Inauguration Day Is Still A Long Way Off: “Never Underestimate A Marxist With A Billion Dollars And An Army Of Oligarchs To Lean On”

by | Dec 4, 2016 | Headline News | 99 comments

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    Many things have been happening in this “transition period” that point to one grim fact: Trump hasn’t sworn into office as president yet.  As a matter of fact, things are happening that may very well derail that inauguration.  There’s an old Irish expression: “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip,” and there’s quite a few slippery deeds in the works in particular that bear mentioning.  January 20, 2017 is still a long way off, and Obama isn’t done just yet.

    From an international perspective, something very heinous happened in the dead of night just a little more than a week ago.  The House of Representatives passed a resolution, H.R. 5732, in a special session that included the suspension of normal rules.  Suspensions are characteristically used for bills that are not controversial.  H.R. 5732 is as controversial as they come: it holds the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016, with Sec. 303 holding the provision for the establishment of a no-fly zone over Syria.

    The H.R. was introduced by Eliot Engel of New York (how surprising), and not only does the no-fly zone apply to Syrian planes in their own airspace, but also raises the prospect of engagements between U.S. and Russian aircraft.  Trump’s “reset” with Russia doesn’t occur until January 20, and there’s still a lot of time in between now and then.

    Also, Jill Stein is challenging the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Isn’t it a coincidence that the three states are “swing” states that could (if reversed) help to affect a reversal of the whole thing?  Isn’t it also a coincidence that Hillary Clinton is “for” a recount and lauds Stein’s efforts?  It’s anybody’s guess how much the Clinton machine paid Stein to launch her crusade.

    Meanwhile there exists the distinct possibility that many of the electoral college “electors” may reverse their votes for the deadline date of December 19 when they must declare and tally their choices.  The mainstream media is, of course protecting Obama as they reported that Obama said the election was indicative of the choice of the American people.  The media was also quick to point out that it was Obama who advised Clinton to concede defeat.

    So, Obama is insulated from all that may happen in the next few weeks, and it’s obvious he can strike a pose of indignation when he “finds out” that the challenge has a “basis in fact.”  Right now, Clinton and Stein are creating their case.  They are also relying heavily on reports from many different areas that the Russians were involved in changing the vote.  Yes, that Frankenstein monster has been charged with electricity, and the “Russian hacking” is surfacing to be used as a tool in this challenge to the vote.

    In addition, Zero Hedge recently posted an article written by Tyler Durden that bears reading.  The mainstream media and their flunkies, in this case an organization named PropOrNot, the director of which gave an interview to the Washington [Com]Post (on conditions of anonymity, naturally) stating that alternative media sites have been running news articles that are Russian propaganda.  All this, of course, with the intention of skewing the vote.

    Just about two weeks ago, Obama met with Merkel of Germany to discuss the effects of the Internet in creating dissent.  Both of those two (the community organizer and the former East German Communist Party groupie-girl) stated the need for governments to be able to control what is released on the Internet.  In a follow-up to this, China has called upon governments involved in ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to clamp down on independent journalists and websites.  The transfer of U.S. administration of the Internet to this foreign conglomerate (ICANN) took place without much fanfare on October 1, 2016.

    These are harbingers of things to come.  There will be eventual control and interference of independent news media sites under the guise of “oversight” and the “protect the public” cover statements.  In addition to this, the alternative media will be blamed for “complicity” in the fraudulent claim of Russian interference in the U.S. election.

    The Marxists such as Stein, and Hillary (with Soros, Podesta, and the rest of the Shadow Party) will try to reverse the election results while simultaneously demonizing the alternative media with false charges to justify their future controls over it.

    So domestically, we’re seeing a challenge to the election results, the demonization of the alternative media, and claims of Russian hacking and interference while the House of Representatives quietly passed a resolution that could very well start World War III.  The transition period, right?  Perhaps a transition into a world war with Obama never leaving.  Or perhaps the transition period is only half-right.  Obama may leave, but it may be Clinton to step in instead of Trump.

    Never underestimate a Marxist with a billion dollars and an army of oligarchs to lean on, and January 20 is a long way off.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. How about a new twist on an old line…


        • Reversing the election would def. help get the civil war going that they want so badly. Ya never know what might happen. No matter which brand of communism wins it ain’t gonna be pretty. Got wheeesky???

