Illinois State Representative Erupts in Fury Over Legislative Tyranny

by | May 31, 2012 | Headline News | 231 comments

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    Illinois state representative Mike Bost loses his cool on the House floor Tuesday afternoon after lawmakers call for a quick vote on a new pension reform proposal.

    Bost, R-Murphysboro, angry over a Democrat-led, last-minute plan to overhaul state pensions, launched into a screaming tirade Tuesday.

    Bost’s outburst, directed at Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, was shown on state and national media outlets Wednesday morning.

    Bost tore into Madigan for purportedly making rules that bind legislators and go against the idea of representative democracy.

    Source: QC times

    If only we could get the 535 Congressional legislators on the Hill in DC to argue with such fury and passion as Representative Bost did we might actually see some real debate and discussion on the legislation being pumped through Congress. It would certainly be a win for the American people if our Senators and Representatives were vehemently arguing among each other rather than voting on legislation they haven’t read and don’t understand on a daily basis.

    [Video follows excerpts]

    Total power in one person’s hands… not the American Way!

    These damn bills that come out here all the damn time… they come out here the last second and I gotta try to figure out how to vote for my people. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I’m sick of it. Every year we give power to one person. It was not made that way in the Constitution.

    We pass rules that stop each one of us. Enough! I feel like somebody trying to be released from Egypt. Let my people go!

    My God they sent me here to vote for ’em. They sent me here to vote for them, to argue for them, but I’m trapped. I’m trapped by rules that have been forced down our throats.

    Folks, we live in a democracy. But not here, not here.

    Via The Daily Sheeple:



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      1. YUP…pretty well sums up how we feel.

        • Yes we are frustrated. I hear it all the time from liberals on how the “do nothing congress” won’t fix anything. They forget how the “T” Party came to be and managed to get 80 new congressman in 2010 for the express purpose of STOPPING the Obama failure. The less our congress does right now the more secure I feel.

          • Off topic

            Cops gun down man for legally carrying firearm

            “Irrational fear led to police-sanctioned murder.”


        • TYPICAL AMERIKAN ….”a day late and a Dollar short”… a bit too late to start shouting now ….!!!!, Should have done it decades ago…..dumb asses..

          • sorry whitewash..thats Not the “typical” american.. the true typical american has been bitching and trying to do something about this for years and years..

            what have you done to change the course of your government..and what were those changes that were truely made?

            • I have 2 very liberal congresswomen in my state and if I express my more conservative or central view I will get back a response that is worded like a chastisement of my views. I feel like I do not have a representative in congress but I still send my views to them because that is what I can do.
              Sadly when they came to be elected they prsented themselves as centrist during the campaign and then went right back to their far left behavior. So they know that they are acting on their OWN beliefs and against the majority of the people of this state.

            • to c says:

              I think you and I live in the same state, WA, here on the left coast.

          • Whitewash, what country are you from that is so much greater than the United States of America? Can’t think of any in this solar system, universe or galaxy. You must be from far far away.

            • Switzerland maybe.

          • whitewash, rather than hide behind your computer screen, tell us where you are, so we too can pass judgment and hold you up to scrutiny. There are only two nations I have any respect for today, and unless you are one of those two, you are no better than those you judge.

          • whitewash – you have a valid point here! If you notice all the other members just sitting there smiling and not getting up and supporting him and his rant – typical!

            We watched while Obama took the nation in the previous election then casually put in place a framework of total control over the American people. We read the Internment/Resettlement manaual while doing nothing about it. Yes we are free to buy guns and ammo and a few #10 cans of TVP, but our real freedoms are eroding away while we do nothing. I watch people voting for the popular one and then bitching later. instead of voting for the one they should be voting for.

        • Just wrote a long post about my state. Thought it through. Erased it.
          How F.Uped is that?

          • An excellent opportunity Rick. Learn from your mistake, pick yourself up and move on. It’s the American way.

            • No mistake. Thought better than to bring unwanted attention. opsec,gov.eyes,etc.

          • Well, I guess somebody needs to tell you. When you type anything into a browser text-box, these little ads on the right hand side, yeah, some are owned by the following agencies:

            Department of Justice
            United States of America, Inc. TM

            I’m sure there are others, but those I have personally identified connecting from ads on this site. No offense to Mac, he has no control over the government buying up ads and inserted them into this site as a target market. I also understand needing to make a few bucks to pay for keeping this site going. Most of the ads are legit, but certain articles get more attention than others, this being one of them.

            Anyway, to the point, these ads also include scripts that capture all sorts of goodies. Most of them just grab your ip, location and then full id you. However, other scripts are connecting to offsite programs that are doing other things. Some of these things include:

            Keystroke Logging every key you press
            Scanning your HDD and indexing the contents
            Accessing your browsing history
            Recording through your web cam and/or mic

            The list gets pretty extensive, but you should know this; When you type out a comment and then erase it, there is no guarantee that there hasn’t been a real time back-up made and stored, somewhere. If you don’t want any attention, then don’t type it all.

            Additionally, I would like to point out and explain exactly how I have observed these ad-bots work.

            a) The ad is placed into the ad pool to appear on this site or any site that is a target market (code for “troublemakers”).

            b) You visit the site and load the ad.

            c) The ad code now resides on your local computer, by which there is a script code that calls out to an executable program residing on a government server.

            d) The script basically pulls a host program over to your computer completely in stealth, without your knowledge, unless you know what to look for.

            e) The program is then executed from your computer, which is basically like a mini-VPN tunnel that links your machine to the government computers.

            f) Now, a controller or harvester program can begin to do whatever the programmer has told it to do, which is virtually anything that is not locked down.

            So please understand that this is happening on many sites. I’ve witnessed this exact series of procedures occur on many sites. Here are a few:

            This site

            Many, many more. Basically I’ve witnessed this on every site that is in the ad pools with ClearBlue Technologies, LIVE 365, Inc., MoonTaxi Media Inc., Flying Lab Software, Inc. and of course, anything connected to Google Adsense. The point is that this is EVERYWHERE!

            Just thought you should know. Everything you do out here is being watched by another machine. Even if you backspace it out, something probably recorded the keystrokes.

            • Anybody know a way to attach all the “Bad” words to every E-Mail in the world? If you do forget it. RIGHT NOW!

            • oh

          • Hey Rick, I do it all the time. I am probably already on a list or three, but no sense in pushing it.

            • List? List? You’re on a list? 🙂 That’s nothing! I have a dossier!!!! Ya gotta catch up man …. and over load their system with data!

              Just saying 🙂

            • @durango kidd,

              A dossier? Are you kidding me? Thats all you got? I have an entire wing at their new Utah fusion center, a dedicated team of analysts, and a entire air wing of Predator drones on continual rotation!

            • MHM: You make me proud! 😉

          • If I still believed that this was a country where freedom of conscience was respected, I would think it very messed up. However, I am not so sure anymore so I would say it shows wisdom and restraint. I have done it several times myself.

            I will also say that sometimes it may not be a bad idea to post disinformation. Contradict yourself and go more moderate in your posts as to throw off the analysts. It may keep you off of certain lists since it may skew their profile of you into a more moderate direction.

            • “I will also say that sometimes it may not be a bad idea to post disinformation. Contradict yourself and go more moderate in your posts as to throw off the analysts.”

              I love Obama, think he is doing a great job, and can not wait to vote for him again.


              Guess an OK idea WS, but just cost me my lunch. Just couldn’t keep it down after writing that.

        • Morning all

          I heard from Manos this morning. His email made me cry. Things are bad in Geece, very bad.

          Please join me in praying for him, his wife and child.

          We think we have it tough right now, we don’t, at this point we have no idea just how tough it can get.

          Take care

          • Burt

            Received the same.

            Pray for him and his family..



            • Possee

              It has been on my mind all morning, it is 11.33 here now.

              As you will have read he thinks we (uk) will be next, I agree with him and reading Zero Hedge this morning was a bad idea as a Brit.

              If ever you think of anything we can do, contact me via the Lizzie email on the blog and I can reply directly to you on my non-public email.

