Iran Appeals Directly To Trump: Your Advisers Dragging You Into War

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that he believes President Trump’s own advisers, as well as Middle East allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel, are “dragging the United States into a conflict” with Iran.

    It comes just days after Zarif made similar statements about the possibility of US and Iranian ships clashing in the Persian Gulf, warning that a false flag “accident” scenario could “lure” Trump into war — something which he thinks Trump himself doesn’t want to see happen. It appears Tehran’s new strategy as it reels from the sanctions squeeze on oil and Trump ending the crude export waiver program is to try and delicately peel Trump away from the American ‘deep state’.

    Zarif specifically named National Security Advisor John Bolton, Israel, Saudi Arabia, along with close Saudi ally the United Arab Emirates, all as seeking to escalate tensions leading toward a regime change war on Iran.

    Wallace asked if they’re “all trying to exercise regime change?” according to Fox, and Zarif responded, “at least, at least.” Iran’s top diplomat explained:

    “They have all shown an interest in dragging the United States into a conflict. I do not believe that President Trump wants to do that, I believe President Trump ran on a campaign promise of not bringing the United States into another war. But I believe President Trump’s intention to put pressure, the policy of maximum pressure on Iran in order to bring Iran to its knees so that we would succumb to pressure, is doomed to failure.”

    Interestingly, it appears Zarif is attempting a direct appeal to Trump and the generally non-interventionist “bring the troops home” stance he campaigned on in 2016.

    Tehran’s leaders could be hoping for a Kim Jong Un style approach to Trump. Trump’s North Korea opening over the past year was marked by a series of off the cuff personal appeals and communications that led to one-on-one dialogue and thawing of tensions.

    Middle East historian and analyst Asad Abukhalil noted “the media blitz by Zarif is clear in its intention: the Iranian regime has decided to negotiate with Trump – with Trump and not with his team. They think that they can split the administration.” Professor Abukhalil concluded, however, that “The calculation is not irrational but Trump does not see Iran like he sees North Korea.”

    Soon after the Zarif interviewed aired Sunday morning, John Bolton appeared on Fox to dismiss what he called Iran’s “carefully prepared propaganda script”.

    He slammed Zarif for attempting to “sow disinformation in the American body politic” — in an acknowledgment of Iran’s apparent new strategy to try and split Trump from the “deep state” agenda on Iran.


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      1. Remember the Iranian capture of American sailors. These bad actors (bullies of the Middle East) need to be annihilated the next time they are aggressors against Americans. Their many rants stating they want to kill Americans need to be jammed right up their gazoo.

      2. Every president is a yes man for the military industrial complex in a quickening fashion that will never change. The vote is a joke. The US population holds no power in determining their future, easily swayed to vote against their own best interests simply because there is no change forthcoming to vote for. Americans are largely ignorant and easily manipulated into phony left-right dogma.

        • aljamo

          ‘Every president is a yes man for the military industrial complex”

          Yep its not our imagination, interestingly it’s been thoroughly studied.

          h ttps://

      3. First all, understand I could care less (actually would not mind at all) if Iran and most of the Middle-East was turned into a giant bowl of glass. That being said, I must admit that Zarif is most likely correct. As long as aljamo’s above MIC is really the true power – which I won’t argue one bit, only but to add the bankers, entertainment media and those who control the gold and diamonds ….) – we’re stuck with war the only option I see.

      4. Heartless, for once I have to agree with the Iranians. These scum neocons need to be taken out before they get us into WW3. Although I don’t like Muslims, hell why fight them if you DON’T have to?

        • So the knuckledraggers can satisfy their bloodlust and steal all the countries resources for their masters benefit and overthrow their govt. again for their masters benefit (which they pretend to hate but are too stupid to figure it out). But then many of the knuckledraggers openly love their masters and will die for them. I think you know who the masters are.

      5. It’s interestingly coincidental that the Islamic nations with high oil / gas reserves, or a geography to transport them pose a problem. Indonesia has the greatest Islamic population of 227 million and is 25th in oil reserves. I don’t remember hearing much about Indonesian Islamic Terrorists. It’s also fascinating that Venezuela #1 in oil reserves, not Islamic, is also a problem.

      6. Obviously Iran has not had its arse stomped lately.

      7. Another senseless pointless war to line the pockets of evil men, cash for the cruel. I’ve never had an Iranian bother me, ever. The USA used to stand for good and decency, helped other nations in need and was admired, even looked up to by other countries. Now most of the world hates us, and its only a matter of time until some countries band together and invade us. Eisenhower tried to warn us about the out of control military industrial complex with good reason. It’s sad how most Americans are so quick to agree to a war, will send they’re own kids overseas to murder or get their ass’s shot to pieces. I’ve worked on military bases, and seen young men missing limbs, in wheelchairs,maimed. Before they really even got to live life. Most people nowadays so desensitized to violence, the thought never occurs in their pea brains maybe people in other countries are also human beings as well and have never done anything wrong to them. I wonder if these war mongers will be so tough when the war is at THEIR door.

      8. There is plenty of Islamic extremism in Indonesia. It’s not politically beneficial to report.

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