Iran Dumps The US Dollar: ‘The Dollar Has No Place In Our Transactions Today’

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Commodities, Headline News | 53 comments

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    The nation of Iran has dumped the United States dollar in favor of the European euro amid tensions with Washington.  Tehran’s supreme leader has proclaimed that the “dollar has no place in our transactions today.”

    According to RT, The governor of Iran’s central bank (CBI) Valiollah Seif said that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had welcomed his suggestion of replacing the dollar with the euro in foreign trade, as the dollar has no place in our transactions today. The new policy could reportedly encourage government bodies and firms linked to the state to increase their use of the euro at the expense of the American currency.

    The dollar’s downward spiral continues as financial analyst Peter Schiff predicted in 2008 and has been warning of ever since.  Schiff pulled no punches when saying that the long-term trend for the dollar is essentially a slow death.

    They’re going to print money until they revive the economy. You can’t revive the economy by printing money. They’re going to suffocate it to death. It’s going to die by hyperinflation. –Peter Schiff

    France will start offering euro-denominated credits to Iranian buyers of its goods later this year to keep its trade out of the reach of US sanctions, said the head of state-owned French investment bank Bpifrance. According to CBI’s Director of Foreign Exchange Rules and Policies Affairs Mehdi Kasraeipour, the share of the greenback in Iran’s trade activities is not high. As part of a trade embargo, US banks are banned from dealing with Iran.

    Last month, Tehran announced that purchase orders by merchants that are based on US currency would no longer be allowed to go through import procedures. The step followed an official request by the CBI and was specifically meant to address fluctuations in market rates of the US dollar. –RT

    Iran is also seeking to develop cryptocurrencies to beat the United States at their own sanctioning game.

    Tehran, which has long sought to switch to a non-dollar-based trade, had already signed agreements with several countries. It is also currently in talks with Russia on using national currencies in settlements.

    While meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in November, Khamenei said the best way to beat any US sanctions against the two countries was joint efforts to dump the American currency in bilateral trade. He told President Putin that, by using methods such as eliminating the US dollar and replacing it with national currencies in transactions between two or more parties, the sides could isolate the Americans.”

    But Peter Schiff says that it’s the Federal Reserve that will crash the dollar.  Iran’s decision to no longer use the dollar will only add a small scratch to the gaping wound that’s the problem. Schiff holds firm that the consequence of the Federal Reserve manipulating the economy will be the crash of the dollar.

    They [the Fed] actually made the bubbles bigger than the ones that popped. So now, the dollar’s collapse is going to be that much bigger, because it’s now a bigger bubble with more air to come out of it. And I think they have no more tricks up their sleeves. When this happens – it’s over.Peter Schiff


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      1. ‘The Dollar Has No Place In Our Transactions Today’

        In the vernacular of backwoods America; “Them’s fightin words”.

        • Kevin2, now we know where the next neocon false-flag will take place. We’ve already seen what happens to other nations that dumped the dollar.

          • At some cook out in a month or so with the non enlightened masses of asses who don’t have a clue you can say, “I’ll bet that Iran is in the news shortly and will likely be attacked by the US”. When it occurs they’ll think your somehow clairvoyant. The reality is for those even reasonably astute their moves are clear. We’re just common folk (well actually uncommon) or lets say from common stock with limited formal education in world affairs and we can see this. The media, politicians, educated just look in feinted bewilderment. Its like a plate of dog shit is on the table and their senses can’t distinguish between it and pudding. The modus operandi can’t be more clear.

            • Kevin2, LMAO! One of your best posts ever. Not laughing at you personally. I think you know me better than that. But what you said is very, very true.

              • Three decades ago you has to intentionally desire to learn what is going on but today one has to intentionally desire to stay ignorant and many many do. Its so in your face that an IQ of no more than 100 is needed. Paul Craig Roberts uses the word insouciant (casual indifference) to describe the psychology of the masses in the US. Its not a word that is in my common usage but its accurately descriptive. They just don’t care. If one met TPTB they could say with conviction, “Do you really believe that the masses could effectively govern themselves”? While I dislike what we have that has some validity.

                • had not has

                  • Kevin2, once again you nailed it. When I was a kid back in the 60s I intentionally desired to learn what is really going on but my first significant awakening was a book by Gary Allen titled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”. Another book that helped me along the way was the one by Professor Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor, and I can’t remember the damn title of that one. 1984, Brave New World, Atlas Shrugged, and Animal Farm were also a great help.