              The news here this morning highlights that Spain is in a worse condition than Greece and the UK is sinking fast. The Irish referendum vote is being counted as we speak. Bad days ahead I think.

              Take care mate….C

            • Burt


              just sent you a reply via manos last message..

              take care as well..


            • Burt, please keep us informed. I went to Zero Hedge to see what you saw, and yeah it looks grim. It’s a matter of time before it comes to the shores of the US, perhaps a short amount of time.

          • dam Greece went over the edge fast..well relitively speaking..

            My thoughts and prayers go out to Manos every day.

            • VRF

              Yes it did, but if you really want to scare yourself check out what is happening in Spain. Zero Hedge have a good piece on it this morning.

              Take care

            • B the B,
              I’ve been watching Spain too..yup scary at best.
              I’ll check that out, thanks

            • Greece has been screaming toward the edge at mach 1 for years. They fraudulently skewed gov’t statistics to make it into the Eurozone then continued to do so to gain access to easy credit. All the while the public sector hired thousands of people onto their federal pay rolls. This is NOT a surprise. European leadership has seen this coming for awhile, and has merely acted in a way as to keep the markets from imploding. Greece will fall and Europe will do everything to ensure that Spain/Italy/Portugal do not.

              As a sidenote, I was just in Greece on vacation the past 2 weeks and I have to say….they have it coming. Youth unemployment is 50%? Ok, then why was it that every person waiting tables or serving drinks on the beach was from Eastern Europe? I talked to a great number of frustrated westernized Greeks who have worked or lived abroad. They will tell you straight up: Greeks are LAZY. They won’t take jobs that are “beneath” them, and they have a terrible work ethic overall. I’ve seen it first hand and I don’t feel sorry for the 90% of the country that has been taking our loans they never should have been given and now have to pay the piper.

            • vrf, how did they go over the edge fast? this has been going on for 3 years now!more like painfully slow

          • Burt…can you fill us in a little more about Manos, please? And yes, I’m watching the UK, also, have friends that live in Canterbury…prayers for us ALL…we are gonna need them!

            • Smoky

              More and more business are closing, the banks are running dry of money, basics are becoming more difficult to get hold of.

              People are not planning anything any more, each day is taken individually in the hope that they will keep everything going for another 24 hours.

              It seems there may be a threat to the electricity and natural gas supply due to unpaid monies the govt. owes to the suppliers, they are threatening to cut the supplies if the arrears are not paid.

              Salaries are to be cut again, in general the people are not managing to make ends meet anymore.

              Manos has not mentioned it, but there are reports of people hanging themselves in public parks, and more children are being found on the steps of hospitals, police stations etc. they have notes pinned to them from their parents begging the authorities to take the kids as the parents cannot feed them. I was told this by a doctor, returning to the UK after visiting family.

              The Greek people feel so very let down by the politicians in their country and the rest of the EU. They cannot in my opinion deal with more austerity, they can barely afford to eat as it is now.

              There may be something we can do to help, but Manos has to agree to it first. I will keep you posted.

              Take care

            • The problem in Greece is that when the country could not pay their debts the first time, they had to agree to put up as collateral, parts of the country like us having to put up the water in the Great Lakes or the electricity generated by the Columbia River at the Dalles dam. Various parts of the infrastructure can now be claimed or taken over by the debt holders so they can cut off the services. The government of Greece should have never agreed to it but it is all part of putting the wealth of the world into the hand of a few.

            • Burt the Brit stated: “The Greek people feel so very let down by the politicians in their country and the rest of the EU. They cannot in my opinion deal with more austerity, they can barely afford to eat as it is now.”

              Seriously ?.??

              Can you give one example of austerity? One? Myself, I did not hear of ONE government program that was cut. Like American government they had talked of cuts as in ” we had planned on a 10% increase in spending, but now there is only a 7% increase in the budget for new spending, wow a 3% cut”
              My understanding is that no “austerity” was ever tried.

          • Burt;

            Which article were you referring to on Zero Hedge? Thank You.

            Sending prayers to Manos.

            • Hiya Eagledove

              The Zero Hedge lot have been busy this morning, there are several, You will have to go well down

              Greece faces electric meltdown
              Page 2 The end game. This is shit scary, and not from a usual all is doom writer

              Take care

            • Thanks Burt , I heading that way. 🙂

            • Burt; if they cut out electricity and gas.., this will create more than darkness in the cities and country side.

              Could you image the possible chaos that could happen. Theft, fires, hold ups and you would have to keep the women inside after dark or escort them.

              The Greece police probably could handle so much or some of the officers might abandon their post to be with their families.


            • Who needs to worry about EMPs now? It looks like the power may be cut deliberately, which multiply the fear and chaos exponentially.

              Psy-ops at its best.

              Prayers and good wishes to Manos.

            • Eagledove

              Totally agree about the power thing. I had a small taste of it in the 70’s when the miners strikes caused power stations to reduce output. We were rotered off and on times, we were off two mornings, 0800-1200 and two evenings 1600-0000 nightmare at night, I was a teen at the time, it was shit I can ell you. To face that on N ongoing basis would be vile in the city

              Take care mate

            • Zinger

              Do you not call having our salary cut three times and now pensions cut, increases in property taxes added to utility bills so if you don’t pay the tax you get no utilities., do you not call this austerity.

              Also these were the words of Manos regarding let down by politicians. My opinion is they cannot deal with more austerity.

          • Not to be mean, but thats the only way people learn.

            • Learn that you need to take care of yourself.

        • went to walmart today, not thinking about it was a friday and first of the month, really gives new meaning to land of the free.

        • First Day of June, waiting for the news of the day here. Stock Market down big….. where my dose of grim at?

        • Of course no story like this would be complete if there wasn’t some kind of kicker, that made the whole thing even more ridiculous, right? So here goes: The rules that Bost finds so unendurable and unfair were for the most part introduced by Republicans, and voted for by Bost himself, back in 1995, back when they held the majority in the Illinois House.

        • The rules that Bost finds so unendurable and unfair were for the most part introduced by Republicans, and voted for by Bost himself, back in 1995, back when they held the majority in the Illinois House.
          Please dont delete my post again.

      2. The Constitution and liberty is what all those fallen American soldiers have faught for since the Revolutionary War, yet we have niether! I reflected on this whilst raising my glass to those valient fallen American Soldiers! Yeah, I’m aware there was no Constitution during the Revolutionary War, but the most important document ever writen as an outcome of what those three percenters faught for! This time after the dust settles, we will have more than three percent fighting to restore our American way of life! Semper Fi!

      3. It’s bread and circuses time here in the U.S.A. While he has a valid point, nothing is going to change as each party is equally guilty of abusing their power to hamstring the other when they are in the position to do so.

        • I hate agreeing with you PP, but unfortunately I have to..=(

      4. Like to get a little more background on what he is talking about. But knowing Ill no doubt he’s right

      5. What I find amazing…watch the faces of those sitting around him….~YAWN~” Is he finished yet…I have dinner plans, let’s just vote and be done with it”…It’s disgusting! Correction….THEY are disgusting!

        • Let’s bitch slap the purple blouse??

          • yes I feel the same way, the women in the back is the worst of them all. my god she was not even taking this serious!! what a god damn shame. if they are going to do what they want so the hell are we. we are free and will do whatever we want, go screw them and im not an extremist but enough is enough, and the sad thing is the police have to follow these god damn retards telling us what to do and breaking the constitution. go screw yourselfs you POS, you know who you are.

            • Chicago and Northern Illinois-Joliet, Quad cities, even the neighbor Gary in Indiana are shit holes. The south which was even on the side of the Confederacy in Illinois and Central illinois are some great conservative places that still respect the const. of the US. There will be two states out of this mess eventually. You will here it here first folks. It will be Illinois province and the Chicago land province someday. The two are in two different worlds. They will break up like they did in the civil war. Murphysboro where this guy is from is in the heart of Southern Illinois.

              Here’s an excerpt.

