Insider Reveals: The Secret Investment Meetings Of The Wealthiest People On The Planet: “A Huge Fortune To Be Made In The Trump Trade”

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    As the global economy deteriorates and uncertainty in the future becomes the prevailing sentiment, investment insider Marin Katusa of Katusa Research reveals in an interview with SGT Report that the the wealthiest people in the world have lost faith in not only their respective governments and central banks, but financial institutions and major investment fund managers who appear to be just as confused about how to position their assets as everyone else. Further complicating matters is a heated political season that has seen the rise of a candidate who, while despised by the establishment, could potentially shift the entire global paradigm should he be elected to the highest office in the United States.

    It is within this context that Katusa explains how high net worth individuals are holding secret meetings in an effort to position themselves before the election by identifying what Katusa calls “The Trump Trade.” Anticipating sweeping changes to America’s energy policy and trade relationships, Katusa notes that some very influential people, though operating behind the scenes, are actively taking steps to protect their wealth and profit handsomely should Trump, or Hillary for that matter, become President.

    So where does this all lead?

    People talk about who’s in control of the global economy… they talk about the central bankers… the G7… the meetings behind the closed doors… they are scared of Donald Trump because Hillary’s part of the establishment but Donald Trump does not play to their rules… He does not play to the secret central bankers’ agenda…

    Now, that is the biggest wild card… The Trump Trade… Donald’s big mantra is he wants to make America great… and I believe there are a lot of closet Trump fans that don’t to talk about it publicly but during the election will come out… So there’s a huge fortune to be made in the Trump Trade here… regardless of whether it’s Hillary or Trump that wins, there’s a few factors that are going…

    Watch the full interview with resource expert Marin Katusa:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    I’ll tell you about a private conversation… The former Secretary of Energy of the United States… I had a discussion with him… He is very worried about exactly what we’re talking about… the domestic security of resources for America.

    Just recently this past week there was a conference… invite only… of the largest family offices… so the wealthiest people on the planet rather than giving their money to fund managers, they’ve realized ‘wait a second, these fund managers are interested in their own fees and not in our best interests.’

    So a lot of the most powerful family offices have gotten together and are looking for the news angles. And I was asked to speak with this group…

    What is really behind the scenes… these are things you will never read in the Wall Street Journal… what they’re excited about is contrarian investments and the conclusion was there is a huge Trump Trade here, but regardless whether it’s Hillary or Trump, the two best ways to play this… not just in my opinion but the former Secretary of Energy and some of the largest family offices… is gold and uranium.

    Uranium, the majority of which is primarily mined outside of the United States, could soon see prices rise significantly because of geopolitical conflicts. Considering it has seen a price decline of some 80% over the last ten years, Katusa believes the timing for this particular contrarian investment is nearly perfect.

    Though uranium may not be on investors’ radars yet, gold most certainly is. In recent months we’ve heard much about how well known billionaires like George Soros, Stan Druckenmiller and Doug Casey are piling into this asset class with purchases of physical bullion, gold ETF’s and mining companies as a hedge against out of control government, inflation and global economic panic.

    Marin Katusa is likewise investing in gold, but notes that he is not a buying a broad basket of gold companies through ETF’s, but rather, is focusing his efforts on a handful of well managed miners:

    They key factor in the resource sector is investing with the best people… moreso in resources than any other sector because of the volatility, because of the risk, because of the complexity of mining… it’s a tough business.

    … Gold really is about wealth preservation… if you lived in Russia in the past three years or Venezuela and you had a percentage of your net worth in gold you’re doing much much better than everyone else around you because gold holds it value… Let’s not fool ourselves here… We are in a new quantum realm of finance… we’re not going to see high interest rates in North America or the Western world for a long time…

    What you have to look at is ‘how do I invest in a world drowning in debt?’

    Gold has to be part of the portfolio… Gold should make up about 10% of your portfolio… Do your homework, invest in the right people… Amir Adnani was just selected by the private family offices as one of the three best ways to invest in the resource sector and we’ve put money behind Brazil Resources, Inc. on the Canadian exchange… he’s got over eleven million ounces of gold… and this huge kicker for Uranium… That’s why we’re there.

    … You don’t need to own 40 gold stocks… there’s this big misconception… you don’t need that… you need the best management teams with the best projects… I don’t like ETF’s…. people over pay on these ETF’s… they are a basket… I don’t want a bunch of under performers…

    One way or the other significant changes are afoot.

