Inside The Nevada “Doomsday Prepper Dream Home” That Can Be Yours For Just $900,000

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    A four-story, 22-room, 8,000-square-foot prepper castle in the middle of the Nevada desert can be yours for just $900,000, according to CNBC.

    Sporting 16″ thick walls, self-sustained wind and solar systems and a 4,000-gallon water storage/rain catchment system, the Hard Luck Mine Castle even sports its own gold mine that operated from 1897 to around World War II.

    Gold claims dating back to 1897 signed by President William McKinley, included the Emerson and Hard Luck Lodes, the two twenty-acre patent claims that comprise the Hard Luck Mine. After the war, the mine never reopened. –Hardluckcastle

    In addition to two kitchens, three full bathrooms, a wood shop, wine cellar (the “lick-her” vault), theater, game room, glass solarium, planetarium and fountain room, the castle has two vintage pipe organs for the new owners to play a “phantom of the apocalypse” duet.

    “In a lot of ways, it’s a ‘doomsday prepper’ dream home…extremely self-sustaining, secure and — admittedly — quite odd,” realtor Jake Rasmuson told CNBC. “Basically this property is an enormous, privately owned fortress…”

    Current owner, Randy Johnston, who bought the property in 1998, according to the website, spent more than $3 million constructing the “castle,” Rasmuson tells CNBC Make It. It went on the market in late October for $1.2 million. “Pricing is very difficult on a property as unique as this,” Rasmuson tells CNBC Make It. “Given HOW unique it is, it may be difficult to recoup the total investment on any time frame. The pricing has been established in a realistic range to gain interest…. [Y]ou can get an 8,000-square-foot castle for the same price as one-bedroom condo in San Francisco.”

    The Hard Luck Castle comes with 40 acres of land off Highway 267 in Esmeralda County. It gets hot in the summer — 90 degrees in July — and is just below the snow line, according to Rasmuson’s listing for the property. –CNBC

    Out front is a tall, white compass with each of the presidents’ names listed in descending order.



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      1. How typical. It’s semi-arid and not an agriculturally sustainable property so how would that even be a prepper honestead???

        What’s next, one in Antartica?

        • BTW, the value of EACH large pipe organ is likely $200,000 to $1 Million; minus the cost to sell, dismantle, and ship. The Pipe Organs alone may be worth the cost of admission before you dig an ounce of gold.

          Knowledge is not only power. It’s also wealth. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 🙂

        • “…and is just below the snow line, according to Rasmuson’s listing for the property.”

        • I like the kitchen and raised fridge. To defend it you need a sniper tower, but one tank blast and it turns into Swiss cheese. Oh and the Organ is for what? To play death songs at your enemy, Oh the drama.

          Probably no jobs out there in the dessert. Or use a Metal detector to search for meteorites.

      2. Needs a nice greenhouse.

        • “Slat”houses or shade cloth on hoops, are used to shelter tender plants and fish farms, in a desert.

      3. Maranatha, agreed about the location. 8000 sq. ft. can hold an awful lot of preps. The wind/solar arrangement looked impressive. I’ll bet it’s a real BEAR trying to keep the place clean on the inside. The structure itself would be much more feasible in any other part of the US as long as it was on some good farm land. The cabin at the BOL is 3000 sq. ft. and the storage building with my preps is 5000 sq. ft. The ol’ lady already has gardens with various types of produce. Good rain catchment system with built-in filters. Good deep well with a flojak and a year-round creek on one side of the property. Lifetime supply of firewood for the woodstove. Far more sustainable than what we just looked at.

        • “Good deep well with a flojak and a year-round creek on one side of the property.”

          Where did you find the info for the WELL and YEAR ROUND CREEK ??? I missed that. If it has a good well and water table this property has real value in addition to the Large Pipe Organs & gold mine.

          If there is a shaft inside the mine to a lower level it may be flooded and a good source of MILLIONS of gallons of water. A year round creek would offer the opportunity to store large amounts of water with a dam.

          No one should judge this book by it’s cover. 🙂

          • DK, I was talking about my BOL, NOT the property listed in this article, LOL. Sorry, no deserts for me.

      4. Nevada, no thanks. to close to the morons in California…

      5. The future of farming is VERTICAL & INDOORS. The key to this property is the water well & water table depth. What is it ??? Water has been falling in this valley for millions of years and there doesn’t appear to be competition for the water supply, whatever it may be.

