Imminent: “I Don’t Think Obama is Going to Finish His Second Term Without the Bottom Dropping Out”

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Headline News, Peter Schiff | 317 comments

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    One year ago this month it was revealed that throughout the course of this crisis some 40% of all wealth in America had been vaporized. It was a stunning number to be sure, and one that many analysts predicted would reverse as the Bernanke/Obama recovery took hold. Now, a full year on, the news has not gotten any better. It’s gotten much, much worse. According to a new report, the average American household has lost 55% of their net worth since the onset of the recession in 2008.

    Many are likely holding to the belief that our benevolent government politicians and financial leaders have taken the necessary steps to turn this economy around.

    But they’d be wrong.

    The next wave of crisis is imminent and the end result will be a total wipe out for Americans:

    “I think we are heading for a worse economic crisis than we had in 2007,” [Peter] Schiff said. “You’re going to have a collapse in the dollar…a huge spike in interest rates… and our whole economy, which is built on the foundation of cheap money, is going to topple when you pull the rug out from under it.”

    According to Schiff, these numbers are unsustainable.

    And the Fed has no credible “exit strategy.”

    Eventually interest rates will rise… and when they do, Schiff says, stocks will tank and bonds dip to nothing. Massive new tax hikes will be imposed and programs and entitlements will be cut to the bone.

    “The crisis is imminent,” Schiff said. “I don’t think Obama is going to finish his second term without the bottom dropping out. And stock market investors are oblivious to the problems.”

    “We’re broke, Schiff added.

    “We owe trillions. Look at our budget deficit; look at the debt to GDP ratio, the unfunded liabilities. If we were in the Eurozone, they would kick us out.”

    Schiff points out that the market gains experienced recently, with the Dow first topping 14,000 on its way to setting record highs, are giving investors a false sense of security.

    “It’s not that the stock market is gaining value… it’s that our money is losing value. And so if you have a debased currency… a devalued currency, the price of everything goes up. Stocks are no exception,” he said.

    “The Fed knows that the U.S. economy is not recovering,” he noted. “It simply is being kept from collapse by artificially low interest rates and quantitative easing. As that support goes, the economy will implode.

    Via Money Morning

    Peter Schiff knows a thing or two about what’s going on, and he’s been sounding the alarm since before 2008. He, like many others, understand that there is no way out.

    There is no credible financial or economic exit strategy.

    The government knows this and that’s why they are actively implementing an expansive control grid across this entire country.

    Those with insider knowledge fully understand what’s coming and they have been war-gaming large scale economic collapse and the widespread civil unrest that will follow.

    Make no mistake. The powers that be have an exit strategy – it just doesn’t involve recovery, stability or your well-being.



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      1. It’s Bush’s fault for sure!

        • The killing will begin soon, on both sides. I bet on us, ‘we the people’ if we can just muster the courage to fight and maybe die for our children’s futures.

            • that is sooo cool, durango! thank you!

              • If these young men are examples of the American youth of today, I have no fear for the future of the Republic.


                • I think they’re a rarity but you don’t need too many like that on your side.

                • @durango kidd

                  “uncommon valor”… my ass!

                  What were those men doing in Iraq in the first place???

                  Certainly not defending American freedom!

                  They were there as a sacrifice to Empire.

                  Spare us the statist propaganda BS!

                  • YMWW: “FUCK YOU ALICE!!!” 🙂

                  • Yourcocksuckingmother: Just what in the

                    mf HELL do you want 4….NevereverMind;
                    \ Splat! phew, Damn Trolls…

                  • You’re monday morning quarterbacking is pretty distasteful. A Corporal and a Lance Corporal don’t make command decisions in the Empire. I agree with you on disliking my countries empire status, but the words “uncommon valor…my ass” make you like the dirty hippies that spit on servicemen returning from Viet Nam. You need to get your headgear on straight.

                • DK;

                  I got your back. keep it up

                • Hang on….”the future of the Republic”??
                  Those marines, brave as they were, were war fodder of the New World Order. They are illegal invaders in a country that was invaded based on lies, and those lies are known to all of us. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are wars for oil and control, the “War On Terror” is a sham.
                  Their sacrifice is HUGE, but in my view wasted. They saved lives, yes, but The US Planet Wide Military Control system is taking even more innocent lives than it saves. How can this be held up as something that is good?
                  Is this what “The Republic” represents?….Endless War for Endless Peace?
                  If that is what is going on….this “Republic” needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history.
                  Sorry….just because someone is wearing a US Military uniform does not automatically make them “on the right side” in my book. Perhaps, in some future day (and I hope it never happens) if the US is occupied by a MASSIVE MACHINE that controls the MEDIA, MONEY and MILITARY of the world, not to mention the minds of the Sheeple (as the US does today)….you may find that the guys in the truck with bomb to be the heroes, and the “marines” standing their post (with valour) to be what you see as The Inavder.

                  • It will be a Marine that stands between you and the NWO when they try to dissolve the US Constitution and merge the US into the North American Union with Mexico.

                    Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

                  • DK

                    ” It will be a Marine that stands between you and the NWO when they try to dissolve the US Constitution and merge the US into the North American Union with Mexico. ”

                    True. But, at whom will they aim their rifle?

                  • You can go to the dustbin of history first, us sheeple will follow later on.

                    If you can’t see there is still a lot of good in this country and it’s people, then you can see nothing.

                  • Juan: Marines will be aiming their rifle at the NWO.

                  • @DK “It will be a Marine that stands between you and the NWO when they try to dissolve the US Constitution and merge the US into the North American Union with Mexico.”
                    Bull crap. They will follow the false, lying orders of the handlers in power who will Lie to these good marines and get them to fire on patriotic American citizens that the marines were Told are “terrorists” because they believe in the constitution. They will execute their duties and kill Americans, as ordered, and joke about how many “terrorists” they killed that day. You are fooling yourself if you think otherwise

              • @Grasshopper

                And the Lemmings will follow.

            • Sorry but I don’t subscribe to the heroic tales of unjust wars. These men may have joined the corp because they bought into the false world view that they were some how fighting for the freedom of someone, who I’m not sure. It’s a sick twisted joke.

              Our armed forces are fighting for the enslavement of the entire world. They are fighting for the NWO. If this were a story of how they lost their life fighting our corrupt criminal government. How they lost their life for exposing the corruption, it would be quite another story.

              Funny you never hear HEROIC TALES about whistle blowers who sacrificed to get the truth out! Funny!

              I’m sick of patriotic stories that glorify the so called brave, who are really just mislead fools. The road to destruction is paved with good intentions. How about we stop supporting this evil governments wars by not glorifying yo yo’s WHO WERE MOST LIKELY JUST LOOKING FOR A JOB! How about everyone start talking to young people and give them the truth. The truth is, if you join the military you will be abandoning your homelands defense and actually be serving evil to the detriment of your countrymen. Our military does not serve “we the people”, they serve the agenda of NATO and the U.N.

              BTW, ANYONE WHO CONSIDERING JOINING…you will be shot up with soft kill vaccines, you will radiated by munitions loaded with D.U., you will be forced to kill innocent people who look different than you but suffer pain just like you..children, wives, husbands, old people. The bible says “Thou shalt not kill” It never said “unless government says its OK”

              Sorry but you reap what you sow. Live by the sword die by the sword!

              • It is thou shall not murder.

                There is a difference

                • Are you sure about that? What’s the original Hebrew word translated from? and then what was the Egyptian word that the Hebrew word was plagiarized from. (The Book of the Dead)

                  Regardless, no one needs a book or a moral authority to tell them that MAKING SOMEONE DEAD unless its in self-defense is wrong. So its a moot point. Government is not, nor has ever been, a moral authority! Government is the opposite, so why do so many worship it has the ultimate authority? How does Government have the authority to grant someone authority to kill/murder? Where does Government get that authority? NOT FROM ME!

                  • You are 100% correct and a breath of fresh air at SHTF!

                  • @ MannaMade…..Like the line from a movie (can’t remember the one) “Kill one person , you’re a Murderer , Kill a thousand ,your a MARTYR (spelling?) GO FIGURE !!”…

              • MannaMade,

                These two Marines believed in something. That’s more than I can say about most of the god forsaken degenerate people I’ve met in my travels around the world who pray on the almighty alter of money.

                • I believe in something, but what does that mean? Listen, I was born in Camp Pendleton, My father was a D.I. at MCRD. I myself am a Vietnam era vet. But what I know about this government sickens me. I’m an old guy now and I would never make the choices now that I made then. Its all a bunch of bullshit! Our military is not ours, it belongs to the Bankers. It always has! Its time to wake up and quit sacrificing our young people to this wicked machine! They need to know that they are hurting every one of us by supporting this corrupt killing machine. The U.S. does not have the moral high ground in any of its actions in the last 100 years! All wars are financed by Bankers! They finance both sides. All wars are created by the banking industry, including the DRUG WAR! It doesn’t matter what kind of wrapping you put on the package!

                  • @MannaMade

                    Excellent! Say it like it is. Most Americans just don’t get. They stumble around chanting, UAS… USA! They have been propagandized, conditioned and lied to all their lives. They a fully vested in the “American
                    Exceptionalism” BS that oozes all around them. “Critical Thinking” skills in this country are at a low water mark for sure.

                    Boobus Americanus never asks any questions.
                    They simple salute, and fall in. It’s a totally pathetic state of affairs, but one thats not at all that surprising. After all, the Nazis thought they were “Exceptional” and the Wehrmacht surely displayed “uncommon valor” as well. Flag waving faux Americans are in parallel company.

                  • Manna, don’t forget, would we have listened at a young age to the older folks? We have learned, as we have aged, almost everything we new to be worth fighting for has been a lie. Agree with you on the bankers and the wars. The military isn’t ours but the young men and women are. They are just as idealistic as we were, we just need to educate them one at a time. My son is 30 and he came around over the last 5-7 years, my daughter (40) came around 10 years ago. I have been on to others children for quite a while and their parents too.

                  • MannaMade,

                    I agree on all points. Our military is not our military. But like you, I am older and hindsight is 20/20. We have the advantage of gaining wisdom with time. Unfortunately, young people lack life experience, but I believe more of them are becoming disenchanted with the government propaganda and rhetoric.

                    We’ll always have those who want to remain oblivious because it’s the path of least resistance, but as the economic decoupling accelerates, and becomes more apparent and painful, more people will see the government for what it really is. It’s not a government made for the people, made by the people, and answerable to the people as claimed by Abraham Lincoln.

                  • MannaMade

                    I admire courage and hope the fighting members of our armed forces wouldn’t attack our own people if ordered. I seen a YouTube video where a Marine Lt Col press officer bobbed and weaved when the question of following an order to disarm American citizens was asked. In the end he never said no they would not obey that.

                    That question should have been asked every decade since the founding of the nation.

                  • So here is a point I’d like all to consider. I have a few friends who are police officers. They are good moral men of impeccable character. However, they are only a few amongst many who are not of such character. My friends are fully awake to as to what’s going on and what’s coming down. They both are in a dilemma. Their fellow officers to a great degree ostracize them both, because they have integrity to their oath. It is an uncomfortable work environment and both wish to leave the force. Of course this is the situation all over the nation in every dept. The problem is as the few good ones leave the not so good ones concentrate and grow in number leaving us all with a police force that is basically nothing but psychopaths. This same situation is occurring in our military.

                    There are 3 primary reasons why someone would join the military.

                    1. The needed a job
                    2. They are patriotic
                    3. They have a fascination/fetish to kill

                    It’s kind of ironic that this conversation has taken place here on this comment section these last few days. I say that because today while out on a job site I met a very interesting person. He was a young guy about 30 years of age who just got out of the Marines. He had seen a lot of combat according to him. His body was tattooed all over with symbolisms of death. He told me that he came up here to N. Idaho looking for work, but said that all that has changed now. He was overjoyed because he just received a letter informing him that he was being called back into action and that he was being deployed to Korea. He was overjoyed because he admitted that he loved killing. I questioned him about what he knew of the geo-political situation we are in. He was totally asleep. He said he didn’t care what the issues are; he joined because he just loves to kill! I asked him what he thought about the scenario of martial law and the use of military in the U.S. fighting against his own people? He said even better, because then he won’t have to worry about the Geneva Convention.

                    This is not the 1st soldier I’ve met with this same attitude, in the last 6 months I’ve met two others who basically have said pretty much the same thing.

                    I can only imagine, that like my police officer friends who feel the need to leave, that those young men who joined for reasons 1 & 2 are also in the same dilemma.

                    The following link illustrates this same mindset of the conversation I just related here. Many of you may have seen this video, but if you have not; please take a serious look at this video. I cannot watch it again, twice was enough! There are so many examples of this mindset that it sickens me.


                    It almost seems to me that it is a test. You are tested by the choices you make. You choose! The road to hell is paved with good intentions! Make the wrong choice and you must live with the consequences. Those two marines that were blown up, were not brave, they were following orders because they made the choice to join the military for reasons 1-3. They made the wrong choice to serve evil, regardless of their intentions.

