Incredibly Sick, Federally-Funded Experiments Are Happening Behind Closed Doors In Secret Laboratories All Over America

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    Some of the things that are being done in the name of “scientific research” are almost too horrifying to talk about.  But it is vitally important that we shine a light on these practices because most Americans don’t realize what is really going on.

    Normally when we talk about crime, the primary focus is on drug abuse and violence in the urban areas of our major cities.  But the truth is that often the worst crimes are committed by “doctors”, “scientists” and “researchers” wearing white lab coats.  The experiments that I am about to share with you are incredibly disgusting, and I apologize for this in advance, but the only way that they will stop is if they are fully exposed.  And since these experiments are funded by our tax dollars, the nation as a whole will ultimately be held accountable for the great evil that is taking place.

    Earlier this year, the Trump administration ended “all internal National Institutes of Health (NIH) experimentation using aborted human fetal tissue”, and when that happened many came to the conclusion that the problem had been solved…

    This summer, the Trump Administration made the commendable decision to terminate all internal National Institutes of Health (NIH) experimentation using aborted human fetal tissue. It also canceled a controversial $2 million contract between the NIH and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) which required two healthy human fetuses per month from elective abortions to be used for disturbing and unnecessary taxpayer-funded medical experimentation on animals.

    Unfortunately, the experiments that were canceled represented only a very small fraction of the federally-funded human fetal tissue experimentation that is going on around the nation.  The White Coat Waste Project and Pro-Life San Francisco teamed up to investigate, and they just shared what they discovered in a joint op-ed in the Washington Examiner

    Our organizations — White Coat Waste Project and Pro-Life San Francisco — recently analyzed NIH spending data and related scientific publications. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that the canceled projects are just the tip of the iceberg. While the administration’s June decision ended NIH’s internal human fetal tissue experiments and the UCSF contract it funded, it did not halt another 200 projects outside of NIH using human fetal tissue that received a combined $115 million in taxpayer funds from NIH in 2018.

    115 million dollars is an enormous amount of money, and a tremendous amount of good could be done with a sum that large.

    But instead, that money is being used to conduct extremely sick experiments in secret laboratories all over the United States

    Here’s how it works: First, babies are terminated at abortion clinics in university-affiliated hospitals. The remains of these unwanted children are harvested for research. College professors, eternally hungry for lucrative federal grants, solicit NIH funds earmarked for nightmarish human fetal tissue research on animals. Its big business, which is why it’s no surprise that UCSF has openly stated their hostility to any restrictions on fetal tissue research.

    For instance, at UCSF, the abortion training capital of the US, experimenters recently used a $2 million government slush fund to transplant intestines removed from 18-24 week-old aborted fetuses onto the backs of 6 to 8-week-old mice. In other bizarre Frankenstein study funded by taxpayers, UCSF implanted intact reproductive tracts from 9.5 to 22-week-old human fetuses, including from a pair of aborted twins, into mice dosed with synthetic estrogen.

    Before we proceed, let me ask you a question.

    What do you think a nation that does such things deserves?

    And nobody in the federal government can claim ignorance, because these practices have been debated on Capitol Hill repeatedly.  In fact, during a congressional hearing last December the director of the NIH openly defended these practices

    But addressing Congress in December, NIH director Francis Collins defended the practice.

    He said: “There is strong evidence that scientific benefits come from fetal tissue research, [which] can be done with an ethical framework.”

    They all know what is going on, and yet this funding keeps getting approved on the federal level year after year no matter which political party is in power.

    Overseas, the experiments are even more bizarre.

    For example, over in China a team of scientists recently made headlines all over the world after they created “a hybrid human-monkey embryo”

    Scientists have successfully formed a hybrid human-monkey embryo – with the experiment taking place in China to avoid “legal issues”.

    Researchers led by scientist Juan Carlos Izpisúa spliced together the genes to grow a monkey with human cells.

    We are talking about “Planet of the Apes” type stuff, and it is happening right out in the open.

    And as time goes on, criminals in lab coats will be combining human genetic material with all sorts of different creatures.

