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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

    In Germany, as the 1930s progressed, it BECAME IMPOSSIBLE to maintain relationships and friendships with both Jews and others who OPENLY CHALLENGED the ruling elites and the dictatorship that the National Socialist party was running.

    FEAR sat in, where tolerance and open-mindedness once presided. One FELT PRESSURED to distance himself from anything that could compromise him; today we have a similar thing, FAR LESS violent and not dictated by fear or government – it is referred to as Cancel Culture.

    It encourages people to KEEP SILENT instead of speaking out, since they’re afraid of the blowback and the potential for criticism.

    As we approach the most TALKED-ABOUT election cycle of our lifetimes, your family, friends, co-workers and associates might have a SHORT FUSE with you, if they don’t see EYE-TO-EYE with you on politics. Realize that VOLATILITY is virtually assured, as this country is TORN APART by its lack of willingness to find COMMON GROUND and to seek compromise.

    Very few are on the fence and I want to suggest that you don’t WASTE YOUR BREATH attempting to speak about this topic with people who have ALREADY DECIDED, and to warn you that you might be caught in situations where people you know want nothing to do with you if you have OPPOSING OPINIONS.


    As you can see above, the masses have begun to anticipate that MORE INFLATION is coming, since they feel like businesses were forced to cut prices during the pandemic, but they’ll have to raise them back, as we EXIT FROM IT.

    Higher inflationary expectations are GREAT FOR GOLD, but not so favorable to stocks. They introduce uncertainty and CEOs hate that, let alone investors.

    For me, as we’re starting September, I want to stress that The United States is in a period where respect for the RULES OF THE GAME has been lost. Therefore, my cautionary note to you is to expect that politicians will PLAY GAMES with your children’s emotions. It won’t surprise me if certain cities and states decide to CLOSE SCHOOLS again, in order to inflict political changes.

    Don’t be susceptible to any propaganda, which is surely to arrive from both sides of the aisle.

    If we UNPACK POLITICS, we realize that it is a theatre that has little to do with what’s good for the average person and PLENTY TO DO with what’s good for the wealthy.

    Here’s how the recovery IS PLAYING OUT for the 1%ers:


    Not only are stocks at ALL-TIME HIGHS, but the equity that has been gained since March is NORTH OF $35tn!

    Here are the stats:

    1. This has been the best August since 1986 for the S&P 500!
    2. The Dow Jones is GREEN FOR THE YEAR!
    3. The S&P 500 is up 56% since the MARCH LOWS!

    Life is about getting the BIG PICTURE right and we did.

    When the MARCH PANIC arrived, we didn’t do a thing in the arena of selling – it was OVERLY CLEAR that the contrarian move was to BUY.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    It’s NOT EASY to do the right thing in a STATE OF CRISIS, but that’s exactly how new leaders are born!

    If you did your own research and followed the eternal guideline of BUYING CHEAP, which we highlighted in our THREE WATCH LISTS, as well as in our gold stock profiles, the gains have been ASTONISHING thus far.

    It’s a different game now; things aren’t cheap, but opportunities ABOUND.

    Politics will become even more polarized, as Wealth Research Group forecasts that presidential debates might be cancelled. We’ll see drama and sensationalism, as both campaigns will try to DIG UP SKELETONS from each other’s closets.

    Market volatility is guaranteed.

    Therefore, refrain from STOOPING DOWN to the level of these mutual smears and focus on being true to YOUR VALUES.

    In a time when the national barometer of morality and ethics is BEING CHALLENGED, don’t get easily persuaded to change your identity to fit the times.

    For me, I always go back to MY CORE.


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      1. Regarding “ETHICS BEING CHALLENGED”. I just watched Joe Biden doing the “D.C. TWO-STEP” with significant lies for which he had 47 years to practice. Biden, a candidate for 25th amendment removal from office, & Kamala Harris that is universally NOT trusted will do anything & say anything in their pursuit of POWER. The question is “Do we have enough gullible VOTERS that will elect these LIARS?”

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