Investment Strategist Forecasts Collapse Timeline: ‘The Last Gasp Of This Economic Cycle Will Come In 2018’

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    unclesame-1(Image courtesy

    It is no longer a question of whether or not financial markets and the U.S. economy will collapse. That, according to a host of experts, both mainstream and alternative, is a given.

    The only question now is “when” that moment will come.

    According to Christine Hughes, chief investment strategist at Otterwood Capital, it will be very soon. Basing her assessment on historically dead-on yield curve analysis, Hughes says in her latest update to clients that we’re looking at a maximum breaking point of 2020, but that some time in the next 12 – 15 months is the more likely scenario, which pegs the next crisis right at the beginning of 2018.

    First, the chart, which has been near perfect in its accuracy thus far and shows just how rapidly the yield curve has collapsed in the last 12 months:


    Hughes explains what it means for you and why you can expect 2018 to be the year of reckoning:

    As the bond market sees a recession slower growth means lower interest rates and it [the yield curve] collapses. So let’s assume we’re like every other time in history and that happens. Then it moves forward to 2018…

    So, 2018, according to the yield curve, is pretty much the last gasp we have for this economic cycle. We’re closing in on 2016 now… we basically have a year… maybe a year to 15 months before we have the next crisis on our hands.

    So if you are levered personally or corporately… if a lot of your assets are in illiquid stuff… the Canadian housing market comes to mind… You might want to think about existing and liquefying yourself.

    Watch the video report:

    Wolf Richter of Wolf Street explains why the Treasury Yield Curve is so important:

    Since early July, the 30-year US Treasury Bond Price Index has plunged 8.3%. It’s now called “the rout” in longer-dated government bonds. One of the specters is rising inflation at a time of ultra-low yields.

    What has become the number one predictor of a bear market in stocks over the past many decades? The US Treasury yield curve. It drives bank lending – which can strangle the economy. But this time, the risks are much higher, and the potential economic consequences steeper.

    We know it is only a matter of time at this point.

    Greg Mannarino of Traders Choice has made similar warnings, noting that the bond markets are signaling a massive crash ahead. And when that crash finally takes place the fall out after the debt bubble bursts, according to Mannarino, could lead to extremely serious consequences:

    So, when the debt bubble bursts we’re going to get a correction in population. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…

    When resources become more and more scarce we’re going to see countries at war with each other. People will be scrambling… in a worst case scenario… doing everything that they can to survive… to provide for their family and for themselves.

    There’s no way out of it.

    Source: Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”

    If Mannarino and Hughes are right, you have about a year to get ready for the next leg of the collapse.


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      1. 2015-2016-2017-NOW 2018???????

        • Sgt. is spot on…………….

          • Anybody bother to notice that the line is drawn through the wrong points? Looking at the data set it should be hitting as we speak.

            • Maybe it is but nobody is noticing?

              • New Wikeleaks…

                Podesta To Mills: “We Are Going To Have To DUMP All Those Emails”

                “In today’s, 25th, Wikileaks release of hacked Podesta emails, one of the notable highlights is a March 2, 2015 exchange between John Podesta and Clinton aide Cheryl Mills in which the Clinton Campaign Chair says “On another matter….and not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails.”

                The email, which may indicate intent, was sent just days before the NYT story revealing the existence of Hillary’s email server, and Hillary’s press conference addressing what was at the time, the stunning revelation that she had a personal email account, and server, in her home.”

                “If the exchange is shown to disclose intent to mislead, it will negate the entire narrative prepared by Clinton that she merely deleted “personal” emails and will reveal a strategic plan to hinder the State Department and FBI “investigation.”

                “And in a separate email sent out just days later by Clinton campaign communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, we get yet another confirmation that the president actively mislead the public when he said he didn’t know Hillary was using a private email address:
                Suggest Philippe talk to Josh or Eric.

                They KNOW POTUS and HRC emailed. Josh has been asked about that. Standard practice is not to confirm anything about his email, so his answer to press was that he would not comment/confirm.

                I recollect that Josh was also asked if POTUS ever noticed her personal email account and he said something like POTUS likely had better things to do than focus on his Cabinet’s email addresses.”

                ht tp://

                  • KM,

                    I read the same article. They are showing intent to hide! As they say, “You can run but cannot hide!” Their sins follow them to the grave. Can a leopard change it’s spots,or a tiger it’s stripes? Devious as b they are, they will leave clues for the ‘man-trackers’.


