In an era of Big Tech Censorship, Big Pharma Intoxication, and Big Government Surveillance, Soleimani’s Death is a “Win” For No One

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    To those who are celebrating the death of Qasem Soleimani, I ask this simple question: How does his death make you better off in America?

    The First Amendment in America is just as dead as Soleimani, and no one in government — not even Trump — is lifting a finger to defend and restore online free speech. Instead, we all remain enslaved subjects under a fanatical left-wing techno-cult that’s far more insane than Soleimani’s followers ever could have imagined. Yes, Soleimani’s body was shredded by advanced missile technology, but the free speech that once existed in America is no less eviscerated under the malicious censorship war being waged by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

    Soleimani may be dead, but censorship is alive and well in America, and no one in any position of power is fighting against it.

    The Pentagon said Soleimani had to be taken out because he was planning “imminent” combat operations against United States persons. Yet Big Tech has already completed its online combat operations against tens of millions of Americans, having successfully banned, demonetized, smeared, slandered and de-platformed nearly every voice that supports the very freedoms America is supposedly fighting for in the Middle East. This abundantly demonstrates the absurdity of any claim that blowing up people in Iraq or Iran somehow makes us “more free” in America. The claim that the Pentagon is “fighting for freedom” is total propaganda.

    If firing missiles at Middle Eastern terrorists made America more free, I would say “fire away!” But Soleimani’s death didn’t end Jack Dorsey’s ban of conservative Twitter accounts, nor Sundar Pichai’s blacklisting of the domain from Google, and it has already become abundantly obvious that Hellfire missiles are wasted in Iraq while the real terrorists — such as Sundar Pichai — continue to operate their daily “combat operations” across the ‘net, in total violation of America’s laws and civil rights.

    At least the Iranian people had the sense to mourn the death of their leader, no matter how radical his ideas may have been. Yet here in America, almost no one even recognizes they’ve already lost the very freedoms we all pretend our military is fighting for.

    It’s all just glorious bulls##t.

    Soleimani’s death is not a win for America. It’s a distraction from the massive, gaping losses America is suffering every day right here at home as far more dangerous techno-terrorists run their fanatical oppression schemes across the ‘net, violating the basic human rights of tens of millions of American citizens.

    Big Pharma Intoxication

    At the same time Soleimani’s body was blown to bits, over 100 million Americans were also taking toxic prescription drugs, including mind-altering drugs that have turned America into a zombie land of over-medicated, chemically-altered “toxizens,” ripe for mass media programming. (Because only a brain-damaged zombie could watch CNN’s Brian Stelter for more than a few seconds without wanting to plunge their own head into a blender…)

    No matter how much the Pentagon bombs Middle Eastern terrorists, the truth is that America’s mental health is being chemically carpet-bombed every single day that Big Pharma is allowed to advertise on television, directly to consumers.

    It’s insane. The FDA “legalized” direct-to-consumer advertising in 1997, and since then, Big Pharma has taken over the corporate media, the tech giants and now even retailers like, which is set to become America’s retail pharmacy and drone delivery giant beginning this year.

    Think about it: In Iraq, drones deliver Hellfire missiles that explode on impact and destroy a nation’s terrorism network. In America, drones deliver psychiatric drugs that blow away human minds and destroy a nation’s cognitive capacity. Frankly, I’m not sure which weapon is more dangerous to society. Soleimani never poisoned the American people with FDA-approved chemical weapons that are falsely labeled “antidepressants.” And Soleimani didn’t bribe 44,000 doctors with kickbacks and free trips to motivate them to prescribe toxic, deadly drugs to patients who don’t need them.

    Soleimani may be dead, but so is America if we don’t stop the mass medication scourge that’s causing widespread brain damage across our own citizens.

    Soleimani didn’t kill 20 million people since January 1, 2000, but guess what? The cancer industry did.

    Doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and medical mistakes have killed over 15 million people in that same time frame. Yet we dare to talk about “protecting Americans” by bombing one man who couldn’t even dream of such large-scale casualties?

    Big Government surveillance threatens us all

    Even as Soleimani was being “Hellfired,” nothing at all was being done to hold James Comey, John Brennan and Barack Obama responsible for the outrageous criminal offenses they committed by conspiring to spy on American citizens — and even frame them — in order to try to destroy Donald J. Trump and overthrow the 2016 election.

    Soleimani could have only dreamed of carrying out the kind of treasonous crimes against America that were successfully achieved by Comey, Brennan, and Obama, among others. (Oh, and should I even mention how Soleimani was Obama’s best friend in the Iran nuke deal that turned out to be a complete hoax anyway?)

    Not only did this cabal of deep state traitors carry out deliberate, malicious crimes of illegal surveillance right here at home; Obama actually gave Iran $150 billion to fund their terrorism programs. That included $1.8 billion in physical cash that was stacked on pallets and flown on military cargo planes, delivered directly to Iran. Guess who was the key person in the center of the nuke deal negotiations, by the way? Soleimani, of course. He was Obama’s co-conspirator to transfer cash from the United States to Iran as a way to re-launch Iran’s nuclear weapons development program while funding terrorism on the side.