                    Our greatest adversary hides in the place you would very least expect to find him. There is an aspect about self that most are not aware of. There is a voice inside your head that you think is you, but its not! Conscientiousness is dualistic it seems.

                    The EGO is the great ADVERSARY, the LIAR. (SATAN, the DEVIL) All the disparity in this world has this common source, it’s that voice that you think is you but is not!

                    This a very deep subject to much to comment on so I would suggest the following;

                    The motion picture movie REVOLVER .

                    These books; The Holographic Universe and Power vs. Force

                  • DRD5508 says:

                    Manna, don’t forget, would we have listened at a young age to the older folks? We have learned, as we have aged, almost everything we new to be worth fighting for has been a lie. Agree with you on the bankers and the wars. The military isn’t ours but the young men and women are. They are just as idealistic as we were, we just need to educate them one at a time.

                    I agree as a blanket statement, but, but, but…time and the Internet has revealed so much more than we could have known back then. The information available today in such films like Zeitgeist parts 2 & 3 in particular, EndGame, Esoteric Agenda, Thrive etc. are damming indictments! The fact that the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Obama himself have all admitted that our military DOES NOT take its orders from Congress, but rather they get their orders from NATO and the U.N. is a admission of TREASON. Its not like the issue is cloudy, its not, its obvious!

                    Yet I do feel sadden when I hear of the wasted lives of soldiers because I know they died in vane! We can no longer make WAR a romantic notion. These stories of valor are just that. It sends the wrong message when we glorify them. These are not the kind of heroic stories that serve the cause of freedom.

                    Stories of whistle blowers and those that stand up against the lie are far more noble than some uninformed kid who made a bad choice. This is something we have to admit and declare. If more young people could see that it is disgraceful to make such choices, maybe they would feel that peer pressure to not go there.

                    That is the purpose of my comments on the subject. I know that durango kidd and others who may agree with him are will intended. I do not recognize them as the enemy. I do recognize by their comments that they are brothers in this fight against the NWO. We are on the same side.

                    It is not my objective to one up them, has though I’m scoring points in some contest. Its not an argument or a contest. I’m just simply trying to point out that it does not serve our cause to glorify these kinds of examples any longer. These stories of valor romanticizes the notion that the choices these young men made were somehow justified and not in vane. That is what we all would like to think, myself included. But it just is not TRUE.

                    I appreciate your comment. Thank You

              • As I have stated on this forum many times most of the posters here are jive ass cowrds who just talk tough. When the SHTF they will be running to the NWO pukes giving up their neighbors. These two young Marines did a valiant job, Anyone who sits back and runs down what they did probably is a chickenshit Obama voter.

              • “not glorifying yo yo’s WHO WERE MOST LIKELY JUST LOOKING FOR A JOB!” You’ve clearly never been through Marine Corps boot camp. No one “just looking for a job” would put themselves through that.

                To those of you that think the Marines will be turning their rifles on you. Read this

            • durango kidd,

              Incredible valor. I have taken many concealed and tactical firearm training courses over the years, but I can only hope to muster a fraction of the metal these two young Marines possessed in the heat of battle. Thank you DK.

            • John 15:13

              Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

          • Don’t kid yourself buddy. Nobody’s gonna ‘muster any courage’. And if you do, that fed hollow point ammo will have your name on a few rounds. ‘Bullet to the head’, as they say.

            • Its a numbers game. Patriots have the numbers. 100 million American gun owners can eliminate the NWO overnight and at 1000 yards. Shoot and scoot.

              I don’t expect you to muster any courage, after all you’re “anonymous” ! LMFAO!

              • Shoot n scoot,
                I like it,
                When i was a kid i got bullied, was brought up catholic, told to turn the other cheek,
                Then i got wise and a little mean, id meet the bully for the fight, only when they saw me was right after a rock split their forehead open or a book bag with a brick in it connected with the back of their head.
                MOLON LABE

                • Those old style roller skates all metal with the key to adjust to your shoe size work really good too. I clocked some asshole with a pair of them when I was around ten. Laid them out.

              • DK,
                I see you have your hands full since I’ve stopped posting around here……These folks aren’t getting any smarter now, are they???

                For the rest of you, the word “Marine” is a specific title that must be earned. Similar to “Dr.”, or “Reverend”, or “Senator”, it is properly capitalized when written. Leaving the word “Marine” in lower case is a sign of disrespect, even if unintentional.

                • Jonny V: I have missed you brother, but not to worry I have kept the village idiots at bay in your absence. I think of a Marine as “An Army of One” ….

                  to coin a phrase! LMFAO 🙂

                  • It seems like there’s only a few of the old guys still around here. NetRanger still around? There’s a lot of idiots here who are way too worked up…

                    If you’re counting on a politician or a political party to save you, then you are truly fucking lost…

                    To paraphrase DK…”for Chrissakes get yourself an education before it’s too late son! Learn how to grow a damn garden before it’s too late!”….

                • You begin your comment by being disrespectful and then finish with a sanctimonious lecture on respect. I guess you are the one with the high IQ, huh?

                  • That’s right….:)

                  • Jonny V says:

                    “That’s right….:)”

                    SCHMUCK: a pejorative meaning one who is stupid or foolish; or an obnoxious, contemptible or detestable person.

                  • Oh, and it’s not sanctimonious, it’s a simple statement of fact. There are some on here who probably don’t mean to be as disrespectful as others, and if they benefit, then that’s all that can be hoped for.

                    If someone was constantly running around disrespecting you or “yourmotherwaswrong”, then I’m sure that either one of you would be speaking up about it.

              • DK. I think you might want to look at how many gun owner actually voted for this crap. 100 million not even close. There might be one million willing to try. And probably only 10% that actually will step up.

                To many Obama stickers on the cars at the gun show to back up your statement.

                • Talk is cheap. When an action could result in your family being dead things will look far different.

                • Those Cars at the Gun Shows with Obama Stickers are just Stooges Paid to Spy on Patriots, they are out of work and this is a good Way to Give Obama Voters a Chance to get Out!

                  Semper Fi

                • @FBP maybe all the Obama stickers at the gun show are all the ATF agents trolling for violations. I don’t know where you live, but where I am I don’t run into many gun owners that support that pot-headed communist (Jonny V – I failed to capitalize communist on purpose because I don’t respect them).

              • DK…
                I would imagine that if that number of 100 million were true they could have simply drug it up off their couch warmers and voted accordingly…Obviously they did NOT…

                Anyway…I also doubt that such a number…Even a small percent of such a number has the mental carry thru to accomplish that of which you speak…

                Nice thought tho…

                Fed Guy 20002

                • FBP / FG: I have made the point many times that white gun owners stayed home. Percentage wise the blacks out voted the white population; not counting the dead voters in Chicago ….

                  If American gun owners stay home in 2014, O’bummer could achieve a majority in the Senate as well, leaving him with TOTAL control of the government to do as he wants. That should give everyone pause. The man is a commie just like his father.

                  It doesn’t take but a small number of committed Patriots to eliminate the NWO Gun Grabbers when they decide its time to take OUR guns, dissolve the US Constitution, and merge US into The NAU with Mexico under UN auspices. Universal registration is the first step toward total confiscation and One world Government.

                  1000 Freedom Cells (of one) could eliminate the NWO overnight and at 1000 yards. Eliminate the most vocal Traitors first and the rank and file would roll over and play dead, given that they have no spine anyway and belong to the gimme, take me, pay me crowd.

                  When the NWO moves against US Sovereignty, WE are ALL Seal Team America. Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

            • “anonymous”

              Aren’t you the good statist troll. Why do you think most of us on this site are armed? Some of us are going to die. Some of them are going to die. Some fraction of .mil will defend the Constitution. Some fraction of LE will too. Take your defeatist bullshit somewhere else.

              • With a mix like that, it will end up being a civil war.

          • The question is who we fighting specifically? To say Republicans or Democrates, all but a few are corrupt. I don’t think you can put a finger on who exactly. I think there’s too many to blame. So who specifically do you go after?

            • Go after those who come for your guns. Gun grabbing is blatantly unconstitutional. You have a moral and patriotic duty to kill any person that comes to your door in the name of a Rogue administration demanding your guns.

              universal gun registration is the first step toward confiscation. Target the Politicians who are pushing gun control for recall, like they are doing now in Colorado.

              Your vote counts. Then reload 🙂

              • And what are YOU going to do when the ATF SWAT team knocks down your door at 3am because you won’t turn in your guns?? You DK, will piss your pants and have NO time to even find your guns! They are not simply going to walk up to your front door at noon and say “please Mr DK turn em all in” and you can stand there like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood with some cool catch phrase and then open fire. It ain’t the movies sweetheart!! the SWAT team will knock your door off the hinges and have you hogtied before you even get out of your bedroom

                • @Dillon G

                  DK is all talk.

                  He’s a Statist. And Statists worship at the alter of government.

                  If the government ever comes for DK, he will roll over like a well kept dog!

                  Government is an entity with a leash, searching for a dog!

                  • Well if it’s a dog they want they should look you up. You probably need the work.

                • Dillon: I am a Viet Nam veteran and I believe I can hold my own against any gun grabber. Its a numbers game and Patriots have the numbers.

                  My personal goal is at least three blue helmets. 🙂

                  • ANON: If by “statist” you mean I believe in the USA under the US Constitution, you would be correct. I swore an oath to defend this country against “all enemies foreign and domestic” and I will keep that oath.

                    Anyone trying to break down my door at 3am will discover that it would not be that easy. I prefer that they come for me in the dark at three am. I have planned for that.

                    I would have the advantage at that hour! 🙂

                  • durango kidd says:

                    “I am a Viet Nam veteran.”

                    I don’t buy it.

                    Provide unit and service dates!

                    We’ll see.

                  • durango kidd

                    Anyone can claim there a vet. Hell my dog is a vet. You dont sound like a vet.

                  • ANON: I don’t have to provide any proof to an anonymous guy on the Internet. But if you are a government troll, don’t worry, Nappy knows who I am, where I am at, and has a file on me with a my SSN, service number, email, and IP address.

                    I haven’t said anything on here that I wouldn’t say to her in person. 🙂

                • So what are you proposing someone do? What would you do? I think DK is an old guy. So am I. Old guys don’t think the same as young guys. We know we’re on a short leash.

                  I don’t think if you went to an old folks home you would hear the old folks running around screaming the world is coming to an end. To them the world is coming to an end everyday. They’ve had plenty of time to think about the issue of death.

                  The only choice we have to make really, is how do we wish to die? There is a saying in the poker world..”You can’t gamble on scared money” this is a true statement! If you wish to be a consistent winner, you can’t be afraid to make that big play. There comes a time in the game that you must throw it all on the line for the big pay off. (I know what I’m talking about here, you can check my stats on under the handle of Borandy) Life is no different!

                  To better understand who we are, it may help to understand at the most fundamental level, what we are. What we are, I submit, is a hologram. A mathematical geometric creation of light. There is no matter to be found anywhere in our reality, everything is made of atoms and atoms are empty. Because this is a creation, then there must be a purpose for creating it. If you created this high-tech holographic virtual world, it would seem to me that you would do so to experience it.

                  LIFE the ultimate game! Our bodies are vessels (avatars) utilized by the creator of the game to experience the creation. Each of us are a fractal aspect of the hologram.

                  Fear is the tool of the EGO. Death is the illusion of the EGO. Consciousness is eternal. What makes you conscious is the same source that makes me conscious. I am a fractal aspect of you. We are here to experience THE GAME! Lets play to WIN!

                  When it comes right down to it, you have a choice. You can compromise your human integrity and your creators intention that we all be free in exchange for your life under absolute oppressive rule. Its a choice! If we are incarnate beings, what sort of a world do you wish to incarnate into. If we are not and here just this once, what sort of a life do wish to experience?

                  I have a line in the sand myself. If they come for the guns I go out blazing. It doesn’t matter if I live or die. What matters is that I maintain integrity to myself, my fellow humans and my creator of which I’m a fractal aspect of. I WILL NOT COMPROMISE any further!

                  If this were a hundred years in the past, I would be dead now. This planet is a stage, its not real and your objective is to figure that out. Fear is the tool, but it is all a contrived illusion! Face the fear and you will win at this game!

                  • Wow!

                • Dillon,

                  How many ATF SWAT teams do you think they have? Lets say they get away with a few days of raids before the word gets around. After that they’ll have a difficult time finding thugs to conduct raids when the raids start running into ambushes and booby traps. DO THE NUMBERS. WE HAVE THEM OUTNUMBERED! GROW A SET AND GET YOURSELF TRAINED AND EQUIPPED!!!

                  • Thats right, thats exactly how it would go down.

            • Go after the TARES. IE: for more info, Read Christs Parable of “The Wheat, and the Tares”.

            • Anyone in a uniform! When push comes to shove, I’m worried about men in in uniforms. I know there are many in uniforms that are the good guys, but in the end they work for the bad guys. Its a dilemma for sure.

              • @MannaMade

                We need to work to rid this country of uniforms.

                Uniforms are a problem… especially FedGov uniforms.

                There is another way, but the Psychopathic Control Freaks in government will never willingly relent.

                Also, strangely, brainwashed Americans seem to love being told what to do, how to think, and how to live their lives.

