If We Can’t Secure Electronic Voting Machines, We Might As Well Give Our Enemies the Nuclear Football

by | Sep 15, 2010 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    CBS New York reports that there were a variety of voting irregularities in election offices across the state of New York, the majority of which were caused by problems with electronic voting machines:

    There were major problems at the polls on primary day in New York and it’s all connected to the debut of the state’s new electronic voting machines.

    New York City spent $160 million on new voting machines, but the roll out was embarrassing.

    Some polling places opened as much as four hours late and thousands may have been unable to cast ballots, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

    “That is a royal screw-up and it’s completely unacceptable,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

    Sources told CBS 2 that the list of problems was astonishing, including: broken machines, missing machines, missing emergency ballots and workers totally unprepared to assist voters and resolve technical glitches.

    We should come to expect these types of problems going forward, because this isn’t the first time issues with electronic voting machines have been detected.

    Possibility of manipulation by voting officials overseeing elections:

    In the Aug. 5, 2010 Shelby County Tennessee election, multiple vote databases were in use at various times throughout the election, each recording different and sometimes conflicting actions by election administrators. Additionally, according to reports, multiple “sets of books” were created and used in Shelby County. To understand just how dangerous it is for Shelby County to use multiple and different databases for the same election, you only need to learn one key concept: The computer doesn’t care what a name is; it looks for a number. By inverting, adding or deleting any one of several different database numbers, you alter results. There are many different places where election definition numbers can produce an altered result in the GEMS database. A simple “search and replace” edit will adjust candidate ID numbers for any specific voting machine or polling place, or for selected batches of early votes (which can disperse a large vote change into many small adjustments since early vote uploads mix precincts within the same batch). (Source)

    Easy access by anyone with a lock-pick set:

    At the request of the State of Maryland RABA Technologies completed a report in January of 2004 reviewing security measures for Diebold voting machines: “Maryland has ordered approximately 16,000 AccuVote-TS terminals, each equipped with two locking bays and supplied with two keys accounting for 32,000 locks and keys. Surprisingly, each lock is identical and can be opened by any one of the 32,000 keys. Furthermore, team members [of RABA’s security assessment team] were able to have duplicates made at local hardware stores. It is a reasonable scenario to assume that a working key is available to an attacker. To make matters worse, using a commonly available lock pick set, one team member picked the lock in approximately 10 seconds. Individuals with no experience were able to pick the lock in approximately 1 minute.” (source

    Leaving the keys with poll workers:

    Serious security issues came to light after problems in San Diego County’s 2004 elections: “The county seems dismissive of the complaints from the few voters who were able to report them, and is stating there were no security issues and no count discrepancies. Yet security issues were widespread. In spite of the vulnerability of Diebold’s electronic voting system, the registrar sent computerized voting machines, cards, keys and card encoders to be stored in poll workers’ homes before the election, secured only by easily removed stickers and flimsy plastic zip-ties. In one precinct observed by SAVE-Democracy’s poll watchers, these security stickers had never even been placed over the memory card ports — where votes are stored — as they should have been. Poll workers were given extra zip-ties to hold the machines and key-card pouches closed. These were not inventoried and apparently were not even inspected, so no one knows if machines were tampered with.” (source)

    There are hundreds of examples of security issues stemming from the use of electronic machines. Though the hanging-chad saga of the 2000 Presidential election shows that problems also exist within the traditional voting tabulation system of using a paper and pencil, at least with this system it is possible to pull a paper trail for every vote cast. With electronic machines, the results data are not only stored only on digital media, but can be accessed, manipulated and tweaked by anyone with password access. If the above examples are any guide, it shouldn’t be very difficult to obtain that password information if you’re a would-be hacker looking to make a few “minor” changes.

    Contrast the security measures taken with voting machines to the security provided for the President’s “Nuclear Football.” For those unfamiliar with the President’s “Nuclear Football” (a.k.a. “The Button”), it is essentially a brief case that goes everywhere the President goes:

    The “Nuclear Football,” otherwise known as the President’s Emergency Satchel, is a black-colored leather briefcase always near the President of the United States. It contains a secure SATCOM radio and handset, the daily nuclear launch codes known as the “Gold Codes,” and the President’s Decision Book—the “nuclear playbook” that the President would rely on should a decision to use nuclear weapons be made. The National Security Agency updates the Gold Codes daily. The Football is carried by the Emergency War Officer at all times. This person is a commissioned officer in the U.S. military, pay-grade O-4 or above, who has undergone the nation’s most rigorous background check (Yankee White). The “Black Book” is said to contain 75 pages of options, to be used against four primary groups: Russian nuclear forces; conventional military forces; military and political leadership and economic/industrial targets. (source)

    Most would argue that the nature of the nuclear football, and the fact that it can be used to pretty much annihilate the world, requires a bit of additional security compared to a Diebold voting machine. We agree, security should probably be a bit more stringent.

    But the idea that voting machine security remains open to data manipulation from all sorts of potential threats including county officials and poll workers with opposing political views, as well as hackers from foreign countries with an interest in placing certain political candidates in higher level offices in U.S. elections, should sound blaring alarms.

    Once our voting systems are compromised, it’s akin to handing over the nuclear football to those who would do us harm. After all, no matter how much security the nuclear football has around it, if the security around the voting systems that elect Congressional representatives with war powers and the person with the finger on the button is lax, then the threat to Americans’ safety, security and individual freedoms couldn’t be an clearer.


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      1. this article is obviously viscous propaganda fomented by progressives and socialists.  the united states is a free republic and is not stalinist russia or hitler fascist germany. sequoia and diebold electronic voting machines have been built by electronic experts and are absolutely tamper-proof and 100% accurate. furthermore, they can report election results much quicker to the national media such as fox news.

        paper ballots, on the other hand, have your votes exposed to unauthorized viewing and tampering and ballot stuffing and have been proven to have enormous error rates because of dishonest bribed and tired ballot counters some of whom may even be progressives and socialists. 


