In Defense of David Sarti, the Doomsday Prepper Who Was Declared Mentally Incompetent and Had His Guns Seized By Government

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    This article has been reprinted with permission from Daisy Luther, editor of Inalienably Yours.

    In Defense of David Sarti
    by Daisy Luther 

    We often ask, “What would be the last straw? What would make us take up arms and defend ourselves against the Powers That Be?”

    Usually, that answer is guns.  For most preppers and constitutional activists, losing our weapons would be an affront that would cause us to stand up and take action.

    That particular insult has happened to one of our community.

    David Sarti, of Lebanon, TN, recently appeared on National Geographic’s program Doomsday Preppers.

    The producers motives with this show are questionable, from a prepping perspective.  They seemed to have sought out people who are real “characters” – the eccentricity is so extreme at times that it doesn’t seem to be a fair representation of what is truly going on in the prepping community.  Because NG is generally more open-minded, more in line with producing documentaries than salacious reality television, I was extremely disappointed in the programs that I have seen thus far.

    In the case of Mr. Sarti, he certainly does come across as extreme.  He’s not a man that instantly appeals to a wide range of people. He is someone that might trigger doubters to roll their eyes and scoff at him.

    This doesn’t make him crazy.

    He isn’t a handsome buff wild-eyed mountain man survivalist.  He doesn’t have that bad boy appeal of an action hero or the air of quiet wisdom of a person who has retreated to the woods to escape the mundanity of life in the corporate United States.

    This doesn’t make him crazy either.

    Days after the program aired, however, David Sarti was declared crazy…ahem…”mentally incompetent”….and his guns were seized.  All of them.  Mr. Sarti, who has no criminal record, is no longer allowed to own guns.  He tells his story here.

    The accusation of insanity came after he went to see his cardiologist for some chest pains and shortness of breath.  So far, it sounds sane and rational to me.  The cardiologist, Dr. Andre C. Olivier, whose name and contact information I am delighted to publish, had Mr. Sarti held at the hospital for psychiatric evaluation and broke doctor patient confidentiality by contacting the authorities.

    Then it really went to hell on a greased slide.  Mr. Sarti, because of his stay in the psychiatric unit, was then declared “mentally incompetent”.  His very large collection of guns was then stolen removed from his possession.  He is no longer allowed to own weapons.

    Welcome to the America we live in today.  The country has devolved to a point that being eccentric means the constitution no longer applies to you.  What is next?  Already, believing that the gold standard is the only way to correct our economic ills makes you a target.  Bloggers and writers of alternative media are all on a list, with our computer systems under nearly constant attack.  I spend as much time fending off malware and viruses as I do writing this blog.  Anyone who disagrees with the government is not labelled an “extremist.”

    This is a call to rally.  So extremists, preppers, bloggers, readers and Americans, unite.  Don’t just be glad that your guns remain untouched.  Don’t breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn’t you.  Galvanize yourself and others like you and let’s fight for David Sarti.

    Let’s make it easy…..These links will get you started.  This war will be won via the internet.  Don’t let them sweep this attack on the Constitution under the rug.  Don’t let them single out someone who might not come across as Joe Average and use that to continue chipping away at the country’s foundation.  Whatever your personal thoughts are about Mr. Sarti and his decision to share his prepping on television, the bottom line is that injustice has occurred and it’s up to us to stop it.

    First, go and sign this PETITION.  The document will be sent to the governor of Tennessee, demanding that Mr. Sarti’s record of “mental defectiveness” be expunged.

    For additional details that include sample letters for National Geographic and the NRA, as well as links to several organizations that maybe be able to assist Mr. Sarti, visit Inalienably Yours.


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      1. I’m finally first!

        • LOL! My trigger finger was pretty itchy, but I resisted. Great article, Daisy.

          • I want everyone to write to National Geographic to help David. David is extremely intelligent and he needs our help.

            On national news tonight, the solar flares are intensifying from the sun (NBC news). We need David back as a Prepper and helping all his community with his utubes.

            Tennessee has a backwards government or is Big Brother obviously.


            • Everyone

              Please email National Geographic at this address:

              [email protected]

              This is the email that I sent to them:

              Dear National Geographic;
              I’m extremely disturbed that your TV show used David Sarti for your own profits and that his life style and security has now been totally jeopardized. Are you really this greedy to take advantage of innocents? Do you have no morals?
              All his weapons were taken from him 3 days after the air showed. Surely you can cover his defense on the profits you have made from this show??
              Are all of you totally non caring and just use people for your own gain?
              I would like answer but I doubt any of you have the gumption to respond
              Yours truly
              Victoria L. Bond
              an Executive

              • Then do something!
                National Geographic!

                This poor guy was on your show! It’s not right to leave him helpless. Here in Canada, We can’t defend our self from home invasions. There is not castle law here. We just have to depend on a quick response from law enforcement. That’s all we have for protection. I really feel for this guy. He must feel like a sitting duck!

            • here is that doctors contact info the link on this site didnt give it. Address:

              100 Physicians Way
              Suite 300
              Lebanon, TN 37090
              Phone: 615-449-6868
              Fax: 615-449-7184

            • first of all, there is no doctor-patient confidentiality issue, doctors are morally and legally obligated to contact the authorties to deal with mental issues, such as suicide. It’s to be expected coming from someone that was held for observations and then had their weapons taken away to complain. He says he was joking about the comments he made, you and I were not there, they were serious enough that the doctor felt, hmmm if this guy goes home and commits suicide and I didn’t do anything about it, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself….oh and his family’s name would be atop the hospital as well…..
              2nd why would nat. geo. pay for the guys defense, he chose to go on tv, he chose to present himself the way he did, he chose to “joke” with the doctors, I’ll gurantee you a million dollars they weren’t begging him to be on the show, I watched the show and he wasn’t portrayed any different than the other “preppers”.
              it’s called taking some self responsibility….

            • Hi everyone!
              I’m not a prepper, but I saw David’s episode and I feel that I can help him with some of his medical issues and this might significantly reduce a lot of his stress and problems that he’s having right now. I know that he can’t afford traditional medicine at this time, but I’ve been a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor ( for over 11 years, and believe it or not, this type of yoga is a hard core form of preventative medicine as well as just a work out. I’ve personally witnessed people as well as myself lose over 100 lbs, get off heart medicine, thyroid medicine, not need knee or spinal surgery, heal chronic pain, get rid of blockages in the heart, and get off antidepressants. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and 4 ruptured disks in my neck and the yoga keeps me fully functioning. Anyone can visit my personal music website to see my success story:

              While I’m not personally for or against the prepper lifestyle, when I saw David, my heart went out to him because I knew that there really was more that he could be doing for his health if he was pointed in the right direction! I’d very much love to help him in anyway that I can and at least help him navigate and utilize the various different yoga and alternative style health method websites. I think he could feasibly get a lot stronger and healthier faster than he can realize and then maybe not even need such an extreme nor costly surgery. I think alternative medicine would really appeal to his chosen lifestyle as well. He would definitely benefit from it.
              Sincerely, Tamara Cimmerian

            • I wish I had free time funded by the government to buy toys and play everyday with th prepper excuse. Those scabs on your arm recommend you can partake in activity beyond your disabilities. Leach!

              • ALSO, IF YOU’D LIKE TO SEE THE FACE OF THIS SO CALLED “DOCTOR” GO TO THIS LINK, he is about 35-39 years old:

                Mediocre online reputation:

                I had to see this retard’s face…so, it is incredible all the info you can dig on some people just googling their stinking demographics in publicly available data bases.

            • This useless “doctor” should have his medical license removed for being such a tool to evildoers. Here’s his known residential ddresses in the Mount Juliet TN area and his phone numbers, which i got from public records. I have warned all my TN friends to stay away from this lunatic:
              Andre C Olivier
              (615) 553-4369
              3122 Aidan Ln
              Mount Juliet, TN 37122

              Andre C Olivier
              (615) 553-4369
              503 Wyndham Hill Ct
              Mount Juliet, TN 37122

              I am so sick and tired of incompetent “professionals”!!!!!!!!!!!

              The only foes that threaten America are the enemies at home, and these are ignorance, superstition and incompetence. Elbert Hubbard SHOULD I ADD CORRUPTION!!!!!!!!!!!

        • how truly petty.

          • Anytime you go on TV showing a weapon such as a firearm you are going to be attacked. Claiming that you’re crazy is just one of the ways they take your guns. Another is the Lautenberg Amendment where if you spank your children, yell at your spouse etc. and cops are called you lose your 2nd Amendment Rights. The law was meant to take firearms away from repeat offenders of spousal abuse but now it has went even further. GAO states that this law is Constitutionally Legal and check this out…The law came out in 1996 and you could be 80+yrs old and if you were arrested in 1950 for a fight with your spouse… guess what?… you’ve lost your 2nd Amendment Rights.

            • Oh I forgot to mention the Lautenberg Amendment is rarely talked about on the news when they speak about purchasing weapons but when you fill out the background forms for ATF it states clearly on there about domestic violence and like I say it has a broad reach to it. Also a while back ATF was considering applying this to certain veterans with the diagnosis of PTSD saying you’re crazy.

