Infrastructure Cyber Attack: “We Don’t Know How Many Other Utilities Are Compromised”

by | Nov 19, 2011 | Headline News | 111 comments

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    We’ve written extensively about the threat within the utility infrastructure of the United States for quite some time. In April of 2011 we noted that staggering security holes exist in our power, water, and oil grid infrastructure and two months ago commander of U.S. cyber command General Keith Alexander warned that strikes designed to disrupt computer operations and “lethal attacks that destroy entire systems and physical equipment” would specifically target not just our utility grids, but commerce and transportation systems.

    For many, these scenarios are hypothetical science fiction.

    The latest incident in Illinois proves this is no longer the case, as security experts have determined that foreign hackers, likely originating from Russia, have compromised our water utility grid and figured out a way to shut down water pump systems in a manner similar to that in which the Stuxnet worm destroyed Iranian centrifuges last year. The threat is now reality:

    Foreign hackers broke into a water plant control system in Illinois last week and damaged a water pump in what appears to be the first reported case of a malicious cyber attack damaging a critical computer system in the United States, according to an industry expert.

    Dave Marcus, director of security research for McAfee Labs, said that the computers that control critical systems in the United States are vulnerable to attacks that come through the Internet, and few operators of these systems know how to detect them. “So many are ill-prepared for cyber attacks,” Marcus said.

    Problems with the system in Springfield had been observed for two to three months and recently the system “would power on and off, resulting in the burnout of a water pump,” the Nov. 10 report from the statewide terrorism and intelligence center stated, according to Weiss, who read the report to The Washington Post.

    According to the report, hackers apparently broke into a software company’s database and retrieved user names and passwords of various control systems that run water plant computer equipment. Using that data, they were able to hack into the plant in Illinois, Weiss said.

    “It was tracked to Russia. It has been in the system for at least two to three months. It has caused damage. We don’t know how many other utilities are currently compromised.

    Senior U.S. officials, including Alexander, have recently raised warnings about the risk of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure. Questions persist about the readiness and capabilities of DHS to respond to a major attack, and the scope of authority of the U.S. military, which has the greatest cyber operational capabilities, to respond.

    Our readers may recall that the Duqu worm, which was identified by cyber security firms last month, has been deployed throughout the network infrastructure of the U.S. grid and is scarily similar to that of Stuxnet. It is believed that Duqu is currently active in the United States, sniffing and looking for potential security holes, and may be capable of disrupting computers controlling power plants, oil refineries and other critical infrastructure networks.

    While the attack in Illinois is isolated to a single utility and plant, and apparently just one water pump, it may be a precursor of things to come. The fact that hackers gained access to an essential component of the grid can only mean that the rest of the nation’s command and control systems are equally as vulnerable.

    One is no big deal and plant personnel can recover fairly quickly. But what happens if a foreign power or a rogue shadow terror group decides to launch a coordinated, multi-node, multi-regional attack that not only attacks pump systems, but perhaps the chemical treatment systems that keep our water supplies clean? It is conceivable that, since these cyber worms are capable of controlling hardware and software, city water supplies could essentially be poisoned before monitoring systems are able to determine that they have become dangerous for human consumption. And this is just one of many potential attacks that can be initiated on our grid. Everything from water supplies and electric power, to oil refining and digital commerce (i.e. bank ATMs, stock exchanges, etc.) could be a target.

    Realistically speaking and considering that hackers managed to take-down what should be a highly secured water processing system, a coordinated attack could yield significant damage that includes the deaths of thousands of people.

    This latest example of the cyber vulnerabilities in critical nationwide infrastructure systems should be enough to convince anyone that preparing a reserve supply of clean water, food and other supplies is a necessity in today’s world.


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        • Bear, thanks for your comment. I think we’re pretty much in agreement on this. I’m not so sure that the “government” in any official capacity would be involved, however, there is something to be said for “rogue shadow terror groups” which i mentioned in the above article…This, of course, is a very broad term, but I don’t think Al Queda types would have this capability. However the folks that mastermind intelligence operations like gun running, drug running, coups and revolutions, stuxnet attacks on nuclear centrifuges, etc. could certainly be able to execute something like this. Given the many different activities they have been involved in for the better part of the last century, I wouldn’t dismiss this as a distinct future possibility.

          • C’mon, Mac! You should know that the Al Qaeda is spelled Al-CIA-DUH!

            Osama Bin Laden was a CIA asset in the 1980s, and the Bin Laden’s built a bunch of US bases in Iraq after the invasion.

            The New World Order will be behind any attack on the U.S. And their Democratic and Republican pawns will follow the NWO’s orders to perfection.

            Like they always have.

            • Mac,

              How come all of my posts are not up?

          • Mac, do you believe the US Gibraltar was behind 9/11?

          • Look to China and Russia. They are the major Puppeteers in today’s world!

            • the zioinst jews in russia maybe…the followign were jews, btw..catch the coincedence

              Marx, Trotsky, Stalin, and Lenin..all jews..when are people gonna wake up..