          • ‘Genius’, you echo my own thoughts and those of many who I know in my area. When it is considered what the ramifications could be of a Trump Presidency and the possible ‘taking the gloves off’ as regards the Clintons and Obama’s collusion with them – in short, criminal aspects and legal ramifications… ; add-in, an economy about to blow to smithereens and the cause would obviously be laid at the feet of this current administration…; coupled with world events on-going seemingly designed to take us to WW3. Yeah, those of us in my area are continuing to stock up on most all things and have long sense forgotten what little elation we felt the morning after the election day. So… save your ‘wheeesky’ for bartering and stay sober for times ahead.

          • I keep seeing an ad here that dhs is hiring lol, sign up and serve your country ha ha ha ha, what a complete joke.

            • DHS: Sign up and EnSlave your country.

            • I’m still waitin on that N.Korean emp.

              • Jacknife

                Tracking shows it just past over the middle of the country. Going over Canada now. Looks like it will fly over the east coast on next orbit.

            • Genius, if the libturds steal the election, it’s GAME ON! and I’ll bet DHS is looking for brain-dead thugs they can try to use against us. Let them bring it on. They’ll get their clocks cleaned.

              • As it were.

                • Imposter, go away!

            • We could all join up and take that mutha over.

        • PM, welcome back. How’ve you been? And I second the motion on ‘NO POWER, NO PEACE!’

          • Fellow Deplorable BRAVEHEART!
            Hi buddy!
            Been blacksmithing, working on chicken house, barn, shop, and other associated efforts…
            hope you’re well old friend… and you’re right…

            NO POWER, NO PEACE!
            Needs to go viral…

            • What you been pounding on at the forge?

            • PM, I’m doing fine. still stacking and keeping all my options open. I spent the entire first half of the BOL. I was half way expecting to go to ground and writing off my home at you-know-where if Hillary got elected. The Clintons may be down, but not out. They’ve been VERY quiet since the election. If the left manages to oust Trump, it’s all over. We’re not out of the woods by a long shot.

              • I wonder if we need patriots on the inside at DHS. To feed us information and sabotage the rats? Maybe guys should take the paycheck and monitor their actions and report ? Don’t we always need people on the inside feeding us information?

      2. They wouldn’t dare reverse that election the country would imploded

        • Chaos is just what a socialist revolution wants. I think they would do just that.

        • The election is not going to be reversed. That is just loony fear porn.

          What is going to happen, for certain, you can prep on it, is the Democratic Party, the entire media, the myriad leftist organizations out there, hundreds of thousands of brain-dead indoctrinated students and other such idiots, the federal courts, and the RINO’s that remain are going to expend all their political capital and billions of dollars in trying to ensure the Trump presidency is both a single term, and ineffective.

          They’re already doing it. Show me a single positive article about the upcoming administration in the mainstream media in the last two weeks, let alone two days, or one that isn’t continuing the foul and base mantra that the people who voted Trump into office are all uneducated, white, racists and supremacists.

          • I think you are right, Smokey. Instead of the low probability threats like this article discusses, we would be MUCH better served by the HIGH probability event that we will continue to see hordes of ignorant leftists getting out of school parroting the fascist leftist line.

            We would be MUCH better served by addressing the issue below:

            Charleton Heston on corrupting media/Why libs hate the internet

            “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, slipping like a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply take over.”

            Campus speech police? Lady Kaka, Mahdoona and the Kartrashians, or Sex in the City or Will and Grace, anyone??

          • Smokey, well of course they’re going to try to do everything they can to interfere with Trump’s efforts to turn things around. And of course the juden-controlled media will still keep lying about Trump and his supporters. The day is coming when Trump will need people like us to ‘lend a helping hand’ in fighting the left. I won’t have any problem taking on libturds.

      3. It’s obvious that the loonies are still up to their usual nonsense with the recount effort.
        I wonder how many “previously uncounted” votes are going to be discovered, and how my nation is going to react if they seriously attempt to overturn the current results and put hillary into the whitehouse. I know the people that supported trump aren’t going to need “safe spaces” filled with therapists, coloring books, cookies, and puppies to “cope” with their feelings.
        I hate all the fear porn, and have grown tired of it over the years, but this one does genuinely cause me a little concern. The left HATES to lose, and they have a long history of doing whatever it takes to win. I would not put it past them to lie, cheat, and steal in order to flip this election.
        Sadly, I think most would simply accept it if the left somehow changed the results and/or convinced the electors to swap to hillary. We’re not the kind to take to the streets. We don’t riot, burn, loot, etc. We have too much respect for the rule of law to do that crap. That crap doesn’t work anyway.
        So, what do we do?

