Insider Warren Buffet Knows A Massive Crash Is Coming: “Has $70 Billion On The Sidelines… Clearly Anticipating The Biggest Buying Opportunity Of His Life”

by | Sep 25, 2016 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    With the U.S. stock market near all-time highs and financial pundits touting the miracles of economic recovery, investors would have to be totally insane to not be snapping up as many stocks as they can get their hands on. But if America’s economy is doing so well, why are billionaires and major investment firms warning of rough waters ahead?

    Even Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha, known for his investing acumen and foresight, appears to see the writing on the wall. Having made billions in the fallout of the 2008 crash by taking advantage of lucrative government machinations, Buffet now looks to be positioning himself for a very massive buying opportunity. According to analyst Jeff Nielsen, the head of one of the largest investment companies in the world isn’t invested as heavily into stock markets as you may think. In fact, Nielsen says in his latest interview with SGT Report that Buffet has over $70 billion sitting in cash on the sidelines.

    And that can mean only one thing: Buffet knows a crash is coming and he is waiting for perhaps the biggest buying opportunity of his lifetime.

    Jeff Nielsen explains:

    He’s sitting now with over $72 billion in idle capital. He’s 86-years old. He is a long-term value investor, which means by definition that basically all of your money is supposed to be working for you all of the time… and the only time you ever sit with a large amount of dry powder on the sidelines is when you’re expecting a big buying opportunity…

    So here is 86-year old Mr. Buffet, who does most of his shopping on the S&P 500, clearly anticipating the biggest buying opportunity in his entire life because he has way more capital sitting aside than at any other time in four decades he has been running Berkshire Hathaway… So, the S&P 500 is sitting in record bubble territory and Warren Buffet is planning on going on a major shopping spree in the near future… what’s going to happen?

    Full interview via SGT Report

    Buffet has joined other billionaires in recent months to sit on the sidelines and wait for the crash that everyone knows is coming. And given that these insiders have essentially pulled the majority of their money out of risky markets with many shifting to collapse-proof assets like gold and silver, we must be very close to widespread financial and economic disaster.


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      1. Buffet made out like a carpetbagging bandit after the Wells Fargo deal he got. Now we learn Wells Fargo scammed thousands of customers and cooked the books. All of these oligarchs are in on it. If Buffet is on the sidelines along with Icahn and others, then something is definitely up. Look out below.

      2. “The Oracle of Omaha” is the poster boy for crony capitalism where politically adept insiders always come out on the winning end of every deal. It’s not what he knows; it’s who he knows. And Warren knows all the players.

      3. Buffet once said: If you don’t believe or can participate in free market system then we’ll send you to Afghanistan to fight for those who believe in free market. Now this piece of shit is 86 years old and the greed won’t stop him to eat more jew money until is dead like a piece vulture.

        Die you mother……..

        • Hahahahahahaha

        • Stolz, 5 days ago you ask me the question “MT is that true that people that live in mountain for long will hear little voices?” And you deserve an answer, and you are partially correct. If your real still you will hear a small quite voice. And HE said, let not your heart be troubled for I will tend to the goats that hate my people, I will put hooks in their jaws and draw them out and the end thereof will be wailing and nashing of teeth! Trekker Out. Beware Who You Bash!

          • MT……. Thanks for the reply after 5 days. How can you control your heart when you see criminals are committing crimes against humanity.

            Nice try but criminals will be cleansed soon. I hope you still can hear the little voice and to save yourself.

          • The hooks in their jaws is about gog (islam) being drawn into israel the last days….

        • SV,

          You don’t make any sense! Explain.

          Old Goat

          • The explanation is that he barely speaks English.

            • John Stinket……Ich in Englisch sprechen.

        • Let me ask you something,…shyt kicker…..what’s with you & this Jew thing,…what goes on in that rotted put brain of yours!

          • I have commented here a dozen times as Sidney Weiner

      4. You don’t reach level 5 without becoming a crook.

        • Yet we still hear about deleted emails….like you can delete an email by “bleaching it”
          My computer geek buddy says that he can have all her emails in HOURS….
          And you can smash 13 iPhones with a “hammer” and completely destroy any trace….come on ….any we really that slow?

        • Harry S Truman: No man can get rich in politics unless he’s a crook

      5. What is this crooked Obama-loving old geezer planning on buying? Melted cities or depleted uranium for more bombs to eliminate any survivors?

        • Water for one..