              Secession divided Illinoisians, often along geographical lines. While one man wrote Senator Lyman Trumbull that he was “ready for twenty years of war,” ex-governor John Reynolds declared that “the revolution in the South is the greatest demonstration of human greatness and grandeur that was ever performed on the globe.” A significant number of Illinoisians also believed that the federal government lacked the authority to prevent secession. Even the Ottawa abolitionist G.W. Bassett asserted the “absolute and unqualified right of the people of any State of this Union to dissolve their political connections with the General Government whenever they choose.”

          • I hear ya, Jay Jay!

        • Agree SML! It truly is disgusting and they are worse than disgusting. The truth is that most,if not all, of the votes in congress and the senate are bought off before the bills are ever handed out.

      6. We live in what supposed to be a republic….not a democracy. Why do they always get this wrong?

        I can also picture him around a bunch of his congress buddies the night before having too many beers and making a bet he would go through with this.

        • exactly, who the hell does he think he works for? its a republic not a democracy. jesus they dont even know what they are standing for. that is sad.

          • 2nd that!

            • And NOT a “democratic” republic at that. At least, the US is supposed to be a republic. I’m not sure it even resembles that anymore, the way the government is running things into the ground.

      7. I hate to say it, but well… too little, too late.

        I admire the hell out of the guy, but unfortunately there are too few of him, and too many statists (of all parties).

      8. VA Governor Wants Military Drones For Police

        US Air Force Can ‘Accidentally’ Spy On American Citizens For 90 Days

        “As long as the Air Force pinky-swears it didn’t mean to, its drone fleet can keep tabs on the movements of Americans, far from the battlefields of Afghanistan, Pakistan or Yemen. And it can hold data on them for 90 days — studying it to see if the people it accidentally spied upon are actually legitimate targets of domestic surveillance.”

        • Isn’t Va. the state removing power/authority of its sheriffs?/
          If so, stay out of visiting, no vacationing, and help them feel our pain.

          • Our legislation has not changed and I don’t believe there are changes in the pipeline.

        • This police-state lackey may be a prime candidate for a one-day trial and severe punishment after the mass arrests of the traitors takes place. Politics is TRULY Hollywood for ugly people.

      9. Illinois is one of the biggest basket case states. Along with California and New York. They’re both a perfect example of how having public employee unions and teachers unions as political allies will bankrupt a state.

        • excellent point

      10. Actually it’s very simple. If a bill is released without time to study it before you vote, vote against it. It really isn’t that hard.

        • “You have to vote on the bill to see what’s in it”

          Nancy Pelosi

          • I could see her in an orange jumpsuit behind razor wire after the mass arrests take place.

      11. What he, and anyone in elected office that agrees with him, needs to do is to vote nay on each and every bill that comes before him that he is not given enough time to review. Screw the party and screw those in high positions in these legislative bodies. If enough legislatures start doing this it will force the hand of those who write the rules to change them for the better.

        • But But But…you have to pass the bill to know what’s in it….right?

        • The parasites who create such “legislation” do not have patience to actually allow people to “vote” on that garbage they emit.

          If, as in the case of the upset legislator, the participants refuse to rubberstamp the orders of the parsites, they will simply be bypassed.

          The concept of representative governance is moot. The orders are rolling down, and refusing to “vote” on them will change nothing.

      12. Illinois is the state that allowed union leaders to be hired as teachers for one day so they could retire with six figure teacher’s pensions.

        • Seriously? That reminds me of hearing about other states trying to pull similar deals, but nothing that far out.

        • Sounds like “fraud” to me.

      13. The system is broken…and the only way to fix it, is a full blown revolution…and unfortunately, blood will have to be shed….and start over…Its the only way it can be fixed….just look at your history…it eventually always happens.

      14. Let YOUR Barnhardt out!!! Yeah baby!!!! 🙂

        Until the PTB understand that the American people are sick and tired of being sick and tired of a managing government that serves the few at the expense of the many, tyranny will continue to strangle US, impose Agenda 21 upon US, transfer OUR wealth offshore, loot OUR treasury, and erode OUR liberties.

        Typically they do not understand that until there is blood on the streets of America. Its going to be a GREAT summer!!!!

        Engage your employees or be enslaved by them!

        • I’ve lived in Illinois and I’m greatful that the big O was elected, now the rest of the nation knows how the people are goveren in Illinois. As for blood in the street my biggest fear is that it is coming and coming quickly. Again thanks for your service D K! Prepare for some very bad time’s ahead.

          • I would share a foxhole with you if necessary, but I’m still banking on mass arrests, the virtual dissolution of the federal government, and a rough, but manageable transition into a better world.

            • too many fake cons
              it really is our only hope before descending into complete anarchy.

        • DK,

          The MSM will go out of it’s way to ensure that the average American never hears this story, and/or any like it. TPTB will crank the bread & circuses into high gear to cover the onset of the coming enslavement.

          Most people will look the other way rather than up to a legislator who speaks out. The faces of those around Rep. Bost were the faces of most Americans, in fear, and or mocking, waiting for the uncomfortable moment to be overwith.

          I sure hope you are right about those 90 million gun ownwers, but really I no longer see these issues being resolved at the “voting booth”. We may see armed drones overhead long before enough people figure out what is really going on.

      15. Sorry to change the subject, but today I saw two huge military jumbo jets flying very low over a small lake in my town. This is in the north east and the population of this area is about 5,000 people. To me this was odd and for some reason unsettling.

        • They are making training runs all over. Same in this area. They will soon turn thier guns on US.

        • intel grab

        • yes ohcigome, i have witnessed similar things and let me tell you . its unsettling. i have been glaring at any troops i see from my garbage truck.know the enemy.

      16. Look closley at the evil little smurking bitch behind the congressman, Thats whats wrong with this country!

        • Well the guy in the white shirt next to him just wishes he would sit down and shut up so he could go back to sleep.

        • LOL, I watched her and thought, man I would like to smack that supercilious smirk right off her face.

          Politics is like the string on the Bill Durham bag, no matter what side you pull it’s the same string.

      17. I think he is going to have an “accident”.

        • Aviation mishaps involving non-compliant politicians and operatives are far more common that you might expect.

      18. If the PTB don’t listen and don’t care about what each other has to say, how much less are they listening to what the people themselves have to say?

      19. Sooooooo….when do we have the revolution????

        If this guy has TOO MUCH power, remove him.

        To the spineless PTB (Powers That Be), there are MORE of US and there are of YOU.

        We have MORE votes (although we are at times too lazy to use them), we have MORE video cams and cell phone camera (and now starting to use them), and we have MORE bullets (but sadly a little scared to use them)…
        But, only time will tell and time is NOT what you folks have on your side.

        soon….very soon.

      20. (The water is about to boil over)

      21. you can see every one around him except for one guy could give a sh1t. everyone else looks like a zombie.

      22. I saw this on the news yesterday I personally am proud of him You can say a little to late but I will say better late than never! YEA! I will be sending him a note of thanx although I am in an entirely differnt state. I did at one time live outside of Chi town and they and WE Need more like him More of us should say thank you to men like this as more would want to be more like him when they see the rally he gets behind him. One voice is not a whisper one voice could be many people creating a shout. Stand for something or fall for anything!

      23. Don’t you love the jerk to his left, rifling through the papers that just showered down on him. He’s thinking, “Hmmm….wonder what this is about? Maybe I should read this stuff.”

        Give ’em hell, Congressman Bost!!!

      24. amen brother,finally a politician speaks for america and its people,why isnt anyone else have the balls to speak up and tell the truth

        • Evidently, one Dem Senator was called on the carpet over Holder and F&F and left the meeting pale and shaking. These Chicago thugs play rough. That is supposedly why the media is so complaint. They have all been threatened. It appears to be routine.

          WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama In Serious Trouble – And That Makes Him Very Dangerous – The Ulsterman
          the ulsterman report(dot)com (close spaces for link)

          “He owes them for everything. Everything he’s got – they gave to him. Everything. The guys Manchurian to the shoes on his feet.” -WHI

          The *them* is the Chicago Mob. People have died. Everyone is terrified of this bunch. I lived in Illinois (not Chi Town) for 20 years and I remember being warned about even talking in public against them. I was too young to really understand and back in the day, they weren’t as open and crass.

