Intelligence Insider Reveals Framework Of the Next World War: “This is How You Have to Think About Escalation and End Games”

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    There is no doubt that the U.S. military has the ability to engage any foreign enemy and leave it dismantled or utterly destroyed. This is one of the key reasons for why Russia and China have thus far remained on the sidelines as it relates to direct military conflict.

    But according to one intelligence insider, though our country is unmatched on the traditional battlefield, a strike on the United States could come in the form of coordinated asymmetric attacks that would significantly level the playing field and lay waste to life as we know it in modern-day America.

    Jim Rickards, author of The Death of Money, knows a thing or two about how foreign governments are approaching the question of America’s global hegemony. He has worked closely with U.S. intelligence agencies for decades and in 2007 was the operational director of the country’s first ever financial war games. According to Rickards, don’t expect our foreign enemies to be firing missiles at major cities any time soon. If an attack is to come to our shores it won’t come in the form of bombs and bullets. At least not at first.

    In this absolutely must-watch interview with Future Money Trends, Jim Rickards delves into scenarios that will change the very face of our world over the next decade. He explains the complexities involving the various geo-strategies currently at play and provides a realistic view of the escalations we can expect to occur going forward as East and West face off on the globally inter-connected battlefield of the early 21st century.

    (Watch at Future Money Trends)

    There’s not a country in the world that can stand up to the United States in what’s called kinetic military warfare. So kinetic just means things that shoot or explode. So missiles, bombs, submarines, airplanes, etc., nobody can go toe to toe with the United States. We can sink any navy, ground any force, disrupt any control communications system anywhere in the world.

    So nobody wants to confront the U.S. in that space.

    But when you move over to what we call asymmetric warfare, or unrestricted warfare, what is that? That includes things like cyber warfare, financial warfare, weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, radiological weapons, those types of things. It’s a much more level playing field.

    Now the U.S is very good at it, don’t get me wrong, but so are others. And there it’s much more evenly matched.

    I say the Russians could use their hackers to shut down the New York Stock Exchange, which they could. And one rebuttal I’ve heard as well, is that U.S hackers could shut down the Moscow Stock Exchange. And my answer is of course they could, but who wins? In other words, we have a lot more to lose than they do. They shut down our stock exchange, we shut down their stock exchange, they win because we have a much more important exchange there. Who cares about the Moscow Stock Exchange?

    So this is how you have to think about escalation and end games, and what technically what we would call the game theoretic context within which this is playing out. I’m not sure the U.S is very good at that. I mean the U.S is very good at these kinds of financial warfare. I’m not sure they’re very good at the kind of geo-strategic and theoretic thinking that I’m describing to your listeners.

    Right now the United States is actively conducting financial warfare against Russia. As Jim notes in the above interview, we have begun seizing the assets of Russian officials and are working to implement sanctions on the global level. Vladimir Putin may not be planning to launch nuclear strikes at U.S. cities as a result, but what if the Obama administration crosses a line that shouldn’t be crossed? Could Putin launch a counter attack in the cyber world? Perhaps, as noted by Rickards, he would give the order to take down our stock exchanges, a move that would wreak havoc across the entire world.

    Former Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano has warned that a cyber attack on the U.S. power grid or utility infrastructure is inevitable. Sure, it could be instigated by rogue hackers, but for widespread success in such a scenario it will likely come in the form of a state sponsored asymmetric attack that may also involve other non-kinetic means.

    The fall out would be disastrous. But more frightening than that is the question of how our country would respond. What would be the next level of escalation?

    During the cold war there existed a principle of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). The idea was that if they fired their missiles, we would fire our missiles. The threat of widespread destruction kept thermo-nuclear warfare at bay for three decades. There were most assuredly escalations even then. We came close to all out war with the Soviet Union on at least two occasions, but everyone understood what it meant.

    As Rickards explains, today we have a similar principle but it seems that Obama administration officials haven’t yet grasped its implications:

    Today what we have is mutually-assured financial destruction. So the U.S. can absolutely use financial weapons against Russia, there’s a lot of things we can do. But if we do anything beyond tokens, a token would be some Oligarch doesn’t get to go to the Super bowl, or you freeze the assets of some minor, mid-level guy who doesn’t have any assets, those are token sanctions.

    But if you deliver these serious sanctions, you can expect Russia to escalate. Now initially, I thought the U.S. would understand this construct, this theoretic construct, of escalation, further escalation, ultimate mutually-assured financial destruction, and not go very far. But this morning, as we speak, the U.S. has announced sanctions against Igor Sechin.

    That’s serious, he’s the real deal. So now my expectation, using the frame-work I described, is that Russia will strike back in some way.

    Within the framework described by Jim Rickards we can expect this back and forth to continue. We’re seeing it play out in real time.

    The United States was deeply involved in the Ukrainian revolution from the outset. Moscow, not one to take things lying down as the west moved in on a former Soviet Satellite, responded by deploying over 100,000 troops to the border and annexing Crimea. The U.S. subsequently moved to implement financial sanctions against Russia’s top political leaders and are reportedly looking into the personal assets of President Putin himself. The Chinese jumped into the fray by voicing their support for Russia through coming monetary changes and warned that these sanctions could well backfire against the United States. A few days later, President Obama deployed US troops to Poland and other NATO allies. Now, as we learned this week, Russian strategic bombers are making fly-by’s along our West Coast.

    Slowly but surely this conflict is escalating.

    What comes next is anybody’s guess, but we’re hardpressed to find any scenario in which the United States or Russia de-escalate the tension.

    Over coming weeks, months and years we should fully expect a continued escalation, eventually culminating in physical warfare.

    Also from Future Money Trends: Hyperinflation and Unsustainable Debt Obligations



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      1. The chaos that would ensue after a grid down scenario would be unimaginable. Way too many stupid people

        • That is why you need to be able to lay low for the first few weeks after a disaster occurs.
          They will destroy everything in their path trying to just stay alive that they will end up destroying themselves.

          What really worries me is dealing with those who didnt prepare anything and are still surviving months or years after a major catastrophy. They would have had to do some seriously f’ed up things and they will continue to do them to survive.

          • @CJ; You need to lay low for 8 weeks. If there is a sure-enough-grid-down situation, of the unprepared, most will starve in 6 weeks, 8 weeks will ensure they are dead. Yeah, there will be those that through hook or crook will survive past the 8 week mark, but not very long. I doubt many will survive past the 8 week mark, but certainly not past the 3-5 month mark, much less the 1 year mark. Will there be “some”? Yeah, but not very many and a discriminating inquiry will blow their cover. That is why you don’t live in a metro area and live in a significantly rural environment. It will isolate you from the “golden hordes” as they flee the cities. Be Well.

            • >Tripod< Your comment is a sound "before the fact" observation. I believe Cracker Jack may have been thinking of the growth and survival of 'organized'
              gangs. Personal OPSEC along with the formation of
              groups of trusted individuals to combat gangs will
              be an on going necessity.

              Whether in the city or outside will require an ongoing
              vigilance for gangs and individuals who mean to do
              you and yours harm or even to steal your food an
              other supplies. Security will be everyone's respond-


              • “There’s not a country in the world that can stand up to the United States in what’s called kinetic military warfare.”

                USA, USA, USA…! The NWO cheer leading is epic.

                Never mind the fact that this country treats IT’S OWN citizens like terrorists, while it funds Al-CIA-Duh to murder Christians and children overseas.

                WE can be droned just as easily and much cheaper.

                Never mind the fact that they’ve financially broken this entire country. They’ve taken our jobs, our homes, taking our national monuments and public lands at gun-point…we’re almost done.

                Never mind that everyone of us is under constant surveillance.

                Oh yeah—USA, USA, USA…can’t ya just FEEL it?

                Imposing our puppet governments on the people of other countries, on behalf of our bankster/IMF/NWO masters, at gun-point if necessary…USA, USA, USA.

                One more time: USA, USA, USA…George Washington was a terrorist too, so we’re in good company.

                USA, USA, USA.

                • sixpack,

                  This is still the best country in the world to live in and I may not approve or support all our so called leaders but we still have some great people and a great tradition. DK is right when he admonishes us to “engage our employees”! I am not ashamed to identify myself as a patriot or an American.

                  I am so happy to see you chanting so vigorously for my country. Please keep it up. You are an inspiration to this generation! I too will continue to try to let my little light shine in my little corner. I will now join you in your most uplifting and inspired chant: USA, USA, USA!

                  I love to sing, and if I could, I would sing for you,
                  “Oh Beautiful, for spacious skies,
                  for amber waves of grain.
                  For purple mountains majesty,
                  above the fruited plain.
                  America! America!
                  God shed His grace on thee,
                  and crown thy good with brotherhood,
                  from sea to shining sea!”

                  May that song resonate from shore to shore and echo up and down the mountains for ever more.

                  • In a few years I suspect the unofficial anthem of the US of A will be Harry ‘Haywire’ McClintock’s “Big Rock Candy Mountain”.

                  • THERE ARE SOME WONDERFUL PEOPLE HERE! I love the country of my birth…I would LOVE to be proud once again to shout USA, USA, USA and have it once again stand for justice and strength.

                    But the truth is, it doesn’t anymore. We have to accept the fact that the NWO dual-citizens are destroying this country. We may not be able to say “This is still the best country in the world to live in”, if we let the degradation continue.

                    We can’t say a prayer in public.

                    Our flag is banned from our schools.

                    Jesus is banned in public.

                    The Constitution is considered toilet paper.

                    Criminals have more rights than we.

                    Our children aren’t even considered “ours.”

                    Illegals out vote US, who were born here.

                    We are called terrorists in our own land.

                    The entire govt is armed against us.

                    A kenyan mulatto runs our country.

                    Half of our people are poor and hurting.

                    The other half has their hand out.

                    Being gay is being proud.

                    The list is now too long to list. Right now, the govt is less than SHIT—but I still firmly believe in WE, THE PEOPLE in this land.

                    As far as I am concerned, that is the ONLY THING we have left…each other.

                    Which is why if I had just one wish, it would be that we could focus on THE TRUE ATROCITY that is destroying us from the inside out—NOT from Syria, not Iraq and not Russia…but from the INSIDE out.

                    I don’t want to stop all hate—I’d just like to redirect it to where it belongs.

            • Hitlary had a hair transplant, facelift, neck lift, and liposuction all over the place during the time they said she fell and hit her head.

              • I hope she had a brain transplant at the same time…

                • she did
                  but it didn’t take !

                  • What she really needs is a HEART.

                    That goes double for every other so-called “leader”. Bankster sock puppets, every damned one of them

                • If lucky, a lobotomy.

              • She better get a refund because she is still fugly.

              • And she still looks like somebody beat her with a wrecking bar.

              • She still looks like somebody beat her with a wrecking bar.
                And her ass is still wider than four ax handles.

              • @Shooter; You woulda thunk they woulda sucked some of the fat off her ass, if they did that. LOL

              • She still has enough of a backside for 3 people however- have you ever seen any pictures of that thing?? ugh, I think I just threw up a little bit in the back of my throat…

            • Remember the “Rule of Three”
              1. 3 days without water
              2. 3 weeks without food
              3. 3 hours without shelter
              It is reletive, but many will drink water they should not drink, get sick, and die within a few days. In the first few days, days five to ten will be the hardest.
              I recommend “6 ways In, 12 ways out”. US Special Operations Feild manual for search and rescue.

              • I have iodine and a water filter. Hitlary is a Frankenstein of surgeries and no man has done it with her for 40 years.

          • EVERYONE should prepare for nuclear war. The MAD scenario just doesn’t apply anymore because Russia and China have tunnelled out so much underground to survive a nuclear war. MAD doesn’t apply if China can apply assassian’s mace as what is described above and stop the majority of the U.S. from launching their nuclear weapons. An out of the blue nuclear attack is very possible. Let me describe one method that an all out surprise nuclear attack by Russia and/or China.

            One of the best times to attack an opponent is when their guard is down. One method would be to purposely drive an international incident to the boiling point, then de-escalate the situation and come up with a “miracle” diplomatic solution. Everyone is so relieved. This would coincide with a nice American holiday like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, even Christmas or Easter. If I was one of these maniac planners I would use the 4th. of July because this is Independence Day and what better way to celebrate it than to feel a tension ridden event resolved just in time to celebrate with fireworks and everything.

            The U.S. military and those that watch over everything are basically still human beings with all the emotions that other people have. Yes, they too will let their guard down to celebrate a holiday after everything would be solved. A more perfect let down would be 4 days to about 7 days before a major holiday to let everyone think that everything was okay. While most everyone’s attention is on whatever holiday celebration and the release of a frightening event the first cyber attack begins to knock out early warning systems. Then comes the rapid launch of SLBM’s and ICBM’s.

            Most people are idiots, and distractions and loss of focus on attention of what you should be looking at is not that difficult to achieve. The least thought of an attack would be the time when an attack would occur. The main goal of such an attack would be to cripple the U.S. enough that any retailation would be very limited or just not even tried. Can this happen? Throughout all human history the very best militaries of the time have been defeated with the wrong circumstances.

            People have this misconception that the U.S. is so far superior in technology that this cannot be defeated and overcome. Even a country 10 years behind is capable of a surprise attack that can make technology mean nothing. It is not 100 years more advanced the U.S. is, if anything because of spying, the U.S. is ONLY 6 months to a couple of years beyond Russia or China. Just look at how fast the Russians detonated their first A-Bomb after the U.S., Even sooner their first H-Bomb.

            This world has limited resources and they will be fought over. The U.S. continues to push the rat into corner in Russia and China by boxing them in. You push too close to their borders and they will attack. Let’s face it, nuclear weapons are the equalizer. IF Russia and China had an equal conventional armed forces the likelihood of a nuclear war would be dimished because these countries could fight to a stand still. Nuclear weapons make Russia and China’s chance of winning a conflict with the U.S. magnitudes better. This is why Putin just tested several different nuclear ready missiles a couple of days ago.

            People don’t like to hear this, but the more prepared someone is for a quick limited nuclear attack on the U.S. military assets, the more likely they can survive it. It doesn’t have to be the assumed manufacting bases and cities that are also nuked and the end of everything. It sure could be, but Russia and/or China could take out the U.S. without killing most of the citizens. The more people know about fallout and radiation the better. Wind patterns and the weather is also another good bit of knowledge to obtain. Basic survival beyond this is your basic SHTF preparedness plans.

            • BI,

              Based on one of your previous post, I watched a YouTube video where Cresson Kearny demonstrates how to build a basement core shelter. I learned so much from watching the video. I encourage everyone to watch it. Just search for Basement Core Shelter at YouTube and you’ll find it.

              • AK

                Cresson Kearny was an old school True American Patriot.
                He was in China in the 1930’s after The Japanese invaded Manchuria and can tell you a thing or two about why it’s not a good idea to be a refugee.

                Cresson was a Princeton grad as I recall but tough as nails. He continued to have a great concern for the common soldier while rubbing shoulders with the physicists who designed and built the bombs.

                He later devoted a substantial part of his life to helping ordinary people survive nuclear war.

              • So you think you will survive a nuclear war. You are delusional. At best you might subsist for a couple of additional months but disease or hunger will get you. The US has no civil defense in place and no plan to ever have any. Eventually when the short term radiation subsides in a couple of months there will be some new occupants moving in. Do you even think that Obama would respond to an attack? It most likely will happen when he is far away from the US and safe.

            • Some of us have been preparing decades for these nuke scenarios.

              The greatest service we can render to those who are new to the game is to offer rational, scientific and practical advise while observing proper OPSEC.

              For starters I always recommend two simple steps:

              1. Buy a hard copy of “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson Kearny -The edition with the Green Cover:

              2.Start educating yourself about radiation survey meters.
              A good place to start is

              This is a big elephant to eat but it can be done one bite at a time.

              As promised, we are uploading to, The Swiss pre-engineered plans for the blast and radiation shelters that are in every home in Switzerland. This is for all the do-it-your-self people who can’t afford an off-the-shelf bunker that may or may not work.

              Yes, the plans are translated into English from Switzerdeutsch.

              We hope to have it up by the end of Mother’s Day for your perusal.

              • This is a repost. The original got stuck in Moderation.
                I’m trying to kill the live link so it will get through.

                Some of us have been preparing decades for these nuke scenarios.

                The greatest service we can render to those who are new to the game is to offer rational, scientific and practical advise while observing proper OPSEC.

                For starters I always recommend two simple steps:

                1. Buy a hard copy of “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson Kearny -The edition with the Green Cover:

                2.Start educating yourself about radiation survey meters.
                A good place to start is ki4uDOTcom.

                This is a big elephant to eat but it can be done one bite at a time.

