Well…the USAA supported the Iraq war against Iran. The USSA CIA overthrew the Iranian government and set a fake “Shaw”. In 1989 the USSA Navy shot down an Iranian civilian jetliner by “mistake”. Now Iran is helping Iraq, Syria and Lebanon fight ISIS and AL CIA Duh terrorists. in the “region”

        Israel is wagging the dog, threatening war with Lebanon over natural gas fields off the Lebanon coast.

        So what the hell does France have any business in the Middle East?

        • France is owned by the same cartel that owns the USSA. Do as the massa says!

          • Who on Earth would have any respect for France after voters there elected such a cucked queer in a sham marriage? lol

            French citizens have very SHORT memories. Didn’t ignorant US politicians call out France after 9-11 for not sending troops to their false flag wars in Iraq?

            Who could forget the malevolent Ziopress and its “Freedom Fries” meme. They did the same bullsh!t to Canada when we had Jean Chretien as Prime Minister. Canadians also have very short memories and now we’re getting our behinds dragged all over the world doing wars of chaos to please our American masters who shill for the Bankster/NWO.

            Canadians should’ve rise up and overthrown that traitor Stephen Harper the very first moment he sent our troops to Iraq. The insanity continues….

            Let this be a reminder to the rest of the world that Amerika’s gov’t has been hijacked “real good.”


      4. These sand-apes should of been bombed back to hell where they came from 30+ years ago…

        • No, our owners should have been exterminated 100 years ago and we wouldn’t have to bother with sand apes. Who are you to tell sovereign countries what to do? If the USSA wasn’t owned and controlled by the globalist cartel none of this would even be an issue. Tel Aviv is the real capitol of the USSA.

        • yes Israel must be bombed. you are right

      5. Fine Rouhani, your window to negotiate has closed. Next time you overstep your borders, expect to be obliterated. We’ve gotten sick of taking to the insane anyway. And hey!!, by the way…. want an ex-POTUS? We got one to give you dirt-cheap. Free air delivery……. just catch him after we dump his sorry carcass out of one of our bombers. He’ll be the guy with no parachute.

      6. this guy mac salvo is utter non-sense.

        • Jimmy sounds like another troll and Mac’s last name is SLAVO NOT SALVO.

        • Jimmy

          Use what little freedom we still have left. If you feel that way leave..

      7. why do the politicians keep saying they want to keep iran from getting nuclear weapons when they already have them

        • Because AIPAC owns all the politicians.

          • ^^^^^^^ this.

            • Hey Genius….Isn’t it nice to know that you and Louis Farrakhan agree about Jews?

        • Iran bought several nukes during the USSR >> Russia transition. That was well known then, but apparently forgotten nowadays.

      8. Actually we have an interesting past with them that taints our supposed “white hat”. The US in conjunction with the UK overthrew their popularly elected government (so much for democracy) an installed the Shah Mohammad Reza Shah a monarch or life. The reason was that Iran had a crazy idea that their oil was theirs and its wealth would benefit the Iranian people.

        The US public wonders why there is so much turmoil because they generally don’t have a clue what is going on an get their information from a controlled media.

      9. “The nation (Iran) has declared that it will not negotiate over its authority in the Middle East and its presence in other certain nations.”

        Nice to see somebody from the Middle East is standing up to the bullies of the Western War Mongering Powers.

      10. Actually the “sand Ni==ers are in Saudi Arabia. You know, the allies to the USSA where they chop your head off if you insult their god…And support numerous terrorist projects in the region.

        The Iranians are Persians (ancient Aryans) and In Iran ALL religious are protected and tolerated. And as I said before, they fight terrorists, not arm and bankroll them like the USSA and SA.

        • so true, the US should get out of the Middle East ASAP.

        • Bang on!

      11. They have a Putin insurance policy and S-300 & S-400 SAM’s.

      12. And Trump will nuke your shia asses to oblivion. Cant even help yourself much less clean you ass on the toilet and talking shit.


        Any questions rag head. Fuck you, fuck you, your chi-coms allies and fuck Russia.

