Insider Warns: Sophisticated Investors Are Preparing For Global Implosion: “Financial, Social, Geopolitical Turmoil Will Flare Up Like A Tinderbox”

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    You’d never know it if you only followed mainstream financial pundits, but Russia and China have recently joined forces to bypass the U.S. dollar by establishing their own exchange to facilitate transactions and trade in gold. It seems the whole world, except for Western governments and central banks, understands that we’re facing a crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

    With U.S. financial markets at nearly all-time high valuations, an uncertain interest rate environment and the potential for a serious debt debacle as American politicians set to fight over raising the debt ceiling, Bryan Slusarchuk, President of Kenadyr Mining, warns that there are scores of catalysts that could set the whole tinderbox aflame:

    You’ve got a mess in Europe… a really uncertain outlook as to how this Brexit will occur… you’ve got geopolitical turmoil all over the middle east… you’ve got situations like North Korea… there are any number of things… financial, social, political… that can set this tinderbox off.

    In the following interview with Crush the Street Slusarchuk explains that while the average investor has thus far sat on the sidelines, major institutional players and sophisticated investors are positioning themselves for widespread uncertainty and the real possibility of a global economic implosion:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    While it has been ignored by the Federal Reserve and other Western banks, gold as money, and perhaps in this environment more importantly as a safe haven, has once again become attractive to smart money investors, which are reportedly starting to move heavily into these assets of last resort:

    This move in gold in recent weeks has been a very stealth move. The average investor on the street hasn’t been talking about gold. It has crept up quite quietly.

    I’ve met with some of Canada’s largest and most influential institutional investors and analysts in the gold space… These sophisticated players are saying there’s all of a sudden a whole lot of interest and it’s coming from groups that might not traditionally have a long bias towards gold…

    What’s happening out there on a macro level is that you’ve got a lot of turmoil in the world… You’ve got a lot of tension geo-politically… financially… you’ve got monetary and fiscal policy that has run amok and put the world in a precarious financial position… I liken it to a tinderbox… As far as what the catalyst will be for gold’s rise to get really parabolic… it’s unknown, but what I can say, is that the environment is shaken up for a very big run here.

    Even the “generalist” investment funds, which have shied away from precious metals and focused their efforts on Silicon unicorns and hype in recent years, are starting to realize that even a small hiccup could be disastrous to their bottom lines:

    The gold centric investors… the gold focused funds… have been very much in accumulation mode over the past several months…

    You’re just getting a bit of generalist interest trickling into the market… so you’ve got these generalist institutions that invest in a wide variety of sectors that are all of a sudden a bit nervous about the big markets… they’re nervous about Europe… they’re nervous about real estate… they’re nervous about what a rising interest environment can mean… they’re very nervous… they’re scared… about the fact that fiscal policy seems to now be quantitative easing infinity with deficits out of control and monetary policy almost in a state of helplessness.

    What these guys are starting to look at as generalists is ‘where can i get a bit of a hedge?’… ‘where can i protect the funds against all of this uncertainty?’

    And they’re starting to look at gold…

    With the gold investing market minuscule in comparison to other sectors, even small percentage shifts of capital into precious metals by these larger generalist institutions could drive prices to never before seen levels. Because, the moment we see global financial markets or global credit markets buckle like they did in 2008 there are going to be millions of panicked investors around the world fleeing for safety.

    And as has been the case throughout history, that financial and economic safety will likely come in the form of hard assets.

    Visit Crush The Street for more interviews and commentary like the video you just watch.

    Learn more about Bryan Slusarchuk and Kenadyr Mining by clicking here.



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      1. If you ain’t got gold, get some while it can be had. Try to hedge off this impending financial apocalypse.

        • While it would be great to have a nice pile of gold, remember 2 things:

          1) Most people have never even held a piece of gold, except for pieces of jewelry. They will likely not see the trade value of it, like someone who knows what gold is about.

          2) Private ownership of gold has been banned before, and it can be again, with the stroke of a pen. Gold is one more thing tptb would prefer you not have. And if they push cashless trade, all bets are off for gold.

