If You Are Doing Nothing Wrong You Have PLENTY to Fear – 30 Examples

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    Editor’s Note: Back in 2009 the Wall Street Journal noted that every single one of us commits at least three felonies a day. Most of us have no clue that we’ve broken the law because there exist literally tens of thousands of vague statutes on the books of states and the federal government. For now, we have avoided prosecution for these criminal actions. But with the revelation that the NSA and other intelligence agencies are monitoring our activities on every possible level, it’s only a matter of time before artificially intelligent algorithms began dishing out automated arrest warrants. This is a warning to those who think they “have nothing to fear because they have nothing to hide.” Doug Newman of Food for the Thinkers highlights why you should be very afraid of your government, as evidenced by the unjust allegations, prosecutions and convictions of the thirty people below. In the eyes of law enforcement and prosecutors, you are presumed a criminal. Don’t forget that. They’re looking for any way they can to increase their conviction rates and revenue, justice be damned. And they couldn’t care less if that means you being stripped from your family on trumped up charges and sentenced to years in prison. 

    Prepare to be outraged by the injustices you are about to read. As Doug notes in his most recent article, you have plenty to fear.

    Sometimes I just want to pimp slap people.

    Last summer, I was at dinner during a sales convention. The conversation didn’t get political until someone mentioned the NSA.

    There is one in every crowd. Someone piped up and said, “They can spy on me all they want. I am not doing anything wrong.”

    They sang this song in Germany in 1933. And they sang it with unprecedented gusto in the months following 9/11, all in the name of  “security” and “keeping us safe”.

    We were at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the world’s second largest hotel. Nothing in the post-9/11 “national security” apparatus would prevent a terrorist from walking in, setting off a bomb, and killing hundreds or even thousands of people.

    The more important questions are: How do you know you are doing nothing that could be construed as wrong by some state functionary? How do you know you are not breaking some law somewhere? And why are you so implicitly trusting that your government would never do anything evil with the information it has collected on you?

    This is not purely an academic matter. The practical implications are profound.

    I give you several examples.

    1. Niakea Williams went to her son’s St. Louis-area elementary school one day to pick up her son, who has Asperger’s. The school was put on lockdown and Mrs. Williams was escorted out in handcuffs.

    2. Adrionna Harris was almost expelled from her middle school in Virginia Beach after taking a razor blade away from a fellow student who was trying to harm himself.

    3. Read what Houston police did to this man who gave 75 cents to a homeless person.

    4. A little known Denver parking ordinance can get you a $25 fine even if you haven’t exceeded the two-hour limit.

    5. Police in Iowa City, Iowa, seized $50,000 from this couple without charging them with a crime.

    6. Alberto Willmore lost his teaching job in Manhattan over a totally bogus marijuana arrest. Even though he was never convicted of anything, he was unable to get his job back.

    7. Norman Gurley was arrested in Lorain County, Ohio, because a compartment in his car could have been used to transport drugs.

    8. Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies shot and killed 80-year-old Eugene Mallory in his own bed during a meth raid. No meth, or any other illegal drugs, was discovered.

    9. Paul Valin contacted police to report that he found a backpack full of what he believed to be meth-making equipment 15 miles from his home near Des Moines. As a result, the DEA placed his house on its list of meth labs.

    10. Ryan Holle of Pensacola, Florida, lent his roommate his car on night in 2004. As a result, Holle is currently serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for pre-meditated murder.

    11. New York police seized Gerald Bryan’s cash in a nighttime raid in 2012. Even though Bryan was cleared of any wrongdoing, the stolen cash was deposited in the NYPD pension fund.

    12. Robert Duncan is currently serving two years in a California prison, even though the business in which he worked was legal in California.

    13. Jordan Wiser spent 13 days in jail after Jefferson, Ohio, police found a pocketknife during a warrantless search of his car.

    14. During a school lockdown in Clarksville, Tennessee, David Duren-Sanner gave police permission to search his car as he had “nothing to hide”. Police found a fishing knife. Duren-Sanner, who previously had never been to the principal’s office, was suspended for 10 days and then sent to an alternative school for 90 days.

    15. Look what happened to these parents in Napa, California, even though the medical marijuana prescriptions they had were completely legal.

    16. Eileen Ann Bower of suburban Pittsburgh had her newborn child taken from her for 75 days because of a false positive drug test.

    17. Jerry Hartfield of Bay City, Texas, has spent the majority of his life in prison, even though his conviction was overturned in 1980.

    18. Jason Dewing of update New York wasfound guilty of violating a law that did not exist.

    19. Don Miller of Waldron, Indiana, had his home raided by FBI agents who seized hundreds of cultural artifacts from around the world. Miller was neither arrested nor charged with anything.

    20. This San Diego couple was pepper-sprayed and tasered by police who had erroneously identified their vehicle after being stolen.

    21. The good news is that Brian Aitken of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, had his prison sentence commuted. The bad news is that he was originally sentenced to seven years behind bars for possessing two legally purchased guns.

    22. This special needs student in McDonald, Pennsylvania, was charged with felony wiretapping for recording other students who were bullying him mercilessly.

    23. Abner Schoenwetter of Miami served over six years in prison for – you can’t make this stuff up – violating Honduran fisheries law.

    24. Read what happened to John Filippidis of Hudson, Florida, when he was pulled over by state police while driving unarmed through Maryland.

    25. In a case of mistaken identity, Lewis James of Durham, North Carolina, “was handcuffed and later jailed under a $1.425 million bond” after he had contacted the police to notify them of a dead body in the middle of the road. As someone put it on Facebook, “Don’t call the cops. Ever. Even if you find a dead body. Just don’t ever call the cops.”

    26. Read what happened to Diane Avera of Meridian, Mississippi, when she went to Alabama to buy Sudafed, even though she did not know that this was illegal.

    27. Andy Johnson of Uinta County, Wyoming, faces EPA fines of $75,000 per day for building a pond on land that he owns.

    28. Douglas Zerby of Long Beach was shot and killed by police while watering his lawn because some idiot neighbor thought the hose nozzle was a gun.

