If the Masses Lose Confidence in the Currency…

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    At a recent  meeting of the American Economic Association a vote was held about whether or not the United States should back its currency with gold. Not surprisingly, 100% of mainstream economists educated by our most prestigious universities were against such a measure.

    From the top down, there is a cult-like belief that our paper monetary system is absolute and infallible.

    Yet, as we have seen throughout history, and especially in the last decade, currencies backed by nothing are always debased, eventually being worth even less than the paper they’re printed on.

    If you’re one of those contrarians who happens to believe, like investment guru Jay Taylor, that market manipulation is rampant and the only reason why our ‘best and brightest’ continue to promote the legitimacy of paper currencies is to maintain a perception of stability in a crumbling monetary system, then the following interview from the Sound Money Campaign is a must watch.

    Taylor discusses his thoughts on the importance of hard assets, the meaning of real value, investment strategies, and international diversification to avoid a government whose aim is to punish those who will survive and thrive when things turn sour.

    Moreover, Taylor delves into the real reason for why the Federal Reserve and leading mainstream economists continue to push policies that led to the financial meltdown of 2008 and why those policies will eventually lead to something much, much worse :

    I think more than that is the talk that comes out of the Fed and the establishment… I think that, in part, is to keep people believing in the integrity of a system that doesn’t have much else going for it other than  talk.

    Because the debasing of currency is relentless.

    The Federal Reserve is expanding its balance sheets, it’s creating money out of nothing, it’s devaluing the savings of individuals through the debasement of the currency and through zero interest policies.

    They’re just trying to keep people off balance so they don’t bet in one direction in favor of inflation hedges.

    They want to keep people believing [inflation] is not going to be a problem. they need to do that in order to keep people believing in the dollar, which they create out of nothing.

    So, it’s a giant con game.

    In the end, Pinocchio’s nose will be exposed and [free] markets win out.

    (Watch the interview at Youtube)

    Those of us who considers ourselves ‘gold bugs’ have lost confidence in the currency a long time ago. We keep using it because we have to, because that’s what we have to  use to buy and sell things on a day to day basis.

    If the masses lose confidence in the currency – and this is why I think the Fed is fighting so hard with these mind games that they play to keep people off base and keep them believing in the legitimacy of the paper monetary system – if people lose confidence in the monetary system in mass I think gold and silver will hold up as a currency.

    When that happens, look out, because it will be an unprecedented event and one that promises to shake the confidence of every financial, economic and political institution in the world.

    What we’re talking about here is the collapse of the world’s reserve currency – the full faith and credit of the United States of America.

    Imagine not being able to complete seemingly normal transaction like buying food, gas or paying a mortgage because the dollar is no longer a viable mechanism of exchange. Likewise, consider the international implications when the US government itself can no longer borrow money from foreign banks or confidence has deteriorated to such an extent that the dollar is no longer accepted as payment for the billions of dollars in goods we import daily. It’s a situation that would make it nearly impossible for us, as a nation, to acquire essential commodities to keep our country running.

    Given that scenario, one begins to understand why Western banks and governments are doing everything they can to maintain a perception of economic health and stability. The alternative really is a widespread, unmitigated disaster.

    It’s a sobering thought and one that will likely come to pass in our lifetimes.

    Should such a currency event occur, how will you engage in trade? As we have seen in Greece, there is a strong likelihood that black markets will pop up almost overnight, so having assets of value will certainly be an important part of any post-collapse survival strategies.

    Here’s the other thing that people really need to look at.

    We’re always focused on gold and silver as determined by that fraudulent measure called the U.S. dollar. What I think people should rather do is look at what will gold buy and what will silver buy in terms of a basket of commodities.

    Both metals did remarkably well for quite a while, and still are doing quite well since the Lehman Brothers [collapse]. Both of them gained a tremendous amount of purchasing power vis-a-vis other commodities.

    All I know, is gold is real money and the stuff they’re creating out of nothing is a fraud.

    Hard assets and sound money will be the only thing of value should our system come unhinged. Those with cash savings or retirement accounts will be wiped out, just as before, unless they are diversified in such a way to avoid the initial hit and the government wealth grab that will follow. In 2008 the-powers-that-be utilized a wide variety of so-called “monetary tools” to stabilize markets and economies. Should those markets and economies crash once again, their last ditch effort to keep a system on the brink from collapsing will be exposed as nothing but the fraud and conjecture many have warned about.

    Be ready for that when it happens, because it’s going to be a very rough ride for everyone.


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      1. The dollar is already in a pre-avalanche phase. The conditions are ripe for a collapse of the dollar. It just hasn’t happened yet. It could happen when the current debt agreement expires and it becomes crystal clear that Obama has no plans whatsoever to cut spending to sustainable levels. If we use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to measure the debt, we’re taking in about $2 trillion and spending $8 trillion or $9 trillion. There’s no politically feasible way to cut spending by 80%. It can’t be done.

        • I agree. If we cut spending then things go bad VERY quickly. Especially if we’re talking about cutting government safety nets. The only option is to raise taxes and take on more debt if the goal is to ‘preserve system stability’ and the status quo (though that is just a ruse anyway).

          Likewise, from the standpoint of monetary policy, as Taylor notes in this interview, they have no choice but to continue doing what they are doing. They’re locked in. WE’RE locked in. If they pull Quantitative Easing and cash injection efforts, which amounts to something like $85 BILLION a month, the whole system crumbles in on itself. The propaganda is the only thing keeping people from freaking out right now.

          It’s a Catch 22.

          The ONLY thing they can do now is to keep pumping until China, et. al. finally calls it quits. But I think China, Russia, Europe, sovereign wealth funds, etc. all know what’s coming. No one wants to pull out yet — they’ll keep it afloat for as long as possible while they prepare for it behind the scenes. This explains why China and others are divesting out of US dollars and into physical assets and commodities like gold, agri-companies, mining, and energy producers, etc.

          As individuals, we should be engaging in the same ‘collapse-proof’ strategies on a smaller, personal scale… Food, water, reserve fuel, alt power, farmland, livestock, emergency monetary assets like gold and silver, and other SHTF related supplies.

          I don’t want to be a pessimist here, as I am generally a very optimistic person, but it should be obvious that we’re in serious trouble from a fiscal, monetary, economic and geo-political standpoint.

          I am not at all confident that this can be avoided.

          Thus, I prep for the worst, because it is becoming increasingly more likely that the S is going to hit the fan in a bad way.

          • Plus we have our “just in time delivery system”. I go to school in Atlanta, and I bet if there was a semi-major incident (like if a bridge fell at spaghetti junction) and stuff couldn’t get in for more than a weekend the entire city would meltdown. There is absolutely no redundancy or emergency supplies or funds to do anything.

            We used to stand on the edge of a cliff; thanks to Washington, we’re about to take a great leap forward.

            • Agree — we saw this most recently with Hurricane Sandy. While I don’t want to downplay the effects this storm had on people living in those areas, the fallout was incredibly insightful for anyone paying attention.

              This was more or less a localized event affecting maybe 100,000 people or so directly. I spoke with people on the east coast who were not more than a couple miles away from ‘ground zero’ and they had electricity, pizza delivery, and all the normal conveniences.

              But a few blocks away it was pandemonium…

              That’s Just-In-Time delivery breaking down to an isolated PORTION of a city …. It was total madness …

              People digging through garbage within 72 hours of the storm just so they can eat? Standing in line for 5 hours for a bottle of Bloomberg water?

              And not a few miles away things were normal?

              That, to me, is CRAZY.

              I shudder to think what it would like like if we have a region-wide national disaster like a Madrid Fault quake, or Tsunami on the East/West Coasts… Or a currency collapse that would essentially halt commerce as we know it today.

              • Spot on Mac, Just like any and it seems every disaster, the aftermath is seen by those who go through it as an aberration, a one time issue. In truth can we name any disaster in the last decade that has not been a cluster fu*k afterwards. People in the Western world seem to live by the Motto “Everything is alright, until it is not alright.” Then they just wait for uncle Sam or their government to save their bacon. (Heavy Sigh)

              • Try The Walking Dead

              • One thing that was amusing about hurricane Sandy is that people knew things were “normal” just a short distance away, but few walked away. If you walked west, within a day or two you would be clear of the mayhem. I heard of no long-term flooding inland.

              • A tsunami on the West coast would be far less dangerous than it would be on the East coast. The reason being that the West coast rises very quickly to hills and then 3-4,000 foot coastal mountains that would be effective wave blockers. A 20 foot wave would wash about 4-5 miles inland on the East coast because it is so flat there but might not make it too far past the beach on the West coast… depending on where they hit, of course.

                I agree 100% that the lack of emergency preparedness in this country is appalling. If FEMA really wanted to help people, they would implement a TV ad program showing people how to prep for a month or two worth of supply system disruption. The cause of this need not even be mentioned, as it could come from any of several natural or man-caused events. The end result is that the stores are empty, people are hungry and thirsty, so what are they going to do? Hopefully, they could also stress that preparing BEFORE it is needed is the ideal method and not waiting UNTIL it is needed and the streets and stores are packed with panicked people all trying to do the same things at the same time.

                By being prepared with stuff before a disaster strikes, more time is available to pay attention to the immediate needs of our families, friends, and neighbors. The very young and the very old will need all of the support we can give them.

            • I’m a JIT supplier, my bread and butter customer has stopped giving forecast and is becoming reactionary to the market. Current orders are in flux with some being called forward and some being pushed back. Their purchasing department hasn’t changed and their product is in demand. I can’t budget, forecast or invest in materials for future orders. I have to depend on the rest of the supply train that I need to hold up for the JIT to keep working.