        • Change your way of thinking about law. Rogue govt. = rogue people.

        • There are only three ways of dealing with evil…
          Fight, flee, or compromise… compromise has been the watchword for the last 240 years. Now we stand with our backs at the edge, looking back into an Abyss…
          We ARE like a herd of cats against a herd of buffalos… true.
          But, the left mistakes forbearance for weakness, niceness for apathy, and don’t understand, they, are the worlds best weapons salesmen…

          When it starts, it will start small, and then domino… the Messenger has blown the Trump, the message was received; SLEEPERS AWAKEN…

          Now, watch what happens if one morning, WE Gomers, hill billies, rednecks, and other assorted DEPLORABLES wake up to hear the electors elected WHO? WHAT THE F**! I think, even The Trump, will come on stage, and call his people to The Fight… wait for it, he is not the kind to lie down and just let them stick it in and twist…

          The rage that has been building, for years, will boil over, you cannot understand, that the word ‘justice’ has been perceived widely, to now mean ‘Just Us’. The Comey affair, was a major killer of her chances, and a major destroyer of the demonrats. They put a muslim in charge of the DNC, and, threaten their way into overturning the electoral college, the Electors, will face consequences… legal and physical.. and, THEY KNOW THAT.

          No power, no peace, would not be for mobs, because you’re right. We don’t do mobs. We do ‘dress right dress’, form rows and columns, form up, and march on the enemy.

          There will be volunteer militias, springing up, under retired generals who will be calling for it…

          Demonrats, will be disappeared, simple, effective. Electors houses will burn. The level of rage, will go higher than can be contained.

          WE are nice, until we’re not. No finer friend, no worse enemy. Then, in the words of the immortal John Wayne; “Katie, bar the door.”

          LEO, will get out of the way. Because LEO has ‘eyes that see’, and he will see political officers from Black Lives Matters, in their precincts. Officers being killed as they are ordered to take guns from white people only. One way or another, it will happen, it is already happening…

          Do you think Civil War I, happened at the Firing of the first shot at Ft. Sumpter? Think again… it went on for years, and years, like now, it has been going on for years. That what put Trump in the White House. This ‘culture war’, has been ongoing for years. Do not let your thinking be clouded that just because it hasn’t happened yet, don’t mean it won’t happen at all.

          Everything is a matter of degree, and what it takes for each individual, to be compelled, to become a “Militia of One”.

          We have turned the cheek 77 times, now it is has been time to sell the coat and buy the sword, people feel it coming. It will be ethnic, not simply ideological. It will be economic, not simply political, just, like, last time.

          Compromise, has been the watchword of this country since the beginning, because evil is such a slick beast to get your hands on. We are WASP’s, we don’t flee from evil, there would only be one course of action left.

          In this case, evil, would be easy to see. TO overturn an election, with backroom machinations, would bring evil out of the closet, and throw it in our face, and, it would be laughing, gloating, and cheering. I can see them being taken out in mid laugh.

          • Piper Michael

            I hope you are right.

          • PM< AMEN to your comments. I'll damn sure join the fight.

        • Restoring, I share your concerns, but speak for yourself. I and others WILL take to the streets if the left is successful. That’s exactly what it will come to. If the left is allowed to pull this off, you know what it means. The left is now more dangerous than they’ve been at any time in our history. There’s still some talk about an assassination attempt on Trump and we’ve got still got 7 weeks until Inauguration Day. IF the left is successful, IT HAS TO BE GAME ON. You say standing up to the left won’t work? Then what do you suggest?

          • BH,
            He thinks the ‘Gandhi way’ is still viable.
            If Ghandi, Gandhi(however you want to spell it), stood up to the Nazi’s, instead of the British, he would have been buried in an unmarked grave in the Polish forest… a footnote in history.
            His success, was because the British army was influenced by the British media…
            Sadly, our media, is no longer MORAL… they have abandoned moral integrity, and already announced themselves to be ‘Enemy Mine’.

