Iranian President: The U.S. Will Suffer A Humiliating Defeat This Weekend

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    Photo Credit: AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

    Speaking in a Wednesday cabinet session, President Hassan Rouhani said Washington failed in its attempts to reinstate a United Nations arms embargo as well as international sanctions on Iran, and these failures amount to major victories for Iran. Rouhani added that the U.S. would “suffer a humiliating defeat this weekend.”

    “The US suffered ignominious defeats,” he said. “Our people should pay attention. This Saturday and Sunday will be days of the Iranian nation’s victory and days of humiliating defeats for the U.S,” he added according to Iran Front Page News.


    “So, I urge anti-Iran news channels abroad not to fabricate stories that would indicate that the U.S. has made a claim and has waited for a month, so it can use this mechanism,” the president said. “After all, no mechanism ever started in the first place to be producing any results,” he added.

    “I congratulate the Iranian nation, in advance, on the success that Iranians will secure on Saturday and Sunday, the same way that I congratulated Iranians on their resistance during the eight-year Iraqi imposed war on Iran [in the 1980s],” he added.

    Elsewhere in his remarks, the president fulminated against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain for normalizing their relations with Israel. “[Israeli authorities] are committing more and more crimes in occupied Palestine every day. How come [the UAE and Bahrain] are extending your hands to Israel? Then you want to give Israel bases in this region. You will be responsible for all grave consequences of this move. Your action is against regulations and regional security,” he said.

    A month ago, mainstream media in the U.S. declared that Trump has suffered a “humiliating defeat” at the UN in his efforts to impose sanctions on Iran.

    US efforts to indefinitely extend an arms embargo collapsed last week when it suffered a humiliating defeat at the UN Security Council. A resolution sponsored by Washington only secured one other vote from the 15-member UN Security Council.

    The US continues to maintain that despite its unilateral withdrawal it nonetheless has “an explicit right” to initiate the snapback sanctions and that any argument to the contrary would “create a perilous precedent that could threaten the force of virtually any Security Council decision.”- Middle East Monitor, 8/20/2020

    Hopefully, this doesn’t elude to a war. It’s important information, however. Stay alert and aware. If history has shown us anything, it’s that things will get crazy as the rhetoric ramps up.


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      1. Babble on shithead

      2. Iran is not, and never has ever been, an existential threat to the US. After all, it was the US that overthrew an elected gov’t in Iran on behalf of the Brits, then installed a tyrant. Let’s be honest, there are several reasons why the US is sticking its nose into these Mid-East messes, here are a few; 1) Israel craves a greater hegemony in that region and wants America to lend its legitimacy for its actions, and wants us to spend our treasure and do the dying for them, 2) the Mil. Ind. Comp. wants all these endless conflicts for their financial and political bottom line, 3) these endless conflicts are used as proxy wars to provoke Russia, and 4) these wars and conflicts are used to help justify a surveillance state in the US.
        The Amer. neo-cons no doubt have a huge variety of schemes in their agenda. One is neo-cons don’t like that Russia is too powerful and too smart to be intimidated. Neo-cons insist on maintaining NATO even though there is no longer any real mission or purpose for existence, except one. Neo-cons plans ultimately include sending your children one day to war against Russia to kill fellow Christians (the neo-cons don’t like that Russia is no longer Marxist, or that it is rapidly re-Christianizing, or that it is pro-Europe and pro-Syria).
        Every country has a right to exist and to protect its interests. If countries are positioning for power and hegemony, why should we care so long as there is no existential threat to us. They are making those decisions on behalf of their own countries, let them fight it out.
        No entity in the US should be picking and choosing our friends and enemies in the name of the Amer. people when in reality, it’s for their own agenda. It’s time American blood and treasure stop being expended in these no-win situations. We got nothing out of Iraq, nothing out of Afghanistan, nothing out of Libya, and all the other places where we are involved in conflict. All we have to show for it are lost precious American lives, more bad will, and trillions added to the national debt.

      3. It appears Rouhani wants the land we call Iran to change to glass. Temperatures in excess of 3200* F are required. We will manage that if Iran makes a terrible mistake.

      4. When I said that they are 100 times more evil, sick, and sadistic than Hitler, Mengela, and Goebels, it was no exageration! The world would definitely be better off if they were dead! 

        The Waking Left
        This marks a turning point for the left in America because this is the first article that I have read on Mintpressnews that acknowledges malfeasance and a conspiracy with corona virus and vaccines. Kevin Barret also has since changed his mind to a degree, but still trusts CDC statistics. Ya know what they say about statistics! Lies, damned lies, and statistics!

        Andrea Iravani

      5. Very strange people in this world! All of these Jewish conspiracy theorists keep posting articles on Unz, which basically disproves their conspiracy theory. Must have been his goal. Guess that he is in on it after all. Lol!  Don’t tell them though. A hacker won’t let me post this:

        How is it that you explain all of the non-Jewish involvement in BLM, as well as all of tne Jews that oppose BLM? If Jews are involvec in something is it automatically a Jewish conspuracy? 

        If there are KKK lynchings of blacks does that mean that it was a white male conspiracy and that all white men were in on the conspiracy?

        Of course not. 

        Did you notice that Ron Unz is a Jew that posted your article? Was he in on the conspiracy, or being held hostage in his basement while people post these anti-Jewish articles?

        Just trying to understand this very  strange culture at Unz.

        Andrea Iravani

      6. Towel Head better get some Raybans and Sun Blocker just in case he manages to piss off the president.

      7. Towel Head better get some Raybans and Sun Blocker just in case he manages to piss off the president. Time to get ou of the UN, NATO, CFR, and WHO.

      8. Can’t say Towel Head?

      9. OK.

      10. If you come to my state look out Iran you will get killed.

      11. While noone would want to be forcibly relocated, modernday Israel is said to comprise a fraction of a percent of the Mid East landmass.

        Any major, Islamist power could end the fake refugee crisis with a pen stroke, if not trying to prolong the intifada, out of sheer belligerence.

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