          Obama has never had to run in fair election. His opponents were smeared or otherwise removed. With Hillary, it was outright fraud. By the time he ran against McCain, the Senator was obviously too eager to avoid any criticisms. God only knows what he was threatened with.

          Hope Romney has great security.

          • He doesn’t need great security; he’s one of “them”, just a different shade. If it were possible to truly change the status quo through voting, it would already be illegal.

          • I must agree, Obama cakewalked through life and into his senate seat. The people behind him are entrenched and far more vicious that anyone behind Romney. Only the civilian-led, military backed coup described in the Drake interview could uproot that tangled vine and put a real end to this shit parade we know as a federal government. The South was right!

            • Drake was a scam.

        • The reason he will get labeled a nut job is he really didn’t speak, he ranted and threw papers like a little kid having a tantrum.

          Obviously these things have been bothering him for awhile and he snapped making himself look like a fool. He should have prepared his/a speech and been ready to deliver it from a place of strength with aplomb. Oh and no paper throwing dramatics.

          I sure do agree with the message, just not the delivery.

          • Why?? It’s obvious he’s not being listened to or taken seriously–maybe this IS what it takes??

          • I agree WV. It was over the top. Drama for dramas sake makes one look foolish. How I long for another Jessie Helms in NC.

          • C’mon…you gotta love how he punched the stack of papers as they came down. That was awesome.

            Personally, I think we could use more politicians freaking out. He is being mocked and derided as a nutjob by leftist media, but it struck me as a true cri de coeur…a Buckleyite manifestation of standing athwart the madness and yelling “Stop!” It is justified by the amount of trouble that Illinois is in with its pensions.

            I’m sending him a note of thanks too.

      25. Tyranny is here, but very few of us care. He will be labeled as a nut job.

        If you haven’t noticed the last two weeks have been a global financial news blackout. Bad thinks are happening in a big way for the global financial markets, yet the Head Lies are more about sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.

        The money governments are spending has no affect on the economy whatsoever. Its just floating the financial markets. Things have gotten so bad in Europe and for the Euro that dollars are considered safe heavens again.

        The average American thinks Gold, Silver and Oil are dropping when in fact its just the dollar getting stronger. Its all an illusion even the first quarter growth numbers were just price inflation. If we didn’t have the price inflation my guess would be a -3.7% in GDP. But hey lets just keep counting inflation as growth. Real economic growth means you can buy more stuff, not less stuff at a higher price as they want you to believe.

        • How messed up are things when the dollar is considered safe?
          All the “gurus” I have been reading call for a big Deflation preceding the Hyper-inflation. This financial morass is following their script. So glad I got curious in 2008 as to what happened, and started studying and searching.
          It has led to preps, lots o silver and a little gold for good measure. Oh yeah, lead.

          • Yeah it’s messed up. Now the banks are going to be forced to buy more government, but don’t worry they won’t have to show it on there balance sheet nor will they have to increase reserves. My take on this is no one will buy anymore government debt and it’s a way for the government to get at your pensions by proxy.

            I think this is the financial end stage and I don’t think it’s going to buy much time, maybe past the election. I haven’t added it up but I think governments around the world are borrowing in excess of $1 Trillion a month to maintain the illusion on top of flat out printing currency.

        • The curtain can, must, and will be torn down… which only strengthens my belief in the events laid out in the Drake interview.

          • Drake=Scam.

      26. A lone patriot in a sea of progressive idiots.

        Did you see one of the women behind him snickering at him? It wasn’t even funny. What a fool.

      27. To be fair, I do have to correct him, we are not a democracy, we are a Republic.

        • absolutly, and every dam politician that says we are a democracy..or uses it in context with this country should be corrected, and loudly right at the moment they use that word..or even better..they should take a one question test..and if they answer “democracy” they should be fired and removed from that government seat

          it is being used and said on purpose.

          • To be correct, the States are democracies, the US is a federal republic

        • To be fair, I do have to correct Mr. Blutarsky, the unitedstate is not a democracy, nor is it a Republic, it is a fascists oligarchy.

          • ha-ha, sad but mostly true…..

      28. Greetings Everyone
        I tried to post earlier but due(perhaps)to storms it failed.He’s ranting a little too late on this one.I’ve seen a video(about a year ago here)that had the Cook county comptroller’s assessment for the county,Chicago and most of the surrounding town’s pension plans.ALL were extremely UNDERFUNDED.Period.Why? because the Goldman-saks and their Ilk promised completely unrealistic returns from the stock market for their funds.We all know how crooked that little game was.The Lady also(I think)said the same about State workers pensions.”Lawmakers” from both sides failed for decades to do “due diligence” in regards to the pensions.This guy was only “showboating” for his 15 mins. of fame.Which is why nobody cared what he said…
        My opinion only,open to differing views….
        Best to All
        Mac,if my first post makes it,feel free to delete this one(I’d hate to repeat my self,and my wife hates it too so no doubt everyone else here will too!)

      29. Rep. Bost is definately worthy of a salute. It is quite awkward and frightening to one day wake up and realize the predicament we are in. It is terrifying to actually speak out about it. It is doubly terrifying to realize that you are truly in a very small minority, surrounded by people who are unaware, or worse, cowardly and/or corrupt.

        When you awaken, and speak out, it terrifies those around you, who would prefer to pretend that tomorrow will always be like yesterday; never mind things are getting obviously worse, despite the mindless drool of TPTB, and MSM.

        We have reached the stage the Founding Fathers warned US about. Soon you must choose.

        • You? No… the Navy and the armed forces must choose. They either need to uphold the Constitution for real and arrest these a-holes en masse, or they need to face the people, who are in fact, their neighbors, their countrymen, and themselves.

      30. All legislatures are corrupt. Maybe not as corrupt as Illinois, but still corrupt. I hope they all get even worse so we can get to the hanging part. Hanging cures corruption, measles, tooth ache, acne, psoriasis, and ugly on democrats.

        • I was almost believing that there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans… until I heard about the vote on selective-sex abortions today. It appears that females are getting aborted at a much higher rate than males in the U.S. (thanks China and other shit-world countries). The Republicans voted overwhelmingly to outlaw abortions based on a woman’s desire to abort based on sex (read kill girls). The demons-from-hell Democrats, beholden as they are to Planned Parenthood, voted overwhelmingly against outlawing abortions based on the sex of the fetus.

          • There still is no difference. The phoney paradigm has professional actors (well paid tax free)reading the provided script and playing the imposed role on The World Stage.

            The time to “educate, warn, and attempt to recruit” has passed. TIME TO FORTIFY YOUR DEFENSES.

            June – August 2012 will be “epic” by any definition.

            Think Japan, London, and Iran.

      31. Well, why be good, when people like John Edwards is left off with a hand slap. So unfair!!!!

        • John Edwards is a weasle. Sorry to all the weasles out there.

      32. We just need to go back to the wild wild west.

        Things were easier to resolve.. Just ask clint eastwood! .

        • yep..I think a new .44 mag is in order

      33. we all know that this is a republic, did he do that to make people think that we are? we all know and the sad part he is not even right. was it a skit just to get attention, does he even care? or is it to try to think its a democracy. my god he did make a point to a degree for us but no no we are and wont be a democracy except what they do, if they and only what they want get the democracy vote it passes, they never stand up for us never, money does.

      34. @DK: what is the approximate cost to produce an ounce of gold or silver?

        • PP: In China, which is the number one producer, the cost was about $50 per oz last I knew. In the US its about $600 per oz for the most efficient producers.

          Labor rates are going up in China so it could be a bit higher now. In the US it depends upon the firm, the geology, the facility, and the process. So there are more variables and thus, more potential costs.

          It can take eight years and tens of millions of dollars in costs before a serious mine starts producing.

        • PP: That estimate was for a gold mine. I am not familiar with a silver mines production cost, say in Mexico or Peru.

          Most silver (and some gold) is produced as a by-product of copper production. Copper miners base production on the demand for their copper content. The silver and gold is typically a bonus.

