Iran Vows To Respond To Israel’s Alleged Sabotage at Natanz Nuclear Site

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    Iran is promising to respond to alleged sabotage by Israel of the Natanz nuclear site. Iran’s foreign minister has issued a warning to Israel that an attack on the Natanz atomic site will not stop the country’s nuclear program.

    Speaking alongside his Russian counterpart on Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Israel had made a “very bad gamble” by sabotaging the Natanz nuclear site.

    The underground Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz experienced a power outage on Sunday. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh called the suspected Israeli sabotage “an act against humanity, because the damage done to the plant could have caused a disaster.

    The foreign minister contended that Iran’s hand in the renegotiation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the now-abandoned 2015 pact limiting Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, had been strengthened by Israel’s sabotage. “The Israelis thought the attack will weaken our hand in the Vienna talks, but in contrary, it will strengthen our position,” Zarif said. -RT

    Zarif also said that Natanz would continue to be an important nuclear enrichment site for Tehran. “I assure you that in the near future more advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges will be placed in the Natanz facility,” he stated.

    Israel has not taken responsibility for the act.

    Iran has labeled Israel’s alleged involvement in the attack on the nuclear site as an attempt to provoke Tehran and derail talks in Vienna. Those talks are said to have a goal of bringing Iran and the US back in line with the 2015 pact which President Donald Trump unilaterally left in 2018. If successful, crippling sanctions against Iran would be removed.

    If Iran does follow through on its promise to retaliate against Israel for this action against the nuclear site, we could see an escalation that could lead to war.  With the ongoing tensions currently continuing to rise between Ukraine and Russia, global conflict seems inevitable.

    Stay prepared and stay aware. Use your discernment and actively employ your critical thinking skills. It’s imperative at this point in history to understand what does and does not resonate with you. Choose morality and life over dogma and political slavery. We can unite to stop these wars, but it’s going to take more people choosing to not kill each other at the commands of their rulers.


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      1. We are marching to a day of inevitability. Trump has postpone that day a little. Biden is a fool like Obama if he thinks he can work with or trust the Iranian Nuts. When or if goofball Kerry and the Biden/Obama administration cave to a lot of Iranian demands and pull back the sanctions we will see Israel tell The USA to go S–t in their hats and unilaterally take out these Nukes sites in a Major operation. I pray BibI does not tell The USA his plans or else Iran will know ahead of time!!

        • I’ve said this many times.. Get rid of the Israehelli cabal and 90% of the World’s problems disappear. Blood sucking corrupt blackmailing parasites.

      2. Jakartaman – Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you this time. It appears Bibi’s (BN) plan is to goad Iran into war with the US basically conducting the war at expense of Amer. blood and treasure. If you recall, we invaded Iraq, who had zero to do with 9-11, but because of all the so-called WMDs they supposedly possessed. The neo-cons (this info. can be found online from a number of sources) planned that whole affair which resulted in thousands of Amer. deaths and injuries, and with a staggering financial cost. Israel was unaffected and was almost entirely uninvolved. But for them, another country in the region was brought down further consolidating Isr.’s hegemony the region.
        One can find a speech online by BN several years ago stating Isr. will extract and take everything they can get from Amer., then when the US had nothing left to give they would discard the US because it no longer serves a purpose to them. I don’t know why Isr. is called an ally, it spies on the US continuously, and there are a huge number of organizations here that advocate for them, often at Amer. expense with positions and goals that serve no purpose to the Amer. people. Nothing personal against Isr., if they want a war they can have it, just leave us out.
        What BHO and company did for Iran was entirely wrong, the motives however were primarily more anti-Amer. than anti-Isr. As for prez JB, he has a degree of dementia, he is easily handled, manipulated. He is a tool of the neo-cons and isn’t even aware of it. That fool is going to get us in a war in Ukraine, Iran, or somewhere. But it won’t be on the behalf of the Amer. people, it will be for the neo-cons and their nameless and faceless friends. You don’t need to worry about BN not telling the US his plans, its been reported he doesn’t anyway.
        I’m no fan of Iran, but however it goes over there Iran is no existential threat to the US, not even close.

      3. Israel is considered a satellite nation, in orbit one called the “Great Satan”.

      4. Iran may be talking about a Stuxnet rerun, or just about anything, because, imho, the ‘table’ reference comes from a failed attempt against Hitler.

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