        • When the US struck Iraq we struck their infrastructure. I’m convinced we are not forcing Assad out of Syria like we did Quadaffi because if we tried – he’d send his “smart bombs” to the United States in the form of well trained operatives that would give us one hell of a “Thanksgiving.”

        • Right you are BEAR,

          This is a classic False-Flag media op.

          Think of it this way:

          If I was a foreign gov’t that wanted to commit cyber attacks, the last thing I’m going to do is waste my element of surprise or hidden capability by announcing it through shutting down a fuk’n water pump.

          Why? – First off, most of our civil infrastructure was built before computer control systems ran them. Typically, computer control systems were retro fitted, but these civil systems also retain the capability to be manualy operated in case of LOCS (Loss Of Control System). In addition, the type of hardware, software and computer system interface that runs our mundane civil systems are wholly different than the equivilent systems in our more sensitive structures such as our Banking, Financial, Communications and of course,.. Military complexes.

          The only people that have any real interest in attacking our infrastructure control systems, is largely the same people who committed 9/11, which is the US Federal Gov’t, which is NOT an American Gov’t, but a covert Foreign Interest Gov’t predominately run by the International Banksters, Wealthy Individuals (such as Soro’s, Rockefellers, Rothchild’s, etc), the CIA, FBI, DOD and other roogue elements.

          This is to allow them to eliminate our Constitution Rights even more.

          This doesn’t mean that foreign entities have no interest in such tatics, but it would be completely IDIOTIC for them to tip their hand by “testing” their software on something as useless as a waterpump.

          Here is the one thing you can now be sure of:

          If your seeing an explanation being plastered thru the “Joesph Gobbels Ministry Of Propaganda”, which use to be our Free-Press, you can be sure thats the lie that is hidding the truth.

          The US Federal Gov’t is the ENEMY of Americans, America, and the US Constitution.

          The US Federal Gov’t is the Largest, Most Destructive Terrorist Organization in human history.

          It is our job to ABOLISH the Criminal Federal Gov’t, and put a Constitutional American Government BACK into power.

          JD – US Marines – Defenders Of The US Constitution.

          • US Marines

            With almost 30 years in the pet chem/refining/power generation business I can attest that when in doubt go off of DCS and on local control. That’s what operating engineers are for.

          • Or maybe the Russkies / Chinese are laying trains to thousands of key utility system in the USA, and this one accidentally went off too soon.

            More credible than the “false flag” meme, I would say….

          • I could not think of a better target that attacking the basic necessities of life. You do not defeat a country by destroy it’s military, but it’s infrastructure.

            What are you going to do when water no longer flows from the tap???

            • Honestly, I think a lack of electricity would take a toll faster than a lack of water from the tap. Water, although not purified, can be obtained by most. Electricity wipes out water, heat, communication, refrigeration – many more things that are vital. If I were plotting to thin the herd, I’d hit electricity first and foremost.

            • Daisy, try living for a week without water!

            • Freeport –

              If you read my post you will see that I didn’t say I could live without water. I said that people would likely be able to ACQUIRE water for a while, even if it doesn’t flow from the tap, whereas without electricity they will most likely be screwed in a far shorter period of time.

            • Freeport 56 – I think what Daisy is referring to is somewhere within walking distance for many people is a lake, stream, pool, well, or collection point for rainwater. Anyone who is concerned enough about a continued supply of water should learn the ways of water treatment, the use of distillation, bleach, sand filtration, activated carbon, ceramic filters, UV light, and handheld pressurized camping filters. Of all the things you can do to prepare for a disaster (either natural or man-made), water treatment is arguably the most important. So in answer to your question, what are you going to do when water no longer flows from the tap? – everyone reading this should be able to respond with multiple answers. If the answer is “I’m dead” I urge you to do an extensive google search, learn what you need to learn, pick up the necessary equipment and supplies, and hope you’ll never need any of it. If you can’t or won’t, understand you are literally placing the lives of you and your family in a highly fragile system where things can and often do go wrong.

            • Nope. If you want to be truly effective, have a fire sale. Hit it all at once. Or at least several things at once. The ensuing chaos would be catastrophic. Half your job would be done by the panicking populous.

            • 99.9% of the general public replied: Buy some at Wal-Mart.

          • This administration is determined to bring down our country, there are evil minds at work here and their network is being protected by our corrupt media. The media and extreme left wing, progressives and socialists are working together to create chaos, fear and desperation.

            In the end they will not win because evil never wins.

            911 was not an inside job and anyone who believes this is unamerican! Perhaps the ones who believe this are part of the evil. That is how I see it like it or not, it’s the truth. Don’t care what anyone thinks. Time to say goodbye to this site. I don’t have the stomach for it anymore. Israel bashing, blaming Bush, lot’s of BS but overlooking what is truly at your door. Lot of fear mongering going on here, seems to encourage isolation. Don’t you understand that united we stand, and divided we fall.

            So much talk of guns and keeping your neighbors at bay because they are so stupid and unprepared. I will help anyone that I can if I can. In the end it will all be what it will be.