          • JM, however that stroke of Roosevelt’s pen was ignored by many. Just as many ignore gun bans now. Things will get done by slight of hand as before.

            • Exactly
              and the more BS that comes out of DC that is ignored, the better for this country

              • PO’d Patriot and EOTS, damn good point about stupid laws being ignored, just like I already ignore all laws putting any kind restrictions on self-defense. This country will be so much better off when more and more people start ignoring all the stupid laws out there.

          • Good point, JM. Except for the fool me one, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. People will not be turning over their gold, this time, seeing what happened last time. Nor was their anywhere near full compliance last time. Authorities are not going to go door to door, risking people shooting them to get a couple ounces of gold, nor can they afford SWAT teams for every suspected owner. Moreover, some states have now legalized AU as tender. Further, think of the largest county in NY, where the sheriff refused to enforce the vile Gov. Cuomo’s “assault” rifle ban. Rather, there will be, IMHO, NIRP, bail-ins, and SDRs. They can also fiddle with GLD and SLV. Further, if there were confiscation people will just leave gold and go to Bitcoin. And I respectfully disagree that newbies “won’t see the value” – when people’s financial well-being is at stake, sometimes people get real smart real fast. But no, I would NOT put in a safety deposit box – rather, one possible solution is to put in a self directed IRA and have stored securely (mine is a thousand miles away) or use, which is in one of the Channel Islands of the UK. These islands are almost semi-autonomous, which is why they are domiciled there.

            • The dumbest comment here yet today: Test: one possible solution is to put in a self directed IRA and have stored securely (mine is a thousand miles away)

              Sounds like a true idiot. If you can’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it. Have you learned anything here on this site in the last 5 years? This is a biggie.

              No you don’t want to own IOU Paper anything, or store your valuables it in someone else’s vault. Morons will be fleeced. Wake up. Go study the game of Musical Chairs. Losers find out the hard way. Thanks for playing.

              • We’re assuming that people with no social skills, on a good day, and who are unfit to labor, have extra food, medicine, and useful tools, to barter. They are typically-incoherent but can appraise your minerals, without a marketmaker.

                In artificially-depressed counties (ones worse than ours) the value is pegged to any amount of fiat currency. It can be a low amount.

                I respect that people want to be objective, sane, and live in the material world, but life as we know it, was based on arbitrage. Noone, in our times, has succeeded by sincerity and the sweat of his brow, so much as speculation, social promotion, and the color of authority. Human nature pivots on those. It’s why your dog follows you. It’s the only way your neighbors will be able to function.

          • JM:Private ownership of gold has been banned before, and it can be again.

            That’s why you invest in Silver instead of Gold, as it has way more upside potential, and will never be banned. 50% of Silver is used in industrial uses such as electronics and solar panels for its conductivity with electricity, 70% of silver purchased in the US annually is imported which can create a massive shortage and increased value here. Silver will be more easily used in commerce and trade as it has smaller value increments. 1 Oz of silver today is $18.25. And Silver is not easily counterfeited unlike Gold. About the only used for gold is intrinsic like jewelry and plated fishing lures.

            So its a No brainer, Stack up heavy in Silver 1 Oz Rounds and live the good life when SHTF. Silver does not rust.

          • I agree somewhat and don’t have any pms, but your point can be taken also regarding our supplies stocked.

        • When SHTF, a great source of gold will be the gangs with all those gold-plated and solid gold teeth – not to forget mentioning, great target practice while you are out “mining”.

          • That’s right GoldSource, that’s why you also carry a good set of channel locks or Multi-tool pliers, to remove the front grills from the hoodies before you dispose the remains in the swamp for the gators to feed off of.

          • GS, ha ha ha that’s a good idea! Do some urban prospecting! All ya need is an AK, a .45acp, and some pliers (still laughing) 😀

        • “And they’re starting to look at gold…”

          DK will be mining all summer long in the cool pines, moving his hiney to get some shiny. There are no capital gains on GOLD in Arizona.

