Investments Drop at a Record Pace: “Frightened Investors Withdrew Near Record $63 Billion”

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Commodities, Forecasting, Headline News | 50 comments

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    This troubling number underscores what is happening in the markets: $63 billion fleeing mutual funds just in the past three months.

    It represents another sign that zero percent interest has screwed over the real economy.

    Rather than “growth” in the form of money pouring into investments, we are seeing a flight from markets as stocks don’t operate as investments, but as zero percent “shares” in the confidence that the Federal Reserve will prevail in some mission to restore monetary integrity.

    Whatever was left of that confidence faded away after Janet Yellen’s queasy speech on what she suggests may be eventual changes in the interest rate within a year. The market turned its stomach a bit, hanging on her uneasy words, but breathed and stood up straight again. At least she said something about what to expect.

    But the real system has calcified, and the Federal Reserve has revealed itself to be gigantic enough to have true gravity in the markets, and yet is unable to restore sanity to markets or value to investors. You are on your own, and the market is at a point of dangerous, even apocalyptic, turbulence and volatility. The beast is sick, and the virus has become immune to the treatment. They can stop the hurl, but they can’t cure the disease.

    Hence, investors are understandably uncertain, and exodus from the market is obious.

    King World News reports that “frightened investors withdrew a staggering and near Record $63 billion out of mutual funds in the past 3 months.”

    According to the story, there is a:

    Staggering amount of withdrawals by frightened investors out of mutual funds in the past 3 months as panic recently began to engulf the world.

    Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  “Investors fled U.S. mutual funds in August. Domestic funds suffered more than $60 billion in outflows over the past three months, among the most severe redemptions in thirty years. As a percentage of total assets, the damage wasn’t as bad but still ranks as extreme (see chart below).


    Click image for larger


    So the markets really are balking at the potential for another global financial meltdown.

    There could be real trouble ahead.

    Read more:

    The Federal Reserve Has Unleashed a “Virus Of Radical Monetary Policy”… and There’s No Going Back

    Markets Queasy After Sick Janet Yellen Ends Live Speech: “Initial Reaction Was A Dive in Stocks”

    The Fed Can’t Fix It: “All That’s Left is a Reset, Shutdown of the System”

    “Everyone Preparing for the Wrong Outcome”: Schiff Says QE4 is Coming, Not a Rate Hike!


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      1. I beat Eppe to post first….

        I love you Mac

        There Eppe I posted for you

      2. Moderation my ass!!

        • That is a wwti (psycho) post.

          • “So the markets really are balking at the potential for another global financial meltdown. There could be real trouble ahead.”

            The business cycle is finally over. These things happen at the end of every business cycle. Buy when there is blood on the streets. 🙂

          • You would be the authority on psycho posts passin, along with the biggest elaborate bullshit stories to.

      3. I’ve been pulling my money out and investing in tangibles for some time now(land, food, tools, lead, brass and steel, and solar). What I’m curious about is what are all these “investors” doing with their money? Syrian cement factories?

        • All bills involving taxing and spending must originate in the house per the constitution.

          Jack Lew says the US is broke as of next month.

          Is this why Boehner is retiring?

          Does he know S will HTF?

          It’s really abnormal for a politician to voluntarily abdicate their power unless it’s to avoid an insurmountable scandal.

          • I don’t normally reply to you as you are so acerbic.
            I suspect someone told Boehner they were going to make a mural out of his brains, which I believe is the best use for them.

            • wouldn’t cost much to frame it…

              • The value of 1 U.S. Dollar……

      4. Earlier this month the Trumpler said the US should take more Syrians. Now he says he’d send them back.

        In 2012 Trump supported amnesty. Now he wants to build the wall.

        Cant you dumbasses see that Trump is a fucking flake? He’s posturing like he has backbone. That’s what he fucking lacks the most!

        • Finally, someone else who gets it. Trump is in this for himself, no one else. Trump has been bribing politicians for years, now he wants to be on the receiving end of the bribes.