            • Hey dude, no need to get your panties twisted into a knot.

              Maybe it’s better to be UnStupid than to call people unamerican!

              Left-Right Wing Fascism is a thing of the past.

              Isolation, you say? Going to war with umpteenth countries in the world is isolation to you?!

              Listen, if you can just tell me whether it was the Slytherin House gangsters Lucius Malfoy and his son Draco that caused the jet fuel to go UP the steel columns against the laws of gravity . . .

              I’ll say you’re as American as apple pie, just like Appleby from Catch-22!

            • amen!

            • Hi Justice 100,

              Here is the absolute truth:


              My specialty was aircraft and missile systems, plus I am a former Chief Engineer for an aerospce company. After reviewing just 10% of the evidence avaialable on 9/11, it is 100% certain that 9/11 was carried out by elements in the CIA, DOD, Executive Branch, FBI, SS, OSS, and several other alphabet soup agencies.

              So, your either a complete fuckin moron, or a treasonous piece of filth.

              Fuck off and die with your scumbag boss that is paying you to troll websites and spread your disease of lies and treachary.

              JD – United States Marines – Fighting to save this country from scumbags just like “Justice100”.

              PS: You may want to become “enlightened” and watch what REAL Americans with technical backgrounds say about 9/11:


            • Justice; you should of ended your input at the end of your 1st paragraph.
              Your thought of united we stand/divided we fall: Then what do you stand for? Will you give up your freedoms to protect the freedoms of others? We can not stand with elements willing to destroy us and our future generations (enslave?). Your logic opens the door for compromise, which is and has destroyed the constitution.
              Inside job hard for you to phanthom? I don’t agree with some of the opinions here but at the same time, everyone is entitled to their opinions (good or bad) from which I and others get to look at things from different perspectives.
              I hope your stomach gets better, for that stomach of yours sounds like an inside job.
              Learn from other’s facts and mistakes. Peace and grace be with you.

          • Why no mention of Israel and the Mossad? You do know that many Israelies were arrested in the wake of 9/11 and it was initally even reportem by the mainstream media before the order came in for a blackout? If I didn’t know any better I say you are a disinfo agent. Give the people some truth then hit them with the big lie. Classic.

        • BEAR, I agree completely and have thought the very same thing a long time ago. Glad you said it

      2. The internet has become THE source for everything for most people in this country. Start preparing for the day when that access to the internet world is no longer available. Time is getting short as most of us here have come to realize.
        Gear Up & Good Luck

        • Yes. I have been thinking of that of late. There will be a day in the next few years when we cannot get SHTF blog, Alex Jones, Bob Chapman, Steve Quayle, and all other forms of alternative media.

          Thankfully all of us preppers and conspiracy nuts will have spent 1000s of hours paying attention to reality. Thus we will have a clue when the alternative media becomes extinct.

        • I was thinking also this may be the beginning campaign to’control cyber-space’ for your own security/safety.

          • You are correct, Sir!

          • Yes, JJ – I agree completely with this assessment. I always say, “it’s for our own good” that they want to remove our freedoms one by one.

            I don’t know about you, but I’m downloading stuff like crazy to give myself access to some excellent references when the ‘net goes down. Hard copies will be the only copies that matter one of these days.

      3. That’s nice. But did you know that Demi and Ashton are getting a Divorce?!!! haha

      4. All the more reason to get yourself “Off the Grid”, private well and growing your own.

        • Regarding growing your own, a friend went to look at bull to use for breeding. The owner was also raising hogs and she was very intrigued with them. The American Guinea Hog, I did some research and wanted to share about this animal. I think they would be a great prepper resource for those with property and would easily transition to a BOL. They are small hogs, ranging 150-200# at adult age. They are considered a heritage animal that nearly became extinct. Docile in demeanor, they get along well with other animals and are very smart. But the best thing I discovered is that they love to forage and require very little maintenance….including vaccinations etc. They do very little wallering and don’t produce a lot of odor.
          In the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, they were a popular breed. According to a breeder site,”Historically, Guinea hogs were used to keep away snakes, eat household refuse, and provide pork and lard for the family.” I think piglets would make for excellent bartering. I was quoted around $300-$350 for a breeding animal, a bit expensive, but I think it will probably be worth it. God bless!

      5. “It was tracked to Russia. It has been in the system for at least two to three months. It has caused damage. We don’t know how many other utilities are currently compromised.”

        This whole scenario has a “rotten stench” about it. THEY can track the source, because while the hacker was sophisticated enough to “pull this off”, evidently not sophisticated enough to cover the tracks.

        So, what are we setting Russia up for now. Keep them from interferring in the next NATO humanitarian effort in Syria?

      6. I do not trust the truth of this information.

        The incident in Illinois is isolated to only one pump.

        Why one pump? This has a stench to is as Yental says. I am glad to be at my bol and set up pretty good for what is to come.

        God bless the rest of you and keep on prepping.

      7. This is definitely disconcerting. I’d already planned to up my water preps this weekend- this makes me very glad that I did!!!