    29. Darien Roseen was arrested and had his vehicle searched by sheriff’s deputies in Payette County, Idaho, simply because his Colorado license plates led them to believe that he could have been carrying marijuana.

    30. Brian Banks of Long Beach spent five years in prison and five more years as a registered sex offender as a result of a rape conviction. And then his accuser changed her story.

    These are not “isolated incidents.” There are no doubt countless other examples of people who were doing nothing wrong, yet were harshly punished.

    Also, consider the following:

    • The Internal Revenue Code is 73,955 pages and millions of words long. No one has read it cover-to-cover and no one knows every aspect of it. Yet if anyone violates any of its provisions it can mean fines, prison or even death.
    • We are often told that “ignorance of the law is no defense.” To the right is a picture of the Yale Law Library. Do you know every law contained within these tomes?
    • Read what various emissaries of the Amerikan police state have done to these veterans who went all over the world to“fight for our freedom.”
    • Seventy-two types of Americans are classified as terrorists in various government documents. Senator Harry Reid has now added a seventy-third category.
    • Read how police have used asset forfeiture laws to seize millions of dollars from people without charging them with any crimes.
    • Read this list of eight ways people commit felonies without even knowing it.
    • Read this article and pay special attention to these words from former NSA official William Binney: “The problem is, if they think they’re not doing anything that’s wrong, they don’t get to define that. The central government does.”
    • Read how the Innocence Project has helped exonerate over 300 wrongfully imprisoned people, many of whom were on death row.
    • Attorney Harvey Silverglate argues that the average American commits three felonies a day without even knowing it.
    • This Ford executive claims that, thanks to GPS, “we know everyone who breaks the law.”
    • Although it has been estimated that there are over 3000 types of federal criminal offenses, no one knows the exact number for sure.

    So, do you still feel you have nothing to fear?

    You can email Doug Newman, visit his web site Food for the Thinkers, or follow him on Facebook.

    Sourced by SHTFplan via Blacklisted News


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      1. Be careful of what you post. they are watching….

        • with thousands of new regulations created daily by hundreds of alpabet organisations there is no way to know if you are following law or breaking it .

          Chances are we all violate a hundred regulations a day and break fifty or so laws unknowingly.
          If they wanna bust yer ass , they can find a way .

          • I guess we are all fugitives, in one way or another…

            • YES, they are watching and testing to see how far they can push us before civil riots and then comes Martial law, what they do not remember WE don’t give up and WE win clean house of all those ruining our country!!
              POWER TO THE PEOPLE
              do NOT be scared to stand UP, if you don’t then you are allowing them to win!

            • Why do we need a million laws,
              when God put forth only Ten?

              • Because we have dumbasses that want to push everything to the limit.

                Out House Lawyers!

                • One word, AVOIDANCE. The more evasive anyone can be, the better. Having some sort of recording device might help because a thug doesn’t want to get caught being a nazi. Just trying to stay away as much as possible from the out of control system decreases yopur odds of betting boned for something you never did. We definitely live in a very frightening world where the good people are targeted like the criminals.

                  • It was on a comment block where the entire line of comments was wreaking “death and dismemberment” on anyone who had broken any kind od law that I made a comment similar to this”

                    There will be a day in the future where all “law-abiding” people will be in a position where they will be forced to break a law. They are trying to make criminals out of ALL OF US. One day, they will succeed…then let’s see how many, after joining the ranks of “criminal”, can still condemn anyone who has broken some inane law as pure dirt.

                    Once we ALL have a criminal conviction, will being a “criminal” matter anymore?

                    I forecast this years ago and have spoken the same points frequently…but I still got all kinds of red thumbs and hateful replies for this same idea.

                  • +1 sixpack

                  • Ayn Rand warned about this in Atlas Shrugged in about the mid 1950s. Government creates so many laws that all are criminals and then they selectively enforce them. It’s called governmental power.

                    I think it’s like the old Star Trek episodes in the holodeck. Remember when they got scared in there because “the safeties were turned off”? Ann Barnhardt has an amazing video (less than 1 min.)and story up where a dog attacks an aprox. 4 year old boy. A cat aproximately 1/5th the size of the dog attacks the dog to get it off the kid. Wow! It charges at full speed towards the dog and just pounds into him. (barnhardt.biz) Watch it and remember – don’t cower when you are threatened. ATTACK with everything you have and rush your assailant. What would your dog do with a person inside your home at night? Same thing – attack! Be right beside your dog and get into the fight, forget the odds, they don’t matter.

              • Defiant – Placed under arrest and fined $10,000.00 because he’s a white male with a history of baking cinnamon twists without a permit.

          • Thanks to the NDAA, they don’t even need a reason and you need no defense because you are not guaranteed to ever know what the charge is, nor do you necessarily get a chance to defend yourself. This from the (bullsh&t) land of the free.

            The US was to be a representative republic. This crap will continue until it is.

        • Fuck em. I am watching them! 🙂

          • I first became aware of the insane level of governmental regulations many years ago when a TV reporter asked Burton Barr, the State Senate Majority Leader in Arizona, “How did the legislative session go?”

            His reply: “Great! We passed 400 new laws!” 🙁

            • So DK, you think you’re so darn smart, why don’t you run for a state level office and fix things. Put up or shut up.

              • Actually, that is part of MY plan. Coming soon. 🙂

                • Go get ’em DK!!!

                • Ill vote for you, and I aint even in AZ! LOL

                  Whats good for the goose and all….

            • Kid

              And there lays the problem. These asshats think creating new law is work in support of the people, when in reality laws are designed as a function of revenue collection and over the top controls.

          • thats the problem you’re “watching” them. No kidding everyone is doing the same damn thing.

            • Zack: There are ways to be active and legal and express your views in powerful enough ways to make a difference and influence others..

              Don’t think I spend all day on the tennis court. 🙂

          • There are those who watch with purpose and those who watch as spectators, choose which one you will be. Eventually there will be a day of accounting. I am grateful for the men and women at this site, even the smart asses, who have continually put forth great insightful observations and helpful information. As DK is fond of saying, “engage your employees”!