            • Gator (USN) I am grossly aware of the Lautenberg Amendment as I have seen many jobs lost and lots of lives destroyed because of it. If I remember correctly, when TPTB tried to ban veterans from gun ownership because of wartime trauma issues the vets rose up and put a boot into the throat of TPTB. I think the only way they can take the vets gun rights away is if they are committed (just like Dave was) after they are debriefed and discharged from active duty. In my assessment, Lautenberg and most of the other crap gun laws need to go to the shredder and then be burned.

            • Don’t the 4473 also include a line concerning ever being subject to a “protective” order? Most men who are involved in a divorce end up under such an order as SOP, these days don’t they? I am hoping to never find out about divorce proceedings in person.

            • Last time I checked, the GAO is not get to interpet what is/isn’t Constitutional..just sayin’..

        • Thats what she said!

        • Daisy,

          Be carefull, shrinks may check out keyboard users also 🙂

          Good morning, i’m going to sign the petition.

          • Good to see you’re among those of use still burning oxygen! 🙂

            BTW – what are the gun laws in Greece like? I always wondered about that…

        • Great defence speech, Daisy! Good work lass!
          lets bombard those responsible with email.
          I’m doing my part! Would you like to know more?

        • “…broke doctor patient confidentiality by contacting the authorities.”

          Be aware that in most states doctors (and some other professions) are required under penalty of prosecution to report patients who “are a danger to themselves, a danger to others, or unable to care for themselves.”

          Also be aware that it is not at all unusual for those laws to be used by angry doctors as retribution against “problem” patients. Once that happens, very few states have any way of remediating the mental defective label, so there is virtually no way to regain your civil rights. California allows for some remediation, but I am not aware of any other states with such. If anyone knows of other states, please hold forth.

          For a couple of decades most graduating medical students no longer take any oath binding them to their patients’ needs or interests. Physicians are de facto agents of insurers and the government. You are very lucky if your doctor maintains the former patient-physician ethics.

          Just as when you are talking to government agents, BE VERY CAREFUL what you say to a physician. Mr. Sarti is a poignant case in point.

          • Worth mentioning too—the media are not your friend, never were, never will be. They will always edit you to get what they want. Look at what Michael Moore did to Charlton Heston. Moore spliced verbiage from different Heston interviews to make Heston “say” what Heston never said. About the only hope in dealing with the media is to answer every question with the same sound bite—no more than a few words at most. Then the media will decide whether to air your few words—or to leave you on the editing room floor.

            It’s like calling in to a talk show to disagree with the host. No matter how righteous, cogent, and compelling your view, your logic, and your evidence, he has his finger on the button.

            Happens on blogs too, doesn’t it. 🙂

            • video tape yourself so you have something to fire back with….

            • Yes, videotape yourself, but that only gives you legal “recourse,” such as it is in [Judaic] court against [Judaic] media. Your videotape won’t get aired. The masses will never see it.

      2. Sad to see these things happening. It seems their plan is just about in full swing. Wait till gas is $4.00 a gallon and ammo is through the roof.

        Y’all Beware! Remember Katrina!

        • It’s already $4.00+ gal. in some areas and even more for diesel. It wouldn’t surprise me to see $6.00 a gal. for gas. Of course with the higher price of diesel comes higher prices on all else. If you’ve have your food supplies stocked up I would suggest concentrating on ammo especially common rounds such as .223, .308, 30-06, 7.62X39, .40, 9mm, .22 LR., Even if you don’t own the weapons that use this ammo. Ammo will be expensive! I have invested in 2 reloaders 1 for rifle 1 for .12 ga. shotgun and am currently buying extra powder & dies for them.

        • Really now. The American people are getting just what they deserve. Stupid is as stupid does and carries a steep price. No doubt the fools will re elect Obammy. John Conyers ultra lefty is set to get his 25th term in Congress. Fifty years of screwing over Michigan and they still love him. Houston we have a serious problem.

      3. I just signed and I hope everyone else will also this is wrong what they are doing to him.

      4. I moved to Colorado to grow weed and the police busted me and wrongly claimed i was over my limit, but they took my Colt Match AR15, my 38 and my 357, all of which i had for over ten years and which were totally legal. They charged me with four felonies and a special enhancement and i was looking at more than forty years in the pen despite the fact that i had no criminal record and was a member in good standing with a state bar. They made me an offer of plead guilty to one felony, and then i would have to serve no more time. That is when i left the US (again), swam the Rio Grande and made it to my home in Central America.

        • Federal or state charges, Ana?

      5. They accomplished their mission…take away my guns and force me out of the country.

        • Ana, you were growing weed by your own admission! It’s illegal. I’m actually on the side of people who want to legalize it (not that I use it because I don’t do any drugs, never would.) I have never met a person yet though who smoked pot and got violent. Big difference between you and this poor guy getting his guns removed. He seemed completely harmless and was doing nothing to break any laws.

      6. The increasing police state

        Today I saw 2 vehicles completely decked out in all the gear..lights, cameras, spot lights, sirens, speed trap equipment..etc.. the men that go out of these 2 vehicles were armed very well, wearing brown uniforms..

        on the side of the vehicles was the us crest with “U.S. Government” on the side in small print..what got me was the bold gold stripe along the side of both of these vehicles were the words
        Law Enforcement

        so we have local cops, state cops, DHS, Border patrol, and these guys too? And it looks to me that they cold go into anything they wanted to..from traffic enforcment to who knows what?

        wish i could up load pictures to see if anyone else has seen these trucks in their location and why

        • I think we will soon see the day when the locals and state police units will all be federalized and answer to DHS and not local governments.

          • A sad, but likely outcome.

        • I’ve noticed several unusual government vehicles here in SW MO in the last month. Also, I’ve seen DHS cars, one with the automatic license plate reader, driving through the parking lot at the hospital.
          Great article Daisy, I could tell you were hot about this on your blog, give ’em both barrels!

        • VRF… I’ve seen some strange vehicles out here on America’s highways last couple of years, but nothing like you describe. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. And hopefully will have a decent camera soon. Who knows? I might get a snapshot of Elvis (or something better) to pass along.

          Daisy and Mac- I’m on board with the petition. Thanks for all that you do. -Okie

          • want pictures?..I’ll email em to ya

        • Their plan is simple; divide us (all the ex orders, unconstitutional laws, class warfare, and gov’t limits)
          then weed out a few, here and there, to see how far we’ll go and to what length. Each time an individual gun owner gets striped of his/her 2nd amendment right, they are baiting the American people to react. Will we fall for the trap? Can we stop the PTB in court anymore?
          The longer we do nothing the more time they have to prepare to strip us of our weapons in chunks.
          Sign the petition? You betcha.

        • Drop the pics in A photo bucket account and put the URL where it says your website or blog in the reply section. Peace

        • there are a lot of new home land security trucks around here

        • Those of you who think the police are our friends would do well to pay attention to the increasing militarization of law enforcement. The phrase “they have families too”, usually uttered to describe how cops would abandon their posts in the face of unconstitutional orders, cuts both ways. They would also enforce unconstitutional directives and be the tool of the oppressor because after all “they have families too” and they have to eat as well. Some cops will kick in doors and confiscate food and weapons because they are assholes by nature but I predict that a lot of regular coos with families will also do the same because it is not happening to them (detachment) and because if they don’t then they will be cut off from food and protection.

          • Speaking from my experience, policemen like what they do.
            They could be scientists, plumbers, architects, electricians, or industry workers.
            They chose to do this. They like it, and they like the power of the position and the authority. They like to have the gun, they like to show off wearing the uniform, and they like all benefits deriving from their status.
            Maybe in U.S. there are still officers who work for the common good.
            Here, they are all protectors of a rotten regime.

            • manos..I hope you are safe. In response to your post;I have a fair amount of friends in LE and they are some good people but there are also the rotten apples too. Power drunk to say the least. The bad ones have chosen NOT to think for themselves and like being pushed around by their superiors. They crave the “atta boy” they get from ruining peoples lives. When I was young we had cops in town that would pull you over and find your beer or pot and just take it and follow you home and tell your parents. Those days are gone. They have become militarized and look for any excuse or reason to taze you or shove a baton up your ass. Its the same everywhere in the world now.

            • Oh manos, you speak my thoughts and feelings… isn’t it strange that our two countries are quite far from each other, and yet they are almost identical in so many ways…

            • Some just like having a job to make ends meet.

            • I dont think so Manos, those types of jobs require intelligence

          • 95% of cops make the rest look bad.

        • VRF: Sounds like an “Arizona Ranger”. Been here 35 years and finally saw one the other night while gassing up.

          Wasn’t even sure WE had those fellows here but it seems so. Somehow these “badges” just keep proliferating.

          Anyone want to join “SHTF Security”? You get a tin badge, ink stamp on your hand, and a SHTF Security Doomsday Decoder Ring.

          Only $100…. a year! 🙂

          • They had government plates and government badges on the the state of Michigan

            white 4 door ford pick up and a white Tahoe..not DHS or Border patrol..

            no state affiliation

            • That sounds like the very same MO. I thought it was an “Arizona Ranger” but didn’t read the door. He was dressed in tan and usually DPS are in patrol cars, and usually Ford Victoria’s here. His Ford truck didn’t have the usual color code for DPS.