                    I am beginning to think that it may not be possible to predict economic collapse! I thought it was going to collapse 8 years ago! Instead, we have seen the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. The rich know how to leverage their wealth and take advantage of low interest rates as they expand their businesses.

                    When the collapse comes it may not give us much warning! If the ecomomy was stretched out thin 8 years ago, it is worse now. Winter is coming, store up supplies while the supplies are available.

                    Louisiana Eagle

            • When data is wildly fluctuating, to see the overall trend you have to plot the average. That’s what I believe the red line indicates.

              • I am amazed we have not seen the economy crash like a train wreak.

                Maybe what we are witnessing instead is the slow crash, like death from 1000 cuts.

              • True, but when you plot a decline it’s usual to start at the start of the decline; not 5 years early.

          • It has been a year away for about 6 years now methinks.

            • These guys predict the end every time McDonalds makes a hamburger…
              ….and they always have a chart and scientific indicators from “trusted’economists

              Me thinks

            • In 48 plus years of investing and trading I have heard the collapse scenario enough times counting to break a calculator. And have seen thousands of date predictions go down the tubes.

              What you learn over an extended period of time is collapse and crisis is an unfolding event and not a date. Some one or some thing shuts down greed and drives fear up. If fears are answered the crisis is averted. If fears are feed or fanned then collapse becomes and issue. The longer that no one restrains collapse the more intense the fear and the louder the talk of collapse.

              What the prudent person does is constantly evaluate risk and hedge for collapse. That is really what a Prepper is doing – risk evaluation and planning for it. And risk is high. How do you know its high. A simple gauge is gold. Gold going from $35 under FDR in the 1930s to about $1300 today was not because of inflation. Golds price reflects the real value of the U.S. Dollar in its currency wars. Thus, the price of gold tends to move in opposite directions to the value of the US dollar and acts as a hedge. The fluctuations that have occurred as a result of the debt crisis only serve to emphasize the importance of gold as a safe haven from the troubles that plague the economy.

          • Sgt- We have been in a steady Banana Republic collapse for 8 years since 2008, Lower wages, less savings, more unemployment, Nearly zero GDP, Wallstreet is a fraud bubble ready to pop. Housing is in a Bubble, Student Loans Bubble, Subprime Auto loans Bubble, which most are upside down on their vehicles. Food costs with inflation. All the signs say we are already in a collapse for some time.

            Just keep stacking and prepping, and out of debt, as You will be safer than most. I do see a fast plunge in Wallstreet, as soon as the FED raises interest rates in DEC and the world goes Batshit.

            We need to get Trump elected ASAP, to put the brakes on a lot of this corruption and jail the chaos makers who created the bubbles. If Hillary gets in, it will be Terminal for America and out Freedoms. And we will need to quickly turn to our rifles, to restore out country back to a Republic. A Real Prepper is ready for Both Situations what ever the outcome.

            ~WWTI… Can’t Fake Prepping.

        • SGT. Dale

          It is this election that does it.

          • How about the TOP TEN Things we as Preppers we can do before the election, to get our ducks in a row no matter what the results of the election are. One side is not going to be very happy and go on the warpath.

            Other’s, we may just want to be hunkered down for a few months. For starters, I would do the following.

            1. Keep your vehicles topped off with Gas and your gas stocked brought up to full.
            2. All your hand tool sharpened with a good set of files. Tools Organized, and Garage Shed clean and in order.
            3. Got your batteries stocked up. Flashlights, lighters, matches, solar, cell phone chargers?
            4. Check and rotate your food check expiration dates, and eat that first that expires.
            5. Security in place, Cameras, Motion detectors, even fake cameras you put up by your front door to detour door knockers. Stock up on No Trespassing Signs, and get your nail fasteners, hammer ready to go to put up quickly if you need to, to keep people coming in your property. Put that fence up.
            6. Guns -Ammo -Magazines. It all may cost more after the election up 50% or double prices. Get it now.
            7.Got all that food canned, and put away, exp dates on the lids. I write the date I cann it on the lids with a black sharpie marker.
            8. Vote Early and avoid a crowd or false flags on or before election day that may interrupt voting.
            9. Get your money out of the banks, at least into cash. Take $4-5K per day or every other day. Avoid larger amt withdrawls. 1 week left to do this. Or 5 business days.
            10. Got all your communications in place. Hams, 2-ways, cell ph, CB Radio, Weather Radio, News channels. Beware of Misinformation. Question everything and never trust anyone fully. Eyes Wide Open.