      5. Russia is in the news a lot today since WW3 looks like it might start. I’m curious on what you guys think about Putin in relation to the NWO. Is he apart of it or is he a thorn in there side? Didn’t he kick out the Rothschild bankers a few months ago?

        • For WW3 to start the USA has to fight back. So far, the USA isn’t fighting shit. Russia is steam rolling everybody and Obama has totally surrendered. If I was a US ally, I would seriously consider switching sides for self preservation. The USA isn’t defending anybody.

          • To start with…..

            there are nearly 50,000 American service men and women stationed in Japan,

            There are nearly 30,000 of the same stationed in South Korea.

            There are about 38,000 stationed in Germany.

            I doubt they would feel the same way as you do.

            • True that , Passin .
              I know plenty of young men and women currently serving.
              They have a much diferent take on it than John .

          • Obama did tell the Russians that he would have more leeway after the last election. Perhaps he was giving the Russians the leeway they needed to do their deeds.

            • BS.

          • Who does the USA have to defend? How about we just mind our business and take care of American problems. Maybe you didn’t know but we Americans are the problem in the middle east. We finance revolutions and topple governments left and right over there, democratically elected governments I might add. Further Russia and Syria are allies with Russia having ties with the Assad family going back 4 decades. So it would seem it is Russia who is defending Syria.

        • The US created Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Following 9/11, all we heard about day and night was Al Qaeda. We had to send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight our creation. Instead of fighting them, we used them to overthrow “tyrants” and “dictators”. Al Qaeda morphed into ISIS. We are not fighting ISIS. We have another “tyrant” in Assad that must be overthrown. Tyrants are people who are capable of independent thought and are not subservient to the US and Israel. Since we have no legal ramifications for invading these countries, we do it under the guise of “saving” these countries through democracy. I wish we would leave Russia and Iran alone and let them have a chance to defeat ISIS. America provides problems, not solutions.

      6. I cannot stand people who talk selling short. The market is rigged and going to collapse. i don’t think we will have Rule of Law after it crashes.

        Food, Water, and guns is a safer investment

        • Yes, there will be Rule of Law. The law is Rh=Rs cos(∞)

          For those that don’t know, that is the Rifleman’s rule, a “rule of thumb” that allows a rifleman to accurately fire a rifle that has been calibrated for horizontal targets at uphill or downhill targets.

      7. You know the beautiful French Riviera and Italian Riviera? All those beautiful towers and walls and forts?


      8. SD, spot on. All of the things necessary to sustain life is where your money should go. We had the greatest financial system in the world until greed and corruption ruined it. The entire system will collapse and that is fact. Just keep stacking and praying.

        • BH – Was just doing that stacking and praying before I sat down to check crazy news via internet.

          Everyone please eval your SERE pack. Upgraded 2nd “enhanced EDC to a Camel Bak HAWG with disconnect to support Sawyer MINI filter. Little filter will process more water than I need to worry about. Larger pack for winter standby.

          Consider having to walk at any unexpected moment. So keep your “support” kit close.

          The Trojan Horse regime in Wash., DC doesn’t care about us citizens. Only lining their pockets, supporting the illegals & refugees. This is not going to be turn out well with King Putt taking us all down.

          This is worse than waiting on the next VC rocket harassment.

          BTW, the POS that did the Oregon shooting, media will put a lid on the Tango’s ID. Bet the picture won’t be Amish if released at all.

          Salute to my fellow GIs. Juliet6 on reserve fuel, off station.

          • Juliette 6 you can also get an inline charcoal filter from platypus and stack it with the Sawyer to help remove chemicals, pesticides, etc. Look on Amazon.
            Just something to consider.
            Have a good one.

        • Get ready for more gun control push. The victims’ bodies in Oregon are not even cold and our president has already taken to the media to espouse the virtues of gun control. Holding in high esteem countries like Australia or the uk who have after a senseless act of violence, castrated their citizenry and took away their God given right of defense of self and defense of others from criminals and tyrants alike. Sometimes I actually wish they would go ahead and do it, then it would light a spark under those of us who actually understand the meaning of liberty, and what it takes to keep a free people free.