          Think I will wait until it hits $3500 oz before I sell. 🙂

      2. what they have planned can’t be stopped. the only question: how bad will it get?

        what if it’s like Venezuela?

        best have food, guns, gold, and bandaids at the very least.

      3. We keep hearing this, and it all ways ends up with buying P.M.

        Yes you should have some, but you had better have food water purification, Guns, and Ammo. Most of all you need God and Friends!!!


      4. BTFD. Get long gold in physical form. Protect yourselves with gold and silver. The coming heist will be brutal.
        Prepare and stack. I like the 3 Gs:

        God, Gold, and Guns.

        • Watchdog, Hey I like hearing God, Gold, and Guns especially with God first. It comes across better than some of the others I hear like “booze, band aids and butter” or the classic “booze, butts and bullets”.

          I agree we need to protect yourselves with gold and silver. But people should do some reading on the subject of PM’s and crisis. Major currency crisis can occur in many forms in which PM’s have a different roles. We could have currency devaluation (search pound sterling devaluation), wild inflation (search high inflation periods) or a full SHTF (search Weimar republic, Zimbabwe, or hyperinflation).

          In the worst case of a full SHTF PM’s will be of little use until a new currency is defined and up and running. Safety, shelter, water, food and fuel will be the most important in a full SHTF.

          Where PM’s may be of greatest use is in a currency devaluation. The price of gold will sky rocket during the worst of the panic surrounding the devaluation. This may offer the opportunity to cash some PMs in and buy physical items cheap.

      5. What about a sense of humor? If things are as bad as they say, we’re going to need it.



        • This x-nun gets married. After her wedding night she runs to the nearest church for confession. “Bless me father for I have sinned. Last night was my wedding night and my husband made love to me 5 times. What shall I do?”
          The priest says: “Go home and squeeze 5 lemons into a glass and drink it.”
          Will that help me with my sin?”
          “No, but it’ll wipe that smile off your face!”

        • These days I am reminded of the great Red Skelton who said “…Never take life too seriously your never going to get out of it alive….”

      6. One can hope,,,

        • Nailbanger:

          A charity called a wealthy banker asking for a donation.

          The banker said, “I have five family members suffering with life threatening medical conditions and exorbitant medical bills. My brother is blind. And my sister is a cripple. If I don’t give them any money, what makes you think I’ld give any to you.”


      7. Every day that things don’t go bad just makes it worse for when it does. We are at a point, and have been for quite some time, where the tipping point has been bypassed. I have been ready for years for what is inevitable. I just hope it comes before my time on this earth is up. Due to friends and family refusing to take heed of the warnings I am no longer as charitable with what I have and they will need. My bug out location has been changed so no one will know where me and mine have taken off to. But that is the way that works.


        • That’s the problem with”friends” and neighbors,stock up on ammo but not food.Say what?Ask them about eating,if I have ammo I’ll get food!(danger)Of course they talk about hunting,most don’t know how to! Private clubs,food plots,feeders,heated boxstands.Me I hunt public lands.I haven’t ever killed a bag of rice ,lol
          I may need more ammo!Things will get interesting.
          B -Ca hear ya on the sense of humor,my bride says mine is dark and warped.Must be the masters degree from the school of hard knocks.My older kids just know I’m crazy!
          Be well all
          Maniac — out

          • Maniac:

            You’re alright by me.


          • Exactly Maniac…like the new neighbor tells me of her house water filter instead of a Berkey(like mine) not EVER in that pea brain thinking of no water running through those pipes…says old woman to young naive, 25 y.o.
            Did we?? would we?? listen at that age?? I move on to those that will.

            • FYI Berkey has a close to 100% failure rate. Read the ratings on amazon. I had 4 filters, every one failed. Fuck Berkey and the Chinese ship they sailed in on!