              • Everybody wants someone else to bear the cost of holding inventory. As a wholesaler/distributer, they want you to stock their products, but only get paid when they take them off the shelf. They consider sitting on $1MM worth of their product to be [the] (your) cost of doing business.

                • hell i`ll hold all the inventory ,,,keep it safe and bug free,,oh yes and well guarded,,and will only dispense to all you guys in here on a first come first serve basis,,


            • Yeah, my daughter goes to school in Atlanta too…HUGE CITY! I’m a nervous wreck trying to figure out what to do… all my supplies/prepping stuff all up North in a big city and my daughter way down South. I thought of moving down closer to her so when TSHTF I could be close by and help (she refuses to prep– a total Ostrich). but if I move down South its so expensive moving all that stuff–could be using the money to prep more. Hard decision! (Sigh!)

              • I was in atlanta for a meeting and had a constant fear in the back of my mind. Would I ever make it out in a bad situation. I was happy once I was out of the city limits. I would have your daughter transfer. The only way out of Atlanta would be by helicopter

              • The safest area anywhere near Atlanta would be the GA/NC/SC border area. It is remote and sparsely populated. It would be imperative to leave Atlanta early, because traffic in Atlanta even on good day can be a disaster.

                • I totally agree…I lived in Atlants for MANY years and even if there is great weather and everything is normal traffic is horrible. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if there were a crisis situation. The best place to be would be the NC/TN border up in the mountains. If you can, try to convince her to go to school somewhere closer to home.

                • Shot every ni99er you see out of Atlanta, before they kill you!

              • Preppers need to get this thought in their head, and not forget it. You can’t help someone who refuses to help themselves. Even with extended family members.If they won’t listen, quit bothering them. they will never change their mind untill”it” happens.
                My grown children listen to what I tell them, but they don’t “hear” what I’m saying. Lucklily, they live close by, and they have already said they know where they’re going when it all unravels.

                • I hear ya howdy: my mom — who I absolutely love and adore, she taught how to garden and cook — has told me that her response to someone breaking into her house late at night would be to “just run out the back”. She absolutely refuses to hear how illogical it sounds that a 70+ year old woman is going to wake up out of a sound sleep and win the 50 yard dash against some crackhead who’s in his twenties and is ALREADY FUCKING AWAKE when this whole scenario starts.

                  This is to say nothing of course about what happens to my dad, who is two years older than her. Apparently, if someone breaks in, he’s on his own 🙂

                  I love her dearly, otherwise it wouldn’t drive me so crazy when she says this stuff

              • find preppers between you and her that could take her in and help move her further north toward home.

              • Grasshopper
                i have no idea where you live,,but this i`ll tell you ,,there are friends in here,,i live off 85,,could be a way point,,upstate south carolina,,when it happens and she is able to get out,,


                • I live at the NC/SC border, out in the country a bit, also have 2 daughters and would be glad to help if needed. If she can get this far she will find food, shelter and safety.

              • I agree, GH, that IS a difficult decision and there are many facets to it. I wish you well in looking at every possible aspect of this because only you know all of the pertinent details in your life.

                If you were to move, however, doing so to a rural location that is within 1 tank of gas for an econo-car would be good. If your daughter would keep the tank filled (yeah, I know… BIG if!), she would be able to reach your location in a SHTF situation. It would be good to have both a primary and an alternate route planned for her travel. Both routes should avoid major cities, which are likely to be in turmoil when the SHTF. Then, if she does not have the fuel to reach you, you would have some idea of about where she was and could go find her. Rural south central TN might be good and is about 250-300 miles from Atlanta.

              • Sorry Grasshopper. I feel your pain. My daughter and grandchild live in Los Angeles!!!!!! I’m sick over it. She knows things are bad, but she doesn’t know just HOW bad. She has a bag packed and has planned her escape route. But …. it’s LA!

          • “No one wants to pull out yet — they’ll keep it afloat for as long as possible while they prepare for it behind the scenes. This explains why China and others are divesting out of US dollars and into physical assets and commodities like gold, agri-companies, mining, and energy producers, etc. ”

            PRECISELY. Spot on.

            • In their defense, I can’t say there have been too many times In my life I have wanted to “pull out at exactly the right time” either…

            • Yo Scott –

              Everyone is still ‘jockeying’ for the best position to be in when the “system” all finally falls apart. There is a reason that the Chinese imported 4x the rice in 2012 that they did in 2011. Their population didn’t grow 4x in one year. China never thought that the US would ever be able to repay all of the money that they were lending us, they we’re just helping the US dig its grave deeper. China used our worthless paper to help them fuel and grow their own economy and to stockpile vast quantities of commodities and raw materials for their industrial production.

              One day in the very near future China is going to say to the world; “We no longer believe in the full faith and credit of the United States; we hereby offer for sale on the world’s markets every bit of US issued paper that we own, all offers considered.”

              That’s the day that the SHTF financially here in the US and around the world. When you see the bitches in the District of Criminals scurrying like cockroaches attempting to flee the wrath of the American People; then you will know that the last days are upon us. Large numbers are already either resigning or deciding not to run again. Sometime prior to this; you’ll probably want to get all the gas cans filled and then get you and your family ‘hunkered-down’.

              Timing will be EVERYTHING in this one boys & girls. God Bless & good luck to all.

              • MadMarkie, you are right on the “soon to be worthless” money concerning China.

                What the “secular Chinese leaders” fail to understand is; sidling up with Iran and Russia, will be their demise. God will protect his people in the Americas and Israel. It may get real dicey for a while, but ultimately, KA-BOOM!

                • look what the cat dragged out to play with.

                  • meow! puss-puss! taste like chicken.

                • Israel?? Gods people?? How can anyone believe that at this stage?? Einstein was right, stupidity knows no bounds!!

                  • Just going by what the Bible says. I guess we will see how it plays out though.

                • I totally agree! Pity those who will mock your statement but there is a remnant of us who know exactly what u mean and what is coming . Good news is that it ends well even though it will be a rough ride getting there. Keep looking up!

              • It won’t happen like that. It can’t.

                Well, not based on gold hoarding at least. Again, even as a quasi-feudalist hell hole, China could only survive 6 years on its gold reserves.

                The population of Earth’s kind of increased just a smidge since “the old days”. Like… 7.5x… or more…

                Now, if they can become an economic superpower, they could do United States Redux at which point we become this quasi-fascist version of Mexico… that could happen…

                I’m probably wrong.

                I need to be shown how an economy based on zero (or very small) growth with no compound interest (hence, no incentive to invest) functions for a population of the size we’re talking about. At present, I rather suspect it doesn’t.

                Hence why I believe that Thorium nukes are the only answer. They let you keep going… almost BAU… and you can shrink this down to “manageable” over a century. Short of that… to shrink it to “manageable” within 20 years… or 10… or 5… is a goddamned nightmare. Every war in the history of man pales by comparison to the death toll you’re likely talking about here.

            • you are so correct. But China isn’t the only nation doing this. Many nations have already written off the dollar, and are making trade agreements on their own basket of currencies, and thiese agreements don’t include the US dollar. it seems Americans are the only brainwashed sheeple left in the modern world.
              There will soon be an event which will cause it all to go over the edge in the blink of an eye. Some say the collpase of the bond market, or the derrivatives market. Any number of economic events can change things overnight. I think we will get to see what that event will be very soon.

            • “while they prepare for it behind the scenes” IMHO, which is why they are attempting to disarm the citizenry of this country. They know exactly what they are going to have on their hands should the SHTF.

              • Well,not to worry, friends. Uncle Joe has told us what to do. Just go out and buy yourself a double barrel shotgun and a couple of shotgun shells for it. That will prepare us to handle anything that comes along. We don’t need no steenking AR or AK rifles! They are too hard to shoot and who the hell needs 30 rounds, anyway? /sarc/off

                JHC, WHAT A F***ing ‘TARD!

            • Some states are already passing legislation for ” just in case ” . Example : AZ passed a law saying that gold and silver are now legal tender within the state .

          • Hey Folks.. Buy things that the Guberment can NOT create out of thin air !!

            • LIKE PMs!! The only great thing left about this country is that you can spend your useless FRNs for something that has actual value like PMs, guns, ammo, and preparedness supplies. Get your shit while you can, you don’t have much time! I exchanged some of my FRNs for some Miller Light this afternoon so please excuse me if I sound retarded, I am trying to have some fun before fun isn’t available anymore. Would it sound bad to say I am actually looking forward to the collapse?

              • MILLER LIGHT!? OMG!!!

                How could you…?

                • I don’t know….it was there and nobody was looking so it seemed like the right thing to do at the time..But I was wearing my Molon Labe shirt, can I get a pass?

                  • Yeah, this time, I guess. But, please get better beer next time 😉

                  • Better Beer?! And what do you propose as a “better beer”?

                    Milwaukee’s Best Baby!

                • yeah, I was gonna say, make mine a Bacardi 151 straight the fuck up.

                  “gaarrrrrrr…. Steve the Pirate be in no man’s debt!”

                  • If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!!!!

              • That’s the spirit.

              • You have proven beyond doubt that times are getting much tougher with the Miller Lite statement. Let us know if things get better for you when or if you have upgraded to Oly….

                • Redhook Longhammer IPA, baby!