    In fact, the Japanese government has now officially approved the creation of “rat-human hybrids”

    Human-animal hybrids are to be developed in embryo form in Japan after the government approved controversial stem-cell research.

    Human cells will be grown in rat and mouse embryos, then brought to term in a surrogate animal, as part of experiments set to be carried out at the University of Tokyo.

    Supporters say the work – led by renowned geneticist Hiromitsu Nakauchi – could be a vital first step towards eventually growing organs that can then be transplanted into people in need.

    Of course, it is theoretically possible to combine the genetic material of dozens of different creatures into one “super creature”, and given enough time it is inevitable that scientists would cook up all sorts of bizarre hybrids in their labs.

    As I have repeatedly warned my readers, just about every sort of evil that you can possibly imagine is exploding all over the world, and what I have talked about in this article is definitely a great evil.

    If we really want to deal with the evil that is plaguing America, I would suggest that the streets of our inner cities are not the first place to start.  Sadly, the truth is that many of our politicians, scientists and “researchers” are a much bigger problem, and it is probably extremely unlikely that they will ever be held fully accountable for the atrocities that they have been committing.

    Michael Snyder is a nationally-syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is the author of four books including Get Prepared NowThe Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters. His articles are originally published on The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News

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      1. Man… I started and stopped, backed up and still I can’t even begin what I’d like to say if what in this article is true. If it is true and my meter needle is pointing this way, then we as humans are definitely screwed. Ain’t no wonder the road to hell is said to be wide.

        • USA government has track record of experimenting on citizens without consent. Research history.
          You live in a country where babies are literally cut to pieces in the mothers womb, and they call that “Choice”. These murders of babies are conducted by medical doctors.

          So why would you be suprised at what the medical doctors will do to you and your children? They openly cut babies arms, legs off inside the mother, cut the heads of babies off, vacume out the parts from mothers womb, then call this horrendous act a “medical procedure”/abortion. Then Planned Parenthood sells the remains for a profit. Planned parenthood supported by tax dollars. Making profit from dead babies.

          That is the current country you live in. Do you think the living God of Jesus Christ doesn’t hear the souls of those children crying as they are torn apart in their mother’s womb? Do you not think a Nation that allows such horrific Barbarity will be judged. There will be Judgement.

          Glory to Jesus Christ son of God with devastating Sword of Justice in hand. Glory to the will of God. May Jesus come soon to set the world right. Welcome our savior Jesus Christ son of the living God. The KJV bible tells you what happens and who wins war.

        • Looks like another slow day at the Fan.

      2. War is when the government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

        • Amen The truth

      3. Naturally these Inquirer level articles Mac posts always make researchers out to be Joseph Mengele. The babies are already killed. To try and advance medical science with their remains seems to me to extract something positive from their death. I’m not prepared to say all these medical researchers are nothing more than sickos. I’ll leave the sweeping generalizations to the dimmocrats.

        • correction…………the babies are already MURDERED ………..

        • Stuart, you are saying we should make something positive (research) from an inevitable negative (abortion). A good attitude, BUT you’re missing the big picture.

          The research is driving a MARKET FOR HUMAN TISSUE.
          The abortion clinics gladly push their “services” so that they can sell that tissue to the eager buyers.

          Even when money does not exchange hands directly (which it has!) the funding can come in other ways- research grants for the buyers, Title X funding for the abortion clinics. In all, its driving both parties to “want” more abortions. Regardless of morality, medical necessity, or any other readon. Its about $$

          Now… who’s paying them? (hint- its your tax dollars being paid out. who gives your tax $ away..?)
          Yeah, they are the problem.

      4. History repeats? Do we remember seeing human bodies with bird heads and such? Egyptian hieroglyphics?

        • probably just pics from a 4000 year old furry convention, relax.

        • There are also claims in the modern record.

      5. Humans will never improve mother nature as hard as they may try their frankenstein manipulations to an already perfect creation twisted by such tactics.