    With Donald Trump now a 50/50 shot at becoming the next President of the United States money managers around the world are beginning to position themselves for the trends that will take hold should his anti-establishment platform become policy.

    For those willing to identify and act on the trends, there is a lot of money to be made (and preserved).

    The investment adage of buy low and sell high is as true today as it has ever been, especially considering the obscene valuations for Wall Street darlings. But there are high value, low cost assets to still be had and as is often the case, by the time most people realize it, the move has already happened. On that note, Katusa shares a little investment wisdom:

    The media is there with an agenda… You want to invest in something that’s going to be on the front page of the newspaper… you want to buy something that’s not popular… you want to buy something that isn’t on the radar… and when it becomes popular you want to sell to the masses.


    To learn more about Marin Katusa, The Trump Trade and his latest strategies visit Katusa Research.

    For more interviews like the one you just watched follow SGT Report.


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      1. I think the economy will collapse while Trump is president. Assuming it lasts that long.

        If I had millions I’d have large amounts of gold stashed in vaults in Hong Kong but not Switzerland. The Swiss banks stole all the Saudi gold so I don’t trust them.

        I don’t think there are any safe investments. Everything is in a bubble: land, farm land, stocks, and all kinds of bonds.

        • I agree that economic collapse is inevitable. What has transpired thus far cannot be undone. We’re going in, whether we like it or not; whether Trump is President or not.

          The hope, of course, is that a Trump Presidency will let the system correct to fair value, lead to reform (especially for American businesses) in the form of tax cuts, and some common sense policies that put us on the right track (like maybe not allow unfettered illegal immigration and focus on putting AMERICANS back to work).

          There’s going to be pain any way you slice it.

          Like you BC, I also think we are seeing bubbles in many assets resulting from massive distortions driven by easy money. However, I still think there are some great opportunities out there and the reason I put up interviews like the one with Marin Katusa above is that these are the guys researching and investing in the contrarian investments. In the case of Katusa, he has a proven track record.

          Gold is a given. Physical is preferred.

          But for the millions of Americans sitting in broader stock markets there are better options. As Mel noted in a post below, the Dow Jones and other indexes are way overvalued and a correction to, as Greg Mannarino has referred to it, “fair market value” is inevitable… and that correction will, for most people, look like an all out collapse.

          It’s going to be an interesting decade from this point forward.

          What I do know is that the current policies have done nothing to improve life for average Americans… We’re worse off, I think, than when Obama took over.

          At least after 8 years he can’t blame Bush anymore.

          • Silver will move first, and it will move the fastest.

            Silver will likely be the currency of the resistance when the dollar fails and they try to shove a short lived digital currency down our throats, but that will fail too.

            If you have silver in any quantity, trade it for gold when silver peaks. Then trade your gold when that peaks for solid dividend paying blue chip stocks. At that point the false blue chips will be shaken out.

            • What a joke. Anyone remember the “CHANGE” slogan of the Kenyan Commie Faggot? Trump is election theatre for the vanishing middle class hoping for their own version of “CHANGE” that will instead be “more of the same.”

              Anyone who thinks that the right kind of CHANGE will happen through the banksters’ rigged ballot box will be sadly disappointed… deservedly disappointed for believing in another showman from another crime syndicate.

              • he said things were going to “Change” and people believed and voted for him because of this very idea of “Change”

                the thing is .. i never heard him say that things were going to Change for the better for us

                oh yeah things changed alright , they changed for the good for him,, and changed for the bad for us

          • First of all – If Trump didn’t play to THEIR agenda he d be dead, now or later. He is of the 1%, and he is doing exactly what he is supposed to – to gain trust and votes of American people. He cant do anything against TPTB.

          • Mac, Ever have anybody proof read your articles:

            “and I believe there are a lot of closet Trump fans that don’t to talk about it publicly but during the election will come out…”

            Correct phrasing and punctuation leads to more credibility. Believe it or not.

            ~WWTI.. And I’m a Guy that got a “D” in HS’s College English. I didn’t hand in a BS term paper at the end of the year, Pre-Computer age and I sucked at writing cursive which was required. I Print letters and words like an Architect. So the “Old Hag Teacher” gave me a “D” Grade. F-Her she is dead now.

          • If I was President Trump, first I would do in office Day #1 is:

            1. VOID all Obama’s Exec Orders,

            2. Then give a great speech to all Americans, Reinforcing Nationalism and Deputizing all Concealed Cary permit holders in American, to round up all the Jews Zionists and thieving bankers for Deportation or FEMA Camp Retraining.