                As promised, we are uploading to rockymountainDOTcom, The Swiss pre-engineered plans for the blast and radiation shelters that are in every home in Switzerland. This is for all the do-it-your-self people who can’t afford an off-the-shelf bunker that may or may not work.

                Yes, the plans are translated into English from Schweizerdeutsch.

                We hope to have it up by the end of Mother’s Day for your perusal.

            • BI, Excellent comment. I am sure the USA will not stand idly by though and there would be hell to pay for the aggressors. I would not want the US unleashing its anger and fury on me even if I thought I was strong enough to get in a first strike surprise advantage like the Japanese did at Pearl Harbour. Vulnerabilities due to asymmetric warfare are almost beyond enumeration. Look how much damage the lowly ied has done. But these guys are not defending countries, people, civilizations, infrastructure, hard assets, etc. I pity the country that attempts a first strike.

              • @ laeagle. The equations between Pearl Harbor and now are vastly different. One nuclear bomb can equal that of thousands of conventional bombs. The very sad truth about it is that a nuclear strike can near completely take out every country’s ability to retaliate. Yes, the U.S. stragetic submarine forces can be mostly taken out. The land based ICBM’s can also be taken down. What is left is a conventional force that won’t last without an infrastructure to come back to.

                This is why the Russians and Chinese are extremely likely to use nuclear weapons in war, because it increases their likelihood of WW3 survival. I am not cheerleading the Russians or Chinese. I am simply looking at the Art Of War, and ultimately the main goal is not only to win, but survive. The U.S. government has doomed the American public by destroying the civil defense of this country. The main goal of survival is to get as much mass as you and the outside radiation as possible. Most people have nowhere to go with fallout or blast protection.

                I was looking at an old map showing places to go with a nuclear attack. While they were anything but ideal, they did provide some protection from blast and deadly fallout. Now there is nothing. While China and Russia have excellent civil defense for the people and the military. Israel and Switzerlnd have the best in the world.

                The U.S. government has let the people to die after a nuclear war without even trying to give the people a chance. The U.S. government has not even ENCOURAGED people to build fallout and bomb shelters to protect themselves. At least give the people a CHANCE to survive WW3 or other SHTF mega event. THIS IS CRIMINAL.

                Then the U.S. government has made you, me, and other preppers/survialists that try to prepare on our very own into a notion of us being domestic terrorists because we are trying to prepare for various emergencies, including nuclear war. THIS IS CRIMES BEYOND HUMANITY.

                The U.S. government like Rome has sealed their own fate. Through this arrogance of having technological superiority and not giving a flying F about the American people, the U.S. government like the past empires have set themselves up to fail and lose. Pathetic is beyond the words to describe how the U.S. government has thrown the country and the American people under the bus and backed over them repeatedly.

                • Bankers dont care who survives in the US

                  They have the rest of the world to lend money to

                  • why would any of the dual passport goon squad give a rats ass what happens to Americans? or any species of human?

                • Yep, I read a book about this a few years ago- the US govt said it would be useless for us to try to survive a nuclear strike and discouraged us from building bomb shelters. Meanwhile, in Va, there are underground bomb shelters for the elite which are as big as ski resorts.

                  In Switzerland, a TRUE democracy, the people voted on the issue and its mandatory for all homes over there to have bomb shelters. BeInformed has it right– the govt in our country doesn’t give a flying f– about us citizens!

                  • Why should they? The stupid morons in the US keep re electing them no matter what they do. The contempt that they hold the US population in is most deserved.

                • Americans are the ones who have doomed themselves with their stupidity, ignorance, and selfishness.

                • “the U.S. government has thrown the country and the American people under the bus and backed over them repeatedly.”

                  With the headlights on, and the radio playing full blast…

              • Except Pearl Harbor was not a surprise to anyone in High Command, just a very convenient and arguably US-engineered excuse to fully enter WWII.

                • Yeah, Vlad, and an excuse to test the nuclear bomb– much to the detriment of little innocent children (and others)… damn US government!

            • BI
              I have no faith in that appeal to get people to learn about radiation.

              Fukashima and Chenoyble are prime examples and they were not results of War.

              • If they would throw the useless TV away and read some books/internet sites, Americans wouldn’t be so naive concerning the Government. They are blinded by BS put out by Corporations.

            • BI, I am a long time follower here and always read your posts. The one thing that I never see on here is the fact that in one of the latest S.A.L.T. agreements the use of an EMP attack was downgraded to a non-nuclear event thus no nuclear response is permitted. They can bring our civilization to a standstill as in “One Second After,” without fear of a nuclear war. A single look on google at the nighttime planet and you can see clearly who will be affected. The western world would be decimated over half of the rest of the world doesn’t even have electricity. thanks

              • @ Jack. The likelihood of an EMP attack would be from a country such as North Korea or Iran, or even a terrorist type attack. The U.S. military has secured most if not all the important electronic from an EMP attack. The main goal of an EMP attack is to take out the infrastructure of the U.S. With Russia or China the main goal is to stop the U.S. from inflicting destruction to their country, this means military. This means use of nuclear weapons to take down as much of the U.S. military as possible.

                You are so correct about an EMP, as a nuclear EMP fries practically all unprotective electronics. A solar EMP only fries the long wire that connect electricity to everyone’s homes and businesses. After a solar EMP someone with enough fuel could have electricity from generators as long the generator would last. I am not sure if even the hand pulled, like lawn mowers, after a nuke EMP was detonated would work. North Korea or Iran if they used an EMP over the U.S. would be flattened afterwards by the military that would remain intact. This is why Russia and China with the ability to decimate the U.S. military with nukes would use nukes to obtain this goal. By the way there was a precursor earthquake that is telling another big earthquake is coming. Please see the end of this article if you are interested for a seperate comment on it.

                • BI, I am not sure about you sources when you seem to make the argument that Russia and China will be the first to use nuclear weapons if provoked. They are not that stupid. Our defenses are not as weak and vulnerable as you make them out to be either. There is absolutely no chance of the.m being able to launch a massive nuclear strike without our forces knowing. Some of the scenarios you have described are plausable but almost juvenile. Russia and China may have nucear bunkers but I am not aware of any major programs to protect their population and resources. They are more vulnerable than we are.

                  • @ laeagle. Throughout human history people have thought that their defenses were invulnerable. Famous last words. The U.S. has given a death sentence to Americans. You look at the countries of Israel and Switzerland and the people there have good chance of survival. China and Russia have taken similar approaches to safeguarding at least part of their population.

                    Absolutely no chance of the military knowing about a massive nuclear strike. Famous last words. Lines of communication can be taken down. All of this is electrical and can be damaged. Blinding an opponent is an old tactic used by militaries since the dawn of time. NOTHING is foolproof. China and Russia to a lesser extent has spent enormous amounts of resources figuring out just how to accomplish this feat of bliding the U.S. at least temperarily long enough to take out the armed forces. Trust me, NO military, including the Chinese and Russians are invulnerable. The ONLY difference is that the Russians and Chinese still regard saving at least some of the citizens as prudent course of action. The U.S. has given the middle finger to the American people.

                    One other thing. As children we all were taught to prepare and to take shelter during an attack. Now as adults we are regarded as domestic terrorists for doing exactly what the government taught us as children to do. We are all just suppose to die during an attack because the government knows what is best for us. This is the government you think is invulnerable that can’t even live by their own words to their own popualtion???? This includes trying to disarm the civilian militia and annihilate the 2nd Amendment that is the back up to the armed forces and security of all of us. That sure doesn’t install much faith in the self defense of this country.

                  • If Russia or China are smart they will give Iran or North Korea the means to do an attack and sit back and laugh. The Obama administration will blame it on radical Christians.

                  • laeagle

                    Please don’t poke the bear. Be Informed has all the facts he wants and isn’t open to any new or contradictory views.

                  • BI,
                    Thanks for your always insightful and well thought out comments. The way I see it, even more than the Chinese or Russians, the biggest danger to America and Americans will be from traitors and treachery from within. Are the WH and other key departments and agencies in the US government occupied by traitors and Fifth Columnists? (rhetoricaI question) I do worry. Academia, the MSM, Hollywood and the Democrats are all libtards and lean way to the left and are a real danger to America.

                  • @ laeagle. I am not upset with you or anyone here. It is just this U.S. government that pretends to care about the well being of all of us, and we are nothing but toilet paper to these freaken anal canals in the government. I look at BO and the previous “leaders” and they were in it ONLY for themselves. These F wads have never represented the people. Then every election cycle the naive people re-elect these losers. It is frustrating and none of us can do anything about it.

                    Each day it gets worse and worse, and the fall is coming like a boulder speeding up from gravity until it hits bottom. That bottom can be a nuclear war, a mass plague, something with geophysical, who knows, but it is coming. It is not just coming to the U.S., it is coming to the human species and probably the other life on this world. All one can do is try to prepare for it the best you can. Sadly one of the least prepared mega SHTF event is nuclear, either war and/or Fukushimas. People just don’t know nearly enough about fallout and radiation. Germs are something else that almost everyone lacks preparation for also, and goes hand and hand with most SHTF events like shown with Hurricane Katrina. That was a recoverable event, as will not be the case with many bad calamites that are coming.

                    I think that is what me and many people are frustrated with, the chasm that is coming and the lack of most everyone, 99% of them, to try to avoid it. AND I think the people here are so much more aware of what is really happening and they feel the mass tension building everywhere. Many animals also are even feeling the horror that is coming.

                  • BI,
                    Russia and China could care didley squat about their individual citizens rights or welfare. There is extreme poverty and abuse going on in places beyond where the news cameras go, which is everywhere. There is corruption at every level and you need protection frpm someone just to live. It is nearly impossible to get ahead unless you are one of the few who have been chosen. It is not a Utopia! It is all about control and power and conformity.

                  • John W,

                    The Russians and the Chinese have been doing that already. They are way ahead of the game so to speak. The Russians have been arming and supplying the Mullahs of Iran and the Chinese have been supplying and protecting the North Koreans.

            • B.I.-


              “Just look at how fast the Russians detonated their first A-Bomb after the U.S., Even sooner their first H-Bomb.”

              FYI, Robert Oppenheimer (A-bomb daddy), was a member of the communist-party USA.
              ..seems like I recall something about a couple of communist self-chosenites named Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, supplying the Soviets w/ the H-bomb goodies.
              Both were executed, thank GOD!

              ..ditto, another fellow tribesman named Jonathan Pollard passed reams of classified military & CIA data, onto the israeli Mossad…where upon the the shysters in Tel Aviv sold/exchanged said data to the Soviets, for a hefty profit and the eventual loss of life for hundreds of “American assets” on the ground, inside the USSR.
              The S.O.B. is still in prison. He should’ve been hanged long ago.

              I also recall back in the early ’90s, the self-chosen inside the Import/Export Bank, clandestinely approved/secured delivery of Toshiba mfgr 6-axis milling machines (w/ necessary tooling & software) to the USSR…thereby providing them w/ the ability to produce low cavitation (quite) submarine propellers on par w/ the US Navy’s Los Angles class fast attack boats.

              ..then we have the episodes involving (illegal by treaty) israeli transfer of F-16 fly-by-wire computer systems, software & servo-actuators to the communist Chinese PLA..ditto AWACS radar goodies and AIM-9L Sidewinder IR missile technology. The list is nearly endless!


              Per the Russians..many of their ICBMs are road mobile & MIRV equipped, making real-time targeting (by us) nearly impossible and their boomer SLBMs operate in their home waters for additional safety. Thus, I’d say the Russians are not at much of a disadvantage vs-a-vie the US Strategic weaponry outfit.

              Aside from the article’s implied “hacker attacks” against the West’s financial & critical infrastructure centers/nodal points…I look for Putin to adopt the script employed by the overseers of the Ukrainian fiasco…by financing the agitation/unrest of the radical muzzies in France/UK/Germany & Western Europe in general.
              The self-chosen universal 5th column will be major players too. They’ll do anything for profit!

              I also expect Putin & maybe the Chinese to simultaneously agitate for civil unrest/revolution in Mexico & increase the radicalism of their la raza shit-skins here in multicultural Amerika.

              IMO, it wouldn’t take much to preoccupy the regime here, especially so since Obummer is gutting the military & purging it of intelligent GOD fearing leadership (officers & senior NCOs).

              …when the time is ripe & the playing field is in their favor, only then will the nukes fly!

              Payback can be a bitch sometimes.

              • Hunter: Good points..I recall reading an article a few months ago, about all of the spies usa has charged and found out about since end of WWII era.

                The writer had the total spies numbers pegged at just Under 300 total known/charged as, spies since wwii.

                ONLY about 3-4 Individuals were NOT either from Israel and or Jewish….ALL the rest Were Dual citizen Israeli jewish, or usa citizen jewish.

                The Same people and nation state, TV news. especially Fox tv, Talk radio right wingers et al keep advising us are Americas greatest Allies and best Friends!

                With such allies and best pal friends…Who needs any Enemys?

            • I don’t agree with Mr Rickards on his assessment of the US versus Russia. A few weeks ago, the US naval ship ‘Donald Cooke’, sailed into the Black Sea with the purpose of intimidating Russia. Shortly after, a russian fighter jet flew over and around a dozen times as if to say, go home, this is not your back yard, which it is not. This Donald Cooke vessel, suddenly developed a problem and sailed to a port on the western side of the Black Sea, where it stayed undergoing ‘repairs’ for three weeks, then left in a hurry. As you can imagine, there has been much speculation as to the cause of this ‘breakdown’. One such is the ship developed a malfunction in the ‘on board fire’ system.
              Russia today is certainly not the same as 15 years ago, and anyone who cares to look will see that is so.
              Mr Putin and company certainly knocks the socks off the Washington thinkers, maybe they should reconsider their tactics. I could go on ‘ad nauseum’ but I wouln’t want to bore you.

              • So how do you know that as fact ? Whoops you don’t.

            • B I, There will not be a nuclear war. Read Apocalypse 19…the 10 horns/kings will try to attack Jesus and His angels coming down from heaven. I seriously, seriously doubt the kings will only try to throw sticks and stones at Jesus, as if nuclear war took place BEFORE His coming, that’s about all the kings could muster up.

            • @BI; Well, I would disagree with you my friend. MAD still applies because they have nothing else to go on (China and Russia). They have no other targeting data that would produce ANYWHERE NEAR the deaths that standard MAD targeting would produce. Body count is the mantra of who is the winner and who is NOT the winner. The spectre of “nuclear war” is not the problem….the biggest problem is that in the case of a complete unilateral, wworldwide infrastructure collapse, the Soviets (yeah I know, Russians) have a “dead man switch” in place for total nuclear destruction in case their “gubment” of the Soviet Union (Russia) is not in place. It is called the “dead hand” or “Perimeter” and is the ability to “launch all missile weapons” when the “failsafe” is not RENEWED to prevent an “all launch” code to their missiles. The U.S., as far as is known, does not have this feature built in to our missile infrastructure, as it does not reflect our philosophy as it relates to a nuclear exchange. If the Russians have no infrastructure to maintain this concept, then we will have a MAD launch (from them) and the ensuing destruction. YET another reason to NOT live in metro areas. There are assets in place to prevent a “measured nuclear response” from being able to “co-opt” the U.S. government with a “small nuclear exchange” and thus we give up because we “fear” the ultimate consequences. Of course this presumes we have a leader of some sort in the WH. There are plans in place that are supposed to “impede” hesitancy of the sitting CinC and prevent these things from happening. The systems that monitor missile launches never are on a holiday. I worked in SLBM missile detection and mitigation on my first assignment in the 70s. THERE IS NO CHRISTMAS, EASTER, JULY 4TH, LABOR DAY, etc. We (they) are on the same full alert, 24/7/365 for any “anomaly” associated with any launch specificity. Full command for this is ALWAYS IN PLACE. As far as the technical superiority, the Soviets ONLY were able to produce an A-bomb and an H-bomb because of spies. Not because of technical “parity” with the U.S. The Russians have NEVER had parity with us. They have had to steal EVERYTHING they have ever gained on us. Just sayin. A limited exchange with the U.S. is not survivable…we will respond…unless someone commits the ultimate act of treason…we will see. We can, and should prevail over any such assault. I say that because of what I KNOW. Not what I want to believe. Best.

              • Russians are hardly a stupid people. This country has been the ONLY country other than the U.S. to put people and a space station above the planet. The misconception that the U.S. is light years ahead of everyone in technology is what the government has been feeding everyone for decades. People are people, and intelligence and ingenuity does not stay within the boundaries of the United States. The Chinese are also quite bright. The Chinese are the ones that hold the U.S. debt and the financial well being of the U.S. in their hands. Whom are the dummies of the world that have destroyed the U.S. national security by running up a 17 trillion dollar debt.