              • 100% failure rate? China? Obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. Everything is made in the US except for the stainless which is made in India. They had a filter problem back in 2011 if that’s what you’re referring too, and I was one of the first to report it. they redesigned the filters after that occurrence to make sure that issue wouldn’t happen again. But, I was a longtime Berkey owner before and have been until this point, and always will be. Call me a fanboy. I know lots of family and friends who have owned the systems for years too, and they’ve never had any issues. So, check your facts and don’t always base an opinion on squeaky wheels.

      8.… trump became Russian mafias bitch……un freaking real….read with caution

        • Thanks GB. Nice to know Hilary and her paid shills still have employment.

      9. car lots full of vehicles that aren’t selling. Store closings. Wages in the tank. Retirement is a just a dream. Anyone who can’t see the writing on the wall has their head up their ass. The media is a never ending brainwashing campaign of men are perps and women are victims. Every group has a crying card except white men. The theft hasn’t even begun yet. Soon we will be all on the same level and those unwilling to work will either tow the line or get lead poisoning if they try to steal from the fruits of those who work. If people weren’t so dumbed down and soft the hell would’ve broken loose long ago. Dumbing down and softening of men has kept the peace so far and tptb will continue to destroy every last vestige of manliness. I tell people to fuck off im not a nice person. Being civil is weak imo. People will take advantage of you. I’ve worked myself to point of passout and was pissed at myself for being weak. Wife said my way of thinking is fucked. One thing I’m not is a coward. 99 percent of people are total cowards and won’t take their licks.

        • Some of the theft has been ongoing. In the form of inflation. Silent but effective.

      10. “The Insider” is the head of some penny stock mining company. Give me a break?! Nothing new in this article.

      11. “Financial, Social, Geopolitical Turmoil Will Flare Up Like A Tinderbox”

        According to the script, that is. Hope everyone knows their lines and have practiced their parts.

        Director: “Okay. You’ve just got off the phone with the bank, and before it was disconnected, you’ve discovered that your financially ruined.

        The guy on the news is saying that the markets crashed.

        You look in the mirror and discover that it was all a lie. That you’ve been duped.

        You can hear sirens outside and breaking glass.

        Then you walk to the fridge and discover that you’re down to the last pizza pocket, and…”

        Actor: “Uhm. I’m not sure, it’s says here that I’m supposed to take a baseball bat to my neighbor’s. Really, I don’t even like Pizza Pockets. I’m kinda tired. I need a nap. Can I go now?”

        Director: “Cut! What is wrong with these people?”

      12. What are you going to do when you are already dead ?

        Once again all the powers to be and it ain’t us hast to do is release a pandemic ???????

        What are you going to do when your food stash is all gone ?

        Will you kill for a cracker and I do not mean whitty ?????

        All you are doing is cheating death for all bit.

        I hope I am at GROUND ZERO when it happens.

      13. These impending doom articles are beginning to take on a the boy who cried wolf syndrome. and the source is always a (Insider) and buying gold is always the recomended solution.

        • Old guy – I take these articles as advisory in nature. I.e, things to see if you want to put on your radar screen. I don’t think anyone thinks that this year Mac is suggesting we we will start, at the same time, Great Depression II, the Cascadia fault go off, the Yellowstone blow, Mentally Il Kim Sung launch a couple nukes our way, while at the same time Russia and China launch their nukes the same day, the New Madrid fault go off, and, for good measure, Niburu (which has been hiding under my bed or in my closet, I guess) swing by for a visit. This whole “doomer porn” schtict is getting old. It’s all in how you read the site. Take this as advisory. Analyze what you think is worth putting more attention to. Some bad things ARE going to happen over the next few year, even if you are Pollyanna. This site helps me not be blind-sided. I would rather have gotten out of the stock market a year early in 1929 than a day too late. I just like to hear early warnings, rather than be blind-sided. I prep, but I don’t go nuts over ever single black swan sighting

          • Right on test you are on it brother.

        • Old Guy,
          You’re right about the articles and commentary taking on “the boy that cried wolf” aspect, but don’t forget the end of that story — the wolf really did come!!!