            They, will laugh at you… like they did Glenn Beck…
            Remember ?

            • PM, I agree ‘the Gandhi way’ is not viable in this day and age. The left is more dangerous now than they’ve ever been. I feel it will take a total purge to save this land.

              • Sigh, yeah, agreed…
                God help us all…

                Let’s just hope Mr. Trump gives us an Interregnum on the march to global fascist socialist madness.
                Unfortunately, I wonder… if he hasn’t already been gotten to. When he came out of the meeting with ‘The Old Man of the mountain'(Kissinger), he seemed a little different. Kinda like Carter went from happy, to worried looking, then didn’t appoint any who’d ‘brought him to the dance’. If he appoints Romney, even with a major mea culpa, it would be completely out of character for the man to have somebody next to him that he really can’t trust…
                All presidents seem to HAVE to have ‘the talk’ with the Old Man… interesting…
                We’ll see old buddy, but, I do know one thing that is without doubt…
                Its gonna be a LONG FEW WEEKS until Jan 20th…

            • She also pissed off the whole WASP part of the country that doesn’t have its head up its collective….
              You know…

              White nationalist = Normal God fearing patriotic American
              Deplorable = see above.
              Islamophobe = see above.
              Xenophobe = see above.
              Racissssss = see above.
              LEO = see above.

              The fly in the ointment, is the last one.
              THEY KNOW, I know because my nephew is a Lt. in the sheriffs dept… they were/are upset.

              • PM, I’m a white nationalist, deplorable, islamophobe, xenophobe and won’t apologize to anyone for it.

                • Braveheart, Piper Michael, and others…

                  I do speak for myself. I also speak “for” many others by speaking the same as they do. It seems I was not clear enough in my original post, but I was typing that on my phone and typing is a PITA on that thing. Allow me to clarify…

                  I do honestly believe that most folks would simply accept it if the left somehow changed the results and/or convinced the electors to swap to hillary. Why? Simple… Because most people are still asleep! Sure they’re sick and tired of the corruption, the in your face lies, the wanton disregard of morals, and the continued destruction of the greatest nation ever conceived by man; however they are not for the most part preppers or truly patriotic. They are more concerned about their favorite sports team than their nation.

                  They are not Oath Keepers.

                  They have forgotten their oath if indeed they ever raised their right hand and swore it.

                  Thus far, the vast majority of the sheeple have griped, complained, grumbled, and left it at that; even when there has been example after example of corruption, lies, etc. Why? I think it’s a myriad of reasons ranging from laziness to fear.

                  There will be some good folks who will NOT simply roll over and accept another helping of steaming corruption being dumped on them and their progeny. They remember their oath, they are truly patriotic. Yes, those folks will do what they can, what is necessary to stop this crap and help put our nation back on the path it is supposed to be on!

                  Nothing in the oath I swore says I can riot.

                  Nothing in the oath I swore says I can loot.

                  Nothing in the oath I swore says I can burn places/people/stuff.

                  The oath that I swore says I am charged with upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States of America. Those of you who swore this oath surely remember what it says. Those who have not should go look it up.

                  An oath is not a coupon- it has no cash value and thus cannot be bought, and it has no expiration date.

                  Thus, I believe that the good and decent people, should events result in taking to the streets, will NOT participate in any of those illegal and immoral actions (there’s that pesky rule of law again – both man’s law and more importantly God’s law). In fact, Oath Keepers have tried to STOP people from doing precisely those things. Should events result in taking to the streets, good people will not ignore all the laws. They will not go after the innocent.

                  When I say the people who supported trump aren’t going to need “safe spaces” filled with therapists, coloring books, cookies, and puppies to “cope” with their feelings, I mean it. How we will cope with our “feelings” should the left succeed in flipping this election remains to be seen, but I sincerely doubt it will be anything like the usual crap from the loony left – rioting, burning down our own neighborhoods, looting, shooting LEO’s, assaulting innocent people, etc.

                  That was one of the points of my post. Yep- I’m concerned about what the left is attempting. I am also concerned about what it may lead to should they succeed. Our response is not likely to be one of curling up in a corner whimpering and needing tending to as a little child would.