              • “looking forward to the collapse?” – not me. too many sheeple to wake up yet. I’m still trying to give away life-preservers on the Titanic. Most still too busy partying or locked below decks in poor section to take heed.

                • “Waking people up” at this point will only endanger yourself.

                  Lament them.

                  Unless you truly love them it’s time to let them go and truly appreciate the ones you reached. The risk to yourself and your family is too great at this point. Quiet down, play ignorant and prep like there is no tomorrow. We are at the point of systemic and the truth is awakenings now just point them to you as they will be totally lost.

                • Are you kidding? Wake up the ‘merikan nitwits? They watch the hired liars on Faux News and CNN, etc. and think they know what’s goin’ on. Have ever noticed how they vote? Not that voting makes any difference> This “greatest collossal monkey house the world has ever witnessed” is about to get what it deserves. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

                  • I’m not looking forward to it, but I am believing that it is inevitable. It’s what happens when dumbasses are allowed authority over anything beyond the remote control for a television

              • Get a still , and start making whiskey and vodka , more bang for the buck than beer …………and you can always stuff a rag in the top of the bottle for a molotov cocktail if you had to .

            • Indeed so… and ALL you can afford of them.

              Lists of necessary items abound but begin with adequate food, water, water purification gear, extra clothing, hand tools, guns, ammo, fishing and hunting supplies, meds, fuel, flash-lights, radios, extra batteries, solar powered recharger, and all manner of inexpensive manufactured goodies that are hard to make by hand. Think matches, fish hooks and line, needles and thread, string, all kinds of nuts, bolts, nails, staples, etc. .22 ammo would be a heckuva good barter item as well as some comforts like booze, cigarettes, chocolate, and even chewing gum.

              • you forgot toilet paper….YOU FORGOT TOILET PAPER!

              • This is also assuming that the government has not declared martial law with drones watching for movements of groups of people , and that your stores of preps have not been raided or looted . Just sayin

          • “I don’t want to be a pessimist here …” – Mac Slavo. LMAO Buddy! 🙂

            Mac, you’re a Prepper, of course you’re a

            Look, My Peeps, WE will be using the FRN until the Pole Shift. It is the official fiat and will remain so unless the NAU is declared in force and effect (illegally) and the Amero introduced.

            After the Pole Shift, or New Madrid realignment, (whichever comes first) and after the gunsmoke clears, WE will be bartering aluminum pop tops, sugar, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes, or using gold and silver. (Never trade ammo for anything!)

            Until that Day, the dollar will likely continue to strengthen in response to adverse global political and economic conditions, no matter how much the FED wants to debase the currency, as currency value is all about supply and demand.

            If the FED wanted to debase the dollar it would make sure that consumers had excess money to spend. Loss of confidence in the dollar? GMAFB!

            Depressions are when the Uber Rich make the most wealth!

            If the currency were debased who would be the ones most affected by the debasement? The corporations and Uber Rich for whom the FED works. They have the wealth, they use the dollar, and their wealth is in dollars.

            The average American (and even in the aggregate) cannot affect the confidence of the dollar because they don’t have any legal tender to spend. IE Wal Mart is toast!

            In a devaluation, which is the process WE are experiencing now, dollars become more valuable because there are less of them. Dollars are being destroyed on an unprecedented scale, making the dollars injected into the banks more valuable. Thus Mushroom’s advice to stick crisp ten dollar bills into number ten cans is a good one.

            In 2007 a FED research report showed that the One Percent held more wealth than the bottom 90%. That was PRE CRASH!

            Post crash, the middle class lost 40% of their mediocre wealth to the banks and corporations. There is no more wealth to transfer (steal). Who would lose the most purchasing power if inflation occurred? Those with the most money would lose the most.

            Who has the most money? Apple, Exxon, the other 145 corporations that control 60% of World GDP, and the GB’s. Loss of confidence in the dollar? Never happen as long as the NWO runs the FED.

            Lock and load.

            • but who is the NWO dk? what are their names? Don’t you think maybe the “NWO” have left the building?

              • eeder: No the NWO has not left the building. They OWN the building. Everyone else is just renting!

                Who is the NWO?

                Read my last paragraph and add government workers who make 50-60%, on average, more than their counter parts in the civilian work force; and who are more than willing to do the dirty work of their Federal employer and the GB’s who provide their meal ticket.

                These are the real parasites. BRASS,

                • ok, so the civil servant at your local government office is more to blame and deserves brass more than Jamie Dimon?

                  • A week ago maybe two weeks ago market tv said Apple corp was sitting on the largest cash pile of all major companies. $100 BILLION in us dollars! Microsoft 1/2 that at $50 Billon! with quite a few more majors doing the same. So since they are the main insider info folks I am certain they would not hold so many cash reserves if they believe it can all crash any moment now.

                    Even when they do crash it they will replace dolalrs with a new form money. My bet is Cashless worldwide. I see zero other way they can have total absolute control over “Nobody can buy Nor sell” without tha “Mark” aka 666.

                    No other system available today has such power to work for all 6+ Billion people of the world and allow so few to utteraly control all buying and selling of everything bar none. Why are so many new fed laws being made to ban or severly Restrict Gardens?…Barter? etc.

                    I know alot of folks reject anything biblical, and that is their right to do so. But nobody can deny that the last 20 yrs or so we seen Much done to get folks to pay online bills-mortgagaes-every item they can get folks to do withOUT cash.

                    One major step is all it will take to implement Cashless chip-implant ID’s and cashless system totally. Get rid of all cash AND All Credit cards to be replaced by implant chips as your total ID and records of entire life etc all on a single small chip or RFID.

                    And if that turns out to become reality?…hard times will seem Good for them what rejects that system. We will also be a vast Minority I think, and that means much more easy to come after Us.

                    If they are going to implement such cashless chip-ID system, look for Much propaganda spewed on every tv MSM and Tv Ads, like “It is good and will stop criminals! stop dope sales! stop GUNS sold ileagally!-Stop ID THEFTS!…and so on. They will promote it like nothing we ever yet seen!…Then look out.

                  • eeder: YOU said that I didn’t. 🙂

                  • Angelo Mysteriouso,

                    Absolutely. We are so close to this going down as you have said. Pray. All of us pray.

                • Planned Process for the NWO

                  We don’t really know when the actual process began world wide. I know who began the process and when it will end. I’ll share at the end of this column that shows the ongoing efforts by people controlling our government.

                  In 1946 William Benton, the asst Secretary of State, reported at a meeting of UNESCO-United Nations Educational & Scientific Cultural Org.:
                  “As long as a child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently thru family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The schools should therefore “combat” family attitudes that favor nationalism (gov. by and for the people). We shall see presently recognized in nationalism, the major “obstacle” the development of world-mindedness ( a one world system). We are at the long process of breaking down the walls of National sovereignty. UNESCO “must” be the pioneer.

                  James Paul Warburg on 2-17-1950 at the U.S. Senate Commission on Foreign Relations:
                  “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent”. His father, Paul Sr. started the Federal Reserve (a private banking company) in 1913, which took control of the nation’s money, from government, and put into the hands of a private corp. He also began as the first director of the Council on Foreign Relations, (a private club) not a part of US government as people believe it to be. Same as with the Fed Reserve, both Democrats and Republicans have positions on these Boards of Directors. Paul Sr., was also a trustee with the Brookings Institute. (a think tank for most of the “agenda” setting of the US Gov.).

                  Strobe Talbot was the deputy Sec. of State under Bill Clinton for seven years, and roomed with him as a Rhoades Scholar in England. In 1992,Talbot wrote in Time Magazine: “ The Birth of the Global Nation In the 21st Century”: “National Sovereignty will cease to exist and we will answer to a single authority.”
                  After leaving office in 2000, he took a job as president of the Brookings Institute. In 2002 his senior fellow member was Susan Rice, who became Obama’s biggest supporter in 2006 and advised him on foreign affairs. After Obama was elected in ’08, she was appointed to Ambassador to the UN.

                  Richard Gardner, former deputy Sec. of State, said in 1974, in the official publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs Magazine: “We are likely to do better by building our house of “world order” from the bottom up, rather from the top down…. An end-run around national sovereignty; “eroding” it piece by piece, is likely to get us to world order faster than the old-fashioned assault.

                  In 1991, GH Bush speaking on Saddam against the world: “We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and future generations, a “New World Order”. A world where the rule of law; not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and “we will be”, we have a real chance at the New World Order. A world in which a credible UN can use it’s peace keeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders”.
                  Note: Remember both Bush I & II are members of Skull & Bones; hence, voice of the dragon.

                  In 1944, creation of the IMF and World Bank, and 1945 the UN was born with the concept of a global democracy based on International Law.

                  Problem: Most Nations represented were not “democracies”, but were and are dictatorships. So, we the people are supposed to submit ourselves to a democracy of dictators? People began to see our sovereignty slowly slipping away and people without our values begin to control our destiny.

                  In 1957 The European Common market was created and set the stage for E.U.
                  In 1992 The Earth Summit and The Global Climate Change was set up to combine International Law on Environmentalism. Green Cross International conceded to the Kioto Treaty.
                  In 1994- NAFTA; WTD ; Asian Pacific Economic Coalition
                  In 2002- the African Union

                  There are two sculptures of spheres, depicting an old and crumbling world and within this sphere another; depicting a new and growing world. One of these sculptures is at the UN building in NY City, the other is at the Vatican in Rome.


                  The persons making these New World Order statements and working to achieve a one world system, have been doing so for at least 100 years. The power behind these people has been working for tens of thousands of years.