          At least that was my finding analyzing Phelps Dodge years ago.

      35. The few repubs that are left should all get together and have their districts withdraw all tax money from the state. Better yet, MOVE OUT OF ILLINOIS.The Chicago Dems have had control for a long time , the results are obvious.

      36. Even though he and even a number of followers are very unlikely to change anything, it still shows that some elected individuals are still sround that care about the people. Right now I am convinced it is good against the evil, and it reminds me of an old Star Trek episode.

        Captain Kirk and 3 others were transported into an opposite universe in which their counterparts were evil and their evil counterparts were transported into the good universe. Immediately the bad counterparts were locked up, but Captain Kirk was able to fit into the evil universe a lot easier. Upon getting back to their own dimension, it was asked of Spock why did the counterparts so quickly recognized as something opposite. Spock remarked that it was far easier for someone civilized and good to act like savages than it was for savages that were evil to act civilized and good.

        Right now it is far easier to go with the crowd and the corruption and act like criminals and treasonists to your own country than it is to stand up and do what you know is right for the people. Some of the congress members have good in them, but rather follow the dark path and secure their jobs through favours from those that support their campaigns. Look at how easy it is for employees to go along with a crooked boss, because of job security. Most people will even risk prison to keep their jobs which eventually they end up losing anyway. Far easier to go the way of the dark side.

        People that decide to do what is right, instead of getting praise and applause, get sneers and the looks of get this character to sit down and shut up. Those that decide to go the right path and try to do what is fair and reasonable are going to even more so be attacked and ridiculed in the end times. Case in point the prepper.

        • Excellent point. It takes courage to go against the flow.

      37. Ron Paul 2012

        • Install Paul… after the mass arrests of bankster-politicians take place.

          • @ Too many fake whatever?
            I think from your last comment that you really don’t get what America is all about. Here we vote our leaders in/out, or impeach them. That’s our system, many have died to protect it. It’s the best there is.

            Hey, I get that you are angry, we all are, but “mass arrests”? Why not just grab a bunch of them and hang them without due process or a trial? CHILL DUDE

        • Who is Ron Paul?

        • Iowa, we ain’t in Kansas anymore…

      38. testing…comment posting still malfunctioning?

      39. Where the hell are the articles preparing us for the zombie apocalypse already in progress?!

      40. Greetings Everyone!
        Illinois pols aside for moment,there are some good programs out there for the cookie removal stuff.I don’t have any personal investment in these programs,other than I find them useful.CC Cleaner is one.It makes a backup of the cookies and “stuff” it removes,but that’s an easy fix.Another is Advance Care.There some good add-ons for FF like No script and Better privacy to name just a few.Used them lot and even the “funny stuff” placed get found out.There are others even stronger but since we’re “watched and listened to” I won’t name them here.Let the suits earn their pay now and then.I DON’T,repeat DON’T hate “the Feds”,the “red tie wearing” or “blue tie” side of the REPOCRATE corporate sellouts in office.I sometimes tire of their apparent malfeasance which in office which causes me to pray about them to Almighty God,I also pray to God that they will leave us in peace(at least for a while longer!) and hope that things will be better in God’s kingdom,at least.Still need to prep if for no “other” reason the many “natural” events that are happening.After what happened(and still the saga continues!)in Japan.I can say that I no longer trust at all the “local good-old-boys”,the suits from the “Feds” or any other government agency.Won’t be planning any revolutionary stuff against them either.It just seems that there aren’t any “Mr.\Ms.Smith(s) around in office any longer.If you think Illinois has a lock on crooks in office,just do a little news watching in the “good old south”.As the Bible warned “what was whispered in the corners(crooked deals)will be shouted from the rooftops(on TV in modern times).I do wonder why ONLY one state elected office-holder from either side ranted in Illinois?Where’s Blogo when you need him?
        Best to All
        Hope you had enough food this day and a safe place for you and yours to sleep tonight.

      41. Good for him. Speak the truth, even if it is largely ignored. It makes TPTB nervous about what might happen if the sheep shift direction.

      42. yup that pretty much sums it up,game over

        • Yep, no more quarters.

          Kinda reminds me of Hudson, from Aliens.

      43. The mass arrests I keep referring to are going to happen almost exclusively at the federal level. When they occur, there will be an immediate and pressing need for people to step in and fill the void. Obviously state-level guys like this one are the kind needed to do it. Besides laying out out the details and background of the coming mass arrests, the “Drake interview” makes references that are relevant to this kind of need and situation.

        • when?

          Ive been hearing this..but not ever seeing it..and have a hard time believeing it will when is this event supposed to take place?

        • the big word was this was to take place before the end of April…

          its June 1st

          I think we got punked..just more BS to wade thru

        • Please. This is pacifier to soothe the Patriots so they don’t revolt before the PTB can move their last chess pieces into place.

          No disrespect is intended but these “mass arrests” are not going to happen unless the PEOPLE take action. This is manipulation of the Patriot group and nothing more.

          “Drake” is a fraud. The military works for the de facto government, not for the people. There are some great men and women in the military but an organized action like this is NOT GOING TO OCCUR.

          Don’t be fooled by hearing what you want to hear.

          • Toomany

            Why would he give warning by announcing it?

            • Anybody that does that’s either stupid, or on a payroll .

              I think Drake is fake, but hey I’m just a foreigner so whati think doesn’t count

              Take care

            • That’s exactly my point, Burt. The entire thing defies logic.

              IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

              This is complete disinformation put out to sedate and manipulate those who would resist the PTB.

              Nobody is going to swoop in and do the dirty work for us. I believe the quote goes, “Freedom isn’t free.”

            • If something sounds like a fantastic dream….that is usually what it is.

              What a dreamit would be to have all of these arrests eh?

            • Burt ~

              “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

          • I agree with Daisy–and I also have more faith in Sheriff Joe and his posse–at least I can see him/them!!!
            And if he doesn’t slip in a shower or tub, get to hear him in June reveal the information developed by archivist specialist Jerome Corsi about the fraud in ‘our’ white house.

            Oh, ****, that got me on another list!!
            Mexico, pork, cloud, Federal Reserve!

          • daisy, at this point the people cannot and will not do it. it has been rendered almost entirely impossible. if you think about it dais, i think you would understand better. again i dont go by drake, AT ALL!, rather obvious clues that this is what is actually going on, or something similar. the problem is , if i am wrong, what occurs next will be impossible for you to fathom. it is not a wish for you or anyone to aspire for. the good news is the people do have some power, becuase when enough start to cry and stand up more, than arrests will probaly come. at this point the government is looking to see if there is even a pulse there. AGAIN , LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY TO WHAT ALLEN GREENSPAN SAYS WHEN HE SPEAKS, I BELIEVE TOMORROW OR SOME TIME NEXT WEEK, I SHALL CHECK AND LET YOU KNOW. I AM EXPECTING SOMETHING MASSIVE IN NATURE, AND WILL BE A CATYLAST. i would definitely reccomend watching or checking it out , just in case im right. if im wrong, im sorry for wasting your time with such silliness.

      44. There is only one reason for the state of Illinois, and that is to grow food for chitown this is the way they think!

      45. I’m amazed this guy spoke up. I used to work for a US Senator, and I was always shocked how the majority of them had no clue what was in a bill beyond the Cliff’s Notes summary or what they read in the WaPo or NYT.

      46. Further proof Southern Illinois has a different mindset and is a different world in comparison to those chicagoans up north… Just sayin… We dont belong in the same catagory.

      47. Finally a Man with Balls and heart

      48. We must look deep within our past to find the well-springs of strength and inspiration we will need in the coming times.

        Here is something for all real Americans and all those who hate tyranny – Thomas Jefferson’s campaign song from the election of 1800, when he ran against John Adams and the Federalist faction that had passed the draconian “Alien and Sedition” Acts (a forerunner of the Patriot Act) that severely impinged on constitutional liberty. The sentiments expressed in this song are more relevant than ever.