          • Ok read the article. The insider is the president of Kenadar mining. If gold is such a better deal than money? Why is he selling his gold for soon to be worthless money? Buy things that you normally use and have a immediate use for. Buy things that will feed protect and shelter you and yours. stockpile things like salt, LP gas ect that never go bad. Ive got no use for gold. If I had some I would sell it and buy something that is useful right now and would be useful in any situation. Ive bought steel traps and snares. hand tools ect.

            • Are you dumb? What do you think you can buy salt with? GOLD or SILVER! Why? Because gold and silver have been money for thousands of years!

              Sheesh….the banks have definitely won with their 100 year anti-gold propaganda campaign when people with brains are actually saying “I’ve got no use for gold.” LOL What IDIOTS.

              Also, we live in a FIAT paradigm right now. So those people selling you gold for paper, need paper to profit to live and buy things and feed their families. But if you actually use your brain and actually think, you will realize that when SHTF they will have a crap ton of gold and silver in their shop already, because they have been selling it for gold in the current paradigm.

              Use your head old man…..if you own a coin shop and have 50 ounces of gold and 3,000 ounces of silver to sell to the public for fiat. When fiat explodes and is worthless that dude at the coin shop in his sop has PLENTY of gold and silver!

              God you people are so stupid!

              • Salt can preserve food. Salt is essential for life. Salt has been money longer than precious metals or money. I should have stated that the sky is falling syndrome instead.

              • Nope–that dude at the coin shop is dead…real fast.

                • You think that coin shop guy doesn’t have gold and silver at his home? You think he has it ALL at the shop? I mean c’mon. You people are STUPID! Use you fricken head! The day we wake up and gold and silver prices are out of reach for most Americans that dude at the coin shop will close up immediately and clear out his gold and silver. And he probably has a core position at his house anyway. So even if he can’t get to it it probably won’t be that big of a deal, because if he has 50 ounces of gold at his house and 2,000 ounces of silver at his house, and gold in 50k/ounce and silver is $1,000 ounce, he is sitting pretty even if he can’t get to his store.

                  Man… your guys’ critical thinking skills are brain dead.

                  • Azcats…why you always such a dick?

              • Azcats, these people are not dumb. They are some of the smartest people on the planet and will probably out survive you or me.

                If we have a full blown SHTF your PM’s will be unusable (not worthless). A good learning experience is on the shftschool dot com. Selco and Toby will show you what is really like. In his latest realtime experience on his blog he outlined what trading cigarettes for meat was like in a real time SHFT.

                PM’s are valuable if government fails moderately or in the case of SHFT when a new government finally introduces a new currency. But you can’t eat PM’s in the worst case.

                Need more? Go to the finance section of the survival blog and search on my Id. I have written 100s of posts on this subject. There are easily 2000 threads/10,000 posts on this subject.

            • I meant… they have been selling it for paper in the current paradigm. Typo from my response above.

      14. With all that’s been said about this subject, I think gold is a great thing to have, and by all means if you can afford a lot of it and have ultra safe storage, go for it.
        We have a little less than a lb., but I think silver is the better way to go.
        Yes, it’s bulkier, etc. but less likely to be (attempted to!) confiscated, and makes a better barter item.
        But barter brings it’s own problems as we’ve discussed.

        On another front: Here’s a web site I checked for info about expired antibiotics…haven’t spent a lot of time there yet but want to put it up.
        I like the name of it, too.

      15. “Financial, Social, Geopolitical Turmoil Will Flare Up Like A Tinderbox”

        Hmmmm…..,sounds like one of me paties in the past,damn,they were wild fun!

        I agree with the boy who cried wolf too many time analogy but someday the boy will be correct,smart folks keep that in mind.

        • Yes, and when it’s the wolf that’s crying wolf? Hmmm.

      16. Eh,just freaking great,bomb attack on St. Petersburg transit system,that should help quell the geo-political turmoil in the world!