              Border Patrol is green and white and do patrol in the boonies here, like Forest Service, but are marked as a subset of DHS.

      7. Maybe FEMA should be shut down now that preparing for disasters is insane.

        • So, let me get this straight. It’s OK for FEMA to stock up on food, build safe facilities for SHTF type emergency situations and have reserve stockpiles of gas, equipment and vehicles. Its also alright for them to establish a broad network of interconnecting agencies in order for them to have complete situational control of any given area should spmething happen? And yet, it’s not OK for the average guy to have a small stockpile of baked beans and out of date MREs because he’s a threat to, who?

          Too bad all the preppers in the US don’t up sticks and move into just 4 or 5 areas. If there are 3 million preppers in the US, just imagine if 250,000 of them, all moved into a couple counties in just one State. Safety in numbers!! Imagine what would happen if all 3 million preppers all moved to Detroit and just took over!! Now that be funny!!! That’d be one way to secure the city again and get it back on its feet. Rename it to Prepper City, Michigan!!!!!

          • FEMA is stockpiling food and preparing for disasters so the common man doesn’t have to. The government is mother, the government is father. Behave or we’ll send you to bed without dinner; BTW I enjoyed eating the Twinkies stash you had under your bed.

      8. Its a terible reality, The only people who should know or be informed about our preps are those who we will be caring for or who are part of our prepper communitys.

      9. e-mailed all parties on the list. We should add the TFA, Tennessee Firearms Association, to the list. They are directly responsible for empowering Tennesseans and protecting Tennesseans rights to bear arms. Unfortunately, they do not have an email address, there is a forum at
        or you can send them snail mail at
        Tennessee Firearms Assoc. Inc.
        P.O. Box 198722
        Nashville, Tennessee 37219

        • Thank you Monkey Smoke. I edited the post to add this contact. 🙂

      10. I resisted too, this poor guy, I’m reluctant to sign any petition, but I’d like to help somehow.
        This is just wrong, that doctor violated his oath, and apparently has no sense of humor, or sense for that matter, David joked about killing himself, and that was all it took, I guess I’ll never tell a joke to a doctor, but someone needs to sit down with this doctor, and convince him to withdraw his committal statement about mr. Sardis. You know that dr. Is probably a homosexual, non gun owner, and I’m sure he voted to the scum. Just downright sad, travesty!

        • Doctor did not VIOLATE his oath, he lived UP to it. See, if you go in and say you are going to kill yourself, and they think you may hurt either YOURSELF, or ANOTHER, they are BOUND BY LAW to report. I think there may be more to this story than is being told. He also was stripped of his arms BEFORE the show, not AFTER. And the NRA does not want this case… WHY?????
          There is more to this than your hearing from him.
          For the record… this guy does not represent ME. He is a MORON.

        • Yes, never joke with a medical professional (or cop/school/airport/pretty much any .gov regulated employee) about suicide or hurting others.

          They may or may not like guns, may or may not have a sense of humor, but that is one bright line that allows them to betray your privacy and report your ass to TPTB.

          Like many issues in today’s lawsuit-happy zero tolerance world, the medical pro might say to themselves: “If this guy DOES do something, I’m gonna get my ass sued off” and makes the call.

          • On target, Dave P. [pun intended]

      11. Wow!! I said I’m sure he voted for the scumbag potus, and that was edited. I’m gonna stop any and all Internet traffic. This is getting very seriously scary!

        Edit it again, go ahead.

        • and I’m sure he voted to the scum.
          You mean the phrase above??
          I thought this didn’t make sense…who edited your words??

      12. I met a gentleman from Armenia that defected in 1980. He had an interesting story to tell. He was a border guard. Border guards were teamed up in pairs of two at random. You did not get teamed up with anyone you knew. If one was going to defect the other was obligated to shoot him or be in big trouble. He always thought the policies and system in his country was messed up but he kept it to himself. One day his partner did not show up for duty for some reason or another (hung over, ill?). He said, “Today is the day”. He dropped his rifle and walked across the border making it to the US a few years later, working, starting his own roofing business and eventually becoming a US citizen. His advice, “Never let them know what you are thinking”. If the government said something he agreed. The Armenian government and leaders are the best, “Yes they are”. The US is very bad, “Yes it is”. Such statements allowed him to become a border guard. He ended up “voting with his feet”.

        We Americans love our 1st Amendment rights although there is a lot to be said for the above.

        • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

        • This David fellow and the rest of the people who have or will appear in this show broke the golden rule of Operational Security. Loose lips sink ships, and David’s ship just got sunk. Hopefully, he practiced other prepper ideas like cache. His sweet little SOCOM M1A should have a buried twin somewhere.

        • Absolutely agree, people are PO at me for saying he screwed up royally going on this show first of all, piss poor OPSEC. It amazes me the exten to which people will self incremonate when talking to people. Who can detain you when you think you have had your rights violated. I guess proving a point to some troll is more important than your freedom

        • Kevin2, thanks for sharing the narative, it is spot on and tell your new friend thanks and welcome.

        • Kevin2…..your dead on with your statement
          Rules that gun owners have(not preppers just gun owners)
          1. Never tell anyone you have guns
          2. Never tell anyone how many guns you have
          3. Never tell what kind of guns you have
          4. Never tell how much ammo you have
          5. Never tell what kind of ammo you have

          So i feel for the guy that got his guns taken away but he and everyone else that announces on T.V. that they have guns and are prepping get what they deserve (i know im going to catch hell for this) but would you want someone like him in your prepping community telling total strangers what he has and what you have? Natural selection has work for millions of years and will continue long after we are gone.

          • It’s funny, I was just telling my Good Buddy how I thought that the folks who wore t-shirts touting their .357 or whatever likely weren’t truly well armed (since nobody with real arms would advertise it) and how I thought that the “Don’t Tread On Me” shirts/Gadsen flags were going to become a sign for “I have a lot very large guns”

            we need a secret handshake or something!

          • Well, we all know he is a poor stupid sod, and OPSEC? there was no OPSEC in his case (or in any case of Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo)
            I just remember seeing one lady talk about her prepps in Phoenix… and she spoke about how they are serious about OPSEC, she was shown getting supplies shipped to her at night. Me and my misus laughed our ass off when she said “OPSEC is very important, it’s a military term, it means Operation security, in other words – loose lips sink ships”
            DAMN! and there she was – appearing with her full face, whole family and the house on national!
            talk about OPSEC!

            • forgot to add – despite all that, what’s been done to him should not go unanswered! no matter how stupid he was by doing what he did, that is no reason to strip him from his arms!
              besides, I want to answer those who say that prp ppl should sit this one out. well, if USA was an open dictatorship, then there is no question about it – zipp it and be quiet. but you are only a democratorship for now, so you should use all your rights and powers WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!

            • oh and yet one more thought to add –
              and if you think that it is time to be silent, then you think that your country is already and Orwellian society, a dictatorship disguised as a democracy. well, if you believe that, then it is your obligation to fight it… isn’t it?

            • I can’t imagine volunteering for any show such as this. You know they want to use you for ratings and make you look crazy. They don’t give a rat’s rear about ruining your life.

          • C&B,
            Might I suggest another interpretation of the situation.
            He is not a stupid man.
            I believe he new the risks.
            I believe he wanted to awaken more sheeple the best way that he new how to.
            My friend,
            The right way,
            The wrong way,
            Or indefferent.
            He took one for the team….
            And for that, he deserves our help.
            God bless.

            • Slick….i do agree he took one for the team….point made.

      13. I watched the show and it was exactly what I expected it to be. I really liked that David fellow. He was a character, not insane. I will be curious to see if there is some lawsuits from people on upcoming shows to get themselves removed from it.
        I know people that are not supposed to own guns that do. This should not stop him, what it should do is teach him a lesson about allowing people to know too much.

        • I agree, he’s quite the character. He seems as sane as any one I know on that video. His sense of humor reminds me of a friend of mine, kind of out there but to the point.

        • Its going to be interesting to see what happens to the guy on this weeks episode. The one who was making ever-clear Molotov cocktails, showing teh location of all his preps, showing his wife firing full auto, pointing out the fully suppressed weapon in his gun case… WHAT AN MAROON!, as Buggs would say.

          We will hear next that the ATF raided him, found out his Class II licensing was proper, then removed all his guns and ammo because the guy showed mental instability in feeling like he needed to prep.

      14. while i agree with mac here, i dunno about signing my name to a petition- might serve as an alternative means of collecting names of ‘domestic terrorists’. watch yer six everyone

        • Great point! Im from Chicago we dont vote with our real names anyways, we use dead relatives from the last 50 years.

      15. I have heard other stories about a simple traffic stop that ended with a person ending up in a mental hospital because they were not happy about a ticket. Once inside if you did not follow the rules, like taking medications, which no one informed you of, guess what? You’re resisting and detained longer, only to walk out as mentally unstable. Therefore not being able to own guns. All done by a traffic stop?

        • See how easy it is going to be to disarm the population. They also take your kids if you don’t turn in any guns. make no mistake they have thought of everything including cross referencing the addresses of all that spout of on websites such as this one as to how many guns and how much ammo they have. If you post on any site the NSA can find you in a heart beat. Trust me on that.