            ~WWTI…. Anybody got any other great ideas how to prepare before election day? Let er’ Rip!~


            • “Take $4-5K per day or every other day. Avoid larger amt withdrawls”

              Because bankers are stupid and they’ll never notify the feds if you do this. mmm, nope.

              I dunno how your shelves are, but ours aren’t tall enough so we write all the info on the side of the jars, so they can be seen while in the shelf.

              You should keep it simple, because you give ALOT of bad advice when you try to blovitate.

              • NunyaBidness,

                You make a good point about withdrawing large amounts. Try to keep withdrawals smaller.

                I have to constantly rotate food. So it is easier to see, I label cans & jars on the front and on the top of the container. Shelf space is limited, so I have to stack canned foods.

                I saved and use the card board box “organizers” that canned food is stacked and displayed on the shelves in stores like Walmart. (bottom 2 inches of the box canned foods came in) It makes it easier to stack canned foods on the shelves.

            • WhoWTFKnows,

              Very good post! Sound advice!

              Take care.
              KY Mom

          • Trying to put any date on a RESET of any kind is impossible simply because there are far too many outlier events that are part of the mix. I agree with many of the points of the article that came from ZH most likely.But what most analysis does not capture is that in fact we re already in the midst of a meltdown. It is already in motion and most simply cannot understand or realize it. We are simply waiting for the final outcome. The proof is simple, AmeriKa is completely and totally insolvent and can never repay any of our debt and the Chinese and Russians know this and are acting accordingly, slowly but surely.

            • DTET

              I definitely have the urge to set General Quarters.
              I feel TPTB realize it is out of control and have a series of events they can set in motion. Twist the sheeple to move in the direction they want them to move.

              Are you ready? I am. Bring it. Seven Days, maybe.

              • When people are dying.

                What is wrong with this Nation?

                600 shootings in Chicago in October. On Drudge.

                How about it Obama? Want to see what the rest of the nation can become? Look to Chicago.

                • Sorry, but as far as I’m concerned, the only problem with the Chi Town shootings is 98% of them missed. Bet you 99% of them are HC supporters,

            • Yup. We’ve been in a collapse for about a decade (yes long before 2008) but there are so many machinations happening by TPTB that predictions are pointless.

        • Don’t worry, in 2018 it will be changed to say 2020…

          • Exactly…… now you boys are getting it ….It only took me 6 years to get you to see it

            • any extra days, weeks, months we get is a blessing in disguise.

              we best use that time wisely.

          • you WISH!

            • BCOD, How’s the collapse of the Shanghai Composite coming? You know, the one you swore up and down was the beginning of a complete and total world economic collapse back in January? The one where you mocked me for being a voice of reason?

              End of 3rd qtr is upon us, nothing you said happened, everything I said happened. Still want to wait until the end of the year?

              • you can’t SEE it? obamacare has taken HUNDREDS of dollars a month out of the working-man’s pockets….that money HAS to come out of retail sales……there aint no telling how long they can keep the plates spinnin’, but the end result IS certain…just a matter of time….”voice of REASON”? PFFT! collapse is WELL UNDERWAY.

              • Collapses aren’t light switches, and your comment indicates you seem to think they are.

                Can you explain exactly why you’re sitting there thumping your chest, because you sound like an ignoramus.

                • his spankin’ is on it’s way, in short order. good one, nunya.

        • They have no idea, never have, never will until it happens! Bunch REMF’s!

          • REMF’s make the world go round.
            You want to be a “shooter” be my guest (many who are don’t go around advertising that fact Recondo550, I’m just saying) but if it was not for those supporting the war fighters, they could not fight for long. Think about it and then at least say thank you.

        • No, Michael Snyder said it’s gonna happen before 2015 is over. Wait for it.

          • Hahaha nice 😉

          • Better a year to two too early than a day too late.

            Unfortunately, most people only learn that after they are a day too late.

          • Good one,,,
            These crash predictions are good for an eye roll at best so a bit o funny is good

        • Your starting to see what I have said for nearly 8 years !! They just continue kicking the can down the road ….oh and by the way , don’t forget to buy stuff that I promote !
          2018 will be the start of a new set of dates …..hahahahaha…suckers are EVERYWHERE!!