                  For a person to accept the ability and mindset for a progression towards the One World System, that negates Sovereignty and Freedom, they must submit to this higher power by giving up their spiritual connection with their Maker. In essence they are “evil” and doing the work of the Master of Evil. Just like their Master, they have become masters of deception. When people loose connection with their “true” spiritual guidance, they will eagerly follow the masters of deception. The following, now more of a majority, has overwhelmingly now got us to a place in history, where there is no return.

                  Our Heavenly Father has “confirmed” all the past and present events of this coming world in His letter to us. He shows us how to prepare and escape the horror of the coming events. Each adult has to decide for themselves if they believe and determine the timing of their individual movements towards preparedness.

                  Preparation for events to escalate is of utmost importance. Prepare accordingly.
                  Those found “asleep at the wheel”, can only blame themselves, when they and their little ones crash and burn.

                  • Some very accurate statements. I think one of the most important things we need to remember from what you said, was that these one world government plans have been going on for a very long time. This agenda has been in the works for decades, and now seeems to be close to the end game.
                    It is pathetic to watch the millions of sheeple happily give up any free choice they have, just in the name of a steady “gubmint” check each month. As long as they can buy a pack of smokes, a six pack, and a couple lotto tickets each week, they are happy to be herded like the sheep they are, into any type of slavery our leaders want.
                    Right now, it is totally hopeless untill “the” reset, which is coming soon. We have seen real world examples of what is to come, and human nature is so predictable. There are no good endings to this, only the hope of an eventual return to a national sovereignty, after the ashes cool off. This is why we do what we do.

                  • don’t tread Thank you for the history lesson not taught in schools.

                    This post may be passed by because of its length.

                    READ IT – COPY IT – USE IT


                • You refer to gummint emloyees as “workers”? Welfare bums would be more like it.

              • NWO = Ultra Wealthy Elites = J.P. Morgan et all, Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Vanderbuilts, Westinghouses, and on and on.

                What does the NWO = Elite do? Funnel wealth, power, and resources upward for themselves.

                Why does the NWO = Elite do this? So they are assured luxury, live comfortably, and secure their offspring want for nothing on into their own futures.

                How does the NWO = Elite do this? Because the lower classes, too pre-occupied in petty bickering with themselves on a multitude of topics; religion, entitlements, skirmishes over strips of desert, who gets what resources, smoke and mirror issues about the environment, human rights, and pissing matches over who is at fault; deflect attention from where the real issues lie, and that allows those who have gained a stranglehold on the workings of society to maintain their grip over the span of civilization.

                This isn’t about hatred of those who attain wealth, work their asses off to make more, or leverage what little wealth they have to make more, this is about those who horde wealth over a span of generations, while selling those perceived as “Under them” down the river, forsaking the greater good of the society they extort.

                Don’t take me as condoning welfare-type entitlements and endless monies to those capable, but unwilling to work, but the greater problem facing the whole of mankind within the civilized world most people are a part of – the reality that each position within society is never vacant – holds true now more than ever. There can be no such culling of the herd in civilization as there are in the wild, save we ourselves revert to our wild nature to make it so. When we are finally motivated to rid society of those who waste resources without contribution, so too must we rid ourselves of the tyrants in control of society that serve only themselves and their selfish interests…

                yes indeed NOMI, and CATI, and all the other battle cries of a populous entrenched in self-righteousness and resolved to destroy itself. A needed and un-avoidable culling of the human herd of the physically weak, mentally infirm, and morally bankrupt is dawning upon the horizon, let us all find the resolve to face it as it comes. May the strongest prevail…

                • Lost in The CRC: You and some others here have given this NWO way too much credit. There is no super secret cabal out to destroy the world. Just a bunch of greedy uber-wealthy who took some chances/gambles and lost. Now the whole thing is about to come down around them as well as us. When major currencies begin to collapse, the folks you call the NWO will have gone into seclusion in their well prepared hidey-holes. Why the hell do you think the government is monitoring everything we are saying and doing? TPTB are prepping and watching the rest of us for the ‘snap’. The snap is when it all begins to fall apart, TPTB and their government minions will run like rabbits to their safe havens to escape the carnage. There will be few if any soldiers and cops to stop anything when it blows because they will abandon their posts to go and protect their own families. We will likey end up looking like the former Yugoslavia where is was region against region and even neighborhood against neighborhood. Yeah, I know, these super rich will have small merc armies but that will last only as long as the food and the gold/silver does. And even then, it will only be the younger, single mercs. The experienced ones will also be at home protecting their own. Better get to know some of these well trained older folks.

                • Peace,

                  SOON, Abbadon will spread His wings over the First-Born of those…and they will weep bitter tears and wear sackcloth and spread ashes upon themselves…

                • I agree. Cull the herd. Start with the NWO types. May their heads sit on pikes in front of our lodges… and fine decorations they will be, too.

              • We played the NWO game and are now losing. It is like the card dealer at the casino that knows when to quit and pack his briefcase and leaves. The bankers will soon pack and leave us with nothing. Then, the real NWO will show up and collect by taking back what we owe them. Taking back ie like all pensions, SS payments, houses, land, gold, water, power grids, etc….

                We paid to play and now there will be a very hefty price to pay. Yuck. Wish the youth would learn how to vote for future and not the freebies….

                • I agree with most of what Ugly,G8, and Lost-n-CRC says.

                  However; it ain’t over for sometime yet. As long as TPTB gets their negative energy from the Beast, they will continue. The Master of that Beast(the one world system) has to come on the scene “first” at the “sixth” to decieve by lies of “peace and prosperity” before we see the light at the end of the Rainbow.

                  Who can make war with the Beast? We all can. Will we win? Yes! When we accept and follow our Saviour. Will the rest of the people win? yes! But; not until we/they have the true and only leader with us. He comes after Antichrist and tribulation.

                  I can hear people now; but this ain’t no religious site. Thumbs down. OK.
                  Agreed. But, it is a “preparedness” site. If you ain’t prepared, mentally and spiritually, for the NWO scene and it’s leader, you’re lost in space. Good luck!

                • “We” didn’t play anything and lose—WE were played with by the elite.

                  “What we owe them”, ALL THAT WE OWE THEM, is to hunt them down and eliminate them, for the greed and deeds they have perpetrated on the masses.

                  They do not deserve to reap the rewards of their fraud upon us. We need to abruptly stop their gene pool once and for all, so they won’t reappear some time in the future to reap the same havoc on the world. I call that “Elitecide”…with a side order of justice.

                  • Thats right!…most of us didnt take a thing from the system…we paid in…we played by the so called rules and did the best we could…many of us did without the nice extras of life to be able to determine our own destinies…now they wanna come back and tell us its our fault were in the mess were in?…in a pigs eye!…aint my fault and I wont be penalized for their greed!

            • “..Until that Day, the dollar will likely continue to strengthen..”

              Strengthen…as in 95%+ devaluation of the dollar since the introduction of the Fed?
              Strengthen…as in a pre-planned 5% annual inflation rate which is currently approaching 20%?
              How much gold, silver, food, energy, etc. will your ‘strengthening’ dollar buy you this year as compared to last year?
              Just wondering…

              • Yes, the value of the dollar will continue to erode, but it will not collapse. There is a BIG difference between inflation and collapse, such that the dollar would be replaced.

                There are wars to fight, civilizations to conquer, and peoples to conscript into the NWO. The dollar is the weapon of choice.

                This phase of the cycle aggregates hard assets into the coffers of the Gangster Banksters. This phase will not be complete until repos are assimilated. There are years left on this part of the cycle unless war breaks out; or until war breaks out.

                Seal Team America could eliminate the NWO / GB overnight; and at 1,000 yards. Engage.

                • you could be right in the scenerio you suggest, but there are many variables in the game. I think it is to early to guess which scenerio will win out in the end. If a majority of the world lose faith in their own system, a waterfall effect can speed changes one way or the other. I don’t think we are far from finding out which plan is going to work or not work.

                  • Burrow Owl, when economists say the dollar will strengthen, they are talking about versus another currency. They won’t discuss how the central banks all over the world are devaluing and thus robbing the savers. I don’t know how to predict the currency trade. I mean, at some point people might trade services and products by barter. Then the currency will really start to devalue as the elites can’t levy their inflation tax as well. I think that’s what “local currencies” provide.

                  • As of last friday if I recall it the us dollar was at its Highest index value in over 6 months. It was near .83 which is alot higher than the lows of near .70-.72 eh.

                    Yes I know it fluctuates. I just wanted to make note of the dollars worth Now. I believe the higher the number the more you can buy with dollars right? Or at least more imported goods.

                • The collapse of the US dollar is not an event. It IS a process and it has been going on for 100 years. It could well continue for another 100 years, but I doubt it. After all, the dollar need not actually collapse. All it need do is become… irrelevant.

                  1000 yards is a little far for my AK. I’ll be close-in security for 200 yards and less. 😉

            • Why do people keep referring to currency (money as the uninitiated keep calling it) like it has intrinsic value? It’s worthless and TPTB know this. It was their idea. Some people can go down the rabbit hole just so far I guess.

              • Id say most people think of fiat as having some value because they know it took so many hours of their time/life or goods to secure so many “dollars”…most here understand that a fiat dollar isnt really a dollar at all and has no intrinsic value in and of itself being nothing but paper…Id say its percieved value…our labor being the only value involved…seems to me thats the crime most dont see…we are robbed of our labor(which has value) and paid with valueless fiat…making us basicly unpaid slave labor because they get our labor for something that costs them nothing in the overall scheme of things…pure evil!