                Even countries like England, Germany, France, etc. all have brilliant minds. The nationalism that says the U.S. has no equal in technological parity is one of the biggest misnomers that ALL empires get that helps bring them down. Unless the U.S. is getting extraterrestrial advanced technology, the U.S. is NOT that much above China and Russia. ALL the new inventions of the past have shown that when one mind comes up with a new invention, somewhere else in the world has the same concept.

                Another misnomer is the amount of money spent on the U.S. military, which a vast portion of it goes into over inflated costs of military hardware and individual salaries. The same rifle that costs 10-20 times as much to make in the U.S. doesn’t make it 10-20 times better, just 10-20 times more expensive. Skewed numbers just like the skewed unemplyment numbers they feed the public to make BO look better.

                • According to reports, extra terrestrial sightings have happened all over the world, not just the U.S. Therefore, if they are helping us then they most likely are helping other countries as well.

            • So they take out every piece of the triad,don’t think so.They may take out the US but the boomers will take them out,they would never dare try it because it’s too risky.

            • Be Informed: Problem with your hypothesis is that even if the Russians and Chinese save more of their people in their bunkers, they’re more screwed than we’d be. Just one of our 18 nuclear subs can destroy 280 targets in either country and that’s not counting the ICBMs and bombers we still have. We have several thousand primary, secondary, and even tertiary targets locked in. Both countries would be nuclear wastelands for a few years not to mention the total destruction of infrastructure from roads, bridges, dams, power, water, and sanitation stations. Food production would be stalled for many years, so unless they’ve got a few decades of stored food for millions of their people, they’re just as screwed as we are, possibly worse due to all the extra mouths they’ll have to feed of their own survivors. Life would be like starting at Year 1. Any “win” would be a Pyrrhic victory at best.

              • Gregory8,
                Well said. Both the Chinese and the Russians know this. They may be flexing their muscles now, like Putin riding horseback without a shirt, I am not impressed. There are those who think this stuff is amazing but I believe that TPTB in Russia and China know that there would be no advantage for them to engage in nuclear warfare. Both China and Russia have some bunkers left over from the cold war but they were not designed to shield all of the population. In both countries, the general population will be left to fend for themselves in a nuclear war. Things would happen so fast, it would be impossible to move people into designated shelters. Supplies, food, waste, medical treatment for millions of people could not be easily stored and replinished. It would be insanity to think that the Russians and the Chinese can do this and are doing this as implied by so many posters here.

                Other than perhaps Western Europe, I really don’t know of other countries that are providing all kinds of aid/EBT cards/welfare/job training/education assistance/section 8 housing/shelter/mobile homes, etc., to their population. It is easy to criticize this government but show me anybody else, especially the Russians and the Chinese, who are doing this.

                If the USA, which is put down and hated by so many at this site – judging by the green thumbs when someone posts a critical comment, is so bad then why are so many people risking their lives to come to this country, seen as flowing with milk, honey, and opportunity??? In my book, this is still a country of incredible potential and opportunity like no where else on the face of the earth. Sure, we have some bad leaders at this time but this is not the time to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We need to get active and do our part to change the situation.

            • Good observation from BI about the possibility of a nuclear war. I worry about the East coast, since the fallout would tend to drift over the Atlantic. NYC and DC, among others, are obviously vulnerable. If the bad guys were intending to take out the US, they would not want to poison the breadbasket. I’m thinking that the West coast wouldn’t be nuked in that scenario. Anyhow….

              • I was thinking they would first nuke Washington, D.C. and our missile sites out West.

          • If you want to takedown someone who’s a lot bigger than you, you don’t go for the stomach or head. You hit em in the nuts.

            The same goes for the US. You don’t match the US with it’s Army conventionally because they’ll lose. You takedown the US financially (Petrodollar or collapse the financial system). That will bring down the US faster than anything else.

            For someone who’s up on their Bible. Weren’t the Mighty Babylonians taken out by cutting off their water supply?

            • Which is how the Roman Empire died. Not by direct attack until the very end. 200 years of degradation of the support networks. Agriculture being the most important to the Romans, since they relied on food from Africa. In our case we can feed ourselves, but we rely far too much on energy supplies from outside our borders, which is why we are involved in the Middle East.

              • Old Coach

                Everyone should know history as you do.

                Food and water folks! Food and water!
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              • speaking of the bible, Rodster.

                “They shall be crying peace,peace,peace……..”

                Crying peace? Because there is war and
                turmoil all around. There will be no peace until the One Peacemaker of all time has returned.

                There will be a Russian led attack on the USA,house of Israel, called Hamangog. Not against Jerusalem and the “nation” of Israel. That we know as the battle of Armageddon.

                No worries mate (if your heart is right). The Heavenly Father will take care of Russia and it’s atheist army in both battles.

                No Nuclear Holocaust! The prophetic word doesn’t give any indication of such an event.
                An emp, or nuke suitcase bomb? very plausible.

                As the end of this age draws near, these things “must first happen”; so it is no great surprise to us believers that all the players are in place and things may go into hyper-drive very soon.

                If all the indicators and signs are not aligning for a climacticevent within the next year or two, then Father has planned for a longer, drawn out period of tribulation and destruction of the worldly trash.

                I pray sooner, rather than later!

                Speaking of trash; when a society has gotten so warped that they glorify a faggot football player sucking face on national TV such as what ESPN aired on Saturday at the end of the draft, then it is a slap in the face of God,from a predominately Christian Nation. It was an abomination to God back thousands, if not millions,
                of years ago, and it is an abomination still today.

                All reap what they sow, even Putin and his followers.


            • My son keeps asking difficult questions that make me think and rethink how vulnerable the West is.

              He’s fascinated by the day to day lives of children during WW2 in Britain, he keeps comparing how much better off children in some areas of this tiny Island were compared to others. e.g the refugee children sent to towns and villages to live with strangers, some of whom understood they were missing their Mums and were kind and others who used them as unpaid labour. How people in rural areas did better food wise under rationing. How people coped sleeping for months on end in the subway systems during the Blitz. How families retained their love and closeness despite being split up with kids as refugees, Dad’s away fighting and Mums left in bombed out surroundings working in the munitions factories.

              He’s made me think HARD about our modern Western mental resilience to hardship in all forms. These days some segments of society seem to need therapy for broken fingernail, and a bad haircut or broken igadget requires medication!

              Some of the nations we sneer at have retained their population’s mental resiliance in the face of hardship and so will come through anything we can throw at them short of total annihilation far better than we as a society (I’m not talking about the pockets of preppers here!) could ever imagine.

              Effectively enmasse mentally in the West we are weak, so, so weak & pathetic that it really wouldn’t take much more than turning off the lights for a weak, or closing the water supply tap to see our societies turn in on themselves. There’s a curious childlike arrogance to our sense of superiority.

              I have a child who is asking in effect WTF happened to Western society’s backbone – and I just can’t answer him! Our enemies know that we are weak with a significant proportion of our middle-classes in need of pills to get up in the morning and tablets to go to sleep at night, even in good times. Our women can’t cook a meal from scratch even with the latest modern appliances, and our men long gave up any pretense at a role as protectors of their families.

              Why would they bother to unleash a nuclear warhead, with the attendant risks to their own populations when cutting off the ATMs via a cyber attack, turning off our lights, or unleashing a simple ethno-engineered virus could achieve the same aim?

              Here in Britain the arrogance of our leadership far surpasses that of America, as a small overpopulated island that already has to import 60% of our food it’s all too easy to see how we could be beaten without a gun being fired in any modern conflict. In the US, once the meds run out, the majority of the population will turn all those guns in on itself long before any foreign army arrives on it’s shores to corral any survivors.

              Increasingly I’m seeing the sheople, and the gimme dat crowd as our biggest threat. Not foreign armies as it seems like in just a couple of generations we have defeated ourselves.

              • “I have a child who is asking in effect WTF happened to Western society’s backbone – and I just can’t answer him! Our enemies know that we are weak with a significant proportion of our middle-classes in need of pills to get up in the morning and tablets to go to sleep at night, even in good times. Our women can’t cook a meal from scratch even with the latest modern appliances, and our men long gave up any pretense at a role as protectors of their families.”

                The answer to your question is quite easy. Blame the Central Planners who purposely went out of their way to create the society we have today. I don’t know about the UK but here in the US we were given a “just in time food delivery system”. We were encouraged to use that instead of relying on ourselves to grow our own food.

                The Central Planners created a society over the decades probably starting in the 50’s to condition the masses that “I want to have it right NOW”. That probably came about with the introduction of the Credit Card system. Another lure to box people into a system and make them beholden to the Banksters.

                But when you look at where we are today as a society in the West, thank your Central Planners. This was all done on PURPOSE !

                And don’t think for a minute the East is immune to the culture of the West. The West has ingrained many of it’s failed traits of society into those Countries as well. Russia and now China are said to be dealing with many of the same ideals of the West which have brought society to the point it is today like a festering cancer. 😉

                • The less “developed” nations are a generation or two behind us in their degeneracy. Just one generation of working age that still has the ability to fix, rebuild & replant is all that’s needed.

                  In the Western world these individuals have for the most part “aged out” already. Worse still, noone is heeding their warnings or listening to their teachings.

                  Physically the elders of the West cannot do the hard physical labour needed if any number of triggers pushes us back 100 years technologically even for a few months. This is actually where the Arabs have the advantage as demographically their populations are much smaller. Japan is already dead in the water but noone seems willing to admit it just yet.

                  This forms a large part of why I am so angry at what’s been done to our education systems over the last few decades. Our defeat and the rise of the NWO was planned a LONG time ago.

                  • Unfortunately the less developed countries are also tied to the West’s paradigm. While they won’t initially be affected by the fall of the West they will still feel the pain as all the Worlds economies are too interlocked with one another. Is like a series of waves. They may not feel the effects of the initial wave but over time they will.

                    The system that’s been put into place has cornered mankind not only with an infinite growth global economy but an industrial system that’s based on CHEAP fossil fuel. We live on a finite planet. Eventually everyone will feel the pain. So to me that’s why I would not rule out any of what was said in the article. If Nations become desperate there’s no telling what they may do.

                    As has been said by numerous experts on the subject: “Future Wars Will Be Fought Over Earth’s Diminishing Resources”.

                  • Lonelonemum,
                    I am so glad you brought up the obvious about the lack of hands on experiences of the up and younger folk. The other day a young man I would suspect to be about 14-15 yo. Knocked upon my door and needed help with his bicycle flat tire and dislocated drive chain. He had no clue how to hook up a tire pump or reset his chain. Good thing there was a senior women ex farm girl to save his butt. I sure miss getting my finger nails greasy . It was fun and satisfying.
                    Take Care,
                    — Miss Dee Dee

                • I Can answer your sons question: Tell Son to research/Read about the “Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxisim”…IE: A Group of Bolshevik German jewish kommies. Who realized the West, specifically the USA, would not be overtaken the same way as the jewdeo-kommies of Russia did by use of Bullets & Bloodshed.

                  So these evil jewish german “intelectuals” aka Marxist Kommies, invented and formed the frankfurt school with which after use of its tactics against christian white German folks…They exited germany stage Leftist, aprox in 1934-36 era and infiltrated America.

                  Where they added way more tactics of “cultural” marxist kommie methods to their arsenal with which to subvert/subdue….Institutional learning aka Universites, got Their school’s kommie trained folks added to rosters of Professors and teachers, as well as teacher Union Heads etc…Then infiltrated MSM newspapers, then Radio, finally TV(Talmudvision)…

                  In EVERY place/Issue/area that was basically based on European White american folks, Christian principals, overall Good Moralistic attitudes also based upon the ONLY form of religious belief that actually Proved workable and Correct etc…Christianity bible based principals of Morality and attidudes for individuals to posess.

                  The main Goals of these subversive marxist jewish german kommies of the frankfurt school, was to infiltrate and Destroy it period. Then to Replace it all with Cultural Marixst ways of thinking and doing.

                  Your son if he also studies what Todays Dem Libs are about aka the “progressives”(they keep changeing their names and re inventing themselves to keep others OFF track and in a continual state of confusions..Do Not fall for it! Pregressives is another Name for KOMMIES…Marxists!). And compares todays progressive lib dem kommies(this also includes neocon repubs also widly sold Out to same jewish marxists and jewdeo kommies), to what he already seems to know of regards Older ways and systems or methods of how things USED to be back when it was Good, worked quite swell etc…Your son sounds like he’s definatly educated and smart enough at his youthfull age to fast recognize just how Corrosive and destructive these Evil plans/agendas have Played out since the early to Mid 1930’s era up to Todays warped mentalities a vast majority in usa as well as every western Whitey euro nations has been so devestated by or with.

                  The Internet or a few difficult to locate/even harder to Buy Books that fully expose these things and Frankfurt school founders etc is about the ONLY place such knowledge can be found…Forget waiting for ANY TV MSM, TV documentaries shows, NOR from Hollywood movies to EVER produce such Infos and expose’s of these filthy marxist jewdeo bolshie kommies.

                  PS Make certain your Son is well aware that one of the Main HQ bases of said zio-jewdeo-kommies Is located at City Of London England! So, Son…Beware the evils even on Your homefront due to such pure Satanic evils as perpetrated by said jewdeokommies.(Banksters as top Honchos also I may add).

                  PSS; Son may be a bit too Young Now??..but asap when proper age if not yet, be sure to include in his knowledge base a Good comprehension of exacty What and HOW the Same Evil set of zio-Kommies and marxist promoters Did to Russia, where they First began their many atrocities of the Most Horrible evil Tortures and mass deaths of their Main Plan agenda #1, which is and has been the Total Extermination of ALL WHITE folk Globally.

                  Because what was Done prior in Russia almost a century ago, IS the Same agenda these satanic marxist jewdeo kommies has in mind for their final win or triumph against said white folks and their nations. And ALL of what I wrote here Can today be fast/eaisly Documented and proven with totally unrefutable Evidence of the most clear and convincing types. I can also provied many More Links and sources for said proofs etc if need be.

                  • Blah blah blah, my finger is tired from rolling past your long-winded anti-Jew tripe. You are scary.

                  • What I don’t get is why he goes on so long. Most troll networks pay by the post, not by the word. Would like to know his IP address. We could tell whether he’s in Arabia, or maybe Russia, or just down the street from somebody here.

                  • @TGs; Apparently you have no knowledge or concept of history. The Jews were never communist or Marxist in any classical sense. Both the communists and the Marxists used the Jews as “scapegoats” in every early 20th century government that espoused that ethos. Kinda hard to see them as “on the same side” as the people that sought to eliminate them. Unless of course you are going to try to espouse the same BS as Ahmadenijad, that there was no Holocaust. That is the only “logical” extension of what you are saying. Just FYI, the “Christian Bible” (and I am an Evangelical, “Jesus is my savior” Christian) is composed of the “Jewish bible” AND the New Testament. So what parts do you leave out to “believe what you want” about the “chosen people” of God? The “ludicrousness” of what you are saying is like trying to meld together the ideology of the Black Panthers with the KKK and trying to say they had the same goals and ideals, and they had a “great plan” to work together to subvert the world. Are you really that ignorant??? Seriously, are you? I want an answer to that. Everything you’ve said is FUBAR. Makes absolutely, no historical sense what so ever. You are full of SHIT. No, seriously, you are. Oh, be well.

                • The US isn’t weak. It packs more effective punch than it ever did. The key word is effective. With its domination of the high ground (air & space) a few soldiers pack as much woop ass as a division a few decades ago.

                  I asked my father an 8th AF WWII vet how long would WWII last if it had the weapons of today with radar invisible aircraft and satellite guided bombs. His reply? “A weekend”.

                  Fear not a foreign power for they can be seen and their intentions are not ostensibly hidden.

                  • Kevin. I am sad to say that you are dead wrong on this one. A center of gravity (strength) is tied to something that is intangible. A hill, a tank, a weapon are really not COGs for a friendly commander. Our military has been commandeered by cultural Marxists and is being undercut morally and physically. About ~48K troops will be cut. These announcements were made recently. Our COG came from our moral stability and willful support from a nationalist populace back home. Through that, they were able to provide the weapons needed and a stable home front. Question: Do you think gangbangers would go work in munitions plants if required? I think not. Rationing? Imagine what people would think if they were told that they could not make a cross country trip to Las Vegas due to gasoline rationing for the war effort (as done in WWII). They would lose their minds. You have a mindset similar to someone I met that thought we could keep 5 nuclear missiles and disband the rest of the military. ICBMs don’t win wars…riflemen kicking down doors win wars (at least until we become to tech advanced that robots replace soldiers). We have become a decadent, self-absorbed, disgusting society. That filth and lack of moral fiber is slowly destroying our once great military.

