Intelligence Insider Warns Of Imminent War: “Likely In The Next 12 Weeks… The Director Of The CIA Told Me”

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Headline News | 143 comments

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    Having worked closely with U.S. intelligence agencies over the last two decades, James Rickards was once asked to simulate asymmetric economic attacks on the U.S. financial system. He is an expert at escalation scenarios and end games, and in a recent article at The Daily Reckoning he warns that the geopolitical situation on the Korean Peninsula will soon come to a head.

    According to Rickards, author of The Road To Ruin: The Global Elites Secret Plan For The Next Financial Crisiswhile the world concerns itself with stock bubbles, bitcoin and debt, the most imminent threat we face is military confrontation with North Korea.

    And while the rogue state has been an ongoing  threat for many years, the first half of 2018 will likely see the trigger that sets the whole powder keg off:

    The most important financial or geopolitical issue in the world today is a coming war between the U.S. and North Korea, probably in the next twelve weeks.

    How can I be so sure about the timing? The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency told me.

    In a private conclave in Washington DC on October 20, 2017, CIA Director Mike Pompeo told a small think tank group (including me) that it would be imprudent to assume it would take North Korea more than ‘five months’ to have a reliable arsenal of nuclear-armed ICBM missiles. These could strike U.S. cities and kill millions of Americans.

    Five months from October 20, 2017 is March 20, 2018. That’s an outside date but the war will likely begin before then.

    That would create an element of surprise — and avoid the surprise of a faster than expected deployment of strategic weapons by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

    Source: The Daily Reckoning via Survival and Prosperity

    Interestingly, a very similar timeline was put forth by Chinese General Wang Gongguang, who indicated that hostilities could break out at anytime between now and March.

    As Rickards highlights in his report, the United States has coexisted with other nuclear powers like Russia and China without any serious incidents since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960’s. But North Korea is different, because unlike these nuclear super powers, Kim Jong Un has repeatedly threatened the destruction of the United States and killing millions of people in the process.

    Some have suggested that Kim may be bluffing, but what if he isn’t?

    The Trump administration has made it crystal clear that they are prepared to call the bluff and a nuclear armed North Korea, especially one with ICMB’s capable of striking major U.S. cities, will not be allowed. Rickards continues:

    We relied on deterrence, containment, sanctions, diplomacy, and eventually arms treaties to avoid a nuclear war. Why not do the same with Kim?

    President Trump’s National Security Advisor, General H. R. McMaster answered that question at our Washington conclave also.

    He said acceptance of a nuclear-armed North Korea is ‘unacceptable’. The U.S. will stop North Korea from acquiring its nuclear capability in the first place rather than learning to live it.

    Earlier this year it was reported that Japanese citizens who sit in the direct cross-hairs of the North have been building bunkers in anticipation of a potential war. In the United States, cities like San Francisco and the State of Hawaii are actively reviewing their nuclear contingency plans in the event of an attack.

    As well, at the height of tensions in August, panic buying of nuclear preparedness supplies led to widespread shortages of anti-radiation pills, which have also been stockpiled in the millions by the U.S. government.

    The general public may not understand the seriousness of the threat, but it appears that someone out there does.

    China, Russia, the United States and North Korea are all mobilizing for a coming war.

    President Trump’s national security teams have set deadlines and determined military options, including a decapitation strike on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should the order be given.

    By all accounts, the world appears to be on the precipice.


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      1. get the popcorn. they might actually do it this time.

          • amazing how people here dont use the search function, aint it 🙂

            See you next Christmas, brother!

            • A refreshing dose of fearporno courtesy of Slavo & associates. Now gullible animals, purchase the garbage advertised on this shitty site

          • wow 2013 and 2014 were bad years. i just dodnt realize it before?

          • Thank you. A voice of reason. “The world is ending because someone told me” is getting pathetically stale.

            • Thanks for the link. Everyone here should read that article. Everyone !!! 🙂

              • I read the article and several others. Great insights.

          • Wilson,
            I thought the insiders quit their jobs and headed to their deep underground shelters years ago. Because something big was going to happen any day.

          • You obviously have way too much time on your hands. Get a job, hippie.

            • Why? according to the article, OMG! war is about to break out ANY SECOND!!

        • I sure hope so. I am sick and tired of this pissing contest that is being pictured in the MSM all the time. Something needs to happen.