        • i have a friend who’s late wife had no kidneys and was hospital often was down and said shed like it it end soon
          so she got a 72 hour hold fortunately that was the end of it
          but we all get down sometimes especially when ill.
          but most of us wont do anything but if you get angry with the drs it doesn’t help go along with the evaluation tell them what they want to hear then sue if mistreated.
          Plus I had a dr that was a hunter until he hurt his back and cannot physically Dr anymore

      16. So, I am wondering if this will encourage anyone else to “Star” in a NG series on prepping? While this is a great breach of Mr.Sarti’s rights. First and foremost, he was given up by a doctor, then the State, quickly used existing laws to take his rights from him.
        Preppers and their preps should be low key in my opinon. We need to learn from these ‘engagements’ with the State. What we say and to whom we say it can and do have dramatic consequences in our new world.

        Let’s get behond this before we are the next person in their sights.

        • I did not want to be the one to say it, but although it is not fair, it is also not unexpected. His fifteen minutes of fame were not free.

          His biggest contribution to the movement are the discussions that will hopefully motivate people to lay low and not make the big mistake.


        • Also, the people on this show appear very naive and gullible
          all for their fifteen minutes of fame. There was one family who didn’t believe in weapons and figured they could just TALK to the strangers…. yeah, right. They should have been in N.O. for Katrina…I’m sure talkin’ would have gotten them far.

      17. A similar thing happened to a good friend of mine but the circumstances were a little different. He fell at his home and fractured his wrist and was taken to the ER. While there they asked him some psychological questions, the big one being,” do you ever feel depressed or sad” he answered yes (his son commited suicide) and the hospital contacted the State police and his FOID card was immediatley revoked. Afew days later, the local police came to his home with a list of weapons that the State knew he had and demanded them on the spot. Our mutual friend is a retired county detective and he tried to intervene and was threatened with arrest for obstruction. This garbage is happening everywhere but mostly goes unnoticed. Rest assured that when you buy a weapon and the gun shop does a NICS check on you, they know exactly what you have. If you ever find yourself being asked by medical personel any questions relating to your mental health, don’t refuse to answer, just lie. They lie to us every day so fair is fair. We are easy pickings right now. The day will come that if you ever happen to ask your doctor for an anti-depressant you will forfeit your right to own firearms. I read somewhere that 1 in 10 Americans are on some form of AD. I’ll bet some of those arm gun owners. Gun control advocates never rest and we can’t afford to be apathetic about our gun rights. Oh and fuck the NRA. They are in bed with the gov. Gun Owners of America gets my cash.

        • blackriflewarrior, I couldn’t agree more with you!! If the doc’s office asks you if you have guns or other weapons in your house the answer is always “no”. If they ask you if you feel depressed or sad the answer is always “no”. If they ask you if you feel safe in your home the answer is always “yes”. If asked if you feel satisfied with you life the answer is also always “yes”. Any other answers lead to more invasive questions and possible problems for you.

          When dealing with those in positions of power, your life should be presented as the “happy and optimistic american sheeple”.

          Somewhat related…I may be mistaken, but I am pretty sure that a law was passed not so long ago that makes it illegal for anyone who is or ever has used medical marijuana to possess a firearm -might have seen it at GOA? I think this law also prohibits anyone who has been addicted to pot (recieved treatment) from possession/ownership of a firearm.

          I can see the day that anyone who has ever taken anti-depressants or anxiety meds banned from gun ownership, especially if the anti-gun @ssholes keep getting their way.

          • Fed Up. I did read about medical marijuana users not being able to own firearms as well. Now..I have “heard” that pot smokers are probably the least violent members of our country. I “heard” that they like to smoke up and sit around and laugh and have a good time. I have quite a few friends in law enforcement who believe pot should be legal. I “heard” that pot smokers are some of the most cautious drivers on the road, usually doing 10 mph under the speed limit. I have also read numerous reports of alcohol-fueled gun crimes and lots of alcohol-realted fiery car crashes..HUH…go figger.
            I don’t know what to make of this this poor guys situation. I feel bad for him but I think he should have kept it in his pants and shut his mouth. Its a good lesson for all of us. I sure would be mad at myself if I made the mistakes he made and watched my guns walk out the door. The day “they” come to try to take them because “they” have deemed that we are too stupid and child-like to have them is definitely gonna wreck someones day. Might be mine, might not be mine.

            • I would rather pass a pot smoker on the road than a drunk any day.

        • i go to a military medical clinic on base and at every appointment they drill the patient with questions regarding suicide, sadness, being afraid/of being alone, etc…and this is before the dr. actually sees you.
          if you have problems like smoking cigarettes or have issues with your weight they also try to send you to the “behavioral” clinic a few blocks away.

      18. “Deliverance”,,,Mr.Sarti has that look,,,wonder what species his girlfriend is?
        STILL no reason to confiscate his reason for believing…. imo.

      19. i feel sorry for him but he forgot the number one rule.


        he blabbed to the whole world what his preps were, how many guns he had, told his philosophy to people that he knew wouldn’t understand and this is where he’s at.

        like i said i feel sorry for him but we’ve all been warned. i’m keeping my mouth quiet, not talking to strangers about anything but the weather and gonna try after this post to limit my internet traffic and try to make sure i’m not traced on what i do on it. impossible i know but i gotta try.

        • I too feel sorry for him. Yet sometimes common sense is thrown out the door when it comes to boasting. He as well as all the others have the right intentions for prepping but they need to keep it a secret among themselves and not reveal it to the public. To me that’s asking for some uninvited guests…

      20. keep your prepping quiet, keep your gun ownership quiet, keep your “fringe” shtf plan quiet, or you just might end up in the same boat.

      21. 1) you fail to note that the cardiology appointment and involuntary committal occurred BEFORE the show was aired.

        2) the other main point is that no national organization (NRA, etc.) has been willing to assist Mr. Sarti. I suspect this has everything to do with him being dishonest in his portrayal of events and less to do with these organizations with their massive war chests being unwilling to help.

        3) the doctor has no obligation, legal or ethical, to keep confidential information that may pertain to the eminent danger to a patient or specified other person. quite to the contrary, the doctor has a legal obligation to report danger to self or others. from teh video posted to Mr. Sarti’s youtube channel, he admitted that he had told the doctor that he had contemplated suicide and told the doctor that he had the means to hurt himself and knowledge of ways to commit suicide. this is a red flag for any clinician. god knows what else Mr. Sarti said or what his mental health status was at that exact moment.

        4) the cardiologist likely did not fill out the committal paperwork, rather the staff psychiatrist at the hospital emergency room where Mr. Sarti was referred completed the paperwork. Mr. Sarti admitted on his video that he had voluntarily sought treatment (likely at the strong urging of the cardiologist) at the emergency room. Mr. Sarti also admitted that he “went along with” the emergency room evaluation “for a couple hours.” i would guess that he then became agitated when it was suggested that he voluntarily be hospitalized.

        so here’s the equation: suicidal ideations + means to hurt self or others + evidence of a plan to hurt self or others + consultation with psychiatrist who agrees that danger to self or others is imminent = involuntary 72 hour committal.

        • Fern, I hate to agree with you but you are right on some important points. This DID happen before the release date of the show. I have not personally talked to Dave but I don’t think they kicked in his door and took the guns. I would be lead to believe he gave up information on having them and they were surrendered. I also don’t know if he has tried walking into the police station and requesting there return, as this would normally work under the circumstances. As for the NRA they are VERY selective on who they back. I for one do not back them, they are lobbyists and have their own agendas.
          Dave as far as I know was committed by the police and psysc hospital. I guess sometimes jokes are better left unsaid. I’m glad you cleared some of the facts up for us. At the same time I would hope Dave gets his guns back, I would wonder what kind of prepper would have them all available to authoritys in the first place?

        • Actually, when I watched the clip he said the sheriff’s office sent someone to his home to take him to the emergency room. He did not present there voluntarily saying he was suicidal.

          If in fact Mr. Sarti does have a mental disorder severe enough that he should not have access to weapons (I found his explanation of the misunderstanding reasonable), that determination needs to be made in a lawful manner, not based on a few people’s opinions over a brief period of time. That’s why there’s a legal process in place for making capacity determinations.

          If he was sane enough for the psychiatric facility to release him and not file an involuntary hold for treatment (which includes determining whether the person is a danger to self or others), then he’s sane enough to have his property returned.

          The ER staff and the LEOs made determinations to keep the public safe based on their brief encounters. They did their jobs. The psychiatric facility evidently did its part then released Mr. Sarti without filing for mandatory commitment for treatment. Now the state needs to complete the process and either make a formal determination that Mr. Sarti cannot own weapons in the future, or return them.

          • Unfortuantely for him, the Federal Firearms Act of 1968 states that being involuntarily committed is enough to remove your rights so the determination you speak of may be moot. There have been other folks in a similar situation to his and they have fought and won their cases to have their rights restored. A good attorney and support from others is what he needs to take care of this.