          • Rich,
            I bought lots of household items several years ago. Those same items if bought today cost way more and the amount of product has been downsized. Buying certain stuff and stocking up was a smart move for me.

            • Yep, wish i had bought more to hedge against inflation, its costing me 30% more per acre to fence my land. I guess i should have bought field fence instead of silver. Through the roof.

        • Sarge
          Never put your bet on what others predict to be the top of anything. Best time to get out of investments is when everyone else is jumping on board.
          Being a leader has its rewards.
          Being a follower (and greedy) has its devastation.
          Don’t follow.
          Be ready to duck – always.

          • Bill
            Out of the investment game.
            I try to be a leader, and Pray for God to grant me WISDOM.
            I can still duck, but getting back up takes a little long now. (OLD AGE KICKING IN)
            Thanks for the advise.

        • Exactly Sarge. Always tomorrow. It will come hen it comes and I believe it will come about 11/9/2016.


          • me too.

        • When your own government is using the nsa and military to use directed energy weapons, mind control technologies, and gang stalking innocent citizens, the collapse of the government should happen now. Any moral human being needs to end this holocaust. These untraceable technologies are ruining peoples lives. Our government and media are useless and do nothing to address and stop this holocaust of its own citizens.

        • My thoughts exactly.

        • No kidding!!! I thought, maybe this time the blogs and chatter of the economy collapsing by this October 2016 was going to happen and now it’s pushed to 2018?!

      2. 30 second summary, with source links, on the latest FBI investigation. Pretty major stuff here. Please pass this on, or make your own email up – doesn’t matter what you do, just don’t do *nothing*. But if we don’t COMMUNICATE the Hilary and her cronies win.

        1.) Abedin LIED under oath about having turned over all her emails. Weinergate now shows she unequivocally did not do so. The original immunity she had when testifying is now out the window due to her perjury. What happens to corrupt Hilary is her fellow fraud Huma sings like a canary?
        2.) Do these new emails include the top secret emails Hilary accidentally spilled some “Clorox bleach”on /accidentally wiped clean with a rag? You can read more here: If so, this leads down the path to obstruction of justice charges by Hilary.
        3.) FBI is also looking into the scam Clinton Foundation. But this investigation will probably take many months. This is why the former head of the senate in Haiti, after the Clintons stole millions earmarked for Haiti relief, called them “common thieves who shoud be in jail.” or http ://

        Dick Morris has a great summary at:

        • good one, an, thank you.

      3. I think no matter how the election turns out. There will be a false flag shut down of the power grid as soon as the extreme cold weather arrives. Now mother nature may have something up her sleeve. Today its very hot. Record breaking high temp. The hottest temp since they started recording it in 1900. And Ive Been over at my shop using the cutting torch and welder. I had to quit and take a break.

        • Old Guy.

          You are not the one building an armored wheel chair? ;0)

          • Does that wheel chair have rockets, smoke screens, and a Ma Deuce mounted?

            • BM
              OG’s will have it that way. Also 4 surface to air missiles. OG won’t forget a thing.

          • Anon
            I answered you question on the last thread.

            Ok on my way to work to patrol for the little guys Trick or Treating.

          • keep up the good humor! good stuff

        • While im in Oz, i have read on a few different US forums/ websites, that ALOT of people are thinking along those lines- power grid goes down right at the start of the US winter, which in turn, will keep people from venturing out and voting. Even here in the land down under, things are strange. The fallout from the US elections will be interesting to watch

          • Gasoline Prices Soar After Colonial Pipeline Explosion In Alabama

            ht tp://

      4. It’s tough to predict the exact date. What will the Federal Reserve do regarding “Quantitative Easing” (Printing fiat currency out of thin air)? I think we can all agree that you can NOT run a household like this (constantly increasing debt), nor can you run a country like this.

        • They are just waiting for Obama to be out of office before stopping the helicopter money and selling all the Fed owned corporate stock. The next president, especially if he is a republican, will be in office just as they pull the rug out.

          Could be as early as December so they can say Trump being elected has caused a zero confidence vote of the economy. Blame it on Trump, but Trump cannot do a damn thing about it until Jan 20th.

