Investor’s Warning: ‘I’m Nervous. We’re Getting Closer To A MELTDOWN Scenario’

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    According to investor David Tice, who made a name for himself in running the Prudent Bear Fund before selling it to Federated Investors in 2008, the current market is dangerous.  Tice was quoted as saying he’s “nervous” because “we’re getting closer to a meltdown scenario.”

    According to CNBC, Tice may be known as a “permabear”, but last December he said there was a 50 percent chance stocks would stage a 25 percent rally this year. So far in 2018, the S&P 500 and Dow are both up 8 and 5 percent, respectively. The Nasdaq has rallied about 15 percent.  But Tice did say: “Longer term, the market is going to suck.”

    According to Tice, the struggling emerging markets could spark a contagion that could hit the United States. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index has lost more than 13 percent of its value this year as of Wednesday’s close. “You look at emerging markets. There’s a lot of trouble in emerging market currencies where we’ve broken to new lows,” Tice noted, as reported by CNBC.

    “Everybody is into this market,” he said. “I’m worried about whether the economy could enter a recession faster than a lot of people think.” Tice also made a prediction about the inflation predicament based on the global picture. “Frankly, I think there’s fear of deflation picking up again,” he said. “I think that deflationary trend is likely to continue.” He also pointed to frothy sentiment in the market, which is often perceived as a warning signal to Wall Street.

    Tice isn’t the only economic expert that sees trouble on the horizon. Peter Schiff has been warning of a financial bubble collapse for a few years now. And compounded with the nation’s rising debt and the American public’s problem with debt, the next “meltdown” could be disastrous.

    “It is all about taking money from us and transferring it into government pockets. And then, taking money from government pockets, and transferring it into the hands of the elite. It’s a game that’s been going on for generations and its time for the humanity to say that ‘enough is enough’.” -Epic Economist



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      1. This is all part of the plan.

      2. Interesting…. I think we can all agree that the mathematically inevitable end of the central bank fiat ponzi scheme is on the horizon. Honestly, I don’t know how the cabal has managed to get this long of a run out of it.

        Watching events in Venezuela, Turkey, Brazil, Iran, Syria, S.Africa, Greece, and on and on it appears clear to me that dominoes are beginning to fall. The inhabitants of ancient Rome where shocked when the hordes finally showed up at the gates… It should have been obvious to them but denial is not just a river in Egypt…. The sheeple are in denial.

        It will not be pretty…. Prepared though I am, I do not look forward to what is coming. Not so much for me (I’m old) but for my kids.

        God Bless

      3. Deflation is a GOOD thing! It makes the value of a “thing” closer to the price of producing a “thing” + a profit.

        • Not really due to loans. Say you borrow to buy a 100,000 home. Then deflation hits. The home falls at first to 75,000 then 50,000. You’re on the hook to pay for the 100,000. You can’t sell the property and can’t recoup your investment. And you likely are out of work as your employer cannot afford to stay in business.

          The opposite happens with hyperinflation. You owe 100,000 and then if your pay increases in crazy amounts like Zimbabwe, then you can easily pay off the mortgage. So people couldbe free and clear but still can’t afford the necessities like food as the price skyrockets.

          Neither is good. During the Great Depression, stocks were greatly overvalued, but crashed and this caused bad deflation. If there is no profit potential, people cannot afford to be in business and so businesses closed as they paid for their inventory then they could even charge on retail. The prices crashes so badly that farmers can’t make enough on their crops.

          I had a teacher who lived through the Depression. When his dad sold the crop, it made so little profit that it was just enough that it equaled the cost of a flashlight. So he bought his boy a flashlight so they could remember had badly they had been crushed.

      4. Been hearing this since the last 80’s crash. Tinkered around with a few of my toys today. Always been fond of .22’s. Picked up a Remmy Nylon 66 “Apache” a few years back and have put many rounds through it. Got tons of bunnies out in the yard in the evenings and plan on curbing their numbers when it turns a little cooler. Fall can’t get here soon enough for me.

        • I am a little older than you. I have been hearing this since the early 1970s.

      5. Mac,
        Dude WTF? ya know for 8 years of Obama i read here the end was near. The economy had all kinds drags on it, business hampered by endless regulation, environmental regulations, Obamacare, high oil prices, huge debt and deficits endless government benefits paid out, quantitative easing, and you name it… now the economy is humming along better, tax breaks for the great unwashed, great employment numbers, new trade deals better business environment, less regulations, less people on the dole etc etc. Yet, still any day now the end is near. I have read many articles like this here, and you have ALWAYS been wrong. I get it you’re trying to sell Berkey Filters and Freeze dried eats. Maybe you can still get there by being honest and somewhat accurate. We don’t expect perfect but certainly we expect an attempt at accuracy. Someday the economy may tank are you gonna jump up and claim victory having thrown so much poo at the wall something finally sticks. There is way more than enough stuff that is scary on the horizon these days without econmic doom porn. Thanx Dave Ayer

        • David. I agree with you. People are not wise that Obama hated America and his policies stalled the recovery for 8 long years. We are really in the year 2011 and the 3rd year of recovery. Many believe we are in the longest running bull market in history but forget Obama stalled for 8 years. This bull will continue until Trump is gone. TPB May crash it to undo 2020 elections and force him out is my only concern. Otherwise history shows fundamental recovery is taking place. Nobody noticed Trump by executive order eliminated many of Obama’s exec orders and removed much regulation that was a stranglehold on recovery, business and growth. Obama wanted to fundamentally and radically change us, our republic, our capitalism. Trump said hell no. The only hold over of the great Obama is the social unrest he created with other community organizers. Anyone can see importing ignorant welfare immigrants is not sound fiscal policy but it certainly allows you to remain in charge so you can steal more while you are in power by providing no borders, free welfare, and in return getting their votes. These politicians wanting this is so they get rich and we all get poor and therefore they remain in power. There is a war happening and people are ignorant to it. Trump is winning all by himself. He needs much help to be successful.

      6. dot com

        Interference in Sweden’s election

        Turkish dual citizens allowed to cast votes at the Swedish Embassy in Turkey (wtf)

        Swedish Native people bullied physically by M.E. men at the polls

        Looks like Sweden is edging toward a meltdown, too !!!

        New on the web. Telegram


      7. Bono, the performer, puts out bizarre music video dressed as a Devil, mocking Native Swedes; calling tall, blue eyes, and blond BORING. He looks ugly in this vid, which is based on a Swedish mythical figure. The message to Sweden is clear. Bono is lauded as some great humanitarian. Obviously his humanitarianism condones genocide, if the victims are tall, blue eyed blonds.


      8. Meltdown? And all the things that will happen. Seems I should be glad I was warned way in advance. Got almost all the stuff. And who and why? Seems we’re gonna find out?A new and perfect world ,with new and un aging bodies? How is that possible? Seems we’re gonna find out?

      9. Wow the economy is still crashing
        What book or dvd survival set are you selling
        More nonsense

      10. been reading these ‘fear porn’ money articles for over a year…might be time to find some other fear porn based on reality.

        • Fuk this lame ass blog… Censoring comments much?

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