Iran ATTACKS, But not even a Scratch

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    Daniel Gold was born and raised in Tel Aviv. His parents were Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Israel from Hungary.

    He completed his studies in electronic engineering in 1983, began his service in the Israeli Air Force, and later served as head of the Electronic Warfare Systems Department and head of the Research and Development Unit.

    After Israel made a gesture of unimaginable proportions toward the two-state solution, the utopian fantasy of the Americans that was born after the Oslo Accords and was signed in the early 1990s, Israel left the Gaza Strip in 2005 while resettling thousands of Israelis in order to give the Palestinian authority the opportunity to govern and develop the area in the Middle East’s Singapore. Instead, the people voted for Hamas and chose darkness over progress. Daniel Gold pleaded with the Israeli government to fund his idea to develop a revolutionary air defense system.

    The Iron Dome missile defense system is a mathematical and engineering marvel. It’s a masterpiece and physics miracle envied by the world.

    It is one of many inventions that were designed to keep the dream of coexistence alive while the international community bends over backwards, trying to deradicalize the cult of death and terror in the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Gaza and the West Bank, but to no avail.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is estimated to represent about 20% of all Muslims, including those that live in the West’s largest comsopolitans.

    On Saturday, the Middle East went to bed for the last time under the paradigm of trying to create a two-state solution.

    In Washington, London, Paris, Madrid, Beijing, Moscow, Jerusalem, Teheran, and Berlin, as well as in all other Arab and Muslim countries and the West, a new paradigm is now forming.

    Since 1979, the cockroaches in Iran’s regime haven’t attacked Israel from their own soil using their own technology. Instead, they found bigger cockroaches to do it for them. The strategy is simple:

    1. Find clueless, uneducated time travelers from the 6th century that haven’t evolved and would (if they could) ride horses with machetes and take women as trophies. They’d then convince them to take oil money and arm themselves with outdated Soviet technology and blame America for everything that’s gone wrong in their culture. These would the militias in Lebanon, Syria, Hamas, Houthis and others.
    2. Make up a few folklore myths and an anthem that revolves around God wanting them to take humanity out (for the sake of peace, of course).
    3. Send a large numbers of them to London, Paris, Rome, and Michigan to explain to Frappuccino-drinking Westerners that they should hear their side of the story and bore them to submission, under the pretence of humanitarian aid.

    A proxy war is aimed at one thing: creating cannon fodder out of any other ethnic group that isn’t Iranian while retaining deniability.

    It works perfectly since Yemenites don’t make the news in the West, so Saudi Arabia killed 100,000 of them without blinking an eye. It also works perfectly because Obama told Assad not to use gas against his own people, so he did… He is now the biggest narcotics trafficker, outside of Mexico and runs the country. Lebanon, which used to be the Paris of the Middle East, is in the sweres and in Trukey, inflation is 65%!


    The Middle East is tribal. For thousands of years, it served as a crossing between Europe and Asia (the ancient Belt and Road Initiative), but the advent of steam-powered ships saw the rise of European empires and the fall of the Muslim empire.

    In the past 100 years, they have been trying to find their footing. Some, like the Emirates, are joining the 21st century and want to be a constructive part of life on Earth while others still haven’t gotten rid of ideas that have largely passed from this world.

    Well, I guess they need Washington to persuade them one way or another.

    I’ll be stacking gold assets in the meantime.


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