                  We aren’t like a herd of cats, we are the slumbering giant- asleep too long but perhaps finally waking up and recognizing the terrible resolve we should be filled with. I agree, if anything “starts” it will be small- at first. Then it may be joined by some of those who initially accepted the “new” results. That is how it would grow. Be it recall elections, protests (remember, the tea party protests were the most peaceful, non-destructive ever seen), or worse.

                  Piper, please do not tell me that I cannot understand. Please do not base your entire perception of what I do and don’t understand on a short comment post. Yes, justice turned into Just Us years ago. You said “WE are nice, until we’re not. No finer friend, no worse enemy.” You are exactly right.

                  But, like you also said, we don’t do mobs, we do formations. There are already many volunteer militias going, with more starting up. The State of Mississippi has one run by the Governor.

                  To answer your question regarding my understanding of the civil war – yes. I was in the N.S.S.A. for many years, and have always been a civil war and revolutionary war buff. My thinking isn’t clouded, it’s quite clear. We could go on and on about the many contributing factors and the real reasons for the war which have nothing to do with what is being taught to our children.

                  And what in my post makes you think that I believe the “Ghandi” way is a viable option??? You misread or extrapolated incorrectly. I simply (perhaps too briefly) tried to express concern, as I do think there is a chance that a flipped election would result in responses far worse than protests and griping. I don’t want to see that on the soil of my country. In my humble opinion, anyone who is eager for war has either never seen one up close or has something seriously wrong with them. What scares me is if we get to the point where it becomes “Katie bar the door” (great movie btw).

                  Why does that scare me? It is the clarity of my thinking that scares me in regards to this possibility.

                  Think about it. Should the proverbial SHTF, simply holing up in a BOL isn’t going to save you, your family, or your country. That would be a the lazy, even cowardly way to deal with it. Innocent people are the number one casualty in war. Always have been, always will be.

                  Do any of you really want to see that on our soil?

          • Do you all have your Battle Belt and Gear ready to deploy within a second?? A good padded battle belt you can clip on above your waste and addition to your pants and pant belt. This Battle Belt has at least 4 to 6 extra 30 Round bags pouches in the rear, about 6 pistol magazine pouches in the front, a Pistol holster and pistol on the right, a dump pouch on your left for spent magazines, a long knife on your left, a 2 Liter canteen and pouch back right, secure all of this on your battle belt, so when you need to deploy within seconds you can grab this belt along with your battle rifle and be out the door within seconds. You can also add a tourniquet and quick clot and heavy bandages in a compact med kit. I also have a shotgun pouch with 12x 12G specialty rounds, and 000 Buck. You can even add a pouch for comms. With my battle belt configuration, I can carry an extra 180 rounds of 5.56, 60 rounds of 9mm, and a dozen 12g. You can also put together a couple 50 round bandoleers of 12g if needed.

            Go here to see various videos on battle belt configurations. Once you see this, you will want one and know why, as it will save your life. ht tps://

            • Zeus

              The two of us have been talking about acquiring this gear for a long time.

              • Alright. The tip of the day.

                Get yourself one of the military utility straps with the clips on the ends. Some are canvas others are nylon.

                Hook the clips to a 30 cal. ammo can handle, sides or the top. Then you can carry plenty of ammo. Adjust the strap for the weight so it is manageable when in movement.

            • Nah,
              Infantry gear…
              Being a blacksmith, my hobby will be to construct a pick up truck mounted cannon…
              With a new kind of full armor, of my own design, that should be able to stop a 50 cal
              ALso, my new armor penetrating sabots.
              And the knowledge to make black powder should overcome any attempts to outlaw/regulate components.
              I pray none of these ‘hobby’ projects will necessary, I fear they may, as the Globalists ramp up from rhetoric to political sabotage and then, violence.

              To all patriots, do not make the mistake of CW I, force them into taking First Blood. That, they must do, for they know not that they serve evil. If they hurt Mr. Trump, or take this election, that, is CAUSUS BELLI.

              • PS: My goal, to take out an entire checkpoint with overwhelming firepower.

                • Truck mounted cannon. That’s a first.

