“Insidious White Spaces”: Liberal Professors Claim That Farmers Markets Are Now Racist

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Headline News | 107 comments

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    Two liberal professors from San Diego State University are now claiming that the existence of farmers markets in urban areas, outside the control of corporations, is racist and normalizes the eating habits of white people.

    Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J Bosco made the insane claims in a chapter of a new anthology released this month that “researches” the correlation between how white a specific farmers market supposedly is and the gentrification in said area.

    As Campus Reform notes, “The anthology, which features contributions from a variety of professors, aims to highlight the harms of “environmental gentrification,” a process in which “environmental improvements lead to…the displacement of long-term residents.”

    The Washington Times also reported on this hardcore liberal insanity:

    “Farmers’ markets are often white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized,” the SDSU professors write, the education watchdog Campus Reform reported Wednesday.

    The geology professors claim that 44 percent of San Diego’s farmers’ markets cater to “households from higher socio-economic backgrounds,” which raises property values and “[displaces] low-income residents and people of color.”

    “The most insidious part of this gentrification process is that alternative food initiatives work against the community activists and residents who first mobilized to fight environmental injustices and provide these amenities but have significantly less political and economic clout than developers and real estate professionals,” the academics write.

    The authors claim that negative externalities of “white habitus” formed at farmers’ markets can be managed through “inclusive steps that balance new initiatives and neighborhood stability to make cities ‘just green enough.’”

    One has to wonder what is actually going through the minds of the two professors as they attempted to write a serious research chapter on how terrible it is that white people shop at farmers markets.

    Campus Reform continued:

    The professors stop short of offering specific remedies, but do conclude that “curbing gentrification is a vexing task” that requires the involvement of both community members and local governments.

    “Strong community involvement,” they say, is necessary in order to ensure that “the needs of the poorest…residents are prioritized,” while local governments can enact “equitable zoning policies, rent-control laws, and property tax reforms in favor of long-time homeowners” to combat the trend toward gentrification.

    “Ultimately,” they conclude, countering gentrification “requires slow and inclusive steps that balance new initiatives and neighborhood stability to make cities ‘just green enough.’”

    Keep in mind this is simply another transparent example of the hard-lefts now public attack on all things white, a strategy being paid for by the likes of George Soros in order to keep the population divided and fixated on each other rather than actually targeting the real power structure.

    Whether it be a panel of liberal speakers taking aim at the very idea of white womanhood simply because a percentage of white women didn’t vote for the Democrat in Alabama or a women being attacked in a Brooklyn deli because she was assumed to be a Trump supporter, this sort of reverse racism is increasing and, as noted above, will only serve to help the agenda of the true powers that be.

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      1. “Two liberal professors from San Diego State University are now claiming that the existence of farmers markets in urban areas, outside the control of corporations, is racist and normalizes the eating habits of white people.”

        The rants of 2 over educated professional students who are & have a racist agenda.

        Further proof that too much liberal education causes a Mental Disorder.

        • they are just espousing the truest form of socialism. ‘If it doesn’t derive from government, it should be illegal, immoral or in some way wrong. ‘

          • farmers create safe spaces for mexicans, blacks are too good and wont work in the fields

            • work in the fields, or work at all?

          • well said

          • “The State in all, all in the State, nothing outside the State”

            Benito Mussolini

        • What do they want, a watermelon stand?
          I honestly don’t care what they want, I’m so sick of them.

          • What they want is to drive anyone with a single chromosome of intelligence ansd common sense batshit crazy… They want you to crack so YOU’LL look like the fukin idiot…

            Ignore these simple motherf@#kers and they will eventually eat themselves… Fuk em and feed em fish heads…

            Those who say don’t know, those who know don’t say…

            • They’ll probably win the Whoa-Bull peace prize.

        • “keep the population divided and fixated on each other rather than actually targeting the real power structure.”





        • our farmers market doesnt take food stamps, racist bastards

        • the farmers markets are racist, you cant find crack cocaine at most farmers markets so that is anti ni99er.