            • I would still be very hesitant to jump into a sinking ship with DK but I started to listen to him when he explained that the ” Engage your employees ” meant the elected official we vote into office and all their subordinates I would add to that.
              — Miss Dee Dee

          • That’s it right there!!!!! Every one of these collaborators would be well advised to keep in the back of their minds that fact-

        • They are watching? Who are watching? Oh …… You mean the cowardly gutter vermin who work for big brother. The traitors who’s parents and grandparents were probably traitorous scum dogs back in there day too! So it’s a family thing then …..

          Not much we can say or do about it. So, hello to all you traitor scum watching and reading. Remember ‘we’ are watching you too!

        • “Be careful of what you post. they are watching”

          Too late I am sure. What I have posted here, once in awhile and elsewhere, a little more frequently, is enuff to have me on a list or two.

          • If you add up all the regular people on this site along with all the others on other sites counting those whom visit many sites as only on person we might only fill a few FEMA-camps. Without a plan we are screwed. Now is the time to learn to communicate via Homing Pigeons.
            — Miss Dee Dee

        • Good! They can all kiss my ass! Heck, they’ve been watching for a whooooole lot longer than anyone knows!

      2. Look at it this way, what ever we do, they know…

      3. Pursue Achievable Goals

        2. Keep Genuine Smiles

        3. Share with Others

        4. Help Thy Neighbors

        5. Maintain Youthful Spirit

        6. Get Along with the Rich, the Poor, the Beautiful, & the Ugly

        7. Keep Cool Under Pressure

        8 . Lighten the Atmosphere with Humor

        9. Forgive the Annoyance of Others

        10. Have a Few Pals

        11. Cooperate and Reap Greater Rewards

        12. Treasure Every Moment with Your Loved Ones

        13. Have High Confidence in Yourself

        14. Respect the Disadvantaged

        15. Indulge Yourself Occasionally

        16. Surf the Net at Leisure

        17. Take Calculated Risks

        18. Understand “Money Isn’t Everything”

        • 19 Keep a loaded gun handy. Who knows when you will need to shoot some one in the face.

        • 19. Arm yourself
          20. practice, practice, practice
          21. stay calm, shoot first

        • 19. Always D-Tap & shoot to kill
          20. Carry extra ammo

        • EPPE
          21- know your limitations. (Clint Eastwood)
          23- Respect you enemies
          24- Always have a Plan B, C,and D

          • Howdy, Sarge. Let them see whatever I post. I want them to know where I stand. I want them to have fair warning to back off from me if they know what’s best for themselves. Nothing government does these days has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. As you well know, there’s far too many bogus arrests taking place, not to mention the brutality which is uncalled for. the day is fast coming when the lid will finally blow from the pressure cooker and when it does, it just ain’t gonna be nice.

        • Scarey how many of us think the same

          • One reason They do not fear we the people much is due to 99% of we the people Fear to name all those “TPTB” crowd.

            As long as the use of “TPTB” “nazis” “KOMMIES” “Eliets”
            “The 1%” etc are continued for nameing the True evil culprits, when in actuality a huge number of That 99% we the people Knows Whom they are and what names Should be used to define the culprits, the longer They wont truly Fear we the people much if at all.

            Tommy Jeferson was it? said “when Govnt Fears we the people thats when you have good republican representative govnt”..but…When we the people Fears those in fed govnt, thats when you will have Tyranny and dictatorships.”

            How can we create such necessary Fear in the hearts and minds of the real culprits?…EASY! Stop massive use of all those fake names like TPTB etc etc.

            but in order to do so it means a total elimination by the Majority of all forms of “PC”.

            PC mandates that nobody ever Offends others, unless of course you are offending Whites. ALL other forms offending is OFF Limits.

            And the very ones who invented PC also invented communnisim. And Frankfurt School of cultural marxisim.

            And just happen by some odd “coincidence” to be the very ones who Most get offended when Anybody ever Names who or what they are…They have created a situation where today, and for past 60+ yrs, they have become the Main group that gets the Most respect, considerations, PC type obedience, and they have caused 99% of americans to Fall for this scam swindle and actually Defend their group like no others ever are defended.

            Hardest part to acomplish is to get any of that 99% of deluded souls to actually think, just maybe all is Not as taught about those they so defend and Obey.

            Today we Are seeing a good number folks wakeing up…but its still Far too few and far too Slow.

            Soon to be Far too LATE!

            Think on This. NO other group has so many members that have Changed their True Birth Names…No others ever have acted this way. Why does one need change their names?..Usually to HIDE who they really are.

            As long as 99% of americans refer to them as “TPTB” or any other such type descriptions…It works for them the exact same way as name changes does, it HIDES who they truely are.

            So it is NOT a far reach to state that ALL who continue any forms of PC correctness in order to Not potentially offend any of “them”….Are in effect assisting in their continuation of Hiding who the true culprits really Are.

            Once one can honestly shake off what others of the 99% will call you for nameing the culprits, like hater or nazis or seperatists etc…Then it becomes eaiser day by day to keep naming them acuratly and Often as possible.

            Only when enough other folks do likewise will we ever see the really bad actors begin to Fear us and what may happen to Them if they keep acting badly.

            Maybe instead of another very costly “Million Man March on DC” that ends in zero effects or changes…Maybe we need a national Day or week where all thats promoted is for folks Everywheres to END all use forms of PC…

            Once That takes effect…Then call for another day or week of All folks everywheres begin to Name the true culprits regardless how it may offend them.

            Maybe it should be Our being so offended daily constantly that needs be more so addressed eh.

            • Or Political Correctnessless Day?

      4. As much as I hate to admit it most LEO are not our friends and since we don’t know which ones are none can be trusted. When they ask if they can search your home, car, etc. respond not without a warrant. If you get arrested ask the arresting officer to not in his report you requested and attorney so when the investigator walks in you can ask him if he’s your attorney or there to violate your rights then look up at the camera and say “let the record show this is the second time I’ve asked for an attorney.”

        I’ve been arrested several times with no convictions including twice for open carry and once for a false claim of domestic violence. I treated them the way I would like to be treated without digging my own hole.

        • PP; I often ask myself what an be said or not….