      22. People shouldn’t do that show. You get a big target on your back. I do think that National Geographic is out to make people that prepare for the future look like crazies. Sarti made a bad decision and it cost him. I do believe that someone in the prepper community will take care of his newly accuired needs. Prepping should be done silently. The people that have been on that show will have a hard time protecting themselves from the real crazies. It is sad when prepping is the new underground movement. I think its a risk putting my name on the petition, thats a real shame! The end of the world as we know it has already happened. We are living in it now and its only going to get worse. My advice is to dig a deeper bunker,buy more rice,buy more bullets(with cash only)and keep quiet.

      23. oh and about the Nat Geo guy..when the government uses a hammer for all of its problems..dont act like a nail.

        also what this tells me is..its time to hide what you have..and talk like you have nothing

        because if you cant S.T.F.U..than you’ll soon be S.O.L.

      24. Mac,

        I have met Mr.Sarti at an “Patriot Nurse” seminar in Nashville. I’ll be the first to admit he is a bit silly, but he is no threat to anyone other then a tyrannical Paranoid schizophrenic government run my a group of Psychopaths!

        • Bloodyfellow, thank you for sharing. I am sure the readers here will feel more comfortable taking action knowing that others vouch for Mr. Sarti.


          • Watching those videos, I immediately could tell he’s harmless. He’s just one of those guys who jokes around, is likeable and just wants to be liked.

            I’m willing to bet this Dr. Olivier is black, and Mr. Sarti’s joke about “putting a sheet over his head and running through the projects” is what brought on the railroading of Mr. Sarti. Joking While White can get you killed or nearly so.

            • also, by my count, you have at least six other idiot compadres who don’t know how to do their due diligence before making claims of racial victimization.

              seriously, people, it’s not that hard to appear a little bit like sane, intelligent person. flying off the handle and accusing people of racial discrimination without even checkign a link provided in teh story to verify if your assumptions is true is utterly pathetic and bush league.

            • at least 4 more idiots want to give you thumbs up for claiming the doctor was black and that the whole thing was racially motivated. lots of geniuses around here. yippee!

            • i doubt that dr. is black..ever been in er especially after 6pm…all the drs are iranian, indian, or from some other country doing service/intership to pay off student loans. this is especially true in huge hospitals but being seen more and more in small hospitals as well.

            • that’s the thing, there’s no need to speculate. there was a link in the article to the doctor’s profile in the original article!!!

              the doctor is white. yet this clown is literally looking for boogeymen.

      25. I hear nothing, I see nothing, I say nothing. Everyone of the prepped mindset should do the same. Don’t ask and definitely don’t tell.

        • Sad story. Although this is probably more typical of LEO than not. Shows their attitude exactly when the officer says “I don’t have time for this constitutional bullshit”

      26. He is a good reason why you should have unregistered and burried guns too. I need to get some unregistered guns. I guess you never know when some crazy person in authority is going to take away your god given rights.

        • Tjl…ask around …friends only though..I came upon a once in a lifetime weapon by just talking guns with some friends of mine while in physical therapy. I have others too…hidden..never will see the light of day until the time comes. As you can tell by my screen name I am partial to the AR platform…but there are far better weapons out there..hehehe.

        • I Just sold all of my guns to a fellow names John Brown, James Smith, and Barack Obama. Sorry Ossifer, I don’t have any guns or anything that I could do harm to my fellow Shee–uh Americans.
          And if you want to trace my IP, good luck. I go through a 32 bit VPN security, so when you get lost in Urbrokestan, you have been warned.

      27. I’d really like to sign this petition. First I’d like more info on the site as well as more details of the case. Unknown details could make a lot of preppers look I’ll-informed or ‘eccentric ‘ themselves. Add to that a long list of names(over a thousand now) that could be turned over to whoever.
        Otoh if it’s legit I’ll get behind it.

      28. A dear friend of mine made some wrong choices/lost his mind on a manic drug binge. He was running around obviously out of it and the cops ignored him.Several times! It looks like “they” want the independant thinkers locked up – and the crazies loose- crazies are easily controled.

        Isiah 5: 20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

      29. Yes, he got screwed but he brought it own himself.

        It’s like a game of Whack-a-Mole, except it isn’t a game.

        “Fools’ names and fools’ faces are always seen in public places.”

      30. the first rule of fight club is……….you don’t talk about fight club!

        • I also agree with the second rule- you DON’T talk about fight club!!

      31. This whole story smells.
        Somebody didn’t want this guy to have weapons.
        The problem is, when exactly the NWO will realize that there are too many weapons scattered globally.
        At this point we will see the uprisal.
        Good job Daisy.

      32. They are coming, just look at the attack on Fox News by Media Matters. The storm has arrived. When they can silence Fox News, what chance do you think you have?

        The new laws are in place, all they have to do is speak it and your gone. Dave is just a trial balloon to see if they can get away with it. My guess is they will.

        I hate to be crude but this scares me so much you could not shove a pin in me ass with a sledge hammer.

        It might be time to start running silent and deep.

        • In the trucking bidness, we call that the ‘pucker factor.’ It happens a lot going down hills with no brakes!

          • SmokinOkie

            I’ve had that same feeling on a patch of ice. I do apologize for letting my rude, crude and socially unacceptable sailor side show through but this one really ticked me off.

            Dave was played and it sounds like it could be by a Indian, Pakisani or Arab doctor. Is there a personal injury lawyer on this site that practices in Daves state?

        • Hell, I’m no fan of this administration nor the last one, but I’d take out fox news personally given half the chance. There’s more than enough ignorance out there without that bought-and-paid-for-by-the-corporatocracy crap spewing 24/7.

          • Fox is “Fair and Balanced”. Just watch it a while-Leftists pretending to be something else.

            But Shannon is Hott!

        • Wrong–Faux News likes their 6 figure incomes..we don’t work for the media or TPTB…and I agree with most here–we have waaaay too many weapons for any agency to think about taking on a large scale.
          You know what they say..Molon Labe.

      33. Cannot stress the importance of off paper weapons.

        Nuff said.

        • I’m in NAZI York and even here there are so many legal ways to buy guns without any paper work, I can not for the life of me figure out why theses people go down to the sporting goods store by a fake ar and think they are good to. I agree if you have to be called in or sign something you are going about gun ownership in the wrong way.

          • “gun show loophole” BATFE specifies in their law it is OK to sell a firearm without a form 4473 so long as it’s a private sale from personal collection and the recipient is not, by your best judgement, a prohibited possessor. The BATFE is an illegal entity itself but we won’t go there 🙂

      34. Part of being prepared is the emotional and mental ability to assess a situation and realize who can be trusted. For me there are three. There are more children and grandchildren, but their discernment is rather lacking. If I tell them anything, they tell the world. I was brought up to trust “my betters”. Life has shown me that they are few.

      35. It simply amazes me that people keep their guns and other valuables in places that are accessible by anyone wanting to take them.
        If you truly believe in bad things coming our way then your survival materials as well as your guns and other assets should be inaccessible to anyone without much hard work to get at them.

      36. Mmmmmmm, Juicy Fruit. You got them all fooled Chief!

      37. Seatbelt philosophy…

        I’d already been driving a few years, and always buckled up, when my state passed its 1st mandatory seatbelt law. I quit using the seatbelt, sort of a personal protest against the government telling me what to do.
        One day as I was headed out the door, my dad came out on our big front porch. Said he wanted a word with me before I left. He had that ‘look’ and, figuring I was in for a butt-chewing, my mind raced to see which one of my latest misdeeds he must have discovered. I wasn’t so concerned about the deed itself as I was the failure of my cover-up. OPSEC must’ve broken down. Somebody snitched.
        Turned out, he wasn’t mad at me after all.
        “Son, he said “I notice you quit using your seatbelt. What’s up?”
        I went into my teenage version of ‘I have my rights, the government can’t make me do that, blah blah blah.’
        He listened patiently, then said “Yes, I guess you do have the right to not wear it. And I agree with your sentiment, but what if you were badly hurt in an accident? What if your head went through the windshield and you were severely and permanently brain damaged? Then what?”
        “That’s a risk I’m willing to take to make this statement of resisting the government,” I said.
        “You’re willing to take that risk?” he asked.
        I smiled and winked at him. “Damn straight,” I said. It was a favorite expression between us (and the only profanity he allowed within earshot of my mother.)
        “Son,” he said, “do you know what I’d like to be doing when I’m 70?”
        Either he was changing the subject, or I’d totally lost track of where the conversation was going. I stammered “Uh…no. I hadn’t really thought about it.”
        “Son” he said, shifting into a voice that reminded me of Clint Eastwood (the voice where you don’t know if Clint is gonna buy the stranger a drink, or shoot him, but either way something serious is about to happen). “What I’d LIKE to do when I’m 70 is sit out here on the porch and tell lies to my grandkids. What I WILL do if I must, but what I hope I never have to do, is wheel you around in a chair, help your mother spoon-feed you, and change your stinky-ass adult diapers. Now, which one of those retirement plans do YOU want me to have?”
        A flash of guilt flickered in my mind, but I pushed it right back out. Going in to my best ‘limited-version teenage rebellion’ stance (the unlimited version will get you smacked) I said “You’re just trying to put a guilt trip on me because you think it’ll work and I’ll start using my seatbelt again!”
        The Eastwood (I aint kidding, boy) voice was still there. His eyes drilled holes in me and, without so much as a blink or a hint of a smile, he said “You’re damn straight,” then turned and walked away.
        I went back to using my seatbelt.