        It does seem strange that it affected only such a tiny area, but maybe it’s a trial run for “The Big Show”.

        • More likely “another” reason why our beloved gooberment must insist of tighter control of the internet. It is for OUR own good.

          • Yep – we all know that they just want to take care of us.

            *eye roll*

            I suppose that is one benefit an “inside job” could realize from this.

        • An extra 30 gallons of water, now stashed away. My movers will be thrilled next month. :/

      8. Self-respecting adults don’t need a ‘legalized’ entity called government composed of charlatans, fraudsters, crooks, and psychopaths to rule over them. There are still ignoramuses who believe that the WTC events were NOT staged by elements of the shadow government of the military industrial complex. Sure, jet fuel like kerosene melts steel when it burns at 1570 degrees Fahrenheit. So go ahead, do a little science project, and try that with your turkey, and let us know if your oven melts. Columns falling down neatly into two piles, hauled away before the firefighters can examine the debris. If that ain’t enough of a false flag operation for you, then don’t be surprised about other cyberattacks by their clandestine cells. Now, I have to figure out a reserve supply beyond a private well . . . . .

        • Amen, brother! This country is so blind that it is in an unfixable mess. If it wasn’t for an internet documentary called, “Loose Change: The Final Cut” that I saw in 2008, I wouldn’t be a prepper nor would I be on this blog site.

          Recently on the Alex Jones show, Paul Craig Roberts said, “America was lost when it fell for the lies of 9/11”. Sadly, I agree. Since the powers that be know that they can get away with false flags like 9/11 and Oklahoma City bombings, they must be feeling pretty confident about bringing in whatever else they have in plan for us.

          IMO, it will take a MASS AWAKENING on EVERYTHING (false flags, Fed Reserve, chemtrails, floridated water, New World Order) to save this country.

          After three years of trying to wake people up, at, oh, a 5% success rate, I know this ain’t ever gonna happen.

          If they can blow up WTC 7 right in front of our faces, they can blow up the economy right in front of our faces, as well as anything else they want to blow up.

        • The strength of steel drops dramatically above 1000 deg F. Holding up a building? I doubt it could take 1300 for a couple of hours.

          There is a huge difference in strength with a small increase in temperature above 1000 deg F. That’s pretty much the operating limit in a power plant and 575 degrees more is way over limit.

          • The only steel framed structures to EVER collapse due to fire. Jet fuel consumed in “impact fireball”. Resulting fires fueled by office funiture etc.

            There are many steel framed high rise buildings which have suffered much worse fires for much longer durations of time. NONE collapsed.

            This fact is easily researchable on any search engine.

            • @RWM, I don’t bother posting links about 9/11 anymore. I have come to accept that a certain percentage of sheeple simply don’t want to know. Those actually interested in the truth about 9/11 are already looking.

              Besides, if there were any validity to my view, it would be on FUX news, right?

          • kevin
            the steel at the top where the planes hit was not holding up the building.nice try my zionist friend.

            • It was holding the floors above.

            • Exactly.

              Please explain to me how jet fuel travels UP the steel columns also.

              I am certain that the real ‘terrorists’ had magical wands like Harry Potter & Hermione Granger, and together they temporarily nullified the effects of that bitch called Gravity through a secret incantation. Something like Nullifico Gravito.

              Thank you all and everyone, now I know the Truth. The goobermint tells no lies, and its nose never grows to Eternity. Wonderful.

        • I did some research for structural steel being my knowledge was with pressure piping. As I expected structural steel has 100% strength at 700 degrees F and the strength drops off to 30% at 1100 degrees F with a virtual vertical drop on the chart above 1000 deg F. 1300 deg F was off the chart.

          1500 is way too much for structural steel.

          • Then why have NO OTHER steel structure high rise buildings suffered the same fate. WTC7 wasn’t hit by a plane. The NIST report says diesel fuel for backup generators was not a factor.

            Yet the same proclimation is made for the perfect symetrical collapse of this 47 story, steel structure high rise buildings demise. FIRES. The only 3 such structures to suffer total, free-fall, symetrical collapse due to FIRE.

            You know this debate ends up in the same ditch. I have my opinion that I began formulating in 2005, and you have your opinion which I’m sure you feel just as justified as I in maintaining it.

            I agree to disagree on this issue and continue to pursue the truth behind current and coming attractions.

            • I’m only replying to the 1500 degree claim not the validity of the attack or a false flag.

              When one says structural steel can withstand 1500 degrees fahrenheit and it cant it leaves the rest of your statement open to speculation.

            • Building 7 was brought down by thermalite a nano particle high explosive of such sophistication, that only a few highly technologically advanced countries are capable of producing it.

              The finger prints of the Mossad are all over this. W just covered it up.


        • The Tyranny called the federal government is the bastion of criminals, murderers, thieves, and psychopaths who use the tactics of fear, intimidation, and paranoia to keep Americans as individuals enslaved to their ideology of organized crime.