            • The one percent don’t hold actual dollars they are invested.

            • Durango Kidd: Perhaps you should take a few courses in pyschology before you start analyzing folks like Mac S. and some of the others here. You should also get better aquainted with a dictionary. A pessimist is one who believes that the worst is going to happen and there’s little to nothing that can be done about it. A fatalist is his ‘bigger brother’. Mac and most of the others here are rational optimists. They know that something wicked this way comes, but they believe that it is within their power to ameliorate many of the negatives that they will likely face by preparing. You’re the one who appears to be the pessimist slipping rapidly into fatalism.

              • P Higgins: I wasn’t analyzing Mac, just stating the obvious. As for psychology, I suspect that I know more about human consciousness and spirit than you will ever know; as I am fully cognizant of myself, having been out of the body.

                Once a person can accomplish that without the use of drugs, alcohol, or mushrooms they understand the unity of all things; but that is only the first step to enlightenment.

                Catch up. 🙂

                • Having spent alot of time outdoors in hostile, unforgiving environments…I understand completely where your coming from.

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

                • Durango Kidd: I’m sure you fancy yourself enlightened. An enlightened person is first, and foresmost, humble. You are anything but humble. In fact, you border on the arrogant with all of your criticisms and prognostications. Strike one! Enlightened people are also at peace. You’re outrageous rantings show that your’e not at peace by any stretch of the imagination. Strike two! And an enlightened person dosen’t go around proclaiming his state of mental/spiritual being as being superior to most others. You do. Strike three! You’re OUT young fellow. All you’ve managed to do is expose your self-delusion to the rest of us. And that just makes you an insufferable jackass to the rest of us.

            • So it’s not just me then? Because I have no intention of giving up a single firearm I own, not to the tribe, their government sock puppets, not to anyone who WON’T see the truth when its staring them right in the face… not even in a trade for another gun. If I need a firearm or ammo I pay for it. I won’t trade now because I will always need more, not the same

          • Sorry Mac for the thumbs down vote!

            My big stupid thumb hit too close, was meant to be a thumbs Up!


            I agree 100% with everything you said.

            Best Regards,


          • I live in the Philippines now and I take my Social Security in Pesos, not dollars as-soon-as it hits my bank account. It goes to build a farm 50 miles from Manila along the Pacific coast and beside a river that flows from mountains and no large towns or cities. It is 200 feet above the river out of flood danger but close enough to supply water if necessary. I am investing also in good quality hand tools, how-to books, durable trade goods and community good will. No gold or silver. The goal is to be independent with our own solar/wind energy system as commercial utilities are 1 mile away and it would cost more to hook up than to built our own system.

            • I admire you… wish I had the balls to pull the plug on this farse !!

            • Makati
              just how big is your boat???how high was that tidalwave??


            • I wish you goodluck!

              • “The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea…” Edgar Cayce.

                SHTF Earth Changes.

          • Mac, I usually agree with everything you say, but not in this case. I really think these cuts will be a non event. The only people as far as DOD is concerned that this impacts, is the government worker. Which I know most on here dislike anyway. Some of us do work hard for our money, so don’t stereotype us all. We would have to take for 22 weeks have to take off one day a week unpaid. Which amounts to almost a week a month of no pay. before all the snarky remarks, look at how that would impact any of you. The contractors already have there money, so it should not impact existing contracts. anything new or up for re-compete, might be impacted.

            But everyone needs to remember its up to the big guys to pick what they want this to impact. They decide where the cuts will be. It’s all a big game and they will try their best to make this look like hell, to just make a point. I work for DOD and find it hard to believe we don’t have fat elsewhere that could be cut without impacting employees. Its all part of the game.

            I am one of those who think we need more cuts, not more taxes. Just because I am a government employee, doesn’t mean i don’t agree with most of you on here.

            • Oh, you piece of shit DOD employment–you’re getting fat alright–a man trying to make a living had to run without some stupid number he had paid for(got canceled check), but because DOD dragged their sorry asses issuing the number, got caught and now owes $2000 fine—the truck is parked.
              He is finished–keep this up, you stupid DODs, and eventually you’ll be part of the gestapo—or out of jobs.
              Hey that last part sounds relly good.
              My husband and ALL truckers hate your guts.
              Get a real job why dontcha??
              Rant over, folks.

              Oh, did I mention truckers hate your fricking guts??

              • You tell ’em JJ. I’m so pissed i can’t. That is why I took early retirement from fifteen years and 2 million safe driving/accident free miles….the fricking DOD, actually it’s DOT and Federal Motor Carriers and freakin Unions. Anyways, i know where you are coming from. It’s another form of gov bureauracy that sucks, and works against the working man. Most of their bullshit laws only work to put more money in their coffers and don’t do a damn thing to promote safety and efficiency, except on paper. The trucking unions cause the price of goods to go up for everyone. Of course, I didn’t say that when i was a Teamster Local. But it is true.

                • I hear ya–but I will say Ky judges are as sick of this shit as we are.
                  Once, my dh knew he was in the right, went to court, and before the case was even read completely, the judge yelled, dismissed!!
                  I hope every DOD on the side of the road loses everything when this shit goes down…the damned idiots are really pooping in their own nests.
                  Who ya think pays your salaries–peckerheads??
                  When there are no independent truckers, your job is on the line for lay off!! Stupid–ablsolutely stupid!!

                  Yep–one of those blood sucking DODs spent 15 mintues searching for a violation–FINALLY–a broken lock on the tool box.

                  • Yep–DOT–not DOD, although, I don’t think much of your sorry asses either.

                  • Wow–big hog must have gotten his whole overpaid crew to thumbs down us.

              • I work for the Department of Defense, not Department of Transportation.

                • That’s what I thought. Nothing personal BigHog. If I had a decent gov job, I’d keep it as long as i could.
                  You know where your heart is and that’s what counts. It doesn’t matter who butters your bread.

                • Hey Hog,
                  DOD employees do not produce wealth, they destroy wealth. Hard work is a relative term. Hard compared to what?? I have worked on six military bases as an outside contractor, I did not run into any hard working DOD employees. If you don’t like the potential furlough then bring those DOD skills out into the real world and let’s see how you do!!

                  • I worked 10 years as contractor. Only been gov for four years. I do/did just fine. Ive worked in warehouses and construction as I put myself through school. My dad drove tankers for Exxon back when it was Esso, so nothing but respect for truckers.

                    As for those who don’t like me because I work for the government, that is your problem not mine.

                  • Oh, hell yeah, OSHA–another fricking waste of tax payer’s money–as a procurer of logs for 20 years, my dh can tell you some doosies about that piece of chit org. too.
                    Saw Mill operators couldn’t make a living for that bunch of communist, fascists.

                • BigHog,
                  The hostility you are receiving is exactly what I warned my DoD boss about a few years ago. He kept supporting taxing the rich more and I informed him that a lot of people outside DoD would view him as rich since his job paid decently and was reasonably secure. I told him as the economy worsened, DoD employees would become the villains and he just couldn’t believe anyone would see him as rich or not hard working after working 30 years at the same job. A lot of people do not realize that DoD employees are the continuity of an organization while military members have to deploy and can not/will not appreciate the work you do. But I do.

                • Don’t forget who pays your wages, health care, retirement, vacation, etc…those of us who own a business or work in the private sector.

                  Against our will.

                  • Remember that, DOT, EVERY time you pull over a trucker making $200 a load, paying his driver $100 per load and using $85 diesel–wow, so that 4 times a day and a great profit of $60 will not even pay for truck upkeep.
                    And then you fine these poor men, trying to make a living, $2000??

                    I could puke on all DOT employees–a drain of the system..

              • JayJay – I don’t think BigHog did that personally….

            • Not to worry, Big Hog. It is not government employees that are the big PITA, it is their bosses. They are the incompetent ones who can’t seem to get their crap together.

              Both of my folks worked for the State of Oregon and both of them were royally fed up with the incompetence and BS that is built into the government system. They were less happy with dealing with all that BS than most folks because they knew cheaper, better, faster, and simpler ways to do almost every part of their jobs but could not do so because of the work rules they had. Even their supervisors thought their ideas good but knew that they could not operate efficiently and effectively without bringing down he wrath of the higher-ups. This has GOT to change or government as we now know it is doomed. It will not go gently or easily, though. There will be much kicking, squealing, thrashing, and gnashing of teeth and nails before it is all done.

              Government is one of those things that can work really well at the local level but the farther up the chain it goes, the more divorced from the people it is supposed to serve it gets.

              It also tends to become FAR too large and consume money that is needed for productive pursuits. The US today has at least double the government it really needs. We could cut it in half, fund the really necessary things, and pay down the debt. But not if we keep expanding its role in our lives and requiring it to do more and more of that which is neither necessary nor desirable.

            • BigHog,

              I don’t think most people on here dislike the DoD workers bud, I think they just can’t stand the goverment trolls that hit this site every hour of everyday.
              I happen to live close to a couple of the largest DoD plants and the money that is pumped back into our town was god sent.
              Now for the bad part,
              don’t even whine about missing some of you goverment pay bud.
              Alot of people here and all over the country are doing with a hell of alot less then you are going to miss.. Due to the f–ked up regs that face the construction industry it has delayed premits for weeks not days.. So before you start bitching about missing a days pay remember folks like me that has missed out on 8 weeks worth of pay this yr alone…..