          • The biggest threat to the US is the CIA. Their job is to spread hate and violence across the globe to keep the US in perpetual wars and conflicts. Get rid of the entire department of CIA psychopathic scumbags and the US would find itself in decades of peace and prosperity. Thats what we need to do. Replace the CIA with the Department of Peace and prosperity. The Military Industrial Complex Mafia is licking their chops for more war. Need to take the profit out of war and tax the hell out of all these companiee and bankers who profit off of war. Call it a war tax. $5 to $7 Trillion wasted in the middle east in the last 16 years. Its pathetic and all for what? Higher gas prices at the pump and more rogue dictators. Saudi and Israhell attacked us on 9-11. Never forget the 5 dancing G3ws Mossad agents sent from the land of the squaters over here to film the planes hitting the towers on 911 then celebrated and danced with joy. Thats our true enemy. Never forget that folks.

            • The Chaos Inducing Agency.

              • Rename it the CYA it would be more accurate.

            • This site is always pushing war. A thinly veiled disinfo site. IMHO!

              • BS! All disinfo sites moderate. You just proved you are full of BEX!

                • Over one million spam comments have been caught by the Akismet commenting system in the last 30 days alone.

                  If we didn’t moderate the comment areas would be filled with porn and “I make $5,721 a day” links.

                  Moderation, especially for new usernames, is unfortunately a necessity for internet forums.

                  • Make all comments visible for those that want to see it, so we can all see what is being “moderated”.

                    Not that it matters on this site, this site is 99 and 4/10th pure BS. This is an entertainment site to anybody with any sense which has more false information than real information, a LOT more false information to the point that any real information that might accidentally show up here is either coincidence or mistake.

                    • “Make all comments visible for those that want to see it, so we can all see what is being “moderated”.”

                      Thats the dumbest f’king idea I’ve ever heard.

                      The point is so we dont have to wade through a sea of garbage posts by bots. If Thorby is so paranoid as to think his comment is moderated for content, feel free to head on over to an unmoderated comment section elsewhere.

                  • Turns out the porn and the $5721 a day are the same link. LOL.

              • Pushing war? or warning of it?

                The comments made by leaders in the United States, Russia, China and North Korea shouldn’t be ignored.

                • ???

            • It’s not the CIA.

              It’s the whole damed federal government. It’s completely, irredeemably, corrupt. If they actually drained the swamp, what would be left over is a few rocks, and some mud. There’s NOTHING in the federal government worth saving. It’s entirely criminal at this point.

            • Well said. Fact upon fact.

        • To quote Bruce Willis, “yippee-ki-yay mother ‘F’er”. Why not? It’s long past time for a good ol’ WW. Going to be one hell of a party (or a party in one hell or the other). Like an old end of night bar call “rack em, shack em, it’s time to go, it’s Ace Motel time doncha know?”.

          • The first thing they’d do is take out most of Southern California.


            If they want to scare us off they should stop threatening something that would actually be a benefit to the United States…


        • This time might be different. However, Russia, and China have both stated they will back North Korea if the U.S. fires the first shot, which may be the only thing that prevents a war. North Korea, in this situation can just run their mouth, and bide their time, until they can actually pull off some kind of real first strike. I’d wager it won’t happen in the next six months.

          • I’ll take that bet. TRUMP is not OBAMA. He understands that the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to throttle Kim. More importantly, the Marine Generals who will make the decision for him understand this fact.

            NK IS becoming a very real existential threat to the USA, treaty with China or not.

            If the roles were reversed, and Japan was threatening China like NK is threatening US, would China hesitate to “mitigate” the threat ??? I think not.

            Russia and China are NOT prepared to engage in WWIII with the USA over NK …. AT THIS POINT IN TIME …. another year or two of kicking the can down the road and they might be. For NOW, both powers want to avoid a direct clash with the US; because ………

            At this point in time, neither China nor Russia are capable of beating the US alone, or together, in either a conventional or nuclear war. It would be suicide for all involved. 🙁

            • The want to avoid war because those countries are not murdering psychopaths that have spent way to long patting themselves on the back in a jingoistic orgy of condradulations. Check yourself my man. Nobody is going to come out of a NK war unscathed and it seems only China and the Russians are fully aware of this.

            • Hey, who has North Korea attacked in the last 70 years?

              Who has the UNITED STATES attacked in the last 70 years?

              Americans are funny, in that they think that their totally insane, belligerent, militaristic, fascist government is the good guy in the white hat still.

              Hey, find that weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq yet? Hey, stop that humanitarian crisis in Libya? Well, at least ISIL is out of Syria but strangely the United States refuses to leave..

              It’s going to be a hoot when the American sheeple wake up to realize they are the new brownshirts of the world.

              • Can’t compare apples and oranges; which is what you are doing. I am not suggesting anything other than the fact that the security of the USA is directly threatened by NK and that threat will be eliminated.

                That’s the bottom line. End of story. End of NK as Kim knows it. 🙂

                • Apples and oranges?

                  The United States federal government is staffed and entirely controlled by LIARS. They lied about Iraq, they lied about Libya, they lied about Syria, they are lying about North Korea.

