If Truckers Stopped Working, Grocery Stores Would Run Out Of Food In 3 Days

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 32 comments

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    Because of the “bloodbath” ongoing in the trucking industry right now, it’s important to realize just how much Americans are dependent on trucking. If truckers stopped working, grocery stores across the country would run out of food in just three days.

    Trucking moves about 71% of the freight in the United States, according to the New Haven Register. That means that if the truckers in this country just stopped working, grocery stores would be out of food plunging the nation into an epic food crisis. It’s more important than ever to prepare yourself and your family for a possible food crisis.  Hunger will bring out the worst in humanity and ensuring you can provide enough will keep your mind at ease while others fight over the last can of corn.

    “Without trucking, we would be naked, starving, and homeless,” Mike Robbins, a longtime trucker and leader of trucker strike group Black Smoke Matters, told Business Insider. And a study by the American Trucking Associations outlined what would happen if truckers were to stop working. The effects would hit hospitals, gas stations, ATMs, grocery stores, and even your garbage can.

    Basic medical supplies, like syringes and catheters, would be at risk of running out. Medication for cancer patients that use radiopharmacuticals, which only have a life span of a few hours, would expire. –New Haven Register

    This should highlight the importance of taking on a preparedness mindset.  If the grocery stores run out of food, what are your options?  A great majority of Americans have no idea how to grow or hunt their own food.  Others don’t think they need to have any stored food at all in case of a minor emergency such a blizzard or storm.

    5 (More) Foods That Last Forever

    If you are lagging in your prepping, consider buying bulk dried beans already in buckets. An added bonus is that these buckets are stackable and easy to store. Beans are a staple in my personal prepping supplies because of their nutritional value and price. Plus, everyone in my family will eat beans.  Several brands offer beans in a sealed bucket that’s really easy to store. Augason Farms Pinto Beans Emergency Bulk Food Storage 4 Gallon Pail 253 Servings is offered at our local grocery store.  I have several different kinds of beans in our long-term food storage from this brand because of it.  The price is reasonable too.  This will run you about $60 and it’s similar on both Amazon and in the store.  Here are the specs:

    • Total servings: 253
    • Total calories: 37, 950
    • Calories per serving: 150
    • Net weight: 24 lbs (10.89 kg)
    • Shelf life: up to 30 years

    Beans are only one option. You can also buy kits that have 30-days worth of food in them, such as the Augason Farms 5-20091 Deluxe Emergency 30-Day Food Supply (1 Person), 200 Servings, 36,600 Calories, Net Weight 20 lbs. 7 oz.  Take the size of your family into account when buying.  If you’ve already started prepping, you might need more food, however, if you’re just starting, now is the time to make sure food and water are a top priority!

    A food crisis can hit at any time, and it could be in the form of a massive storm rendering travel impossible or an escalated trucking industry “bloodbath.”

    Tess Pennington, the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, has come up with over 300 “prepper” recipes for your emergency and long term food supply. The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals (Preppers) is an excellent resource and foundation that covers many topics of preparation. It is especially helpful for the seeker and the new-to-prepping, however, there are great ideas for even the seasoned prepper.


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      1. Stores run out of items like bread and water in a few hours when a bad storm is forecast. In the event of a real chaos situation, three days is an over estimate.

        • Most all trucks will come to a stand still in an EMP. Not if, but when? 90% die off within the first few years. It takes a 2 year lead time to acquire these transformers that will blow in a cascading effect across the country as America turns dark and the Chinese possibly invade our shores and begin to take entire state territories and regions.

          In an EMP your battle rife and ammo still work. Acquire these liberty and freedom tools in mass. Because your life WILL depend on this, as well as fully prepped with a few years of food source and water, and the will to defend all of your property from the hungry hordes emptying out of the cities, that think all the food is out in the country. We shoot trespassers. And no you cannot camp on my property either. Unless you are a young Hottie, then you can stay in my tent.. ha.