        • I still remember those conversations w/my father even though he is long gone. They stay with u forever, and recollection occurs at the darndest moments.

      38. This guy still have a time to fight, but I do not see he will.
        Be strong, don’t be a slave! Fight your own passions first! Then you will be able to win any other battle.

      39. Great story.

        You must be proud of him.

      40. We don’t have all of the details of this gentleman’s case. I have seen how folks in the mental health industry have a “hair trigger” when it comes to possible suicide with clients -mostly due to worries over liability.

        Many times clients will tell a mental health professional that they have considered suicide, they have the means, but have no motive to follow through on it and can elaborate plans for the future and reasons why they would not follow through on the thoughts of taking their own life (like this guy, because he is a Go-fearing man and his beliefs keep him from even going near suicide). In this case, it sounds as if the “hair trigger” mentality took over in place of good clinical judgement. Again, we don’t really have all of the details, but from where I stand this is just garbage.

        I would also like to add that while SOMETIMES there are signs a person is going to take their own life, MOST OFTEN A CLIENT WILL LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH when questioned about suicidal ideation only to take their life a short time later. Don’t believe me? Go ask someone who works in the mental health industry or find the research yourself-there is a lot of it out there.

        I see what happened to this gentleman as a failing and abuse of those in positions of power. I wrote folks and am doing what I can to rally behind him because I refuse to allow anyone to be abused simply because they made an easy target or someone was worried about their liability. I am aware there have been other cases of folks being involuntarily committed, being found as no threat to themselves and fighting in court to have their gun-rights restored. This is what a good attorney is for, and exactly what this gentleman needs.

        Wow, guess I had a lot to say on this and I hope folks forgive the long rant. This kind of thing makes my blood boil.

        • I have always heard that a when person is intent on suicide, It usually becomes known after the event.

      41. I can’t believe how ….. sane ….. he really is. I mean, he’s tragically overweight and that’s his biggest risk, but he knows he’s fat, I have a definite feeling it’s for medical reasons and he’s working his ass off to get it fixed.

        If I were him, I’d get some friends to live with me on the land/farm, to help with the work and of course *they* can have guns …. like G. Gordon Liddy, always saying on the radio that he doesn’t have any guns being a convicted felon, but *Mrs* Liddy on the other hand…..

        He could also get into archery, airguns, and I believe, black powder guns.

        He sound like a guy who walks (waddles?) the walk, he’s on YouTube showing people how to do stuff, how many preppers really do that? It was worth it watching the video just to learn that hand warmers make ready to use oxygen absorbers. I’d never thought of that!

        Mr. Sardi could be a real teacher of how to live the survivalist lifestyle without guns, because after all, sometimes you don’t want the noise a gun makes. Guns are not the ultimate solution to everything. They’re sure nice to have, sure, but there are a lot of other ways to accomplish something. Frankly for hunting traps and snares come out way ahead.

        Mr. Sardi: Don’t give up!

      42. When will the American people stand up as a whole against these tyrants?????? If this isnt in your face enough I don’t know what we are waiting for .

      43. It is tragic that this happened to this man. I might offer a caution to anyone else who has prepped and gone to this lever or anywhere close. Do it in silence. I mean it is in my opinion clear that this was deliberate effort by PTB and Nat Geo to lure out folks to see how amny folks are doing what and then to go after them. Hell you might even stop making any mentionof anything at all even on here. Another thought would be to hide all of what you have very well…..Lose lips sink ships. Don’t be suprised if anyone else gets nabbed.

        • I mean the folks that set up this kinda stuff have made a science of getting to people. Scientific, psychological, profiling, accessing what patterns look like, I mean total scientific mathematical calculating assholes. This only proves what their intention is and it is a warning….don’t get any bright ideas of arming up too much or we will get ya. It’s very clear, actions don’t lie.

      44. not (now?) labelled an “extremist”

      45. I wonder how many time he, like many on this site, has said he would shoot them before he gave up his guns?

        • sounds to me like they went in and got them while he wasnt there.

          And im sure a lot of us would be pressed hard to start shooting, even if we would like to.

          It still dont make what they did right.

          But it sure should have taught all of us a lesson..what lesson that is ..depends on who you are

          • He is a TOTAL moron, and now the fact that he said he would poison his food supply is a GREEN LIGHT GO to take it all and destroy it. As they should, with a threat like that. He is not even HALF there… why do you think the fuckin NRA wants NOTHING to do with this guy????

            • Mike,

              Making it well known that hard core preppers strategically poison a certain amount of their food supplies only known to them is a deterrent against looters and keeps you as a valuable live asset should someone else want access to your food preps.

              All serious preppers should practice this tactic and let the word spread that preppers do this.

              Let them guess who really does it or doesn’t.

              He is not a moron for doing this. He is smart and has done the prepper community a favor letting potential looters know they might not be able to loot with impunity, unless you like being looted without consequences for the perps.

          • Lessons?? we just moved the weapons we don’t have to another secure location away from the one registered that didn’t get stolen!! wink–wink.

        • I never said that. I can buy more guns tomorrow without a background check. There is a time to prepare and a time to fight. He who allows his opponent to choose the time and place of the battle has surrendered much.

          • He chose the lay down and die approach. It seems what he says he lived for was not worth dying for, or trying to rebuild.

            You are correct to let them get the guns they can find, so long as you have some they can not find.

            If they are coming to take your last guns and you have no way to get more, you may as well use them before they get taken. Isn’t that what they are for in the first place?

            If him, and the others who have been victimized by unlawful gun confiscation had shot to protect their guns the corp minions wouldn’t be so quick to go to the next place.

            In this case, they will get away with it and feel stronger than ever before when they attack the next guy. Can we wait for any army of us to band together? No, it is up to the individuals to protect their own.

            When we have courage as individuals, we can have strength as a group.

            • Agreed

              I also have another bone to pick (not with you sir)

              but with the so called law.. Has any one cut this man a check for his arms?

              Guns and ammo aint cheap…you know why? ‘Cause their worth it!

              pay the man for the property you stole

            • Gods Creation I agree with much of what have said, however I disagree with you on one point.

              If he “had shot to protect [his] guns the corp minions wouldn’t be so quick to go to the next place”. I think they would have made him out to be an “looney” and used that behavior to further back their claim he is unsafe and that those who possess guns in the prepper community are unsafe and fringe terrorist elements or some other such bilge.

              You know full well the corp never passess up an opportunity to make folks look like they are radicals and unsafe. By allowing the corp to take his guns, he has opened the door for a fight in court -one he can win based on other precidential cases. His courage is being out there trying to spread the message of prepping and being forthcoming with those who care to listen to what has happened to him. I have the courage to stand up at his side and say “NO!” to the disservice done to him.

            • Fed Up,

              “I think they would have made him out to be an “looney” and used that behavior to further back their claim he is unsafe and that those who possess guns in the prepper community are unsafe and fringe terrorist elements or some other such bilge.”

              Isn’t that exactly what they did even though he did not shoot? Those in the prepper community would know why he shot, the cops would know they face a risk when violating the law and the rights of the People.

              “By allowing the corp to take his guns, he has opened the door for a fight in court -one he can win based on other precidential cases.”

              He has nothing for court. The corp has declared him incompetent already, and lacks standing to even make a claim of ownership to his guns.

              One day the People will realize that the corp and it’s cops must be sent a message and put a stop to the violations of Natural Law by fighting them in smaller groups when they attack individuals at their homes.

              You don’t have to open the door no matter how hard and how long they knock, nor do you have to refrain from shooting if they kick the door in.

            • Gods Creation -I agree that those of us in the preps community would know why he fired shots, however it would be spun in the lamestream media much differently and I think we can agree no good would have come of this. When I said he would be made out to be a ‘looney’ I meant if he had fired shots. He hasn’t been made out to be a looney based on THAT -please don’t twist my words.

              You stated “He has nothing for court. The corp has declared him incompetent already, and lacks standing to even make a claim of ownership to his guns.” You are incorrect that he has no standing in court. He has NOT been declared incompetent, he has had his gun rights revoked because of his involuntary committment, rendering him “mentally defective” according to what can be gleaned from his statements in the video. These two definitions are different in the courts, and upon review in the courts following the committment he was found to NOT be a threat to himself or anyone else.

              There are other cases where this has happened to others, and they have fought and won their rights back. The precident has been set for cases such as this and he does have a fighting chance. As I stated previously, he needs a dern good lawyer.

              You are correct that no one is obligated to open their door regardless of how long someone stands there and knocks. You are incorrect that “nothing” prevents you from shooting when they kick in the door -even the most relaxed castle doctarines don’t allow shooting of government folks entering your home, unless of course, someone is interested in serving life in prision…

      46. I feel for this guy.. It shows that a ackward sence of humor can nail
        You in the Ass.. In this county.. One thing is 4 sure- justice is “blond” in this place!!

        We aint free.. Never were.. We all are Renters.. The govt and the banks own is and all our worldly posessions.. Just stop paying your property taxes.. Or mortgages.. You”ll see 1st hand!!

        I hope the Fat guy does go waco on thier asses!