        • There’s a race war coming in this country, and the sooner white people get this through their heads, the better off their going to be. The only way white people are going to put a stop to this crap, is to start cracking some skulls, like the skulls on these two professors. And to those out there who think this problem can still be solved at the voting booth, are fooling themselves. This problem has gotten way past the point of being fixed at the ballot box. It’s now approaching the point of the carriage box, and the sooner white people start to figure that out, the better. Because believe me, a day not to far from today, the other side will start using the carriage box on whites.

          • Read THE BALK by Billy Roper. Lots of facts many whites are not aware such as the Ozark’s and the Balkanizing of America .

        • it would feel good to monkey pound those cowards.

          • It would feel good to pound those coward monkeys.

            Fixed it for ya.

        • University professors are racist

        • …yet these are the same people complaining commercial grocery stores are leaving urban areas creating so-called “food deserts”.

          So what do you want? fresh food from a farmers market, or a craphole grocery who has to fight a %30 loss due to theft/shoplifting and high employee turnover?????

          BTW, you can get collard greens and watermellon at the farmers market.

          Read the article again and you see what they are really up in arms about: the economic development and raising up of an urban area. Its exactly waht the libs claim to want, and claim it can only be done through community organizers, welfare, and public assistance. This flies in the face of their arguments, so they hate it and its “racist”

        • This is for sure. As these are professors of Geology, I am trying to figure out the Geology aspect in their research and comments.
          They should stick to their education and not go off on tangents of which they know nothing about.

      2. Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J Bosco.
        And just where these two gems might be from?
        Just curious.

        • Ketchup, one sounds Italian and the other Spanish. They can still go f#$% themselves regardless.

          • They sound like f aggots.

            • Menzo, LOL. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were.

      3. At this point, their opinions don’t really matter. We already know these people are out there, and voicing their opinions this way makes it easier for us to track.

        It’s “keeping track of these people” that should be our priority from now on.

      4. believe it or not those two got paid BIG $$$$$$ for publishing –
        not writing – that paper ….they had some undergraduate lackie actually write it – and the idea for the paper came from some student …

        these tenured professors need to publish every once & awhile and keep the college $$$$ well primed and flowing ….

      5. The 2 libturd professors can go f#$% themselves. They don’t tell me what to eat or anything else.

      6. So the say ‘insidious white spaces’, eh? Come into MY ‘insidious white space’ and see what happens, you 2 libturd douchebags.

      7. We think if we just ignore them, they will go away. And Amerika will be happy ever after. In reality, the stupidity is spreading exponentially. We are already seeing zombies everywhere! Imagine another 20 years.

        • Dave, that’s exactly part of the problem, they get the attention they seek. The media is fueling the fire. Just ignore them.

        • That’s what I’m afraid of. They don’t go away, they multiply like the cockroaches they are!

      8. The gentrification of Detroit is an example they should mention.
        I recently moved from a once lovely neighbourhood due to its recent gentrification by Afgahnis and Syrians.

        • they built a low income ghetto next to my parrents house, fillef it with ni99ers, and destroyed my parents property values.

      9. Dave, it would be nice IF we could ignore them, but I think we do so at our own peril. We have to keep tabs on them. We have to know what they’re thinking. Ignoring them could be very very fatal.

        • Im ignoring these idiots, remember my old name? I used to produce over 50,000# of veggies a year for one market and others on top of that, now, i grow for me, myself, and I,
          Let them eat sand!

        • Brave : No thy enemy. No where they eat, sleep, drink, screw. The more you know of your enemy the better off you will be when the time comes. You will know where to hit them where it hurts when the time comes.

          • Fishandmud, I can’t argue with that one. It IS essential to know.

      10. No EBT machines at Farmers Markets? Plus, much of the organic food sold there is priced higher than Food City. And it has to be taken home and cooked unlike a bucket of chicken from KFC. Three reasons for low minority patronage.

      11. Seed planting 101.
        Quit printing this regurgitated crap and spreading the fear. You are just helping the dominating wanna be forces by making the masses cower in fear ahead of time so when they see this they know how to react to the preprogramming!

      12. No pun intended for all our farmer brothers btw

      13. Farmer markets are great if the produce is locally grown and in season. They have great take-out, fried chicken, kool-aid, and watermelon. What’s wrong with that? You can even get Uncle Ben’s rice and Aunt Jemima’s Pancake mix. The farmers appear in black face and play banjo and sing like in the old minstrel shows. None of that is true and the farmer markets are not racist!