      2. Although personally a fan of sarcasm, I’ve noticed it passes right over the heads of some here.

        What amazes me is, given how controlled national elections are, why anyone bothers to vote at all.  I’ve personally quit, voting now for nothing above the county level where your vote might have some small influence on local politics. 

      3. If voting actually worked, they would have outlawed it YEARS ago…

      4. The United States used to be a Republic, but ceased being so after WWI. We are now a secret fascist society, with the illusion that our vote counts. It does not.

      5. If the good Lord wanted us to vote, He would make sure we had candidates.
        Voting on the national level for the past 30 odd years, has been choosing between  weasel #1,  or weasel #2……..which means, either way, you get a  weasel.
        It isn’t going to be fixed; in fact, it is going to become even a bigger joke, as we go forward…..imho

      6. Shetch and lost in mo.: I have given up on voting long ago as it’s fruitless.  The puppets running are all on the NWO elite team, and some are neo cons.  Stay home and save time and gas; this country is  now run by the UN NWO clique.  Nothing can be done; live for family and prep., look out for yourselves and close friends- only people you can trust and ignore the phony politicians.  They are all liars and will be the first to be eliminated  when they no longer serve any purpose.

      7. I’m with laura m, I personally will never vote in a another national election. I do vote in the county level and believe my voice does count.  I am praying for our country. I lost my job 13 months ago and my husband lost his last Friday. I am thankful that I have prepped. My hope is that everyone will begin to prepare, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  There’s enough evil in today.

      8. Yea, I quit too about 10 years ago.  I refuse to vote for weasel 1 or weasel 2 also.  Give us a reason to vote and I’ll go vote.  I’ve always doubted the electronic junk too.  Hell, it’s an electronic device and any electronic device can be tampered with.  It probably already comes preloaded with the shit…….

      9.   @ mushroom

        Sounds like electronic voting would make it easier for ” dishonest bribed and tired ballot counters ” to do what they’re doing. When government controls how government is elected, the American People should suspect betrayal.

      10. All excellent responses!  I too will quit voting if electronic ballot comes my way.  Vote absente with a paper ballot.  This vote is too critical.  Vote all incumbents out except RP. Your military is fighting for your rights to be American.  They are not giving up on YOU.  Put a stamp on your ballot & send it registered mail to make a statement….  Frustration is waking up each day & wondering if this is your last.

      11. I can not believe all of you. For all of you who quit voting 10+ years ago…you are part of the reason we are in the mess we are in now. We have our young soldiers dying to defend your rights and you do not even take advantage of them. You should be ashamed of yourselves. IF YOU DO NOT VOTE you give up the right to complain about the way things ARE or the way things WILL BE.  

        Personally I have always voted with my head….(this canidate can beat that one in the run off…and so on). This has lead to the lesser of two evils being elected. Not this time….this time I am voting with my heart….and let the chips fall as they may. The rest is in God’s hands. BUT I’M STILL VOTING….until the day I die ….or until that right has been totally taken away. 

        TO GIVE UP OR DO NOTHING WILL GUARANTEE BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN (by passing bills that do not allow people to collect rain water, or to grow your own food, etc…..)

      13. For the most part, as to the responses, I say “Bravo!” The only issue I have is with those who say the “soldiers are fighting for my rights.” I was unaware that I had rights in Iraq and Afghanistan. If I am ever there I will let them know about my rights in their country.

      14. Comments…..Listen to Mr. R Paul and then you don`t have to
        worry about electronic fraud. Bring home the troops. Stop the
        aid you give to countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia. If there is
        no gain in manipulating votes, it will not happen.

      15. Tina:  you are probably young and don’t see the long view.  If you were a retiree and lived long enough you would know that politicians are the lying scum of the earth, and never keep their promise and put Americans last.    The soldiers are fighting for rights of people in Iraq and other places, not here, otherwise we’d be protecting our borders! This country is beyond any hope.  Civil war and collapse is coming.

      16. Tina:  You have the far view.  Never lose it.  Every aircraft carrier that I have landed on hundreds of times was “U.S. soil”.  The friends that I have & the ones lost to the sea were aware that they had a Commander in Chief that was voted in by the electorial vote & also controlled by Congress/Senate which was voted in by “the people”.  Every submarine that I have rode had a crew that releazed the larger responsibilty.  Voting & repeating the oath is the easy part while serving your country & mine.  This reminds me of a man that once said: “I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: ‘I served in the United States Navy.”  He also stated: “Control of the sea means security. Control of the seas can mean peace. Control of the seas can mean victory. The United States must control the seas if it is to protect your security….”
        I remember the day he was buried & I am in the military.

      17. Tina,

        Honestly, I understand your sentiments…..they were mine until I came to realize the whole system is a sham.  THEY only allow you to vote because it enhances the illusion of freedom, when in fact, the results are more pre-determined than a TV wrestling event.

        NOW the only freedom you have is to join the slugs that were too lazy to ever be involved in the first place.  IF voting drops off to NOTHING, the illusion that their is a govt “of the people” will finally be shown to be untrue.  By CONTINUING to vote, you add legitimacy to an illegitmate system.

        Same for taxes….lower your income, lower your purchases, do everything you your power to withdraw from THEIR system.  It’s the only way to reduce your serfdom, and will make you better able to handle what is coming anyway.

      18. In my state all voting is done by mail.  There is no way to know how much voter fraud goes on.  Everything is secret and ballots get thrown out by state workers and thousands of ballots never get delivered to the correct person.  You do not need electronic voting to steal elections. 

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