      17. They’ll do what they always do, create money from nowhere. It certainly won’t be on a one to one value but just enough to thwart massive disorder unless they desire massive disorder. If this is the case they’ll throw their hands in the air and claim that there is nothing they can do. Regardless of direction the MSM will go along with it.

      18. There actually is bad economic news out there. Auto loans. 32% of cars traded in for a new car are under water on the loan. The new loan just incorporates that part of the old loan into the new loan. And the debt gets deeper and deeper. Even main stream news is starting to pick up on this.

        • Him, Also note the amount of Auto’s being leased has doubled since 2012, creating a glut of Used cars on the market since those leases are now up, and the cars are being returned. I posted this weekend that the price of used cars will be cut in half 50%, within the next few years. So wait a year or so then buy, you can get a car half price at what it is listed today.

          Auto Subprime loans are also defaulting, as people’s cars break down with costly repairs and they are upside down on their loans, they will just abandon the cars and let them get repo’d by the banks, etc.

          Stay out of the way of any debt is the key, and live within your means.

      19. Under funded pensions. Government pensions. Is anyone aware that the Feds took all of the Social Security money, the federal pension money and military pension money and put it in the general revenue fund and promptly spent it? There is no money in those funds. The Feds scrounge up enough money to pay the pensions each month. Until they can’t.

        • Uh the Post office pension fund is well funded for the next 30 years. Got to keep the Carriers working that deliver everybody’s tax bills.

          End the Post Office.

          Junk Mail – Seinfeld

          • Apollo, I suspect there is only an IOU sitting in that fund. Just like the others.

      20. I think environmental problems will add to the turmoil.

        The ocean and sea life continue to be impacted from Fukushima. Japan has released thousands of tons of Fukushima groundwater into the Pacific.
        Despite the lack of coverage in the mainstream media, the radiation concerns at Fukushima (nuclear meltdown in March 2011) have not gone away.

        A new record at Fukushima recorded in February 2017 is 70% higher than that of Chernobyl.
        ht tp://

        Honey bees have seen a huge die off in recent years.

        Link Between Neonicotinoids and Bee Die Off
        “Neonicotinoid pesticides are a newer class of chemicals that are applied to seeds before planting. This allows the pesticide to be taken up through the plant’s vascular system as it grows, where it is expressed in the pollen and nectar.

        These insecticides are highly toxic to bees because they are systemic, water soluble, and pervasive. They get into the soil and groundwater where they can accumulate and remain for many years and present long-term toxicity to the hive as well as to other species…

        The disappearance of bee colonies began accelerating in the United States shortly after the EPA allowed these new insecticides on the market in the mid-2000s.”
        (BANNED in Europe, the EPA says they are ok in the U.S.)
        ht tp://

        Bats have also seen a HUGE die off in recent years.
        Bats eat MASSIVE amounts of mosquitos and other insects.

        In recent years, the bat populations in the U.S. have been decimated by white-nose syndrome (WNS), a fungal disease that affects hibernating bats. White-nose syndrome has now spread to 30 states in the U.S. and five Canadian provinces.
        ht tp://

        According to Kentucky wildlife officials, the population of the tricolored bats has declined 80% and the little brown bats has declined 98%.

        • Direct links…

          Four Steps to Help Protect the Bees
          1. Support organic farmers and shop at local farmer’s markets as often as possible. You can “vote with your fork” three times a day. (When you buy organic, you are making a statement by saying “no” to GMOs and toxic pesticides!)

          2. Cut the use of toxic chemicals in your house and on your lawn, and use only organic, all-natural forms of pest control.

          3. Better yet, get rid of your lawn altogether and plant a garden or other natural habitat. Lawns offer very little benefit for the environment. Both flower and vegetable gardens provide excellent natural honeybee habitats.

          4. Become an amateur beekeeper. Having a hive in your garden requires only about an hour of your time per week, benefits your local ecosystem, and you can enjoy your own honey!”