        The tune, an old Irish air, was taken to heart by the Old America. It was played on fifes and drums by American soldiers in battle in the War of 1812, the Mexican war and the Civil War. Mulitkulti Amerika has long since disposed of it, but there is no reason real Americans can’t reclaim it now.


        Jefferson and Liberty
        Lyrics: Anonymous, 1800 / Music: “The Gobby-O”

        (Note: Lyrics and music are in the public domain)

        The gloomy night before us lies,
        The reign of terror now is o’er;
        Its gags, inquisitors and spies,
        Its hordes of harpies are no more

        Rejoice, Columbia’s sons, rejoice
        To tyrants never bend the knee
        But join with heart, and soul and voice
        For Jefferson and Liberty.

        O’er vast Columbia’s varied clime
        Her cities, forests, shores and dales;
        In riding majesty, sublime,
        Immortal liberty prevails.
        Rejoice etc.

        Hail! long expected glorious day
        Illustrious memorable morn:
        That freedom’s fabric from decay
        Secures – for millions yet unborn.
        Rejoice etc.

        For complete lyrics, click here:\

        To hear the tune, click here:

      49. At the time of this posting, the Dow was down to 12,160.

      50. This means something, please check it out: I have seen this happen again and again, south of 60 degrees south when there are earthquakes like this more to follow in the world 6.1 or bigger, most of the time 6.5 or bigger. Just like the 6.2 that was north of 70 degrees north that happened last week and a 6.7 followed in Argentina. This one was deep in the Antarctica at 77 degrees south and good size for the area at 5.6. This seems to connect directly to New Zealand and possibly Alaska or The China and Japan area for the next bigger earthquake, within 5 days, magnitude 6.2-7.4.

        This area is very interesting if you look at the map of historic seismicity ONLY 3 earthquakes have occurred here since 1990, all 3 have been this year. Could have to do with the melting of the ice caps, or something else. Antarctica has a lot of dormant volcanoes for one thing. Whenever you have activity like this towards the magnetic poles, 85-90% of the time a bigger earthquake to follow comes within 5 days.

      51. ok
        I think we all agree

        Obama BAD

        lets move on
        let me give you something to really worry about

        May jobs report in
        only 69,000 jobs created in May
        April revised downwards to only 77,000 jobs
        we need at least 125,000 jobs a month to be created to “break even” so to speak–new people entering the job market,HS and college grads etc

        time for the endgame ??

        how much longer will the governments policy of
        “extend and pretend” work ???

      52. “All political power comes from the barrel of a rifle” Vladmir Lenin

        Has that time arrived?

      53. I am so upset! I voted down that stupid comment from “whitewash”, but the vote went to the thumb up button. This is not the first time it happened with my ipad.

      54. Our Federal Prosecutor Fitzgerald retired after about 10 years on the job in Illinois. He managed to send Gov. Blago to prison but he left House Speaker Dem. Madigan alone. Madigan promised state workers nice pensions if they voted democratic, which they did. But Madigan didn’t fund the pensions. Now it’s time to pay the piper. Madigan wants all homeowners to take big hikes in real estate taxes to finance his promises. Fitzgerald had evidence that then US Sen. Obama took $400,000 in bribe money from Tony Rezko, but didn’t prosecute. In Illinois, many are above the law, or worse, they are the law.

      55. Texas primary this last Tuesday, I voted for Ron P. and Ted C.

        Long line at Republican side, not a single person in line on Democrat side…felt sorry for the guy working at that table, wanted to go get him a book…

        I heard the above fellow speak through radio, spot on, his attitude.

        Also read the WHI report…

        I’m prepped as best for now, hurricane season has started, always good to be ready for that. Will continue to prep for the Cat Five. East Texas had a 4.6 magnitude quake recently and another the week prior.

        Going to country next weekend to see how the sugarcane is growing. Also will be lookin at animal sign, see what has been around.

        Oil and Gas Engineering business is very busy. In spite of all, the world still turns. Side business is very busy makin units for peeps. Having hard time keepin up. Strained back and heat exhaustion, sometimes nausea, will keep it up though as I believe peeps need product.

        I’ll vote conservy come November, we must all do what we can, never give up…Ted C is in run-off soon.

        Remember, it can be a wonderful world…try and enjoy as much as we can and love those around us. It is difficult sometimes but we do have help, there are plenty just like us.

        Manos, my prayers are with you.

        Terry Reed

      56. Today China and Japan to begin direct currency trading

        The official Xinhua news agency reported that the deal (not using the dollar as an intermediate currency) will save about $3.0 billion in annual costs tied to using the dollar in trade transactions.


      57. Off topic, but may be useful.

        Received this in an email. Please note – I do not have horses, so I have never tried this.

        Off grid worming for horses and other helpful suggestions.

        The mixture we used was 40% pumpkin/sunflower seeds, 30% tobacco leaves (loose pipe tobacco from the store works) and the rest parsley flakes and garlic. It filled up a gallon ice cream bucket and we wormed over 20 horses with it.

        Through my own research I’ve learned that intestinal worms release from the stomach and intestinal lining during the full moon to breed. If you use a mixture such as we use or others, the rough texture of the mixture scrapes the worms away and right out of the horses. It is much cheaper than conventional worming, which can run up to $8/tube every 60 days.

        And the horse manure isn’t contaminated by the chemicals in the tube wormer. We use the horse manure as fertilizer, as a lot of people do. But what most people don’t know or don’t think about is that horse manure tainted with worming medication is also tainted and will kill the good worms in the soil once the manure is on the ground.

        Tea-tree oil baths are wonderful for getting rid of fleas and a solution of 20% tea tree oil and 80% water sprayed around doorways and windows keeps the fleas at bay also. The bugs, all the bugs of all shapes, are going to be BAD this year. Fleas and ticks will be off the charts this year with the mild winter we had.

        My ducks take care of the worst of the flies. We’ve had people come up to our little barn from big fancy barns and comment on how few flies we have. I give the ducks all the credit.

        • Yuck, no offense, but Yuck!

        • Two words–Diatomaceoous Earth.

        • Thanks for the info on the horse wormer. I have often thought about how I was going to de-worm after SHTF and I can’t purchase. We have three, and we compost all winter and about half spring and fall manure. We make sure our stock piles are turned every couple months and don’t use any before it has at least 4 to 5 mths composting. Products grown and labeled “organic” must not use manure unless it has had 90 days compost time. Never had any problems with earthworm deaths. In fact, in one shovel full there is usually 20 to 30 healthy worms.

      58. Completely off topic but wanted to share a site with tons of PDF info on everything from survival and first aid to fencing and animal care. Some great stuff, I have been printing all morning.

        • Saddle Up,

          Thank you for the link! Lots of good information here! 🙂

          KY Mom

      59. Another shoe to drop for the US dollar

        “This is just another of the many, many signs of increased internationalization for China’s renminbi.”

        “The writing is on the wall for the dollar’s gradual displacement.”


      60. God Bless Mr. Bost. Living in the Soveit Soscialist State of Il. that is ran by Chicago. (need I say more) The best way to take care of this problem is to KICK CHICAGO OUT OF THE STATE, AND LET THEM BECOME THIER OWN LITTLE COMMY COUNTRY. I wish there was more like him in Illinois that will stand up to the Commies out of Chiccago!!! Chicago sets basicly on an island it is surrounded by rivers. let just close all the bridges to Chicago so they would havge to stay there. Again GOD BLESS MR. BOST!!!!!!!!!!!

      61. This is something, please check it out:

        Tried to send this earier but it didn’t go through for some reason, hope the government is trying to block it for some reason.

        Whenever there is activity like this south of 60 degrees south, look out. This one was in the Antarctica at 77 degrees south. Since 1990 maybe much further back, there have been ONLY 3 earthquake here, all in 2012. It could be the ice caps are breaking apart, a volcaono as Antarctica is volcanic, the plates breaking apart, something is up here.

        Just like last week when there was a 6.2 earthquake north of 70 degrees north and a 6.7 earthquake followed 3 and 1/2 days later, whenever there is earthquakes towards magnetic north or south, 85-90% of the time an earthquake follows, usually 6.5 or more.