      14. Growing up farmers markets were the place to get the best products at the best prices. The fruit and vegetable stands now have prices at supermarket levels, at least in this area.

        • our farmers markets are full of white people, just the way i likes it.

      15. Who made these profs experts? Somebody gave them a piece of paper saying they were smart and knew all. These people will be the first to die off in a SHTF situation. They have no common sense but still try to tell us what is wrong with us. With no distribution system in place they would be the first in line at farmer’s market,bet on it.

        • They would not be the first in line at the farmers market because their would not be a farmers market. They would, however, be the first in line at the Grand Fema Camp Inn.

          • fishandmud; I stand corrected!

        • I say they dont know shit,

      16. Educated IDIOTS!!!!

        I shop at farmer markest hen I can, because the veggies are fresh. Sometimes they grow better veggies than I do.

        If that makes me a racist. Then I’m proud to be a racist.


        • Around our area there are just as many Mexicans and colored people at the farmers markets as white people. Everybody knows where to go and get cheap and good food.

      17. then grow your own fucking food nad you can have an experience similar to PICKIN COTTON……

      18. There’s a reason there are no grocery stores found in minority neighborhoods. It’s because it will get shot up and robbed until the owner is dead, or they go out of business. Now that’s racist……

      19. George Soros (reportedly) had a massive heart attack in Budapest on Christmas Eve.
        Democrats must be in panic mode. Where is the money going to come from if he dies?

        • Didn’t know that asshole had a heart.

      20. Face the truth: The Left needs to be exterminated.

        They’re not going to stop until they don’t exist.

      21. Psst! Hey, liberal professors … fruits and veggies are very BAD for you. Don’t go to the farmers markets. The evil white people are going to exploit you with their privilege and force you to eat strawberries and green beans.

        • I’m absolutely sure those liberal professors would rather eat a dick than eat a carrot. Liberal queers.

      22. Have you ever noticed that on most printed paper that there is a lot of White Space?

        Could we soon have a study that says that printing reports and papers is Racist?


        • Snow is too white. This must be changed also.

      23. Perfect example of why we must make America white again.

      24. Fu#k em. I like my white farmers market. If they want a farmers market they can make their own. Dumb cun#s.

      25. Correction:
        Though they may be professors they are useful idiots, and are clearly being steered. They are employing a classic tactic; trying to change people’s lifestyles. The Bolsheviks destroyed homes, churches, farms, markets, and even entire towns and villages in the name of “progress”. They wanted to eliminate everything the people functioned with and identified with. Notice how they are not attacking the self-destructive habits and lifestyles of the poor, there is no need, they are powerless, they are only interested in destroying people who are self-sufficient, educated, or resourceful, who can function normally without being told how to live. It is all very transparent.
        The two professors do not make a logical argument, rather, it is all ideological. It is barely decipherable not because it is complex, it is irrational. Furthermore, the fact that they are geologists only adds to my suspicions they have been selected to put forth this inane claim because they are “scientists”. It also appears they may be foreign born so it is easier for them to attack common American practices. I am not surprised they are in S.D. Calif., you would not find that low of caliber of STEM professors at for example Perdue or Virginia Tech. Usually liberal arts types are used for these types of tactics since their critical thinking skills are less developed than STEM types.
        The best thing to do is ignore them, this should be easy since by making this claim has caused them to loose credibility to rational and intelligent people. Unfortunately, no doubt they have an audience of students who are easily propagandized and manipulated.

      26. My wife and I find our way to the Farmers Markets that are just about every where in our city of San Diego surrounding area and yes there are very few hyphened americans there ,sure are a lot of humans there most are mind numb robots ,liberals and yes few Mexicans most selling shi!!! . Best stuff is sold by WHITE AMERICANS ,best food is by smell and includes all races .

        • i just farted, did you smell that?

          • Gandhi, why did you do that? Now I gotta put on my gas mask. [JUST KIDDING]

        • You should watch a CBC expose on farmers markets. CBC / Canadian Broadcasting Channel. Yes, they traveled down to Commifornia. If you think that produce is organic and fresh from the farm? LMAO.