              • Wow–you tell him DPS.
                DOD and DOT employees–you may be on the wrong blog.

          • The one incentive for China to continue supporting our currency is the fact that their economy depends on us to stay afloat. Where else in the world to people come in droves to buy all their plastic junk. Their economy teeters on a very fine line. When our economy tanks, so does theres.

            • @ Deadmeat

              ….”When our economy tanks, so does theres.”

              Not if they/China, dump half their population on our shores. After all, they own most of our debt. Who would stop them. Our gov. wants to see us tank as a nation anyway.
              What better way than to say, “well, since China owns us on paper, we have to make good on our debt by letting Chinese move into our “foreclosed” houses to relieve their burden. Remember” UN/International Law calls the shots now.

              Anybody for “Moo Goo Gi Pan”? Me luv you long time…

              • And believe it or not that IS happening. According to reported stats, 10% of all new home buyers in California are Chinese.

              • I get what youre sayin but I will melt down the barrels on all my guns and pick up more before I set back and allow them to sell/occupy my homeground! This isnt their ground its ours…no corrupt banker is gonna give them anything but a grave on this ground and thatll be shallow and temporary!

            • You are correct in what you say—right now. But, China is working overtime to get their ducks in a row. They are net importers of precious metals, signing trade agreements that don’t include the use of US dollars for payments, and the lists goes on. All this to be able to cut the apron springs of needing the US in future economic matters. The entire world seems to be aware of the faster and faster death of the US dollar, and the rapid run to the death of it as as THE reserve currency of the world. The end is in sight, and these psycopathic bankers who control us know this.
              China needs us for now. But when trade is expanded enough in the rest of the world, and all is ready, they will dump our debt on the markets, and it’s all over. it just isn’t time yet.
              When they decide it’s time, it will be our time to suffer the consequences of a debt based economic system.

          • Spot on, Mac. Although some members of the Fed are already nervous about a growing Fed balance sheet, composed mostly of toxic assets, the Fed has no choice but to continue QE to keep the game going. The recent smash of gold and silver in the paper market shows just how nervous and desperate central bankers are right now.

            The only question in my mind is whether or not the dollar collapse will happen quickly, or will it be a gradual, managed descent? Hoping for the latter, but preparing for the former.

          • “””If the Masses Lose Confidence in the Currency…”””

            It means they will have awaken to the banksters fraud and will be terribly pissed off about it.

            The People must be disarmed before that is allowed to happen.

            Something got screwed up in the banksters time line. The loss of confidence will come about long before any successful disarmament action.

            The unintended consequences may be a hoot to watch, unless you are a bankster or politician.

          • I believe our fate lies in the hands of China; some say that China would never intentionally collapse the dollar but they forget that China would be willing to allow their people to suffer for decades in order to destroy the U.S.. If perhaps there were a devastating, unprecedented natural disaster in this country then we would be in the perfect position for China to lower the boom on our debt to them.

            If a complete collapse were to occur in this country then it would be a matter or hours for everything to collapse. Hours, not days.

            • China is run by the banksters, same as corp US.

              We owe no debt to China. It’s the banksters fraud and the banksters debt. The banksters want a government for the US based on the Chinese government.

              So they sent all financial assets to China, so it could control US policy and eventually come and foreclose for the banksters once the US military is no longer fundable with US dollars as dissolves.

              The only stumbling bloc right now is that we all have weapons and EVERYBODY knows it. So long as that is true we hold our own destiny in our hands.

              Attempt to disarm us at your own risk.

              • A double AMEN GC…they can try to take it…theyll fail!

          • This is so confusing…I have so many questions. What will happen to people who have mortgages? What will happen to people who get retirement, disability, SS. If the dollar collapses and you have no gold do you get put out to pasture?

            I am preparing the best I can but I can never get these questions out of my mind. I also need to get more life insurance on my husband. Is it even worth it since the dollar will collapse?

            Every single day and night I stay in a major state of confusion….it seems to be getting the best of me.

            • Misty, my dh and I depend on both, SS and disability.
              The disability is providing all food and supplies for a collapse. We’re good for years in that respect.
              The SS pays our mortgage and all household utilities with a little left.
              We too have no idea what will happen to us when these checks stop.
              My dh has been trying for two years to get a big truck cleared, paid for, to have some sort of income.
              Thanks to the DOD piece of shits, he has to park it now, and file bankruptcy.
              Life insurance will be like all other FDIC protected accounts—not enough there to cover all.
              If a dollar collapse, what will you be paid with if we can’t pay our mortgage because the dollar is worthless.
              I am trying now, with all the storage done, to save for an acre of land away from this property.
              Now, in my way of thinking, we have equity here(enough to buy an acre and small hoiuse), but with a dollar collapse, and we lose the house, where will our equity be and what can it be reimbursed with when the bankers come??
              Another thought, do bankers want millions on the street homeless, or do they use common sense and let the foreclosed stay in their homes to at least protect form fire or vandalism.
              And another thought—Misty–they need to be very careful how this is handled.
              Choose an old lady with nothing to lose that has an abundance of matches and they may end with an empty lot..if YKWIM???
              But, who ever said bankers had common sense.

            • Misty,

              First, relax and take a deep breath. What if you never watched the news and did not own a computer. Would your life be different than it is now? Yes, of course it would, it would be much more peaceful and normal. My advice; do what your heart tells you, live life as normally as possible and accept the fact that no one knows what tomorrow holds other than the Dear Lord. Sure you can try and improve your life by paying down debt, living in decent environment, having protection in case of many things, having extra food in the event of a crisis, whether it be due to mother nature or a man made event.

              NO ONE will ever be completely prepared for anything and everything that may happen. DO NOT waste your life worrying, the Lord said that he would take care of tomorrow and worrying is actually a sin. Love your Family, be a good person, enjoy what you have and what is around you; then just do what you can but never allow it to take over your life. Be happy, don’t worry, in the end it will be what it is supposed to be regardless of what you are scared into believing. Believe in yourself and you will be OK.

            • Misty,
              Let me start by saying I am not a financial planner but a few ways I think about this and my personal opinion. I would not buy life insurance since the life insurance companies may not be around and $100,000 might not be worth $10 after the collapse.
              As for as and pensions take a look at Greece,if there are any payments they will be reduced and worthless for purchasing power. Ask yourself first how will you eat? Do you have food set aside, can you grow a garden? How will you pay your property taxes? Do you have a skill to barter? Think how you will survive without money. That is why we try to put food aside along with water(or water source). We can imagine life without money, but you will need forms of barter or Gold and Silver since they will always have value. Put out to pasture would be pleasant compared to what unprepared folks might face….think Fema camps. Good luck Misty, keep prepping.

            • Misty,

              Keep the plan simple. The day after the event the sun will still rise. We’ll still be here, and life goes on. The world will simply turn another page as it has for thousands of years. Life maybe somewhat harder in the future than the present, but knowing that event is coming makes it easier to prepare for it today. The exact timing of the event is not important, but knowing it’s approaching is.

              The folks on this site are the best and brightest I’ve seen with regard to awareness advice for the approaching event. Not to sound condescending, but the very best prepping/survival tool we have, is our brain.

              Stay calm and collected. Have a continuity/contingency plan prepared if the worst case scenario manifests itself. Remember, no plan is perfect, but the fact that you are here, thinking outside the box, planning, and anticipating the approaching event guarantees that you will fare far better than most in the post-collapse period.

              Lastly, trust no one beyond immediate family with your plan.

              • you make some good points. After a collapse, the sun will still rise. I try not to worry about things I have no control over. The elites who run everything use fear as a tool to control peoples emotions, and keep them confused.
                There are no easy answers to anything. There will certainly be a time of great confusion after a collapse. But the plans and ideas on this board give a person a fighting chance to make it through as best as they can. Focus on what you can control. Your preps, your aware friends, anything that moves you in a positive direction.
                One thing that has helped me keep straight. Without fail, I have found that whatever the government tells you, believe the opposite, and you are closer to the truth. They are not here to help you. Learn to help yourself. They are here to harm you, take every last dime you have, and give it to someone who hasn’t worked as you have for yours. The entire program for the government is to control you, to keep you scared, confused, and to remove as much of your wealth as they can, before they dispose of you as just so much trash. If the facts proved otherwise, I would be the first to admit it.
                Lastly, keep the faith, the reset is coming. Some will make it, some won’t. Your preps, and your knowledge of their game plan is your best way to deal with what’s coming. Good luck to all.

                • howdy-doody,

                  Great advice, especially about doing and believing the opposite of what the government tells us.

                  You also mentioned,

                  >>”They are here to harm you, take every last dime you have, and give it to someone who hasn’t worked as you have for yours.”<<

                  Exactly! This concept in one word is 'Altruism'. It embodies the corrupt Socialist belief that you belong to society and it is your duty to selflessly give everything you have to society while leaving yourself with as little as possible to survive.

                  This lunacy lies at the very core of what Ayn Rand was desperately trying to warn us against in her novels. She saw first hand how socialism driven altruism raped, pillaged, and plundered her home country of Russia under Stalin and murdered tens of millions.

                  She was shocked to see how easily Americans embraced Progressive Socialism under President Woodrow Wilson and later under Franklin Roosevelt.

                  Now the full plan is being unveiled with Obama and his Progressive Obamacare, social justice, wealth distribution, and gun control juggernaut. Good luck everyone and stay frosty.

