Innocent Elderly Woman Pulled Over for No Reason as Cops Steal Her Life Savings, Prescription Medicine and Mock Her

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project. 

    In December 2021, Jeanetta Jones, 62, had harmed no one, committed no crime, and was simply driving home when she was targeted by officers with the notoriously corrupt Brookside Police Department in Jefferson County, Alabama. By the end of the hour-long stop, Jones would be robbed of her life savings, her medicine stolen, and she would be publicly humiliated by the people who claim to protect society.

    For decades now, the federal government and their cronies in law enforcement have been carrying out theft of the citizenry on a massive scale using Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF).

    The 1980’s-era laws were designed to drain resources from powerful criminal organizations, but CAF has become a tool for law enforcement agencies across the U.S. to steal money and property from countless innocent people.

    As Jones’ case illustrates, insidious police departments will use this “tool” as a means of preying on elderly innocent women to “legally” rob them on the side of the road. All the while, these agents of the state think they are the good guys.

    On the day she was stopped, Jones was driving home just after 2 p.m. when, according to her recent lawsuit, officers pulled her over for no reason. When Jones asked the officers why they pulled her over, they responded by telling her that they could pull over anyone they wanted.

    For the next hour, police would launch a fishing expedition in an attempt to rob Jones of any and all of her valuables. Using an unauthorized search, police would find $5,000 in cash in Jones’ vehicle — which she told them was her life savings. They would also find her prescription medicine.

    By the end of the illegal search and seizure, Jones would be robbed of her life savings and her prescription medicine she needed for pain. When she begged the officers to return her property, they responded by mocking the elderly woman.

    “She requested the return of her money and medication,” the lawsuit says. “They refused to return either and laughed at her, telling the plaintiff they could do whatever they wanted.”

    When looking through the history of the Brookside police department, Jones’s lawsuit is one of many and their attitudes during her stop reflect exactly why that is.

    As reports:

    The lawsuit is the 13th filed against Brookside and its police department – or one for every 96 residents in the tiny north Jefferson County town. It claims Jones was falsely arrested and imprisoned, and that her rights under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments were violated. It seeks damages.

    After she was robbed on the roadside, the perpetrators let her go and she was not charged with a crime.

    “They didn’t give her a receipt for it. They didn’t arrest her for it. They just took it,” Roger Appell, Jones’ attorney said. “When they were leaving with her money and her prescription medicine, she asked them why are you doing this to us? Why are you doing this to me? And they looked at her and said because we can.”

    “That seemed like to be nothing but a shakedown,” Jones said describing the traffic stop.

    For weeks Jones tried contacting the department, Brookside Mayor Mike Bryan, and former Chief Mike Jones in an attempt to get back her property. And, for weeks, her calls fell on deaf ears, according to the lawsuit.

    After four months of being ignored by the people who robbed her, Jones decided to take action in a civil suit.

    Highlighting the problem within the department and town officials is the fact that the Brookside police department is infamous for its corruption and Jones’ case is one of many.

    As reported, last week, the Alabama Department of Examiners of Public Accounts released an audit of the town, its police department, and municipal court. That audit outlines a series of problems, including chaotic storage of evidence, missing guns, unexplained guns, a trash bag filled with prescription medicines, undocumented cash, and improper accounting procedures.


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      1. This is acceptable behavior in the United States, otherwise we would not elect leaders who establish and maintain these policies and laws, and would not tolerate the appointment of Judges who uphold them.

        You get what you vote for.

        Change the way people vote, by vigorously educating them, and you will change this. Change one thing, change all things.

        • And if elections are rigged, and votes are harvested, with widespread cheating then what?

      2. And police departments wonder why the people hate them? Police departments would be even smaller if they could not pillage the confiscated funds. Oh we are sorry for the intrusion and we will give you half of what we took back to you. This must change! I say we govern ourselves!

      3. Maybe the cops did her a favor by taking those toxic pharmaceutical drugs that are not curing anything, but are making people sicker than they are. Yes it is such a shame that we are still in the time when cops who are supposed to be protecting people have become military flunkies. I think my next book will be on this topic. My book is called Hidden Tears the Play on amazon, and the same abuse that is going on in my book, it is no different from police brutality worldwide.

        • Yea well they didn’t do her any favors by taking her money.

      4. “Even tho your innocent, you’re still a nigger, so they figure rather have you behind bars than triggers…..
        From the song, “It aint easy” by Tupac Shakur

        Apparently the elders are included.

        • Further south in Alabama in the “wiregrass”, the police are also known for being bad actors with blacks. When they stop blacks, it is always a shopping (search) operation to feed the police/court/jail/prison industrial complex.

          I would be nice to see some stings on these fubar criminal departments to out their crimes and the individuals behind it.

      5. Those faggot “officers” need to have their houses burned down and everything they own taken from them. If they don’t like it just put a bullet in their heads. I don’t GAF!

      6. This only ends by putting bullets into foreheads…I dare anyone to produce one historical instance where an out of control, tyrannical government has ever been pushed back otherwise.

        The only way to proceed is the following….

        RAISE A MIDDLE FINGER IN ONE HAND AND A RIFLE IN THE OTHER. Lead the charge with a government despising attitude and a sharp tongue…That, my friends, is all it takes…

      7. Some really stupid people carry around their savings in the car with them. I know a guy that has 13K in his truck along with 3 rifles, ammo, an unregistered pistol. This retard had it all confiscated from a simple traffic stop and spent months and thousands of dollars to get it back. The cops aint yer friend and when they see that shit kiss it bye bye. Hope you have money somewhere else to hire a lawyer to get it back! My wife before we were together did that shit, carry 16K around in her car. WTF? I of course stopped that stupidty asap. Why does anybody think thats ok???? Are you from another planet? This is Amerika

        • I am one of those stupid people. People will drive by your house and come to me when they have a urgent need for money. I have bought cars, skid steers, backhoes and many tools for cash. Most recent was a tandem rollback for $8000.00 sold it 60 days for $12,000.00 cash. Most of the time it is for a family member’s bond, on the weekend. I don’t go on bonds, but I don’t mind helping my less fortunate neighbors.

          • What does that have to do with anything? I didn’t say don’t have cash just don’t be a moron and keep it in your car. Better be careful giving out cash to losers, they will kill you for it. Now go play in the mud….

        • I tried to explain why it wasn’t stupid but it didn’t post.

        • The lady might live in a bad neighborhood. If so, the criminals watch when you leave and break in. The money would be safe with her carrying it. I had a gang banger crack head break into my house back in the day. He found out really soon he messed with the wrong lady.

      8. Time to take citizen vigilante action against the individuals that cause others harm. EZ to get info to located and neutralize them. When “they” see what’s happening to them, they’ll hesitate to continue their actions against the people.

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