      13. Agency ass clown troll Jimmy. Looks like you just got hired at the fusion center. Or you work in financials. What’s the matter jimmy boy, your customers are pulling out of the mutual funds, and annunities fraud house shit accounts that ain’t worth a shit. You think talking shit will save you commissions. Like Rich dad Pore dad says, listening you idiots is like driving a car without a steering wheel.

        Lean over and blow you co workers cock while you at it.


        Fucking trolls.

        • HCKS, how’ve you been?

      14. Let them turn the entire region to glass I dont care

      15. I agree with DurangoKid…. Iran is equipping Hezbollah with missiles capable of hitting Haifa and Tel Aviv big time. Bibi has said that if this keeps on the IDF will invade Lebanon and destroy Hezbollah. However, the last two times this was tried the IDF did not do too well. Will Bibi use nukes this time? Could be. Note that Saudi and Israel are working together. Could escalate into an allout food fight in the Persian Gulf

        And watch the action along the LoC in Kashmir. This could escalate into a very serious nuke exchange.

        HCKS… well said, nothing I can add…

      16. The Bouffant’ed Buffoon can bloviate all he wants… but The Sun Is Setting On ZOG-USSA

      17. This site has become overrun with Neo-Nazis.

      18. If Israel is nuked, then the cult of islam will be back in the 7th Century (BC) the same day.

      19. When the time comes we will discover that the Iranians had the nukes all along. Got them from the North Koreans, who got them from the Chinese.

        As Jerusalem disappears from all existence, the U.S. Government will only say how the Russians did it.

      20. Iran’s influence is growing. Many Muslims take pleasure in seeing Iran standing up to us. The more we try to contain them, the more countries seem to be lining up with them. Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon are part of their sphere of influence. Their relationship with Turkey and Pakistan are better than in decades. If India and Pakistan do go to war again, Pakistan is no match for India in armed forces except for nuclear weapons. Pakistan has provided assistance to Iran in the past. Pakistan might hold their own if the fighting were limited to Kashmir but they would need Iranian help again India in a wider war. Things are getting interesting.

      21. Things are so bad now, straight white men must now wait in purgatory with a line number in order to get into heaven.

      22. OH FFS! Iran has some superior missile technology to the USA, home made and on a par with Russian missiles which easily outclass the USA too. They have various other technologies, entirely homegrown including a plasma drive NASA has been trying to get hold off since Obama’s days anyway. They have satellites in space. They have considerably superior missile tech and all industries as well as economy than North Korea…which state has nuclear weapons at least. Iran also has considerable Uranium reserves.

        If the Islamic Republic of Iran wanted nuclear weapons they’d have them long since. Instead they have FATWAS by the current and former Ayatollah’s which prohibit not only Iran but ALL Islamic nations from owning or using nuclear weapons. They have been declared UN-ISLAMIC and if you knew anything about Shia islam you’d know that is the end of the matter. The Ayatollah is not supreme in power, he serves at the pleasure of the people only by exercising authority precisely according to Quran. Unlike Sunni Islam, Shias have but one authority and this man is it, but his ONLY authority is derived from a precise and NON interpretational (sic) reading of Quran. If he steps over the line, he will be replaced by another in his bloodline. If there was a problem in Quran with the earlier Fatwas they’d have been challenged but they’ve never been challenged. That is the end of it. Iran has no desire or need for nuclear weapons, they have what they need for their self defense and they know it and state it. Rothschildlandia doesn’t scare the Islamic Republic at all, and I know this as a proud Shia Muslim myself.