          • Mac, I killed 2 more black boar Friday night around 9:30 pm. It was nice they did not make me wait all night. All ready have two in freezer and some cured/smoked, so called up a less fortunate friend who has three little children and gave him the meat, of course he helped me butcher and put them on ice.

            All we do now is geared towards taking care of our family and friends. I’ve got 2000 linear feet of sugar beets planted and will likely plant another 2000 feet. We have 1200 linear feet of potatoes in the ground, with another acre or so ready for the warmer weather veggie time for planting. Have grape vines planted along several fences. Have tomatoes, peppers and watermelons started from seed, they will be ready for transplanting end of this next month.

            The sugar beets, excess potatoes and whatever other crop I put in, i.e. milo sorghum, will be the bio-fuel crops and I should be well prepared before half this summer is over.

            We keep putting up all essentials and will have a handpumped well soon. Also working on damning up that dry wash for tertiary water back-up. Planting Sago Palms at the fence line, works better than barbed wire, spaced 2 steps apart, will plant prickly pear interspaced as both deterrent and as a food source. You can eat the young tender cactus ears as well as the fruit that comes after blossoming.

            We have fruit trees coming and will be planting those next month.

            We will have all the above well mulched and in doing that, keep it weed free.

            Canning supplies are stocked up on but we always seem to need more. Salt, Sugar, Salt, Sugar…..stock up…it all cures meat, for those sucrose intolerant, cure with honey, it just takes a bit longer. But, man, all that is cured and smoked…absolutely delicious.

            Also finishing up more distillation unit orders soon, new orders coming in. I never seem to get time off…always busy…

            We put up some “paper”, in small bills, it may have a use. But we don’t count on it for long term, These days, longterm seems like anything longer than the next 6 months to a year, can’t tell what will happen.

            Anyway, just doing what we always do, God Bless….

            Terry W. Reed
            LNL PROTEKT LLC

            • Good ideas but suggest you comsider “long term” as anything past lunch

            • Sounds good!

            • you are a blessed man, and a smart one. great work. I wish I had the land to do what you have accomplished. keep up the good work.

          • “The Masses” will not lose confidence until it collapses. They know no better and speaking economics to them is like speaking ancient Aramaic to a pre-schooler. All they know is the US dollar and if you told them what is going to come they would laugh at you and call you a nut, hell you have educated people telling us that we are nuts. Don’t count on “the masses” to do anything except cause problems.

          • >>”I don’t want to be a pessimist here, as I am generally a very optimistic person, but it should be obvious that we’re in serious trouble from a fiscal, monetary, economic and geo-political standpoint.”<<

            Mac, you go right on ahead and be pessimistic. The time for optimism is long past. No one who knows how rigged the financial systems are and how much debt the world is drowning in can be optimistic on any level.

            The only thing I can be optimistic about is a possible future without a Federal Reserve after the system collapses in on itself. Great article, thanks.

            • Anytime you see an optimist today, you know that you are looking at an uninformed person. Me a pessimist? NO. A REALIST!


            • Optimist: glass is half full

              Pesimist: glass is half empty

              Prepper: I bet I could use that glass for storing rice, starting a fire, making a booby trap, crafting an arrow head, whateva

              • Engineer: The glass is the wrong size.

        • The takeover from within of America was written about over 100 years ago, and if you read the documents, they are a pretty good description of what has happened since then.

          The federal reserve bank had a 100 year charter, just long enough to break America from the inside. TPTB could probably care less about QE-whatever, as they know it’s just a stalling measure as they make thier final play.

          Whether gold, and/or silver has economic value or not is really irrelavent, too. All they have to do is pass a “law” banning the posession and/or trade with gold and/or silver.

          “In war, boots; in flight, a place in a boat or a seat on a lorry may be the most vital thing in the world, more desirable than untold millions. In hyperinflation, a kilo of potatoes was worth, to some, more than the family silver; a side of pork more than the grand piano. A prostitute in the family was better than an infant corpse; theft was preferable to starvation; warmth was finer than honour, clothing more essential than democracy, food more needed than freedom.” -When Money Dies

          Pay close attention to the very last line in that statement, the parasites will…

          • @ JustMe,

            An excellent quote, thank you.


            • You’re very welcome. What we see coming has happened before. The “great depression” was the greatest transfer of wealth up to that time in history, and psychologically broke an entire generation, to prepare them to accept socialism, and war, and control. What happened then will be considered relatively minor compared to what is coming.

              • @justme
                yes we have been there before…however, back then no one would kill you for your sneakers or just to have fun…everyone was able to grow something, now there is a large percentage that couldn’t grow a squash…we knew who lived in the homes around us as well as within the town and could count on each other…now if we are lucky we can count on those living with us, for the most part we are on our own…i expect the first 6 months we will be confined very close to home and during this time it will be a living hell and there will be a large amount of people who dont survive this time period.

              • I think it will be far worse than anything mankind has ever seen. We are talking about a total collapse around the world, “a reset if you will”. I fear tens of millions possibly billions will perish. TPTB have locked us all into a system grid where without it you have no food, water and fuel.

                It will be ugly.

                • I expect the US to lose 90% of its population. Maybe I’m being optimistic because that would mean 31 million would survive. Third world countries filled with subsistence farmers won’t be affected that much. America, Europe, and Japan will be devastated.

                  • That wouldn’t surprise me seeing how we are all tied to the grid. Once the system collapses supermarkets, pharmacies will shutdown. And having a high portion of the US population of some sort of meds especially psychiatric drugs you will see people lose it very quickly.

                • itll be about 2 billion that die from the war, famine,disease and disasters(natural or man-made. the world will be brought into total chaos to soften it up to accept the phony saviour.

                  • Depending on the devastation of the collapse that number could grow rather quickly especially if you have mass chaos around the world.

                • You’ve got it right. They know it wll be bad. That’s part of the plan. it’s just another way to reduce the population–and then there’s war. Always war in the end. Seems every week there is some new threat to our national security. If they don’t accept our freedom and democractic ways, we’ll bomb them back to the stone age. Am I missing something here?

          • JustMe – Excellent Analysis.

          • “””The federal reserve bank had a 100 year charter”””

            The Federal Reserve is an Unlawful perpetuity. It can go on for as long as the people are afraid to burn them all down.

            SAM (strike a match)

          • Speaking of quotes, here’s one of my favorites:

            “In difficult ground, press on; On hemmed-in ground, use subterfuge; In death ground, fight!”

        • These son of a bitches have sold my children’s futures down the fucking river. There will be hell to pay for the ones I can put in a scope field.

          • You’re right my friend. Either we all grow balls and hit the streets or we need to sit down with our kids and apologize for being apethetic cowards and selling their futures for the path of least resistance.

            • We all need to take a page from Ann Barnhardt who doesn’t mince words and stands up to corrupt power.

              • I try to but you guys give me shit for ranting and swearing.

                • @eisenkreuz. these fucking ninnies on here have to have everything soft peddled to them. their precious little ears cannot handle the truth.

                  • eeder,

                    With all due respect it has nothing to do with handling the truth.

                    I try and refrain from my cussing simply to respect the ladies on this site. Now get me out on the job site and we can do some real cussing. But I was raised with manners therefore I try and control my cussing on here and in public.


                • Eisenkratz AKA Sybil,

                  Nobody gives you shyt about your rants or your swearing,
                  I give you shyt because I never know which one of you I’m trying to talk too.. If you could just keep a train of thought going for more then 2 mins you would be alright..

                  Now for the subject at hand, well after 5 days on the mountain sking I have to say it was sure good to get away for awhile.
                  Things look very bad if you read about all the shyt that could happen. What I saw was people out there just charging the hell out of everything in sight. I felt like I was the only person that carried nothing but cash.
                  I’m proud to say that not one single penny was put on a credit card.
                  And now that I’m back home I got fricken snowed in with 19″ of 50 to 75 mph wind blown snow.

                  Keep prepping people winter is not near done,


                  • I’m not Sybil you scrotum-sniffing twat. Go fuck a donkey you dickweed.

                  • Glad to see where you were Dps . Also very proud go see the no plastic report . Same game as this ole woman plays . Good for you .


              • Yeah, that’s true Rodster. I copied something she said about a year ago, long before the gun grab started…

                “there is a reason we have SOPA, NDAA, the Patriot act..the incestuous reason they’re destroying the Constitution–Empire Failure– just like in Russia; we’re blinded because we’re used to the Rule of Law.

                Only hope we have is Second Amendment. go get guns, go buy guns and ammo. Long guns, rifles and shot guns and ammo. The only hope we have is the Second Amendment. If don’t have, to get. Been entering a territory where it could get real bad. The financial system is going to collapse.”

                • Exactly right, GH. It is moving forward now with considerable speed. 3 months ago, I attended a local gun show. I bought 1000 rounds of ammo for my AK rifle for $215. I even sweet-talked the little gal behind the counter into throwing in a steel ammo box to put it in. Recently, I have been trying to shop on-line for ammo but most places are sold out and can’t get any more for 3-4 months. When they do have it, it is $360 fro 1000 rounds of AK ammo. That’s quite a jump in only 3 months. Worse is the fact that so little is available. This supposed ammo shortage has been orchestrated by TPTB. Get all you can, while you still can, even if prices are up 60%. They will go up more until eventually we can’t get any at any price.

              • Where has she been lately?

          • The ones you can put in a scope field don’t have anything to do with it. You can’t touch the Jews.

          • Exactly FP; There will be no Quarter given.