            3. Put Hillary in Prison with the entire Bush Family, confiscate all their wealth to pay for budget shortfalls.

            4. Eliminate all Income Taxes under $30K as that will be the threshold for basic sustained living. Above that you pay 10% flat tax.

            5. Reassess the Welfare / Food Stamp program and kick all the lazy freeloaders off the program. You got 2 legs and 2 arms, then go join a City work crew to improve the landscape, its the work for food program, No more Free Shit Period. If you are disabled?, then you sit in a chair and do data entry with your fingers.

            6. Stop funding Israel, NATO and the UN. Bring our troops home and close 50% of all military bases world wide. BUILD THE WALL and maintain it.

            7. Audit the Fed, claim thievery, default on their loan shark payments, then jail them, and then print our own NEW US Dollar backed by Silver or the gold standard.

            8. Will all the savings from a 50% Military spending haircut, build Solar panel plants across America and get the entire nations off the Grid. Watch the Middle east dry on the vine, broke and defeated, and stop subsidizing Oil companies that make billions. In fact fine them for the windfall profits tax over the last several decades for their fraud and propping up wars. They want protection make them pay for US military protection. No More Free Welfare Shit for Fascist Corporations. Jail Monsanto exec’s for poisoning Americans. Same with Drug companies.

            9. Create a New alliance with strategic nations, who wish to improve economically without any GLOBALIST Bankers creating chaos. Russia and China will be our new best friends.

            10. Ship the Blacks in America back to Africa, which will cut crime in America by 75% overnight. You steal kill or rape that’s instant death sentence, via hot boiling tar bath.

            That’s what I would do in my first day in office, if I was President. I know how to make America great again too. It will take some hard hitting painful decisions but well worth it. You got 8 Yrs, Mr Trump.. GO!!!


            • WWTI, I agree with all but one…

              4. Eliminate all Income Taxes under $30K as that will be the threshold for basic sustained living. Above that you pay 10% flat tax.

              Instead, should eliminate ALL income taxes, period. Taxes should only be levied on sales, consumption and imports from overseas production. Income, both corporate and personal, earned and unearned, in any form whatsoever, should NEVER be taxed.

          • Marin (and that’s a boys name) looks to be full of it to me. He admits that his stats on energy unit costs are once you included federal fines and subsidies that have been stacked against coal and in favor of green energy. Many TPTB’s are now buying up coal from what I have heard. Of course coal does not look economical now, it is being taxed and fined out of business while wind power is so subsidized that people build farms then sometimes do not even connect them to the grid. I know an energy lawyer who had to come up with separate funding to get wind farms connected, they were literally just sitting there spinning back in 2009. If you are going to talk about a “Trump Trade” it has to be based on the regulation policy changes he says he will make, not the current state of affairs. His stats should use costs that are agnostic to regulation, but coming up with those would require, gulp, research, not just posting clickbait and collecting ad revenue.

        • Time to add some uranium bars to the stack of PMs?

          • Uranium is a FOOLS investment; particularly in junior miners. India and China will add some nuke reactors but both countries have this natural resource

            There are reasons why uranium has tumbled 80%. 🙁

            • America is in the midsts of an energy revolution, as I have mentioned for some time. Uranium is the red-headed step-child of energy.

              And odd man out of the energy revolution. 🙂

              • I agree DK — and Marin KAtusa makes mention of wind and solar as investment possibilities in this interview as well… Our back and forth previously covered this topic, and while I agree with you that there are better and safer energy solutions available, uranium demand is going to increase as new reactors come online in China and elsewhere… So, from an investment standpoint, 80% off its 2007 highs, I think it’s a pretty good investment and a definite possible mover in the near to mid-term.

                • Solar and wind are intermittent. A battery technology that can fill in the gaps will be the money maker. To be able to carry solar through the night, or wind through the calm that is the golden goose.

                  • Kevin2
                    Now you are talking. Alternate power sources have been limited by storage. It would change the face of the energy industry.

                  • Plan twice. Really. You talk about things you have no experience in. Solar actually is more efficient in cooler climates, as power is diminished when the panels get too hot. Did you know that? My panels and batteries provide TWICE the power, I use on a daily basis. I run my A/C most of the day and the batteries are still mostly charged by days end. Wind yes, is intermittent, depending on where you live and it is noisy and the blades, kills birds.

                    Solar is becoming really cheap these days. Down to .61 cents per Watt for panels. Batteries, will cost you, but if maintained properly will last 10+ years. Panels have a 25 year warrantee. Its a no brainer, just the know how to wire it and assemble it properly.