                This condition is problematic as well.

                • Yeap we’re caught between a rock and a hard place. I decided after preparing myself the only thing left to do is to wake up as many people in my area as I can. Getting your friends and neighbors prepared is the only thing that can mitigate the situation. But I’m in a low population area. If you live in a dense population, I would say nothing will prepare you. It won’t matter how much food you have.

                  The situation seems unavoidable. If to many people wake up and decide to leave these populated area’s and migrate to area’s like mine that to would prove disastrous as will. The whole situation is overwhelming! Most people will die.

                  It could be mitigated if we had a government that wasn’t working against us. But that isn’t the case. SO now what? I’m lost for any real solution.

                  • @MannaMade says

                    The situation is bleak indeed. It reminds me of the Aesop fable of the Scorpion and the Frog.

                    A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

                    The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, the frog gasps “Why?”

                    Replies the scorpion: “Its my nature…”

                    The behaviour of some people[government and their minions], is irrepressible, no matter how they are treated and no matter what the consequences.

                    This all ends very badly. I do believe that whats comming can’t be stopped. It’s the inevitable outcome of the path this country has been on for generations.

                    So much for the “The Grand Experiment.”

                  • Yea I like that parable. But to to make it worse even the frogs will begin to act like scorpions once desperation sets in. I’m quite certain its is not a matter of if, only a matter of when.

                    The longer the inevitable stalls off the better prepared we become and the more people that will wake up and start preparing themselves. Thats my hope.

                    However, we are operating on a finite time scale when you consider we are destroying the oceans and the atmosphere with radiation. Our agriculture is fake, nutritionally valueless, and worst the GMO is poison.

                    Are we past the point of no return? Getting close if not past.

                    Making things just has hard is the lack of money to put into place self-sustaining systems. Having the time and energy to create things is hard as will. I work 7 days a week myself just to squeak by. Everyone I know is in the same boat. Our only saving grace is we started preparing 4 years ago. If things were to break down in the next few months we would stand a good chance of making it.

                    This last winter we built a bio-mass still to produce 192 proof alcohol for fuel. Have not had anytime yet to experiment with however, but soon. We raise goats and chickens and turkeys, grow a lot of our own food and have local food sources for what we don’t grow. In this regards I am blessed.

                    But still so many people are asleep. They are not doing anything to protect themselves and that becomes a threat at some point in the crash.

                    Good Luck or God Bless which ever suits ya.

        • No one on this site understands sarcasm unless you go:

          *SARCASM* BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINE!!!!!!11!!11!!!ONE

          Why is that?

          It’s amazing to me.

          That whole comment about it all being Bush’s fault was… um… sarcasm… ya know?

          • @TheGuy

            I feel your pain.

            Most on this site are intellectual idiots.

            They operate on emotion.

            Critical thinking is not part of the equation.

            • Because this is a free speech zone, there are many diverse opinions presented here. Many times, the opinion reads just as it was meant, many times not. We can’t pretend to know what someone else really thinks and we don’t try. It’s not our job to figure out if a commenter means what he says or is being sarcastic.

              I wonder how many times a comment was meant as it read, until the thumbs down, THEN the commenter says it was unrecognized sarcasm.

              SARC/ON —it’s really not too many keystrokes, to be sure you get your point across and avoid confusion…

              unless confusion is what the goal is…

              • er, sorry, I didn’t mean to speak for others, it just came out that way.

          • The signs are everywhere for those who are awake. The pace of everything seems to be quickening.

            Manufacturing shrinks at the fastest pace in four years
            Bloomberg dot com

            The “Hindenburg Omen” is here again
            Zero Hedge dot com

            18 signs that massive economic problems are erupting all over the planet
            “The false prosperity tha t we are currently enjoying is not going to last much longer.”
            Economic Collapse Blog

            • A major correction should happen, the DOW was never ment to be this high, maybe in the far future when we are more technologically advanced. And have better moral standerds, and a lot less ASSHOLE GREED.

              • Actually the DOW was predicted to be this high 40 years ago. Read THE WALL STREET GANG if you can find a copy somewhere.

                A major correction (50%) should occur when Israel attacks Iran. My guess is within 60 days. The Israelis cannot allow Iran to position hundreds of long range missile launchers, fill some with high explosives and others with 30 dirty nuke warheads.

                Never let a crisis go to waste. Short the indexes.

                • By Richard Nye

          • @The Guy

            “No one on this site understands sarcasm unless you go:
            *SARCASM* BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINE!!!!!!11!!11!!!ONE”


            This is a sarcasm-free zone for sure. Or at least it’s beyond the capability of many of the participants.

            Go back a few threads and look at the Jay Corny thing.

            Lord have mercy – did that ever ruffle feathers and raise temperatures.

            I think a lot of people still didn’t get it even after it was explained to them. And one or two sulked and cursed at the poster even then.

            Warning – use sarcasm here at your own risk.

            Folks will be pulling thumbs out of their butts right and left to turn them down on you.

            • Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit…

              • Does that mean that those incapable of understanding it have the lowest level of comprehension…?

        • 9/11 and the horrible response to it, 2 recesions, housing bubble…..but not this.

        • This is all just so much bullshit. Nothing’s happened and nothing’s going to happen. I’ve been following these sites since I read Jim Kunstler’s book, The Long Emergency. Yeah, it’s been a long emergency all right!It came out in 2005 and where is it? No where! No long emergency. Americans can be screwed til they can’t see daylight and they won’t do anything. And if they try, those millions of rounds of hollow point the fed has purchased will be used to mow them down. When I first started driving in ’71, gas was .23/gal. and now I pay $3.49. Has there been a revolt? Hell no! All these gloom and doom sites are just bullshit. Sure they’re millions out of work. Have they revolted? Hell no. Is what’s happening in Turkey gonna happen here? Are you fucking kidding. Most people are brain-dead and could care less. These articles are more entertaining than anything else. Audit the Fed? Who’s kidding who? It’s never gonna happen. We’ll just get squeezed and squeezed and squeezed and nobody will do a damn thing. What a load of bullshit.

          • People seem to wake up when immanent danger is in affect.


          • We are in controlled crash mode. Just because you don’t comprehend what is happening will not stop what is happening from happening. Sorry it’s not happening as quickly as you anticipated it happening.

        • What a stupid remark.

        • Of course it’s a trap.

          • Without Prejudice UCC 1.207 / 1-308
            Posted by truthpills on 2009/02/03

            Remedy and Recourse
            Every system of civilized law must have two characteristics: Remedy and Recourse. Remedy is a way to get out from under the law. The Recourse provides that if you have been damaged under the law, you can recover your loss. The Common Law, the Law of Merchants, and even the Uniform Commercial Code all have remedy and recourse, but for a long time we could not find it. If you go to a law library and ask to see the Uniform Commercial Code they will show you a tremendous shelf completely filled with the Uniform Commercial Code. When you pick up one volume and start to read it, it will seem to have been intentionally written to be confusing. It took us a long time to discover where the Remedy and Recourse are found in the U.C.C. They are found right in the first volume, at 1-207 and 1-103.
            “The making of a valid Reservation of Rights preserves whatever rights the person then possesses, and prevents the loss of such rights by application of concepts of waiver or estoppel.” (UCC 1-207.7)
            It is important to remember when we go into a court, that we are in a commercial, international jurisdiction. If we go into court and say. “I DEMAND MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!”, the judge will most likely say, “You mention the Constitution again, and I’ll find you in contempt of court!”

            Continue reading:

            • BJ…This is , in effect, what Howard Freeman said in “The UCC Connection” 30 years ago. He claims that it works in court. I also went so far as to have a rubber stamp made up. It is still in my old truck. I have never had the opportunity to use it and I’m not even sure I would if I did have the chance.

          • I was just thinking today how things are going down hill further. Almost everyone I know is being hit with a sledge hammer (not my snobbish, corrupt acquaintences, just us commom folk!) Many people are on the verge of giving up NOW–its that hard! You can feel it in your bones– the bottom is about to come out.

            It doesn’t matter what Obummer says– all you have to do is look at people– the pain and grimness on almost everyone’s faces… and the homeless people–crap! they’re everywhere! There is no f— recovery!

            • Yeah man, yeah. Shit I’ve been about to give up. For a while now. Things are going too slowly, I intend a minimal survival level but I just hope this drags out as slowly (and… unfortunately… painfully… as that’s unavoidable with the whole “slowly” thing)… as possible.

              Need time. Just now getting the damn bankster ball and chain cut loose (finally… thank God).

              Credit does not exist in my world anymore.



              I’d have credited preps but I’d rather croak than use credit at this point.

        • If you’re using the Microsoft Virus as your main OS… you’re screwed no matter what you do.

          Open source software may (or, depending upon the distro, may not) have a steeper learning curve, but, at least to my way of thinking, putting the source code out there for all to see is a damn sight better than never knowing just quite WTF is going on behind the scenes when you click on that link or send that email.

          • Uff da!

            Should’ve added:

            @John Q. Public

            • Unnecessary_I made the connection. Thanks.

      2. What a shock — the people that implemented irresponsible fiscal policies don’t have a viable exit strategy? My fiscal policy = No Debt + Beans, Bullets, & Bandaids.

        • They don’t need an exit strategy. They are deliberately destroying the dollar so that at least 250 million Americans will starve to death or die in the violence that follows the collapse. They’re not fools. They’re evil. Obama and Bernanke belong on the list of the worst mass murderers in history.

          • Anonymous: I agree & I feel history will unfortunately prove you correct…just a little mid-afternoon sarcasm with regard to my original comment. I don’t plan on being one of the 250M though…well, at least the starvation part. As to what becomes of me when standing up for freedom — that is TBD.

            • Historical events do not include a scenario such as the present one, especially one involving a country where the citizenry is so heavily armed and harbors real (or imagined) visions of freedom.

          • Well didn’t you hear…ben’s getting the Nobel prize for economics…
            Or was that just a rumor…
            Just like the zero got the piece 0 pie prize 😉

            Seriously though… we’re screwed no matter how you slice it…
            Beans bullets and compression bandages…I see a lot of gunshot wounds coming.

          • The genocidal looters blame it all on “the economic cycle” as though it was an accidental fluke of nature. In reality, the economic cycle is this: banksters seduce people into debt, then crash the economy so they can steal as much real property as they can on the cheap. They do it all with fraudulent money and usury.

            I think they realize this time is different. This time they know that too many of us know they are the cause of death and misery and that they will be prosecuted. THAT is why they have their bunkers and their goons.

            They plan on 95% depopulation and enslaving the survivors. They are using food, water, the air we breath, their police states, their armies, their schools, and their media against us.

            We need God’s help to succeed against Satan, his Master Race banksters, and his genocidal synagogue.

            • John Q Public: Yep. And they have most folks believing the exact Opposite of what should be believed. That is that the country/usa Exists to Benifit the True Citizens Of this nation. Therefore the Money printed By the nation should Benifit the same People or National “Owners” of america. Therefore all money printed is actually Owned BY Us the True rightfull citizen owners of america.

              Therefore, why do so many folks believe it is right and Proper for a Very small group of banksters and Their familys, which number aprox. 12-13 families and a grand total of aprox. 300 individuals of said families. To have ANY legit rights to Force Us the True owners of the nation and ALL moneys it prints, into useing Their, the banksters, swindle of “Borrowing” what Already belongs to Us, and then not only haveing to some day return or Pay it back as if it were a “Loan”. But to also Pay Usury/intrest for the “Privilidge” of Borrowing what rightfully already Is owned By Us all?!

              Money is just a Tool to make it easy and a common method we all can make use of to function in society. Money is akin to Greese or Oil and is supposed to work like a Lubricant of sorts, in order to create a Smooth well functioning system, that all persons can access and make use of to keep the gears of commerce, and society in general, rolling along as smooth as posible.

              There is no real need to charge usury or intrest except to create a massive profit for the very small Few that own the system and its money outright. However as I already noted, they got such Unrightfull ownership of OUR nations money, and by default total control of the entire nation itself, as well as every posible realm or position of Power in every sector of all of society. By a Huge Swindle, with the help of the First political party they infiltrated, and hyjacked into Their total control of. That being the dems party at turn of the century, 1900 ad era.

              This thing called fed reserve Is the largest, most Massive, Swindle they have ever pulled off to date.

              There is absolutly zero reasons american cannot keep the same system we now have, and Change but Two simple changes. #1-END usury intrest for all and everything. #2- BOOT the Fraud swindler banksters OUT of the entire system.

              This is a system that YES can work, and work very swell. And there exists enormous Proof of that. Just observe the Islamic nations money/banking systems. NO use of usury/intrest is ever allowed. It has functioned properly and swell for Them and their nations for Hundreds of years. Untill nato/usa militarys began to carpet bomb their nations into submission of the Swindler Banksters systems aka Fed Reserve etc.

              The Other Proven documented nation and people to have done a money banking system with zero intrest charged Or paid out, was Germany after WWI when due to Versai(sp?) Treaty demands that were Imposible for germany to obey or honor, and which Is the True reason for Wiemer hyperinflation it caused, elected a New group or political party that was able to Fix germanys economic troubles. And to fix it in LESS than 5 years total!