          Sic Semper Tyrannis

          • Obama again goes off without the facts. Perhaps the shooter was a terrorist…changes things doesn’t it? Toughest gun laws in Chicago and you see what that’s done to curb violence. Obama is quite political and keeps reminding us why we need “common sense”laws. If he had his way he’d take them all!

            • Perhaps we should remind readers of how many millions have died in numerous countries after gun control. I trust Obama about as much as Russians should have trusted Stalin.

          • It wasn’t a GUN problem — it was a MUSLIM problem. They only gave the shooter’s age. He was a muslim. He lined them up jihad style, shooting the Christians in the head and the rest in the leg. With 100,000 more muslims slated to come here, obungler didn’t want the muslim factor published.

            I say we line them all up for a X2 to the head—forget the questions. Get ’em as they get off the plane/boat/whatever.

          • oregon is probably another false flag…….

      9. Interesting.

        This is the only Country where people are encouraged to take their hard earned paper money and invest, no gamble it, to make more paper money so the system can not only take out fees, but the profits are taxed at the highest possible rate. But what are the odds the investment “wins” and not lose money?

        (shaking head) You people are either conditioned to the great lie or outright brainwashed. Any wonder CNBC’s Jim Cramer flails around like a Crazy Eddie used car commercial? You are being conditioned to play the losing game folks.

        It’s Football Season! This weekend, watch your favorite Football Team on TV and then watch CNBC on TV as well. Notice anything? Yep…you have the same sound effects, lightning flashes, scrolling statistics complete with mind numbing sound flashes!

        This is NOT by accident or coincidence. The peasants in China are encouraged to convert their paper into physical Gold and Silver. Why? What do they know that we don’t? We are the only arrogant country out there that thinks our TV News tells us everything that happens the instant it happens.

        Take a flight out of this Country anywhere you wish and notice the difference. We aren’t so much hated because of our Policy, we’re scorned for our perceived arrogance.

        Risk not your wealth in paper for we are entering a period of Truth!

        “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

        – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

      10. Yes, it was mentioned that i said that i was gone, people wanted me gone. As i get attacked, i am starting to see alot of the ligitimate posters are loosing the cammo and are really financial trolls monitoring this site, now they are forced to attack HCKS. Before me, the site has balance, with me on this site, things got stirred up.

        The trolls informed everyone on this site. Dont listen to HCKS. Volcanoes dont exist, continental crust do not shift, oceans do not have currents, wind does not pick up speed, and we are not on a planet in a solar system. So the wind will be slow, the stores will have food, and nothing bad will ever happpen. Asteriods do not hit hit the earth, and the earth is flat. Aliens do not exist of the 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 plus galaxies in the solar system. Aliens do not exist.


        Looks like Yellen must have been chocking on silvia, when she read that the Gold had arrived and shipped to Texas on the 7th of September. I am almost certain, she had a cold. Must be the intital alergic reaction to the GOLD facts in her face. Boener, just retired, looks like a few things are taking place. Lets just see long it takes before the news comes out once its outed publically, that the Gold is in Texas and in a Heavily fortified vault. Once the folks pull out of the cash frauds, then use that cash for hard assets, then once they run to Texas, the holdings of Metals skyrocket, raising the Gold deposits combined with the populations metals for the Gold Metal Bank, so to go online, then its then added to the multi-minerals, the oil and gas commodities, the strategic minerals assets in the ground, added into a basket of commodities, creating the conditions, resulting in a new Texas Gold Backed currency, back by the gold and this basket of commodities, which will then match the 1,7,000,000,000 in GDP output. Its not a wonder that i am also getting attacked. Some of the attacks on me are not from agency ass clown trolls, they are coming from people in those financial markets that are loosing thier ass on everyone rushing to cash out the fake accounts. So i under your pain, you financial ass clown trolls, coming on here investigating, when thier clients tell them, well that aint what i read on shtf, it going to crash and burn. But then again, others will infrom commenters not to listen to me, because bad grammar. Then ofcourse the banking wiz kids and the fact that they are loosing thorough thier ass, will be coming on here to stir up crap and inform me of my wrong doing, in their minds, proves that my info is fake. Its not a wonder that me presenting the facts about the gold has ended my popularity around here.