        • KYM – I communicated personally with Dr. Jane Orient, of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (I know her slightly, not like a personal friend or anything, but well enough to ask questions). Specifically, I asked her about things like eating Alaskan salmon, etc. due to Fukishima. Her comment was that it was all overblown, and she wouldn’t think twice about eating Alaskan salmon.)

          Mac, the DDP website is – maybe you might want to add to your list?

          I was also at the OR. coast last Sept. Maybe others who live there can comment, but urchins, anemones, etc were all fine. There was no local buzz about dead sea life (but maybe if I lived there, I might have heard something… maybe…) There was a wasting disease among starfish, at least at Cannon Beach, but of course the million dollar question is whether that is associated or not with Fukishima. Perhaps the answer to that is if this is found, say, in the Caribbean .

          I know there’s a lot of debate on this, so I am just submitting what I have seen. I am certainly open to others commenting. We are all a bit like the blind men feeling the elephant, then trying to describe it. The key to preparedness, IMHO, is to look at things realistically – including whether something is a valid issue.

          I know there is a lot of debate on Fukishima, and I don’t have a firm conclusion one way or the other right now. The other side of the Fukishima story is at Just a good read to have both sides of the story. I submit this to wiser heads than mine to comment!

          • TEST,

            I don’t have the answers on the effects of Fukushima, only can try to make a decision based on what I have read.

            We may never know the full truth or impact.

            Helen Caldicott has given numerous interviews on Fukushima’s ongoing impact. I have watched some of them on YouTube. She seems to be well informed on the subject.

            I will take a look at the DDP website. Thank you!

        • during a honey flow a worker bee only lives a few days. They simply work themselves to death. During the summer the bees life span is so short that it will not be effected by the chemicals being sprayed. What happens is the Parasitic Avorra mite gets in the hive and kills the overwintering bees. They die in the hive during winter when they are not flying. And honeybees are not native to the Americas. Eventually the Honeybees will become immune to the avorra mite and the number of wild bees increase. The African killer bees are already resistant and their numbers are on the increase.

      21. Growth will be pushed at any cost.

        Growth (and growth means debt growth) is required in the world economy or it crashes. It is set up that way since all money is created as debt (loaned into existence) and then has usury attached. The principal is loaned into existence when the loan is created but not the interest. That needs to be created in another loan somewhere and then acquired by the debtor to pay back along with the principal.

        The debt can never be paid back. If all debt were paid back, there would be no money in existence. That is how a debt/money system works.

        All debt is also an asset on the books for somebody. When the debt is paid back, that asset entry is destroyed. Loan paid back expunges it from the banks books and your books. Poof, that money just disappeared…same place it came from…thin air.

        Pensions funds and 401ks are all invested in someone else’s debt. Or did you think that your money just sat there in a vault and drew interest? No, you pay a fund manager to buy someone else’s debt (generally bonds of some sort) on the promise that they will be paid back with a premium of some sort.

        When the debt defaults, your investments take the hit. Poof, your money is gone along with the defaulted debt. One always cancels out the other. Any default or failure to repay debt means someone loses that amount out of their investments. You can never have a jubilee of all debts or anyone that chose to save and invest will lose all their money.