          • In a food crisis you will see food trucks being hijacked and the drivers shot, like happens in Venezuela, you will see people getting their groceries stolen as they leave the store. You will have to grocery shop in groups and pull the vehicle to the store door to load your groceries. Pushing a food cart out into the parking lot to your vehicle to unload will be come the most dangerous job in the country. Stay armed and aware. Situational Awareness is key. Hungry people will hang out by grocery stores looking for their next meal. Smash n grabs..

          • ” Chinese possibly invade our shores and begin to take entire state territories and regions.”

            How do they get to the US? Swim? Where do they stage from? Ever heard about nuclear weapons? Well whoever EMP the USA would hear about them.

            If its technical and military the US has the upper hand.

      2. Although most people already reading this web site are going to be at least basic preppers, it’s always good to remind people. Those links are good to send to others considering or just getting started as they are not expensive options. One thing to be aware of is ‘serving’ inflation. The 36,600 calorie, 200 servings link only provides 183 calories per ‘serving’ not much. It would take 11 servings to provide 2000 calories per day which is fairly bare bones.

        • before you go invest in some year supply of food in any packaging, buy a few samples. I tried that WISE food nasty bucket food. Had like 300% of Salt for daily recommended consumption. WTF? Give your self a heart attack in the process of trying to survive licking a salt block. Salt is a preservative and wonder why they claim a shelf life of 20 years? Just go buy 2 years of Canned food on the shelf at a discount grocery story and fill your pantry and then some. Canned food is also precooked so you can virtually eat every thing out of the can without even having to cook it. No Brainer. Get off the Grid with your own solar power source using a batter bank. Another Prepper NO Brainer. I am 100% off the grid using solar and no electric bill in over 4.5 years. Do the math on that as yes you can afford it.

        yeah, and if frogs had wings… but they don’t and the truckers are not going to stop working so, bla, bla, bla.

        One more time – there is NO “bloodbath” going on in the trucking industry. Period.
        From the original article: “according to preliminary payroll numbers… 4,500 jobs were eliminated”. Here is what is happening. Companies are reclassifying over the road truckers as contractors from employees. They are doing this because of Obamacare. It is what the thinking people warned would happen if the idiots implemented Obamacare. This is why the PAYROLL numbers are falling. NO truckers are becoming unemployed. It is all hysteria and fear mongering by certain website owners and writers.

        • Stew,
          I suspect you are correct. My wife has a Nephew who is a long haul trucker. He’s working way to much. He has hired other drivers to handle all the business he has.
          The one point you made I want to highlight, Trucking companies converting employees to contractors.
          Unless you really watch it, you can get really screwed in that conversion. You lose group insurances, your taxes go up dramatically, you’ll need to hire a CPA, Tax advisors, and keep a lawyer handy, as you’ll probably form an “S” corp or LLC.

        • Actually Stuart trucking has been slow for a couple of months and it is because of the tariffs. It’s not doom and gloom as some make it out to be. There are a couple million truckers in the US so 4500 isn’t that bad, but there’s something else at play here too. In the states that recreational marijuana has been legalized, there has been a considerable shortage of drivers who have failed drug tests. Trucking is still regulated by the Federal gubmint but some of those drivers failed to make that distinction and started using the stuff. I’m betting that makes a considerable percentage of that 4500. The tariffs are only slowing volume for the time being and that won’t last but for a few more months. Once again, Trump was right, considering china’s economy is struggling along. It’ll only be a short while before they give in and drop all tariffs or lose to other countries who are quite willing and anxious to take their spot.

        • Also, truckers will never stop working, we know all to well what that would do and we’re not willing to go there. I’m certain I speak for many of my coworkers and drivers in general.

          • Most truckers are going to be replaced by self-driving trucks.

            • Sure they are ?

        • Nobody wants to voluntarily stop working and reduce or kill his income. But what if the fuel pumps had no electricity? The truckers would have no choice but to stop working. And wouldn’t the refiners also need electricity? It’s a very delicate system that would collapse without electricity.