      5. There is no doubt that an economic crash would be a catalyst for war but the ability of TPTB to kick the can down the road is amazing. I called the 2008 crash in Feb 07 but never imagined the rebound even if its predicated on smoke and mirrors. Like watching a terrific movie, for the time its running, the screen is reality. How long is the show? When is the intermission and what is the weather outside when you leave the theatre are not important when your engrossed by the acting and special effects. I’m not convinced that they don’t have more tricks up their sleeve. One back swan event however and it all comes tumbling down.

        • Black Swan not back swan

          • Black swans matter

        • The best way to survive a Runaway Train, is stay off the Tracks and far away from any exposure to a collapse. All your wealth out of any Bank and into PM”s Preps and Property. If you cant hold it in your hand, it wont be your later in any collapse. Oh the debt collectors will be looking for ya. As well as the Tax Man.

          I Voted early today here in FL. To Make America Great Again.


          • WhoWTFKnows

            I did that pretty much from Feb 2007 on jumping in and out with small amounts since then. Not realizing their capacity to essentially turn, “Water Into Wine” I lost a 100+ % increase. I’ll grant you that not is not the time to jump back in as a DOW of 18,000 is way out of line. One think I have been a strong believer of is being out of debt. When I say, “Thats my home,thats my truck, thats my car” its not figurative.

            “I Voted early today here in FL. To Make America Great Again.”

            The Mrs and I are voting tomorrow.

            • I paid my home off in just under 6 years. Both of my cars are paid in cash. I owe nobody anything. Everything I have now goes into Gold and Silver AND building up a strong reserve of survival food, ammo and water filtering systems (independent of the public watter supply.

              • Good Job Guys. That’s the goal.. Debt Free, Amazing how much less stress thinking about that. Now you can focus on life.

                ~WWTI… Guns oiled and lubed, mags full and ready?

                • Ok, why the moderation delay? Take the handcuffs off. I do not have a server in my basement. lol


              • Bill

                “I paid my home off in just under 6 years. ”

                Your either single or have a very good wife. My hats off to you.

              • Unless you think we are gonna go full WROL, I would bet on having to pay property taxes. If you are planning to stay where you are for years into the future, you might consider burying some tax payments at various spots on your land if that is practical. They WILL run you off your land if you get far enough behind. <bb

                • BB,the local powers that be think in a crash they will be stealing folks property,well,my grandfather told me how the response was a lot of the time during depression,will not work out well for the towns.Folks a lot more angry today then depression,and,better armed.

          • Be GONE Demon – In Jesus NAME. Into the Abyss with YOU!

            • Ice Doc.

              “Slow Ride. Take It Easy”

              Fog Hat

              • Anon,me favorite was “Stone Blue”,saw em in their 70’s heyday as a kid along with Sweet/Atlanta Rhythm Section/and Blackmores Rainbow with Ronnie!That was a hell of a show!

                • WD

                  Songs had meaning back then.

                  • yeah I was a kid in the 70’s but I remember it well, it was like the last taste of freedom before the beast system came into being. When I see shows from the 70’s and hear songs, boy that takes me back to the feeling of freedom like nothing else.

      6. I know… I know… but THIS time I believe it. Middle of next year will make it obvious game is up. Plan finances accordingly

      7. Another bullshit prediction…’s what keeps sites like these alive. Eat it up if you like.

        • Bullshit predictions are very effective if you take advantage that SOME people will believe you while others just make fun of your stupidity.
          My BS is to confuse and distract others from what I am actually doing and – how.
          I just keep on winning while others listen to the so called experts and lose.
          ALL predictions should be treated as immediate goals and NOT long term.
          I find legal ( creative ) ways of accomplishing my goals and get out early and well before the economy takes a nose dive. I never aim for the top – just for the point that everyone else jumps on board because THAT is when SHTF.

      8. It seems these maniacs really want to kill off most of humanity. They think they will have it all to themselves. They want the few survivors as slaves. Really insane. But basically, they’re throwing it in our face.

        This economic collapse is a means to an end.

        Admiral said that food left in Antartica stays fresh for ever. The powers that should not be won’t let any of us access. They are keeping Antartica for themselves. Instead of preserving food for everyone, they are going to set up world famine.

        I don’t believe their bunkers are on this continent. Hitler built bunkers in Antartica. The US had Operation high jump. Check it out. Look it up.


      9. Oh for f..ks sake, 2018 now, really? I can’t take anymore of this nonsense. I am done.

        • RJ

          A friend of mines grandma predicts WW3 2018.
          She has never been wrong in any of her predictions.