        The real value here is the gold mine. It was shut down during WWII and never reopened; meaning its a producer and there is a lot of potential here for additional reserves.

        Someone could probably buy it for $500,000.00 or less. 🙂

      6. I live on catchment.
        4,000 gallons of water
        storage is a joke.

      7. But is it drone proof??? Lol
        I’ve never believed in places like that a hidden 10×12 cabin in the woods is the way to go. Stay quiet stay hidden.
        I’m fortunate enough to live in an area well stocked with wild game fish and fresh clean water.
        Actually all I have to do is head out the back door cross the Ally and in inside the treeline good luck digging outta there lol.
        Place like that would most definitely be a target.unless you have skilled defenders.

      8. You can run and you can possibly hide from the persecution of man but you can NEVER hide from the judgement of God and believe me it’s very soon coming.

        We are either with Jesus by grace through faith or we are against Him and in deep poo.

        • Nothing but truth, sir.

      9. It’s kind of tacky.

      10. I might be interested but not as a doomsday shelter.


      11. Just right for the zombie hoards, or Government hoards or Elites,

        or Crime Bosses to hide out in.

        It’s kind of like the movie The Hills have Eyes, or Mad Max .

        I bet someone has a Aerial View.

      12. Wood heat and nothing but scrub as far as the eye can see. Must be the reason for the tarp over the kitchen entrance. Pull it shut and huddle around the gas stove.

      13. A woodstove for heat but nothing but scrub as far as the eye can see. Maybe that’s what the tarp over the kitchen door is for. Pull it shut and huddle around the gas range.

      14. I checked the link to view the listing. Water has to be trucked in although the trailer to bring in 800 gal is included in the listing price.

        It also includes a complete wood shop and assorted wood working equipment and hand tools. Plus, it has a complete automotive and metal shop with auto hoist, hand tools, welders, ample storage, compressed air, etc included in the price.

        Upon reviewing the map link the listing has, it notes that it is a tourist attraction with pix of people visiting.

        The lack of a water source and being a tourist attraction are big negatives. and so much stuff to clean; can’t imagine keeping the pipes on the organs dusted.

      15. 4000 gallons of water divided by 150,000 people who show up the day after shtf is 3.4133 oz. per person. That should last awhile.

      16. A man went to his doctor and was given six months to live.But Doc, I love my life ! Is there anything I can do to extend the six months? Well, said the Doc, marry the meanest, ugliest, naggingest bitch you can find and move to Tonnahpah,Nevada. Will that extend my life, asked the man? No said the Doc, but it will make that six months feel like forever !

        • Dang it! You made me snort with laughter so hard that coffee came out my nose.

          • Well, my Doctor advised me to start killing people!

            Not specifically, he actually told me I needed to reduce stress in my life, but that’s the same thing really. lol

      17. Some friends of mine, now deceased, were missionaries in the Middle East. They were brave souls who had fellow pastors who were beheaded for teaching others about Jesus Christ.

        They said that the house was never clean because of the constant influx of grit from the dessert. And flies in dessert regions are notorious when livestock is harvested.

        • s3bDnc0x0p4
          Hardly ideal for a homestead, right?

          There was a historical reality series called Texas Ranch House in 2006, and they were trying to live authentically and had livestock to bring to market on a “drive” with ranch hands. Well one episode showed how HORRIBLE desert flies can be and they were have something like a Biblical plague of them from Moses’ time.

          ht tps://

          It is well worth your time to watch it. Your public library likely has the DVDs.


          The audio is distorted (on purpose) but still watchable.


        • Happy songs are played on pipe organs. This could be seen as a somewhat energy independent themepark, if the readers knew what to do with themselves, on their own free time.

      19. Fixed fortifications, are monuments to mans stupidity?

      20. And……the front door has exposed hinges for easy entry by the bad guys during the apocalypse…..not very secure….

      21. The dude has serious water issues. Look at the dirt on the bottom of indoor frog pond. He should have cleaned it and filled it with clean water.
        And look at the dirt piled against the foundation in the drive. Why?
        Dude, and it’s right next to an AFB, but I suspect you won’t hear them after a couple months.
        And organs? They are Dreyfus approved models.
        And good luck with the upkeep of a 3 1/2 million dollar house that’s 15 years old. I hope your kids are gold mining midgets though, that could fix everything.

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