      4. Stuart, agreed this article is all hype. If truckers go on strike they’ll starve like anyone else. I’ve got several years’ food supply stockpiled so no worries here.

        • Dep Ren – is your 2 years of food all in with Fish Crackers? Ha!

          • I posted the recipe for homemade Goldfish here a year or two ago. You can even take a strip of aluminum can and make a tiny cookie cutter to make yours look like Goldfish.

      5. Diesel going up $.60 per gallon tomorrow. Was on live Youtube today and multiple people stated that their company sent message to fill up truck before midnight.

        Gas at one station near me raised their price $.35 earlier today. Others to follow I am sure.

      6. Yes I agree its not a bloodbath. The grocery delivery trucks will continue to operate until there isn’t anything to deliver. Lack of drivers or trucks will not be the cause of empty shelves, Food stuffs are perisable so No grocer wants to over stock and risk inventory going bad and losing its value. Just like a Newspaper after one day its of no value. So they only print just enough to meet their expected sales.

        • Doom Porn, DOOOOOM PORN: (Remember that great movie “Green Slime?” Does anyone know what happened to this site; it used to have some real stuff and good comments; it’s gone to S**t

      7. The truckers are not going to stop working, unless fuel deliveries stopped. And if the trucker went on strike the grocery stores would just hire their own truckers. “Just in Time” deliveries would carry on.

        • How would they keep working if the pumps didn’t have any electricity?

      8. ” If truckers stopped working, grocery stores would run out of food in three days…” Duh !

      9. If truckers are so important, why is it so hard for them to get paid? Why so many illegal loads? Honest drivers get ulcers from shister companies. Unsafe rigs. Wasted hours waiting for repairs, loads,unloads. Best treat them right, that’s your food you’re messing with.

      10. If oxygen ceased to exist, Tess Pennington would still piss and moan.

      11. I’m sorry, I pointed the fork at the wrong piggy.

        Tess didn’t author this schmaltz, Mac did.

        Just pen some shit that will keep half the readers up all night digging a pit, and include the links to the fifty dollar – 6 page pamphlet “How To Tie A Noose Loose,” By Mutha’ Goose [I watched too many Bullwinkle episodes]

      12. 5% of our oil is imported. War with Iran is another war for Israel. Saudi Arabia attacked the USA in 2001. Israel knew and sent agents to document the event. Then danced.

        We have no business going to war with Iran.

        War with Iran would cause gas prices to rise in the USA. Higher prices mean fewer trucks. This would cause food scarcity just like the article says.


        • What I would like to see Trump do is clam war with Iran, get all the military war tools into position, then go bomb Israehell and Saudi into a billion pieces for their attacks on the US On 9-11. The world would cheer and the 800 LB Gorilla parasites will be removed from our backs here in the US.

          Israehell hates the US, jealous and steals all of our good ideas, then sells them to China. FACT.

        • There won’t be any war with Iran. If there’s any conflict at all, it will be so devastating that not one country will ever cross the US for the foreseeable future. All you armchair generals need to do a little homework before you start spewing

      13. If you recognize the retail industry, for the khakistocracy that it is, no normal person would trust the grocery store staff with your life.

        I went to a very run down parade, the other day, but the teamster bus was beautiful. They could stop working, any time they want to squeeze another drop. Maybe, for a novelty plate or anther coat of polish.

        Everyone thinks that a stoppage happens at some disaster, so big, that it breaks reality, itself. But, it’s a part of mundane, everyday life.

      14. They will I won’t run out for at least a year or 7. I’m ready. been ready for years. If you aren’t you should be.

      15. Being hooked on the elites’ big business culture that has to be trucked to everyone is what makes everyone “at risk” of that culture failing from a loss of any of its fragile components.

      16. Thank you for the information. If you are actively growing your own food, this may be helpful https://bit.ly/2kTuhVMl

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