      6. Science is science, it has no morality; mankind is the arbiter. Certainly the greater science progresses more likely it increases with what is determined to be ethical. In the end, somewhere, somehow, science will win out. We’re all living in a time of Moores Law going exponential. It’s doubtful that we’ll recognize almost anything in less than 50 years. As an older friend of mine has stated, “It’s a good time to be old”.

        • “It’s a good time to be old”

          Except that they will cure death the week after I die. Just my luck.

      7. I’ve always said and have to say it again: Nothing this government does has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. The day is coming when we’ll have to draw the line and say NO MORE. None of us really owe this govt. anything. We have no obligations to it. I’m finally where I really need to be when the balloon goes up.

        • problem is, the elites are well protected and prepared for the post-balloon society as well, and they are poised to come out on top.

          We can hide in our holes, but until we address the underlying evil, we will see much much worse after the shtf.

      8. In lastnight’s cable lineup —

        One of the ‘conservative’, sensible, not-mad-scientist guests complained that experimentation was ethical on pigs, but not on monkeys. In his reasoning, the monkey (technically the size of a small child, could be used to grow other tissues) was too small to grow full sized human organs. So only a pig should be used.

        He will decide this for you, the animal, and the other scientists.

        They don’t have any problem with creating chimeras, per se; this is just a power struggle.

        Hearing mad scientists say why one mutant is better is like hearing why one kind of drug or sex act or welfare is better than others, imo. They are not able to moralize outside of their own self-imposed bubble, in this case, academia, and how the experiment gets funded.

        They are already past the morality of this.

      9. The sickest experiment of all time in plain view.


        Ban all health insurance along with all forms of govt handouts.
        I say a person of normal weight, pays 100% of THEIR health costs.
        If a person is twice normal weight, they ought to pay 600% of THEIR actual medical costs.
        Let the people that are underweight get a discount on THEIR medical costs.
        If it is for YOU, YOU should pay it!!

        Obesity is the effect of too much cash and credit.
        Time to cut the government 80%, start erasing the national debt, and watch the population lose weight!! [As you can tell, I just got back from a trip to the stores, never have I seen so many fat ‘people’ in my life] My guess, 2% of the adult women are worthy, 98% of the women are carbohydrate addicts and I don’t trust someone who is that stupid to willfully destroy the greatest asset!

        The population has toooooooo much money/credit available to become such fat pigs!!

        • I have Morbidly obese relatives, I fear the day they need the wall cut out with a chain saw, so they can be taken to a hospital with a front end loader, because they are dying.

          How can people let this happen to them selves.

          I had a 32 inch waist in college, ok I let myself go, it’s 33 inches now. I’m older than dirt and still do 300 push ups week.

          The Dr does my blood pressure twice, because he can’t believe a guy my age has a 168 over 67 blood pressure. Can I say, just exercise and eat healthy. That is the secret formula. I can outrun and kick the butt of men 30 years my senior. ANTIFA millennials should just walk away.

          When I do push-ups I did it on a scale, I’m pressing 130 pounds and doing it 300 times. My first shot likely delivers 250 to 350 pounds of force.

          Yeah, just screw with grandpa. If I get just one shot in, your ANTIFA butt is toast and I don’t miss. Most times these days I am my grandsons terminator. Don’t go near him. Just don’t ANTIFA. I don’t care if you hate his color, you have to go through me. Stupid racist.

          • “My first shot likely delivers 250 to 350 pounds of force.”

            You could punch the feeders, then. Just saying.

        • Bert, you are an idiot.

          underweight leads to its own health problems.

          “Obesity is the effect of too much cash and credit.”
          possibly the most ignorant statement I’ve read on shtfp for months.
          Must be why all these welfare folks are fat AF. all that cash and credit they have. Nothing to do with buying garbage food with their stamps or drinking or sitting around waiting for a check and watching TV….

      10. China is the frightening one. Their communist government has no qualms about exploiting genetics to rule the world. Or will they lose a disease that kills only Asians in their unfettered genetic experiments.

      11. “… they lose a disease that kills only Asians”

        Works for me. Just sayin.
        Although I do keep my fingers crossed for Ebola.

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