      23. “Israel” the fake state would do well to listen up and not rock the boat. Hezbollah with a mere 2,500 second rank troops sent 50,000 IDF with air power home crying like babies with 10% of their vaunted Merkava rubbish tanks in destroyed or out of action! The first rank troops who number double that, did not even join the fight, it was TRAINING for the youngsters you morons! Next time Hezbollah has 10 times more missiles and MUCH bigger ones than were seen last time, several much larger sizes than have been seen are in their arsenal and “Israel” knows it. They also have captured tens of millions of dollars worth of US and “Israeli” supplied weapons including Armour and anti-armor weapons and mortars you name it. You should know you deceitful Zionist scum, since you supplied it to terrorists whom Hezbollah together with Iran and Syrian troops dispatched! Before liberating some of hundreds of millions of dollars of your taxpayers money which was spent on these subhuman cannibalistic Zionist puppet fake Muslim scum.

        Then there is Syria which has remained intact and gained strength and which will certainly give full support to Hezbollah and or Iran if you have a go at either…the truth you Zhid scuzbuckets is that either you don’t have the balls to take on any of them or you are so stupid you will do and get your sorry arses handed to you once and for all this time because you truly have no inkling of what you’re up against. You might be able to divide and ruin Sunnis but you’ve never been able to beat Shias anymore than the vastly greater number of Sunnis ever were able to.

      24. Whats up Brave. I have been busy working, doing the usual chores. And monitoring the BS.


      25. you “wont negotiate”?….goody, neither will WE!

      26. Why is it that Israel’s continual threats to bomb, well, pretty much everybody else in the ME, are never described as ‘chilling’.

      27. America has never been attacked in the ‘homeland’.
        ICBMs and submarines has changed the picture.

        San Diego, NY and Washington would have 5 minutes from launch to incineration, and you do not have batteries of anti Missile units surrounding your cities, you put them all in Europe.
        All you idiots beating your chests and waving your dicks, should actually go and meet some of these Iranian and other Arab-Pashtun warriors.
        These men are tough, tougher than the little slants and gooks that threw you out of Vietnam and Korea.
        You have been trying to sort out the Taliban, who are armed only with AK47s for the last 17 years and are having your asses handed to you.
        Time that you learnt some manners.
        Otherwise mama will come and spank you.

        • PJ London

          “These men are tough, tougher than the little slants and gooks that threw you out of Vietnam”

          The Viet Cong were no doubt the most organized formidable guerrillas the US ever had the stupidity of fighting. Their ancestors fought China for centuries to gain independence from them. They fought the French before and after fighting the Japanese. They are very tenacious.

          • But the Afghans are tougher and the women are worse:

            ‘When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
            And the women come out to cut up what remains,
            Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
            An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.’

      28. The Zionists who follow the Babylonian Talmud are the root of the whole middle east “problem” thanks to England and the U.S. who facilitated their move to their fake homeland Israel. None of them are Semetic or have their heritage in the twelve Israelite tribes. Most Muslims know these facts. For anyone interested in why we are all embroiled in such a mess, read Albert Pike’s (himself an occultist and Zionist)three world wars manifesto. Also, follow the money trail to The Mossad and members of the Saudi royal family for involvement in the 9/11 attacks in NYC, all designed to create chaos and war for the sake of wiping out millions of humans and bringing about the enlightened age of Lucifer. Americans and Europeans are clueless to the extent with which we have all been used, lied to, and propagandized towards an evil to the bone agenda.

      29. PJ London, learn some history. The only reason countries that opposed the U.S. Military were not turned to glass surfaces (Middle East) or barren moonscapes (Southeast Asia) is that Americans have been compassionate toward indigenous populations. A little history would let you know these capabilities were possible. In recent decades, American citizens have not expressed the political will to destroy our enemies at the cost of tremendous collateral damage. Non-uniformed enemies were treated as if they were entitled to Geneva Convention rules. We aren’t use to cowards hiding behind women & children. Semper Fidelis.

      30. Nothing will happen to Iran. If something does, there will be hell to pay.
        Ask Putin.

      31. Iran’s defense industry has come a long way from the Iraq-Iran War. The long-term embargo on selling arms to the Iranians was never complete since they were able to get arms from Russia, China, and North Korea. Their defense industry has been able to reverse engineer a lot of the better weapons and are developing weapons of their own from their own designers. Espionage and reverse engineering are a heck of a lot cheaper than development. Iran is doing both!

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