      4. There would be a revolution second to none!

        • Jim, in the middle of winter? We’d need a George Washington.
          Organize, while there is still an internet.
          Don’t go to work, don’t vote, be stocked up and don’t shop (as long as possible), go on strike, in total. Shut down the engine.
          If 50 million or more people did that, something would burst.
          What did Ghandi call it? Non violent non-cooperation?
          Only problem is many of his followers paid the ultimate price. We wouldn’t have that problem.

          • Problem is you will never get that many people to quit their job. About the same odds as getting people to stop using fed notes as money. Non violent non cooperation will not work here. The only way things will really change is a complete meltdown/restart and it will be very bloody.

            • Genius

              I agree. There has to be a nation wide disaster to get the whole nation on one page. Otherwise we just sit in the Lazy Boy and suck down the snacks.

              Can you think of one event that would unpolarize this nation.

              • Kick out everyone that has communist idiologies.

                • Genius.

                  First they came for the illegal aliens.
                  Next they came for the Communists.


                  • First, they came for the illegal aliens.
                    Then, they came for the Communists.
                    Then, they came for the leftist teachers.
                    Then, they came for the liberal journalists.

                    And, you know what, things got better !

                    • Good one Smokey!

                    • 100 Thumbs up smokey.

                • Genius, NOW YOU’RE TALKING. LOL.

      5. What if the Stein camp is just trying to check for election fraud? Jill Stein absolutely hates the Clintons and dislikes Trump and she stands to gain nothing by doing this.

        The last time they paid for a recount, two Ohio election officials did prison time, so it does happen.

        What if there was election fraud on the part of both parties? Both sides cheat and lie. The whole government is riddled with corruption and I hope she outs it…blue OR red OR green.

        None of these people represent me. They’re all big government statists. Throw em in the woods.

        • Give a hoot don’t pollute!

        • A recount does nothing but count the ballots that have already been counted. Once a vote is cast, it’s cast. Unless you can physically link an illegal voter to a specific paper ballot, it’s unchallengeable and will be counted.

      6. Too much speculation and conjecture.

        Vote recount.
        Electoral vote swing.
        What happens the day Trump takes the oath of office.

      7. The election for some reason does not go to Trump,see long term/multi generational 4th gen warfare,which would in end probably split country up,which,may not be a bad thing.

        • BING.

          We call it a ‘Feud’ down here.
          A feud, can last forever…
          Fragmentation may be the only way to preserve WASP culture.

      8. I thought Podesta was busy going out for pizza?

        And that “H.R. was introduced by Eliot Engel of New York (how surprising), and not only does the no-fly zone apply to Syrian planes in their own airspace, but also raises the prospect of engagements between U.S. and Russian aircraft?”

        Where is Cyndi Sheehan and the leftist ant-war protesters for this? What’s that you say? Hiding out where the feminazis as Slick was sexually assaulting those 14 women? Got that right!

      9. My thinking exactly, Mr. Johnson. Long way to go.

      10. HEADS UP EVERYONE; Go to youtube, type in “Trump Christmas Parody”, and enjoy. On the same webpage is a video on Hillary supporters that’s also very good, ‘WHINING, CRYING, RIOTING.’

        • Hilarious !

        • Pretty good, DBH

          • Smokey and Anon, glad you enjoyed them. On the trump parody, I really laughed when the abominable snowman with Hillary’s face on it came out. The video on the Hillary supporters was very fitting.

      11. What gets me is that the media accuses Trump of name calling but they do the same thing with their charges of racism and sexism. Throw in deplorable. The amazing thing is that the left seems unable to detect their own biases and bigotry.

      12. If this crap occurs, we’ll all get our chance.

        War is ugly. This will be worse than anyone alive has seen.
        I’m not putting my liberty tools away until Trump takes office.

        • Even then dont put em away

          • Always cleaned, oiled, loaded. Mix of solid copper and match ammo (heavy penetration with solids). I am impressed with the Barnes matchburners vs. Sierra matchkings and the price is better. The Barnes TTSX solids are pricey but the plastic tip does help with long range ballistics. If loading solids I always bring my powder charge down about 3-5% because they don’t contract like a lead core boolit. Never put them away, you may need them in a hurry.

            • agreed. SMK in 175 and 168.

      13. Forget about it J.J.

        The left has lost. Period. End of story.

        Their only chance for survival is to get on board and get with the program or get shoved into the ash bin of history.

