Illusion of Freedom Continues To Crumble: Digital ID Bill Creates A “Digital Ecosystem”

by | Aug 2, 2022 | Headline News

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    The illusion of freedom continues to crumble away as people begin to see that we live on a slave planet controlled by the governments of the world. A new digital identification bill is further eroding the illusion that we have any kind of freedom.

    This bill is expected to be approved by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and will create a “digital ecosystem” in order to verify the identity of every single person who goes online. Representative Bill Foster (D-IL) has reintroduced the “Improving Digital Identity Act,” which is a bipartisan bill that would increase the federal government’s involvement in the digital identity ecosystem.

    The bill seeks to require the federal government to use its authority to help citizens “prove who they are online” through the provision of optional ID validation services, which “augment private sector digital identity and authentication solutions.”

    The bill would also require the creation of a task force on digital identity and a grant program at the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) to support the development of interoperable identity verification systems at the local and state levels.

    Expressing her support for the bill, Committee Chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) said, “a secure digital identity infrastructure is an essential foundation to American economic and national security.” -Reclaim the Net

    They literally want to know everything you do and be able to cut off your access to whatever they want. This future is looking more and more dystopic by the day. This is nothing more or less than a tracking and tracing, mass surveillance program for the internet.

    This has the potential to be tied to the central bank digital currency and digital vaccine cards the ruling classes are going to try to convince us we need. If we submit and refuse to stand up to this tyranny, we can expect the oppression on this slave planet to continue to worsen until there’s simply no escape. Avoid their scams at all costs. The endgame is complete control of humanity, and they will use every technology they can to ensure they get their way.

    The only solution is for all of us to start saying “no” and refusing to comply.


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