      6. Jim Rogers has said many a time to be out of the market at the correct time.
        But buying when there is blood in the streets is a known way to go.
        Timing is important, hard to guage.

        Be well all…

      7. Warren , how much do you need? Got some spare change for a brother?


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      9. Just like WW2 They will buy up everything from the starving survivors for food. It’s all part of the plan. Then they pay the survivors pennies to rebuild for them. Just like our civil war. Wars are land grabs. Right now they are paying starving Iraqies pennies for there destroyed property. And paying them pennies to rebuild it for them . And syria and libia and Egypt . And we’re next. If your house and land is destroyed and your family is starving . You will trade your land for a sack of flour.

        • Lone wolverine. Right on.

          “Mountain Tracker”…… Read this post. We know who the enemies are. You do know them as well. Just don’t be one of them before is too late.

        • Maybe you havent read but the plan is to kill you and they wont be buying your land…..

      10. It becomes a game for these guys. 86 and he can’t stop.

        I will admit, I’m very much in a similar position, though my portfolio would be lunch money to Buffet.

        The writings on the wall, if you people have 401K’s or other holdings a defensive posture now is prudent. The markets are at record highs. Sell high so you can buy low.

        • Im kinda banking on me who has nothing but tools having a higher net worth than all these tools who have all this so called money

          • I worked as a mechanic summers in college. I bought a good set of tools and have continued to do all my own work. My cars are kept reliable and I’ve never needed a tow. I’ve saved a pretty penny. When cars were computerized I learned the technology and kept up. I have a hybrid and continue doing my own repairs.

            My point, you are 100% correct. A good set of tools are a great way to prep. In every apocalyptic movie plot, people who can fix things are fed and protected. In medieval times, when cities were conquered, the “engineers and mechanics” were collected with the other treasure by the victor.

      11. Quantitative 7 will take the DOW to 60000 before the FED will ever let it go below 15000 or all the Pensions and Insurance companys will go bust. Its the new normal. All in till the end.

      12. Blah blah blah Jim Rogers blah blah blah. Go buy a Gun first you dope before shooting your mouth off.

        -WWTI. The blood in the streets will be yours first.

        • btw/ Jim Rogers /commodities trader, has lost a lot of wealth in the last few years. As commodities have all crashed to earth with new lows.
          Article Quote Dec 2014: The Rogers Commodities Index, which represents the value of a basket of 36 commodity futures contracts, is down 20% since mid-June.

          So WTF does he J Rogers know that we don’t? Not much. Eppe Jim Rogers was married 3 times. What do you think of that, for your quoted hero? lol


      13. Buffet is a fascist pig. A Hillary supporter. Buffet managed to have a 40% Tax placed on Solar systems in Nevada as to not compete with his power company monopoly. He needs to be taxed bigtime back into reality. Lots of Buffets wealth is still invested in companies. I bet more like $10 to $20 Billion is sitting on the sidelines not $72BB. Show me a valid link to the real numbers in cash. And his total wealth is only like $50 BB. I call BS on the numbers in this article.


        • Drunk texting again???

          • Hey Dopey Clock Puncher, when will your wife let you have a Gun? Probably the same time, when she lets you have some sex.. lol LMFAO!!!!


        • I was curious so I looked it up.

          Here lets try some real facts with legitimate links.

          About Warren Buffett

          American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, Warren Buffett, has a net worth of $67.8 billion in September 2016 according to Bloomberg.

          OK so this article says he has $72 all in CASH SITTING ON THE SIDELINES. BS meter MAXXXXXed OUT…

          Assets tied up in stock Shares 2013
          Deal in the acquisition of H.J. Heinz Co. with Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann’s 3G Capital, also add in the Railroads, and many other businesses tied up in stock ownership which adds up to $23,200,000,000 in 2013.

          Net Worth= $67.8 Billion less stock ownership of $23 Billion in stock, leaves $44.8BB

          Heinz- $23 BB
          IBM stock- $11 BB
          SantaFe Railroad – $34 Billion
          Birkshire Hathaway – $3 Billion
          Losses like $1.5 Billion in the last few years.

          Just these 4 companies alone add up to roughly $$69.5 Billion. Unless he sold some of that stock?

          Tell me where Warren Buffet has another $72 Billion sitting all in Cash on the sidelines ready to pounce??

          This is another BS Article Numbers wise.

          Link: ht tp://

          ~WWTI… I bet even Warren Buffet has a good laugh if he reads this article.