                  I am not suggesting anything other than the fact that the security of the USA is directly threatened by NK and that threat will be eliminated.

                  Then you’re not very smart then.

                  North Korea isn’t a threat to the United States. The United States is a threat to North Korea. The United States is the country that is a threat to every other nation. Should be blatantly obvious at this point to anybody.

                  It’s the United States that is the rogue nation. It’s the United States that starts wars. It’s the United States that has been murdering people all over the world. The reason the Europe has a million refugees is that the United States created every single one of those refugees.

                  Tired of lunatics running the United States, tired of you chickenhawk scum giving these lunatics cover all the time. The United States is run by criminals, and you’re the go along to get along brownshirt traitors supporting it all the time. Are you really this dumb? The United States hasn’t won a war since Grenada. Iraq is in civil war, Libya is in civil war, Afghanistan has gone from producing 3% of the world’s opium supply in 2002 to 85% in 2016 (I bet that’s a coincidence!!!). When will you idiots grow either a principle, or a braincell?

                  • Great point. Hope the best for all…………………….

              • Ask me if I give a fuck.

                What you don’t seem to get is that kissing everyone’s ass (at this point) is just going to invite them to kick yours.

                So if I have to pick what side I’m on, pal it’s not theirs. I’d be lower than whale shit to them.

                We passed the point that we could be the blameless guy back somewhere a bit after WW2. Yeah oh well.

                • Then you pay for it, and you fight it.

                  God, you’re worse than the welfare queens. You’re always willing to spend a few hundred billion dollars, as long as you’re not paying for it, and as long as somebody else has to do the fighting.

                  If the US goes to war with North Korea, the US will just lose again. If they US uses nuclear weapons, China will retaliate. Wish you idiots would be able to recognize a no-win situation.

                  Tired of you stupid Neocon Nazis. Most incompetent group of idiots ever to run this nation. Can’t win any wars, can’t uphold any treaties, can’t negotiate anything, can’t do anything for the US economy, can’t tell the truth about anything. When will you realize, you’re the dumbest idiots ever to run this nation? You idiots are going to destroy the United States in the same way the idiot Communists destroyed the USSR. Hope you’ve read up on what happened to the communist loyalists in the USSR, Neocon dirtbag. You’re next.

            • Correction, sir. The US is NOT prepared to engage in WW3 with China and Russia over NK.
              Do not underestimate the resolve of Putin and Xi. Those guys DON’T PLAY.

      2. Yea though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death……..

        • North Korea AGAIN? Ho hum, back to sleep.

          • i am more worried about those bad a$$ intestinal worms in north korea. they should export those in the sushi.

          • More like Rickards again?…….

            • IFA has 50lb. bags of popcorn on sale, I might need it lol.

              • Don’t forget the salt. Iodized salt, that is. Eat popcorn while protecting the thyroid and watching the beautiful mushroom clouds bloom.

                • Check. Got loads of it and canned butter too!

              • Popcorn makes the best cornmeal. It is much easier to grind than dent corn.

                • After living at my BOL for 34 months off the grid. I went through my entire BOB bag and laughed. Lots of expiration dates expired on such items as my Potassium Iodide for the nuke radiation threat. Took out 90% of BS hygene products and replaced in my bag with snares, more tools, a .22 pistol and ammo, paracord, gloves and warm clothes. I keep another draw string bag filled with my camo BDU’s and boots etc for the quick change out of civilian clothes to go disappear into the woods for remote survival. I will depart on my kayak from my property into the remote wilderness miles into the swamp until any threat disappears. Packing my GPS, more local County paper maps and a battery solar charger for Coms and my GPS and flashlight and headlamp.. I need another kayak to tow behind as a supply carrier when I disappear in the night. Stealthy amd silent. I need to stash a cache of supplies in the remote as a stagging area. I practice cooking with firewood and campfires. Get these skills down now folks while you can. Practice starting fires with your fire steel. Knowledge and skills will save you. Know how to trap game and wild edibles and practice now. Go do some winter camping in a tent now even in your back yard. That will make you rethink your Bugout Bag contents. Got to have hands on now. Practice makes perfect. Its still going to be a challenge to survive just creating enough food daily.
                  Formerly CSS Crack summ skulls

                  • My biggest fear is starvation. Also repacking a good fushing kit with lots of hooks. And bright green marking tape to tie to my snares so I can find them after I set my snares for the day then go fish. You need to have a good 2 weekds food like MRE’s or Mt House to get you to your location and set up camp to get the be able to pricure food and game. Starvation is a demoralizing humiliation defeat that will break you. Beaides thirst. Have water filtration backups. The time may be approaching. If you had to take off on foot only what you could carry. What would you take? I have a all weather hammock sleep system. The cold damp ground will suck the heat out of your body and you will get sick. Get prepared fokks.