        • Lol lawyers are part of the problem too

          Also , they are officers of the court , so they really arnt on your side
          They appear to be , but it’s all for the money

          • VRF, AMEN to that. I had trouble with a lawyer once back in the 80s, but that’s another story for another time.

          • VRF

            Lawyers suck!!!

            85% of Democraps in senate are lawyers.

        • PP

          Here is an interesting side note to your LEO observations.

          At the end of the movie American Gangster there were notes on the screen. The end result is that 75% of the NYPD Narcotics Strike Force were convicted of corruption for working along with the hard drug dealers. What percentage were guilty and not caught is unknown and when 75% of the cops are dirty the remaining 25% are guilty by their silence.

          Who needs criminals when you have these pillars of integrity protecting you?

      5. want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.

        Ayn Rand

        • The greatness of Ayn Rand.

        • Ayn Rand was definitely one voice crying in the wilderness back in her day. She was way, way, way ahead of her time.

      6. This is off the subject, but wanted to ask:

        I’ve gone to pet food stores for activated charcoal. However, the bag says, “warning- carcinogen” so I didn’t buy it.(??!!)

        I’ve gone to numerous stores to find “puri-safe” and “potable Aqua Chlorine” tablets but no one has them.

        On clorox bottles, there is no date. (I did call the number on the bottle and was told that if we use it for water purification it needs to be no older than 6 months. She also told me how to figure out the date– complicated and I lost the data).

        Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to buy the “puri-safe”tablets… or anything?!

        • Google Puri-Safe and it bring up 12,000 results with many online sellers.And they will come right to your door!

        • Or Google JustWater water purification system.

          • Sorry folks, stop using google as a Verb , you are empowering the Evil google by using their name in this fashion , say I searched it on the web or something like that, which is the reality.
            There is Yahoo, Bing, AOL and others who offer the same search.
            But somehow people give hand in supporting their own enemy.

            • startpage.com does not log your IP or track you in any way.

        • >>>I’ve gone to pet food stores for activated charcoal. However, the bag says, “warning- carcinogen” so I didn’t buy it.(??!!)

          Most likely, somebody somewhere, in some lab, did an experiment with rats using huge amounts of charcoal ingestion that have no correlation to human consumption and resulted in some rats getting cancer. In today’s fauxscience world, this means charcoal = cancer.

        • I cannot say for the last 30 years, but the BS on activated Carbon started in the early 1970’S when I was in the OEPA. It started because the method they used to make it left a small amount of Petroleum product in it; and so there were minute traces of huge numbers of things in it. Becuse the law is written: “Any detectable amount” it was classifed, so was sand. STUPID

          • yet they don’t care about a little detectable ROUNDUP in your veggies…and some BPS in the plastic dinnerware…or a little radiation here and there…

        • The date code is often the Julian date. Jan. 1 is 1…..

      7. somewhere along the line, america(ns)disobeyed their GPS, and took a wrong turn….recalculating…..recalculating….

        • was it the American who took the wrong turn, or the GPS that inaccurately reported it?

          • good one, six….betcha it was a little of both! funny story i have….a few years ago, i found a GPS in the street one day. after expending quite a bit of time trying to find the owner, i gave up and said “aww, what the hell…i’ll try using it myself”. so after a couple trips to L.A., and finding out it kept telling me it was “recalculating” every time i got off the freeway…if i got back on, it wouldn’t let me stay on a freeway, it was telling me to take SIDESTREETS for the next 30 FRIGGIN’ MILES! so one day the little guy lead me 10 miles out of the way and i pitched it out the fricken window! it was like a year or so later at a yard sale i see another GPS for 20 bucks, so i’m kinda missin’ the little guy and i figger i will give GPS another try…..the very FIRST time i used it and got down to L.A., i realized…wait a minute, this is the same friggin’ MODEL!…and sure enough, it was up to it’s old tricks…sending me on sidestreeets, instead of the freeways….i haven’t thrown it out the window YET, because like my 3rd wife, i know i will miss the little son-of-a-bitch eventually ..

            • On GPS, it said my home is in the middle of a field, and it spelled the street wrong.

      8. I am doing everything wrong each day. Couple examples are: working hard to provide for my family along with protecting them against anyone who is going to harm them. I don’t ask for handout from the selected SOB’s running my country but I’ll help my friends and family if they are in need but the need must be a legitimate need.

        The only thing that I do RIGHT each and every day is to fear my Government.

        • Chilton: that was hilarious….


        • Yeah, its good for the economy to keep making things and so they do…more and more junk everyday, til the earth rots… because, after all, its good for the economy.

          Chinese government complains they need every little bit of space they can find (so many people!) and yet they’ve built several cities (ENTIRE CITIES!) which no one can afford to live in and so these useless piles of junk (cities) rot too, just like the billions of cars eppe showed!

          • Anonymous

            “which no one can afford to live in”

            Here lay the problem and its international in scope. The people making things cannot afford to purchase what they make. For a few decade period the US had achieved almost equilibrium in production verses consumption which was in effect the lubricant for the economic gears powering the middle class. “Free Trade” agreements re-arranged the gears while increasing debt watered down the machines lubrication.

            The economic machine is internally destroying itself.

        • They should raffle them off. A $10 ticket for a single, a $100 ticket for a random group of 10.

          …or else, after SHTF, we all know where we can get a new car…

          • yes, and each of them with a quarter-gallon of gas! kinda like eating a grapefruit….takes more calories to eat it than it provides you.

      9. The comparisons between Nazi Germany and the U.S. are astounding. Pretty soon it will all come crashing down.

        • Confederate

          NAZI Germany came crashing down from outside forces. As the NAZI government developed and expanded many fled to the US which was the safe haven for the oppressed. The Manhattan Project was heavily staffed with such people.

          The fact is if or when the US falls there is nowhere else to go. If one says, “I’ll leave” I have one question, “Where to”?

      10. Got that right, Confederate! (and thanks, Texan!)…if nothing else, will make us reach out to our neighbors…

        • A swamp-side tree house in a south American rain forest—where the only bug I’d have to worry about can easily be swatted, and the GPS tracking on my cell phone would point to the bottom of a river somewhere.