          There is no criminal syndicate in human history, whether called the Mafia or otherwise, that can equal or exceed the awesome concentration of force and corruption in modern government.

          False flag operations and disinformation as provocations for war are nothing new to the OMNIPOTENT government of the United State. Even during the War between the States (AKA the Civil War), it purported to represent ‘the whole people,’ which it was never intended to do.

          General Ulysses S. Grant wrote in his autobiography that even the “Civil War” was divine retribution upon America for initiating warfare with a country south of the border through a false flag operation. Provoking hostilities, essentially, in order to succeed at a land grab. It is truly shocking and dismaying simultaneously that one of the most famous, celebrated generals in human history would have so incisively stated it like that from his own personal experience.


          The WTC event was no different as a false flag operation. There is no need for a conspiracy theory when the facts don’t mesh with reality.

          Retired deputy fire chief Vincent Dunn states, “I have never seen melted steel in a building fire” in the book The Collapse of Burning Buildings: A Guide to Fireground Safety.

          Even wood stoves and gas burners don’t melt steel. The melting point of steel is 2750 degrees Fahrenheit.

          Then you have the argument it was the “structural integrity” that was compromised. Only hydrocarbon fires under sustained pressurization can achieve 1517 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the MAXIMUM possible temperature that burning kerosene or jet fuel can attain.

          The fires at the WTC were diffuse, oxygen-starved, and well below even that temperature. The billowing smoke was evidence of the fact that the fires were oxygen-starved and unable to sustain maximum temperature at 800 degrees Celsius or 1517 degrees Fahrenheit.

          Even if the building collapsed, they would have pancaked atop each other rather than having been incinerated into a perfect detritus of dust and ash.

          Then it was decided to “pull” WTC 7 and the countdown can be heard in the background as a BBC reporter swears the building has already collapsed while standing right in front of it.

          It is a foregone conclusion that the purported WTC attacks were black ops orchestrated by the shadow government ruling through the military industrial complex and their central banker shills.

          For further insight, read the eminent former New York Times reporter Jim Marrs, who has written about many more vetted facts about the terrorist attack theory.


          Regardless of anything else, natural law mandates, as described in the Declaration of Independence, to ABOLISH a government when it has encroached upon the people’s Inalienable Right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

          The people are living a FRAUD and NIGHTMARE clandestinely hatched and conspired to achieve CONTROL of individual Americans, and thus leaving them homeless on the continent that their forefathers had conquered to safeguard for the sake of perpetual Liberty.

          Sic Semper Tyrannis. Don’t tread on me.

          Now, let me go get some water . . .

          • I will never forget the female eye witness who emphatically states, “That was a military plane!” No windows or logo on the fuselage. See it on You Tube. Everyone on this website says inside job? Well, tell me about it. I’m no spook, and even I know that much.

        • Dahling! WHERE did you get that STUNNING tinfoil hat ?

      9. what did we the people do to deserve the crap that is coming down? maybe we should file a lien on Congressional
        retirements, benefits, and salaries.

      10. Okay–I’ll be the one to sy it.
        What or who benefits if this was an inside job, yes, one of our American companies to get more contracts and grants for more research and upgraded security??

        Just saying.

        • Just keeping the “terrorist threat and fear factor” alive so WE gladly accept the additional internet censorship and control already sought.

          And such a “high value target”! One pump at one facility. May have to go change my drawers. Close call.

      11. Are we being set up for the 2012 election??
        If you don’t ‘allow’ BoBo to remain in the white house, we’ll just shut down your water supplies, and maybe your banks?? signed terrorists??

        • Don’t delete this one. Pretty damn funny. “signed terrorists”. LOL.

      12. Mac, you can delete my two posts–most got there before I did..note to self: should read posts before posting..signed, dummy.

      13. Hackers Attack Multiple Systems In Okieville! Near Chaos Erupts!

        News reports began filtering in this morning of a co-ordinated and highly sophisticated cyber attack aimed at nearly all the infrastructure in okieville. The local telephone exchange first noticed problems when the feed store recieved 29 truckloads of fertilizer which they hadn’t ordered.
        The problem was traced to a worm in the phone switching system and apparently someone claiming to represent the feed store placed the order.
        The Dairy Queen manager said they lost the ability to process phone-in to go orders for several hours. Lost revenue was estimated at $25. Madame Darva’s call-in psychic hotline service was completely shut down, leaving many customers wondering what the future would hold. Darva said she’s working with a friend in the industry to send out messages telepathically in the future.
        Other affected systems included the water pumping station. Several local ranchers reported their well pumps shut down and they had to resort to opening pasture fences to give their cows access to the river. Most said they were out driving around in their pick-ups anyway, so there was no major economic loss, they just had to get out of the truck and open the gates. A few reported the disruption occurred right in the middle of their favorite Willie Nelson song, causing considerable frustration.
        Much of the town lost water service temporarily, and since Saturday is bath night in Okieville, system operators scrambled to bring pumps back on line manually.
        Elmer, water department manager, said he was grateful to have the back up capability, “Otherwise, it would have been a real stinky time at church tomorrow morning.”
        Surprisingly, the electric service was not affected. A reporter talked to one of the workers who explained “We don’t actually have our system hooked up to the new technology. Our generators are the same ones we’ve been using since I came to work here in 1958, and they’re all independant of the internet. We only use the office computers to send out the bills and to download bootleg movies.”
        The one traffic light in town was unaffected also, as it has been out of service for months. The portable 4-way stop sign remained in the intersection, and traffic flow was normal at around 5 cars per hour.
        By late afternoon most of the disruptions had been fixed and life began to return to normal for okie-ites. Or as normal as it gets here, anyway.