        For many years these fools have been on a mission to destroy America (the golden goose). But, we the people, are shoving back and we don’t give a damn. We know it is either take a stand or be a slave. We know it is die on your feet or die anyway because these monsters have proven the depth of depravity all communist regimes embrace, and American communists are no different than Russian, Cambodian, or Chinese Communist murderers; and in America they are also rapists and child rapists, as well.


        • B from CA, spot on. The left won’t give up until we challenge them and ‘take them out.’ It could still come to that. Even after Trump takes office, I’m still stacking and keeping all my options on the table. I’ve already taken my stand. now I’m just waiting for the balloon to go up like everyone else.

      14. New Project completed.

        Except for paint. ;0)

      15. Trump Will be POTUS. They will show him what they have at area 51 and He will realize like everyone eventually does. He will find out that the older he becomes the less he actually knows. The same ringmaster is in charge of the Trump Circus as the Obummer Circus. Its only the Hellery supporters who are against Trump. The people who are really in charge . The ones who actually count. They could care less that Trump is the new Puppett.

      16. @Piper Michael-excellent comments! Does the left think the deplorables will just say “OK, you win?” Even they cannot be that stupid.

      17. When will the media do their jobs and expose the worst crime in history of using military weapons and mind control on innocent citizens? The media needs to expose this egregious violation of human rights perpetrated upon innocent citizens. There is plenty of victims all over the world telling the same types of torture and abuse, the weapons are patented by the u.s. government and there have been whistleblowers and many documents to substantiate these egregious, inhumane acts of torture. Expose and end this holocaust or the news is not credible even in the alternative media if you don’t tell the truth about these weapons and victims.

        • “When will the media do their jobs and expose the worst crime in history of using military weapons and mind control on innocent citizens?”

          NEVER, They are all part of the same hydra.

        • Wakeup, the MSM are juden-controlled and are part of the enemy we all face.

      18. if the balloon goes up, how does the average person pick out a target ?

        • soulson

          Good question.

          • A target is anyone who tries to tell you what to do. Or any so called authority that tries to dictate anything to you. Basically anyone who tries to fook with you.

      19. Yes. And in the past they have demonstrated the lengths they will go to to remain in power? WW3 anyone? Look at what they are doing in Syria . Turkey is NATO. Just as predicted ? Damascus will become a heap of ruin uninhabitable. Because of radiation? The king of the north the king of the east will Allie with Persia (Iran). Fill your lamps.

      20. Off subject sort of. In Florida they are selling oranges shipped in from California Why? Florida has all the oranges it needs? Or are they dispersing the fukashima radiation contaminated food nationwide to even out the exposure? Why else would you ship oranges 3000 miles to a state with all the oranges it needs with out the shipping costs? Halos from Delano Ca. It just don’t make no sense ?

      21. Why ship calif oranges to Florida. possibly that’s where the market is located. you know the place where they process those oranges into orange juice. And possibly the calif oranges ripen at a different time than florida oranges. We grow lots of watermelon here in Arkansas. yet when they are out of season watermelons are trucked here. There is a logical reason for most things we just sometimes don’t know what it is.

        • maybe that’s why he ASKED?….because he wants to KNOW why. i’ve wondered the same thing MANY times over the years.

        • And possibly your right and possibly your wrong and possibly you work for the nuclear energy industry. And possibly fukashima radiation is ongoing and thunderstorm asyhma. And possibly the Florida oranges are dying from a natural disease all of a sudden . And possibly we are being totally manipulated on a scale we can’t or don’t want to accept? So many possibilities. Anyone that claims to know the truth is either a liar or an idiot? Possibly?

      22. Except that Trump is not a politician he’s a dragon slayer brave and bold enough to take on the entire globe of illuminati buttheads. The election was rigged the fix was in but this time GOD voted and there’s not a thing anyone can do about it. So take that you rotten shit for brains goat effer crapping on us all and get the eff out of our country. Worst president ever is a hasbeen about to make like a swirlyturd down the national comode shithole.

      23. There are thousands of black Haitian men on the border of the U.S. Waiting to be accepted into the U.S. Legally (I assume, as refugees). But Haiti is not at war; so, what’s up with this???


        Some kind of ruling by Congress to block Obama from passing any last minute laws to entangle the next administration. The Obama administration trying to stop Congress from blocking them, calling it dangerous.