                • The more you learn the uglier it gets. Define your pain threshold where we begin to take up arms and be more proactive. We have the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment stamp of approval of doing this.

                  • From a comfort standpoint I and I assume many have no pain relative to previous generations like my parents born in the 1920s. I was too young to get drafted and sent to the quagmire of Vietnam. I can afford to eat anything I desire (which is a problem in itself), have great medical insurance, no debt and a few toys too. The problem is once you look behind the curtain the goings on back stage makes one lose lots of interest in the show presented. My brother lives in ignorant bliss and can occupy his time physically and being a spectator to “worshipping the sphere/spheroid”. Doesn’t know, doesn’t care, doesn’t care to know.

                    We’re far far away from your suggestion. The place to make a stand is in the political primaries. The surface has barely been effectively scratched in the political arena. Much is left to be done educating the masses to question “Official” everything. Want to support the 2nd Amendment. Take a non shooter out shooting. Politicians do math well, they count potential votes.

        • Historically, Iran has been the largest counterfeiter of American Currency, but the fact that they are going to eliminate DOLLARS from their markets is probably due to the fact that they cannot produce a good counterfeit anymore with today’s currency technology.

          No negative effects for the dollar or American consumers. The Euro needs the boost to be a world currency. Eventually ALL major currencies will be DIGITAL and transactions will occur globally automatically with blockchain technology. 🙂

        • K2……
          Iran has EVERY RIGHT to choose whatever currency they wish to deal in FOR THEIR OWN TRANSACTIONS WITH OTHERS.
          Hooray for them for dropping the blood soaked US Dollar……hope they wipe their arses with it as they toilet paper it is.
          “Fightin Words”…….sure as heck is…….and the Global Bully is about to get his phucking face smashed in…….and the world shall rejoice.
          Time for karma America.
          Time for the roles to be reversed.
          Just hope good Americans……those few left, many at this site, come through OK.
          The name of this planet is Earth.
          The biggest mistake America ever made was to think it’s name was America.

          • No question Iran has a legal right as its their oil. Iraq had a right too as did Libya. We seen how that turned out.

            I just sit back and watch. You can bet that Iran will be accused of something to galvanize US public support for military use. Being what we see is often so close to imaginary I wonder how much of it is created by the very same people in the motion picture industry. Art imitating life, life imitating art, maybe they’re actually one and the same?

            “All the world is a stage”
            William Shakespeare

      2. Everyone fasten your seat belts. It’s gonna be a rough ride. Keep stacking and praying. Get everything you can now while you still can.

        • Hey Braveheart, have been away for a while because I gave up cable and internet to save money, reduce expenses. This has allowed me to double my Spam, Canned Chicken and Stagg Chili. Plus, I doubled my .223 ammo!

          I recently started to go to the local library to check out the news and keep up on things. It seems like not as many people are posting these days. I guess their is not much left to say at this point. Except, keep stacking and praying.

          I hope all is going well with you, keep posting and stay frosty.

          • Justice, good to hear from you. I spent the first half of April at the BOL for some R&R and ‘drills’. Some of our old timers are posting less, me included. Been too busy to get on here as much as I used to. I’m still stacking and posting when I can. The way things are looking I might be headed back to the BOL in next few weeks. Wasn’t going back until July but looks like that could change. Come back on here when you can. I also hope all is well with you and stay frosty yourself. Best wishes.

          • Justice,
            There are some excellent DIY wifi and cellular high gain antenna designs on YouTube. They require no amplifiers or electronics, it’s just a better more directional antenna. I suggest preppers build one or two and try them.

            By winding a small secdary passive induction antenna on the end of a cable, you can connect to iPads and tablets without even plugging it in, great for devices with no external antenna connection. The directional antenna can then be pointed at a distant source like a free wifi library or coffee shop and you can be online from miles away.

            When the big storm blew through years ago and all cellular service near me went dead, I probably could have gotten my phones and devices to work with the right high gain antenna. It could also get you cell service when you are in the middle of nowhere USA.

            Building a couple of these antennas for testing, will be a goal of mine this summer.

            Interesting experiment two weeks ago, family needed a baby monitor to work from the back yard, but the signal died ten feet from the house. I cut both ends off an empty tin can from beans, then cut it in half lengthwise. We went 200 feet from the house and used the tin can as a reflector, like an antenna dish, just adjust the antenna to reflector distance for the best signal and the baby monitor was working like we were in the next room. It’s not that tough.