              And actual historic docs and records Show that their method to Fix wiemer troubles was done Before even one single weapon or bullet etc was ever made when germany rearmed prior to WWII era. Germany got Fixed from over 30% Unemplyoyment Down to Less than 2% in less than 5 yrs time, and BEFORE Any arms & weaponery was made, AND also Before one single Hair of one single Jews head was ever harmed.

              As kids when we/I asked adults How did germany make such a good comeback after WWI and the treaty that devestated it worse than the war itself did. The main answer given was Always something like “Oh that Hitler guy, Rearmed and rebuilt his massive war machine to create jobs etc”

              Yet whenever those adults, teachers-parents etc got Pressed for More or Better answers, such as “Gee but wasn’t germany And its leader Hitler supposed to be Held Back and Suppressed by that WWI Versai Treaty which PROHIBITED germany Ever again rearming?”

              They all every time would answer us back by “Wellllll yeah I suppose so…BUT! Germany went ahead and violated Versai treaty anyways and rearmed etc!”

              “Gee How could germany do such with 40+ nations, especially usa watching germany like a proverbial Hawk to control every posible thing done there after WWI”?

              About there is where their answers Changed to more like “What the hell are You kids asking such questions for anyways huh! Where did so Young of a persons get these type questions from”…Just Go Away and stop asking such things!”

              Because They themselves did not understand the Real truth, that hitler did Not violate versai during that initial first 5 yrs. Germanys economy Rocketed to Huge sucess from being the Number one devestated nation and economy in the entire world after WWI.

              Although fairly a simple explaination as to the Real True reason germany made so fantastic of a comeback and in so short a span of years,it became The Number One main Goal of Americas and Englands Banksters and Govnt crowds combined. To totally and Fully Conceal that Truth and Method of germany and hitlers from our two nations,usa & brits, regular average folks because If such true info leaked out, then Our parents and most every usa and british citizen alive would have DEMANDED our two nations COPY germanys huge sucess.(usa/brits remained in great deperssion era, while german worker folks took Lavish vacations and got new autos and homes etc!).

              That fairly simple new fix it system germany employed was basically consisting of…#1-Get elected into Top control of germany. #2- BOOT OUT every Corrupt zio jew bankster from germany and especially from german Banks!

              #3- STOP all forms of Usury-Intrest on ALL german moneys.

              #4-Since all prior stores of Gold germany Had were Stolen per Versai Treaty forced Repayment to every nation involved in WWI etc. Germans Had to find a New backing for its money, now intrest free.

              #5-Bingo! Solution= Begin to put all unemployed(30+%) german work force Back to work doing everything needed to Repair WWI war dammages(very extensive dammages). And also Rebuild factorys-schools-Hospitals-Churches-Private Housing-etc. And of course what still stands as a Major accomplishment, the Finest Highway ever designed and Built, The Ottoban zero-speed limits freeway across europe!

              #6- And to Use every Hour worked by every single worker, as well as the Fair market value of every product workers manufactured/made/did. As well as every hour worked to perform a “service” such as plumbers fix drains, janitors cleaning of workplaces etc etc. AS the Main “Thing” with which to Back every single Mark/Dollar Printed. And to mandate and control so that those who worked in money matters, priniting-passing it out etc etc, did so with Integrity and Honesty. Accountants that Kept Accurate records, and printers that ONLY printed an exact value number of dollars(marks) to Equal the value of hrs worked and products made etc.

              In Less than 5 yrs time, and before ANY war machines or weaponerys or ammos were made, AND Prior to even a single hair on a single jewish persons head being harmed. Germans made so fantastic a comback, they already were equaling Englands GDP etc and were On Track to Fast Surpass not just england but America also as the Main economic Engine of europe And the entire world too.

              But of course. When folks can get a home mortgage Loan for 20-30 yrs and have ZERO intrest to pay back! or car loans. Student loans or free school. etc. Think how Propserous Any country’s citizens can get and Remain prosperous under such a fair system that operates FOR the People instead of, AGAINST the People like americas swindler banks operate for Us folks.

              Picture not only what Our Parents and Grandpas would have Demanded such a system if they were able to find out these details…But the ENTIRE worlds nations would jump on the bandwagon and Demand a system such as Germany had invented and Proved a Huge sucess.

              But american banksters with the help of Crooked Polititions were able to Supress all info regards germanys method, and vast improved comback in such short time of Less than 5 yrs! Picture how much Faster or Better todays america could Return to More prosperity and Jobs etc better than we ever had it yet if WE copied that or a similar system. And the Key component is NO intrest or Usury allowed. Just like God commands it in the Bible!

              Follow Gods ways=Massive prosperity success. OR follow Jewish zio banksters aka, Swindlers to the I’nth Degree and then add even More “I’nth” to that, and go Bankrupt and hungry and Homeless and Soon Nationless!

              Nobdoy can argue this system of zero intrest works swell. Since germany proved it with the actual historic documentations that prove it, as well as every muslim nation for the last 1500 yrs has had ZERO intrest moneys/loans ability. And all of europe for aproz 1000yrs when euro-christianity rejected all forms usury intrest.

              DISCLAIMER: Just because germanys bank/money system worked so swell and the fact that I mentioned muslim nations also never allow usury intrest etc, that DOES NOT mean I support any Other systems or beliefs or methods of Either group. It just means I took the time to Find such info and am Shareing it Here for Others who may be Intrested in these issues. Got it? To Promote germanys system or make note of it in a Historical way for info reasons, does NOT make me or others who may Read it any type “Nazis” nor “hatemongers” nor “Antisemitic” Nor “Racist” evil whiteys. That goes Double for those several here who Look for a Reason to POUNCE, and lable a person with such Vile nasty names due to Their Small minded false ideas or beliefs, taught to them constantly untill they are too stupid to Snap Out of it and Awaken to truth etc.

        • Freedom, add caches every 12 miles, or near a water supply. Mostly ammo, fire starters, gill nets, snares and traps.

          • Here on Cape Cod a cache of weapons was found by the authorities buried in the woods..discovered by hikers no less..

            Best be quite diligent in your placement(s)..

            Meanwhile, the economy roars on like a freight train with no speed limit..careful of the derailment ahead..


            • Possee: Don’t you mean, the ‘printing press roars on…with no speed limit?”

              • Have to agree…spot on observation!

            • Got Storage?

      3. All hell is going to break loose guaranteed. I see king Obama declaring martial law and setting the economy up as a banana republic. The disease has spread too far to fix now. Show me your papers and do this eye scan for a loaf of bread is in the near future.

        • “Show me your papers” and the bastard starts it.

          • “show me your papers” says “Game On!”. Those asking for papers should not question why 168gr HPBT are being launched at them from long distances. No remorse or quarter will be felt of given.

            • Unknown I prefer 175 Sierra match kings. 168’s start key holing around 850 yards. 175’s fly true to about 1100 yards. Me and my savage 10 precision 308 will do 8″ to 10 inch groups at 1000 yards with 175 gr federal gold medal match.

              • A rack grade M1A with a “garage gunsmith” tune up, will print on the size of a quarter at 600 yards, sometimes down to dime size. As to ammunition, I’d rather not say except it’s match grade.

                • Unkown my rifle shoots way better than I can drive it. I have got 1/3 moa out of it but the best I can shoot consistently is around 8″ at 1000 yards. I got a 338 lapua savage 110 ba with night force scope but haven’t quite got my rifle and loads fine tuned yet. Eventually I’ll be able to drive that beast out to a mile or 1760 yards. My Leica 1600 range finder won’t be adequate for that though. If I can keep the old lady from shooting me I might acquire a G7 range finder that’s good over a mile.

                  • you’ll never get a chance to shoot 1000 yds

                  • Sweet,

                  • Agreed, anyone and I mean anyone that says show me your papers, I.D., get scaned over here, after a government take over, and I did nothing wrong. They will be eating dirt before the sun comes up. Thats a fact. Absolutely NO QUARTER………………………..

                • That sounds like an exaggeration to me.

                  That M1A/match ammo would be shooting within the 0.955″ diameter of a quarter at 600 yds. Using true minutes of angle (1.047″) that means your M1A would be shooting better than 0.15 moa.

                  80 pound benchrest bolt action rifles struggle to obtain such accuracy.

                  I’m thinking you meant to claim “within a quarter at 100 yds” for your M1A/match ammo.

              • I grew up hunting, never shot more than 100 yds though. Any tutorials out there on calculating drop and wind age? I’ve got a nice .308 and a redfield 500yd retic scope. Had to sight it in at 100 yd range. Taking it south in a few weeks to sight it in on 200 yds as recommended for retic accuracy. Also, do you recommend a specific range finder? Always wanted to do some long range hunting. ;-]

                • You can get bullet drop compensator apps that will do bullet drop and windage if you plug in ballistic coefficient and fps. When shooting extreme range a good range finder and wind indicator is critical. Bullet drop between 950 and 1000 yards is 50 inches with a 308 175 gr Sierra match king. So a 50 yard misjudge at that range will cause a miss.

                  • …and, once you have chronographed your rifle/ammo combination, obtained the necessary training to refine your shooting technique, practiced a lot, and ranged your paper target, you can combine ballistics software with a meter measuring the essential atmospheric conditions that influence bullet flight.


                    THEN you check your rifle against the data.

                  • i recommend the rangefinder Hathcock used

                  • Ballistic AE

                • Go to YouTube and search the term “sniper 101”. The guy who does those videos is Tiborasaurus Rex, and he’s forgotten more about long range shooting than most people will ever know (military or not). He has hours and hours of very detailed instruction. Highly recommend it.

                • Pen CRNA

                  go to a Good gun store just about all of them are selling DVDs on how to hit targets up to a mile away Mind you that’s 338 lapua 300 win mag and 50 cal type guns.

                  But its using Mil dot type range shooting. in one the guys draws on the door of his white pick up with a grease pen just to get his point across.sorry but i cant remember the name but he has a series of videos about AR shooting and Basic hand gun use.

                  here are three possible links




                  my bolt action 308 will hit quarter sized at 400 to 500 yds with hand reloads and 150 to 170 grain bt

                  and for me that’s plenty far for now but if and when i get one of the Big Boys then i will be looking at a mile.i want a 300 win mag so that i can still reload with out the price tag of the real big guns

                  i guess i am lucky to live in the south west nothing but scrub brush for miles.

                  Hope this helps

                  skittle shittin unicorn

                  • internet sniper. all this is nice theory, but will never be put to use. if you go up against the storm troopers, you’ll be taking quickie shots at less than 200m. shoot n scoot.

              • depends on your specific rifle on how a certain type/weight of bullet performs. some varables are rifling, stock, barrel vibration, type of primer, brass used, type of crimp. you know what I mean.

                • you can find bullet drop online from the manufactures. I shoot 6-8 inch high @300 yards. The prior post of mine was in referance of choosing a specific bullet weight for accuracy…only you rifle knows and you have to shoot it to find out. Terminal performance is important too and depends on what type of animal you are hunting ie. deer, elk, bear, dirtbags, armored dirtbags, or armored dirtbags with ballistic ceramic plates.

                  • Look at specs for type iv ballistic/bullet proof vest you gonna need a lot heavier than 308 or 30 06 to punch through ceramic plate, If at all possible try get 338 or even 375 h&h is devastating will punch through just anything will make a great no 2 rifle

              • Care to share your optic?

                • Redfield 2-7×33 revolution. Optics by lupold (?sp) on this model. If crosshairs zeroed in at 200 yds gives accurate retics for 3,4, & 500 yd shot, or so the manual says. Rifle and scope were a package deal. Guy returned the gun/scope because it didn’t ‘shoot well’. He needed to clean the bolt and oil it. It was full of metallic dust. Runs smooth for me.

                  • Oops….just realized you weren’t talking to me….anyways I would like to know as well, if you’re sharing faith & unknown.

                  • Vortex optics 4×16 range mildot. My new baby has a night force 5×20 mildot. The 338 lapua needs the crystal clear glass of the night force to max its potential. Vortex optics are pretty good for the money. I’d say on par of leupold midrange scopes. I always go mildot for reticles because it’s what I know and was trained on.

        • There is no doubt that the market will crash, that’s how they make their profits. The big guys sucking in all of the little cash and then BANG, they have your retirement. Their reply to your losses is “well we told you there is some risk involved.” You just got unlucky, SORRY now go pound sand deadbeat, I am busy right now.
          I read a number a while back that the seniors in America hold and controls somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 trillion in cash and assets. Languishing in accounts somewhere doing nothing but taking care of your old dead ass. And I don’t doubt for a second that the current regime hasn’t got their eyes on it and scheming on how to get it. Probably looking to kill your ass off and get it back in the system. Maybe they could somehow limit your healthcare, SOMEHOW! How would they do that? Lets think!!!!
          My thought is this is going long term, 20-30 years. They could do a Cyprus on us in the short term but they might be after the real big bucks. There has been a lot of chatter about going after your 401Ks, Roth IRAs, annuity accounts basically any retirement you have amassed for your later years. Maybe a little left over in your estate for your kids after settling your finals.
          I think at some point they will come full force after your estates too. They will just send a letter to your beneficiaries stating “YOU DIDN’T EARN THAT”, sound a little familiar? I won’t get into it in depth but a friend of ours lost her mother, she lived in Berlin. The condo type thing she had lived in for 30 odd years was confiscated by the German Government under the guise of paying for her final health care costs. They just straight up stripped out her estate, period, got it all and nothing left.
          Don’t think for a second this outfit that is on top of us right now today wouldn’t like to do the same to us.
          You can bet this won’t happen to the upper crust, not a chance. Just like this Obiecare, its good for us but not for them.
          If we don’t put a stop to this, we are going to deserve anything that happens to us.