          Having a leadership type personality, I question everything from everybody. So no offense Mac, with the funny math. It doesn’t add up. SGT REPORT= BS

          • WWTFK: While you may have identified Buffet’s personal holdings, you forgot to ID the amount of cash he controls and invests for his clients with Berkshire Stock.

            And no, it is not the total stock value of Berkshire. 🙂

            • DK, No doubt, there is a lot of cash out there, besides the revenue Buffet earns from these businesses and being on the boards of companies. I am just saying this article tries to claim Buffet has $72BB all in cash sitting on the sidelines is BS. I just pointed out where his wealth is not available, since it is already invested in current companies that I listed.

              I would bet Buffet has no more than $7 to $15 BB in cash idle at the most. Where does it say Buffet was given $60 Billion in other people monies to invest for them? I did not read that in this article or the SGT Report which has about as much credibility as those who claim Silver will be $1000 soon.


            • To be fair in what you are saying DK.

              Berkshire Hathaway net worth:

              $143.688 Billion

              How much of that is sitting idle in cash? I highly doubt 50% is sitting in cash, which looses value everyday.


              • Actually I had read awhile back that he was sitting on tonnes of cash and the speculation was “what was he going to buy?”

                IT wouldn’t surprise me. 🙂

          • Silly boy. The fed has been printing trillions, and Buffet has other people’s money under management too. Some of it may be yours if you have a pension. Investors normally become billionaires by investing other peoples money and charging a management fee, not by only investing their own money. Drumming up 72 Billion in cash when the banks are sitting on trillions in fed printed money that is just sitting there, would not be a problem for a guy like Buffet.

          • In addition to what I posted above, Warren Buffet’s other top 10 holding are:

            Besides Heinze,
            Fruit of the Loom
            Banjamin Moors Paint
            Nebraska Furniture Mart
            Borsheims fine Jewelry & gifts
            Net Jets, Private Jet Leasing Co
            Pampered Chief
            See’s Candies
            Daily Queen.

            I don’t think Buffet would dump all these proven money making companies to sit all on the sidelines ALL IN CASH waiting for this bubble to pop. That’s why I call BS on tis article. I bet Buffet has less than 10%-15% of his net worth in cash sitting on the sidelines for stock purchases. So maybe $7 to $10 Billion in cash maybe.

            A guy like this does not let Cash sit idle on the sidelines while the Federal Reserve decides and fiddles what to do with interest rates. Back in 2009 Buffet also Bailed out Bank of America with like $5 to $7 Billion, with premium stock options. and made a bundle.

            Buffet doesn’t invest in Tech companies, he said many tech companies will spend hundreds of million of dollars on R&D, then come to find out the solution to the problem was invented by some guy who spent a few thousand out of his garage to invent the solution to the problem.

            Buffet also coined the term “Durable Competitive Advantage” meaning the Business has a dominant advantage over the rest of the competition, which creates value in positioning and sets it apart. The other Term he uses is Building a “Moat” around your business, so others cannot cannibalize off your value.

            Just like life and a BOL, is to create a “Moat” around where you live for security and protection, and your relationships so other cannot harm them.

            Anywho, did we learn something here…


            • But you seem to lose track that when the shtf he will be able to buy so much more with that money and let’s face it who wants stock when the shtf….

      14. I have 50cents sitting on the side to snag a good deal.

        If you buy pasta made with spinach or other vegtables, you get your veggies snuck in under the radar. Good thing for Preppers. Good thing for anybody.

        Best thing for poor people is to invest in ways to produce your own food. Rabbits seem like something everybody can do. Even if you only have one as a pet, if things get crazy, you can mate it with somebody else’s pet. So maybe do a buddy thing with a friend. Just a thought. I had a bunny as a kid. And my kids had a bunny. Using it as food, or for the pelts was never a part of it. Rabbits are quiet and don’t require much attention and eat scraps. And they are such prolific breeders. You’ll have plenty to eat and then some. I just need to get my own. I went to purchase one but they weren’t weened. I need to get mine before SHTF.


        • Having raised rabbits for a few years I can tell you that they’re not easy. Constant good food, keeping them just right temp wise and clean. LOTS of work.

          Chickens are far easier, having had and still have them.