                    • The longer your hungry the weaker you get, the more clouded your judgement, vicious cycle

                  • Gee, glad you’re safe. You’re the guy who is the EMP expert, right? The one with the FBI? The “energy expert,” and all?

                    Neat how you changed your name! Now you can write the same stuff as before, but they won’t know what you really are, right?

                    Funny how a troll is always a troll no matter what name they change it to!

          • If you lived in Alaska, well within range of his missiles since 2012, you’d not be so nonchalant about this.

            I know we keep hearing it. But, remember the story about the boy who cried ‘Wolf.’ Do remember — the wolf FINALLY DID COME – though no one reacted because he’d cried it so often.

            We’re thankful for our military men/women in Alaska – even though OBAMA cut our missile defense budget from 12 billion to 2 billion. Trump has increased it somewhat, but is it enough? I’m afraid we will eventually find out – sad to say.The fact HI, Japan, and others are taking it VERY SERIOUSLY means something to me.

            Blessings on all of us regardless of where we live. Let’s pray the attack comes later than soon. Just prepare devoutly to see yourself, your family, and your neighbors safe.


            Son of Liberty

            • Im down here in the 50th, and yes, the wolf eventually came,
              The biggest problem in our state is exactly as you say too where people dont pay attention, they didnt expect Japan to blow the crap outa Pearl either.

            • Exactly. It takes time for tensions to escalate to war. Sometimes it progresses other times cools off for a bit. So that guy giving warnings in 2014 wasn’t wrong. And things have escalated tremendously since then. Bottom line….be prepared always. In Ohio we’ve topped up for winter storms. But if we get nuked, we have a contingency plan. If we don’t…life goes on as usual.

        • …I shall fear no fakenews and regurjitated stories

          • Yup, it gets old and pretty boring

            • NB, about as silly and boring as a room full of fat union guys talking about what they deserve ? HA HA HA !

              • Happy new year to all and glad to see the last vestiges of 2017 and Barrack Obama fall by the wayside. Time for much better days and some sanity !

                I hope BHO, Holder, Lynch and Hillary all go to jail as well as all the rest of the real criminals.

      3. Create consensus for war, then prepare everyone by telling them it’s coming. Then have your war. Enjoy.

      4. The Norks have been making hostile threats since the Truce was signed in 1953. The civilized world has allowed their ongoing effort to build ICBMs with nukes.

        Why is there any startlement about a war with them? They should have been hammered ten or twenty years ago.

        • Because before they didn’t have nukes. Now they do, so it’s soon to be game over for fat boy.

      5. Some would do well to understand nuclear war logic. To knock out a city is nothing. A million could die, of course, but just like the 8th Air Force knocked out German war production to stop the flow of German fighters and bombers,(didn’t succeed), a nuclear opponent of ours would seek to first knock out our ability to reply in kind (nuclear) to keep us from destroying THEM. It can’t really be done. You could hit every missile base in the US, destroy every plane capable of carrying a nuke, but you would never be able to get all the subs and other ships that carry nuke strike capability. There is no where on the planet out of the reach of the US Navy nuclear strike. Also, we have nukes in orbit. Yeah, I know, treaties, it’s verboten, against international law, etc. Since when has the US been so careful to follow even it’s own domestic laws?

      6. Let’s say that the US goes to war against NoKo. Let’s say China and Russia don’t actually take part in the shooting. But they resupply Kim with updated SAM’s. They provide satellite intel. Etc. Remember how this worked out in the ‘Nam? What’s the price tag for us? We’re still paying for Iraq and Afghanistan. Good bye Seoul. Come on tough guy taxpayers. How much? The collapse of your dollar? Your pension? Your job? The Chinese and Russians can sit on the side lines and watch us finish off our economy.

        • God damn the fucking bloodthirsty neocons. REAL PATRIOTS know that most of our mortal
          enemies come from WITHIN the country. Look at who serves the military-industrial complex. Who are the Federal Reserve puppets? The ones itching for American involvement in every conflict in the world. Watch out for Cotton. He’s the new McCain.
          He is being groomed to take McCain’s place as the head neocon. If he says we should get
          involved anywhere- then we should do the exact opposite. Wise Americans- speak up and
          let your representatives know we do not need any more budget draining wars over nothing.
          They get the media all hyped up with imaginary threats from countries that are already
          terrified of us. This two party system is a scam. You have the commies and the hawks.
          Either way, the takedown of this country is guaran-fucking-teed.

          • There will be no nuclear war. Possibly some kind of reaction to take out the current regime in NK and nothing more.and that too will have limits and be focused on a narrow outcome. It will be very swift and very effective and save a lot of grief for all of us as well as many NORKs who will finally get some sort of life. Trump will be the hero.