        Seems it is retroactive to May. Has anyone else heard about this? If, true, it seems like a drastic thing to do until you look at the crazy stuff Obama is doing, importing Muslim “refugees”.


        As a parting gesture he might legalize Sharia Law or lower the age of consent to 18 months, and require boys to learn about the Joy of Sex with other boys. Just saying.


        • Report from Mexico:
          “There are swarms of black men/mslms coming into Mexico and being granted free access to the US. Never seen anything like it.”

          On You Tube

      24. The Chinese stranglehold on free speech and the arts is already well underway. They are dong this in many ways, from controlling the internet to shutting down free-minded journalists. The Chinese are thoroughly corrupt and are using bribery and phony businesses to shut down critics. It is important to remember, to the Chinese, their economy is a weaponized force to be used against the West.

      25. Inauguration Day

        A day that some will celebrate while others will curse.

      26. More fear mongering like, ‘The election will be postponed.’ ‘America will be placed under Martial law.’ And the list goes on. Fear Not.

      27. GOT REVOLUTION? If not you will get one.

        • Your still talking this crap after all these Years ……AMAZING !!
          I bet you will be on your death bed saying ” THE REVOLUTION IS COMING AGGHHhhh ”
          You guys just dontvrealizecyou are being duped by the doom market

      28. Still talking the same crap !

      29. You’re worrying about the wrong things. Trump wasn’t stopped on the Republican primary, so chances of him getting stopped now are as close to zero as they get. It’s mostly grandstanding gestures.

        As for controlling the media, Trump is the guy that you should be worrying about. He’s said plenty of times that he wants to stop people reporting things he doesn’t like. It’s a fair guess that as soon as he has some power over the media, he will use it. For the moment, Breibart is busy suing. It’s you guys the ones that are going to try to impose your beliefs on everyone else. Not surprising for a bunch of military plus evangelists, you’re the sort of people who tolerate badly other opinions.

        And on starting WWIII, it doesn’t look like that bill that got passed is going to do it. However, Trump’s more than erratic style of dealing with other countries does look like a recipe for getting into WWIII, and it wouldn’t even be as part of a Machiavellian plan, it would be blunder.

      30. If they can put in a illegal, unqualified sodomite Moslem Negro and his transgender they can and WILL do anything.

      31. 3%. The RIGHT 3%, but that’s all it would take.

        Hit & run. Regroup-repeat. Take THEIR stuff to re-arm, UP-ARM……….and NEVER near your BOL.

      32. I worked with two guys we got from a temp laborer place they were from Gahna Africa . They were Muslem and wouldn’t drink water because of Ramadan or whatever. I asked them how they got the money to get here. They told me people help you. They got a free boat ride to Mexico . Then a nonstop free ride in a truck to the us border . They were given food and clothes. I asked them if they were going to chop anyone’s head off . They said . We don’t do that. Their exact words. The one seemed alright the other? I told them we are worried that our government will give them guns and uniforms and have them them go around and confiscate people’s guns. And the ? One yelled out. I will do that. I told him that’s what we don’t want. He didn’t say anything. These people are educated if at all in a third world country. They don’t understand constitutional law that can’t be changed by the new leader. We will be fighting in the streets with our children at our feet and the morals that we worship will be gone?

      33. Soros does not care if the recount works …. Soros & the Clintons are out to DESTROY America and this is a wedge deliberately designed to split the country. WHO has provided $5+MILLION to a loser 3rd party candidate?
        Jill Stein & the “Greedy MONEY Party” are WHORES for George Soros and the Clintons. SOROS bought Stein & the GREEDIES for $5+MILLION.…/ The “GREED” party has just proven it is a BOUGHT & PAID FOR PUPPET ….. ZERO credibility completely OWNED by TPTB, The “Greedy MONEY Party” should just SHUT DOWN.
        Notice obama and Hillary are not CONDEMNING the staged Soros riots? They are instigating Civil WAR. their SILENCE is thunderous. anti-Trump protestors are RACISTS, BIGOTS, & VIOLENT THUGS.
        I was very interested in the satin purple Bill & Hillary wore at her “concession” speech , it was so ODD, so PROMINENT and garish.
        So actually their choice of COLOR was a DECLARATION of WAR on America

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