          The CBC Market expose showed people going to the wholesale market and selling the same stuff that is sold at the grocery store, for much higher prices.

          If you want farm-fresh produce you won’t get it a San Diego farmer’s market but you might get it if you actually went to a farm.

      27. Serve more grape drank

      28. Is it possible that these “professors “ actually believe the crap that comes out of their mouths? Or is this just another push to see how far the zombies will follow? Sometimes I wish I could meet these types of people in person… then again, it’s probably healthy for my non-incarceration that I don’t.

      29. The papers were written by two Geology professors. Their credibility and knowledge in in rocks and the strata underneath us.
        If people really believe this, I am going to write a paper on sub-orbital flight characteristics of the F-104 Starfighter. I feel that I am qualified since I am a retired Dental Technician (USN)

      30. These guys must think it’s absolute genocide when an area gets city sewer and water.

      31. Just proves the point I heard someone make 25 years ago –

        “Those that can, do, and those that can’t, teach.”

      32. Both of these people are professors of GEOGRAPHY and not geology as stated in the article. They self identify as experts of “human” geography, whatever that is, so they have a license to be traitors to their own culture and are well paid to do it.

      33. It seems it is the same rant ” Because I’m Black”.

        A term I’ve learn to ignore.

        Also, the labeling of everything racist without merit is like old slangs people use.

        Ignore and walk on by…

      34. The thing that amazes me the most about this article is that supposedly intelligent parents spend a lot of money sending their kids to this college to be brainwashed by these idiots. Is it any wonder why so many degrees from so many colleges are useless in today’s market?

      35. After reading several articles over the past few weeks telling us what is racist, I have come to the conclusion that I AM RACIST. Every item I read that says its racist is what my beliefs are. Thus I am proud to say, I AM RACIST!

        • Same here. I have given up. Go ahead and call me racist. I really don’t care if anyone calls me racist.

      36. Better us racists stand in the government cheese line so we be equal to everybody else huh?

      37. I love it. The more ridiculous their statements the more they alienate the public. No doubt even some blacks are saying, “Farmers market racist, what dat got to do wit it”?

      38. What should we expect from Academia? These professors are brain dead morons.

      39. Do these two profs realize that some farmer’s markets have a great program where someone on food stamps can “double” the amount of dollars they bring to the market, up to a pre-set limit? (e.g.) They deduct up to a limit of $20 from your Food Stamp card — and give you $40 worth of tokens to buy food with there at the market. Some readers of this web site have ideological objections to Food Stamps, period. But this program gives the poor a way of buying (slightly) less polluted or even organic food…and putting money directly into the hands of the farmer or fisherman — not a mega-corporation. Is this the kind of “gentrification” these two well-educated idiots are referring to? Plus, I note that if 44% of us white folks are being catered to at the average Farmers Market….that still means that minorities are the Majority of those being served. So, exactly what kind of “gentrification” is that?
        Everybody: This is bullshit written by two bullshit artists, possibly to distract us from looking upward at the Chemical trails being sprayed overhead which threaten our food supply. Regardless, to fans of Farmers Markets who live within the area (within 50 miles) of where these two nitwits teach, this proposition: Get their faces on a “Wanted — a brain for these two men. Willing to share one brain between both” posters…with an impeccably accurate summation of their views. (Be sure to list their academic work address, too.) Pass them out to the vendors at the Markets, stick them under the wiper blades of the customers cars in the parking lot, etcetera. Before long, with enough public outrage, these two just might be promoted to be part of their college’s janitorial staff — or be hired by Monsanto. Either way, we’ll be rid of them. Amen. Now, a prosperous New Year, let’s all wish, for those who feed us: Raise your glass to the farmers, fishers, and truckers when the clock strikes midnight on January 31st.

        • Most of the so-called farmer’s markets have nothing to do with real farmers. Just being honest. But a smart shopper would exploit that loophole for better quality food.

      40. I’m watching the MythBusters marathon on TV. Did you ever notice that except for Grant Imahara everyone is white? How can this be? Racist pigs.