                  • Kevin, if the west “dominates” space, then why do we have to catch a ride on a RUSSIAN rocket to our space station?

                  • @K2; You are so right. We pack more of a punch, man for man, than any fighting force in history, or the world. That said, there are concerns of the “depth” of our forces in “extended” operations, but I don’t think anyone wants to actually “engage us”. While we may not have our “own” national launch vehicle into space, we ARE THE ONLY COUNTRY TO HAVE A “FOR PROFIT” SPACE SYSTEM in place, with multiple vendors. We will have our OWN way to launch astronauts in the next 18 months. That is a NON-ISSUE. As far as space satellites and high tech observation….NSA (NRO, NSO, DIA, etc.)…need I say more. No one can equal their technical abilities. Our only issue at this time is leadership, not personnel. Our personnel, at all levels are above reproach. I retired in 2010 after 38 years of military duty and know our capabilities. We have good troops, excellent training and outstanding equipment. We have not been commandeered by “cultural Marxists”. Yeah, there’s some PC bull shit going on, but it won’t stop the high quality of our military at this time. Leadership is our only “soft spot” at this time. Be Well.

                  • What took 1000 aircraft in WWII takes one B-2 bomber with 24 JDAMs. As the song says its, “Boom Boom, Boom, out go the lights”. Within a week we could destroy the infrastructure of any country without resorting to nuclear weapons. The US Navy can bottle up any fleet ASAP. Beware of what is in walking distance of China. China cannot export power very far but if it can walk (and to a lesser degree drive) there their capabilities cannot be discounted in that area.

                    Put nuclear weapons into the mix and there is no sense even discussing the outcome as we all loose even if we “win”.

                    What nation can put a viable air force anywhere in the world using both land based and Navy based aircraft that are second to none? The USA is it.

              • Lonelonemum, your analysis is spot on, I’m sad to say. I believe the US can be taken down by EMP and it will be GAME, SET, AND MATCH; CHECKMATE! NOBODY has to fire even one nuclear missile at any of our military or civilian targets. We can turn in on ourselves and do any foreign military’s work for them. All they would have to do is wait and come in later for “mopping up operations.” Then we have 104 nuclear reactors; what happens with them in any grid-down scenario? I see our biggest threats as our own government, the “gimme dat” crowd, and all other nonpreppers as the biggest threat and that is what I prepare for accordingly.

                • Sure,they EMP us and we EMP them,no one wins.

                • You’re right, Texas. My grandpa gave his word on a deal– said would put up his farm as collateral to pay for medical bill. Of course, he paid the bill and did not lose his farm. However, the point is, in those days, a man’s word was good as gold. People went to sleep with doors unlocked. And back then there was no TV showing gays and lesbians kissing each other in public and getting “married” . Oh… how times have changed!

            • cutting off the enemy’s water supply is a common tactic of war.

              A side note– this guy, Rickards, said the monetary system has collapsed a few times in the past and TPTB simply got together in a drawing room and “re-wrote” the rules. Doesn’t that mean there WILL BE NO financial collapse of the system– as far as we can tell, anyhow? Doesn’t that mean the whole damn system (stealing from the poor to enrich the top 1%) will simply continue indefinitely??!!L:O&^#U!! F—!

              • Yes to all of your questions. It’s the continuation of the same “Bad Movie” with different actors aka IMF/Russia/China.

            • At the present time there are only two American Army divisions that are combat ready. The lack of readiness can be found all through the defense establishment. NATO is in even worse shape. The seeming end of the Cold War was merely tactic to lull the West to sleep. Russia plays chess while the West barely comprehends checkers. Peace bonus my ass.

              • Really,prove it.

              • John, have you never heard of “the Grand Chessboard” by Brezinski (sp?)?? He was security advisor for the last few presidents.

                Which reminds me: I saw this video of Biden talking about the NWO and he almost choked on the words, but he was saying that is on the agenda now… forgot his exact words. Its in video on youtube.

                I also saw a video of Kessinger being interviewed and he was saying (cautiously) that we need a one world government because of all the problems in the world. He said thats the only way to solve all the enormous problems.

                Perhaps these suckers actually believe their BS, I don’t know, but they are incorrect. Centralization of power always produces corruption. (“Absolute power corrupts…”) What we need is not centralization of power but instead LOCAL power, where the people rule, not the elite (who, of course call themselves the “intellectual elite”).

                And this centralization crap is going on and getting worse and worse– Europe used to be several independent countries but is now the EU. And the people are suffering horribly as an effect of this centralization of power!

                Old Bush went about making the US and Mexico part of each other (forgot all the details) but more merging, centeralization of power. And in the US, there is the merger of DMV and SS administration. And the merger of local police departments with the Federal government.

                And I think that is why our involvement in Ukraine– all part of the Banksters plans..

                • What stands in their way of their sick plan is– Russia, China, N Korea, etc… and thus, the plan to destroy Russia first… I guess thats their plan.

                  • …and they’re gonna get the U.S. to do all their work and pay all the price.

            • @ Rodster
              I believe the Babylonians were invaded through their water system, the walls were too high and thick, so they snuck in through the waterway.

          • Cracker Jack and Tripod: We won’t need months to lay low. The biggest problem with any major malfunction is water and sanitation. The ‘unprepped’ will die by the millions within weeks, if not days, due to the lack of clean drinking water. Any serious disruption in power stops the water pumps from working and the waste disposal systems from functioning. Clean water will be worth its weight in gold in two or three days. Large groups will die from the rapid spread of water borne diseases that are kept at bay by current systems. Water storage, filtration, and vaccinations will be our best hope while millions die around us. There will be no ‘golden horde’ roaming the roads unless they’ve had training in military field sanitation, a large scale portable filtration system, and medical personnel. And the larger the group, the harder it gets to keep them hydrated and healthy.

            • @Gregory8,

              You are spot on in your analysis of the dangers we will face. I have had this same discussion with many friends and coworkers; especially the gun nuts who agonize over their Kimbers and Sigs while berating me for owning an “inferior” DPMS. My assertion is that many who now advocate such insanities as “only needing a handgun to fight their way to their battle rifle” are missing the point. A microbe from contaminated water can kill just as surely and with far more agony than their cryo-treated match barrel .338 Lapua with custom trigger work. Besides, no matter how tough and bellicose a poster’s online persona is or how loudly they beat their chest when describing their martial prowess, very few of us, myself included, have ever taken another human life by our own hand. I have witnessed many being taken by Hellfire from a Predator drone while sitting in the comfort of an air conditioned command center, but that does not compare to looking your adversary in the eyes while you pull the trigger.

              Anyway, the point is, more of us will face death by unseen agents in our water or the air than by a bullet from a member of the Golden Horde. Field hygiene is extremely important and the US military puts an unbelievable amount of money and resources into assuring soldiers are not taken out of the fight by germs and poor sanitation. I pose a question to you; if tomorrow you woke up to no electricity or running water and you had to survive with what was available on your property or within walking distance, could you? Where would you crap? How would you keep clean? If you had to boil water, what would you use for fuel? How long would that source last? Where would you get more water and how would you transport it? Remember that before modern plumbing, women spent a good deal of their day hauling water for the needs of the household.

              Field hygiene is a really broad topic; one that is far beyond the scope of a single post. My point is that it will be the simple, boring and mundane stuff that will bite us in the ass because of its boring and non-sexy nature. Who wants to think about where they will crap and how they will keep the flies away or what they will wipe their ass with once the toilet paper is gone, when instead they can think about their .338 lapua with the cryo-treated match barrel and the custom trigger work or their 30,000 rounds of .22 rimfire in the climate controlled storage containers?

              • If the grid went down and there was no tap water, I would go to my storage and take my tons of hand santizers and toilet paper for my use. I would take my tons of matches for boiling water… I could go to the lake where geese shit and swim and maybe boil that water. 🙁 But I may be beaten up on the way home (most likely!) by young thugs along the way home. I have no car. Either. 🙁

                • Take a couple of friends with you—Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson…

            • If YOU ONLY HAVE THAT ONE THING– WATER, then you can relocate, move somehow to a safer area. But if you don’t have water, you won’t even be able to travel to a more rural area!!! ; (

          • So lets see: They destroy the banking system, the stock exchange, the large computer systems, IRS/NSA, DC’S ability to control the country, destroy the TV, ruin welfare, destroy the big cities, Effectively kill off BLM, ATF, EPA and a dozen others. AND YOU ARE TRYING TO TELL ME THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD DO THIS ARE MY ENEMIES?

          • We know a cyber attack on the electric grid system is possible. But to say that it is “inevitable” is just stupid. What crystal ball was Janet Napolitano hit on the head with?

            • And how do you know that destroying the grid isn’t the plan of the corrupt US govt.

            • Janet from Another Planet is a leftist. It is foolish to put any stock in any comments someone like that would make, particularly comments as provocative as the comments about the grid system.

              I think her comments have received far too much publicity and been far too dignified with reaction for as unsourced and broadbrush as they were.

              I don’t think she was ever a particularly credible entity, and her parting comments on the grid only solidified my opinion of her.

              Stop giving these Obama supporters such credit and so much attention. Ignore them. They have agendas to push and axes to grind — none of which have the slightest connection to the best interests of this nation. Most, if not all, of these people are simply fools who will say and do anything they’re told for the sake of the money that lines their pockets as the result of doing so.

              Stop treating Obama, his worshipers, and his handlers as if they were sincere and well meaning. They are neither.

              The leftist propaganda in this country has reached a rabid peak — ignore it. Refuse to allow it to poison your thinking or your search for and acquisition of credible information. Carry on, work hard, say no when it should be said, prepare to vote, and get involved in your own community to stave off the communist usurpers.

          • Very, very few unprepared people will still be alive 6 months after the grid goes down. It’s estimated that only 3% of the population is preparing. And I’m guessing that less than half of the preppers have a one year’s supply of food or more. So there won’t be very many people for the unprepared to rob of their food. Plus, there would be 10 times as many people with guns than food. You’re not going to live long going house to house in search of food.

            • You can prep all you want but realize that most people spend eight to twelve hours of every weekday away from home at work and commuting. A fair number travel thirty or more miles from home. The odds are very good that you will be away from home when and if things go to hell and will never make it home to your family or preps. What you gonna do the, Eh?

        • IF you check a website for info..They turn that off.

          If you read the paper…that is based on yesterdays news, and they will corrupt that so you read ? And are you reading it on the web?

          I would like to live my life with a rifle on my back, to protect my home. Check that, i want to leave that gun in my house and my neighbors know I will protect my homestead.

          Either way.. feel like a billion dollar

          • I wrote this last comment,, and it makes zero sense. No matter. They can change your words to say whatever they want. Molon labe

        • Don’t Worry about America being Attacked by foreign nations, as they will sit back and watch America implode from within, by our Governments corruption and failures, and by devaluing the dollar from over printing. So are we “Ripe for Revolution here in America?” Hell Yeah and here’s why.

          The Federal Government is absolutely Corrupt. No Federal Branch will hold another Federal Branch accountable. My experience is that the Justice Department’s Victim Assistance Dept refuses to even accept any complaints from citizens for complaints, such as against the Dept of Ed for Fraud in student Loans by Corporate Schools and Banks, just to keep us as Their Debt Slaves, to then later deny us our earned Social Security Benefits to satisfy the bogus debt. The EPA refuses to hold the US Air Force accountable for Federal Regulations violations for compliance for their NEPA Responsibilities for compatibility of Noise and other hazards. The FBI refuses to take complaints against the same violators. All this Government does is Pass the buck and collect their weekly paychecks for showing up and doing nothing. The Government is in Bed with Big Corporations, and screw the people, as the FDA approves harmful crap called food which is stuffed with poisons and allowed to be placed on Store shelves for consumers to kill us all off before we qualify for SS benefits. Same with the Drug companies all for profit, to mask the problems of illness. The Fed Refuses to Jail any Bankers for Fraud under the Rico Act, and just slaps a minimum fine on them, which the bank passes those losses onto consumers in higher fraudulent bank fees. The Feds collects our Tax money then lavishes themselves with overpriced prep rally conventions and personal benefits, and bails out the banks who caused the economic instability. They Government builds multi-billion dollar facilities at top dollar, then hires “stupid as a rock” employees will full pensions and full health care benefits to run it, such as the obsolete Post Office, which consumers pay for in higher stamp fees as they giveaway bulk mailing discounts rates and subsidies at out expense to Big Corporations, who then fill our mailboxes with needless advertising crap paper, killing trees, which just ends up in landfills and pollutes our land and air. The Feds subsidize Trillion Dollar Oil Companies to maintain their monopoly grip to strangle any other industry struggling to go green or off their dependency grid. What happened to the Windfalls Profit Tax, that Obama claimed he was going to charge Big Oil Companies when he became Pres, as they Raped Americans at the pump year after year? They Lie cheat and steal. How about the recent $6 Billion that went missing from the State Department, which they can’t account for? How about the Trillion of dollars missing from the DOD, which goes unaccountable decade after decade as they loose planes, tanks and vehicles with no accountability. If this was private industry they would be charged with Embezzlement. The Waste Fraud and Abuse goes unchecked day after day, year after year, wasting Trillions of our money on Phony Wars all to enrich the DOD Contractors, Politicians and Corporations that virtually and physically rape third world countries resources, with Phony Paid off installed Dictator Puppets, who willingly allows his country to be raped and fleeced. The Government lies to us about 911 then, fails to adopt the 911 Commission recommendations to keep our country safe. Why did building #7 just happen to fall all on its own during 9-11 attack? Then Obama recently gives useless federal employees a raise as America Burns to the ground under debt.

          The Government Thugs think we work for them, instead of the other way around. So are we Ripe for a Full Blown Revolution? You Bet. Wall Street is a Ponzi Scam, and manipulated by high speed trading computers, as Billion Dollar Corporations then park their profits in foreign countries to avoid paying any taxes like Apple Corp. something like $16 Billion in Tax free profits. GE does not pay any taxes, just like BoA (Bank Bandits of America). America is bankrupt financially and morally, and the election process is a scam. Where as candidate A is no different than candidate B, and Candidate C (Ron Paul) gets no debate time or his name is not even mentioned on the Government controlled main stream media stations. There is NO free speech in America except for these blogs, as 5 people in the world control 95% of media companies, who control the daily story line and script. The Airwaves are supposed to belong to the public, not corporations. We are screwed as a Democracy. And now the daily evaporation of the US Constitution in Gun Right infringements, Loss of Freedom of Speech, or Beaten for Video Taping Law Enforcement as they carry out their SS tactics onto the public at will. The Government disrespect the 4th and 5th Amendments of trespassing, search and seizure that are being ignored. And our dictator President, who declares that NDAA, on a sudden Presidential whim, will immediately invalidate the US Constitution by executive order…. And everything that is ours or what we own, will suddenly become the possession of the Government. And the Supreme Court of Monkeys, “Sees No Evil, Hears No Evil or Speaks No Evil” of NDAA or will even take up the case for debate or review for validation or contempt of this NDAA Executive Order. Our Founders would be doing head spins by now, seeing what the US has turned into, and the cesspool of corruption,fleecing the populace. Now Hillary who wishes to grant herself Queen-hood of America, declares that, “Too many people want to have guns in too many places.” Oh my, how will she ever declare herself Queen America, if the Peasants are carrying rifles?? Shall I go on?? You get the point by now. Hell Yeah We are Ripe for a R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N !! As I am mad as hell, and I ain’t taking it anymore, and neither should you. I believe it will take a Major EMP to reset this country back to square one, As our Government uses this technology to destroy us from within.

          • Rodster, I totally agree with your analysis and still expect an EMP to take place. That’s what my preparations are based upon.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt… Excellent truthful summation of what ails the population, imo.

        • Jumping the thread to say.

          Happy Mother’s Day.

      2. The progressives who are systematically dismantling the core values of American life are doing plenty of damage, thank you.

        • While systematically dismantling the armed forces… we have jabbed a finger in the eye of one of the few countries willing to risk a military confrontation with the US. And the response to Russia’s military mobilization is to play hide the money…I don’t think this will end well on any of the several possible end game scenarios. Who suffers the most is TBD, but it’s likely we may lose lives and very expensive hardware over it. DC needs to think before they act…if anyone there is capable of rational thinking.

          • OAG: “DC needs to think before they act.” I agree, but these in DC are not smart enough to have a headache let alone think.

          • The Over-bloated US Military is destroying America by bankrupting our economy and destabilizing the world. It may be good Job security for them now, but in the end there will be Nothing for them to defend. Our country will already be destroyed.