        • Research and Follow the Path taken by the Nation wreckers who orig wrecked Russia in 1918…Then they Moved/infiltrated into Germany…Then in late 1930’s they again moved…Into the usa.

          Once one understands this path taken and by who, it then becomes NO great mystery as to why or how todays america can so resemble 1940 germany….Which in 1940 so resembled 1918 Russia.

          When the Same nation wrecker tribe keeps moving into another nation…What Else can be expected?

          Take a good Look at Other troubles germans faced back then. Issues that were exactly the same as todays usa faces…Massive Porno, Fags, Lezbos, Lack of jobs, inflation galore, overall Rot and Ruin and it ALL occured in a fairly short time span of about One generations time.

          If one looks Deeply into who ran, owned, controled, staffed, german newspapers, Theaters, Plays, Banks, Majority Political rule, Majority Univ leadership and teaching positions, and way more that so compares to todays america troubles.

          And one quickly finds that Yes the same Kommie jewdeo bolshevik and zionist mindset permeated every level of every facet of most everything Then in Germany, as we see today occure in usa…it is then zero mystery as to why it seems so similar. Becaause YES it is the Same way here today as germany was then, and Russia before germany.

          Just Look at Who does EVERY usa MSM media be it newspapes, magazines, TV or hollywood…Just who do ALl such entities Most always Avoid mentioning?

          Whens last time You heard any FOX or CNN tv reporter personal ever say one single negative thing about who they cover-up for?…Every Day, every Hour Fox TV shows mention…Israel…yet When has any at Fox ever stated anything Negative regards israel? NEVER happens. Why Is that?

          It Boggles the mind that with so many free sources Today of truth and facts that totally demolish every past or present fable and lie and falsehood, that we still have so large of a majority that keep refusing it. And think by Ignoring it all somehow it all will get better on its own!

          Well NO it wont. And there simply is NO valid or good reasons for anyone today to keep believing so many false tales and outright lies, and pretend that fox or cnn or hollywood etc are not doing the worlds greatest ever Mass cover-up of the main culprits. And yet it is exactly what is happening continually.

          Nation Wreckers that have an ongoing history of doing so that spans at least 3500-4000 years now cannot be expected to stop wrecking nations. Especially when it is also ingrained since birth in their religion.

          When are so many christian folks as america claims to contain going to also Wake Up?…That does seem to be the main largest group or block of folks that remain so deluded and PC when it involves said nation wreckers.

          Yet most all claim they desire a better usa, or a return to Prior america when it all was so better then…Do they Really desire that? Their actions and staunch defence and total unquestioned support of nation wreckers, sure makes them seem non sincere of a desire for better america as it was Prior when none or barly any of the tribe had control.

          Folks have been Forewarned for 2000 yrs now, that just Prior to it all comming unglued and a final end of things as we knew it….they will see whats called biblicaly..

          The Great Apostacy…or as many today calls it the “Falling Away” from the Church.

          Well one has to be Blinder than a Vampire Bat to not See that we today Are in the very Midst of that so long awaited event of “great Apostacy” occureing.

          And an honest evaluation of such apostacy today can only conclude one major thing as to what and who is Most responsible for causing it….That being Most of Toadys False prophets and False teachers…Also know of as Preachermen within most of todays churches large or small.

          A studied reading of what Christ and Every Apostle writer of the new testement wrote and said, will reveal that most everything they all pre warned us of occureing regards such false pastors, priests, et al being as they today are and how so many totally Ignore such warnings as written of, and instead continue to be the worlds biggest group of judiazers, and promoters of what has Historically Always been widly know of and accepted as Christianitys worse ever Enemys. Which untill recent times were known of as Talmudic Judaics, and also untill recent times were never so promoted as best friends and co equal religious partners etc. For at least 19 centuries, 1900 yrs or more! No christian Ever called themselves a “jewdeo-christian” or a “Zionist christian”. Since till recent times All christians Knew that it is Two seperate different beliefs that cannot be mixed same as oil+water cant mix properly….Were all of them wrong for 1900+ yrs?…indeed not!…But Many today sure are wrong eh.

          And the very words spoken and written of by Christ and His apostles that so reveal and condemn the enemys of christianity are today discounted and ignored to the point of what can only be called the entire past 20 centurys of christiantys Dumbest, most ignorant of truth, membership of christians the world has ever seen.

          At a time when never before in all history has there been so many ways, means, electronic gadgets, computers, internet sites etc besides many Books written on these issues, for people to learn and Know these things even if they never obtained a bible before!

          Be 100% honest and please tell me/us here…has Your pastors ever discussed and explained the truthfull meanings of bible verses such as REV 2:9? or Rev 3:9 ?

          How about JOHN 8:44 maybe?..If you watch carefully and Listen to every word when some TV preacher everybodys heard names of as they number many…When for example they say “ok folks we will Now Read the entire 22 chapters of Revelatin. Word for Word as written!”

          Heres what You are most likly to see and hear…

          Every TV pastor WILL read REV chapters word for word as written…UNTILL…They come up to Chapter 2 vs 9…Then when they get to say, verse 2:6 or 2:7, they STOP! Then they laughingly “Recall” some stupid anecdote or joke!

          They use this stop off to discuss that anecdote or joke, and get a few laughs and loosen up the audience in the pews….THEN…They go right Back to Chapter 2 of rev word by word…BUT…Unless You pay very close atten, you wont notice that pastor has SKIPPED PAST, Rev 2 vs 9…Probobly even skipped rev 2:8 also! and when pastors joke tellings are finished and he returns to REV word by word…He has jumped from chapter 2 vs 6-or-7. Past vs 9, and begins anew at verse 11 or 12…Hmmmmm…Now Why in the world would any honest preacher SKIP past REV 2:9?

          Because hes Afraid to state publically that the verse says “They call themselves Jews…BUT they are Not, for they ARE imposters and the Synagouge of Satan”…Which happens to also be actual words spoken BY Christ!

          They cannot have words Jesus spoke get aired on global TV preacher shows that state of “Imopster jews really OF the synagouge of satan!” and Why cant they say that on TV today?

          Is anybody else starting to see a pattern of PC to the extremes when issues jewish are involved…Why is that so?