        I think the truth is the producers couldn’t find any Hispanics, Blacks, or south Asia types that are geeky or interested enough in science and building things.

        If you look watch Battle Bots at least 95% of the contestants and audience are white.

        BTW, look up “geeky” Grant Imahara on google. His wife is smoking hot. Just about every photo shows him with some babe. So much for the myth that geeks can’t wet their wicks.

      41. so, setup a booth and sell watermelon and fried chicken and all will be OK

        • Better accept EBT or you’re racist.

      42. Two more idjits educated beyond their intelligence.

      43. Those that can do, those that cannot teach. college professors learn a lot of knowledge in a very limited area then spend the rest of their lives spouting shit. Because they know a lot about very little they think they are smart and should be in charge. I have degrees in engineering and chemistry and put them to use to employ myself and others. I produce and leave the spouting of bullshit to liberals.

      44. I think they’re still pissed of “Ebonics” isn’t our primary language???

        “… is racist and normalizes the eating patterns of white people???”…WTF???

        It’s pretty obvious the tendency of white society to turn the other cheek has only acted to incite the the Marxist even more…

        They do not wish to co-exist with those of a differing opinion and I see the rise once more of the utopian brown shirts (almost sounds like a minor league baseball team???)

        Basically, if you disagree with us we will stomp you silent or stomp you dead if need be…

        The enemy is now in our country and is now in power in our government…Term limits will never be enacted…

        We have lost our Republic but we are just beginning to understand in mass that we have one of two options: either convert…or fight…there are no other options on the table…

        Although not perfect, our current president has shown the other side we have a will but as soon as he is no longer running the show TPTB will continue their program unabated, full steam ahead…

        I can not see how a peaceful resolution can come about…

        From where I sit, the civil war has already begun…

        • v says, “I can not see how a peaceful resolution can come about…”

          Through gentrification and primogeniture. Healthy living. They have already exposed their greatest weaknesses, to you.

          “The poor you will always have with you…”
          — Matthew 26:11, Mark 14:7

          And, some are deservedly so. If they want lower working and living standards, oblige them.

      45. Working to actually feed yourself and loved ones is so racist. We’ll see how smart these Libtards are when their grid goes down.

        • We will see real soon, the feds and most libtard leaning states are set to start enforcing the FSMA in 18, when the small farms call it quits we will see how many of these libtards can come up with fresh produce, sure whole foods etc will still have produce, do yall trust south of the border farms? Heres a little insider knowledge, wholesalers on the west and east coast bought over 65% of all produce from south of the border suppliers, farms south of the border do not have to comply with food safety rules, the amount of fresh produce purchased from south of the border is set to increase by 40% YOY this next year because of regulatory burdens increasing on US farms, think the feds or state can really jeep people from getting sick from food bourne disease? Think again, the majority of food bourne illness outbreaks in the US came from farms who already supposedly are participating in the US government food safety programs. Bureaucrats do NOTHING to make your food safer, they only raise cost and increase the strangle hold huge factory farms and unscrupulous wholesalers have on the food distribution system.
          The best thing you can do is hook up with small local growers and support them directly. A CSA of sorts, the farmers markets are a good place to do this.
          Locally, the state goons have been increasing their presence shaking down small growers and vendors at farmers markets.

          • NB,
            You said; “Bureaucrats do NOTHING to make your food safer, they only raise cost and increase the strangle hold huge factory farms and unscrupulous wholesalers have on the food distribution system”.

            Bureaucrats love food born illnesses. When farm workers in Mexico crap in the fields and wipe their butt with lettuce that then gets shipped to the US, people get sick. In response the Washington Bureaucrats create more regulations on US farmers to prevent these food born illnesses……. Of course they never fix the problem of poison food coming from other countries, they just put US farmers out of business.

            A few years ago a food born illness was blamed on bean sprouts. Without clear evidence it even was the sprouts, the government created so many regulations they destroyed all the bean sprout growers in the US. We now import literally all bean sprouts. It’s crazy how the Bush and Obama administrations waged war on American businesses including farmers and ranchers.

