Impeachment Derangement Solidifies Trump Re-Election: Investors Prepare for Normalcy Disruption

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 21 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kenneth Ameduri at Crush the Street. 

    There is nothing the liberal globalist elite would love more than to pin Trump in a corner and impeach him. At this point, they’ve gone off the deep end far enough to where if Trump found the cure for AIDS, they would still hate him.

    Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment probe has completely detracted the media’s focus on what was one of Trump’s most monumental moments: addressing members of the UN in what was a truly remarkable address that patriots of the United States will certainly look back on with pride.

    And maybe it’s no coincidence that the scrutiny is falling on Trump right after he delivered a hard-hitting speech to world leaders at the United Nations where he told everyone to their faces to reject globalism.

    “The future does not belong to globalists; it belongs to patriots,” said the President.

    Take it in because we have the most transparent and direct president the country has ever seen, and the media — along with Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats — have put blinders on to block any chance of harvesting any truth from what Trump has done.

    We saw direct shots fired at the media from the President: “A free society cannot allow social media giants to silence the voices of the people… And a free people must never, ever be enlisted in the cause of silencing, canceling or blacklisting their own neighbors.”

    Solidification of Trump’s Second Term

    This attempt to impeach President Trump will once again expose liberal lunacy, and I’m confident that this will fail and solidify Trump’s re-election in 2020.

    From Robert Mueller to Russiagate to fake racism and everything else the media has tried to smear Trump with, the impeachment attempt will once again blow up in their faces and put a bad taste in the mouths of those who still trust what comes out of the bought-off and controlled press.

    By the way, less than half of Americans support Trump’s impeachment, even after the news broke of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and the ones that do are being manipulated to believe the lies coming from the left who feel they have some heavenly-ordained moral high ground over those who support the President and are looking at the facts objectively.

    President Trump is dealing with multiple fires and is, as we all know, attempting to manage the global economy as best as possible.

    There’s no doubt that the President is attempting to defy gravity to take on the role as captain of a ship that’s already struck an iceberg.

    In many ways, the economy has looked strong on the outside, but there are certain weaknesses that cannot be ignored. It’s much like a young and strong 25-year-old might have the optics of health even though they have cancer building up inside.

    The economy is like a drunk on their 12th glass of whiskey and needing a 13th out of dependence, and the Fed is the dispenser of Jack Daniels.

    Keep in mind that after World War II, the entire Western World outside of the U.S. was in shambles. China was still in the Dark Ages and miles from anything close to the economy they have cruising along today…

    The trade deals of past decades were lopsided to favor less fortunate countries to divert additional capital into their economies. Today, the disparities are vastly different.

    This degradation of US power across a global scale is the reason why trade deals are front and center discussions and will be a major trigger point for headline news market disruptions for the next few years as the world churns through these changes.

    I’m humbled to be interviewed on a weekly basis by some of the most recognized channels in the alternative media space, and one of the biggest questions I get is “what’s going to set off the SHTF moment in the economy?”

    But if we look behind us, consider the catalysts that triggered some of our previous recessions:

    • The 1973 recession the U.S. saw was linked to the quadrupling of oil prices, which then led to stagflation.
    • In 1990, there was the Gulf War Recession. Iraq invaded Kuwait, which spiked the price of oil, which caused manufacturing trade sales to decline, along with manufacturing moving offshore because of NAFTA.
    • In 2001, we had the Dotcom bubble burst, along with 9/11.
    • In 2008, we had a subprime mortgage crisis.

    What most (or even all) of these recessions have in common is that they’re catalyzed by what would otherwise be called a black swan. After an economy gets extended to a certain point, something is going to eventually trigger a correction. Or put differently, when a dog gets to be 15 years old, you may not know exactly if it’s going to be cancer, heart failure, or simply the inability to move anymore that ultimately overtakes its life, but at that point, it’s inevitable.