                    The OUTBACK 80 Controller is the KEY Piece to keeping the batteries charged. That’s a $550 unit. The rest is 8 to 10x 6 Volt Duracel batteries wired in series then parallel for the 12 Volt current desired.., Inverter for $250 and the 4x 300+ watt panels are just $275 each. That powers my entire BOL with lots of residual power left. In fact my system is so efficient I am going to add 2 more 6 Volt batteries for the overage in power generation storage for. It is hard wired right into my fuse box in my Cottage, with a dozen breakers. It powers my fridge and freezer, power tools, A/C, lights, cell phone, radio, internet. Plan on spending about $5K to get this. Fed Tax Incentives of 30% are good till end of 2016. The system just needs to be installed by a certified Solar Electrician to qualify. Lots of pretenders out there, so ask for their electrician solar license and look the license number up, to see if it is current and valid so you can apply for the tax incentive rebate. This ends in Dec 2016 unless this is renewed.

                    Details. Federal Tax Credit On Solar To End In 2016
                    At the end of 2016, residential solar credits from the Energy Policy Act of 2005 will end unless Congress extends the deadline. For homeowners considering solar energy panels, this means the time to invest is quickly closing.
                    The Energy Policy Act of 2005 implemented a 30 percent Investment Tax Credit for commercial and residential solar energy systems, driving investments and doubling the nation’s solar capacity in just one year.

                    ~WWTI… Want to invest in your SECURE FUTURE, get off the Grid and invest in your own solar power plant. No more utility bills for me again. And no more paying bogus taxes that are assessed with Utility bills either. Stop feeding the Beast. Put your money where your Mouth is. Solar is quiet and environmentally friendly.

                    • WWTI: Why six volt as opposed to 12 volt batteries? Just asking. 🙂

                    • You paid $250. for an inverter? What is it, a Ronco?
                      At least you didn’t brag about how all that solar power is FREE like you usually do.
                      I like solar and it has it’s benefits but until panels get over 15-18% efficiency (meaning 85% failure!) and batteries get better it’ll never replace current energy sources.
                      The Second Law of Thermodynamics will see to that.

                    • Environmentally friendly?
                      When all those used panels, inverters, etc.are sitting in junkyards and your swamp? Great for the environment.

                  • Iron batteries are really good, but they take up a bunch of space. They can last 30 years and the only maintenance is add water, then they can last another 30 when you change the electrolyte. No patents plus limited demand means there are almost no manufacturers to create a market. Elon Musk is going to start selling a 2KWH backup battery that fits on a wall, but it won’t last 30 years.

                • HOW this country falls WILL have a bearing on WHAT happens with the power grid! there are MANY factors involved in power that can and will determine what will survive, large power plants require LOTS of parts and LARGE transformers which NONE are made in the states anymore, so solar and wind CAN get by with much smaller items. so there is LOTS of potential validity to what you are saying!

                  • In the Video, and other places, When they say this is the National Debt, and this is what each US citizen owes, or his portion of that debt owed. Well Fuck you I don’t owe anything or your debt, or any debt these shills in political office spent without my permission.

                    Here is how My TRUMP Tax Plan would work. For income taxes assessed, you get to choose where 50% of your taxes paid to the Feds, are to be spent. Right on your Tax and Payment form, you can choose a basket of areas, or the ones you choose, like options. Say, 35% of my taxes paid are to go to Parks and recreation dept.

                    Total- 100%

                    Parks and Recreation 35%
                    Highways and road construction 15%
                    Environmental enforcement 20%
                    Military = ZERO 0%
                    Public schools = 5%
                    Educational TV = 15%
                    Presidential Elections= 0%
                    Free Legal Assistance= 10% to fight Tyranny and Agenda 21 policies that destroy American Cultures and standards of living.

                    Total- 100% of the 50% in Annual Income Taxes Paid.

                    So if we look at todays debt, 50% of the Nat Debt is WAR. Which is not my debt because I opposed these bogus wars over the last 15 yrs. I should not have to pay for that. So if you like war, then you can send in your tax dollars and mark Military 100%. When this Government steals from us in Highway taxes or health, and applies that to WAR, that is not the peoples debt, its the War Mongers debt they owe.

                    That is what fairer taxes would be here in the US. We would have a say plus, we would be more OK paying taxes that would benefit us. The other 50% let congress decide on how to fill their gaps, but it have to be split up into no more than 20% segments. This would eliminate a lot of FRAUD and excess wasting of tax dollars.