        • No he wont, because He and his cabinet members are too busy pointing out all of the same shit that the other countries have been doing to their people.

        • Like THAT’S going to happen!

      48. “Siezed” guns….can he get them back? Or poof! Sold to Mexi Cartel?

        • can you say Fast and Furious Part II? to be continued….

      49. I remember a in the 1970’s watching the SWAT tv series.
        A guy was seen at a gun show trying to sell some surplus weapons and someone said he was a crazy guy with a gun.
        Swat arrived at his house and got on the Bullhorn and told him to come out. He said he was busy and didn’t do anything wrong so he wasn’t coming out.
        The new guy decided to go around back and break down the door but was shot at and retreated. The swat commander basically told him he was an idiot and swat does not endanger peoples lives by breaking down doors…. people are innocent.
        My girlfriend at the time who had recently arrived from Iran turned to me and I said that the commander is right. She said that it wont be long before they break down every door. That’s the way it is with power. You give them a little and they take a lot.

      50. First of all, Daisy, well written. Secondly Mr. Sarti shot himself in the foot by not shutting up. That I have only contempt for. As a medical professional , I have had to report the same things. I don’t like it but there it is. People when you speak with a medico keep on track. When someone goes to an ER the triage personnel have to, BY LAW, ask you, if
        1. You feel safe in your home.
        2. Do you feel like hurting yourself or someone else.
        3. Do you own firearms.
        4. Have you ever contemplated suicide or actively attempted to committ.
        This is done in accordance with the law. It doesn’t matter if you are there for a cut finger or a stroke. David blew it big time. I do believe there is more to this than meets the eye. Whether Dr Olivier was black white purple or from Mars he had to dime Sarti out.
        In this world we can trust noone to keep our secrets , so to fix that , tell noone anything. A few like minded preppers know my location and my defensive capabilities. Even that I think is too much. When TSHTF your neihbor will do what he has to get your food water guns etc., and will not care what has to be done to meet that goal. Are we getting this people ?
        This can be looked at as a tactical multiplier. Seeing as these Nat Geo preppers let the cat out of the bag, the opposing forces will visit them first, giving me more time to react. Do I feel for Mr. Sarti? Yes. Will I sign this well intentioned petition ? No. Why ? I don’t advocate stupidity.

        • See Nothing, Say Nothing! (Up to you if you want to imagine Sgt. Schultz when you say or think this hehe.)

        • I’m 61 and dh is 63; we have had our share of ER visits; NEVER have we been asked those questions.
          Tennessee and Kentucky.

      51. his guns were not seized. he still has them. he did lose his rights tho.

      52. National Geographic ceased to be anything but a mouthpiece for the Statists many years ago. By 1980 it might as well have been Pravda, or the Nazi magazine Signal. No sane person who is religious, or believes that the Rights of Man should trump the Power of the State, should ever have anything to do with them. That is the message in this sad event with Mr. Sardi. They wanted to generate some propaganda for the State. To do this they found one of the few men foolish and/or detached enough to let them into his life. Wonder how many people told them to take a hike before they latched onto him?

      53. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show, and I agree with most of you that it’s not the smartest thing for a true prepper to do, but what about all the prior rants and raves from all of us about America waking up? Isn’t this one way to bring awareness?

        Can America really implement gun control? How long of a process would that take? What catastrophic event would have to happen for Americans to allow that? Frankly, I don’t see it, but I’m not always right.

        I’ll still watch the show, love people’s ingenuity!
        Only critique, if you’re expecting an earthquake, why
        are you storing food in glass jars on shelves?

      54. Any prepper that keeps all of his/her guns at home, above ground, is not a prepper. The Republic is dead, and the rules have changed. The praetorian guard make up rules as they go along and look for ANY reason to confiscate your guns. Owning guns is not enough to assure survival. You absolutely must develop a mindset to use those guns against all comers, street thugs or jack-booted thugs who pose a threat. No debate, no exceptions, no compromise!

        • @ swift—- see, just the fact that you BURY guns is a good reason that you shouldn’t have any.

      55. Appealing to BHO and his socialist regiment is like asking the hangman to be gentle. Its that frog in boiling water thing.
        They are losing control of the people as more wake up and start prepping to either fight back or just stay alive through the times ahead. Be ready for more regulations, rules, and main stream media bias against us to try to marginalize us. Its always darkest before the dawn. Good luck

      56. I’m disappointed so many people here want to condescend Mr Sarti. The show didn’t air until AFTER ALL OF THIS HAPPENED. No, I don’t believe going onto the show was a good idea from an OpSec standpoint, but Mr Sarti was already a very well known prepper. He’s been doing very informative videos online for some time now and promoting prepping. This is a matter of a doctor overreacting.

      57. The story headline is misleading, THEY DID NOT SEIZE his guns, the took away his rights, watch both videos and pay attention

      58. I live one county over from Mr. Sarti, less than 15 miles away and cannot believe that they TOOK his guns! There are lots of preppers in this area and most that live around here have guns PLURAL! I dont know all the details of what happened, but its scary to think they would come to his house and take his guns. I probably wouldnt have faired so well, because I would have resisted!

        • watch his second video, they did not take his guns, they took his gun rights, he said his guns are gone, when he gets his rights back, they will re-apear.

      59. VRF-check out Lenco Bearcat G3-thats what my village has. Talk about a police state, this vehicle is seriously not something to mess with. They’re gearing up!

      60. As somebody who’s going to be featured in a future episode of Doomsday Preppers, I have to admit, this is a bit shocking and nerve racking. Thankfully I barely mentioned guns, and I didn’t bring any out for the film crew. Also our preps are pretty mild compared to what I’ve seen on the show so far. Oh and we are 100% sane (though I don’t think this guy seemed insane to me, eccentric but not insane).

        • out of curiosity, did you get paid for your appearance?

      61. Let me see if I have this right…
        7 billion mouths to feed…. bees are disappearing, govt. spraying chem trails to fuck up the weather, bankers giving farmers a hard time about seed and fert. loans. Water and food supply in question. Business closing, global crime on he rise.

        The way I see it…

        Anyone without a long-term multi-decade longevity food pantry are not all there.
        Just missing 6 meals and you start to die.

        Folks…I think it’s time to keep preppin.
        Hide your guns, tell the govt. fucks nothing.

      62. If common everyday RINO’s and sheeple think survivalists and preppers look and act like this fat moron….I can remain under the radar forever.

        Too bad the man’s premise is right and that he seems to mean no harm to anyone….guess the Fed’s and the police-state of Tennessee needed a poster child to punish.

        I sure like his choice of primary weapon however….got two of ’em myself…one with a Leupold and one with an ACOG.

      63. Just watched the doomsday prepper episode..

        avoid it at all costs if selected..

        you are a target..period

        Given the current state of affairs

        I personally would keep my preps quiet..period..

        for all reasons mentioned here..


      64. Sarti blew the #1 rule for preppers…..OPSEC

      65. DO NOT BLOW YOUR SECURITY! Stay off the television. Don’t clue your neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc in to what you’ve got unless you intend to share it.

        Last year I got approached by a National Geographic rep at a prepper conference to discuss being on the show. I told her NO WAY…….500 of my closest friends would pay me a visit when the shtf.

      66. I am a RN in a busy ER. Part of my job is to quickly and accuratey access pt’s. Mr. Sarti is not suffering from a mental incapicitation. He needs a good lawyer. The state has 72 hours to either admit him as a patient or discharge him. 72 hours and 15 minutes is a winning lawsuit. 96 hours is unlawful imprisonment. Get a good lawyer.

      67. The first thing he should do is give his guns to a sister or family member while fighting this, like G Gordon Liddy said ” I don’t own any guns but my wife has a hell of a collection.” If you want to see what the government would do in a shtf situation look at Katrina. While the police were taking everyone’s guns, some of the police just went out on a shooting spree and murdered people with automatic weapons, at least five of them were caught and found guilty of murder by a jury but there are probable many many more that got away with it .

      68. I only hope that future people on the NatGeo Prepper series will think twice about the info they reveal to the public because as every one knows, Big Brother is watching and listening. They may one day find themselves a “person of interest”…oops, should have kept my mouth shut.

      69. sad situation but lessons to be learned by all:

        1) OPSEC !!!
        2) tptb will use any/all excuse(s) to disarm Americans
        3) far more in this country are/will be complicit with tptb as time draws closer to tshtf
        4) check your 6; vet your “friends”; screen your “group” members
        5) ftlopkyms(for the love of pete, keep your mouth shut)

        keep your powder dry and closer than ever

        • I used to practice net OPSEC but I think we’ve got it all wrong now. We’re so individualised and removed that when they jump people like Sarti nobody notices or even cares.
          All I can say is, good luck waiting out the government and hoping that the collapse comes before they arrive to take you away. We’ve taken the coward’s route, and the founding fathers would hang their heads in shame.