    What we saw in mid-September with repo rates spiking was something that threw even many of the gurus for a loop. This is a market that channels more than $1 trillion through Wall Street every day without any real attention for regular operations of the big banks and hedge funds.

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said it would increase the size of scheduled operations to provide short-term cash loans to financial firms. The Fed said it would increase the size of overnight cash loans offered through the market for repos from $75 billion to $100 billion while doubling the size of a two-week offering to $60 billion.

    Since the Fed ended the policy of QE five years ago, it pivoted to buy highly-liquid bank securities to boost overall bank reserves. The hope of that highly-experimental policy was that the increased liquidity would encourage banks to lend more and spur economic growth at the depths of the downturn.

    When the repo market seized up, essentially what had happened was there was an extraordinary demand for cash and companies agreed to pay the much higher repo rates simply as a supply and demand function. What we are seeing is front and center display on how much the markets have depended on artificial stimuli and how quickly “normal” could be disrupted.

    This is why I feel the Fed is in a de-facto permanent QE mode.

    In my opinion, the window of opportunity to be hedged for a “normalcy” disruption is closing…

    Consider that both gold and silver are in high demand, with 31 tons of gold being purchased globally this week, India buying a sizable 3% of the worldwide silver market, and prices just scratching the surface on where fair market value is.

    From the internal political divide to the wealth gap, global changes, and a central banking system that’s continuing to attempt to squeeze water out of a rock, there is no time like now to be positioned for the most extreme boom and bust cycles our generations have ever seen.



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      1. He is allegedly ineligible for election, once they have reached a certain point in the impeachment process. Just a legal technicality, if true.

        His answers —
        Impeaching him just makes him more popular.
        Republicans would be very upset.
        Hillary for prison?
        I hope you are covering the hundreds of miles of wall, which I have planned to complete, so far.

        “President Trump is dealing with multiple fires and is, as we all know, attempting to manage the global economy as best as possible.”

        Ever since ‘The Apprentice’, he had no intention of restoring the social contract to WASP masculinists — afaic, holding the door for a redder shade of pinko.

        • He should have taken Hillary. I forget why I kept up the pressure despite feeling sick and guilty about it when I was in conflict situations. No choice. This is what happens when you don’t.

          Fuck her. Be a good lesson to the others.

          Well. I was about to call it for Warren. Then she opened her stupid mouth. Then this BS happened. I mean really all they had to do was keep parading that little Swedish girl around and they had it in the bag. Not anymore. Shit, if they’d pretended to support Trump “for the sake of the country” AND THEN pulled this impeachment shit they would have had a pretty damn good chance as well.

          But these people are not strategists. I mean yes they stack the electorate and blackmail them for votes but that’s sound bytes and numbers to them, it’s all on paper. On a personal one on one confrontation I’ve seen better strategies out of 5 year olds.

          They’ve doomed themselves.

          Except if that legal technicality holds. In that case they’ve doomed everyone because most people will prefer “nobody for President” at that point and it will be clear they’re not going to get it. They’re going to get people robbing their good will for power.

      2. You totally miss the point. It’s not about one side vs another side. They want chaos. They are fueling both ends. They own both dogs in the fight and are reaping benefits of everybody taking sides. It’s like roller derby of the ’50s and ’60s. The league promoted hatred for other teams within the league and it was managed and fixed by the league owner who owned all the teams and managed all the winning and losing. That is globalism. They don’t care about political power or who is in power they manage the money that controls both sides.

      3. Okay, a little off topic..heartburn.
        Anyone taking any prescription drugs for acid reflux, gas, or heartburn, stop.
        I had acid reflux so bad it escaped through my throat and into my ear canals..pain really bad.
        I never took any prescription drugs and don’t now.
        I started taking Black Cohosh for hormone balance and in a few days I noticed I no longer had any acid reflux AND night leg spasms/cramps weren’t happening any longer.
        If I fail to take this twice a day, I do have night spasms. So, I know it is attributed to my Black Cohosh.
        I will not be caught without this and keep stock for a year on the shelf.
        Just helping those with these ailments to make your day better.
        I hope that put a rainbow in your cloud!!