          Why in 2014 america are a vast majority folks still in abject Fear to ever utter that word jew or jewish or zionist?…if this is Not total PC commie brainwashings I do not know what else is..And whos Most responsible for that today?….Most Pastors! Most priests also!

          Anybody doubts me do a Test at your church and ask pastor when hes going to discuss all these new testement jew issues etc…OR next time if he also Skips such important bible verses due to a PC menatlity and Fears reprisals from pro jew orgs…Stand Up and state Your objections to the hideing of such verses and teachings..

          When most folks present call You an evil nazi or jew hater just for the meere mention of the word maybe it all will gel as whats really causeing that great apostacy today.

          And so many folks and pastors today keep wondering of and complaining of “Why has So many Left our churches recently?”…Can anyone really be that dense or ignorant today?

        • yes this is concerning to me. Its in Florida, Indiana, and Illinois. Why Florida? its not even close to those states.
          just makes me wonder who else has it, and doesn’t know.

          I guarantee there are several people with it right now that don’t even know. its going to hit us hard, soon.

        • Saudi should add a few 0s to that. Lying camel humpers.

      11. (nothing draws people closer than fighting for a common cause).

        • The trick is, finding a common cause people will fight for…

      12. As long as I don’t impact anyone negatively, it’s none of anybody’s business whether or not “I’m doing something wrong”. (including our government-none of their business)!

        WE ALL have something to hide: our privacy!


        and apparently lying to the Supreme Court is not a problem

        Everyone should know just how much the government lied to defend the NSA


        and personally speaking
        I think the Supreme Court knew they were lying
        and deliberately did nothing

        kinda like when the head of the NSA lied to Congress TWICE
        and they refused to charge him with perjury

        • The supreme court no longer serves the people, just as the government no longer serves the people,

          • Kulafarmer, as far as I’m concerned, we don’t owe this government anything except some “lead and brass nutrients”.

        • Most of the “justices” in the SCOTUS are so heavily blackmailed, they can’t see straight…you didn’t REALLY think they were spying on US all those years ago, did ya?

      14. “They can spy on me all they want. I am not doing anything wrong.”

        Truly…the most naïve statement of the past 13.678 years…
        And counting…

      15. Might as well do something wrong,they’ll charge you anyway. Make em put you behind bars with 3 squares and a bunk and a shot at getting a sex change. Make em pay!

        • Huhhh, you can skip the sex change.

        • lol, Z is that you?

      16. Fear? I am terrified alright. Children born since 2001 are now 13 and don’t know any different. Never miss what you never had. Theft of freedom is core to the curriculum and they will serve in the civilian labor programs well. As for the rest of us who remember freedom, we can see it evaporate in the heat waves rising from the data centers. What I fear is being outmaneuvered due to apathy. We cannot say we didn’t see it coming.

      17. “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of
        the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the
        benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any
        curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation. ” -Mein Kampf,
        Adolf Hitler, Publ. Houghton Miflin, 1943, Page 403″

        “There’s no way to rule innocent men.
        The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals.
        Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.
        One declares so many things to be a crime
        that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

        —-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged—

        • Ayn Rand was an immoral woman, drug addict, and psych patient. She suffered from the very same personality disorder that Barry has.

          Don’t mistake selfishness, for selflessness. Ayn Rand hurt all that were close to her. Christ died for all that hurt Him. Choose Jesus.

          • Sinner

            Do you find fault in her quote because she’s sinner, is what she thought at that moment not still truth?

            Reads like you would condemn a sinner as the devil himself, when all man is allowed redemption.

            • Y99, AMEN to your comments. While Ayn Rand was never perfect, and none of us are for that matter, she had the courage t write the truth when she worote “Atlas Shrugged”, one of the best books of all time. I think educated sinner misunderstands where she was coming from.

              • Well said my friend, we must see truth where truth is, people like sinner must understand that many of the greatest thinkers of man instinctually had friction with God.

                Is the man who works to understand God and his relation to man less than the man who follows without question, did even Job at one point not raise question?

                That’s my point with sinner.

              • Ayn Rand was a corrupted individual who had access via pillow talk to some of the greatest architects of the plan we now see coming to fruition.

                She then put the information she’d acquired from several sexual partners she met in her role as illuminatii whore into a work of “fiction”. Had she tried to present it as fact she would have been jfk’d without any ceremony and she was smart enough to know this.

                Sometimes even Satan’s servants finally acquire a conscience of sorts and whistleblow through various means.

                It is up to us whether we heed their warnings, or instead choose to cast the first stone.

      18. This is a very informative link discussing the Mers virus. It explains what it is, what countries it is in, how it began, the CDC’s take on it, and many other interesting data. It also mentions the two in the U.S. who are infected. One in the U.S. got better and was released, the other case in the U.S. is still hospitalized, but is recovering well.


      19. the point –
        stupid people who spout that they are doing nothing wrong —


        they are also the ones who DEFINE who is doing something wrong. So therefore, you are still doing something wrong.

        silence is acquescence

      20. This website should be renamed PHTB. Paranoia hits the brain.


        • Graham, this website is named correctly. You’ll have to take that up with Mac Slavo, the owner.

      21. I’m doing everything right.
        PLEASE COME AFTER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This article makes you think. You could be breaking the law and don’t even know it. There are too damn many laws. I can’t even keep up with them.

        The problem with the article is. They give who and what, but no Why and how. Like #1 said she was hand cuffed. It doesn’t say why. Like the guy who load the other guy his car. What happened and Who did it happen to and Why did it happen. ( I guess no good deed goes unpunished!) How about the cop that shot the guy in his bed. It just states that he shot him. It doesn’t state why. Did the guy point a gun at him? It doesn’t say. I have seen times where cops have raided the wrong house. This shit happens. They are just as human as you are, but when they make a mistake it is a whole lot bigger that one you might make.

        Reading all of these above some of them are out of the cops hands and in the States Attorney or Judges hands.


        I’ll get a lot of thumbs down on this rant. That is ok because this is what our freedoms are all about.
        Sorry for the rant.

        This article just states bad things happen to people.
        Without more INFO we don’t know If they were good or bad people.