            • That’s really ignorant. Defense is 19% of the official budget. Unfunded liabilities for things like social security, medicare, medicaid and federal pensions are $4 trillion a year. That’s larger than the entire official US federal budget.

              • Defense is 3% of GDP. The trillions are for entitlements which soon will take the entire budget. Just wait until amnesty is granted and the thirty million illegals go on transfer payment programs.

        • This is the digital age, and the next war will be a digital war.

          (And it’s already started.)

          • To a degree it will be, we know its true because the digital salvos have already been lobbed back and forth since the 80’s, but struggle must always end in blood.

          • It used to be an easy hack to get into the control structure of a regional power grid.

            And then we have seen the “lead hack” on a San Jose substation:


        • Yes the NWO was involved in the Ukrainian Revolution from the outset, but Ukraine has been “in play” for years. Years. Putin has been working feverishly behind the scenes too.

          After seeing the success of Blackwater Agents in Iraq years ago, Putin publicly stated that HE needed 50,000 Merc’s. How many troops were quickly mobilized to the Ukrainian border? The better part of 50,000.

          The Conflict between East and West has moved East, and the roles have been reversed, but the struggle remains. NSACIA obviously has intel about Russian intentions dating back some time; which is why Romney indicated that Russia was our enemy and biggest threat. Don’t think he wasn’t fully briefed. China is a Full Partner with the NWO in Global Domination, because it is in THEIR strategic interests; and OURS.

          Three’s a crowd. Russia is the odd man out. 🙁

          • Ukraine is payback for our interfering with Assad in Syria. Assad is a Gazprom client, and would allow pipelines to be built for delivery of Azherbaijani gas and oil to the Med. Arabs want control of that cash coew for themselves, so started a proxy war on Assad. Obama, being 3/4 Moosloid, joined on with the Arabs.

            What Putin didn’t count on when he got a Gazprom client dictator installed in Ukraine, (by fraudulent elections), was that native Ukrainians would fight. They remember the Holodomor. (Google it.)

            Western powers, (NWO if you insist), had nothing to do with it until after it started.

          • One of Romneys Main Top Policy advisors was Robert Kagan, Dual israel jew citizen, author of “PNAC” Papers that stated americans WONT support ANY more phony Wars like Nam was…UNLESS!! America has another major size huge “ATTACK” such as another pearl Harbor!

            A year Later 9/11 occured! First thing TV MSM said was “Gee folks looks like ANOTHER Pearl Harbor attack”! Folks across nation responded AS Planed to with massive shouts of “USA! USA! USA!” while they waved their China made tiny Plastic usa flags proudly crying for more..WAR!

            SO just Who is this kagan fellow Romney used or was Appointed to use?…Mr PNAC-Kagan jewdeo zio swindler, extreme anti american, anti Christ tribe member is None other than the HUSBAND of US State Dept’s jewess scam operator of Ukraines royal Mess…Victoria Neuland!

            So..just Whos Victoria neuland working for Now?…Dem Kommieboy Hobammy!, and of course Telaviv, city london Rothschild banksters, JewYork Wall st swindlers, and basically she like her Husband Kagan work for “is it Good for Israel?…Good for jew intrest’s?” as the Main object at all times 24/7/365.

            Ironic how neocn Repub Romenys in Bed with Hobammys fellow traveler Kommie bunch no?

            • Why don’t you go fuck yourself with the Jew shit. Get back over to DU where that stuff is the party line. Moron.

              • Be nice. It’s the only job he can hold down. And the pay sucks, too.

              • Just saw a list of elected officials who want gun control and they were all jews.BTW why is Israel such a good partner ?

        • OK…. so is it EMP, Russian and Chinese military already in our homeland going door to door confiscating our weapons, a cyber attack, or barry soetoro pulling out the local troops in a Martial Law order…..?

          I’m confused…….

          • It’s a toolbox…whatever will work under any given circumstance…
            A mechanic wouldn’t use a wrench to take out a screw… 😉

            They will try to take us down with whatever is available…short of all out nuclear war…
            Preserving the “breadbasket of the world” is the highest priority… super EMP most likely….Then they step in to secure and maintain the reactors…NWO that is, with whatever Hessens are available.

            • I’ve heard Ukraine referred to as the breadbasket of Europe so not sure if the loss of America’s breadbasket would be that big a deal to Russia. My .02

          • Before Old Coach in his state of usual desluions can claim NO jews has anything to do with usa fed govnt etc…Heres Romneys Hand Picked “TEAM”…of which you Know it werent romney that choose thses folks eh!

            Here is Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy team:
            Dov Zakheim – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Robert Kagan – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Michael Chertoff – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Eliot Cohen – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Eric Edelman – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            John Lehman – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Evan Feigenbaum – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Aaron Friedberg – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Kent Lucken – (Israeli Dual Citizen)
            Kristen Silverberg – (Israeli Dual Ctizen)

            I believe Robert Kagan is the brother of Elena Kagan of SCOTUS.?????(not sure on this).

            Gee Perhaps with That hand picked crew Romney Should have run for Prez of….Telaviv Israel and maybe he’d have Won there eh?!

            Because none of his crew of dual citizen israelies represent nor give a Rats ass for or about the usa nor its folks…Especially that vast Majority of white christian folks so populous in america eh.

            Stay Tuned for 2016 Prez race when again 3rd time in row neocons PRE choose,And LOSE again, based on multi billionaire jew adelsons desires, a “JEB Bush” for the “other lesser evil choice eh”

            Or if repubs really go all Dumber than Dumb and give voters a Rand Paul-Rubio-Chaz or Jindal, of which THREE are INeligable due to NOT Natural Born citizen!

            Now You know wht NO neocons ever complained with anything to Back it or force the issue on Hobammys Birth cert issues eh…Cause repubs want to run Ineligable folks also!…Lesser evils?…ALL are worse than EVIL! All has sold souls to Satan, and their services To Israel and jewish intrests bar None.

            Folks will usually Become LIKE those they hang out with or join with or marry etc…Does That include Satanic israel jews as Pals or Buis partners too Mom?…You Bet sonny!…Yep Mom Was correct all along, good advice she gave.

            • And the Generally DUMB Public dont have a friggen clue how a foreign power influences Amerikan Politics’s

              You can thank the Amerikan Socialist Education System for that.

        • Against all enemies both foreign and domestic! Unfortunately America has never been very good at identifying and engaging domestic enemies of which the progressives are certainly one.

      3. Plausible scenario.

      4. Slowly but surely this administration is working to destroy this once feared, greatest of all nations…….

        • You’re a retard.

          • @A; Eloquent, very eloquent! You must have put a lot of thought into that comment…..Lib-tard.

        • I agree gulf bravo. I don’t know what we are trying to acomplish as a nation right now.

          • Accomplish? It should be apparent to even the densest among us that the answer is suicide. Seems to be working quite well. But let’s blame the Jews for what a Muslim loving president who has placed Muslim Brotherhood operatives throughout the doing.

        • Of course. Obama’s parents were communist revolutionaries. His mentors were terrorists. Their goal is destroying America. They realised that the only way to do it would be to bankrupt the country through unsustainable entitlement spending.

          10 years ago today Obama was still a state senator in Illinois who was virtually unknown nationally. He gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 while running for the US Senate. He obviously had powerful friends pulling the strings for him to give that address besides throwing their support to him for the 2008 presidential nomination and the election that followed.

          And of course there’s a trail of bodies along they way just like there is for the Clintons.

          • Yes Hobammy Did have powerfull “friends” aka One Multi Billionaire Chicago jewess women whom I now cant recall her name off hand. She Was Hobammys Main promoter and funder in Chicago when he first ran for senator.

            She gathered together many fellow top wealthy jewish supporters of chicago and NY, to make certain their goldenboy trained since Birth marxist kommie monkyboy would be the Black Prez of usa…Even though hes not 100% black…I rekon for most, 97% afrcian blacks nationwide as long as hobammy Looks black enough hes good to go eh!

            Just one More incident in a LONG 100+ years long history of jewish kommie subversions that has finally led up to Todays fully Ruined america. The NEW Soviet that so far Few comprehend or accept it as that it seems.

            Must be something to do with so many jewdeo zionist ‘christians” and their many deranged false preachermen assisting such kommie zio jews in EVERY way, shape and form as humanly Possible…SEE:TBN-TV “ministries” for starters proofs.

      5. Imagine how much damage they could to if they used subversive agents – amoral, short-sighted, wholly greed driven, self-centered people, to infiltrate our political and business management structure, on a national scale.

        Oh – I guess we really don’t need to *imagine* what would happen if this occurred, now do we?

        • But but but those dual citizens you refer to have the best interests of ALL Amenikan citizens at heart

          what to buy a bridge?

          • Is it in NYC?

            • Naw if I sell a bridge

              I sell big

              those east coast bridges are tiny

              compared to the big Mac

              • Nice to see another Michigander whos Wide eyed Awake eh!

                I am a bit Lower or south of Da Yooer is though…Aprox 120 Miles below big Mac bridge, northern Lower Penn.

                So Rural we have NO mayor, NO POLICE Dept’s!! Nothing govnt but for a Township supervisor we elect, a librarian, One buildg inspector who wont say squat if you build a mansion With a dozen out buildgs and do not obtain any buildg permits etc!!

                Did I mention its 100% white folk too?…oh yeah with ZERO serious crime. Just a few Bored Teens now or then who bust into an unoccupied cabin or hunting cabin and rob them of their rusted shotgun that quit functioning 40 yrs before it got put over the fireplace mantel, and some such wrong way teens steal a box of cherrios too if its left there.

                What a difference from where I was born, raised and lived for my first 43 years of life…Detroit!!

                I highly Recomend EVERYBODY Move to rural areas if possible…Even if zero shtf is a worry ever…It is still the very best Option one can do I think.

                • you betcha

                  200 miles past da bridge for meeeeeee

                  100% white folks as well

                  life is good

                • We must be fairly close.

                • I’m probably pretty close to you here in Manistee National Forest (an hour or so north of GR.) We have no crime to speak of because we are mostly armed and mostly all of the same means.
                  Like you say, there are a few kids jackassing around but they are mostly harmless. Can pickers as well.

                  Our township is zoned now but my family has been here 5 generations and we are grandfathered in(so far). I installed a fairly large solar system with no problem.

                  Da Youpers will sell the bridge to anyone 😉 Watch the wind!

              • Hauling a trailer last week across the Mac I couldn’t believe it cost 6 bucks to go over it. Gotta pay for the paint I guess.

      6. All of these strategies will ultimately lead to financial chaos and WWIII. Instead of messing with the world, we should be focusing on fixing our own system and infrastructure. Finances and productivity will ultimately be our downfall. Probably just a few years away and not decades….

        • Ugly

          If we could take everything you posted and apply it to every individual human, mix in history, fact, logic and God. Then maybe we could get somewhere.

          • wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony. Of these the main factor that causes the rest is pride. Pride is THE cause of all the suffering. That feeling of entitlement that everyone in the west seems to take as a given birthright. When you see or hear anyone saying be proud of this or you must be proud of that, remember that pride is the number one tool that the POS gov and msm use to get people to go to war, buy new crap they cant afford to impress people they dont like, kill each other over some piece of icrap or shoes, etc. Be careful what you take pride in and of. Love people not things.

            • USA, USA, USA!…/sarcasm off/

      7. This is just the sort of thing that scares the heck out of me.

        Our grid system, our pipeline system, easily attacked and put out of service.

        A little HE on an off the shelf drone into a refinery and its toast.

        We worry about missiles and aircraft carriers from Russia or China. They wont need them. A few low budget toys and we are in a scramble just to survive.

        Keep prepping friends. It wont be an EMP or some other such high tech gadget.

      8. Don’t listen to these assholes in washington anymore. They are passing illegal laws that only benefit themselves and make their pockets rich. I mean this. Whatever they do ignore. We must all get the police to stop giving people so many damn tickets for petty stuff. They are good at it and they should be keeping the peace not questioning people to oblivion and sinking peoples lives over stuff that they could stop but they don’t. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with them. Do they get a reward or a increase in ranks for writing the most tickets. I bet they do. “here is sargent dicks who had the most dui’s arrests last year making the streets safer.” How many of those were out of pure thought of looking tough or wanthing stats behind his name. How many people were possibly home in their driveway and no harm was done. This was just an example that you could nit pick at, you get my point.
        As for as The FBI and all the pricks who don’t do a good honest job, FU buddy!! For all the police and fbi that are honest or whistle blowers, congrats to you. You have morals and integrity. Proud of you types out there. We need to get something going soon together. They are now looking at all the Cliven bundy’s for pointing guns at the BLM? How about you do the same to the BLM and FBI who were killing his cows and pointing guns to begin with. Where is the justice. This country is becomming a lawless only for the mob government and the elites. We have the masses and we need to get our job done to reset order and justice and not allow all these different races and ethnic countries divide each other, they need to come together but I don’t think that will ever happen. People get so wound up over religion they kill each other over it. So what do we do if we know the people will never mass together in a whole? There is only one thing I guess is to cover and handle what you can in your area and hope that people will wake the fuck up and understand who the enemy really is. Dems are way more greedy than the GOP.
        You can’t even reason with a democrat. They have so much hatred in their hearts since they never learned hard work and family. I think many democrats were probably sexually abused by thier parent singular. The day both parties can come together is when we all win. It’s your move dems.

        • No Clint, WE cannot ignore the assholes in DC. That would only encourage them to pass more Draconian laws. They must be resisted.

          Its an election year and these assholes are listening …. for now. The public must scream bloody, fucking, murder about debt, taxes, spending, unemployment, illegal immigration, Agenda 21, income inequality, and the TPP.

          Ignore them? Can you say, “Silence of the Lambs”? 🙁

          • I can say vote out all incumbents,

            • You are the resistance.

            • machines are rigged, cant vote them out anymore.

              • So are punch cards. Too many hanging chads….

            • It’s too late. America is long past the point of no return.
              The Federal Reserve has already created at least $4 trillion out of thin air that we know of. It could easily be $40 trillion.

          • And dont listen to any of them anymore,,,

            • Thats what I mean!

            • We MUST return to the three ‘Rs’. Reject-Resist-Retaliate!

          • Durango, thats what I mean, I could of written it a little better. Yes I mean cry bloody hell and also at the same time dont let it phase us let them know we are not accepting what you are doing. I’m bad at writing. But I did mean democrats are very hard to talk to I mean that very clearly. They are not all sexually touched, that was just a figure of speech. You guys know me. and thanks for clearing that up. Good to see you. WE BOTH WERE RIGHT ABOUT A COLLAPSE. remember a year or so ago, everybody thought we would be done and collapsed and war by now. We both said nothing is going to happen and we were right. WE used common sense didnt we. We are getting close but not there yet. anything could happen who knows anymore with these people.

            • Agreed Clint: The crystal ball is getting cloudy as all of the hubris clutters the picture. I also said earlier this year that it was possible that the markets would decline rather than crash; contrary to historical experience and that is exactly what has happened to the NASDAQ and Russell 2,000 recently without the DOW plunging.

              That said, the DOW collapse could be triggered by any number of events. 🙁


      9. I say let the elites destroy each other. I just hope this goes on long enough to get my preps in order. After that I’ll have no problem watching everything crumble and fighting for the freedom we seem to be losing everyday.

      10. Actually, this article brings up some important points.

        When the ‘Red Coats’ faced off against the colonists, they were suffering heavy losses, as the British had a system down and if you faced them directly, you paid the price. After the Native American Indians taught the hard lessons of ‘guerilla’ warfare and ambushes and traps, the tide of battle began to swing the other way.

        Fast forward to today: Nobody wants to face the American armored military on the field in the conventional sense as it is the same result: Overwhelming firepower, coupled with focused tactics equals swift defeat for the enemy.

        Now that China, Russia and all the other countries have had time to study the U.S. playbook in detail, they know they too, will have to resort to ‘guerilla’ tactics and non-conventional methods of attack. This is where tactical nuclear weapons, Chemical /BIO and others come into play. They know they will have to use trump cards to win the game and you can bet they will. When your enemy is expecting A, you hit them with Z. This is all written in Sun Tzu- The Art of War and the principles still apply to this day.

        I expect, (as others do) that an attack will be from so many different avenues all at once, it will be the enemy version of ‘shock and awe’. All empires fall, and the U.S. could very well be next. Or the Earth gets slammed by a giant meteor and it’s a whole different ballgame…again.