          • The plan to bump off seniors has long been in motion. It began with Medicare rationing and has been expanded to bump off the young as well—renamed ObamaCare, complete with death panels.

          • Hammerun…I visited a nursing home for two years and made great friends.
            One lady told me her house was signed over to the nursing home(state?) for her to enter the facility.
            So, it’s already here.

            • @ jayjay this is very common. they also lein your home if you have any unpaid med bills. if you go into any type of assisted living and do not have the cash ( most insurance covers such a small percentage of the living costs) that they eind up owning your home,just recently happened to my great aunt. she died only after 2 days being there so not much was owed but that is unfortunate. one day stay on average is 3,000.00 yes three grand a DAY! These are not fncy places either just a normal assisted living place, nursing homes also are about that price range…..they are leaches taking everything including any thing that a person could inherit

              • the lookback period for transferring assets is something like 5 yrs.

            • SSI requires seniors to have 0 income to enter a nursing home if there paying its so people with a million or two in the bank cant scam them into free nursing home care.

              and unless she didn’t have family she didn’t have ! to sign it over to the home she could have given it to family. but states are different South Dakota made my grandma just give it to my uncle that was all.

              The system sucks no doubt

            • there’s already a mechanism to recover hc expenses paid by medicaid. under ocare, it’ll be ruthlessly applied.

      4. Depending on who you are the bottom has already dropped out. That’s the problem. 50M food stamps, 11M disabled, SS, etc no doubt this cannot continue but when. My bet is Obama care finishes us off but what do I know

        • “What do you know”?? Apparently more than the lemmings in charge!

        • Every Obama promise comes with a
          complimentary tube of Vaseline.

          • But they put the cap on so damn tight you can’t open it to ease the pain.


          • Howdy OW,

            Hhahahhaaaa…in rare form today I see!…

            Here’ a prediction…This country will NOT see another ‘Merry Christmass’..the rate of deterioration – broadly – IS accelerating, rapidly, NOW. Witness the activity in the 4rth largest economy in the World Japan…. ‘Abenomics’ has efectively FINISHED them, NOW, they ARE at the ‘tipping point’ Go take a look at what the Japanese Stock Market is doing these last two weeks…at what the JGB (Japanese Govenment Bonds) market has done in the same period…

            This will begin with the Orient, probably Japan, from which it will spread like oil upon water…and it is starting NOW.

            Get ready Y’all..there’s not much time to wait, the Resolution is near to hand…Remember, if you REALLY want to get a notion of WHAT the collapse will entail, look up David Korowicz paper on Google titled ‘Trade-off.pdf’.

            That details exactly the manner of the progression which will occur, IMHO. The paper is long, pay attention to the first 30 pages closely, there he lays out his operating terminology…the remainder concludes his thesis….this will be how the Financial beast/Just-in-time delivery systems WILL fail….taking ‘Civilization’ with it as it goes. Good Luck Friends.

            JOG *6 Days till departure*

            • I’ve been sensing an imminent collapse for 3 years, but it never comes. I still think it will. If this is all “planned” and someone is truly controlling this madness, I see no collapse tilleeither they disarm us, or we all beg for help (some broad based false flag event)…. Until then, I’ll keep stocking up on supplies.

              • Stan;
                An imminent collapse may never truly come. Ex: The city of Rome is said to have had a million people at it’s height and at it’s end there was only 30,000 people left. These people finally left the city for the country side and became farmers as this was the only way to feed (support) themselves. So the question is did Rome collapse? NO… The ideology that made Rome what it was collapsed, but the people who were citizens of Rome simply readjusted to a new way of life. AND this is what we are all facing today. We are seeing and end to how we have lived our life of many years and the rules that have governed us as a people being changed dramatically. And because these changes are happening so fast and with out voice from the people, many of us would believe that we are doomed and the USA will collapse. Rome was simply an ideology that was garnered by its people, as to is the USA and like the Romans we to will have to adjusted to the changing times if we are to survive what the future holds. We will not be returning to the (good old days) as some would like to still believe is possible. It never happened for the Romans and it will never happen for us. So instead of preparing for a collapse of our way of life let us instead prepare for a future and the reshaping of this country and its people and how WE WILL have a hand in it.

                Knowledge is Power.
                And Power is the Ability to do Anything.

                • There needs to be a colapse to change the way people live. The people of rome moved out becouse of the collapse and many died on the way. People will learn to farm and grow their own food but only after realizing the grosery stores are empty and then a few more months before they will be able to eat what they planted. whit a lot of chaos and fighting in between

            • JOG—good to hear from you again

              Totally agree with you on Japan going kamikaze.
              Things are getting obvious to the well informed.

              Sure hate to see the days counting down for your
              departure (sorry, selfish). I just lost my beloved
              collie dog, Layla, and now we are losing you too.
              I don’t much like grieving twice in the same month.

              Maybe you will be able to come up with a way to
              stay in contact once in a while to keep us on the
              straight and narrow.
              What ever happens, may the wind be always at your
              back and your compass point true.

            • May the Devil lose track of you, and God know exactly where you are.

              • @ Paranoid Its reassuring To know that a christian is Kept. Revelation chpt 12 makes a good read on the topic
                John 10:27My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
                28And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

                • I’ve heard this before somewhere…

            • That pdf you mentioned is with support by FIESTA!

              *plays maraiachi band music*

              Party at ground zero baby! Pass the cervesa!

              … Yes I know it’s not by Fiesta…

              • In the Peak Oil section:

                “Our fixed fleet of cars cannot run on … natural gas”


                I am telling you, for less than $800 I can convert my vehicle. In my garage. Right now. Today. With hand tools.

                But I DON’T because the second I get in an accident with a non-street-legal vehicle I am… how shall we say… a dead man?

                And it is only non-street-legal on a technicality. Not due to inherent risk.

                We should be doing this.

                We should be doing this RIGHT now…

                • Natural gas tank is too big for the cars. Look on top of those muni buses. natural gas is compressed and makes a vehical more dangerous (so id riding with my wife) propane is better.

                  • They make CNG tanks that are DOT approved, that they basically crash test the shit out of. Think scuba tank, rougly 1.5-2x the size, and with walls so thick you’d need C4.

                    It goes in the trunk.

                    The rest is replacing the fuel rail, injectors, putting in a few valves from the tank, and slapping down an auxiliary injector control computer. Oh and a pressure regulator.

                    It’s ALL bolt on.

                    Notice there’s nothing in there regarding the core engine.

                    And it’s not street legal BECAUSE!


                    Now, try to imagine the cost to the manufacturer of said conversion kit if they tried to do every car on the road from say 1993 to present.

                    You know what… if all that government money’s going to go ANYWHERE… it should go into absorbing those testing costs, or sharing them.

                    Think of all the jobs just doing conversions for the less than handy. To say nothing of the jobs messing with gas stations.

                  • I know this because I was very, very close to actually doing it back during the last gas run-up. The “not street legal” thing stopped me. At which point I started considering the train and a gasoline powered bicycle.

                    It’s one kit too, they don’t have to custom tailor it to every single car.

                  • Propane C3 is compressed too.

            • JOG, going of the grid?

            • DId miss a post, I went out too cut the fence line, an now I find out “JOG” is leaving shtf. I dont know why but I am vary upset, the people on here must mean more to me than I thought, but to it is upsetting times. JOG you always have great info, and a GREAT writer, not to be Confused with me that couldnt write my why out off a wet paper bag..GOOD LUCK. Friend.

              • P.A farmer:
                He is going on “VACATION”

                • Lol, now I Really feel Stupid,but I still meant what I said, and their are a lot of GREAT writer’s on here, really makes me wish I woulda Carried my books too school little more.Thats ok my Talents could be useful in other Area’s. I do Appreciate everybodys work they do on here.

                  • Great White North

                • Hi Noon,

                  Sorry..the ‘Robin Willims’ thing again ;)…



              • Howdy PA Farmer…If you all will permit me, Paranoid, OW, TB, et al, I’ll respond here…

                The easy one first, I think… Howdy Chip, WAY ‘Off-grid’ Friend! Try looking back to the previous forum…the one preceding this one…I left a missive for BI that is the unabridged answer to your question as well as his own…

                OW, Paranoid, Two Buckets, …Thank You Gentelemn…I am grateful that it came to pass that all of you came here, for through many of you and what you yourselves brought here, I too, learned much…which is HELF the point of our existence here…the other half is to HELP as we can, just enough to get others on thier feet, then to resume walking the long road, together. Two come closer to the truth than anyone else here has thus far, Yea Verily…

                “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”

                Thus I AM called by One who’s voice I KNOW…and so goeth I forth…obediently.

                OW, the S is HTF in Japan now, as said..or so near to it, as to be of no material difference. This that we see now is the simple result of “Stupidity” which Nature’s God always rewards ‘handsomely’…with extinction. How long before the Japanese are complelled to face an enraged Mainland neighbor…not long methinks. THAT WILL be SHTF ‘Royale’ as it were, but even apriori, the effects as the Japanee economy folds up like the house of cards it – and the rest of the Grand Ponzi, which Western Civilization, has become – it WILL be the case that the ‘Mardi Gras’ mask WILL come off…leading this DIRECTLY to Stan522,

                Friend neither slack nor tarry nor be diaparaging in your own Heart…for ALREADY you KNEW the truth, t’was only by machination that those ‘Above’ were able to keep the music going this long..but now comes the time when that will End and everyone will race for thier chairs at this, the End of the Game….many will find no place to sit and so, “woe unto them”….

                Those HERE I HAVE FAITH in!!! Everyone of you! All here HAVE demonstrated that, in truth, that ‘they have eyes with which to SEE…and ears with which to to HEAR
                …none here shall perish from Ignorance…do as you can…DO a youu MUST…LIVE, and live well, for that is the BEST REVENGE of All.

                The firt light of a New Dawn is but barely on the farthest horizon and the Night is yet deep around us….this SHALL pass, I Promise you…Live to see it come fully…I Pray you all Friends,

                “May He Bless you and Keep you…ALL of you, and all that is thine.” One way or ANOTHER I will SEE you again, though perhaps not on this plane, but on the ‘Far Side’ Each of us has that for which we ARE ‘Responsible’….that for which we WILL be held ACCOUTABLE, in the last…act accordingly Friends, what I do now, I must…your paths may go in other directions, but the End is the same for us all…

                Yet a few days more I will abide here…you will know the day when it comes for I will tell you so.

                Peace…Faith….LIFE be with you all…Amen!


                • Thanks JOG only By the grace of God. Just had a thought in my mind maybe one morning japan will wake up to news that its all gone up in smoke next the chinese will wake up, go to work to find all the factory gates shut then the rest of Asia, then Middle East & Europe will be listening to morning breaking news about the markets in a tailspin then the sun will take its long journey across the Atlantic but when the eastcost USA wakes up there will be tanks in the street & certain segments of the population still in their pyjamas been herded by jackboots with loud hailers. It seems too outrageous to even imagine.

          • Huh I didn’t know you could insert an ObamaPhone rectally…

            Oh wait my ass is ringing…


        • Paranoid,
          You know more than the average sheeple in america today.

          Ultimately, you got the question correct. WHEN? That is what none of us can figure out. I hear this year. I also hear this decade. I would like a little more time, but it is impossible to know when. They will print until the bitter end. I do know that much. Alot of the smart people who are not trying to “sell fear” say we have a couple of years. I tend to agree and hope we have at least that long.
          Keep prepping. We are already better off than most sheeple out there.

          • Load ammo like it starts tomorrow.

            • Only load the mags 60%…think about it.

        • IMO you are right. I am hanging on right now as have been for 4 years. I think this next straw on the camel may be Obamacare. Forcing people to buy shit they don’t want and can’t afford. Surely to God when the day comes that they actually start to write a check for goods not wanted, people will blow their gasket.

        • paranoid – i agree the other shoe has already dropped but its falling in slow motion .
          the collapse is here , the only thing missing is the media hype which wont happen until matt lauers stock broker calls him with the news …. LOL .

          and yup , i think obamacare will finish the cake , but that was always the plan , single payer system , right ?

          • Having long ago tossed my talmudvision in the trash, I only get Zionist news if I listen while in the car. I did that today and it was both amusing and sad that the Zionist news was the opposite of reality. Nothing but hasbara to keep the goyim narcotized in their coma. It is not religion, but TV and H✡llyw✡✡d, that are the “opiate of the people.”