    Yet no handcuffs have been placed on Obama, nor will they ever be, most likely. So illegal surveillance, money laundering and directly funding America’s foreign enemies is somehow okay in America? Are we supposed to clap like ignorant morons when Trump strikes a Middle Eastern terrorist but completely ignores the far more dangerous terrorist who used to occupy the White House?

    And if this illegal surveillance — authorized by a corrupt FISA court — is not halted and outlawed in America, then aren’t all of us subject to the same sinister surveillance methods that were used against Trump?

    Soleimani may be dead, but no one in America has been held accountable for the crimes of sedition and treason that were deliberately carried out against this nation and our elections process.

    Killing Soleimani didn’t stop the deep state here in America, in other words. And that means we’re all still vulnerable to the unaccountable criminal activity that continues to be carried out by outright traitors like Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and others.

    Bombing foreign terrorists is as stupid as punching a corpse and screaming “Victory!”

    We’re told by everyone that Soleimani “was a bad guy” who “killed thousands of Americans.”

    The exact same thing could be said about the CEOs of the pharmaceutical companies, by the way. Or the CEOs of tech giants, whose malicious censorship actions now deliberately suppress lifesaving information about nutritional cures and anti-cancer foods that could save countless lives every year in America.

    If our criteria for who gets bombed has now come down to justifying sudden terminations of bad guys “who killed thousands of Americans,” then theoretically shouldn’t abortion centers be at the top of such a list? Abortion was the leading cause of death in America for all of 2019, and while I don’t wish any violence on abortionists, they quite overtly wish violence — and carry out violence — against innocent human children, both born and unborn.

    So Trump kills Soleimani and neocons celebrate, all while Planned Parenthood murders human babies while the Left celebrates. Slap me if I’m off track here, but I still fail to see how anyone is “winning” in all this.

    “…[B]efore Trump’s obsession with attacking Iran, the past four US Administrations lied ceaselessly to bring about wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Serbia, Somalia, and the list goes on,” writes Ron Paul at “At some point, when we’ve been lied to constantly and consistently for decades about a “threat” that we must “take out” with a military attack, there comes a time where we must assume they are lying until they provide rock-solid, irrefutable proof. Thus far they have provided nothing. So I don’t believe them.”

    America is falling into the abyss of fanaticism and foolishness

    The problems in our world today are characterized by too much blood, too much political fanaticism, and too much government. We are all living under the thumb of senseless tribalism, political posturing and stupefying incompetence at every level of government itself. And the people running Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Government are irrational, insane, fanatical lunatics who value nothing but their own power and profit.

    The radical Left celebrates infanticide, just as the radical right celebrates blowing up terrorists on the tarmac. Meanwhile, America is falling into the abyss of mass medication, techno-fascism, and government tyranny, all while everyone is too distracted by Hollywood loon bags to notice we’ve already lost the war for freedom.

    If Trump thinks this is making America great again, then we’re in worse trouble than I thought. America is no better off today than it was last week, and the priorities of not just Trump but seemingly everyone in Washington D.C. are so out of whack with reality that we stare in awe and wonder what planet these people think they’re on. (Oh, and in addition to Hunter Biden collecting millions from Burisma, Chelsea Clinton reportedly bagged $9 million for sitting on the board of some venture capital firm, once again proving that incompetence pays in Washington.)

    Hasn’t America already achieved energy independence thanks to all the fracking? So why are we still meddling in the Middle East and wondering why their people kill our soldiers when we are occupying their land with a foreign military presence? If Iran sent troops to occupy America’s cities, you can bet every patriot in America would be targeting them with any weapon at hand. Why are we surprised when the people of other nations carry out acts of violence against our soldiers who occupy their lands?

    The hypocrisy in all this is beyond insane. Maybe instead of fighting a war with Iran to prove who has the biggest missiles, we should just bring the troops back home and let the Middle East solve its own problems, which go all the way back to the Old Testament days of the Bible, by the way. There is no solution in the Middle East that’s ever going to come from a Western military force anyway, and those who pretend such solutions exist are laughably delusional.

    If we restore freedom, real justice and the rule of law in America, then maybe we’ve earned the right to meddle in other nations’ problems, having proven we are really good at making nations great again. But until that day comes, every dollar spent on foreign interventions is a dollar that isn’t spent here at home, materially impacting the lives of everyday American people who are losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their communities, and even their sanity because no one in Washington gives a crap about real America anymore.

    That is why we suffer, folks.

    At least Soleimani’s suffering is over. For the rest of us, we have to endure this persistent madness until the big collapse mercifully arrives.

    EDITOR’S  NOTE: As Americans romanticize the death of one man, they also revel in their slavery at home, paying homage to the ruling class which is using the police state to violently oppress them. We have big problems and major human rights violations going on here at home, as Adam’s points out; the terrorists in the U.S. wear suits. 