        The Texas currency


        PEOPLES GOLD&METALS-25,000,000,000


        OIL & GAS-UNLIMITED SUPPLIES-CHECK-1,000,000,000,000.

        1,7,000,000,000,000,000 GDP, we just balanced out books. Texas has the input and the output to sustain herself.

        Gee as we can see, Texas is not broke, so why would she not just shut down the border, issue the new Texas currency.

        Troll- Oh, that will never happen, you dont know sh…t, your on pills, crack, drugs, need mental help, take pills, etc.

        Watch trolls, watch as your your customers clean out your accounts and remove all the cash out of the frauduland 401k, backed of government looting accounts to bail out themselves.

        Looks like the federal reserve lubricant of QE, wont be doing crap, just basically ky jelly for more ass rheaming directed at the American people. Everyone asked me, what will happen in September 2015. I never made up any fake data, as to what was going to happen, however i do know that what will happen next, and i have posted on those topics many atimes, the trolls have informed everyone not to listen to anything i have to say. I am literally laughing my ass because i know for a fact that the gold is Texas and no one can do a damn thing about this fact now matter who attacks me on this topic, its too later.

        I AM GOING TO SAY IT AGAIN.,THE GOLD IS HERE IN TEXAS, PERIOD. ALL THE SIGNATURES HAVE BEEN MET, ALL 75,000 OF THEM. This vote was done 1 1/2 years ago, at it stands until now. Gee its not a wonder why i kept noticing that just 100’s and 1.000’s of military assets are being deployed in Texas. Or the fact the the point of fact Maximus/ceasar/pope came in to tell the cabal, that we are going to pull the plug in November 2015? or is the March./April 2016 is the real date we have to be conerned about? Let me construtive in our thinking. No wonder the tanks are gun ships are rolling into Texas.



        The truth hurts. Now the agency ass clown and financial trolls are really mad now.

        • You should not get upset or discouraged when trolls make personal attacks against you. You have good posts.

          I personally believe the shitheads that make personal attacks on this site are actually federal agents trying to provoke subversive or anti government comments so they can justify federal investigations.

          Remember, the FEDS think preppers are the enemy of the United States, more so than ISIS terrorists.

          • ” the FEDS think preppers are the enemy of the United States, more so than ISIS terrorists”

            …and? They might be right.

        • Stand your ground, hold the fort and aim high! Fear not my friend for reinforcements are but on the way!

          “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

          ~ Mark Twain

        • I can understand why Perry pulled out of the race for potus.

          It would be a hell of a lot less complicated to be president of the New Texas Nation.

        • I’ll believe it when I see it….when my own eyes record it. I’m taking everything with a grain of salt regardless of the person.

        • THANKS for hitting the enter tab, HCKS! I could actually READ your post this time.

      11. Well,I’m inTexas and I know that there have been sigs on a petition to get an opinion of whether or not Texas should secede on thenext ballot. It is not binding in any way. Just a question a group wanted on the ballot.

        We are also legally in the process of buikding (research stage) a brick and mortar depository for PMs, so HCKs is not completely out of bounds on the topic of stae gold repatriation. I guess the bullion could have made it back already. I live near Houston, and would think the UT board of governors would want their endowment closer to home. Just sayin’.

      12. HCKS
        Glad to see you back! Who cares what others think!
        Stay the course and do what’s best for you.
        No matter what you do or say there will always be someone who disagrees.

      13. Hey forget the collapse the world is about to go HOT!!! Folks it will get down right ugly very shortly. If you need weapons or ammo get while the getting is good. Bad Moon Rising in the East for sure.

        • Nostradamus said “So many evils are committed that almost the entire world is undone and desolate”.

      14. To all shtf family, will always be interested in reading all posts it’s what we do here to stay ontop
        Of all breaking news. It comes out here first before the media most of the time that gives us all
        Lead time if shtf.Also lots of good preparedness articles for personal use…..