        • We have evolved into a war and welfare economy. Thanks to Woodrow Wilson. This started in 1913 and has become entrenched. If we demand an end to fiat money the fed reserve banksters and the international monetary fund rulers will cripple Romerica.

        • you are right, people assume it will be just like Iraq and just watch it on TV. Never assume. Maybe NK could hit the US with an EMP?

          • Honestly, it wouldnt even take a large scale EMP, can you imagine the problems created by conventional weapons peppering SF or LA? Or small nukes sea launched? We dont have any sort of defense to that anywhere except perhaps a few spots on WC, EC, gulf, one nuke in the heart of Long beach would cripple most of the west coast, that crisis would do it, same thing for major ports in the east, the reality is they can get far more effect from bedlam than total destruction.

            • Re: can you imagine the problems created by conventional weapons peppering SF or LA?

              Problems created, no.
              Problems solved, for sure. SF and LA are infested with problems that can be solved quickly in this manner.

              • Good point

        • Resupply WHO ??? The deal is on the table already. The US knocks out ALL of Kim’s military (virtually overnight) and secure’s any remaining nukes with ROK Marines and US Special forces. Then LEAVES !!!

          A puppet UN government force moves in with lots of Chinese military police to maintain order and distribute supplies purchased in China paid for by American taxpayers.

          China is the real geopolitical winner. If Kim is not eliminated BOTH Japan and SK go nuclear. It’s a no-brainer for China who does and will continue to dominate the region economically.

          Strategically, China loses big time if SK & Japan go nuclear!!! BIGLY !!! If you were China and push came to shove, would you throw Kim under the bus??? Of course !!! 🙂

          • Bull. Fucking. Shit. If we attack NK, China goes all in. And it won’t be as military police.
            Xi already told Trump, it ain’t gonna happen. If it does, you have Korean War 2.
            Trade with China comes to a screeching halt, and good luck trying to buy anything that ends up in Walmart (other than food).

      7. Watch Saudi-Yemen conflict. Don’t be surprised if USA gets involved. A message sent to
        Iran for supporting the Houthis. Then regime change in Yemen with a puppet that kowtows
        to KSA and signs oil deals with the USA. Gotta keep that petro dollar alive somehow.
        Don’t be surprised if KSA backstabs the Deep State neocons afterwards and accepts ONLY
        Yuan for oil. After we rid the Saudis of all their enemies on the Arabian peninsula, then expect a HUGE shift by them over to Russia and China. We will get played again. Expect
        some kind of false flag to get us involved. They may stage some phony missile attack
        against one of our warships or something like that. At the same time, a possible Israeli Army assault into Lebanon to get something started with Hezbollah. The goal is to provoke
        Iran into doing something. That is what they are looking at. Provoke Iran. If they can provoke Iran, they will have the proverbial green light to kick off something HUGE.

        • Tend to agree with you on all it Anon. IF something does start, will most likely be with Hezbollah. NK situation feels like a distraction, plus I can’t see Russia or China “allowing” the US to do any kind of strikes on the Korean Peninsula.

        • Anon, the US has been involved in Yemen for 5 years already.

          • I’m talking about large numbers of troops going in to facilitate regime change. Right now
            all we have in there are forward observers calling in the airstrikes. They are doing a shitty
            job because hospitals and other nonmilitary targets are getting blown to smithereens.
            We have SF and intel operatives in there. Not in large numbers.

      8. mhv6 5

      9. The evangelical Christians are wetting their pants waiting for an apocalypse to take them “home,” or whatever. Some of these crazies in the military and government. Sick.

        • @Stormy

          So…are you gonna be the new Nero and blame Rome burning down on the Christians (which may be an apocryphal tale) ?

          What’s your evidence these ‘Crazies’ are in any positions of power, policy, or have launch code access?

          Did it scare you when the last President had ‘crazies’ in power positions that wanted a “fundamental transformation of the United States?”

          I can probably reel off some names w/ just a little research, can you ?


          • Yes, let’s hear it Stormy.
            bb, I’m thinking it’s another drive-by comment with nothing to back it up.

          • ???
            Its time for the new crusades if you ask me, always been a fan of the templar cross

        • Stormy,
          Who were the loons that started the 2012 cataclysm hysteria? Sure wasn’t those church folks.

      10. To who this may concern on dec 22 2017 in San Diego I and my wife and close friends witnessed the Missile Lunch and it did not come from any base in calif .We were about 150 ft Above sea level unobstructed view of the Horizon And Clearly saw the sea lunch . The missile flew by MY CITY AND RELEASED A STEERABLE DEVICE .What ever detached clearly moved toward San DIEGO NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. A Message was sent to or shores again .I have seen missiles lunched from Vandenburg before this was a SEA LUNCHED MISSILE PERIOD ..