            Anyway I may build a couple compact directional antenna to keep in each car, I’ve been to lots of places where cell phones don’t work and your life may depend on getting a signal or some information one day.

            • Plan Twice, Prep Once, thanks so much for the helpful information. I will look into it and have my brother look into it. He has passed all the Ham Radio certifications.

        • Our former preacher once said, “Get all you can. Can all you get. And then sit on the can.”

          Of course, I think he was trying to be funny.

      3. ‘Iran Dumps The US Dollar’


        • Sounds like Iran blew through that plane load of cash Obama sent Iran to sign his stupid loser agreement that said Iran wouldn’t DEVELOP nuclear weapons. If they spent it all, Iran doesn’t need dollars anymore.

          Iran just took the cash and gave North Korea hundreds of millions to pay for North Korea’s nuclear program and in return Iran was given several proven working hydrogen bombs that Iran didn’t develop….. I have no doubt Iran has N. Korean made nuclear weapons now.

          Question, where did poor Pakistan get the money to develop and build several hundred working hydrogen bombs and missiles? Answer, Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s funded Pakistan’s nuclear program, in return Saudi Arabia got between 9 and 12 tested and working hydrogen bombs. The only fact the world is unsure of is, do the Saudi’s have 9 or 12 hydrogen bombs. Old 1960’s tech F-16s are in use in many Middle East air forces, they are easily capable of delivering these hydrogen bombs at thousands of mile ranges, more if the pilot is willing to die for the cause or they have mid air refueling tech. We are living in dangerous times.

      4. sounds like ‘haji-coin’ is coming. C’mon boys and girls – don’t ya’ll think it time we end this b.s. of Iran’s once and for all? Seems that we keep thinking we can somehow negotiate with evil. Ain’t going to happen. Ever. Gassify and glassify.

        • Heart: We should of had the balls to turn Iran into a sheet of glass a good what 40 years ago at this point? I am so sick and tired of all of these vile clowns and their antics and troubles they cause. But to make you all feel really warm and fuzzy, then we have the U.S. Gov’t at home to worry about, my God, it is all a massive cluster “F” times 10! Good luck guys – we are going to really need it.

        • Boyo, so true. Not funding the enemy is why I cancelled Cable, Internet, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. It is one of the things I can do to protest. This and boycotting stores are how I can vote with my wallet.

          • Cancelled internet !? er…ummm….

            I never felt purer than I have been since stopping television “programming.”

            • Boyo, I felt purer when I cancelled cable AND threw away the boob-tube.

              • I do have TV I can watch online how to ‘s as well as higher edumication type stuff. I can use it to my advantage.

                I can also watch free Comet TV old movies if I’m so inclined. Modern crap is just crap.

                I’ve have young cousins and nieces n nephews revel in older movies I gave them that were great stories and/or actually taught them something. One young cousin grabbed me by the shirt like he was going to hit me and pulled me close. “I need more movies from you” is what he told me.

                I don’t peddle pablum.

                • Boyo, I have laptops with the CD-ROM. On occasion I’ll pop in a DVD in the CD-ROM or watch an old movie on youtube. Like you said, modern crap is just crap. Give me the older stuff any day.

              • Decades ago I was working in the yard. My kids and several neighbor kids were playing around the corner. I heard a little 8 year old girl cursing like an R rated movie. I stopped and listened. This kid just kept at it, she spoke like a midget effing truck driver. I imediately grasped where she learned it from. I cancelled cable and installed an antenna for only broadcast TV. I have no regrets.

                I forbid my children from associating with this little girl. My daughter complained she was very popular. Years later I heard rumors she may have been mollested by daddy and brother. Was her exposure to R rated and perhaps worse cable programming a grooming process. I’m so glad I cut it off. Now I see why she was popular, she was educated!

                A school teacher once assigned the kids to watch a cable TV show and discuss it in class, my daughter and only one other child complained they could not comply, they had no cable. The other child had no TV in the house at all!

                My kids are now grown and incredibly successful, I feel vindicated. I’m thinking this popular little girl with the vocabulary of a truck driver, may still be a victim. So sad!

          • Justice: Good man. I really give you credit for saying NO to all of those no good, liberal, greedy Corporate PUKES who do Not give a flying $hit about any of us and that is the damn honest truth. All they all care about is stinking money, money, money….the root of all EVIL!!