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      1. Obama did not give $1.8 billion to Iran to fund their terrorist programs. The Iranian government does not have a single terrorist program. The MEK is a radical terrorist cult in Iran and is on Iran’s list of terrorists. It is not surprising that not only has the U.S. officially removed the MEK from the terrorist watch list at the request of the RNC, but has been directly advising the Trump administration, in addition to the Mossad, which is another terrorist organization in Israel and is a defacto imperialist ruler in America. America does not get anything out of the Soliemani assassination. Israel doesn’t either, but they are too stupid to realize it. You can’t expect sane, intelligent, rational, behavior from insane, idiot, irational lunatics, whether in Israel, or America.

        The $1.8 billion that Iran received under Obama was Iran’s frozen financial assets from the 1979 Islamic revolution. It was their money. The United States was just “holding it for them” in a bank.

        There is an obvious desire to keep the country too doped to realize what is taking place, and too doped to give a damn if they do figure out was is taking place.

        Happy, who’s happy? Obviously nobody with a clue. Even the hedonist psychopaths are miserable. Maybe people noticed with never ending wars and the faked 9/11 attacks.

      2. “Not only did this cabal of deep state traitors carry out deliberate, malicious crimes of illegal surveillance right here at home; Obama actually gave Iran $150 billion to fund their terrorism programs. That included $1.8 billion in physical cash that was stacked on pallets and flown on military cargo planes, delivered directly to Iran. Guess who was the key person in the center of the nuke deal negotiations, by the way? Soleimani, of course. He was Obama’s co-conspirator to transfer cash from the United States to Iran as a way to re-launch Iran’s nuclear weapons development program while funding terrorism on the side.”

        Here is a News Flash:

        The US didn’t give Iran anything, it repaid money it owed Iran that the US seized after the Iranian Revolution. An original $400 million used to purchase US weapons and $1.3 billion in interest since 1979.

        Mike Adams lies again. And he is not alone. Every single greasy, slimy, lying, dishonest kwanservative baloney peddler parrots this very same LIE. And, just in case anyone wonders – I am a fervent hater of Obama and every other greasy liberal on the left, or, more importantly, those within the RINO “cuckservative” wing of the establishment GOP who I despise with a deeper degree of vitriolic contempt than I do for the most despicable liberals.

        Stop spreading lies, Mike Adams. As loathsome as Obama was, he did NOT give US tax dollars to Iran. He released the frozen Iranian money that they were stupidly parking in American banks, due to how clueless they were in understanding the hazardous nature that such a decision would be. Any foreign nation that is dumb enough to deposit their money or store their precious metal reserves in ANY bank controlled by the USA or by Israel or by any of the front operation banks with ties to either of those two totally corrupt, unscrupulous and dishonest nations – is going to have to take the Iranian example as the reason they should move their wealth elsewhere.

        • “Tucker”, man do I hate to disagree with this comment (Love the Fox show). The released wealth (pallets of cash) given by Obama to the mullahs in Iran should have been distributed to those that were damaged by Iranian terrorism over recent decades. The deaths of many westerners should have warranted huge compensation. The damage to the Benghazi property alone would have eaten up millions. Chanting “Death to AMERICANS”, and cutting the heads off westerners should not be rewarded by releasing wealth to those with that mindset.

          Islam, for many, is a political philosophy disguised as a religion. Westerners tend to have short memories – NEVER FORGET.

      3. “A win for no one”? Please.

        Killing Yamamoto and Heydrich made the world safer. Killing this guy made the world safer.

      4. Just a little discontinuity there..
        Like comparing apples to a freaking mole rats,
        or my ass to your face.
        No sense in it.
        but I get the idea’s presented

      5. Just a little discontinuity there..
        Like comparing apples to a freaking mole rats,
        or my as s to your face.
        No sense in it.
        but I get the idea’s presented

      6. A virtual private browser is the way to fight Big Tech and their overzealous data gathering. Cos like Google still get the data from the browsing session but there is no way they can match the data with the user..
        TraceFree is the browser that Big Tech and advertisers don’t want you to breaks their monopoly. TraceFree

      7. Iran had to give up trying to retaliate for the assassination of their hero General Soleimani by taking out a US hero.

        “Think about it. Who are we supposed to take out? SpongeBob? Spiderman? They don’t have any heroes. All of their heroes are cartoon characters from Hollywood. They’re all fictional.”

      8. ”The First Amendment in America is just as dead as Soleimani, and no one in government — not even Trump — is lifting a finger to defend and restore online free speech”

        Kinda’ like the censorship you so heavily enforce on your multitude of sites, Gomez Adams?

        For simply ASKING you to validate a medical claim by providing links to sources or research, you BANNED ME?

        Hey Gomez? Try practicing what you preach.

        • mike adams is snake oil salesman had me banned for bringing up pissrael

      9. Be proud! The Globemasters were flying our war fighters rather than evacuating civilians from a war zone.

        The faux-nadians were killed while trying to evacuate out of Iran. This would not be a story if we didn’t import workers from Muslim terror states.

        We didn’t import Nazis during WWII to run the hospitals and study for PhDs, so why do we do it now?

      10. Oh yeah baby. We are now going to buy Israeli Spudsucker missiles with a 16 mile range rather than the Hellfire 6. We can really blow crap up now.

      11. Mike Adams complains about censorship when he engages in it on his own site!

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