      15. I kinda like Jesse Ventura for President. He can’t get something or other To be a candidate. That makes him look more legit to me. He won’t build a fence/wall cause he thinks it would make us like Germany’s wall but he would repeal the Patriot Act. I think I could live with that.

        Oh! People are getting out of mutual funds. Those MF’s were always a bust. Only ones that got suckered into buying them in the first place were some dumb MF’s.

      16. All Presidents since Watergate are now mere “Corporate Puppets”. But worse yet, most are now professional political “actors” in which their job is to convince 300+ million Americans that they are running things. Can you imagine the lady down the street that in unemployed, sitting on her couch all day long watching Judge Judy and Oprah…and THIS PERSON has the power to collectively unseat the Director of the most powerful “corporation” on the planet?


        We have not the power to change the CEO’s of major Banks, General Motors, IBM or General Electric. Yet you think 300+ million fiat controlled “slaves” have the power to change things? If you walk into a bar and find two college educated men arguing over who is/was a better President – Bush or Clinton…They’ve WON! Falling for the Democrat/Republican trap is pure ignorance! The “Left/Right” paradigm is a ruse to divide and conquer the Population. Why do you think Racism is not only a profitable business but an institution that refuses to waft away? Divide and conquer.

        We Americans think we have control because we are given choices: Coke or Pepsi, UTZ chips or Lays, Burger King or McDonalds, the list goes on and on. What many forget is Pontiac and Chevrolet are different companies but BOTH owned by General Motors.

        Nothing in this Country will ever change until the populace arises out of the corporate marketed ignorance. If you place 12 Democrats and 12 Republicans in a room without a moderator for well over one hour….they will emerge united….and MAD AS HELL!

        Think people, THINK!

        “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

        — Thomas Jefferson

      17. We did our first of the month accounting as usual and we lost quite a bit the last couple months, the months of the biggest market moves. While the markets went down 12%, we lost about 1.2%. And we are safe from what appears to be a growing bear market.

        Can I say thank you Mac!

        For all the negative vibes a few trolls have posted, Mr. Snyder’s articles have been quite helpful, though a bit over dramatic at times. Still better than the lies and crap from major media. As I always say buyer beware, I am fully capable of truth checking news stories for myself. And aside from the occasional dramatic, SHTF is right on the money.

        I’m saying my loses might have been higher without your good reporting of the facts. Thank you.

        Next topic, the Hurricane is coming up my coast, they don’t know where it’ll land. A good article on carbon monoxide and home generators could save some lives. As well as preps people should have. Yeah, I’m ready, but newbies, maybe not so much!

        Tips for generators.
        1. Pluses: In my last hurricane, we had an eleven day power outage. My generator was a savior. It save all the hundreds of dollars in food in both my freezer and refrigerator as well as running the furnaces, and the sump pump! Warm, dry, and well fed is good.

        Downside, small gasoline powered generators need an oil change every 50 hours, yup that’s every two days, got oil?

        Downside: the generator worked great, but the wind changed on day 8 and gently but persistently blew toward the house. Yes I did connected CO detectors to the generator and they warned long before I had an issue. I adjusted ventilation and we had no problem.

        A gentlemen where my wife worked let his daughter stay over at a friend who had a generator, and therefore heat. He was running it at the threshold of his garage door with the door shut on the top of the generator, with the exhaust pointed outdoors. He thought he was safe. The daughter, who had the least exposure woke up, barfing her guts out, and had the wherewithal to call 911, not much strength to do anything more, everyone else in the house was unconscious and literally dying. 911 responded, no one died. This story will likely be played out this weekend, but with possibly tragic results.

        Yup, I’m pretty much ready. I’ll probably top off the car fuel tanks and get a few last minute groceries, but really, I was ready, a week ago. Thanks Mac.

        • Extra, today’s efforts were to put away summer items like tables chairs and my fireplace pit. To avoid them becoming missiles in the hurricane, they need to be put away for winter, I’m good now! Only a few items remain outside that can be dealt with In minutes, I do want to check the rain gutters and clean as needed.

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