        • If anyone wants an ‘e-book’ of the ‘Art of War’, email me
          @ [email protected]

          • Or download it here:

            • I’ve read some of the “Art of War”. So what? Sure, it says things like “all war is based on deception”. Or that one way of winning a war is to destroy the enemy’s will to fight. We know that. There are no magic tools there to help us win a second civil war.

      11. This is the reason I have been prepairing for so many years.
        I think we are going to see a financial melt down not only in the U.S. but in the whole world cause by killing them elctical power and hacking of the worlds infrastructures, by all sides. This will not be a two sided war everyone will be envolved in it, in one way or another.
        Yes this will lead to wars (no nukes) conventional weapons used mostly. People need to eat. If you fry the land with radiation the food that grows there will not be much good.
        If your people are hungry and your neighboring country has food you are going to try to get some. Guess where most of the food is grown.
        Yes we could have a Red Dawn here in the states. Who ever tries it they will lose. Too many good ole red neck country boys, ridge runners, hillbillies, city folks that would put up one He!! of a fight to keep them out.

        There is a storm coming so please get ready for it.
        All the warning signs are out there, don’t procrastinate.
        It’s like looking at big black clowds with lighting flashing rain bands coming out of them, and saying we might get a little shower, when a flood is coming.

        They will sooner or later hit us with some sort of electonic warfare, an EMP, micro burst, computer hacking of our systems,
        Don’t think for one minute that the U.S. in not doing and planning the same type of warfare.
        I bet we are doing it now.

        Folks, I’m afraid that WWIII has started and it is about to get really really hot and we are about to fell the HEAT!!!!!

        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

        • NR

          Agree,but remember neutron bombs and also the spent fuel ponds at nuke power plants that will go Fukashima a week or two after the grid drops out due to not enough diesel fuel on-site for back-up generators.

          You are right though IMO. WWIII against the American people is ON!

          • If the power goes out and the fuel rods become an issue, we would’ve at least had some warning and time to get out of the immediate area—whether people will be smart enough to get out in time is another story.

      12. The psychopaths will kill us all to maintain their power. The humans may be at the top of the food chain, but common sense is sorely lacking.

        • Of course! Look at Europe- used to be individual nations and now is the EU and the bastards at the top have used that new centralization of power to destroy the people! they are having an AWFUL TIME!! And old bummer and all the brats in the political sphere have the same damn thing planned for us– Centralization of power and destroy the plebs!

      13. This sort of war gaming has gone on for centuries, and will continue to go on. Plans are made and shelved every day.

        Tension is what they want, and until real peace rains we will always have tension in one degree or another. Tension makes people look to government which of course is what TPTB want, they want the people to believe that they have the answer, but they tell us “We have the answers, but you will need to sacrifice!”

        This is the game being played, this is the threat we live with, they vial their intentions just enough to swallow up the people who have neither the willingness nor ability to think for themselves.

        • The game is to keep the sheeple in a constant state of fear with enemies within and enemies without, whether real or imagined.

          It’s the old, old story of the magicians behind the curtain molding the mass mind to their will.

          For all who have not seen it, stormcloudsrising explains it quite eloquently at the bottom of the scroll here:

          RULE FROM THE SHADOWS: The Psychology of Power

          It’s time to go for the head of the beast behind the curtain.

          • NEW ORD

            Although I believe that TPTB exist on some level I also believe the evil shadow of man on a collective level is driving us to a point of pure misery, it matters not that many have seen and know the light for being light. It’s that the darkness of man is too often looked at as the easy wrong rather than the hard right when decision time comes.

            Individuals have been convinced by so called worldly intellectuals over the centuries that belief in the anchor point of the soul (God) is wrongheaded, this is the same as saying belief in oneself is wrong.

            Life is a struggle, a storm, hurricane or earthquake; we’ve all found ourselves in those moments looking for something, anything to grab hold of and make it stop. God is that anchor, shield and sword, it is why TPTB work so diligently to kill him.

            The war we find ourselves in is not just one of the outer world, but one that exists within us all on a very human level.

            • Y99
              Some see the light but choose the darkness in the daily warring of the members of one’s own body.

              First and foremost this is a spiritual battle IMO.
              The darkest of the OPFOR understand this and try to engineer a a God-less secular society. It goes back to the original rebellion. Call it luciferian if you will.

            • Y99, Well said. The connection to the Anchor is perhaps the most important in the turbulent times ahead. Make sure your seatbelts are buckled.

            • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

              • .02-

                ..and its our job to identify them!

                Thumbs up to ya!

                • Hunter: Correct…Too Many folks have not grasped the True meaning of that bible verse. They think it means our ONLY enemys are “Evil Spiritual” in nature. Then they “Hide and Cower” behind that thinking and declare our ONLY method to fight against such high placed evils is to “Pray”…

                  Well sure Prayer Is good, but After prayers are said…Then its time to Lock N’ Load and destroy that enemy. The Phys flesh parts that make Up those “High Places of powers” etc.

                  in other words what that bible verse is really saying is this “You folks have TWO differing TYPES enemys!” and this verse is speaking ONLY of the Spiritual evils of Satans demonic forces enemys…BUT those demon spirit forces NEED EarthBound Human persons to DO Satanic Evils.

                  Therefore You Have TWO enemys. Prayer is ALL that can be applied to work against that spirit based evilness of satans demon forces and spirits…BUT You Still Need regular normal weaponerys and ammos to deal with that HUMAN element that the evil spirits INFLUENCE against YOU.

                  Too many folks USE that verse same as Turn other cheek verse as a Shield to HIDE behind and do…NOTHING, but to say a few paryers. God operates in many diverse ways..But One Main way is THRU Good Humans he works to destroy such Evils of the satanic nature.

                  Too many examples of this exist biblically to list here.

                  • Do you sit at a long table with other Nazi’s to come up with your posts of the day?

                • Them Guys

                  For we wrestle not against war and sacrifice, but against original evil. Darkness resides in all men, knowing it’s their and facing it is a personal battle each of us should undertake before we ever battle in the light.

                  Prayer is one way to approach the evil in man, but God also gave us the ability to be introspective, find the evil in yourself before you shoot the bathroom mirror.

      14. If anyone can sneak across our borders, who’s to say there isn’t nuclear weapons from an enemy already here and planted?

        • Mostly the fact that nukes broadcast their presence for miles around by emitting easily detected radiation. You’d have to be keeping one in a deep mine to avoid being found out, but chances are almost zero that you’d get it there without the detector net seeing you. (Retired engineer – I can’t help it if I’m aware of technology.)

          • Sorry coach, but you can easily shield a Nuke from detection. Any basement and some sacks of cement will do it.

            • By the way, I figured a great way to get one into the country, but I’m not going to even keep thinking about it. It scares the PO Po out of me.

      15. Wouldn’t it be prudent to leave while you still can and watch the whole sordid affair sort it self out from a safe distance? Like from somewhere other than North America and Europe/Asia?

        • @Expatriot; Well, if the countries that feed and supply finished goods to the rest of the world are FUBAR, where would be a good place to be? The U.S. is the easiest place to “prepare” with significant depth of supplies. Sure, you can live in Belize or Costa Rica, and they are nice places, have dived in both, but do you have rights, can you prep, can you arm your self? All logical questions that need to be answered. I would rather be here than elsewhere. If you are ex-patted, you have to get the lay of the land, assimilate (to some extent) with the local population etc. This can take years to do, much less do preps in. Just sayin’. Be Well.

      16. Fat chance starting a business if no one has extra money. Well, to be fair. If you have a way to save people money…

        Still, in a society where money is becoming scarce. The best thing is to start a barter exchange. If enough people come to you with goods and services. You can stimulate economic activity locally in lieu of Federal notes.

        • I take cash or goods. I once set up a tracphone for a lady who paid me in homemade candy and cookies.

      17. Is that Flatt and Scruggs playing Wabash Cannonball I hear? Or just an unbalanced trailer tire thumping? Either way, it’s got a nice rhythm.

        There’s only so much one person can do. Mentally, spiritually, and (to a lesser degree, materially) I’m as prepped as I can be for now. Some days I get so aggravated I just want to say “bring it already!”
        But I really don’t want that. War, famine, chaos in society isn’t really what we need. Blood in the streets is never a good thing… unless it’s in DC. What we need is for 300 million Americans, people of conscience, to stand and be heard.
        First though, we need to find the people who still have a conscience. Presently, I fear we’re about 290 million short…..

        • Well said, Smokin.

          Anyone with a conscience who has experienced suffering on a grand scale in Asia and other 3rd and 4th world countries is circumspect in what they wish for.

        • Hey, ole truckin’ brother.

          I was watching a movie, called “Snitch”, with some wild ass scenes of Dwayne Johnson driving the shit out of a Semi.

          I thought about you Smokin’. Not the ‘snitchin’ part, just the truck drivin’ part.

          Hope all is well with you and yours. Some days i miss the road so bad i ache; and then after doing a little work around the farm, I ache so bad, I’m sure glad to be done with bouncing down the highway.

          Keep ‘er between the ditches, Oak.


          • When I think of ‘Smokin’ I think of the movie Duel. The guy in the Dodge Dart is what happens when you steal one of Smokin’s bucket of rice….

        • Don’t worry, Smokey, I say we have about 1 and 1/2 years TOPS before SHTF… and very well could be even before then. but 2016 is definitely D-day!!!!!

      18. Radiation….schmadiation….whatever. I for one wouldn’t want to around afterwards to live beyond it. Note: Now after saying that watch what happens as I’ll probably get stuck here. Anyway, better take advantage of the time to see to everything that needs seeing to. If this cat is right, 10 years of waiting for it is along time in the anticipation mode.

      19. Happy Mothers Day everyone…

        > Estrogen, Pregnancy and Women
        > PREGNANCY Q & A & more!
        > Q: Should I have a baby after 35?
        > A: No, 35 children is enough.
        > Q: I’m two months pregnant now. When will my baby
        > move?
        > A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.
        > Q: What is the most reliable method to determine a
        > baby’s sex?
        > A: Childbirth.
        > Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that
        > sometimes she’s borderline irrational.
        > A: So what’s your question?
        > Q: My childbirth instructor says it’s not pain I’ll
        > feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
        > A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called
        > an air current.
        > Q: When is the best time to get an epidural?
        > A: Right after you find out you’re pregnant.
        > Q: Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery
        > room while my wife is in labor?
        > A: Not unless the word “alimony” means anything to
        > you.
        > Q: Is there anything I should avoid while recovering
        > from childbirth?
        > A: Yes, pregnancy.
        > Q: Do I have to have a baby shower?
        > A: Not if you change the baby’s diaper very quickly.
        > Q: Our baby was born last week. When will my wife
        > begin to feel and act normal again?
        > A: When the kids are in college.
        > 1. Everyone around you has an attitude problem.
        > 2. You’re adding chocolate chips to your cheese
        > omelet
        > 3. The dryer has shrunk every last pair of your
        > jeans.
        > 4. Your husband is suddenly agreeing to
        > everything you say.
        > 5. You’re using your cellular phone to dial up
        > every bumper sticker that says: “How’s my driving-call
        > 1- 800-”
        > 6. Everyone’s head looks like an invitation to
        > batting practice.
        > 7. Everyone seems to have just landed here from
        > “outer space.”
        > 8. You can’t believe they don’t make a tampon
        > bigger than Super Plus.
        > 9. You’re sure that everyone is scheming to drive
        > you crazy.
        > 10. The ibuprofen bottle is empty and you bought
        > it yesterday.
        > 10. Cat’s facial expressions.
        > 9. The need for the same style of shoes in
        > different colors.
        > 8. Why bean sprouts aren’t just weeds.
        > 7. Fat clothes.
        > 6. Taking a car trip without trying to beat your
        > best time.
        > 5. The difference between beige, ecru, cream,
        > off-white, and eggshell.
        > 4. Cutting your bangs to make them grow.
        > 3. Eyelash curlers.
        > 2. The inaccuracy of every bathroom scale ever
        > made.
        > AND, the Number One thing only women understand:
        > 1. OTHER WOMEN
        > Send this to five bright, funny women you know and
        > make their day .
        > WE ALL NEED A SMILE!

        • Thanks Eppe.

      20. With every passing month and year I find this stuff increasingly comical !!
        I mean the actual term ” DOOM PORN ” is a real addiction just like sexual porn is and I have come to the realization that these sites and articles exist ONLY because of the ADDICTION people have to DOOM !!!

        • Hey Rich99- That may be your opinion about doom porn, however, these articles are to make you think. Tell me what you learned how to preserve our democracy by watching dancing with the stars. Or ignoring reality. You can be a happy lark ignorant by burying your head in the sand. And then soon realize when you run out of toilet paper and there is none on the store shelf that its now true that Sh!t just Hit the fan for you. But you should thank your lucky stars that there are attentive Americans out here, who are looking out for your freedoms. I am both a member of the NRA and the ACLU. I don’t agree with them on every issue, but, but we need defenders, just like the Oath Keepers, or Unions that protects workers rights, for health and safety from hazards. Its not all about over paid lazy employees lifetime employment guarantees. There is misinformation out there. Just read and learn, and if you disagree, then there are plenty of other happy sites out there for you to read, like how to raise back yard chickens. You need to understand your pain threshold for the truth, accept it and prepare. Cheers!

          • WWTI.

            I believe there will be a time where we can not do no more to improve the situation. That is when the Great “FUCK YOU” to others who have refused to listen begins. It will be the time where I do not have to hear the excuses and bodily harm may be introduced for others to Leave My Ass Alone. As of now I do want to help others on any level of preparedness. That will change when the balloon goes up.

            Those critics with their damnations should follow the main stream media and leave the Doom and Gloomers alone.
            Why would you come here in the first place if all is well and nothing is going to happen. Then argue you head off. But it does give us a sound board to use.

        • This site has help avert doom by educating people. That’s why few if any doom predictions discussed here come true. You can’t prove a negative.

      21. Happy Mother’s Day!

        (I received this in an email. These are so funny.)

        Questions about Mothers…answered by children

        Why did God make mothers?
        1. She’s the only one who knows where the scotch tape is.
        2. Mostly to clean the house.
        3. To help us out of there when we were getting born.

        How did God make mothers?
        1. He used dirt, just like for the rest of us.
        2. Magic plus super powers and a lot of stirring.
        3. God made my mom just the same like he made me. He just used bigger parts.

        What ingredients are mothers made of?
        1. God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world and one dab of mean.
        2. They had to get their start from men’s bones. Then they mostly use string. I think.

        Why did God give you your mother and not some other mom?
        1. We’re related.
        2. God knew she likes me a lot more than other people’s moms like me.

        What kind of little girl was your mom?
        1. My mom has always been my mom and none of that other stuff.
        2. I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but my guess would be pretty bossy.
        3. They say she used to be nice.

        What did mom need to know about dad before she married him?
        1. His last name.
        2. She had to know his background. Like is he a crook? Does he get drunk on beer? Does he make at least $800 a year? Did he say NO to drugs and YES to chores.

        Why did your mom marry your dad?
        1. My dad makes the best spaghetti in the world. And my mom eats a lot.
        2. She got too old to do anything else with him.
        3. My grandma says that mom didn’t have her thinking cap on.

        Who’s the boss at your house?
        1. Mom doesn’t want to be boss, but she has to because dad’s such a goofball.
        2. Mom. You can tell by room inspection. She sees the stuff under the bed.
        3. I guess Mom is, but only because she has a lot more to do than dad.

        What’s the difference between moms and dads?
        1. Moms work at work and work at home, and dads just got to work at work.
        2. Moms know how to talk to teachers without scaring them.
        3. Dads are taller and stronger, but moms have all the real power ’cause that’s who you gotta ask if you want to sleep over at your friend’s.

        What does your mom do in her spare time?
        1. Mothers don’t do spare time.
        2. To hear her tell it, she pays bills all day long.

        What would it take to make your mom perfect?
        1. On the inside she’s already perfect. Outside, I think some kind of plastic surgery.
        2. Dye it. You know, her hair. I’d dye it, maybe blue.

        If you could change one thing about your mom, what would it be?
        1. She has this weird thing about me keeping my room clean. I’d get rid of that.
        2. I’d make my mom smarter. Then she would know it was my sister who did it and not me.

      22. Happy Sunday all,

        Wow, very sobering comments above Lonelonemum 1 million thumbs up 🙂

        As I was reading your comments, I was watching the “Bible” series on NetFlix (the first one, it was at the part where Sodom was being destroyed).