      5. Gun shows are starting to let up on the crowds lining up outside, and will probably get better until the next false flag event. I would suggest folks keep getting their lead, as well as the other precious metals. Keep getting the #10 cans of freeze-dried entrees. Get what you can while the gettin’s good.

      6. Repudiate the debt “owed” to the banksters.

        It is by fraud and deceit of fractional reserve banking and fiat currency, purchased influence, and by immoral usury that they lay claim to the putative “debt.”

        To hell with their criminal Ponzi scheme, their derivates-piled-on-dervivatives, and all their economic crimes against humanity.

        Prosecute every single one of them, punish them, and repatriate all their gains ill-gotten of centuries of crimes against humanity.

        Every one of their enforcers, puppets, mouthpieces, and talking heads must also be prosecuted, punished, and their ill-gotten gains repatriated. For those whose crimes have not risen to the level of capital crimes, they must be impoverished and disempowered.

        Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

        • Howdy John Q,

          To be SURE…THAT is the Solution! However, no one will ALL?OW it to happen, as it would take out every pension plan on the planet…and those whose lives depend on that will NOT consent to being washed down the tubes…so INSTEAD, we ALL go down the tubes with them.

          The Youth of this country, indeed the World, are surfacing from a bad dream…into a WAKING NIGHTMARE… everything they have been told was the path to “Success” is a SHAM. a LIE of the First Magnitude…and thay ARE catching on NOW. Whose FAULT is this….I really don’t need to say that here do I? Well, Ok…here it is, the BANKERS…

          Go get em Boys and Girls…they HAVE stolen the World. You KNOW it…

          HELL is not only ‘Coming to breakfast’…it’s staying as a PERMANENT house-guest….forever.


          • Pension plans other than government will be toast anyway, and the government will tax us all to death to cover their pensions and wages and medical while we all burn.

            • Howdy Kula-Bro!

              …and therein lies the STRAIGT WAY to..

              “American Revolution, part Deux”….


              • One can only hope!
                My choice would be revolution, sadly most will accept the poorhouse instead.
                God save us all!

        • EXACTLY!

      7. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m sort of getting tired of predictions… I have no doubt it will happen but only the Lord knows when and how. Until then my family and I will keep the fires burning, the garden growing and purchase what we can, when we can.

        We had to cover the garden last nite because of a heavy frost. Looks like the same thing tonight. Last week it was 85 degrees. Geez! At least we don’t have any tornadoes, earth quakes or floods. And, I was able to score a brick of 22’s this morning. Can’t get any better than that!

        God Bless us all.

        • Set snares and traps in your garden. Lots of protein lured in by the rabbit food.
          Won’t be any game wardens when the SHTF. There will, however, be lots of commies.

          • Good dogs not only keep bunnies out of your garden. They are the whistle on the line… 🙂

        •’s one of my mottos that irks my husband.
          There is always a positive to the can ALWAYS be worse!!! 🙁
          ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness.’

          • Howdy JayJay!

            Abject Apologies here M’am….the last few weeks have been excessively tough…my pots here will indicate what has lately been in effect. Your last line above,

            “May love be the light that guides us through the darkness.”

            Will be the very dividing line tween Life and Death…for EVEYONE I think, every ection we take will serve as the Judgement. Apply your hand when you must, when Life is THREATENED…but stay your hand otherwise, for even the VERY wise cannot see ALL ends…and I will NOT be the Judge of another lest there be NO OTHER way…for I do NOT so wish to BE Judged! Be well…Be safe…look to yourselves, for we have little else upon which to depend now…but Him, of Course…keep Him close at all times, near to your Soul….May He Bles Thee and Thine, Forever….Amen.


        • @Bill and others,

          It’s coming and it is coming quick. The Powers To Be know it as well and are taking steps, illeagal as all hell to try and stop it but it is coming. I will state these facts and give all of you the straight scoop this weekend if a better writer than myself does not. For me to explain it would be long, boring and not have the credibilty some one who does it for a hobby / living has.


      8. Water, food, ammo, barter items, antibiotics, anitvirals, blankets/ clothing, shelter, comms, gold, bible. Hunker down, it’s going to get tough fast.

        • Amen!

      9. stock up on dental floss. i was eating beef jerkey and realized how uncomfortable/painful it is to have that stuck in your teeth for hours. imagine an infection because of that crap.. chances are, im gonna be hunting when shtf and making a lot of beef jerkey…you can use it to tie stuff too.

        • You can use it to sew buttons on, too.

        • And dog jerky, and cat soup, and rat stew, and……
          Anything that moves will eventually end up in someones pot!

          • Needs more Garlic. Kulafarmer.

            • No shit. I think we will all be trying to find herbs, spices, salt/pepper, anything to make our new protein taste like something we have had before. Kind a like eating alligator tail. Not much tail flavor left after it is served.

              • Gonetolong,

                I agree…spices are a good thing to have on hand to make food tastier. Stock spices. Get seeds and grow spices. Oregano, chives, cilantro, garlic, etc are a good addition to the garden.

                Take care!
                KY Mom

            • Personally, I have been buying stock in Tabasco and stocking it by the case.

            • Don’t forget the Cummin!!!

              • Curry!

                • Howdy again Bro,

                  “Curried Prawn”…it don’t GET no better than THAT!!


                  • Curry? Yuck a pooh! Burns going in, burns coming out. Great breath mint to boot. Yow!


        • I use small plastic cable zip ties for toothpicks. They’re flat, skinny and flexible and can be used over & over till they become brittle and break; they work awesome. They’re easier to use than dental floss and get into tough to reach places like a charm…

          • I just takem’ out and and cleanem’ with a stiff brush… 🙂

        • Tonight’s menu…tooth scrapple with a side of chair gum…mmmmm.

      10. Supreme Court now says pigs can take your DNA without a warrant.

        • the U.S. Constitution and my .45-70 says they can’t !

          N.O. ;0p

          • I thought you loss your 45 70.

            • Well sounds like he found it again, anybody read the ammunition shortages & personal preparedness statement at Buffalo Bore, those guys have some patriot balls well done Buffalo Bore

              • a buck a round !!!! for 9mm ?? you have to be kidding

            • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • No, it said they can take your DNA at the time you’re arrested. They already take your fingerprints.

      11. The global elite will destroy the US, Europe, and Japan all at the same time. Depending on how far the chaos spreads from there could result in the deaths of a billion people. We’re going to see carnage on a global scale with the most advanced societies being the hardest hit. The end game is creating enough chaos to bring about a one-world government, the one prophesied in the book of Revelation. Based on what I believe the Lord has shown me, the Rapture won’t occur until sometime after the collapse. If you’re a Christian you still need to prepare like your life depends on it.

        • Forget rapture. Many preachers today claim if your Last name is something akin to Finestien or Bloomberg or Schumer that You get a FREE PASS into heaven! Yep so just Change last name to a name similar to Their groups and then you too get a Key to the secret back door into heaven! Plus the best part is you won’t need obey Any laws! Mans or Gods alike. Those preachers say if your last name is akin to those, that free pass to heaven means NOTHING can stop you not even disobedience to Gods laws. EeeeHaaaaa! Sign Me up! I got my new name picked out already!…I think I will change name to Shlomo Banksterstiensky the 3rd! Now Gimme my Back door key!

          • It worked! I Just recieved My FREE Back Door to heaven Key!….And it is made entirly of Solid Plastic!

            • I’m really at a loss here because the Bible says two things:

              (Prov 26:4 NIV) Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.

              But it also says,

              (Prov 26:5 NIV) Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.

              • Proverbs 2-87-zqp= “Some folks can’t seem to know when it is just a Damn Joke!”

              • Proverbs 2-87-zqp= “Some folks can’t seem to know when it is just a Damn Joke!”

        • Rapture wont happen till AFTER the tribulation…contrary to the popular series and popular pastors preaching false docterine. So if we are around at the time we`re gonna go through it and probably will be killed because of our faith.

          • Jesus has to come back twice. He comes as a thief when no one expects him and he leaves with believers. He comes again at the end of the Great Tribulation when everyone expects Him. Jesus will return 1260 days after the antichrist signs a peace treaty with Israel.

            What did Jesus tell his disciples?

            (Mat 24:37-44 NIV) As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. {38} For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; {39} and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. {40} Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. {41} Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left. {42} “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. {43} But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. {44} So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

            • 1260 days after a treaty makes Christ a LIAR then. Cause he said NOone can KNow the Day nor Hour He shall return. You say everybody who can count 1260 days from some treaty will KNOW Exactly the day of return! I rather take Christs word for it. Also Most of Danials book happened long ago during various Ancient times wars etc. Only Some of Danial is Future or End times events. False pastors made Up that treaty with jews BS to verify the Rest of their fake prophetic utterances and predictions. It SELLS LOts of videos and Rapture prophecy Books! But aint TRUTH.

              To really get the bible truths you MUST Empty your minds of almost all them type preachers has taught(same as MSM ) then Re Read the bible and ask Holy Spirit to enlighten You. As long as folks Cling to so many Falshoods preached by “Prosperity Driven Mammom worshiper/jewisrael worshipers preachers” You will remain very mixed up. Empty minds of it all Then Re Read bible see for yourself. TRY IT! It Works!

              Read the Parable wheat and tares. Tares get Harvested FIRST. Tares=WEEDS Wheat=Us Gods elect believers the TRUE Church/body of Christ. Tares are satans seed(self chozens ring a bell?) I think That is what Luke is about one in fieled Taken etc…Tares get Taken Out. Wheats get Saved.

          • I interpret Luke 21 as that also skinny.

          • skinnymoose, yep. Also the Very first agenda or thing it says the Antichrist will do, in REV Ch 13 vs 7-8, His first move is “he shall Make WAR against the SAINTS…” Saints=True Believers alive and dead. Obviously he can Only war against alive persons so That means Us folks for certain assuming we are alive when hes revealed. Christ returns ONE time Only as per the bible verses.

            All Falshoods taught by phony Mammon worshiper pastors, and jew firster jew worshiper preachers teach Christ returns once in “Secret”! then 7 yrs after in Live view of all! That aint writ NO wheres biblically.

            Christ Himself said when he returns the WHOLE world will see him at the Same time. I cant recall now which verses? Its in there though just search and Ye shall find it!

            All modern Pre trib rapture stuff is a invention of Darby and promoted by Drunkard Scofiled in his Rothchild Funded version which is way off base and also teaches Dispensational pre trib and worship of self chozens etc.

            Funny Prior to Scofield and Darby, for aprox. 1900 yrs folks Knew what was written as truth. Then for last 100 yrs usa christians switched over to darby and scofiled. Look How swell That has worked out huh! No wonder america is under so many Curses lately! Bless them Self-Chozen self worshiper childrens of the devil satan so God will bless america folks! Riiiiiiggghhttt!

        • correct because there will be no secret rapturising folks before the Great & terrible day of Judgement

        • death of a BILLION people??!! More likely only a billion will survive!

        • DBAL-12,
          Henry Shively’s show is the shit.

      12. Does anybody else have an interest in the new Apple iwatch?

        • Huh?

        • No. Who would want an over-priced glorified slap bracelet that will get stolen the first day you wear it?

        • I am waiting for the Apple Icolonoscopy fiber optic camera….

      13. It is going to happen, we don’t know when, it could be this afternoon, could be in 10 years. I am surprised it has lasted this long. But it is all based on the dollar. The people in this country don’t work. Everyone is getting a check. You go to McDonalds in the morning, it is full of senior citizens. The Wal-mart is full of people on food stamps. When the rest of the world finally realizes the dollar is worthless, then the wheels will stop completely. The people who can take care of themselves will continue, but the people who are living off the checks will be in bad shape. It will be like after Katrina, the people who got the heck out were fine, but the people who waited for the Gov’t to provide for them at the Super Dome had it rough. When it happens it will be a sight we have never seen. Continue to live your life, but be prepared, garden, can, secure water,have ways to cook your food. Most people don’t believe it is going to happen, but it will…..

        • On the money: in the UK, already the zombies who depend on the government are discovering the government cannot provide for them. Their cheques are being delayed, or the paperwork screwed up, they find the welfare is being cut back in a thousand different ways, they realise they have no skills and no family or friends. All that is left is food banks at the local church but they can’t match demand. When the people become helpless, then those who try to help become overwhelmed. Happens every time.

      14. Schiff, myself and thousands of others have said as much and no one listens. They simply look at you funny and continue talking about Idol, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars or countless other reality shows. I mean really; are your FRIENDS like The Real House Wives??? I know I don’t have any friends like that. I call those enemies.

        They are not going to fix the economy, they are merely going to print more money, let you refinance your home at lower rates so you can spend more money and allow more debt. More Debt is the plan!!

        The second they stop printing the economy will go into withdrawal!!! So what’s on TV tonight??

        • Stop worrying about everyone else and worry about yourself and your loved ones.

          • Omegaman

            I’m good, it’s my loved ones I worry about! Some of my children don’t even own a gun. The others may have 1 gun but have no ammo. A gun without ammo is nothing more then an expensive club.

            Its unfortunate that with all my experience I’ll be the one with my children trying to drag their luggage thru the woods in high heels or tennis shoes. I’ve never seen any of them, since they became adults with a pair of boots on. I think there will be hordes of people walking around like my children.

