“Immune-Evasive” Variant Circulates As MSM & Ruling Class Demand Booster Shots

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Headline News

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    Another COVID-19 variant is circulating, this is one called XBB. It’s said to be “immune evasive” yet the mainstream media and ruling class are insisting you get another booster to protect against a variant that can bypass immunity.

    Nothing makes much sense anymore other than we simply know the ruling class needs people to take as many of these shots as they can convince the masses to take.  Right now, XBB is spreading in Singapore and Bangladesh.

    Officials in Singapore, which is scaling back its last remaining COVID restrictions to reopen to the rest of the world, are not yet concerned about the increase in cases. On Monday, health minister Ong Ye Kung noted that only 15% of the country’s recent COVID cases were reinfections. “If you start to see 50% getting it a second time, you’re going to have a wave,” he said. Though the health ministry did start doling out Moderna’s Omicron booster on Tuesday, three days ahead of schedule, citing rising infections caused by the new “XBB Omicron subvariant.” -Fortune

    This new strain is “probably the most immune-evasive yet” due to its combination of mutations from other strains, Raj Rajnarayanan, a professor at the New York Institute of Technology’s Jonesboro, Ark., campus, told Fortune in September. A preprint study from October 4, authored by researchers at Peking University and Changping Laboratory, found that XBB had the greatest ability to evade antibody protections among newly emerging variants.

    But if XBB is “immune evasive” and evades the “protection” from “vaccines” and previous infections, then why do they need people to get the shots?

    On Monday, Hong Kong’s health authorities said they found the city’s first case of XBB.1, a subvariant of the XBB strain, in an imported case from the United States. Officials said the positive case showed no symptoms. Even though there are no symptoms and without a test the person would have no idea they were even infected, this is allegedly an important variant to watch.

    Health “experts” are worried that Americans are not taking the “vaccines” the way the ruling class needs them to.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    The newest booster shot has already proven to be wildly unpopular. Only 11 million Americans have gotten it so far. That’s only 4 percent of those eligible. The Kaiser Family Foundation survey says a third of Americans plan to take it. But that’s still not adequate either. So we have a lot of work and advocacy to do over the next few weeks, said  Dr. Peter Hotez according to a report by PBS. 

    So expect a massive amount of propaganda and fear-mongering in the coming months as they attempt to get a fifth shot in the most gullible humans.


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