In This “Booming Economy,” 90% of Americans Say Money Increases Stress Levels

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    While we are being bombarded with news from the mainstream media that the current United States economy is “booming,” 90% of Americans say they are stressed out about money.

    What could possibly be stressing us out if the employment rate is low, there’s no inflation, and everyone has disposable income?  Or are we being manipulated by the government’s lapdog media to keep us spending and consuming?

    Millions Of Americans Are On The Edge: One Paycheck Away From Financial Disaster

    Food Prices Will Rise In 2019 Adversely Impacting Those Living Paycheck To Paycheck

    According to a study from Thriving Wallet, a new partnership between Thrive Global and Discover, the vast majority of Americans are stressed out about money.  The goal of Thriving Wallet is to: “Reframe our relationship with money so that we can reduce financial stress and achieve positive behavior changes,” Arianna Huffington, founder, and CEO of Thrive Global tells CNBC Select.

    The key takeaways from the survey are:

    • 90% of individuals say that money has an impact on their stress level
    • About 65% report feeling that their financial difficulties are piling up so much they can’t overcome them
    • Roughly 40% report that they are currently taking no notable steps to secure their financial future
    • Over 40% wish that they could have a ‘fresh’ financial start
    • Less than 25% feel extremely optimistic about their financial future
    • Nearly 25% make purchases they later regret when experiencing significant stress
    • 40% say managing their money on a daily basis limits the extent to which they can enjoy their day-to-day life

    The study found that financial stress is either very or extremely influential on many major life milestones and everyday activities, including:

    • Retiring: 51%
    • Buying a home: 51%
    • Purchasing/leasing a car: 44%
    • Daily leisure activities: 36%
    • Purchasing clothing/groceries: 34%
    • Making social plans: 32%
    • Getting married: 28%
    • Having/adopting children: 28%
    • Daily personal care routines: 26%
    • Engaging in exercise: 24%
    • Getting a pet: 23%
    • Choosing what to eat: 1%


    If you are one of the Americans struggling with stress related to money, there are some ways to alleviate some of the burdens. First, pay down debts and decrease the amount of outflow each month. This may require cutting back on extras like cable and eating out, but once you’ve eliminated several monthly bills, you’ll have extra money each month.  Not living paycheck to paycheck can go miles in reducing financial stress.

    Next, reduce stress in other areas of your life. This will help free your mind for things like remembering to pay bills on time to avoid late fees. Stay on top of what you spend and stick to a budget.  This isn’t fun the first time you do it, but it gets easier and you end up wondering where all your money had been going before you started tracking it.


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      1. The higher the post, the more stressed the turtle.

        Daily leisure activities: 36%
        Choosing what to eat: 1%

        If you believe this is a meritocracy, you are part of the problem.

      2. The thing that is so revolting is that the fascists want people to believe that they are not stellar successes as a result of their own personal failures, but when 90% of Americans are failing it is obviously as a result of a rigged system.

        There is a campaign to corrupt and destroy anyone who is somehow managing to survive without submitting to the official narrative of blatant lies. This campaign is led by saboteurs.

        So, even if one has somehow managed to survive in spite of overwhelming odds, they become a target, unless they capitulate to the narrative and pretend that what the government, corporations, and media are doing is legitimate.

        There is absolutely no legitimacy to anything that the retarded lunatics that run the country are doing. Foreign policy, economic policy, legal policy, and domestic policy are all totally illegitimate and are all based on outright fraud.

        They are panicking because they have been exposed as evil frauds and murderous predators, over, and over, and over again.

        They definitely don’t care that we know this about them, but some of them may possibly care what their children and grand children think about them.

        They are trying to pretend, in another scheme of lies that they are not responsible for their silence because of Non Disclosure Agreements.

        That is just another lie, because no illegal activity is covered under any NDA.

        They should really just kill themselves or leave the country.

        They destroyed it and cannot fix it without owning up to their litany of organized crime and repeated abuses.

        This is totally unsustainable.

      3. Jobs are plentiful, many people have three of them.

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