        • Rural America will survive. LMAO!

          • That’s right yental, We here in Maine went through the Great Ice Storm in the 1990’s. Some of us did not have electrity for 6 months. Remember it all happened in the winter. I’m telling you, it was like waking up on another planet.It was a real test. We survived. I live in the rual area of a rual State. I’ve met people who have no idea where Maine is. It is easy to forget about us. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

            pray & prep. Lynda

      14. The government needed something new to ramp up the fear. The FBI and their 11th hour thwarting of their own terror cells was getting very old. Even sheep were picking up on the common denominator that every cell had an FBI provocateur. This incident in Illinois will be used to great effect to further government control of the internet.

        • I can see at least one more “11th hour thwarting” coming to an airport near someone soon. The TSA has apparently been rendered useless by a complete failure to apprehend a single “suicide hijacker”. (Well, there was that one “granny” with a fully loaded depends adult diaper)

          At some point the FBI will plant some “dupe” at an airport where, coincidentally, they (FBI) are smack dab in the middle of a “training exercise” for just such an event.

        • SWIFT -I agree this is simply more fearmongering to keep the massess “in their place” beneath the rule of TPTB. Remember the “possible terrorist attacks” over the Labor Day holiday? Same basic idea, packaged differently.

          yental – I wonder if the TSA (T.he S.exual A.ssault) will “apprehend” a would be hijacker during the Thanksgiving travel rush. Or perhaps they will stage a highjacking or some other such nonsense to be able to splash headlines that justify their existence. Perfect time of year for those pointless creeps to stage it.

      15. Hackers + terrorists = UN gov corp.

      16. simple solution.

        Disconnect from the net an put people back in charge of running the systems.

        To expensive you say.

        Well you know what the alternative is.

        They would be trying to run it manually anyway after an attack.

        What wins the fight? Boots on the ground.

        Look at all those created jobs we would get back that we lost to computers anyway.

        • our local water association serves about 3,000 rural residents..several mos. back we had some fierce thunder and lightning that supposedly hit causing the computers to turn the water off..well, when all was said and done it was discovered that although they had solar back up for everything..they did not have enough battery juice to keep the solar backups going. ended up with having to replace their computer stuff, and of course refilling the tank which had completely drained off..we are now paying the largest rate increase for our water in history of this water association…yes, there are some things that should never be left to compputers or robots to do.

      17. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants. We (as preppers) worry about every natural disaster known to man and come to find out it’s the cyber-therrorists that will throw us back to the 1800’s.

      18. So much information. None really can be verified. I am suspicious of all of it, yet, I do not deny that it could all be true. Or, at least, have a thread of truth. That something is afoot is clear. Exactly what is not clear at all. I am certainly not capable of assimilating all of the data and I definitely don’t want to spend all of my time trying. I have much better things to do.

        Prepping for some unforseen, unpredictable catastrophe is depressing. Rather, I have chosen to just live differently because it is better to live this way. Yeah, I have all the stuff too. Gardens, orchards, animals, water well, etc. But, instead of sitting on it all and waiting for dooms day, I use it all right now. Today, I ate three pieces of fruit right off the tree, I have a pot of kale simmering on the stove, and a venison hind quarter in the slow cooker. Just trying to put a positive spin on things. Gandhi had the right idea. Live the change you want to see. Then, let the trash eliminate the trash.

        Semper Fi

      19. Hi Mac,
        I wasnt sure If you had seen my post from yesterday, was wondering if there was any definiitive proof of where this “came” from?

        VRF says:

        November 18, 2011 at 8:26 pm

        Federal investigators are looking into a report that hackers managed to remotely shut down a utility’s water pump in central Illinois last week, in what could be the first known foreign cyber attack on a U.S. industrial system.

        http:// at the beginning

      20. Probably there is no good reason for these systems to be tied into the internet. I admit it may have seemed like a good idea once but clearly it wasn’t/isn’t.

      21. This is another form of asymmetric warfare being developed. Nations realize they can’t stand up to the US in a conventional war, so they’re thinking ‘unconventionally’. IEDs and hacking are related, in a way. Like it or not, the US has put just about everything on a network, and it’s open for… intrusion and mischief.

        The problem is in the response. Countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran aren’t as exposed to a similar counter-punch. So the folks in the Pentagon are asking, “How do we respond?” More and more are saying it should be ‘physical’. And that, ladies and gentlemen is what we call “a possible escalation”.