        • Mike, interesting observation. Have you found any news source reporting this? I’d love to read more. It didn’t look like a traditional launch.

          • Oh it was just a weather balloon. Nothing to see here, move along…

            • I thought it was swamp gasss

        • I was in Socal I just saw it in the sky and something (I assume??) fell off. I thought the something was a meteorite cause I saw both things at the same time, I did not actually see the second thing come off the first thing. I guess it coulda been a stage peeling off or something.

          Could not tell where it was heading, it was overcast.

      11. 12 weeks is 3 months. So shore up your supplies and get right with God.

        For me tomorrow the wife and I are going to add stuff to our supplies. “Better to have it and not need it that not have it and need it”.

        Damn cold here in central Illinois (-0) so I’m going to spend my time on the reloading bench. Just finished up my 300 Win Mags, and now working on my 45LC. about 100 left to do. Then I tackle my 44 Mags, 357/38’s and 9mm.

        Hope everyone had a GREAT CHRISTMAS. Please folks have a Safe, Happy, and Well Prepped New Year.

        • May I recommend Blu Dot for .357 and Power Pistol for 9mm. Blue dot is kinda dirty but makes a whoop ass load, power pistol is mil powder and makes great loads too. I once made some 9mm with 88gr. HP’s and power pistol and they were just shy of 1700fps.! I’m still on the fence about a glock 17 or a baretta 92. I like the feel of the 92 but the 17 holds 17 rds vs. 15.

        • After living at my BOL for 34 months off the grid. I went through my entire BOB bag and laughed. Lots of expiration dates expired on such items as my Potassium Iodide for the nuke radiation threat. Took out 90% of BS hygene products and replaced in my bag with snares, more tools, a .22 pistol and ammo, paracord, gloves and warm clothes. I keep another draw string bag filled with my camo BDU’s and boots etc for the quick change out of civilian clothes to go disappear into the woods for remote survival. I will depart on my kayak from my property into the remote wilderness miles into the swamp until any threat disappears. Packing my GPS, more local County paper maps and a battery solar charger for Coms and my GPS and flashlight and headlamp.. I need another kayak to tow behind as a supply carrier when I disappear in the night. Stealthy amd silent. I need to stash a cache of supplies in the remote as a stagging area. I practice cooking with firewood and campfires. Get these skills down now folks while you can. Practice starting fires with your fire steel. Knowledge and skills will save you. Know how to trap game and wild edibles and practice now. Go do some winter camping in a tent now even in your back yard. That will make you rethink your Bugout Bag contents. Got to have hands on now. Practice makes perfect.
          Formerly CSS Crack summ skulls

          • Most excellent advice. Back in my Boy Scout leader days, we would tell the kids and the parents what to bring/pack in their pack for the outing. And our troop camped year round so it would depend upon the season. I could list the stupid stuff they brought–some because the boys thought it cool, some because their parents “knew better”–but it would be a long list.

            For serious long hikes (week long), we would have shake down trips locally. If they goofed, we let them suffer the consequences if it would not be life threatening (one kid forgot his sleeping bag but only once). Those practice trips really made a big difference in their attitude toward the information given out. On the long trips, stuff sometimes broke. We didn’t quit or call for help (though we could have if we found a pay phone–no mobiles back then), we repaired or found alternatives.

            I learned so much. My best tip is this. If your feet are your transportation, have good footwear. Have great good fitting boots and plenty of good wool socks with sock liners. No cotton socks; they don’t wear well and your feet will get damp and cold so not worth the weight to carry. Also, carry some sandals such as Teva for crossing water higher than your boots; also nice in camp in the evening so your boots can air out.

            The rest is negotiable (except the cotton thing) in how you want to keep your body comfortable; dry in rain, cool in heat, warm in cold weather. Lots of options for cooking, sleeping, hydration and so on.

            Skills are not negotiable. When things get tough, these will see you through. By the way, skills are what you know how to do well because you’ve done them not what you read and think you understand.

            I suppose a GPS would be handy but I don’t have one outside the map thing on on my phone. In backcountry, I’m paper maps (in a ZipLock) and a compass. Haven’t been in backcountry in a while, I need to get out and practice my compass skills.

      12. Why not take out fatso and his morons…save the poor Korean people the destruction..put in a civilized regime to calm this crap down…

        • Oh I have no doubt that we will, but it won’t end with that. The US is the world’s big bully, always will be until other counties fed up with it band together and collectively take over the US.

        • That all sounds good but look at these asshats track record on that action, not so good, these buttheads use a hoe ram for detailed chisel work, dont work so well

        • Because the US is only using North Korea as an excuse to surround China with nuclear weapons, just as they used Iran as an excuse to surround Russia with nuclear weapons.