            • Patriot I have taken care of my loved ones needs whether they know it or not. I’d rather have a well supplied group of people watching my six than have them standing around with their finger in their asses. Every group of sheep needs a shepherd.

              • Well we are an Italian Tribe of 68 spread across 2000 miles. Logistically, I can only do so much. I’m the security blanked of the whole family and when things go wrong I’m the one they call.

                Yes I am the Shepherd and Sheep Dog, but in this type of scenario I don’t think I’ll be able to round them up and I don’t think we are going to get much warning.

                • If you still have your Italian instincts your tribe can make healthy nutritious food for very low cost. Pasta Fazool powered Rocky Marciano.

                  I suggest making up a map to join up the family that avoids urban areas and distribute it to the flock. I been handing out silver dollars as gifts for several years. “Oh is silver dollars again”.

                  Auguro buona fortuna

                  • Sì abbiamo ancora la famiglia in Italia. Abbiamo carenza di cuochi. Sto imparando come fare pane e pasta primitivo.

      15. well , we all knew that would be his legacy, the president who was in charge when the world ended. We knew from the first term that he had NO FREAKIN idea on how to fix anything!!!

      16. … still awaiting that Real Birth Certificate Barry the Druggy Prostitute Fairy zog cia puppet illegal alien manchurian candidate prez …

        you know the one from KENYA !!!

        barry soetoro aka barrack huseein obama is really a kenyan natural born citizen and a british territorial citizen by birth .

        making him a british subject and kenyan national by NATURAL BIRTH , NOT AMERICAN !!!

        N.O. ;0p

        • You left out “narcissist.”

          I hope to see the look on his face when he sees his “legacy.”

        • WHAT




          Last I checked he was a villan from Superman 2.

      17. ZOG ISRAEHELL israel has a new special israehell vacation promotion –


        Israel police uncovers organ trafficking ring in north

        Police on Tuesday arrested six men suspected of being involved in an organ trafficking ring in northern Israel. Among the suspects are an IDF reserves brigadier-general and two lawyers.

      18. You’ve got until shtf to play the blame game! False flags are imminent and are our new reality. Connecticut was effective and after that Boston got locked down under dry run martial law. What level of disruption will the next event bring? Anticipation is your best friend.

        • Buzz, sorry, I meant to give u a thumbs up…

      19. It’s just another day trying to keep things from going belly up. Some days I am amaze that things haven’t gone full F.U.B.A.R., but when it does, you better be ready. It will happen when most will not be in a secure location. Even if by chance you are, your life will be affected in some way or another, because someone close to your heart will be thrown into the thick of things. Will there be a heads up, maybe. Everyday we have a heads up take on things, but a majority just ignore it as tin foil hat news.
        There is no fix, because we have no one that gives a rats ass. Those that try are beaten down by the same old same old. The status quo is dying, but I don’t think anyone wants a piece of the NWO.
        The game of life chess pieces are being played out. Will we be thrown into another war?? If the elite have their way, it will happen.
        As the old saying goes, “until the fat lady sings”. I think the fat lady sung a long time ago, but reality just hasn’t caught up!

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      20. I agree Bill, everyone is shouting collapse but no one knows when! somebody knows something! I know I’m debt free and we do the same, buy whenever we can and keep buying the three B’s. also got my solar well pump operating and have been watering the garden with it! getting ready to get off this crapy rural water system we have. good luck to everyone and GOD BLESS!

      21. The end goal has been to homogenize the standard of living as practically possible in the developed and developing world. All of the international agreements have in one way or another facilitated this end. If its done piecemeal political opposition within the Democracies and Republics MIGHT derail or at least slow down the effort. An abrupt collapse and then rapid organized restructuring of the world economy is highly dangerous but will have the desired goal.

        The possibility exists that they wanted a slower, uniform blending of wealth and unfortunately everything is spinning out of control and their reacting to events rather than controlling them.

        Maybe its a bit of both. Regardless we’re dropping either way.

        • When they began this nwo plan a few hundred yrs ago, the insiders always had Two main rules for every new generation that followed theirs. Those two rules were #1 Keep it All Secret! #2 Never attempt any type of full frontal armed assualt on any large armed nations, like the usa, or else it will Fail badly and all of Our(theirs) Centurys of planning will come to an abrubt End.

          They followed and obeyed those Two main rules very well, untill about 25 yrs ago. They Never counted on the Internet or any other method for regular average folks to have a means of finding out Their the nwo crowd leadership plans. They Miscalculated badly. Now today, Many tens of millions, perhaps Hundreds of Millins of reg avg folks worldwide Knows who and what the NWO plans are.

          This I believe is the Main reason we have seen almost suddenly such a quicking of their pace, and such rapid employment or ramped up of everything latly. They are very nervous as the Proverbial Cat is Out of the bag so to speak. This is going to change many previous planned methods they had. What exactly? I do not know. But I have a few ideas. And I do NOT see them causing any total collapse when they can eaisly make the switch to, Cashless worldwide as a save it all plan most people will accept and be happy for.

          But if they do go cashless, that Will affect all who reject it and them, in far worse ways than even total collapse would. Especially if they include implant chip ID’s to be allowed to Buy or Sell anything. I cannot think of anything that can make life harder or more unbearable to keep living, than rejecting that type system. Most any solutions you can think of will be very difficult or wont work out. Unless you can avoid property taxes and agenda 21 plans, life will be near imposible to continue alive in such a system when you think about it.

          • Them Guys

            I theorized the same thing seeing their moves by stealth stop and very rapid large overt moves take its place. I thought of the Internet being part of the reason. Maybe greed has a play or the advancement in WMD technology allowing two bit nations to get “The Bomb” or some mixture of it all but their accelerating the pace. All I know is they ain’t hiding in the shadows no more.

            Many people don’t scoff at “conspiracy theory” like they used to. The MSM tries but their rapidly loosing credibility. Its the Abe Lincoln thing about fooling people.

            • K2″ I began alerting folks when I was age 20, that was 40+ yrs ago. Back then None believed a word I spoke about the UN and NWO and corrupt fed gov ans fed reserve as a Private bank etc. Now I think Most know I ws right all along. Yet NONE has ever yet told me “Gee You was right”. Even own family refuses to admit it! Oh well right. As long as I and You as individuals knows it is what matters most.

      22. A true fool is one that keeps their assets in the cyber world or unavailable to you 24 hours a day. These idiots that hold on to their 401k’s and other stock like they really mean something WHEN some sort of collapse occurs. This type of dolt you can almost guarantee has practically nothing stored up at home for emergency. I mean Old Mother Hubbard type retard. They look at their little electronic screen and say, look at what I have, I am rich. Yet someone with 1/1000 the amount of money they have, BUT a whole room for of food, water, and other necessities is the wealthy one WHEN something happens.

        The shear probability of statsitics say that a collapse MUST happen with people from one of many different sources. Humans are not Gods or some omnipotent beings that are immune against disease, war, natural calamities, and much more. If humans were, there would not be so much suffering from just one tornado, hurricane, and earthquake or volcano, fighting amoungst each other, wild cat type super viruses. In one word, humans are very VULNERABLE. To not prepare to weather these storms is asinine beyond the word, beacuse unless people have a ten thousand year technologically jump, there will be perfect storms and awful events coming. This is the cycle of life. IT MUST HAPPEN, and it sure looks like people are very nearing that next cycle of calamities.

        Why not throw away some of the phantom money right now while you can, and go purchase some guarantees of sqaure meals in the future when the supermarkets and the food delivery services don’t operate? It is everyone’s choice, save and float, or bury one’s head and fall and drown.

        • Be informed

          I don’t know what to say anymore. Of course you’re

          A good example right now would be the fine folks in
          Oklahoma living in tornado alley.

          If I lived there, the first thing on my agenda would
          be getting a backhoe in there to dig me out a hole to
          build a storm shelter. It could also serve as a food
          and water storage unit as well.

          But then, that’s just me talking again.

        • Call 1-(800)-THE-TREMR if you need help dealing with the thought of the ground moving without your permission !

          • @ ima real geologist. Sounds like a porno chat site you are running for tremours someone has down in their pants.

      23. Don’t worry Americans the IRS has got your front and back and when they oversee Obamacare on your behalf ALL will be good

        • 2013
          Last year im going along with the bullshit,

      24. The population in 1930 was about 122,000,000. During the Great Depression 12,000,000 died.

        7 million Industrial (city), 5 million rural, particularly farmers. When the unemployment rate rose to over 19%, within a year it’s estimated a combined total of close to 12 million Americans died from starvation.

        That comes out to be about 10% of the population died! Our population today is approximately 311,000,000, now who thinks the death toll would exceed 10%?

        What is different today VS 1930? People are more reliant on Government then themselves, families are divided, God has disappeared in the family, morals are gone and it’s an all about me attitude.

        More people live in cities VS in the Rural area, we are in in a Just In Time society for food and supplies.

        12,000,000 died, 10% of the population during the Great Depression!

      25. HEY BI… The only available options for me to get my 401k money is to die,or get fired from my job.Then and only then will they give me whats left over after taxs.That pretty well sums up most plans.

        • @ kaynine. This was hardly directed at you or others that don’t have a choice with their 401K’s. Many do, and yet continue to dribble away their hard earned money on false hopes that it will be there for them at ALL times no matter what. Others don’t even spend a little extra each week to store up what they need when that disaster hits their area or another area that affects the groceries coming into their little “village”. That is asinine beyond the backside of a donkey.

        • kaynine: You can transfer your company/govt retirement account funds to an “accredited” IRA account in a credit union or bank, without penalty. This way you avoid the “withholding %”. It takes about 7-10 days. Then, if you are of age, withdraw the money to do what you want with it. Takes a little time but do-able; if you are not old enough, you pay an additional penalty; depends on whether you want some of your money or none of your money. If it is a traditional IRA, you are supposed to pay the taxes when April comes around. Depends on your frame of mind. God speed.

      26. There is a pattern developing with the ROBES of the Supreme Court. Every individual right we have as a citizen is being given to Corporations who are a collective group!

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

        Justices Allow Police to Take DNA Samples After Arrests By ADAM LIPTAK Published: June 3, 2013

        • I think reason they so want every person worldwides DNA is so when Fat cat rich eliets needs a kidney or other body part it will be alot eaiser for them eliets to search a computer file for the Perfect matched dna and then have feds or cops arrest that person. Then like N. Korea or China just Take that body part while declaring you a Dicenter or traitor to kommies nwo and Kill you after parts removal. Also to place Your dna at a crime scene like a manchurin opps.

          • I don’t think fingerprints equate DNA. Fingerprint yields ID only. DNA as you know is yielding more info/data about an individual everyday. It can be logged and used in so many ways. This is more pure bullshit.

      27. I’m going to be blunt. Having gone out of my way the last several years warning bright, well-educated sheep, and having been dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist” or not well informed … I’m going to laugh my ass off at any (non-family) sheep who wind up wiped out and desperate.

        Don’t knock on my door looking for handouts. Don’t give me this “aren’t we pals?” bullshat. You made your bed. You sleep in it. In choosing not to prepare you have voted for the consequences of being unprepared.

        Especially the collectivists, the “I’m entitled” crowd will want a do-over at your expense. At my expense. HA.

        They made their bed. They can sleep in it. Family or close friends … my plans have included them from the beginning. But people outside that degree of relatedness?
        Too bad, so sad.

        Some of them bandy about the Darwin Award, smugly certain they are on the superior side of its divide? Ho ho, horse of a different color this time.

        That time is not far off. I won’t presume to predict an exact day or month. All I know is it’s better to be prepared years too early than be rushing around in a panic days too late.

        Taking a lesson from Braveheart and others here … anyone who thinks they are going to wave a piece of paper in my face and confiscate anything I lawfully own had better be ready to die trying. Because I will kill as many of them as I can before I die.

        Molon Labe

        • anonymous6.8,
          I can’t agree with you more, 100% bro! I’m sure many of us have been looked at by family and friends as nut jobs, while all they do is gather in the neighborhood to drink their worries away, watch the mindless boob-tube.

          Guess what, those are the same intelligent people who will remind you that they have a Masters Degree and can think for themselves. While yet they haven’t a clue that Japan is crashing, DHS is readying to take on the American people ect…

          Those who where once very close worry that the conspiracy theories are clouding our minds but they refuse to research what we have warned them of.

          Ya don’t come a knock-en, you just might hear the shells a-rack-en!

      28. BEFORE the industrial revolution (discovery of fossil fuels): around one billion people on the whole earth. Since the discovery of fossil fuels: around 8 billion people on the earth.

        they are fracking, drudging for tar sands, going to Alaska and other off shore, deep sea drilling–all energy intensive, polluting, dangerous and costly. Why would they resort to this… scraping the barrel for the last bits of oil? Because all the conventional, easy to get to oil is gone.

        After they stop scraping the barrel and the cliff occurs? Back down to around one billion people on the earth.

        • What % of conservatives, prepers and progressives will die off?

          • @ Luther. alot less than the non prepared. I would guess that most survivers will be people who prepared.