        This attack was traced back to Russia. The problem is in identifying the culprit. Did they work for the Russian military, or was it some Russian teenager laughing his @ss off at hacking into a utility company? Both are equally possible.

        Cyber-warfare is here to stay. It’s the dawn of a new era of warfare. In some ways, it’s similar to the development of aerial warfare during WW I. A new front, where the tactics and strategies are being developed on the fly.

        Time for a bourbon,

      22. Utilities can not be attacked through the internet. It has to be done from inside the actual location. The word “hackers” leads us to believe incorrectly that it was done through the internet.
        This is a commonly held belief.

        • We found out preparing for Y2K that we were much safer then we originally thought.
          Primary equipment tracked an auto set point and cascade loops just trim out the system. You could get a bump but not a shutdown. I have pretty good knowledge of the generation end but I’m pretty limited on the public distribution end.

          Regardless I have a 7 KW backup generator wired in. My wife called it my, “expensive toy” until power was once out for 20 hours. Regardless even if the grid was hacked into protective devices completely independent of any computer control would protect the system from and significant damage. Restarts would happen very quickly.

          I had enough to worry about with normal circumstances at work. I’m glad I’m retired. Those “bumps” are still a lot of work.

        • PLCs are often serviced using laptop computers that people also use on the internet. The laptops can be infected and they in turn can infect the PLC. Some systems can be remotely serviced by the contractor from their office. Many points of entry.

          • The PLC can crash and therefore the cascade loop puts in the wrong SP (or no SP). That’s why you have operators. That’s what control people do; they take control away from the PLC. We had a phrase when it happened, “Houston we have a problem” and yes it was like Apollo 13. Safety interlocks are hard wired and impervious to any outside inputs and protect the equipment. The equipment may shut down but it’s not damaged.

            You can start up a conventional power plant with a book of matches. I seen it done. Given a one MW diesel black start generator (also out of the PLC loop) and it’s easy. Twelve hours later your up at full load.

            Yep it’s a wild ride and a big bump but it’s not the end by any means.

        • And you know this because you work for one? Sorry, don’t mean to be confrontational but I know computers are capable of amazing things and even a teenager can figure out how to do things most of us can’t. My initial thought when I read the article wasn’t about frying a pump but whether they could tamper with the amount of fluoride that gets mixed in BUT THEN I remember….we BUY the fluoride from CHINA anyway so if they want to poison us all they have to do is tamper with the fluoride before they ship it. Kinda like they did with the dog & cat food a few years ago.

          • BTW, my comment was for Redgreen, I got leapfrogged.

      23. currently working on solar/wind combo pkg for personal electricity to feed directly into existing home wiring… water collection/filtration/purification also in place… 1 is none, 2 is one – redundancy is key…

        keep your powder dry and close – Semper Fi

      24. All that happened was one pump burned out and all utilities are back to normal…
        Just another blip on the propaganda machine to further convince the populace we need more big sis controls over the internet..

        especially since the “news’ was issued from dhs..

        The plant manager stated that no credible evidence suggested a cyber attack..only dhs came out with the’russian” connection..ohhh scary stuff..


      25. It was gremlins.

      26. Last summer in a small municipality that is nearby the water supply had tested positive for something nasty. My friend who lives there told me the municipality sent out LETTERS to all of the residents stating they had found something nasty in the water a few days earlier and warning them not to consume the water but that it was safe to clean with.

        Stop and think about that a moment.

        Don’t drink the water because it will make you sick – a few days ago. Disturbing enough, but did it wake up my friend to the idea she should have a filtration system or at least a few days of water? NOPE. She simply expressed surprise that “they didn’t call anyone and just sent letters”.

        Shutting down a pump in Illinios might be a neat parlor trick to keep the fearmongering levels elevated at this stage of the game, but ultimately it will just be a blip on the ever increasing number of red-herring events to keep the massess on the edge of their seats. If the government can rush in and “save us” from personal responsibility (Freedom) with more restrictions, more military prescence, etc. we will keep seeing events like this.

        So it isn’t the event itself that concerns me, it is the steps that follow that I will be paying attention to -if they are even available to the public.

      27. Great way for McAfee to convince everyone we need immediate industrial strength virus protection — oh, that’s right — it’s what they SELL!!!! Anyone else ever think they are equally in te virus development AND protection BUSINESS??? It all smells to me……

      28. Another thing to consider is how much damage did the initial impact of a large aircraft traveling at that speed do to the internal support system. It may not have took much to bring it on down. Just a thought.
        On the preparedness side, one might also want to consider getting any possible medical needs took of now. For example, I am getting a crown put in to relace a tooth that had a large filling in it before it crumbles and I have a dentist that still takes cash. What good is all the supplies in the world going to do you if you die or suffer from a medical problem that would be easy to fix now?

        • I’ll pull it for you afterwards cheap, for real.

      29. Very well done post. I’m a big supporter of prepping for “generic doom”, because we really have no idea what direction the fall might come from. I have been looking at hackers as a possibility and at this point I would not be shocked to see them crash systems.