          • I used to stop by a big open fruit veggie stand in the city to garbage pick scraps for my worm garden, a lot of the not so good veggies being thrown away, to put in my worm garden for free foods. Get creative when finding free food for your animals. I am not suggesting serving rotting veggies to rabbits. Just saying, a lot of what was thrown out, actually looked pretty edible even for human consumption. I never ate any of it, just saying. Just start looking around, piles of fresh grass from lawn mowing, etc.

            Lots of free stuff at businesses if you ask them. I used to find lots of Wooden Pallet sitting on the sides of buildings, I’s stop and inquire, and they were free for the taking, cause they needed to get rid of them any way. I built a chicken coop out of about 14 Free pallets that I sold for $550 off craigs list. I also sold a few of those large Cable wire spools that people make tables out of. I am using one now at my BOL. Put a nice finished top on it stained it and varnished it, for outside use. Looks great. Free!!

            ~WWTI… Opportunities everywhere if you look.

            • Ive raised rabbits for over 50 ears. And green feed like vegetables will kill them. They will get the shits and die. In order to effectively raise them requires dry grain , salt ,minerals, clean water. If you grew alfalfa and cut and dried it that would be good feed, green afalfa would kill them. I likely spend as much on feed as the rabbit meat we get is worth. The manure is the best fertilizer you can have. Doesn’t need composting. now chickens and pigs will thrive on scraps vegetables & garbage. rabbits will not thrive and reproduce with marginal feed and care. Turn a domestic rabbit loose and it will soon die from worms & other parasites and it cant effectively convert natural wild plants into food. Wild cotton tails are resistant to the parasites and are smaller and evolved to survive on marginal feed. and they don’t live very long. Goats & chickens can be allowed to roam and will survive & reproduce on what grows naturally. Pigs will also however they destroy the land and make the top soil erode away.

              • And while rabbits are prolific breeders, if you don’t have proven does, it’s a crap shoot. Especially if you are trying to raise them for food post collapse. As with every prepping skill, you have to learn and practice before it all goes down. And I agree, chickens, while noisier, are much easier.

              • Good info Old Guy..


          • I second this. I had rabbits for 5 years. You cannot go anywhere, cuz they really need to have daily attention. Chickens, however, are fine for a weekend away, if you have large enough feeders and waterers. I have had chickens now for 8 years, and will continue as long as I can.

        • So your gonna wait till shtf and go looking for someone with a rabbit?

      15. Warren Buffett shares in Berkshire Hathaway class B had over 68 billion dollars in cash and short term investments as of Dec 31 2015 so i would not doubt that he has over 72 billion as of sept 2016. the article is talking about how much cash he has to invest. That would be the 72 billion. They are talking about Berkshire-Hathaway not Buffett personally.

      16. Well possibly tonite there will be the debate. If Hillary doesn’t chicken (weasel) out? And Just maybe we get to see ole haggy drugged up cankles spaz out on live TV!

        • Yeah what time “EST” does the debate start? I wanna see Trump Indict Clinton on National TV, so much, that she is arrested, handcuffed and dragged off the stage. Greedy Sellout Witch!!

          ~WWTI… I bet she collapses on stage. Knees buckle, eyes roll in her head, hands shake, freezes and falls to the floor in a Face Plant, knocking out her teeth and flattening her nose. Does Trump help her, or let her kill herself off in a painful death on Nat TV?

      17. The idea of stockpiling food is dependent on someone in power respecting your right to keep the food. In a crisis, these people think in terms of such stockpiles as one of THEIR resources to deal with the crisis. Distributing the stockpiled food to rioters is a way of getting the rioters quieted down. Dealing with legally-sanctioned looting is a very real possibility.

        • They can’t take what they can’t find. Pack it right, keep it out of sight, have some dummy food out so they think they got what you have.

      18. HuH

      19. Yes RR That’s very important . Even poisoned food and water . They will eat and drink while you and your family are tied up Then hopefully they will fall asleep and die . But if you can retreat and leave them the poisoned food and water you can return. Rat poison or ground up fiberglass insulation should do the trick. And have a old 22 rifle and some ammo to be confiscated. To bad you can’t poison them.?

        • Let them tie you up? Really…. your already dead.

      20. Hey load some super hot ammo that will destroy there guns and maybe blind them . And let them steal that.

      21. And here I am losing thousands in the oil stocks that I have left. Now the company that I have the most stock in is declaring chapter 11 so, I now lose ALL of it have to pay taxes on it because it’s a limited partnership and the 4 top execs are getting a combined $11M in… wait for it… performance bonuses. It is all rigged.

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