        • Grasshopper: Don’t think oil and gas. Think energy. The US has lots of energy: solar, wind, and tidal. When the Oil & Gas eventually runs out, (100 years or more) WE will have other more efficient forms of energy.

          At that time, Big Business will demand that taxpayers fund those giant Alt energy power plants for them and then lease the power back from them.

          Engage your employees or be impoverished by the.

          • There you go again durangblo…..”awash in oil”?? 100 years? How’s that tooth fairy thingy working for ya?

        • Except that Monday morn pre market reports said usa is at LOWEST Oil Imports in like 27 yrs. And now Nigieria has problems of Where to ship so MUCH EXCESS Light Sweet Crude(the Good stuff!)! Their Oil is backing up and no where to off load or store it!…Also SAME stats showed Kalif On shore and Offshore oil reserves has a Proven $2- TRILLION $$$ worth Oil!…So all that global warming New agers stuff and save spotted owls crap is just that. And Thousands of emails from Many Top global warming scientists Proves they been LYING all along!

          So does UN papers from 1960’s era when them 4-5 major players like Canada billionaire enviro whackjob guy that Headed their UN group of eliets INVENTED global warming as a Means to cause Fear and support of entire worlds folks same as WAR does but withOUT war destruction etc.

          Sorry But I read alot to and for longer than 3 yrs. More like 20 yrs. You Can find these factual evidences to their Hoaxes if you search hard enough.

          • Global warming is real the only lie is that they can tax u for it, dont believe me? go outside and look at the weather. 2 of the worst tornado’s ever recorded just 11 days apart in the same area? it is just the begining expect more bad weather

            • Nobody: Tornados?! Has zero to do with global warming. Tornados existed ForEVER now before autos or modern oil use etc. Warming?!! Last week weather channel announced we just went thur the SECOND COLDEST Spring On Record and they got records going Back 125 yrs!

              In MIch it is June 5th and we STILL NEED Heat Inside homes! A Few nites ago we had FROST with BELOW ZERO Temps at least 3-4 nites!…Pull Your warmed nogin Out of your anal region and wake up to Their Deceptions. Fake “Human Caused” and “Carbon use caused” Global warming was Pre-Planned by about 5-6 Eliets LED BY Canadas Billionare MORRISE Strong! Search out UN meeting Documents where them guys First “INVENTED”(1960’s) Fake global warming to be used to get all worlds people ON Board same as World War does based on Fears etc. But withOUT wars total destruction etc.

              All they need is everybody worldwide to Think And Believe as YOU do! and folks Will do whatever told, do Without cars or oil etc, or whatever eles Eliets desires for YOU to agree to. As Long as You believe Their LIES that cause Fear!

              Try This instead…”The Beginning of Wisdom is…Fear of the LORD GOD!” “Therefore Fear None but the Lord God if You seek True Wisdom”. Check that out as with true Wisdom you can Cut Thru the eliets BS propagands way better.

      29. I don’t know how we could possibly have an economic collapse when we have all this great leadership.
        Just look at Jerry Brown …the California Governor,
        why he just found a whole bunch of money just laying around in someone else’s pocket.
        And now he’s going to help lots of people, Mexican Americans poor Democrat voters, rich Democrat voters,
        Nazi Pelosi, Diane Frankenstein. the Sky’s the limit!

        He could be Obama’s third term VP

        Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown.


        Nazi Pelosi is an excellent example of American robotics. can you image the military using hundreds of weaponized Nazi Pelosi’s to charge a battlefield…like a bunch of bug-eyed terminators.

      30. BJ on your UCC comment…I am a big reader of Mac’s fine website, and prefer to play the greyman and not write many comments…. I do my part by sending out links to articles, or articles themselves to friends….some of course think we are all nuts… and you are 110% correct in using ucc 1-207/1-308 but i took a constitution class from Michael Badnarik…im sure people here know who he is…Ive even used some of that prose on checks, traffic tickets, and contracts…but in his own words…I asked him if its worth setting up your UCC 1 filing statement and he said…its not worth the time…they dont give a shit…he’s done it and has tried to opt out of FRN’s but its hard to stay out of the matrix…they got it in the bag…until something happens that levels the playing field for all of us…crap aint going to change…the sheep/zombies are to dumb as rocks….and its going to be up to us to pull the weeds when all is said and done…TPTB know it, they know we know it, and that we are waiting for them to play their cards…
        everyone here has fine comments and suggestions…but it aint over till the fat lady sings and she’s tuning her voice right now…what else is there to do but wait…

      31. Howdy, everyone, I’m back after a weekend of tending to some family issues and doing some more prep shopping. Just nfinished reading the article on the Turkish situation. THAT is coming to this land before very long, I’m sorry to say. This economy is slowly dying in stages. Mega-SHTF will be neither nice nor pretty. It’s going to be a LONG, HOT summer! Everyone get everything you can now while the getting is still good. braveheart

      32. Been trying all day to find a job posting in a ‘select’ rural area. No joy. 80 applicants for 1crna posting. People cancelled their retirements after 2008. One CRNA I work with will be 70 soon. I’m in communicut, and I’m SCREWED.

        • head west to Montana

          if your certified you’ll get a job here .

        • PenCNRA,

          If memory serves, John Paul Jones’ Bon Homme Richard was taking on water before he really got into the fight. It did indeed sink. But not before his ship defeated HMS Serapis. Be good to yourself tomorrow. Get a massage. Eat something you like. And take the field again. You are not screwed until you’ve stopped trying. Dare to Struggle. Dare to Win. Because eventually you will.

      33. I don’t think they are that worried about a revolution in America. As after they collapse the economy everyone will be fighting each other for scraps of food and safe water to drink that’s what the average American will be thinking about NOT revolution. And when the Government does show up with some water and food you can bet it will be with strings attached. Like a free ride to your local FEMA camp to get your food and water. And when you get there you are truely screwed and you volunteered for it. IF your lucky re-education and work in a slave labor camp and if your not lucky it will be a quick round to the head or maybe a ride on one of their shinny new guilitine they are dying to try out.
        So much for a revolution…

        • You are correct: this has been beta tested to destruction. Human behaviour is predictable and controllable. People will not offer resistance because they will need the assistance of the government to survive and be safe. We live in complex societies and human behaviour is now shaped by that. Most of the population is not like Clint Eastwood in a cowboy hat riding alone on a horse.

      34. Try northern Michigan Munson Hospital

        • That’s a bit far from my elderly parents, but I truly appreciate the sentiment.

        • Are you a U.P.P.E.R Bill or a below the bridge flat lander like myself.

          For those not so familiar with Michigan, those who live in the Upper Peninsula are U.P.P.E.R’s those who live below the Mackinaw Bridge are Flat Landers, 🙂

          • That’s “Yooper”, not U.P.P.E.R. If you live under the Bridge, you’re a “Troll”.

            • My bad, an apology is in line.

      35. Pencrna would you consider a job in a surgery center in Idaho?
        Might have an opening

      36. Im tired of paying for everyones “fee stuff”.

      37. i would like it if obummer wouldn’t finish his second term period…
        impeach the skunk…

      38. Is there any country without foreign debt? This is not a sarcastic question, I am extremely curious. It seems like the whole world uses fake money, no one ever gets paid. So will every country go under? Or will some be okay? I do not understand high finance, there are two people I trust my money with. My husband and my mom, my husband pulled his money out of the 401k because it is not safe there.

        • YouTube “Money As Debt”….all is explained there.
          I purchased (legaly purchased!!) 10 copies from the maker, Paul Crignon, and gave as gifts to family and friends. I have found this one video alone to be THE most powerful tool in waking people up.

        • Saudi Arabia Treasury Debt Bombs DA. Buy them yesterday.

        • Pretty tricky move getting your 401K if your still employed.

      39. A comment to the story and not to any comments as I have not read them all.

        I Agree. I hope this reaches the masses.


      40. JOG, you will be sorely missed and we’ll feel lost without your reports on solar activity. Best wishes. braveheart

        • Howdy bh!

          It IS with a ‘heavy Heart’ that I make the last neccesary preperations Friend….those here are TRULY a marvelous bunch…Individuals, ONE and ALL. I will miss all here more than I can say…each of you goes with me, in memory and my Living Spirit…none – EVER – will be forgetten!; Many here are those who had we all but had a bit more time, I wold have strived to meet, to see your faces…and to be seen thereby, whom I would Proudly have called “Friends’, in the fullest sense. Though it not yet the Last Day, ‘Fare Well Friend’, remember who you are always…let none drive you from being exactly what you are….Good Night then Brother.


      41. Fuck all of these politicians. The only reason they’re in politics is that they couldn’t make a living anywhere else. They talk bullshit and voters fall for it. How many of them are millionaires? If they’re not one by now they are working on becoming one. They have all lost touch withthe common man. I would rather put in new people than stay with the same old career criminal. They couldn’t fuck up the system anymore than our present elected assholes have. They laugh all the waytothe bank. Full pension after two terms?? Sweet deal for them while most of us have towork 25-30 + years to get one. They are treading all over us, our constitution and our futures. Vote them out next election. That is if he doesn’t declare martial law before the next election and declares himself KING.

      42. Things are just on auto – pilot. The bottom is already gone. Move to the country now before the CHTF [Cake hits the floor!]

      43. Bo has been good to me. He keeps on spending and made the price of AU go down… He’s so pre-dick-able.

        Watch as I say, not my actions… I’m on the train.

      44. I was trying to search the two recent quakes in the Greenland Sea, and the Pacific Antarctic Ridge and the USGS search past earthquakes is down. In fact most of their web site is down. This is strange and could indicate either government incompetence or they are doing this for a reason. I went all over the web to find somewhere else to search past earthquakes and could not find anywhere that you could find earthquakes fro a real specific area like the USGS site. I can’t even go to their complaint part of their site to tell them. This has never happened before like this. I keep getting this error, read timed out message. Could just be a problem or something else. Look for possible large quakes, not only because this is what the precursor quakes are telling everyone, but because the USGS is not fixing this problem. Could mean something.

        • Howdy BI,

          I was just wondering what your ‘take’ was going to be be on that ‘Greenland Sea, ‘Polar Bear”….very occaisonally, when one of the major feeds for Solar goes down I too DO get ‘eery’ feelings…’been there, done that’ Friend.

          That said, I’ve finally begunn to beleive that what the government has become in recent years is something even scarier than a ‘Wicked Cabal of the Powerful’… such as that would at LEAST imply that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE had – at LEAST – a measure of control over things, instead – Truly here – what I beleive is that our entire governmental appartus is simply become the fullest possible expression of an “Ineptocracy”, wherein the left hand isn’t even proxomately AWARE of the right hand’s existence…let ALONE knows WHAT the other is doing, and THAT is monumentally frightening; much like standing on a vast plain, near a mountain that has been turned upside-down – standing for just a moment ‘pon it’s peak, before it naturally begins to fall one way or the other – KNOWING full-well that once it does, you WON’T be able to run FAR enogh or FAST enough to get out of it’s way…if it happens to FALL in YOUR direction.

          So now I think many ‘feel’ this awesome state of affairs…here, “awesome” being used EXACTLY as that is definbed in Webster’s, “…of inspiring a profound FEAR”, Yes? We ALL KNOW that it will come…we ALL know that many will be anihilated when it falls…but we don’t have a clue – yet – upon whom that terrible mass will descend. So many here are TIRED – Utterly weary – of being in a perpetual Limbo state of near ‘Combat Readiness’…which as all know, CANNOT be long suffered, for none are SO strong as to be able to endure THAT overlong.

          Friends, ALL here…a suggestion, if you will allow me: Sometime vey soon, take a whole weekend…walk away from all yor worry’s…all your cares…Love those who your are with – ABSENT any thought of the troubles of the World….and in so doing SEE the Life in them, in thier EYES, which is to come! So much of the World today removes from us the ability to SEE what is important…re-aquaint yourself therewith. Such was the case for me, two years ago. In that brief a period, I looked into the eyes of those to whom “I belong” and saw therein ‘thier Lives to come’…for THAT I wil pay ANY price, even, ‘That Last, Full, measure of Devotion…” which Mr Linclon spoke of….should that be what is required of me…LIFE must CONTINUE, even if I – or We – are NOT there to see it. So it is, for me….perhaps it will be for you as well.


      45. ha ha! dirty greedy Americans!

      46. @Stupid Amazed. When we go, we will take the rest of the world with us and we have all the guns.

      47. Time is short and we need to move to the next phase: global income equalisation based on inputs. This will mean a necessary significant drop in US household incomes to a level of, say, a mid-size city urban dweller in China.

        The tool will be the stock market: the market will act as a wealth destruction machine and eat the remaining assets in households.

        Once completed, lock-down will be necessary in order to preserve global law and order. Lock-down phase will be probably ten years or so and then the lock-down can be relaxed and slowly lifted.

        This will be for the good of the planet.

      48. I can’t really be sure of what is going on.

        Except that the USA government has the same over extended “immoderate greatness” as the soviet government (USSR) had just before it imploded. The USA government just could do the same any day now. We all need to get out of the way of falling pieces!

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