                    People, we have ZERO say in where our Tax dollars are spent, but are given their drunken bar bill. That is Taxation without Representation. By letting tax payers decide where their payments are spent, we create a fairer Government, by and for the people. The Beast will be left to Starve. The people need to take power of the purse strings back. Its our Money.

                    If they refuse, then totally stop paying all taxes, and see how long they last. Drunken bastards.


                    CC: Donald Trump.

                • MAC, There is this thing called “Moral Investing”. If it is bad for the world or people, or society or the environment, I refused to buy into or support that crime on humanity. STOP FEEDING THE BEAST. Oh that awful Greed equation is like addicting Crack Cocaine.. There is plenty of depleted Uranium scattered all over the Middle east and now Africa still killing people, and for what???

                  My life is not driven on profits, for what?? I already live comfortable from the fruits of my labor. Greed incites more Greed, then falls into Scams to make money to feed that crack habit. That’s the Rat Race. Invest in your health and happiness.

                  When GW Bush took Office, I refused to invest in any WAR WHORE Companies, or OIL Companies, or any scam shit. Sure I could have made a lot of money, but then I would have sacrificed my integrity and just been another Whore like them. Not for me.

                  I sleep well at night, with a clear conscience, guns by my side, and in a safe area. What more do I need?

                  Do you live by investing with a MORAL CODE or just a Greedster no matter what the investment is? This is not in any form a Religious Code I an referring to, as religions are based on Mystical Fraud to dupe sheep, but living with a basic Humanity MORAL Code from within.

                  I hope you all choose to do the right thing, and stop feeding destruction. Invest in Solar, Gold, Silver, Land, and your family’s future.


                • Mac,
                  Yes, Uranium Energy Corp was mentioned in the Katusa interview and it’s up 13% today alone! Could be just momentum from Katusa’s interview, as it’s a small company and small amounts of money can drive the price up or down.

                  • Thats the whole idea of a “pump ‘n dump” on Junior Mining stocks (Read Penny Stocks).

                    The insiders promote the stock with lots of press coverage enticing outsiders to get in, then the insiders dump the stock; even short it, then the stock price drops leaving the outsiders to take the loss while they take their profits …. then insiders promote it again with lots of press coverage from a number of internet sources building demand …. then leave the new outsiders to take the loss …. again, while they book their profits selling to new buyers, then short the stock as they sell.

                    And the cycle repeats. 🙁

                    • I think you’ve just described Jim Cramer.

                • If private enterprises will be storing, securing, and monitoring the lethal radioactive waste you can bet that corporate greed will set in creating an evironmental disaster.

                  If a government agency like the EPA is going to be storing, securing, and monitoring the lethal radioactive waste, you can bet they will do a great job …. just like they have done and are doing at the Gold King Mine in Silverton Colorado along the Animas River. (Google that). Then of course there is Yucca Mountain …..


      2. America’s energy complex will rise again under a trump. Even coal might make a comeback!

        As for me — gold is top of the investment chart. There’s no way I am buying anything in the Dow or S&P indexes… That’s just waiting for a hammer to come down on it. But there are definitely some deals to be had. I have followed Katusa for years when he worked at Casey research. The guy is a winner. His book the Colder War is a must read for anyone who cares about the geopolitics of resources and the wars we fight over them. Basically, prices for everything that actually matters are going up. That’s the “trump trade”

        • If energy makes a comeback under President Trump, it will mean prosperity is here again. If prosperity is here again, it means gold will drop in price.

          Timing is everything. 🙂

      3. I still don’t understand how the hell 50 million people can support Hillary Clinton. She terrifies me.

        • Anon,
          you can thank the MSM and the sheeple who only watch that news and then believe it!! that is why 50 million still like her!

          • Apache54,

            I agree. The MSM could be compared to “Bagdad Bob”, as they repeat the “official” news report from the administration. Compare the news reports on NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. Often, they are the same – WORD FOR WORD.

            Here is a major source for news in the U.S.

            “62% of US adults get their news on social media, which is up from 49% reported in 2012… with entirely unbiased Facebook experiencing the biggest increase.”

            ht tp://

          • I dont really think 50 million love and support her

            i think they want us to believe it though

        • She says all the things that the liberals want to hear, but it’s such an obvious act that (depending on which poll you look at) somewhere between 20% and 35% of Bernie supporters would rather vote for Trump than vote for Hillary.