      22. We will be collaping, all out end game collapse. Trump knows about it, and he is the feel good porn to keep us calm in the process. Then they are going to bring in the Chinese soldiers on us, and the russian, and other nationals. I was told not pay any attentions to anything that the president says, because it all bullshit, and will not change what the outcome will be. So there you have it folks and i am sure others on here will disagree. Like I tell you all the time, I know bullshit when i hear it, and nothing has changed with Trump getting in the white house. We are deep shit. The Russians and the Chinese will be getting rid of the us currency, and China will be doing it because of Tiawon. If they cant get Ta1won, which they wont, this is the excuse to bring down the dollar. China is a piece of shit, and Trump needs to just launch a pre-emtitive strike on them, which will never happen. I just got the info from the scientist this weekend. I will be working on BOL starting in September. We have to complete the first one, because its designed to be used to get us a good start to get to one that 3 1/2 hrs away, in the middle of nowhere. We have to test our set up and tech stuff, to make sure we have energy, water, that everything is up and running. Anyone who believe that America will be great again is stupid and delusional. I support the fact that Trump is keeping things quiet for now, because the last thing we preppers need have is everyone finding out that we are going to wind up in civil war, etc. So get prepped guys, nothing has changed, get more guns ammo, survival gear, food etc. October is the timeframe when the American people will find out for certain that the new hope and change will not be happening, because that’s when Russia and china will publically announce that they have dumped the dollar. Economist V warned us about 2017, the October timeframe when the cabal launches the attack with military weapons for and all out country wide war on the people, with the UN, Russia, china, and other countries contracted to take out the entire US. And for those of you who like to say that this will never happen, I have news for you, it will happen, and that FACT OF LIFE YOU NEED TO ACCEPT. Because I know someone personally who got threaten by a PLA chi-com solider in North Texas. Yes folks, chi-coms soldiers are threatening American citizens in Texas, and they are in our state. Believe all that you want, I am just telling you what I have heard, and some of this is from law enforcement, as in cops who have been told by uppers in this state that this is real scenario. They say that shit roles down hill, and when it comes to cops, they told me that this was the shit that rolled down hill from their uppers. The cops have begun prepping.


      23. HCKS, agreed. Trump can’t rescue this nation. Nobody can. Even the first day after election day, I knew he won’t be able to stop what’s coming. My prepping has actually been picking up. Going back to the BOL first week of May for some more R&R and drills.

      24. May 21, 2013 Why the whole banking system is a scam

        • European Parliament, Strasbourg, 21 May 2013

        • Speaker: Godfrey Bloom MEP, UKIP (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire)

      25. Caterpillar Inc (CAT.N) said on Friday it will shut its Aurora, Illinois, plant, costing about 800 employees their jobs as the world’s largest construction and mining equipment maker shifts production to other U.S. facilities

        • Yup back in November China was buying Cat’s equipment as fast as it could be made due to their building. Then their economy slowed and the orders trickled to a halt. Just wait till the farmers can’t get more loans for combines and tractors and their stuff starts breaking down, harvest comes to a halt and we become Venezoofaila’.

          • I use 1940,s tractors, My hay bailer is my newest piece of equiptment and its a 1974. And I can get any part needed on E bay or from places like Yesterdays tractor. Most things big agri grows aint food that can be taken directly from the farm and placed on the table. And bees are not necessary to make crops. Honey Bees are something I know a lot about. I had hives of bees before many of you where born.The Honeybee is not native to the Americas. And bees thrived during the years before there was the EPA when they sprayed those really good poisons like DDT. Its the Avorra mite that killed the bees. And there are wasp, dumblebees, moths and a myrad of other pollenators that are very effective. Plants in the USA thrived just fine before the Europeans brought Honeybees to the New World. Ouit being so durn gullible there is a logical explanation and solution to everything. There are no unsolveable problems.

        • Cat is just relocating to other places in the USA where the cost of production is lower. And I don’t blame them. The State of Ill isn’t a business friendly environment. High Taxes and labor unions have driven industry away.

      26. Cat is, allegedly, moving headquarters to Chicago (from ???) and has consolidated into several plants in IL. I know they had a hiring binge for the Pontiac IL facility and believe they may still be hiring (consolidation).

      27. Russia and China [& other nations] have been planning this for nearly a decade and the basket of currencies has been growing and Iran has been tapping it to avoid the US dollar so it could sell their oil. The US has been losing its dominance of the petrol dollar for a long time.

      28. Tell me whats is everyone gonna do when there is no one to buy your gold.
        When there is no food to buy at the stores. Or no ammo at the stores. what good is gold?
        You can’t eat it or heat your house with it. You can’t buy oil from me. I need it for my family.
        Im also not gonna sell you, Amo, I need it. You can’t protect yourself with gold. So now you have all this gold and nowhere to spend it. Good for you. Because you think that when the economy goes down,it’s gonna come back up, Right.. Not this time.

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