      22. Goodbye, America.

        Hello, Fascism.

      23. I love my country.

        I despise its government.

      24. My life is in God’s hands. It is now, and looking backward it always has been.

        I really can’t change things except through prayer and everything I pray for I always ask it only if it is His will.

        The U.S. may/may not have a revolution. I know that some here would like to see one. There is only one way to make things better again. Revival not Revolution.

        Yes, I’m going something that they consider wrong as I honor God, never Government, NEVER!

        Better dead than Red! All hail the power of Jesus name!

        • E.S.
          AMEN BROTHER. 100% right on!!!

      25. Face it, there will always be Prostitutes and Whores that will do anything for a Buck, even if it is all wrong morally, ethically or tyrannical. If you work for the DHS, Military, or any other alpha bit soup organizations and you know what they are training you for, is all wrong, including carrying out NDAA or Internment Camps for Americans, or Martial Law, and you still work for them, than you are a prostitute and a whore bottomline. In the end Patriots and the Almighty will sort these demons out from the masses. As you have breached your Oath to our Country, and sided with Criminals.

      26. BH Our friend mouth finnlly cost him. My understanding it finnilly got around to all the hiring agents that he contracts with with the federal goverment yes the feds. Finnially got fed up with his talk and blacklisted him. I beleive he may be to the point of not affording internet.

        This could be all not correct but the theme is.

        When it comes to the site you know there was only 12 of us looking at it and it was for laughs.


        PS NINO dont bite the hand that feeds you. And you missed me by 238 Miles At least you got the state right.

        • Howdy, FBP. so our friend pissed off someone among TPTB royally, huh? I had a feeling that would happen sooner or later. I’m surprised his site is still up. at least it was earlier today when I checked it. I just hope nina’s situation doesn’t turn into a trend. there’s other websites even stronger than his that could also get shut down. Hell, one day they might just shut down the whole net. if that happens, then it just might be “party time”.

          • Contrary to popular belief, you don’t even have to piss off someone in the elite category top get a web site shut down. They shut down my “not-so-confidential” informant site (back in 2008), because I was accurate, and I was taking a big bite out of their CI effectiveness.

            They hate to lose their investments.

      27. The elite rely on FEAR as one of the key tools of control.

        Psalm 23.4

        Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me

        Psalm 27.1
        The LORD is my light and my salvation– whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life– of whom shall I be afraid?

        I am not a scholarly as some on this forum but hopefully the above quotes will help explain my philosophy for living thru these dark times.

        What I utterly, totally and completely REFUSE to do – is live in abject, pathetic FEAR of an earthbound elite. I have come to feel in my guts that the monsters running the current show can be non other than died in the wool intergenerational SATANISTS.

        All evidence of their ACTIONS in every sphere of life point to this fact for me. I have also concluded that FEAR is one of the primary tools used against us ordinary humans. How dare the very monsters who have committed some of the most henious crimes upon humanity and who continue to do so try and label me a “criminal”? My bible is full of examples of those who refuted taking such a course up to and including Jesus. I will try in my own small way to do the same, praying all the time for strength and guidance upon my “outlaw” course.

        Having come to that conclusion, I may worry about a consequence for something I may do to upset this Satanic elite “laws, rules and regulations”, but to FEAR them is to admit defeat before SATAN. This is something my spirit cannot allow me to contemplate, even in my darkest moments.

        I may at some point break some worldly law and suffer the consequences. It has happened before in my family (both my son’s grandfather’s lost their lives to the fight for right). If that happens, then so be it. What I will not do is sell my very soul to Satan. God loves me, the elite do not even understand the concept.

        I usually avoid overtly religious posts, but I have no other way of trying to explain how I feel about this particular topic in words. Hopefully the atheists on this forum will be able to align my theory with their own belief system.

      28. Im already deemed a criminal for doing nothing. I didn’t purchase health care. So what are they gonna do about it?

      29. I used to work the graveyard shift a few years ago, well one day I had off and decided to grab a six pack and try my luck with the snook under the bridge. I went to the local mallfart around 10 or 11pm grabbed a sixer (Yuengling) and headed out of town to the bridge I fish off of. took me a while to get there because I stopped off to grab some bait from my house and my tacklebox (this was a spur of the moment fishing trip) So in my backpack is a tackle box, my six pack, my .45 and miscellaneous other fishing type stuff. Got there set up and started fishing, the sheepshead and snook were out that night boy! so as soon as the action started I forgot all about the six-pick in my bag. Well an hour or so goes by and some bum walks by me looking all cracked out, so I pull my bag a little closer and keep an eye out. Next thing I know two police officers come walking up with there flashlights, niceties spared, they demand to see my ID, I asked is there a problem? they say nothing and keep demanding my ID. After calling my info in and verifying I have no warrants or a record they ask me what I’m doing (it is now 2 or 3 pm by my estimation) Then the questioning starts (remember I’m just fishing) I am polite and answer all their questions, then one of my sheepshead poles hits, so I go reel it in, little one so I unhook and throw back. These guys won’t leave! Then one of them asks me to see my fishing license ( I don’t have one for salt) so I say something to the effect of “what are you guys fish and game now too?” as I’m showing them my old freshwater one. well the dumbass looked at it and didnt even see it was for fresh after my comment shit went downhill fast. The questioning got more intense, asked me if I was a dealer If I had ILlegal guns. Finally as I’m being questioned by cop#1, I notice behind my back cop#2 is poking into my bag with his flashlight. I lost my composure and told him to “get the fuck outta my bag I never told to you could go in there” well, next thing I know I’m being handcuffed for and open container violation. What?! none of the beers are opened, so I pause and enlighten my captor to that fact. cop#2 pulled a taser out and told me to “stop resisting before I fucking tase you” Well I am arrested put in the back of the car and they search my bag. (remember, no open container no felonies, no warrants, just fishing) cop#2’s face lights up like a kid on christmas morning. must have found my .45, after unloading it like he’s never touched a gun before he come charging up asking to see my concealed permit, I tell him “you have my wallet, remember” oh yea, so he goes and gets it, then starts grilling me about how I got it!!! I just say, hey I have it that’s all you need to know. this pisses him off and he starts threatening me with all these felony charges with drinking and having a firearm, continues asking me “how’d you get this license?!” he is so pissed at me, I keep saying I’m an American, the 2nd is non-negotiable and he’s lucky I even have the permit. this enrages him further…I can’t lie, at this point I am taking an Obama in my pants, If I get arrested I lose my job, have a record, my mind is racing…so they take me out of the car and cop#1 has a bunch of paperwork for me to sign…I ask: “what’s all this paperwork” he says “no big deal it’s just some stuff for the judge admitting your guilt, it’s easier this way” then he says “dude, it’s no big deal it’s a misdemeanor and $70 fine and you gotta come see the judge, just sign man” another limit reached: “No sir I’m not signing anything, there’s no open container (I look over on the hood of the cop car and a full bottle is in a ziplock evidence-looking baggy with writing on the front)and you guys searched my bag illegally and arrested me because you got mad that I called you out, so no I’m not signing this made up paperwork, I want a lawyer, get me a lawyer” cop#1 looks at me all surprised and looks over at cop#2, cop#2 starts the tough guy routine on me “your already in enough trouble, just sign before I find another charge to throw on top of the other ones” I maintain my defense, cop#1 slips away and makes a phone call…comes back uncuffs me and tears the paperwork up. “hey, you can’t be drinking under this bridge, it’s a city ordinance” “I say ok and shake his hand, just happy to be ‘getting off the hook'” this enrages cop#2 and he starts running his mouth, I fight every fiber in my body to keep my mouth shut and I get all my shit, load my .45 right in front of them and go back to my car and left. Patriots-0 Henchmen-1 we lost that battle, yea I got away scot-free, but I left all of you down, I should have made a stink, I should have done something, but I let them blatantly violate the constitution and did nothing, for this I am ashamed and I vow to fight any Injustice I may encounter in the future. I am so sick of these oath breaker’s using arbitrary will to destroy lives just because they had a bad day. I have had no run ins with the law since then and have not returned to the snook bridge (another victory for them) I have noticed an increased police presence in my county and they just hired 30 vets to beef up. Also I have seen armored vehicles in broad day light, no idea what they were doing (south FL, east coast. I would love to hear from others encounters, stories, intel. that’s my story, hope it helps someone…Keep the Faith, It’s all that’s left…FLBob