        We watched the Cesar Chavez movie last night, reminds me that when one undertakes a just cause (I guess basically trying to do the “Will of God”) things will not be easy and some will die (ie like the Kennedys, when they threatened the power base and financial grip of certain groups in our country) …….BUT we stay the course and God will provide (I believe this is universal, not for one ethnic, religious, political, or socioeconomic group). What I try to instill in my kids is not to fear death and not let fear control their lives. They put in their good honest effort, and the rest we’ll leave to the Creator of Heaven and earth and if God has a calling for them to be a “leader” (be it politically, military, religious, etc.) they will carry out their duties with Integrity and “Justice for all”. I know, sounds corny and like a commercial but that is the basics and reality for me and what I try to teach my kids.

        Yeah, and at times daily life is hard as it seems the majority do not believe the above and we feel overwhelmed with the popular thinking and culture. That’s when I tell my kids their personal family History: Your ancestors come from humble hardy tough as nails country people in Europe (who even the Romans had a hard time conquering) who crossed oceans in search of a better life and they mixed with hardy native people from Mexico….and we are educated and live in the USA where Freedom, liberty and responsibility were once highly valued across the land. We are were we are supposed to be at this point in history of the world. In daily life, and if there is ever “the big event(s)”, we will fight the good fight.
        Peace out y’all, stay safe

      23. I have seen individuals on this site, just one or two people trying to glorify islam. Stories like the following show me and others exactly what islam is all about:

        Muslims crucify two Christians for refusing the demonic muslims’ cult. To be crucified is torture beyond believable for any human being to go through. Something the evil bankers MIGHT deserve, but an innocent Christian that is simply remaining loyal to GOD. This is wickedness to the core. Islam is satanic and this shows it all too well.

        • BE I; Yes we are under attack by Satin, Lucifer, Whatever Evil wants to name itself, they continue to try to change our beliefs,our morals every day!
          We talked a while back about them wanting to get a statue of Satin in the Oklahoma State Capitol well guess what? And did you see the other day them wanting to do a Devil
          worshipping play at Harvard? This has been ongoing Agenda forever as most have sold their souls.
          This isn’t going to last much longer,those that know of our immortal soul,thru God, Gaia The Ineffable know we have nothing to fear! They can have the mess the’ve created and the hell on earth. There is a better place from this human experience if you haven’ sold your soul or spirit!!
          May God bless the Good each and every one!

            • Thanks I enjoyed that

            • Refreshing!

      24. Only way to escape, is to get out. Leave now, the bombs aren’t falling now. They will be one day soon. No matter how much stuff you have saved up and whatever your stocked up on, you can’t survive radiation for very long. You will die in your bunker along side all of your stored supplies. The masses will die off pretty fast too! First from the blasts then from the fallout and the radiation. Then begins the killing of each other to keep your family alive and they kill yours and you kill theirs and your life is a living hell and then someone kills you. What a way to go. People will gather in groups thinking that safety will be with them in larger groups, not! They will turn on each other when the food ends. They will begin to kill off each other and divisions begin. Groups will be together for one reason alone, to kill off others to eat. Cannibalism will run rampant and no longer will your sons and daughters be just targets for sexual enjoyment for some perverts, but they will be the sustenance in other people’s dietary intake. You will come back from your hunting and exploring to your camp and find your daughter is missing and then you will find her clothes laying on the ground soiled in blood. You will know immediately that someone is already feasting on her. These are the scenarios that will take place, so then the end comes to us all one hellish way or the other. America will not be standing. It will end and all in it will die a violent and grim death. The only way to escape it is to leave it now. Abandon it! Think of what is more important to you? Is America the same America that it was in the 1940’s or 50’s? Is it the same America that it was way back then? It seems that it has gone through a cycle and it is entering into it’s own cycle of self destruction. What can we really expect to happen to America? Can you really honestly say to yourself,”Our politicians that we vote for will fix it.” Really? can you really see it becoming a great nation again? Will it stop doing what it has been doing and regather itself and once again become a great nation? Can you see that happening? Honestly think about yourself and this nation that we live in. I personally cannot fathom that America will regroup itself and that it will become a nation that at once it placed it’s trust in God. This place has become a place of devils a place where unclean and evil things gather. I think I saw those words written somewhere. So you say your a Christian? Do you read the bible? Can you see the similarity’s of a little place called Babylon in the book of Revelations? Why is there no mention of America in it? Only of a place that’s called Babylon, the old Babylon being wiped out thousands of years ago. What Babylon is it talking about? Why does an angel yell out. “Babylon, Babylon is gone in one hour!” So in one hour we are doomed! Why does the bible say, ” Get out of her my people!” Kinda the same thing I’m saying, get out! Why does it refer to Babylon as her? We also refer to America as her. I recommend a book called “America the daughter of Babylon” by Allen Bonck. Read it several years ago. Eye opener. Currently making my way to the southern hemisphere, saving money and working here in Babylon, but not stocking up and making my investments in South America away from the northern hemisphere. Big cultural shock to me, but it’s survival. Stay alive people think about it. God is a God of life, he came and to give it in abundance. If you stay you will die. Nothing will make the devil happier than that you stayed here and went down with the boat that he helped to create as not an ark, but a sinking boat he intentionally built to bring down as many people down to hell where he will be.

        • Carlos.

          Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

        • Try hitting “return” every once in a while…paragraphs are you friend.

        • Good article.

          What are the implications for CONUS and NORTHCOM?

      25. I’m prepared for just about anything other than a all out nuke war. In this type of war were we unleash everything we have, and so dose the rest of the world it would be hard for me to believe there would be anything left. If there are survivors they would be in the stone age again. This is one that I don’t really think I want to be around for.
        Now a limited nuke war I would do what I can to survive, and rebuild.
        Aim Small Miss Small

      26. They wouldn’t have to do anything except take our power grid down……After that they could sit back and watch us destroy ourselves.

      27. In the end we’re all going to die anyway, do we die running to an uncertain future or do we die in our homes with our loved one’s around us? Either way the quality of life will be minimal. It’s all rather depressing.

        • Confederate.

          One hell of a mind game. Too much time on our hands and no action. One point about Fear. I was almost killed and the fright was unreal but for me it turned into rush after the danger passed. Adrenalin I guess. The first timers of this experience are going to be in for one heck of a ride.

          • Never fear as when the going gets tough, the tough go fishing. See ya’ll streamside.

            • Hey sling, your sentence; “To much time on our hands and no action” sums it up for me. You can prep, plan and practice but if you don’t get a chance to actually use your knowledge, it does get discouraging. A Marine friend who was killed in Afganistan said; “It’s like your training for the Olympics and you never get a chance to compete.” Sniper got him.

        • It’s only depressing if you believe there is NO existence after death. If you DO believe there is existence after death, the only intimidating factor is the method of departure.

          • I’m not worried about the departure method either, PWYP.

            I won’t suffer long, and then it’s eternal peace and freedom from fools.

        • I don’t look forward to the destruction of America but it doesn’t depress me. I’m a Born Again Christian. My future is in Heaven.

          I volunteer at an animal shelter. What really bothers me is thinking about what happens to the animals after the collapse or after an EMP attack on America. There would be no food or water for the animals and no way to help them.

          • I’d turn them loose…better for any living thing to die free, than starve to death, trapped in a cage.

          • Barn Cat.

            Those that can not afford to keep their animals set them free here in the woods and swamps. They do not last long as Gators and Coyotes get them. Once came upon pair of pot bellied pigs. Had a pitbull come into camp and that dog became aggressive. No collar. Dispatched him. Those that hike and camp. At least have some good pepper spray.
            In the event of a dog attack, never let the dog take you to the ground. His next spot he will go for is your throat. Stick your fingers or punch him in his eyes.

            • Sling….or grab a try to tear off his balls…..seriously…that is what I was told to do.



      29. Fuck Putin and the mongloid Russians. Same for the Chinese. They can kiss my ass too.

        If I had my way, (oh how I wish) I would launch an all-out first strike against these commie bastards before they even knew what hit them. Take’em right off the map.

        Don’t do it now, later when things ease off. Out of no-where, just bomb the pricks.

        Sure we would get a bloody nose or so from this, but it would eliminate the threat from these 2 countries for good.

        And if we got some missles left, take out anyone else that deems necessary to get rid of. That zipper head in N.Korea for a start.

        Happy Mothers Day.

        • People like you ARE the problem.

      30. Just had an interesting earthquake a little south of where they were searching in the Indain Ocean for the missing airline. This is the SE Indian Ridge. In the past this same spot has lead to some sizeable quakes. After this spot was hit 4 years ago, 22 days later the 8.8 hit Chile. While this is out of the typical 15-16 day window, it is interesting to note. Chile up to Columbia has been hit before after this spot has had an earthquake here.

        This precursor quake is pretty specific about where the future quakes hit. These are the Nazca, Australian, Arabia, and North America/Asia plate boundary. Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to California remain dangerous until next Saturday from the other precursor quake indictors. The following areas should expect at least a major quake, one or more areas, by May 27:

        -Japan, something between a 6.8-8.0
        -Turkey to Iran, about a 6.7-7.5, I want to include Greece maybe for something around a 6.5-6.7 as possible
        -China/India, this is a wild card, anything from 7.0-9+
        -ALL of the Australian plate from Pakistan to Samoa, likely low 7 to high 7 range. One or more locations, I would say East Indonesia and New guinea are most likely
        -East Russia, including Kuril Islands, 7.3-9+
        -Nazca plate, from south Central America to Chile. Most likely targets Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador. Likely magnitude about 6.9 to 8.5.

        There are no other earthquake zones until further precursor earthquakes show this.

      31. Signs of the times of just how bad things are getting.


        Yes, something that flows in streams, rivers, is contained in lakes, people in drought areas are now stealing. The planet ONLY has so much resources, something people will fight wars over, and something like this shows this all too well.

      32. I believe the U.S. military no longer has the capability “to engage any foreign enemy and leave it dismantled or utterly destroyed.”

        Consider this:
        Naval Hellfire & Tomahawk cruise missiles cut…very effective weapons taken from Navy

        A-10 Warthog retired (Clancy said enemy tanks are just targets…A-10’s took out those targets & now the A-10’s are “Boneyard relics”).

        Phoenix long-range air to air missile retired/no long range missile to replace it.

        F-35 wings too small/cannot outmaneuver enemy jets/no Phoenix missile available/enemy has long range ata missile/F-35’s may replace ALL U.S. fighter aircraft (you feelin’ vulnerable yet Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public)

        Enemy antiship missiles (Sunburn & Yakont) can destroy U.S. ships at will/Navy does us no good in Davey Jones’ locker

        US missile silo commanders removed…probably so our nukes can be targeted on U.S. targets

        U.S. troop strength reduced to 1940 levels.

        The military might of the U.S. is being dismantled by a Marxist-Leninist.

        • You are correct about the cuts.
          The U.S. did the same da$% thing right after WWI and made even more cuts in the 30’s.
          Look what happen in the late 1930’s. Germany and Japan had no fear of the U.S. because they know are mititary was weak and we could not stop anything they did.
          Now look at the world to day, the two allies we had in WWII are now are biggest threats and our military is to weak to do anything to stop them, because of all the cuts.
          Those big ponds that protected us in WWI and WWII will not stop a DA$% thing today. There could easily be fighting on our shores this time and it might be sooner than one might think.
          Take the money and spend it on those zombie mopes that look for hand out from Uncle Sam, but don’t have a strong military to portect the country or secure our boarders. CAN YOU SAY “RED DAWN”!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • “our military is to weak to do anything to stop them, because of all the cuts.”

            Our military is not weak because of “cuts”. We are spread too damned thin, fighting battles that are none of our business, all around the world. Our military is weakened, because TPTB have funneled off the funding for OUR troops, to go to Al-CIA-Duh, or other terrorists in other countries who do their black ops.

            We take that money and buy governments in other countries, then pay to defend the usurpers.

            We are weakened, because TPTB had to purge experienced, level-headed top brass because they wouldn’t order their troops to fire on American citizens…replacing them with newbies who will kill on demand.


            The truth is—THE ENEMY IS IN WASHINGTON DC—
            ALL 535 of them, PLUS THE WHITE HOUSE.

        • That was the same thing i was thinking when i read the article

          • Kula:
            Great minds think alike!;-)
            Or is it the great mindless think a like?;-)
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • I think maybe the latter,
              My tinfoil hat may be binding up on me because my hair is getting too long,,,

              • Poke a hole in the back for a ponytail—that’s what I do.

                • Hardy har har about the ponytail hole in the tin foil.

                • Put some duct tape around the hole so it won’t tear out.

                  You might even get some of that new duct tape that comes in different colors and patterns and cover the whole thing. That might be something to market, designer tinfoil hats.

                  • I suppose you could use duct tape on the pnytail too. Just think of the cost savings!

      33. There are a lot of scenarios for a shtf incident that have been discussed in depth at this site as well as discussions of how to best survive these variable and destructive possibilities. 

        We all know that this downward spiral has been taking place for many years; just a slow drip, drip, drip, gradually becoming ingrained into our society to the extent that “normal” is becoming eschewed in greater proportions then ever.  We are the minority folks.

        Removing or punishing those that are noncompliant to this new “normal” is a strategy to be aware of as preppers. Every week something happens that threatens individual freedom; drip, drip, drip. At some point it will be very personal for each of us. 

        Because it is difficult to organize a large outcry of the people (for varied reasons), the shtf of slowly removing and punishing the resistance – small groups, individuals, and laws – like checking things off a list is a very real threat. 

        This track is not a good scenario because as a group, we are not prepared properly and tptb know it. Sure seems like where we are headed to me, barring any major event.

        United we stand. 

        • On the path – it’s a truism of human nature that people criticize what they don’t understand.

          Sadly we’ve hit a point where individuals purchase ready made cheese toasties or jacket potatoes to ping in the microwave as they are incapable of preparing a meal. That tells us that too many people don’t understand very much at all.

          It also explains how the seemingly inexplicable is finding it’s way into the legal system, such as Michigan’s attempts to criminalise home gardening, Spanish fiscal punishments for homeowners who switch to solar power etc. The masses don’t understand the need to prep, therefore those who attempt to do so are first criticised, then legislated against. Eventually preppers will be/are persecuted as it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain OPSEC in many areas.

          Lemmings are smarter.

      34. Jim Willie claims that recently some Russian Migs approached a US aircraft carrier and effectively jammed its radar so that it disappeared from their radar. He claims that a source told him that. If that’s true it would be terrible news for the US military.

        He also claims that the Russians developed a missile that the US military can’t defend against. Again, if that’s true, it’s very important news.

        • I know he’s been saying the same thing for five years now. Him and Celente ought to move in together. I can see it now……..Paul, I can predict the collapse in five notes……Gerald, I can predict the collapse in three notes. Paul, predict that collapse!

      35. ***** MERS CoV UPDATE *****

        Coston on WHO’s latest MERS summary

        wanna see what happens when science and politics collide ???


        “While there remain many unanswered questions, the WHO’s primary finding from their recent investigation boils down to: `there is currently no evidence of sustained human‐to‐human transmission in the community’

        NO evidence of sustained human to human transmission ???

        are you freakin’ kidding me ????????????

        don’t ever trust your life to a bureaucrat
        it will end badly for you

        • Did you see us airways Italy to Philadelphia flight diverted to Ireland after flight crew fell ill? No passengers affected. Dizziness, nausea, watery eyes.

      36. okay, all this doom and gloom, how about some good ‘news’?

        Mothers day as usual has proven the perfect weekend to plant the garden. My previously planted potato towers are growing wonderfully. additional blueberries and plum tree planted.

        Today I put in:

        Multiple types of lettuce
        Jalepenos, Thai Dragon, Portuguese and Habeneros
        Egg plant
        Cilantro for all that hot salsa i’m gonna make
        Celery between the zigzag rows of beans I planted
        and I seeded spinach between beans and taters
        green onions were seeded along the border.

        tomatoes, squash, corn, cabbage, cucs, basil, watermelon, snap peas and beans all go in the other garden, later this week. Still waiting on my strawberry plants –i had to start over, that berry garden got ripped out last year because DS 16 let the weeds take over while i was in MS and the grass overtook the plants.

        I’m trying the intensive gardening in my little plot, and hubby just kept saying “you’ve got too much in there’ we’ll see. I don’ think I was planting ‘aggressive’ enough. this will be interesting.

        Happy Mother’s Day

        • don’t forget the blueberry bushes. they take up little space and give lots and lots of good for you “garden candy”

      37. WTG no pityparty! Hope your green thumb pays off with pounds of produce! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers here. The way things are progressing this may be the last one.

        • you and I both hope my green thumb pays off. we have 2/3 acre, and we are trying to take small areas and make it really produce. I can’t wait until the dwarf and columnar fruit trees start producing.