          When I see clips of her on the evening news, I have the same visceral reaction that I would experience at seeing somebody like Jimmy Hoffa putting on a big fake smile and talking about how much he cares for all of us.

          Utter corruption, beneath a peeling veneer of false sincerity.

        • They are just like the nitwits that support Trump. The mental midgetsthat believe Iin unicorns and saviors.

          • Rebecca.

            All the way with Hillary.

            • Rebecca, another uninformed moron nitwit voting for the sexual tools category over rational common sense. Hillary is a F-n Criminal.

              Here are the typical Hillary Voter Categories:
              Mostly Black, Very Low IQ, Jews, NWO, War loving Neocons, Lesbians or Lazy Free Shit Army Uniformed Parasite Dolts.

              That about sums it up in a Democrat Nutshell.

              ~WWTI… Hillary for Prison 2016

            • That’s not what she said. I agree with her so far as how I would characterize the die hard supporters of Trump even though I plan to vote for the man as the only way to block Hillary in November. Too many people give up their objectivity just to be a part of some movement somewhere because they lack an inner identity themselves. This is seen in rabid supporters of messianic candidates, whether their name be Obama, Sanders or yes, Trump. Vote for the man but never give up your objectivity. Always question what any politician says and try to poke holes in their speeches. In the end, it makes you a more rational person.

        • She doesnt scare me,
          The only thing she and her ilk do is steel my resolve to resist being bullied by government. And i mean all government, i am not a subject period

          • Kulafarmer

            Ho, Ho, Ho. I do agree with you. She don’t scare me either. There are lots of good people here at SHTF and I have learned plenty about people and skills, Thanks.

            But I am tired of the gum beating and all the deadbeats in the nation and the only way is to force the hand and vote for the worst candidate. It is either the fastest way to redemption of this country or we will cease to exist. I am done with the stupidity. I want action but there will be not action, of any consequences, if only a few get involved. All or nothing and to hell with Political Correctness.

        • Those 50 million people stand to receive benefits of some sort from a Democrat in the White House. From welfare checks to corporate favors, many have the mindset of “gibs me dat”.

      4. just keep stackin’.

        gold and silver are the anti-government trade.

      5. Just wanted to let you know that the new thing is to paint the trunk of a tree with purple pastel paint instead of a no trespass sign it’s supposed to be universal understanding I suppose it will also be good for yardage estimating but I doubt the neighbor dog will comply and just keep on crapping

      6. Chlorine tabs bags of rock salt more ammo now go shopping

      7. I prefer to believe that the author was “fed” this story because most likely the real story of the meeting was the decison to go to a cashless worldwide economy which is simultaneous with the mark of the beast. If I am wrong, then they might be deceived as to what really to invest in.

        No matter what, do not take the mark, the rfid chip or the tattoo or in whatever form it appears.

        Stay in the Light, no matter what, stay in the Light, and trust God Almighty and his Divine Son. She or he who stays in the Light and trusts the Lord will be among the spiritually wealthiest.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • You and I are on the same page…

        • Look for a widening gulf between the USA and Europe as Europe moves toward consolidation. The Anti-Christ rises in Europe.

          Read Washington’s Vision. The parallels between then and now, show God’s Plan unfolding right before our very eyes.

          Patriots are rising in America. Take a stand. Make your voice heard while life is plastic. Put your stamp on it.

          Engage 🙂

          • If anything, Europe is starting to break apart, not consolidate. The Brits are set to vote on the Brexit, and current trends show it passing. The French are also mulling an exit to the Eurozone, and this will happen if Marine Le Penn wins the election. Then there is the move for Catalonian independence in Spain, and Greece seems to be moving towards stronger ties with nations that are at odds with the EU. Even Germany is fed up with it’s leadership and a move to the right can be expected the next election cycle if something is not done soon about Islamic immigration. There are plenty of other examples too, so don’t expect Europe to strengthen it’s internal ties any time soon. However, I do expect a few nations, like possibly the Netherlands or Estonia to adopt a cashless society of some sort (biometric, maybe?) within the next 5 years.

            • I agree that the UK will exit and I believe I mentioned that here YEARS ago in other posts. (Check the archives).

              Europe WILL be consolidated. That’s what the chaos is all about: crisis, reaction, synthesis. Remember that before there was a United States of America under a single Constitution, there were Articles of Confederation.

              The same process is taking place in Europe. 🙂

        • Thank you! You mean to tell me that it took the richest families this long in a downturned economy and a trump candidacy to come to this conclusion? Poppycock!

        • I think you are right LR. HI-YO Silver.