      4. The latest effort at removing Trump has helped him raise an extra $15,000,000 in campaign donations so far so no one is turning away from Trump. Leave it to the libturds to keep trying regardless.

        • D R.
          I sent in some money, and damn happy I did.

          By the way. we got some land in Tenn. over the week end. 5AC. mostly wooded with a water supply. Easily defended. Now I need to get to know my neighbors better.

          • SD …a bit of advice
            If you have ever used the almost exclusive to sounthern illinois pronoun “you’uns”…then you need to lose it now.
            From now on its ya’ll.
            How ya’ll doin? What kinda ammo ya’ll shootin? and so on and so forth.
            One usage of the word you’uns can get you sterotyped for a long time…lol
            Good luck?

          • Sarge, CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING SOME LAND FINALLY. I knew you’d been trying for years. Sounds like a decent start. Gonna take time to get a house built. Hope you have a building site already cleared.

            • DR
              Has a house on it. Brick 1623 sq. ft. Going to remodel it for a better survivability. Location for garden, fruit trees, goat, chickens, ECT. Game all over the place. Has a Murfreesboro address but about 20+ miles away to the south, around Christiana.

              • why, practically in my back yard.

                closer to my daughter’s though–she too close in to the boro.

                welcome neighbor.

        • They don’t have to win, though.

      5. I want to make two points;
        #1 I remember what happened to the Hunt Brothers and the silver market. Beyond its obvious industrial usage, Its value is artificially produced by a “Want” not a need. Want to get rich?
        Invest in Helium. It is far more precious than any PM.
        #2 I’m a libertarian, anarchist, I hate governments. I despise people like Democrats that worship Government. I barely tolerate Republicans. I recognize governments are a necessary evil, but it is still that, an evil. What the Democrats and RINOs are doing with this “impeachment”, a political process, is to enforce the rule of a few “special people” over the rest of us. Historically most armed people eventually overthrew this group of “special” people and ki lled them.
        This will not happen in America, people advocating an open “Hot war” are merely fighting the civil war of the 1800’s.
        We need to fight the civil war of the 21st century, eg 4th Generation Warfare. An asymmetric approach needs to be
        taken. Violence should be the last tool to use. Passive aggression, is legal, and effective, if used properly.
        Think of ways to cause the government to fail, just by not doing something.

        • ???

        • Rellik, good points but as long as any dems and rinos are in govt. they are a threat to the rest of us. They consider themselves ‘special ‘so they need to be given the boot altogether. I don’t think passive aggression will be enough.

          • DR,
            It is kind of illegal to threaten people.
            Public forum and all.
            I do not violate any constitutional Federal, State, or Local laws.
            It doesn’t mean I have to stop someone else from doing so.

      6. JJ, can you elaborate more on the black cohosh. I have your symptoms badly and am taking prilosec. What brand and dose is it that you are taking? I saw it was for menopause but maybe andropause also tho i never saw that…Thanks

      7. Supporting either side of this clown vs clown show is mental illness.

      8. I can remember when the words globalist or socialist would have brought out the lynch mob. Now they are household words.
        There is no need for fema camps …as one commentator so eloquently put it..we are living in digital gulags.

      9. Sure, “Impeachment derangement . . .” is insuring that the Demonrats cannot beat the President. But there is an even more important factor, the Parade of Idiots presented by their political party are not qualified to be President. The country already tried a rooky (Obama) without practical experience, it did NOT work out well

      10. Apple cider vinegar will work for acid reflux. Buy a bottle of Braggs. Save half and use that, distilled water and organic apples to make your own thereafter. Buy frosting buckets from Walmart for $1.00 a piece for your production.

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