          Stay tune folks………..

        • don’t let the door hit yuh where the good lord split yuh, RJ. why don’t you try contributing some good information, instead of putting down a good contributor to shtfplan….like this list of gear that might come in handy if the excrement DOES contact the rotating mass of twisted metal.
          here’s a list I made for my boy scout troop recently of things to have when
          I go out of town for more than a day… randy
          boy scout manual…there’s some GREAT information in there!
          plates/ eating utensils…(mess kit)
          bivy cover/sleep syst………….. sleeping bag good for 0*…-30 degree
          military sleep systems can be had for around 75$
          fire starter
          mattress pad/cot/bed
          cooking oil
          granola bars
          coats/cold weather bag w/hats scarfs gloves longjohns, shemagh

          optional stuff…………………………………..
          550 cord
          dutch oven
          firstaid book
          extra glasses

          jumper cables and brillo pad(fire starter)
          sawyer mini filter
          magnifying glass
          tool bag
          digging bar
          tow strap and chain
          jogging stroller to carry stuff when you’re set afoot….you aint carryin’ no 100Lb pack for more than a mile or two, but you can PUSH 100 very easily with this.

          • Great list!

            Thank you for sharing!

      10. And Anna Nichol married for love……….

        • And speakin’ of last gasps, I like to see or hear about Hitlery having hers.

        • Didn’t she????


        • That was one big gal,,,

      11. I think the extension of the tenure of the Bank of England’s head, Mark Carney, is telling. He now won’t leave until 2019. I think that is signalling the system is not ready to go down just yet.

        With the move to fin tech and cashless transactions, the system can buy more time. It was never going to go down under Obama: they couldn’t let him get the blame for the crash. Also consider the boom a war economy will give to the system: we have’t done that yet on full retard.

      12. Inflation is now bad enough in Venezuela that some stores are weighing cash instead of counting it.

        ht tp://

        • i hear cannibalization has been reduced to a misdemeanor in venezuela.

      13. If you placed all $8.5 Trllion us dollar bills stolen from the Pentagon, in a straight line length wize, each one million bills would stretch out to aprox 94.7 Miles long! Rounded off to an even 95 Miles long, that one million us dollar bills multiplied by one million times to equal one trillion bills would then equal a line aprox 95 Million Liles long! Multiplied again by 8.5!

        For an aprox straight line of 807.5 Million Miles long!

        So thats what? aprox 4.5 to 5 times the round trip distance to the SUN and Back!!!

        Most folks have zero actual comprehension of just How Big a Trillion really is eh…Untill it gets figured out in actual one dollar bills worth!

        No Human on earth is capable of even counting one trillion dollars by hand even if they can count two bills per second and do so around the clock 24/7 with zero breakes for an entire lifespan of 80 years of lifetime counting it all…I now forget that actual number of life years it requires?…but somewheres around 34,000 or was it 68,000 Years of lifetimes times eighty years of life!

        Yet even after All that…Them zioboys figured out a way to steal it all and do so in total secrecy, untill donald rumsfeld outted it as “Missing” and “Uable to account for it missing Cash from pentagon”.

        Well Maybe rumsfeld is “unable” to account for it all?…but I sure aint! I Can and Will say, “oh it got Stolen, it certainly got stolen alright! because it is not remotely possible to ever “misplace” that much Cash period…Even just to steal it outright is an amazeing Feat eh! A Feat that could Only be accomplished after a prior 3,500 years practice, doing every devious and nefarious deed and feat immagianable, by the worlds greatest swindler bunch know to exist thru out history eh.

        Oh, wait a minute, we are gonna die, someday. But until then why don’t we calm the F**k down and enjoy the important things in life. Should we prepare? Absolutely, but don’t be consumed by it, because in the end, none of us get out of here alive.

        • Ding! ^^^ that

        • People are dyin to get outta here!

        • Dan,have always quoted a wise man on this site,”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”.

          As for the we are all gonna die part,well,you can have that defeatist attitude but not me!

          • “Live for today, prepare for tomorrow” is exactly my philosophy. Re-read my post.
            As for death, sooner or later it finds us all, that’s reality, not defeatist.
            My point to all of this is, the Michael Snyder’s of the world will keep you tied up in knot’s if you let them. Beware of people who are “calling their shot”, they’re usually selling something.