            With so much more being imported into the US, when the dollar does crash, we will loose 3/4 of our food supply overnight, because Americans won’t be able to afford basics like impoted food.

      46. Oh please… more bat crap drivel. Geo.Soreass is a communist that
        would pay lazy butt Gimmedats to enforce and fight for his agenda.

        The reason they claim it is White people selling food? Since when is
        it only White people who like fresh picked food? Stupid gullible idiots!!!
        So….Geo. Soreass must think:

        Colored people are such lazy dead butts that they won’t work hard
        enough to raise a garden to provide for their own families, let alone
        raise enough food to sell?

        It seems any thing involved with work, self sufficiency, planning or execution
        is a White racist movement. Geo. Soreass is a racist, communist who is trying
        to push RACE WARS onto the very people he “pretends” to “protect” from racists

        Anything good and wholesome is WHITE, and evil……and should be destroyed??
        Maybe, the FIRST ASS to be destroyed should be….Geo. Soreass ‘es WHITE ass?

      47. Liberal professors would have you believe a bag of frito-lay Cheetos & baloney sandwich is the way to go served up by a homeless lawless encampment run amuck with hepititas-a infections without sanitation..

      48. Did nobody here notice that in the article, it described the two professors as GEOLOGISTS. They’re a couple of rock doctors. The study of rocks does not a sociologist make. Those idiots aren’t any more qualified to right that paper than your average McDonalds employee.

      49. You all are missing the point that college educations are stealth racism,homophobia and sexism. Colleges are just a place to make drones to work for the white man. We should close them all down, especially the ones who use tax payer money robbed from the minorities to get student loans.

      50. It’s time to let diversity™ be somebody else’s strength.

        White Genocide Defined: “There can be no all-white countries anywhere, and there can be no all-white areas within the confines of those formerly all-white countries. There can be no all White communities, cities, no all White organizations.

        Do you see that this evil proposition is Genocide?”

        • Yep , that’s why the good whites need to move from the black infested white hating towns . A job means nothing when you have to sacrifice freedom . It is child abuse to send your kids to school with these feral monkeys. Plenty of regions left in America that still has whites . Ozark’s are a one of the best . Missouri makes it hard for the welfare folks . But easy for us whites who know how to live off the land . No Industry here , no section eight . Nothing that attracts the monkeys. But perfect for us .

      51. “Two liberal professors from San Diego State University”
        Yeah Yeah Yeah, two more liberal retards…..

        Who gives a flying fig, let them starve. Better yet, give them free drugs, they will all kill themselves like Chicago and most Liberal cities are doing so well.

      52. If you are liberal, antifa, isis, blm, listen to the professors and boycott the farmer markets. Why not boycott the planet. Leave all of us white racists to be the only ones to go to the farmer markets! Yes, we will all suffer by your absence!

      53. Ive noticed that in north east Texas farmers markets have been closing down and turned into shopping malls, parks etc in the last 5 years. This hurts me because im a small no contract farmer and now if i cant sell what i have at upscale resturaunts i have to try and time things so as to harvest by first monday or 3rd monday flea markets, i can no longer go down town once a week and sell some vegetables and have a constant income amd not waste product because i have to wait for a specific time to sell. Ive tried to sell out by the road i libe o but there is just not enough traffic

      54. Make an example out of these idiots. Watch the rest of them clam up.

      55. This is why real problems like cancer, heart disease, ALS, lupus, etc. cannot be cured…….supposedly intelligent college educated people are wasting their time on an obsessiveness with racism that doesn’t exist.

      56. Yes the reason that leaches on society like the two crying professors can eat is food growing farmers. These professors make a living poisoning young peoples minds and in the whole picture of things are nothing but oxygen thief’s.

      57. If those two libtard professors think farmer’s markets are “insidious white spaces”, they’d probably p&& their pants and faint at a gun show.

      58. Stupid. Another hater and divider of the people. Stupid, stupid, idiots.

      59. Problem is that our tax dollars fund these idiots

      60. Now that we now have outlined impartial and dependent variables, here
        I present some real life examples, which is able to enable you to understand the difference
        between the two, in a greater approach https://math-problem-solver.com/ .
        However, like most of the students, you are on a shoestring budget.

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