      13. The war in the middle east is winding down so we need another conflict to prevent the phony Romerican economy from imploding. War and or welfare.

        • Both… ‘war and welfare’ and there will be NO RESET BUTTON!

      14. I think that James Rickard’s is a total Deep State insider. I take anything he says to be high-level black propaganda.

        • He sells a lot of books. That’s for sure. He must get all his info from Lord Moncton. hahaha

      15. I already knew this was coming… that’s why I’ve been researching and prepping for how to survive a nuclear attack. This might not be real this time, but one of these days it will be.

        • Maybe consider an old mine or cave with a sealed door and air filtration? Thats my plan.

          • Im just going to put on my shades and make up some popcorn,

            • Better use welding goggles lol. But hey, think of the nice tan you will have!

      16. Though I don’t disagree that the risk of altercation exists; whatever you do, don’t take Jim Rickards word for it. There has been no one man in recent times that has been more wrong than Jim Rickards. He has made it a vocation of throwing out dates of catastrophe which ends up passing by with no effect. He’s made millions scaring people into making financial changes in their lives only to have nothing occur. He is a fear monger.

      17. Is it against the law to protest war planning in public as free speech? The march to war requires millions to protest publicly. Slim chance as people just don’t realize how powerful their collective voices are.

      18. Who really cares.

      19. i REALLY believe this is it….I Really don’t care who is behind all of this war talk…the Bildebergs, the Deep State, the military industrial Complex companies, etc…..I am digging in….
        I found a copy of..” In time of Emergency…a citizens handbook on nuclear attack, etc”….If any one is without this guide ( tells u how to make some simple, quick, expedient fall out shelters…list of supplies to get….etc) I will make a copy and send it to you for $9.95 p;us $3.05 s & h to the 48 states. I will also include some pages from survival manual, SF-4 which is a TRAINING manual. These pages include more info about nuclear preparedness as well as tables of exposure levels and if you will survive or not. The fatality tables are a bit much to put in the CD publication, but the military does not pull any punches. I don;t have a house any more so am building an expedient shelter in my apartment…then I am going to hunker down…..

        • You do realize that guide is free to download. Not to mention most of us posters here are way beyond buying crap like that. I’m not sure how everyone else feels about someone coming in here just to peddle his Snake oil , I don’t appreciate it.

        • Info can definitely be the difference between misery and getting by, most people dont get it

      20. if it needs to blow – early spring is better than dead of winter – well into spring would be better yet …

        a winter SHTF in the north could be 50X worse than one during any other time of the year …

        just for insurance make sure your fuel is kept topped off and your winter SHTF plans are solid …

        • Winter is advantage US, our soldiers are well equipped and well fed. N Koreans are always on the verge of starvation. The NK soldiers are only slightly better off than civilians. If NK is forced to fight in the cold, the cold will kill many and handicap the rest. It takes a lot of calories to keep a soldier fit for fighting in the dead of winter.

          Not that I want war, but it makes bitter cold sense to let Mother Nature kill your enemy for you.

          • not worried about the military catching cold – worried about any war carry-over SHTFs to the US Mainland …. world of shit to have fuel or grid down problems during the dead of winter ….

          • But then, you’re probably thinking the Norks were well fed during the first Korean War too.

            And… you’re probably thinking the NVA and VC were WELL FED too.

            To many Americans are suckered by CIA/MSM propaganda.

            But then, that is your typical “American exceptionalism” showing.

            • Arrogance and ignorance gets people killed

              • Patriot Bob bought all the cool gear
                From his couch he had little fear
                He had camo this and camo that
                He had XXXL because he’s so fat
                He read all the fear porn and bought shit from the ads
                The world will end soon good god and eeegads!
                He had freeze dried water and freeze dried beer
                For any day now the end would be here
                With a pallet of chips and onion dip too
                He was pretty sure he could make it through
                His nails were chewed right down to the bone
                What’s that I hear, I think it’s a drone
                His pants were filled with a big mighty mess
                He wondered how they got his address
                A big heart attack took out the old slob
                And so goes the story of patriot Bob…

      21. Damn, that water is cold.

      22. Doesn’t inspire me to quit my job. Came close but just didn’t quite make it.

      23. This is old business, should have been dealt with year ago. There is truth Korea and USA are still at war.

        Now its a game of my is bigger, no one the world wish to either North Korea or the USA drop there panties and we all find out whom is bigger.
        Here in Australia China is the single most issue.
        What can you do? Have fine whiskey in hand and enjoy the show.

        • Too bad your government disarmed all of you Aussies.
          When hordes of ChiComs land on your beach you can greet them with slingshots.

      24. Fake News!

      25. “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” Luke 21:26

        It’s not called the end times for no reason.

      26. Who is rogue nation here. The US makes lots of threats to nations and then goes and bombs and invades them. Pretty rogue behaviour I would suggest.