        A guess on my part would New Zealand, perhaps Alaska, or the China and Japan region, 6.2-7.4 within 5 days. This is a pretty big one for the Antarctica so I would say in the high 6 to low 7 range for these areas. Even the west coast could be a target for an earthquake, from Southern California to Oregon. Difficult to tell because of the lack of any activity here. On my globe that I have been charting past earthquake activity these areas seem most likely.

        • I could be happy if California fell into the ocean.

          • @ prepared soccer mom: Many people say that california falling into the ocean is impossible, but this is not entirely true. The San Andreas is a horizontal side slip fault and should in theory continue to move northwest and be an island millions of years from now off the coast of Alaska. When people say that the state cannot sink into the ocean they forget that below the crust it is not solid. It is possible that within this molasses type liquid rock that a sink hole type crevice could develop under california and it could literally kind of slip into it.

            For a pocket to develop like this would be unlikely, but it could happen anywhere on the planet, and lost likely around oceanic crust and the land masses directly around the oceanic crust. Continental land masses are the thickest crust there is, with the Himalaya mountains being the thickest of any because continental crust has actually overridden one crust and is sitting on top of the other.

            The San Andreas is locked like a semi triple trailer truck rammed up against the side of mountain. A release of the plates to the north of it would allow the San Andreas to move or a strong enough shock from the south to southeast, probably 7.5 or more. Anything that will push it from the the south east towards the northwest would be a perfect catalyst to cause it to move finally.

            To illustrate this take a string on a globe from about half way between the international date line and the west coast of Alaska, half way point of the Aleutian Islands and strench it out so the string passes through the Gulf of California all the way as straight as possible to South America. Along this line from Mexico southward, any large earthquake will at very least have some influence on the San Andreas moving afterwards. This would be western Mexico, off the coast until the string would cross into southern Peru, northern Chile, northern Argentina, southwestern Bolivia and Uruguay. It is a theory that large faults are much longer than is mapped out and connect with other plates half way around the world.

            A large Cascadia fault break in Oregon and Washinton could also release the blockage and allow the San Andreas to move northwest, like releasing a blockage on a bottle cap that was preventing it from twisting open. The San Andreas of course could also just break under its own stress in which the rock couldn’t take it any longer.

            The notion of the San Andreas ONLY being a 7.7 in magnitude is yet another bit of horse manure that those in the state government, tourist industry, and of course real estate will fed the people. 7 point something looks a lot better than an overdue 8 point something. I read on science sites and books that very deep earthquakes hundreds of miles deep were not possible over 7 to 7.5. Several years ago a 8.1 in Peru proved this wrong. It was also assumed that no strike slip fault could produce over a 8.2 earthquake. Well, two earthquakes broke that science “fact” just a little while ago in Indonesia at 8.6 and 8.2, (8.7 and 8.3 on some seismic charts).

            Just like the garbage that goes on in politics in which one or two honest individuals try to fight for the people. The same garbage goes on in the geophysical world of “science”, we never are allowed to see the truth. As the truth is hidden behind other agendas.

            • Recent findings show that magnitude 8 or 9 quakes are entirely possible for the San Andreas fault.

              Also, people, given the matrix of fault zones under lying the LA basin, there could be a domino effect generated from lower magnitude, short interval, earthquake “swarms” that would produce extensive widespread damage without having a high magnitude event.

              Additionally it is common knowledge (in scientific circles anyway) that Western America is on a “hinge” that has lowered and raised many times in geological history.

              For every rise of the ocean by one foot on a level plain, the ocean will move 20 miles inland.

              If the beach cities of So Cal were to find the land beneath them drop by a few feet …. well, just make sure your yacht in Newport harbor is ready for the July 4th Boat Parade.

              Or get above 5,000 feet. Anything is possible.

              The destruction of LA, a major New Madrid event, or a high magnitude event in NYC (which is a real danger) will be the catalyst for the financial collapse which you all anticipate.

              Keep prepping.

            • @ durango kidd. Exactly! Back about 60 years ago a similar fault to the San Andreas broke and triggered a bunch of thrust faults in Mongolia. This could and probably will be the case when the San Andreas snaps. I am very suspecious of the Newport-Inglewood fault that last broke in 1933 Long Beach earthquake. This is a 90 degree thrust, which is kind of unusual. The northern section some think continues much further than Inglewood and the southern section connects with a offshore fault that runs to San Diego. This fault breaking could do much damage to San Onofre nuclear power plant.

              A portion of the San Andreas broke in 1812 that was also the year on the New Madrid earthquakes. Around 1700 the Cascadia fault around Washington broke and this is when they feel that the southern San Andreas around the Salton Sea broke. So earthquakes are connected to each other. It is a ticking bomb, a mega bomb under the Earth waiting to totally crash the financial world. Toyko, LA and San Francisco, New Madrid, and many people forget there is a big fault capable of a 6.8 that runs under New York like you said.

              All the while people are watching the finanical markets maybe they should also be watching the geophysical part of the world that can flatten the economy in a few minutes of shaking.

              The San Andreas is probably capable of a 8.4 if it broke from Mexico to San Francisco, and closer to a 9 if the whole thing broke. The magnitude and shaking become saturated after a certain point and it is the duration of the quake that is going to decimate everything. For about every 2 miles of fault that breaks you get one second of shaking. 300 miles of fault breaks means 150 seconds of shaking. 2 and 1/2 minutes of shaking is enough to knock down most everything. 300 miles breaking is a lower estimate of how much will break.

              There was also an article that I read that says that when the fault breaks because of the shape it will actually send shock waves that are faster than most earthquakes. The faster the S and P waves are the more kinetic energy there is and the more likely structures will comes down. People just ho hum the geology of the planet and then stare into the TV or computer screen like a deer with oncoming headlights at the shear power of the planet after some mega disaster happens. Pathetic isn’t it? Like you said, make sure your preparations are in order.

            • Richtor himself said that the faults under NYC were capable of an 8 or 9 on his scale.

              Many quakes in the So Cal / Mexico area have been “loading” the San Andreas. When it pops the SHTF.

              There is a lot of sub sea activity now off the coast of Baja California.

              Cayce said LA goes first, then NYC, 30 days later. Both of which are preceded by a really mighty blast from Etna, in Italy. That is the key to SHTF.

              As Etna has been belching for many years now, expect a truly major blast on the scale of Mt Helens there. When that happens grab your BOB,

              GGG. Be there to get there.

            • @ DK. I read that New York was capable of high 6 range, but I can imagine that New York area was part of the old supercontinent Pangaea that eventually split apart, so there certainly can be an ancient fault system there capable of a mega quake. If that happens you can forget about the east coast with the construction codes there. I look at the Mid-Atlantic ridge, especially around the Azores, as a possible precursor to a New York earthquake.

              I don’t remember whom said it, but they warned about Mount Vesuvius going off as a harbinger of the west coast earthquakes. I know about Cayce and Etna. This is one of the best survival keys that there is, knowing about something before it happens. I have tried over the years again and again to formulate a system for predicting earthquakes and it is slowly coming to more of a reality.

              Anytime any of us can see something that might be coming and warn others, the more we help all of us to be better prepared.

      62. I sure hope our friend manos is ok. Saw the above posts and went to a few news sites- it don’t look good for the Greeks. Those of you that can email him, remind him of the many friends here thinking of him and praying for his family. Guess you’ve already done that though.

        Now, for our friends in the UK, a special reminder: A grand celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of the reign of Her High Falutin’ Super Special Ain’t I Royal Highness, Queen Whatsername, will be held this weekend. In honor of this Historic Event, the Conoco gas station in okieville will be selling corndogs at half price all day Saturday. It’s the least we could do to pay homage to her Royal Personage. (beer however, is NOT on sale. we have our limits, you know.)

        • Hi Smokin

          Thank you for the corn dog sale

          • What now, half my post is missing aghhh


            Manos is okay, or so he says. I worry so much about him, his family and his friends but he says he does ot need help right ow but will let us know if he gets to that point.