      15. Why ~ you never print them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      16. And Finally: If every single dollar of that stolen/missing Pentagon $8.5 Trillion in Cash. Was Instead equally paid out to every usa citizen home owner in america….Those combined us citizenery could potentially Buy enough Rope and Chartered Busses for travel to D.C. in order to round up, and hang the guilty perps and thieves!

        With probably quite a few cash dollars left per household to pay off the mortages and repair roads in their hood areas too eh.

        And that is JUST the actual Known of us cash aka taxpayers moneys that we know of in only the Past decade!

        if all forms stolen taxpayer loot is combined since, say, 1913?…Then each usa household Head of househld would likly be a multi millionaire several times over.

        And would have fullfilled their Parents Dream of “Wanting the Next generation to do Better than We/They did”!

        In Fact I 100% do believe We the Boomer gen kids actually were slated to become the worlds biggest single group of such multi millionaires the world has ever yet seen prior, once the WWII gen parents passed away and boomer gen kids inherited all they had, added to whatever boomer gen earned etc too.

        So I am Forced to also 100% believe that the entire issue has been a royal scam pre planned long ago by banksters and shabozz goy opps, to employ EVERY possible scam and swindle and pass as many bogus regs and laws as necessary.

        in order to assure that we the boomer gen NEVER achieve what we would have and should have if the actual “Playing Field” in america was not totally Rigged and pre planned to get so rigged against us boomer gen folks eh.

        Yet we are to never ever Dare to question such nefarious and wicked pre planned opps? Thats total BS eh.

        They could never afford us boomer gen folks to become so wealthy thru inheritences etc gotten from parents and ammased from svery past gen prior to our gens turn.

        Because with so many awakened boomers holding enough cash in hand to actually Pay for whatever it takes to undo and unglue those evils and wrongs that all hold TPTB scams in place…It would spell abject END to their reign of terror against Us and Our Nation and Our Rights.

        And Now the bastards still desire More yet?!! They wish for us boomer gen folks to be Dead too and dead far sooner than intended by Us or our “maker”?

        How Dare They! is what the real Mantra shoud be and be shouted from every rooftop in the usa.

        • Them Guys:

          Great Post !!!!!

          I don’t want to hang the thieves. I just want my money back. NOW.


      17. Ok, late last year about this time, all I heard was how the economy was going to go bust in early 2016. Then it was late spring early summer, then it was late summer early fall, then it was winter. NOW here it is almost 11/1/16 and nothing has happened. So this article says early next year, which means early 2017. Personally, I am tired of this ‘the sky is falling’; ‘the sky is falling’ and will believe it when I see it. Will the economy fail, yes. Obviously no one knows when and obviously no one has been able to predict this crises.

      18. My mags are all loaded with Christmas colors – early this year – for some unknown reason.

        • Green/black and red tip holiday colors?!

          • I have some that are yellow and some that are orange.

            • You guy’s take care. Jesus is who we ALL need to follow – as much as humanly possible.

      19. I saw Satori today … over in the archives
        He looked gaunt…

        • Well, I’m 6’2″ and 152 pounds. Does that make me “gaunt”?

          I’ll kick your ass sideways before you ever saw it coming.

          Screw YOU!

      20. Now it is 2018?

        I will keep my pantry full and my eyes open watching what is occurring on a day to day basis but “it is over tomorrow, oh I mean next week…oh yes six months from now” is really getting old!

        Have you ever heard of “The boy who cried wolf?

      21. Funny how it’s gone from 2015 to 2016 now skipped to 2018. Beginning to wonder if there is any truth to anything on here.

      22. While in agreement with the feeling that something is going to happen, I am really sick and tired of all these trend forecasters and their predictions of impending doom! I have been listening to and reading from so many of these self acknowledged experts for so long that I want to puke. They miss their mark, then move the date….Hell, I could do as good and eventually I would be right! In the meantime, I will store, hide, prep and read and learn, and I’m not going to place a lot of faith in these so called experts! There is only one that knows the date and time…..

      23. Folks,hit ammoseek/slickguns ect.,all calibers/magazines available but am seeing slightly higher pricing,you need to still,well,get shopping.Reloading supplies also available but again,you need,get shopping.