      5. Makes sense as they sell most their oil to Europe and don’t buy much from US. However after seeing what the EU did to Greece I’d be careful. Persia was once a mighty empire, got their behinds kicked by the Greeks, they became Moslems and are now total failures.

        • What I don’t understand is that the mighty global establishment that controls the banks would permit such a destabilizing thing to occur. Libya creating a new gold backed regional currency is one thing but using a branch of the existing globalist banks, obviously willingly requires me to examine my simple “cause and effect” analysis.

          • This is only Iranian propaganda for internal consumption. Iran has been blocked out of the SWIFT international banking system for decades. It is a non-event in U.S. dollar terms.

            • Stuart….. The Jew Owned currency called Dollar is going down. Don’t be so sure about your prediction Nostredomos.

            • Iran sells oil in what currency?

          • K2,
            USA is 50 “United states”.
            EU is more of a confederacy
            run by a socialist bureaucracy.
            Russia replaced it’s monarchy with an
            oligarchy, China did the same.
            You and I know there is not enough
            gold to back up all the money we
            need to use to get daily life
            transactions done.
            Yesterday, I traded a few pounds of
            bottles for a fillup for my truck
            and a full can of Gasoline.
            Dollars were involved.
            Could have been Euros, Yuan, Rubles, as
            they are all fake it doesn’t matter.
            Someone wanted those bottles, I wanted fuel
            that another man had, we all made a trade
            using pieces of paper.

            • So what is your point Enstien?

            • Rellik

              The US economy survives because of the false demand for US dollars complements of its reserve currency status of which the “oil peg” is the major component. Wars have been fought, revolutions funded and armed to maintain this “unique economic advantage”. The globalist bankers are not just in collusion with this bedrock of the global economy they’re also the facilitator. How the Euro can displace the USD with obviously their consent bewilders me. I have read about the conflict between the Rothschild European interests and the Rockefeller US interests. This then infers that the globalist bankers are not a monolithic block.

              • K2,
                I guess my point is I have resources.
                I can do things other people want.
                that silly little piece of paper
                is how we make transactions.
                If those silly pieces of paper
                represent “Savings” and they
                suddenly disappear that is
                life, it will piss me off,
                but I will still survive.
                I make food. I have plenty
                of water. In about a week
                I will have all the electricity
                I’ll ever need.
                I just destroyed
                my savings account before the
                government inflation did.

              • Any prepper who has the cash should have some gold and silver, that said:

                If a prepper doesn’t have the extra cash for gold or silver, then stored food always,always come first.

                Stored food takes precedence over ammo, gold and all else. Once you can feed your family for a couple months only then add protection, then add gold or silver. Then wash rinse repeat. All things in their place, in scale.

      6. Iran playing into the hands of its enemies. Another war for Isrealhell in the making. USA soldiers die for some kinda bs on foreign soil.

        More disgusting than an STD.


      7. Is it about to get real ????

      8. Is it about to get real ????

      9. Is it about to get real ????

        • There must be an echo in here.

      10. And thanks to Barry Hussein O’Banana, the lovely Muslim mutt gave those Iranian sand apes how much cash on pallets, yes pallets full of US Currency – now that was one of the smartest moves in cobbled, disgraceful US history. I for one am so sick and tired of the ridiculous antics that take place daily in this god damned nation.

      11. The major fiat currencies are all linked together, when you hold one, you are actually holding them all.

        That is why you’ll never have the death of any one major fiat currency, it would take them all down.

        But there is no hope in explaining this to anyone here. There are seed vaults that must be sold.

        • “The major fiat currencies are all linked together, when you hold one, you are actually holding them all.”

          Only in the sense of their being transferable from one to another. The USD value is propped up falsely by its reserve currency status requiring nations to use it globally to a great extent. For oil its almost the universal medium of exchange. This holding of US dollars (75% of them outside of the US) is a pool to dilute new dollars into thus diminishing a direct inflationary effect. Both Iran and Libya paid for their lack of understanding the vital importance of this relationship.

      12. Kevin2, you meant to say IRAQ, not IRAN, didn’t you?

      13. The Deplorable Braveheart

        “you meant to say IRAQ, not IRAN, didn’t you?”

        Yea you got me. I rarely proof read. Libya & Iraq. Well I see you read what I write thoroughly.

      14. All of that “cash” sent to Iran was their own money, their accounts were frozen in US banks previously. I guess the deal was; send us our own money and we’ll sign your phoney contract.

      15. American with its Jews conspiracy will one day fall ,Their dollar is growing useless even here in Africa

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