        • RE:LR- I prefer to believe that the author was “fed” this story because most likely the real story of:

          My take:
          Because of the he clever coined Phrase, “The Trump Trade” Sure its a catchy headline. if you understand marketing.

          I did not hear, in any of the Video about cashless societies. I did not hear there is a paper shortage to keep printing more worthless FRN’s = Fraudulent Rothchild Notes. It may be a decade to roll out Digital 100%, and I will say it will take that long just to roll it out. Look it took, 15 years for Visa to roll out the established EMV Chip format here in the US. If you want to crash the economy, overnight then declare its all digital now, in a weekend overnight bank holiday. Access to get every American in that digital money program will take a decade. Or even coming up with a new dollar and valuating it into acceptance. $1 though $100 bills. Will take a year or more.


      8. Don’t see myself investing in uranium soon.

        Maybe a fire pit to roast hotdogs over…

        • Yeah maybe a stick for us all with bandana tied to the end of it that holds all our belongings.

        • I agree. Nuclear is less popular than brain tumors with the general public. Until we can figure out what to do with all that transuranic waste, the global move will be towards ending the nuclear power experiment, not expanding it. However, I do see a real growth potential in solar power. The only issue solar has is that many states (In the US, not certain about globally) require you to be grid connected, even if you can replace 100% of your energy needs with solar. Not all nations are like this though, with Germany leading the charge for solar power to replace much of it’s fossil fuel electrical generation.

      9. You do what you need to do. I am studying herbals, building my pharmacopeia, listening to BLESSED RAIN on my vegetable garden. Working my food forest. Paying down my last bitty debt. Building another raised bed. Building a live rabbit trap. No doubt a few rich folks will profit out of this collapse, they always do. The meeting? It wasn’t about their investment advisors, I can tell you that. Good luck to all.

      10. This is the worst election in our history if you ask me because both candidates are shit if you ask me.. Too many people are putting way too much trust into Trump and you will all be let down tremendously..

      11. Hydrogen peroxide was 99 cents. Now it’s $1.49. So I bought a few bottles and I’ll go somewhere else to make a large purchase. Inflation is creeping along but TPTB won’t admit it. I have a very small place and I may leave to travel so I am not going to stock up much at all. Besides I don’t have the money coming in, however, I am better prepared than some. If I had more space and more money, I would shop and shop for the next hundred years. I would build a warehouse on my property. I would get a resale license and open a little shop or mail order business so that I could buy wholesale direct from manufacturers. That’s my take on investment. I can’t do all what I’ld like to do. But I do what I can.

        I think the big shots are worried because not everybody is glued to TV. They know their plans for enslaving the masses is backfiring and they had better back off and let the people cool off with a few wins with Trump or they just might wind up really getting holocausted.

        • B from CA, even though some of the people are waking up, I believe they still got the masses lulled into their plodding sleep shuffle.

        • It is rare to see anyone under the age of 40 who is not absolutely glued to a video screen of some sort for just as many hours per day as they can possibly manage.

          This is the case for ALL of the children and grandchildren of people who are roughly in my age range. Not one of them shows the slightest interest in contemplating what effects this might have, much less any interest in escaping their eagerly-embraced enslavement.

          Backfiring? You must be dreaming. Once technology progresses to the point of offering implants that will transmit images directly to the brain –making all hand-held devices instantly obsolete– every kid on the planet (and most adults) will be BEGGING for it.

          And (like “OnStar” type vehicle tracking technology) eventually, what was once an expensive add-on will eventually become mandatory. As always, of course, it will be “for public safety”.

          I have absolutely no hope whatsoever for mankind. The whole frickin race is doomed. I’m serious.

          • PO’d Patriot and Karl:

            I was depressed enough but now I am down right suicidal. Just kidding. You fellas have no imagination. Things may not be as grim as you think. It would not take much to defeat the tyrants. There are many Patriots at all levels who realize the plans these PTB have for humanity. I believe you will witness a Revolution. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

            • “Forget the fat lady! You’re obsessed with the fat lady!” –David Levinson / ‘Independence Day’ (1997)

              George Orwell, Robert Heinlein, and Philip K. Dick (to name just three, out of many) did not seem to suffer from any noticeable dearth of imagination; and they had no difficulty in envisioning a dystopia in the future of humanity.

              Of course, it is very possible that at some point, widespread warfare, natural disasters, pandemics, or some other form of destructive force could break the grip of political/economic oppression –at least for a while– but like many folks, I am primarily focused on the remainder of my life… and I don’t see any great silver linings among the storm clouds that are gathering.