      24. Its amazing to read all the comments that have thrown this crisis to the curb and that the predictions of a crash is bs. News flash, WE are and have been in a crisis since at least 2008! Check out the Baltic dry index. If shipping is in the toilet you need go no further. No raw materials being shipped to manufactures means no factories producing goods and no workers needed!With all the major corps downsizing and dumping employees, where are all the consumers that buy goods and services? America has 90 million working age people out of the job market but unemployment is @5.6%? BS! There has to be population reduction because the majority of mankind at this stage is a liability with no skills required in this modern paradigm. They ran out of road to kick the can down a long time ago. The boy who cried wolf is still crying but the kicker is, he aint effin around this time

      25. If Trump wins, and I believe he is going to, there is going to be a financial crisis. You are right, TPTB can kick the can down the road a good ways, however, for them, the ideal time to do it is putting the pressure on a new U.S. President. The big crises 2000, with new Bush 2008 with new Obama. If it’s Hillary, they’ll hold it off until 2018, which is when the IMF will be trying for a new global reserve currency. If it’s Trump, there will be a stampede for the exits within two weeks.

        HE EXIST.

      27. This is a good post by these experts. But they are giving a longer time frame I believe is much closer. I feel confident that in the first quarter of 2017 we will see the beginning of this disaster. The best advice for anyone who has a little nest egg is to get it where you can lay your hands on it without depending on the bank. When it begins, most likely on a Monday after a weekend, things will rapidly go downhill. So any and everyone who can had best prepare for it NOW. The opening of the fall will probably last about three months (90) days before ANY small relief begins to show. So you’re going to need funds for at least that amount of time.

      28. Are you kidding me??!! How long can you drag out the year of the COLLAPSE? There will be no COLLAPSE!

        Move on already!

      29. First, I’m glad I picked up some silver a few weeks ago on the dip. It’seems gone up a dollar an ounce. JM Bullion is running 10 ounces of rounds for spot for a limited time. Without a premium, that’s a sweet little promotion.

        I woke up this morning thinking about China. Strange, huh? Last night was funny. We went to the new Jack Reacher movie to get away from the goblins here- had a nice date night… good sleep… and I wake up thinking this thought. China owns us. They don’t want to annihilate us. They want to crack the whip and make us more productive. Hence they will seek to reduce or eliminate the underclass. That’s what I woke up thinking/dreaming…FWIW.

      30. GrayFox…..I agree, i’m tired of all these predictions. If we do have a little more time, Great. My eyes were opened the first of this year. I’ve been trying to play catch up. I’ve been getting some real good pointers from the people here.

      31. The “collapse” is a process, not an event. The process has been going on for some time now. There will probably be notable events within the process. But it’s a slow tortuous process.

      32. Can we get a year and a month.

      33. Classic left vote fraud: One PA. voter born April 7, 1853

        “… as the redoubtable Robert Knight recently revealed, hundreds of voters over 100 have been casting ballots, apparently for years. One was reportedly born on August 7, 1853, making him a very young 163. He voted in both 2008 and 2012. Hopefully he won’t miss the 2016 election. It’s great to see that sort of commitment to our democracy! Even more impressive, hundreds of voters were listed with birthdates of 1800. To be a double centenarian, but still able to go to the polls. That is real democracy in action.”

        Leftist fraud is now just brazen, arrogant in-your-face. Only a party of publicly outed liars Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Donna “I didn’t give no stinkin’ questions to Hilary” Brazile could do this….

        • TEST,

          I agree. That is brazen fraud.

      34. Once upon a time but not anymore there were Romans who said the Empire is falling. Charts indicate they were correct. History indicates their children and grand-children were saying the same thing 25 and 50 years later. And their great grand-children also!

        The problem with civilization breaking down is how we always constantly apply fixes at the same time.

        It could all be fixed. It could all be perfect but it would require dumping a lot of old habits which are akin to heirlooms.

        On the other hand, wars get bigger and bigger and the end of wars gets more definite to perhaps a point of annihilation. Not to suggest that isn’t the point of war. It kind of excludes warriors from Universal travel.

      35. Let’s see, the collapse was supposed to happen in 2012, then 2015, now 2018. I guess if you keep guessing, you are bound to be right once. maybe.

      36. The Bond Market won’t crash until there’s a significant loss of confidence in the U.S. Falling currencies around the would indicate the reverse is true. I believe Japan, Europe, China, or some fall first, then there will be a more serious run UP on the dollar, and then after a short period of time the world will realize that the U.S. is made out of funny money and everyone will head to the exits at the same time. Now that’s a crash!!

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