      30. This is baloney!
        If we ever have an attack on our utilities or a dirty nuke in a city, it will be by the devious tribe in Israel that masquerades as our “ally” to destroy another one of their enemies.
        In reality, Israel is just an expensive, dangerous parasite that uses us for our blood & treasure only to their benefit.

      31. False Flag event. CIA set this up because they want more control of the internet and the ability to shut it down when it suits them. I think Israel is about to bomb Iran.

      32. yes , seems mayor bloomberg isnt getting help from the feds in creating more AIPAC nonsense…. MAYOR BLOOMBERG… deal with it yourself….and keep it in your crappy hell hole WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN FIGHTING THE NEXT WAVE OF YOUR SICK ZIONIST WAR!

        We have done enough for you people. What we have done , you are not grateful for. keep your crap ,preferably, in lucifers den (HELL) , failing that keep it in your crappy little hell hole. You have no authorization , any longer to pull your pranks here and I will battle it every step of the way. By the mercy of Christ , we will route you thieves, vipers, feminazies, commies out forever….. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED DONT TREAD ON ME .. IM F*&%ING serious too.

      34. You all do realize , WE the Citizens / Sheeple are always goin to be 3 steps behind the ThePowersToBe FALSE FLAG! They’ve TOTAL CONTROL of you all! Through your news, television shows, movies and at your schools and universities. All the above listed institutions get special government grants billions for preaching the current administration propoganda agenda!

        NOT to forget the US MILITARY , POLICE AND SHERIFF DEPT’S all get government grants also in the millions…

        see where we are… complete media control and mental manipulation of the whole world sheeple goyim debt slave population?

        As George Carlin RIP has stated repeatidly…

        “They’ve Got You by The Ball’s!” and they will squeeze them through False Flag cointel operations here on amerikan soil and abroad just to remind You All of that fact!

        Of Who is truly in Charge of your life!

        And here’s a hint, his name isn’t Charles!

        It’s the IMF and Goldmansachs and family rothschilds!

        Your all nothing but Pawns on their global chess board!

        To be sacrificed and killed at will… as a child would kick and destroy an Ant Hill just to watch the ants scurry around in a frenzy!

        arm up stock up prepare
        preditor or prey the choice is yours

        … in “The shtf End” we are all just animals! You will All be forced to become “Primal” or perish!

        • nina..

          “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”

          me too..

          Couldn’t agree more ..

          R.I.P. George Carlin..way ahead of his time..

          • ;0) yep… gc is a god amongst men!

        • You often write that we are all “goyim debt slaves” which leads me to believe you seem assume that folks here are unaware of the UCC and that no one has reclaimed their strawman.

          I would like to inform you this is not the case – many people here HAVE reclaimed their strawman and are unplugged from the system as it was intended to be used against us.

          In short, you could do away with the “goyim debt slaves” in your posts as it is both insulting and irrelevant here.

          • roger that @fedup… just trying to enlighten the masses… not everyone reading this site is as savy as you and the other shtfplan vets! i’ll tone it down some since you asked so politely… my apologies to any goyim tax debt slave who is offended! ;0P pssszzt

      35. meet one of the 1% who wants you dead… quote:

        Henry Kissinger: “Soldiers Are Dumb, Stupid Animals to Be Used” as Pawns in Foreign Policy !

        Your All nothing but Ants to them… to be stepped on and crushed at their Will! get it… ;0P pssszzt

        Silly Rabbits!

        V.A. = Eugenics
        Eugenics = V.A.

        “The Veterans Administration, is where Veterans go to Die!”

      36. As an IT professional, foreign cyber attack is not my real concern, its the law makers paid by big bro corporations for self gain purposes, just like our government adds the “terror” to every sentence in order to gain peoples fear and approval.
        i hope you guys understand that there will always be an excuse to deteriorate every single living aspect of our life in the name of a system that is failing us and of course ….profit.

        -the signs and lies are everywhere-





      38. This was not the only utility affected. We live outside Springfield, Illinois and the same thing happened in our little village at same time. The water suddenly quit working. After a couple of hours, and still not having water, I drove to the tower and the men working on the problem told me that for some reason the pump had burned out and all the water run out of the tower. It would take some time to refill it and for water pressure to return. When I first read the article, I thought it was going to be about our town’s problems and then learned that it had happened somewhere else as well.

        • Thanks for the heads up BSG78… Seems like either you guys are on the same pump, or this was more widespread than media reports suggest.

      39. A water pump burning up? First they are powered by an alternating current motor and therefore run at a fixed speed. They typically operate off a simple level control that may be effected by lack of maintenance or weather but is not a PLC failure. Even if it was on a PCL control so what? it’s an on / off thing. If the utility reduces manpower and delays routine maintenance you will see failures. The only way to damage these type pumps otherwise is to run them dry (which will show up elsewhere in the process very quickly as in level is dropping…why?) or run them without lubrication which will cause bearing failure quite rapidly.

        If utilities have increasing failures in the future I’ll bet the primary reason is budget cuts.

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