          • From one gardener to another;
            The Utopia of garden templates
            Let dull mechanics,in the cloister’d schools,
            Cramp Natures Freedom with their compass,d rules,
            Their grounds with frigid symmetry confine,
            And on dull paper trace the measured line.
            You are the very borders take your stand,
            The ready pencil trembling in your hand,
            The Landscapes, and the hills around display,
            Mark how each distant object fades away,
            Learn each resource,each obstacle devise,
            Wonders from difficulties always rise.

            Love your garden it will pay you back!


        The vast Soviet network of shelters and command
        facilities, have been under construction for decades.

        The shelters are designed to house the entire Politburo,
        the Central Committee, and the key leadership of the Ministry of
        Defense and the KGB. Some are located hundreds of yards beneath
        the surface, and are connected by secret subway lines, tunnels,
        and sophisticated communications systems.

        The shelters are also protected against chemical warfare
        agents, and stocked with sufficient supplies to allow the
        leadership to survive and wage war for months.

        Soviet civil defense, is more than just shelters, according to
        Sovietologist Leon Goure. Soviet CD aims to protect the economy, in accord
        with Soviet doctrine that lack of preparedness in any area
        imperils the existence of the state. Goure noted that population
        protection is essential so that the people can supply the army.
        Soviet values dictate that citizens most valuable to the state
        are to be protected first.

        Look at Chernobyl, all public services responded quickly.
        Within 24 hours, 1300 nurses and physicians, 240 ambulances, 250
        firefighters, 2000 policeman, and 1100 buses were available. On
        the other hand, the experience demonstrated that the state of
        readiness was not as good as previously thought. In particular,
        civilians were not very well educated at operating radiation
        monitors. But rather than abandoning the whole idea, the
        Soviets are engaged in an upsurge of civil defense activities to
        repair the deficiencies, Goure said.

        One contrast between Chernobyl and American nuclear power
        plants is the blast shelter from which plant workers managed the
        shutdown of the other reactors near the site. (The Nuclear
        Regulatory Commission does not require on site shelter for
        American power plant workers.)

        • Why would the NRC require on site shelters for nuclear plan employees? Term life insurance is cheaper. They are expendable. 🙁

      39. @ Be Informed –
        Earthquake in Alaska’s Cook Inlet on May 10th.
        link below

        • @ Anonymous 300. And of course the USGS downgraded that 5.8 earthquake to a 5.5. This is the beast government hard at work making sure that ANY earthquake around a populated area is downgraded to not frightened the people too much. It is sickeningh to see this and I use other seismic stations to verify the TRUE magnitude.

          Just had another precursor quake bvetween the Austraian and African plate and this one shows almost the same as the previous one’s past locations as being hit. Macquire Island and the Scotia Sea region is included in this one however. So I should add these areas as possible major future quakes hitting them. This one just 1/2 hour ago really lit up the Vanuatu area several times in the past when this exact spot was hit in the Indian Ocean before. The 7.8 in British Columbia just a little south of Alaska occurred 19 days after this same exact point was hit before. I regard Alaska to California as still having potential for a large quake until about May 17.

          • Yeah, I felt that one in Cook Inlet pretty good. And I had a very brief warning. My cat sat up on her hind legs for about 5 seconds before the bed started shaking.

      40. Wow discredited in the first paragraph. The military in Iraq left the enemy intact and will do the same in Afghanistan.

      41. Just put what this is in the title, An Advertisement.

      42. @ Be Informed – Thank you. I don’t come here daily, so I was unsure if you already discussed the above or not.
        Thank you for your time, research, and information.
        I appreciate it. * And, yes, it is a sad commentary, how the U.S. government dumbs down the people by lowering the earthquake magnitudes. *

      43. i have been hearing gloom and doom for like 7 yrs now,time to move on people!

        • be patient Sean, you’ll be decimated in due time, its the frog in the frying pan move, or havent you realized that yet either?

          Just dont do anything to prepare for it, we wouldnt want you to be completely dissapointed when you wake up

      44. Most wars are fought in Third World countries. I have to believe that there is a reason for that. I think that unless someone goes rogue this pattern will continue. The powers that be do not want to do to much damage to their high value assets. Lot of money for the war machine to blow up desserts and jungles.

      45. Obama:
        “Let me be perfectly clear, we dont have money for road work, bridges, children or the elderly, or for crumbling cities like Detroit Chicago , etc..”

        but we have Billions of dollars for Ukraine ,and billions for another war, and money to give to the jackboots to keep us all off our own property, and billions for the video cameras that are in your face everywhere and billions for a failed health care insurance scam..etc..

        people get your head out of your ass!

        • VRF,

          Speaking of Detroit, did you see this?

          Will Detroit Be The First Major Chinese City In The United States?

          “Chinese homebuyers and Chinese businesses are starting to flood into the Motor City, and the governor of Michigan is greatly encouraging this. In fact, he has formally asked the Obama administration for 50,000 special federal immigration visas to encourage even more immigration from China and elsewhere.”

          “Once upon a time, Detroit was the greatest manufacturing city in the history of the world and it had the highest per capita income in the entire country. But now it is a rotting, decaying, bankrupt hellhole that is in desperate need of a savior, and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appears to be fully convinced that China can be that savior.”

          “Snyder has also taken a couple of additional steps to encourage immigration and foreign investment, including opening up something called “an Office for New Americans”…”

          “48 percent of the manufacturing jobs in the state of Michigan were lost between December 2000 and December 2010. Our trade deficit with China was largely responsible for that.

          And now we are relying on China to come in and salvage the ruins of our gutted economic infrastructure.”

          The Economic Collapse blog

      46. The comment about the assymetrical value of the Russian and US stock exchanges is a key point in the article, I think.

        I used to drive my F-350 flatbed to DC on a Friday or Saturday eve, since Metro always closed at midnite back in those good old days. The various diplos were always driving like maniacs, because of their immunity. They wouldn’t cut me off in heavy traffic. I figured it was because they realized that even a fender bender would hurt them more than it would hurt me.

      47. Heed the warning Cops!..

        County deputy indicted on animal cruelty charges for shooting dog

        Kill our 4 legged family members get a jail cell complete with a charge removing you from the blue thug line
        and possibly from your freedom and family until you pay restitution and do your time like every one else would

        you are not immune , we will see to that, watch your future as a cop go to shit in a second..were not playing any more
        kill a family member 2 legged or 4, you will own thet target on your back!

        stuff this guy deep! lying POS!

      48. About Doom and Gloom.

        We have been discussing it for years. Here at SHTF is mostly topics on the politics and global interaction to include extreme cases by extinction.

        We do from time to time include the “How To” that many desire to read. I been hearing it for 25 years and there is not to much I have not covered. Except for the new gizmo’s of tech. Now I learn how to engage other people’s thoughts that might get me killed.

      49. More Communist Attacks on U.S. Ranchers:

        See the headline article in the Washington Times about the government blocking off a creek used to water cattle in New Mexico in order to protect some desert mouse.

        People, this is pure, unvarnished communism attempting to run out of business the farming and ranching community.

        Farmers and ranchers are the last remaining independent, privately-owned small business people with an exceptionally strong sense of self-reliance and independence. To Communists, they are the sworn enemy.

        This mouse critter has nothing to do with anything. It’s just an excuse — a laughable, pathetic excuse at that — to take actions which harm ranching businesses.

        The collateral effect is that it further diminishes the country’s meat supply. Protein, people. Weak people without adequate protein cannot fight back against tyranny.

        This is getting serious.

        We have GOT to vote in Republican control of the U.S. Senate in November and maintain control of the House of Representatives. Yes, the Republicans haven’t been as conservative as they should and could have been, but they are the only ones who can impeach Obama — and the most pressing problem we have today is getting Obama out of power as quickly as possible.

        And once the Senate and House are under Republican control, God help them if they renege on impeachment and wiping this Communist curse out of American lives.

        • While the dire message you broadcast is clear, the means to an end is not. Votes mean NOTHING anymore in this corrupt, overrun shell of a republic anymore and haven’t for quite some time. People that keep thinking because they ‘vote’ are part of the problem. Controlling water, food and energy have been the mainstays of control for years.

          Democrat, Republican, etc… means squat anymore. They are nothing more than 2 sides of the SAME coin being tossed by TPTB to give you the ‘illusion’ of control and participation. Our 2 party system in the U.S. is ruined beyond repair I’m afraid and the ‘fix’ is not going to be pretty or easy. The Government has know this and has been preparing for ages. Have you?

          • There is plenty that could be done in this country to right the ship. However, none of it is politically appealing, therefore, not a damn thing will change. I have given up at this point and am done with voting. Just assume that the house, senate, and prez were all republicans. What would change? Possibly we go off the cliff 6 months later than with dems at the helm. The only diff in dem and repub is that the repubs might hand you some KY before bending you over.

      50. Your vote means nothing.

      51. 20 Million More Healthcare Plans to be Cancelled Due to Obamacare

        “the grandfather clause in Obamacare was intentionally written to make it impossible for Americans to grandfather their existing policies into our new socialist medical system.”

        Dr. David Hogberg, a healthcare policy analyst for the National Center for Public Policy Research explained:
        “If you had your plan prior to March 2010 when Obamacare became law, it was supposed to be grandfathered in. You were supposed to keep it, but the Department of Labor came out with these grandfather regulations. It’s almost like telling a guy you can keep walking on the beach as long as you don’t get any sand on your feet. It’s almost impossible not to violate.”

        “That means that when the extension runs out, the insurance companies will have no option but to mail out around 20 million cancellations. Add those to the 6 million already cancelled and to the 18 million Americans that were previously uninsured then subtract Obama’s bogus figure of 8 million enrollees and you end up with 36 million uninsured Americans. That’s twice the number of uninsured Americans prior to Obamacare.”

        Godfather Politics dot com

      52. The written article discusses the escalation of the Ukranian affair, particularly noting the assymetric financial relationships which exist between Russia and the US, but it gives no commentary upon the “end game” of any assymetrical attack on the US.

        Ordinarily, I do not watch videos with the hashtag “must watch”, because in my opinion, that term means something along the lines of “true story”, or “jumbo shrimp” or “military intelligence”.

        I did have time in my schedule for some twenty odd minutes of viewing, and also wanted to test my hypothesis that the video would not discuss the end game either.

        Turns out that the interview could be also classified as a book promotion for Rickards’ book with the supposedly provocative title, “The End of Money”. Somebody wrote a book a few years ago with a similar attempt at provocation, “The End of History and the Last Man”.

        Neither has history ended, nor have we documented the last man. There is little doubt in my mind that we will witness the end of money in the economic affairs of mankind. Already, at fifty-six seconds into the video, I have prepared myself for a plethora of alarum and a dearth of truth.

        It is true that today, we use, as money, pieces of paper with George Washington’s image on them, and not pieces of gold with Ceasar’s image. And it may well be that tomorrow, we will use strings of zeros and ones as money, associated with some sort of JPEG image. Whatever that future monetary system might become, it will assuredly not be named “BitNotCoin”.

        I suppose the “end game” would be “Mutual Assured Financial Destruction”.

        It’s interesting to hear on this video, and elsewhere on the internets about how “easy” it would be to shut down the NYSE. Somehow, despite this easiness, and the huge number of state and non-state actors who would benefit from such a shutdown, the market keeps on, well, ticking.

        At 9:00 more or less in the video, Rickards discusses the financial bubble that china might be undergoing, with particular mention of the new cities that china’s government is building on what appears to be a speculative basis. Like what happened in the US regarding speculative real estate bubbles, a similar bursting could certainly happen in the chinese real estate market. Rickards asserts, around 12:00, that the chinese construction boom is based on borrowed money, so that certainly sounds bubbliscious. But then Rickards mentions that the chinese government has $4T of reserves, cash presumably, and could put $1T into the chinese banking system if need be.

        Rikards: “Now, china probably has the resources to bail out its banking system; I’m not saying this would be the end of the world”. By 13:00, he points out, “I’m not saying the dollar’s going to disappear overnight”.

        Finally, at about 17:00, Rikards faults the financial models that are commonly used by the so-called experts. These models are stochastic, and do not admit to purposeful market manipulations. 17:34. “That’s not how the real world works.” He goes on to mention the financial discussions at Bretton Woods, where new financial rules were agreed upon by the bankers in order to forestall another financial collapse like the one they had experienced in the seventies.

        Rikards sees a financial collapse coming, and is trying, in his book, to sketch out what the new financial system might be, and what steps one could take in order to come out as well as one could on the other side of that collapse. Naturally, he doesn’t tell you that in the interview; you’re supposed to buy the book. In the last chapter, apparently he gives very specific advice on what to do with one’s portfolio. Gold, of course. Land. Hedge funds if you can find the right managers. Fine art. Cash, not surprisingly, if the end of money is not foreseen. If you thought that the title of the book was factual, you might not want to have any cash at all in your portfolio.

        My hypothesis seems to have been confirmed. Still, must be nice to have a portfolio. HFM.

      53. The most troubling thing is that the government going to war in our name is not our government. It is the Globalist government. We lose any way you look at it. If they win we are still stuck with them.

      54. When “your government” makes it illegal to ask for ID when people vote, does it make you feel as if the voting system is more or less secure? I need to show my ID at the library, the dentist, the doctor, when making purchases with credit cards, at the bank, and on and on. The system is designed to deprive you of representation. Now, go to war for that system. Better yet, send your kids to die for them.

        • I voted in a primary here in eastern NC last week, and they asked if I had a drivers license or other picture id. They said they didn’t need to see it now, but they would next year.

          • all voting should be audited ..they have found that its easily falsified , because its anonymous ..if they took out any way to to make false votes, and secure our voting rights with proper ID and over hauled this Fake voting we have going on,, we might just be able to bring back a true Republic

            I hear they had over 115% voter turn out in KY..and all of the 115% voted Oblaimy ..Not possible and that should have been a big enough red flag for a complete audited do over

            even if it wasnt exactly as I said above , any chance it was off kilter should have been enough of a reason to have voter ID laws in this country

            Im not saying to show how you voted..but to show you are legally allowed to vote #1, and only voted in your region #2 and only voted once #3

            electoral college … get rid of it!

            voting machines can and were corrupted..the machines need to be built by and run by a non affiliated entity

            dont let the fox guard the hen house..its as stupid as the police investigating the police

      55. I think we are already engaged in a world war,, its not a hot war as we are all so familiar with..its a media war, a psy-ops war
        a dis info war- and a financial legitimacy war, and a governmental legitimacy war

        they are way afraid that their legitimacy has come to a close, so they are fighting tooth and nail to stay VIEWED as legitimate and needed..when in reality they are not needed, and we would be way better off without them whats making them all act this way

        • Oh , not to mention a War on our LIBERTIES!!!!!

      56. If they take down NYSE
        I would hope we’d do more than take down MSE

      57. Saw a great quote out on ZeroHedge and wanted to repeat it here for those who still think we are ‘free’ and empowered. If the founding fathers KNEW this was coming over 200+ years ago then they are smarter than a fifth grader and all of us, apparently.

        Ben Franklin foretold at the signing of the US Constitution in 1787, that our government “can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.”

        Everyone is dependent upon the fraud.

        The people have become so corrupted.

        The Republic was not kept.

        Despotism has arrived.

        We live in tyranny.

        • Good post Socrates.

      58. Just a quick question/observation(for those familiar with Catholic prophesies)

        -Was there a German mystic (I believe “Theresa Newman” was her name) I believe she survived on the Eucharist only for a long time and had the stigmata, who mentioned that the USA would never be “attacked militarily” on its own soil, but would be sent back to “simpler living” after major economic issues and natural disasters close to the turn of this past xentury?

        -For those familiar with the “Thunder of Justice” book/video: Wasn’t there a prophesy given to a priest regarding “Fire falling from the sky” and destroying 2/3 (or 1/3?) of humanity? …If true, what could this “fire” be ?

        Thanks, peace out

      59. mers #2 florida

      60. Another fox telling us how to build our henhouse.

      61. “He has worked closely with U.S. intelligence agencies for decades and in 2007 was the operational director of the country’s first ever financial war games.”

        Doesn’t this tell you all you need to know about Rickards? Once a spook always a spook. He’s not on your side.

      62. No time today to read all the comments, but people seem to be overlooking the likelihood of a joint US+Mossad false-flag attack, such as the WTC DEMOLITION in 2001 and the numerous hoaxes like Boston and Sandy Hook (where it turns out the school had been CLOSED for at least 4 years).

        I’m in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), but I fear zog-UK more than I fear Russia or China.

        ALL countries nowadays are nothing but Rothschild (wrath-child) puppets, and it’s all a game to them, but the reality for us is that those dangerous lunatics want us DEAD.

        False flag, false flag, false flag. It’s what they do, so be as prepared as you can.

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