        • Remember to keep the hydrogen peroxide cool. Heat speeds decomposition.

      12. We are very close to Cold Fusion. Coal, Oil and Uranium will be relics.
        The TPP, Carbon Credits and IMF Special Drawing Rights together with
        Digital Currancy are the foundation for the next paradigm. To think that
        This is not going to happen is delusional. Those with the clean energy will
        Get the most carbon credits which will equal more Special Drawing Rights
        ie; Digital Money. Those that push the old energy will be left out of the party.
        Do your research. Cold Fusion is just around the corner. It is very close. Everything
        That the PTB do; is in preparation for this paridime shift. The TPP, IMF, SDR and
        Digital Money all look horrifying individually but put them together and you can
        start to see their plan.

      13. Hitlery is gonna be pres it should be no surprise.

      14. June 6, 1944


      15. Like the 90 year old man in Florida that was swindled out of 40 thousand dollars in a scam that convinced him he had won one million dollars if he paid that lesser fee to collect. Greed knows no limit at any age.

      16. Why is it we get 280k initial unemployment filings and only 28k new jobs created but yet the stock market goes up thats a 90% loss in difference who what when where why any answers or is it just the sheeple that have auto 401 k withdrawn every week that keeps pushing up then tptb pull out some wait for the next deposits then pull out some ect ect or is gov printing and pumping cus its been houvering around 18k for like forever is this to keep the sheeple passified i beleive the majority census on prior post as to who to shoot when time comes will be anyone out roaming around or wearing a uniform

      17. The 64th annual Bilderberg meeting starts Thursday. They are worried about Brexit and the possible setback from getting their New World Order.

        It will be in Dresden, Germany, so I guess I won’t be able to go. I wonder if Alex Jones will be there with his bullhorn?

        • Archivist:

          Dresden. How befitting a bunch of mass murdering maniacs excused by calling it WAR. Kind of like renaming POWs “unarmed combatants” so you can starve them to death and still become a war hero and future President.

          Thanks for the advice about keeping hydrogen peroxide cool. I’ve always wondered if it got hot if it could explode like a hydrogen bomb but I never knew that heat would degrade it. Are you a chemist or some kind of scientist? You are very intelligent and one of my favorite posters.

          • I’m interested in chemistry, but actually I just checked it out on Wikipedia. I wanted to find out how it was made, in case there was a way to make it instead of store it. I found that it’s a difficult industrial process and that direct synthesis is a hard problem yet to be overcome.

            I have been looking at the Bilderbergers, the CFR, and other groups. When you trace out connections between members, organizations, and corporations, you might be able to identify the core individuals who are really running things. One clue is that every single one of those core individuals is that they are as white as can be. Obama might think he’s “in” but they only let him think that.

            Research is fun.

      18. Walmart has the quart bottles of hydrogen peroxide at 88 cents each. It has been that price for months. Dark brown plastic bottle. I don’t actually know what the varied uses for it are, I just put it on cuts and such, I believe it is the weaker solution normally widely sold, the stronger is harder to find. I have some that has been around for a few years, it still foams when put on a slight wound so I figure it is still useable.

      19. Look it’s about the haves and the have not’s. Most of us on this site are have not’s, so the only way for us to be heard and seen ,is to band together and use some PM’s (ammo) we have stored back and let that do the speaking. Until we all decide to do that all the typing and griping is worthless, what say you.

      20. Everything the article says about Trump, could be said about Hillary. Wealthy elites will profit handsomely from a Clinton presidency. Numerous banks have paid the Clintons huge speaking fees, and not because they’re such great speakers. The Clintons are the ultimate insiders….they know where all the bodies are buried. I’ll vote trump, it’s the lesser evil.

      21. There is a prophecy in the Apocrapha that seems to describe a horrific event that is about to take place with regards to the winner of the 2016 election, it can be found here. Regardless of the accuracy of this prophecy, I would be very interested in getting your opinion on how you would recomend preparing for an event such as this.

      22. I suspect Trump will conclude CA central valley’s 60-yr water scam / water diversion operation. He is linked to the ringleaders – City of Fresno, Alan Autry (“Bubba Skinner”), Arnold Schwarzenegger. Informed this is a City of Fresno / Bonadelle venture – upcoming development of gambling communities – casinos, race tracks, high-speed rail. Wouldn’t Mr. Trump be the perfect finale to tie up loose ends. Per ringleader: “No one will ever figure it out.”

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