          • @ B Chandler

            1) i HAVE noticed and i DO CARE
            2) if you’re holding your breath for some great kumbiya-like moment wherein we all come together arm-in-arm(under arms) for “The Great Moment” to face our oppressors, save yourself the trip to the ER… we have not yet behaved as our Founding Fathers: “In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms:” and until we do, it won’t happen;
            3) what i see happening is a United Flt 93-like scenario, one in which ALL American backs are against the wall and “the plane”, as it were, must either be retaken by force or destroyed – BUT BY US NOT THEM
            4) until then, i will continue to VOTE against the socialists, try to awaken others, prep and ready myself and those closest, vet, screen and confirm the wannabes, and pray that God will have Mercy on us as a nation and strengthen me to help reverse the awful direction we are headed…

            do yourselves a favor: re-read the Declaration of Independence… make the comparisons then do the math

            • I’m not sure how to reply to this as it reads quite poorly, but I’ll try and buy into your Flight 93 analogy.
              You’re backed against a wall along with the rest of the passengers (citizens).
              Lets take back the plane”, you shout.
              The next man says “lets reason with them!”
              The woman after him says “shut up and be quiet or you’ll get us all killed”.
              The man next to HER shuffles away from you all to avoid catching stray fire.
              The woman further along says “we treat the Muslims quite poorly so they deserve the right of redress”.
              The man next to her says “are there any parachutes?”
              The woman next to him says “maybe we should trust them at their word that they’ll only fly to a foreign country and ransom us.”
              The man next to her… well you get the idea.

              Every time a David Sarti in this world gets boned by the State and people like us “Petition for Redress in the most humble terms” we have betrayed them and the principles America was founded on.
              The government doesn’t give a rats ass about your petitions. Something you’ll realise when you’re getting hauled off to jail ’cause your neighbor just ratted you out for a hundred bucks.

      70. So….let me get this right. You go on T.V. and run your big mouth and you wonder why the Government suddenly pays attention to you?………..I don’t get it.

      71. What guns???? I hate guns and violence. My Government is my friend………………………………….yeah…right.

        • Hey Mr.Gov Man, would you like some milk and cookies? Oh no sir, I don’t believe in guns…. just don’t go into my cellar or I may have to shoot you! HA…

      72. Watched some previous preppers tonite on Natgeo..

        Interesting how they always dismiss the event of a hyper-inflationary scenario..”as most economists say this is unlikely to ever happen..!”

        yeah right


      73. This article is very misleading. Sarti went for psychiatric evaluation because he opened his mouth a bit too much and made careless statements that referenced suicide. Many might argue the doctor’s obligatory position to report this. Others might argue that the right to bear arms should not involve crafty legislative manuvers in the first place, but that’s beside the point.

        Sarti’s ability to purchase guns has, at this time, been halted by Federal order (FBI letterhead, not BATF_). The cited document he shared on Youtube claims it was for a mental problem.

        Sarti said that his guns are no longer on his property. Sarti himself stated the guns were not seized. They were not stolen. Refer to some of his new videos where he states this himself, with a wink-wink to people watching his videos.

        Why take a story and add lies to sensationalize? This is a repugnant tactic of the establishment that sensible Patriots have no time or patience for.

      74. Drop by and give the guy a spare or FedEx him a used door stop. 😉


      76. Have you people ever watched television?? OF COURSE THEY EDIT THE SHOW TO MAKE THE PERSON PROFILED MORE “INTERESTING!” Crazy and wacky is interesting to watch! nobody wants to watch somebody sensibly and practically preparing to do anything.. even preparing for the end of western society.

        The producers don’t care about a gun grab or making preppers in general look insane, they care about creating a show they can sell to a network that the network and sell advertising on. There is no conspiracy to make preppers look insane. Although, I do have to call into question the sanity of a prepper that wants to be on television.

      77. The doctors info has been removed from the link in this article- guess he got emails, huh??
        Let’s hope some things in this country still work and this petition helps.

      78. The guy sound’s like a nut job to me

      79. Hey, Dave Sarti. You are too big to try a shoot out–so do not sweat the guns.Go to and there are alternative weapons–just stay away from powder explosive types- but giant sling shots and foot bows bring down choppers..Keep everything else.And keep the prep tapes going.When it hits the fan and the balloon goes up others like-minded will either be willing to take you in and or share your farm.Then let those more physically fit do the fighting.You man the ham radio and the cooking stove.

      80. No one is going to do anything, even when they come and take our guns. I’ve been hearing “If they ever______then I’m gonna ______” my entire life, and every time they do “_______,” no one does a damned thing but complain. They [our corrupt government] have been doing _______ for decades now. The motto of this once great nation should be: “This too shall pass” since that seems to be the attitude everyone has. No matter what offenses against our liberties they commit, everyone just tells themselves that a new savior politician will eventually come along and make it right again, or someone else with more gumption will take the matter to the courts and have it settled, or maybe things just won’t be so bad after all and eventually we’ll get used to the new world order of things. Pathetic. If any of these so-called patriots had any fortitude at all, there would have been 4 million rifles in the streets of Washington D.C. the day after NDAA 2012 was signed into law.

      81. It sounds like, from Sarti’s description of his symptoms, and the fact that the doctor allegedly did not find anything wrong with his heart, that Sarti suffered from a panic attack. I think. I had a friend, also into end of the world stuff, who went through panic attacks. No logic behind it. Just boom, panic, feels like a heart attack kind of thing.

        Well, in the medical world, many doctors don’t want someone having illogical panic attacks being around guns. What if he turns paranoid and starts shooting people for no sound reason? And of course, maybe he would shoot himself.

        To all you preppers who have the means, maybe you should find a prep-minded doctor, who won’t move to have you committed if you suddenly start having panic attacks or such. Or just avoid doctors altogether.

      82. I gather this david sarti story happened 2 months ago, but I only became aware of it today. Im a psychologist in ausralia and headed a state suicide intervention initiative.

        Before deciding a person is suicidal and their level of threat to themself, let alone have them “sectioned” (admitted to hospital as an involuntary patient) anyone half competent must use proper tests and the patient must score highly enough on these tests. Other than will to live, they must have an identified method and plan etc. These psych tests are all from the USA, so surely should be used there.

        Apart from David’s obviously positive demeanour, the most glaringly absurd part of that risk of suicide assessment by that cardiologist and hospital is that THE MAN IS GOING TO GREAT LENGTHS TO ENSURE HIS SURVIVAL. Another sad example of a wholly corrupt system.

      83. As a therapist, we are taught in the coursework we are required to complete for our professional degree, about Legal and Ethical issues. As such, all of the counseling professions are required to abide by the Duty to Warn clause, which states that if a client is of harm to himself or to others, that the professional can be put on trial and possibly lose their license if warning signs were present and not acted upon in the event a loss of life has resulted from such neglect. I realize it varies from state to state, and I am not sure what it is called in Tennessee–but in Florida, we have the Baker Act to help us commit a client to an involuntary psychological evaluation, if absolutely necessary. It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians or mental health professionals in the state of Florida. There must be evidence that the person:
        -has a mental illness (as defined in the Baker Act).
        -is a harm to self, harm to others, or self neglectful (as defined in the Baker Act).Examinations may last up to 72 hours after a person is deemed medically stable and occur in over 100 Florida Department of Children and Families-designated receiving facilities statewide.
        There are many possible outcomes following examination of the patient. This includes the release of the individual to the community (or other community placement), a petition for involuntary inpatient placement (what some call civil commitment), involuntary outpatient placement (what some call outpatient commitment or assisted treatment orders), or voluntary treatment (if the person is competent to consent to voluntary treatment and consents to voluntary treatment).

        While I do not know the communication that took place between David and his doctor, I saw nothing on the NatGeo show to demonstrate any psychopathology beyond the obvious eccentricity that comes with being a doomsday prepper. Just joking around could not have been enough to have him committed, but since it was a medical doctor he was speaking to–if they have something like the Baker Act out in Tennessee, then they might also have the same rights as doctors here in Florida. Medical doctors oftentimes work under a medical model that has the tendency to pathologize with the linear causality it fosters, so it is possible the doctor was pathologizing when having David committed. That the guns would be taken away so quickly is alarming–and if his psychological evaluation was not fully completed prior to the confiscation, he might have a very strong case in court! I hope he finds a good pro-bono lawyer that can carry this out for him…it really is a shame NatGeo doesn’t step up to the plate to help him.

      84. Did no one catch the mention of, “I’ll probably be dead before then from the…trolls that wanna kill me anyway.” right around 6:45 in the video?

        Sane people don’t worry about trolls coming to get them, before the “pooh hits the fan”.

      85. Never heard of the guy untill i watched him on DOOMSDAY PREPPERS. didnt look insane to me, didnt sound insane. he deserves his guns end of.

      86. Yes, Michelle, I caught the same thing about the trolls… and wondered what the entire conversation had been to the doctor. I don’t think he sounds nuts. But, having recently regained my health and lost a great deal of weight, I have noticed that people treat me much differently. I mean strangers as well of family and friends. The only thing that changed was my weight… so I feel like he might be experiencing discrimnation due to his weight. Just my personal experience.

        Personally, I don’t feel the need to own guns to protect myself, but if he does, he should be allowed to, unless a number of different professionals see him and come to the same conclusion. They should just leave him alone.

      87. David Sarti is about as crazy as most people are sane. His health sucks, and I hope he chooses to go on Biggest Loser next time, instead of NGDP – After all there’s nothing left to lose, and plenty of health to regain.

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