      27. I am not offended by rhetorical questions, etc, but, when there are scares and hoaxes, think that people should be held legally accountable.

        • People that stage false flag events like the Sandy Hook hoax need to be held accountable for their lies, including the media for propagating fake news to the sheeple.

          • How did it end for Chicken Little. He was eventually right, but noone listened.

            Response fatigue and incitement to panic are considered criminal acts, for a reason.

            If someone can’t differentiate between what is real and imaginary, he is causing you to be lax and unprepared.

            If it turns out to be the case, that a tipster has just provided you with some infotainment, for the sake of mental escapism, he should be stigmatized for that, coarsely, to set an example.

            • (The boy who cried wolf.) Speaking of fatigue, it is time for me to take a break. Hopefully, this typo has not caused anyone to panic.

      28. Before things go sideways, make sure you can make fire by at least three different methods. BTW, the small Bic lighter has enough fuel to last approx. 1,000 lites. The regular size Bic lighter-approx. 3,000. Purchase the lighters that are light colored so you can shine a flashlight up against the side of the lighter to see what level your fuel is at. Learn how to obtain dry firewood after the wood has received a soaking rain.

        • Most people dont even think about how they will cook without power or piped gas, let alone how long their food will last when something interrupts the supply chain, it will get interesting, thats for certain,
          A good stash of wood and a rocket stove will be helpful, the knowledge of alternative methods and uses of everything and anything will be golden,
          It can all change in an instant regardless of geopolitical bullshit or predictions, mother nature could burp and send us back to the iceage in short order and most wouldnt even realize what happened.

          • NB, what you say is true. I’m more concerned about what Mother Nature can do than a nuke. She can hand you your ass in seconds and is always present.

            • And she always wins.

            • Always present and vast!
              One 200 ton space rock could end it all!

        • You can get 50 full size BIC lighters on ebay for 50 bux. Don’t buy the POS lighters that leak or fail.

          • You could have one hell of a garage sale with that and probably a thousand other things
            that you will never need.

      29. It is amazing to me that so few people realize what war will mean when they so freely throw the term around. Go to WWII and the Russian front to get a good idea. Mass against mass means millions of dead and wounded Hillary brags about 400,000trooops but they lost more than that fighting for Stalingrad alone the end of WWII in east Europe will give you good idea of life in the US. masses of armed men owing no obligation except to themselves. Murder common motivated by race, politics and religion. No fuel, food or medical care. Death as common as blades of grass. Suicide by the thousands. Are you really ready for that in your front yard. There is time but maybe it is a pink chiffon world after all

        • Damn right I’m ready. Got my made-in-China Rambo survival knife, filled the hollow handle with cinnamon toothpicks like one guy used to post about. Also got my Michael Snyder survival books, and a hammer and box of nails, so I’m ready for anything.

      30. I don’t speak Korean but I won’t believe what Kim is supposed to have said when we’re told it by lying scumbags who want war.

        America will start the war that kills a billion and they’ve already blamed North Korea for it.

      31. I hope i am right under a mushroom cloud.
        I AM TIRED………..

      32. I would say that a false flag (gulf of Tonkin) event is coming very soon. It will give the stupid American Fools a reason to stand behind POTUS…..and sing God Bless America & The Yanks are Coming while the US military murders millions of poor starving NK souls. All in the name of Democracy & Freedom. “We must KILL you so that you can be free”…!!!!!!!

      33. Please, for the love of God, stop listening to Rickards! When has he ever been right about anything?

      34. Having been a former subscriber of The Daily Reckoning and familiar with James Rickards’ voluminous, sensationalist, self promoting propaganda for several years, I can assure you he is a complete fraud. Just my two cents’ worth; take this story in proper perspective before you head for the hills.

      35. I find this story a bit unbelievable. Who starts a war in the middle of winter? It’s one thing to maintain a position if the troops are already there. It’s another thing entirely to start.

      36. North Korea uses their nuclear arsenal as a deterrence against attempted regime change which the US managed to do with Iraq and Libya after relieving them of their nuclear arsenal. You have more hope of levitating your body using your thoughts than the US has of relieving North Korea of their nuclear arsenal. As Putin said, “they would rather eat grass rather than give up their nuclear arsenal”. If the US wants to have a nuclear incident which will set a precedent across the globe that will most definitively make the world and USA less safe because using nuclear weapons would then be on the table for all countries. If Trump wants to go down that path, he will not have to worry about his real estate portforlio in the not too distant future.

      37. Burp…..
        Highly doubtful war will happen immediately, as the Olympic games ate in SK in February.
        What we will likely see is a huge build up of troops and equipment, ostensibly for security reasons before, then just after the Olympics. Then at some point after that military action occurs.

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