        • FiBob I’m sorry to hear that. The really annoying thing is that while the police were hassling you on the other side of town some gangbanging meth heads were probably ransacking a decent person’s home, person or property.

          If it helps to make you smile here’s the text from a US poster dated 1917 -18

          “Uncle Sam Expects You To Keep Hens and Raise Chickens

          Two Hens in the Back Yard for Each Person in the House Will Keep a Family In Fresh Eggs

          EVEN the smallest back yard has room for a flock large
          enough to supply the house with eggs. The cost of main-
          taining such a flock is small. Table and kitchen waste pro-
          vide much of the feed for the hens. They require little attention
          only a few minutes a day.

          An interested child, old enough to take a little responsibility,
          can care for a few fowls as well as a grown person.

          Every back yard in the United States should contribute its share to a bumper crop of poultry and eggs in 1918.

          In Time of Peace a Profitable Recreation

          In Time of War a Patriotic Duty”

          Well we’ve been at war a while now what with all that sandbox shenanigans – reckon I’m just creating a Victory Garden like what we was told to do back in the days before dual-nationalists took over the shop guv’nor ; )

          Notice how things have changed – now the NWO doesn’t want grown adults to take responsibility, much less children. Compare it to the current ban on gardening in Michigan. What a reminder of how Western Culture has been completely subverted in just a century.

          I’m looking for a copy of this poster if anyone comes across somewhere I can purchase it.

      30. @ FlBob – I am sorry you had to go through that.
        It is a sad commentary on the so called ‘priorities,’ of
        our law enforcement system. To be surrounded by 2-3 cops for fishing. You handled it very well, being called on the spot, the way you were. I believe in the power of the pen. Thank you for your post. You just informed a couple thousand people. Take care and stay safe.

      31. FL Bob, I would have had fun with that one. I would have asked to have his Supervisor come to the scene. Then ask the Supervisor to have his Shift Commander come to the scene,then the Chief come to the scene, then the Mayor, and Governor. lol By that time it would be their shift change. lol

      32. Common denominator………….cops involved, they aint your friends, stop deifying them, stop being fooled by the CORPORATE thugs acting “under color of law.” They are predators, and the GLUE that holds the whole fake ass charade together…….along with the fake ass courts. They are not noble, they’re not cool. They are not here to help you or protect you. They either do evil and oppress the populace, or stand silently while others do evil and oppression in their presence……(slap) wake up…….


      33. This is a timely article for me.

        If you’re not a criminal, they will pass laws to make you one.

        The wife got pulled over today and handed a warning for not having the dog belted in the back seat.

        Are you freakin kidding me? When did this happen? A dog?

        What grown man with any self respect and a straight face, can enforce crap like this? Cops have no integrity or common sense about this type of shit.

        Oh wait…that’s right…they’re “Just doing their job.”

        Tax collectors with a gun and a badge enforcing for the corporate government entity and “for profit” court system.

      34. We should take the PEACE SYMBOL, which looks like a stick man with his arms down as if giving up. I think we should turn the PEACE SYMBOL upside down, then it looks like a stick man with his arms raised and pushing against the oppression (which is the big circle on the outside)of the PEACE SYMBOL. Pushing against the NEW WORLD ORDER. PUSHING,PUSHING,PUSHING

        • I remember the 1960s poster that said:

          “What if they gave a war and no body came”?

          • Had the grand experience of being pulled over by a police officer who claimed that I ran through a stop sign. When I pointed out that he had been sitting in a place where he could not even see the stop sign, he let me go with a warning. Had I not protested I’m certain he would have written me up. What a crock.

      35. Pulled over in WA state for going 40 in a 30 mile zone. I did not feel I was going that speed. I asked the cop what hard evidence he had of my speed. He walked back to his car, then back to me..and told me to ‘go on my way’. ASK for hard evidence…and be polite..these are mostly psychotics that take this job..seriously…

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