            Take care

      63. if you ever wondered wha our court system runs on…it our money.

        if you have ever been thru court its all about how much you have..financially

        Zimmermans bail has been revoked…why?
        because they found out his wife has money..yup thats why

        the defense fund comes to about 130K..and you know that corrupt court wants every last dime of it
        if he’s guilty or not guilty..its all about the money

        people…hide your assets
        do not have large sums of money in a bank or any place where your name is tied directly to it

        if you ever need to protect yourself from being killed..the system will fleece you clean

      64. November 4, 1949 from the
        Daily News – Manhattan, New York


        Father, must I go to work?
        No, my lucky son.
        We’re living now on Easy Street
        On dough from Washington

        We’ve left it up to Uncle Sam
        So don’t get exercised.
        Nobody has to give a damn
        We’ve all been subsidized.

        But if Sam treats us all so well
        And feeds us milk and honey,
        Please, daddy, tell me what the hell
        He’s going to use for money.

        Don’t worry, bub, there’s not a hitch
        In this here noble plan
        He simply soaks the filthy rich
        And helps the common man.

        But, father, won’t there come a time
        When they run out of cash
        And we have left them not a dime
        When things will go to smash?

        My faith in you is shrinking, son,
        You nosy little brat;
        You do too damn much thinking, son,
        To be a Democrat.

        Y’all Beware! Have a great weekend.

      65. Here’s a handy conversion chart for Americans who may be traveling abroad. Hope it helps.

        Handy Conversion Chart

        Foreign Unit………..American Equivalent

        Liter/Litre…………About (1) 7-11 Big Gulp

        Kilometer…………..3 football fields plus one
        ………………… court

        Kilogram……………Amount of cocaine for 1 pro
        …………………..sports team for 1 week

        Hectare…………….About 4 hrs of mowing on a rider
        …………………..or 16 hrs with a push mower

        Euro……………….Currently about $1.25 (deduct 5%
        …………………..per week til euro reaches zero)

        Yen………………..(2) one dollar bills in monopoly money

        Peso……………….Half a yen

        Drachma…………….Half a peso

        Renminbi……………Currently trading at half a drachma

        Renminbi(actual value)…About $5

        Prime Minister………President

        Chancellor………….lesbian demi-god

        Ayatollah…………..Billy Graham(with a gasoline bomb)

        Fatwah………….Rodney King verdict just announced
        ……………….and you’re white and in Compton

        King……………….1st round NFL draft pick

        Queen………………Barney Frank

        Duke……………….CEO of mid sized company

        Duchess…………….Lady Gaga/Lindsay Lohan/Justin Bieber

        MP (Member of Parliament)…Convicted US senator/governor

        Fortnight…………..Half way across Paris in a taxi

        Helpful tips: In Britian french fries are called ‘chips’ and chips are called ‘crisps’. Also in Britian, the French are called @#$%^&!. Plus, a car trunk is a ‘boot’, the cars hood is a ‘bonnet’ (except on the Cooper Mini which has no hood, no trunk, no motor and only one windshield wiper) And please remember to drive on the wrong side of the road in the UK and on the sidewalks in France. If driving in middle eastern countries, remember that camels have the right of way, except on the sabbath when traveling is forbidden.

        • Bwhahahahahaha … it

        • Smokin Oak, It seems as though you might have the DHS monitoring division, working OT this weekend. Since your post has “alert” words thru-out. Of the 377 words they look for you have used quite a few and the rest they will somehow construe as an “alert” word that you actually meant to use. I hope they can decipher these words I have for them; “fudge off Dhs”! or “ete mi drt-e lit’l britchys”!

      66. Smokin

        Please remember a fanny pack here is not a little bag you wear around your waist, a pocketbook is something to scribble notes in, jam gets spread on bread and jelly is eaten with ice cream.
        Pants are underwear, rubbers remove pencil marks and fags are things that come in packs of 20 and you smoke them…this is as opposed to faggots which are a disgusting type of meatball eaten up north.. Indians should not be referred to as Paki, nor Pakis as ragheads, only Sikhs are ragheads but you must not call them this, Bangladeshis can be called anything you like as they don’t seem to mind but Somalis dislike everything and everyone, except other Somalis so best not to speak to them at all.

        Take care

        • Hilarious! 🙂

        • actually most sikhs are good people and there is alot of things about their religion that i agree with. if you read about sikh religion you will find it stands for much of what alot of us think here.

          • Eeder

            Agreed, I was not being offensive, but Sikhs are the only group to wear the turban headgear hence the nickname.

            Take care

      67. went to walmart to today, didn’t dawn on me until i got into the joint that it was friday and the 1st of the month. Wow,if you can’t beat them join them? It pisses me off, but i’m hitting 40 this year&wonder is it worth it to work 60-80 hours a week, when i can bail out now and enjoy life. surely life has more to offer? More than a 15k tax bill to support the folks that were in walmart today.

      68. Gives new meaning to land of the free.Looking more like land of the sorry.

        • That is Why Illinois is reffered to as the (Land Of Lincard)

      69. Preach brother!!!

      70. America the great! After touring the world America is still the best country to date in my eyes. Why is it starting to come apart at the seams? Who to blame? How to fix it? There is no one who will stop what is to come as the motions are set and will not reverse, so enjoy what you can when you can as time of pleasure is short and is near its end. The Earth is starting its birthing pains as a mother in laybor and will continue with more natural disasters as time passes. The Governments and powers of the world can not stop it and they know it is comming and would decieve us all with there lies the ones that know. The whole puzzle picture of what is going on is not easy to see and is very complex as there is much more going on that is not seen with the naked eye. I would say more but they are watching me and will read this for sure as they are tracking me, they hate me as I am against them and there evil doings. I have to keep my works on disk only as they raid my computers and have crashed and destroyed them more than once.

        Open your eyes up research and you will be supprised at what you will find the truth is terrible but living life with your blinders on will not stop what is to come so enjoy what you can as our human life span is very short we all must die at some point in time.

        Freedom is almost gone, when martial law is declared and it will happen they have plans to take away our rights and Americans will be slaves to them.

      71. Burt The Brit: Please tell me what are Knickers?????????????????????

        • Clark

          Knickers are ladies undergarments….below the waist underwear…knickers.

          Underpants for females.

          There is a poster on here who howls at the word KNACKERED meaning worn out. Tired.

          Strangest thing lol

          Take care

      72. representative bost is a great man and a great american. to me he is at the same level as dr paul. he is our only hope.

      73. and he certianly didnt make a fool of himself. only a fool would think that.

      74. this is how ignorant our blue force can be..a man tries to help a homeless person by handing some cash out his car window , accidently drops the cash, and gets a ticket for littering! shit people..only in Cleveland Ohio..

        so now the police and the rest of the world know what they think our cash is worth…its trash people

        I’ll put the link to the story in another box..if you cant search it

        • Don’t visit/vacation in Ohio…let them feel our pain.
          Don’t visit/vacation in Tennessee where the TSA can stop truckers…let them feel our pain.

      75. I have a question for anyone. How come if a nuke goes off it only affects that area. What is different between that and Fukishima? How can that one reactor decimate the entire globe?

        It seems like there’s a real worry….


      76. I would be more impressed with the irate representative if he clearly articulated why he was angry. Any idiot can get up and yell and throw papers around.

      77. Deleting post? What the hell?

      78. alan greenspan will be making a very important speech this week. this has the potential to be extremly huge and could have massive implications. it could be a nixon like moment when nixon announced that the greenback was leaving the gold standard. this could be like that , but even bigger. the arrests could come based on what he says.

      79. there is now , no question something is afoot. cnn is acting very wierd. they are starting to tell the truth. smae with many other msm . i am convinced we are on the brink of something fairly massive. however i must remind myself these things can play on and on longer than i can stay sane.

      80. nonetheless , these tugs need to start going to prison, the time is up… the clock is about to strike 12, cinderella is arriving to the ball.

      81. RON PAUL/MICHAEL BOST 2012

      82. Get used to it. pal.
        We’ll see this more in the future.
        And then, grab your rifle and start another civil war.

      83. darn right– we live in a democracy– and not a constitutional republic. We couldn’t keep it.

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