        • I took some of my collapsing dollars and bought some pork that was on sale for 1.99 a pound and spent the weekend mixing it with elk and made about 60 pounds of sausage. Sweet Italian sausage, country sausage and a slap it together jalapeno and cheese batch of sausage. It’s pure gold. All puns intended.

          • Hey Rick,
            I bid a carbon block filter for ten lbs…
            for Elk sausage, you bet I will…
            for one of my finest grade filters…;)

            • are you guys ready to help us make citizens arrests yet or do we need to all feel more pain? wheres the possee?

              • last we heard from possee he was still in new england…maybe he’s busy, moving 🙂

                • @ kimintn,

                  Hahhaaa…good one!


                • possee

                  still here

                  ..just busy taking care of prepping and procuring armaments (and the likes) of late.less time on the web.

                  It appears that tptb are ramping up the timeline so many of us here have been quite busy getting ready rather than discussing…

                  As always..you folks are the best!


                  • no, not where is possee?, Wheres the possee? The possee is all of us. We need just a few more people to wake up and help us make these arrests. We are getting closer, but just a few more of you must wake up and get angry about what the folks who you are enabling , have done to us all. Join the possee! Don’t be one of Jamie Dimons crew.

            • Its all about the barter…muhhaha

          • I went to Walmart and stocked up on some cans of Chef Boyardee. It has a shelf life well into the 25th century. 😆

            • I pulled out a two year old box of stuffing mix, cooked it in the microwave, and it was fine. Processed food does have some advantages.

              • sharon sj, microwaved muffin mix? processed food? you are not talking on the same wavelength as most here.

              • I cooked a 4 year old cake mix–it was great.

                • And I drive a Dodge Stratus…….

                  • LOL.. best Will Ferrel skit ever!

                  • Cordoooooba!

                    What have you done to my car?

                  • I just got a Delorian, trying to get the flux capacitor started again but Doc Brown disappeared!

            • Rodster,
              That’s because it is not real food.

            • It sure does. Not even bacteria can live on it. It’s like a McDonald’s french fry… impervious to digestion. 😉

        • My confidence in the dollar system was lost ages ago.

        • Off topic; I feel sorry for the nerds that work for the government drone tech, pretty soon there might be a bounty on their head. If you cant take out the drone, take out who makes it. Go to the source.

      2. I expect the collapse of the dollar to be a sudden event. It could happen in as little time as a single day. Or it take a few weeks or a few months. It’s important to have extra gas stored if you have to bug out or if family members have to come home.

        • Plan on a Friday with Bank Holiday or a real holiday that lands on Monday. Now as to which Friday???

        • I see high inflation and an increase in the interest rate being talked about as a current problem on MSM before there’s a collapse. There first has to be an excuse they can sell to the sheep so they can cover for obama and progressive policies and then put the blame on everyone or anyone else.

          • ” There first has to be an excuse they can sell to the sheep so they can cover for obama and progressive policies and then put the blame on everyone or anyone else.”

            Anyone stupid enough to believe the MSM BS deserves to get crapped on. People need to understand that “progressive” is a cutesy code word for “Marxist”. That system of government fails utterly every time it is tried. It is an unworkable nightmare for all involved except the top dog and his cronies.

        • Yes. Stored fuel will be important. I tried to buy gas cans from Costco over the weekend; they were out, I asked. Hmmm, either too early in the season or others are prepping. No mowing going on right now.

        • If there were a complete collapse of the dollar, it would happen within 12 hours, not days or months.

          • Many variants are possible. The sudden drop in value is one but then so is the long slow slide into financial oblivion. Neither seems to have the upper hand at the moment, although this could and probably will change at some point.

            Before a US dollar collapse occurs, I would expect to see several steps of devaluation first as the Gov and the banksters try various incompetent ways to fix our problems. That the US and other Western countries are suffering from a toxic overdose of government will not occur to these idiots. If it ever does, reducing the size of government will be the very last thing that they try.

      3. Are strippers going to have to find a different g-string that takes gold coins?

        • Gives a whole new meaning to coin sack 🙂

          • as well as a golden shower!

            • LOL…..Now thats funny!

            • EWWW…its not as bad as you think.

        • They have a coin slot.

          • ROFL

          • Oh there are so many jokes there that I won’t follow up on!

          • but can they make change?

        • Go to Atlanta, they aint gotta wear nothin in Ga.

          • I saw my first live spleen in New Orleans while working there after Katrina. You wanna see strippers, go to Bourbon Street!

            • On a sidenote, those that have ever deployed overseas will tell you this is what the conversation turns to over the squad net after about the 4th month in-country. More hooker talk than Haji talk. Debates over the colleges with the easiest coeds turn fiercer than debates over 5.56 vs 7.62 or Sunni vs. Shiite.

              • Yea, and when the preppin’ talk at one of our shin-digs gets too much for people to handle. talk turns to fishin’ and friggin’ or something in between.
                One guy got both in when he told about an episode at a strip club where the gals would do table dances and at one point stick their butts in your face and twist their g-string to one side and cause their orangutain to winkwink at you. i said “I bet that was a real ” brown-eye opener”.
                He said “oh yea, until this one gal had a hemorrhoid that looked like a moray eel jumping out at you”.
                LMAO on that one.

                • AHHHH..what is seen cannot be unseen, even a mental picture like that. “Elizabeth, I’m coming to join ya honey”!

              • It takes you four months to figure out what’s important? Oh lordy, the Army is in even worse conditionthan I ever thought.

          • Sometimes thats good, sometimes real bad.

        • I used to date a stripper. She wouldn’t pole dance or lap dance for me at home ’cause thats what she does for work. 🙁

        • Your comment is why I tell my kids not to put coins in their mouth.

          • Damn it man…

            I just blew coffee all over my keyboard.
            Where do I send the Bill 🙂

            hillbilly SC

      4. Time for the ponzi scheme to fail.

        Time to take OUR country back.


        …standing firm….BA.

      5. Speaking of currency collapses, anyone heard from Manos lately ?

        • Yes, I emailed him last week. All he said was “things were bad!” Not sure if he was talking personally or for Greece in General. He is supposed to write me again soon he said. I do worry for him! Clay

          • I can confirm the shit is currently being flung in various directions all around Greece. I have a very close friend that lives a few miles away. Most of his family still lives in Greece, some in the isles, some near Athens, others up in the mountain regions. He said the only areas lightly affected in the visible sense are the tourist traps, which are usually the last to go down.

            As an example, his brother-in-law owns a small company that provides the large tilling and harvesting equipment to farmers in his area. The farmers are getting screwed by government price fixing where they are unable to pay for what they grow. As a result, they cannot pay for his equipment services either. This is causing a major meltdown in food production. This is just one example, there are thousands of others.

            Greece is in big trouble and it’s corrupt government keeps making it worse.

            • We dont need the government for anything. We need them to fuck off so we can fix this mess that they created.

              • absolutely eisenkreutz, spot on again. despite what piper facebook i mean michael , would say.

                • sure ya do big boy, sure ya do. than take your own advice.

                • What in the hell are you talking about.

                  Have you hit your head or something. Or do you post so much different bullshit you can keep all the sites straight anymore.

                  Better get a hold of your self or your employer will fire you.

            • I don’t know why they don’t just go to these corrupt politicians’ estates and do what the French did in the French Revolution. Seriously! They know the leader–whats his name–Pompe whatever has millions stashed away given to him by the Banksters for allowing them to rape the country… how come they just keep putting up with all that? There are so MANY of them… he’s just one little scrumj.

              • I know where most of them live. But we need the possee to help us go in and make the arrests. We need enough people to be able to make the arrests. We need a few more of you to become angrier about the crimes that have been committed against you.

                • eeder,
                  You are correct, you’re catching hell today, but you are correct. Until the unhappiness turns to action, nothing changes. I don’t think that will happen until people are pushed out of their comfort zones.

            • I have relatives over in Greece, they’ve grown their own food for decades. They said they were having a hard time getting seed to plant and have had problems with people taking the fruit off of their trees. I’ve sent them quite a few packs of seeds so they can share with neighbors but I’m wondering if they’ll get what I sent.

              • Take heed posters that are peparing to survive from garden produce and fruit trees.
                Those without 24/7 guard that is.

            • “Greece is in big trouble and it’s corrupt government keeps making it worse.”

              Greece is in a depression that is turning into an economic death spiral from which there will be no recovery. That country is working hard at becoming de-populated, as all of the young people move elsewhere so they can find jobs and create a decent life for themselves. And that’s a helluva poor thing to happen to the Cradle of Democracy.

        • Great Ceasars Ghost TnAndy….its Twisted Avatar.

          Long Time indeed hope all is well.

          Pass my well wishes along to “The Old Guard”

      6. I don’t know when it’ll occur, but I’d guess that when they “nationalize” (or “protection” or “guarantee” or whatever) retirement funds we’ve got three months left.

        Also, I understand the importance of backing the currency, but would it be better to back it with a diverse bunch of assets to prevent sudden changes in the value if gold should have an upset, like a dollar is worth: one gram of silver, or two lbs of corn, or 10 kW’s? I honestly am curious if it would be better or worse.

        • When gold was money in England, prices of commodities remained relatively constant FOR CENTURIES.

          • Of course they did. Inflation and deflation are monetary aspects of a fiat currency system. They are the ways in which the system is most easily manipulated.

            Of course, the banksters did this in the 1930s as well by hoarding the gold money supply and causing a recession to become The Great Depression.

      7. The movement of bullion is from western economies to eastern economies. One day the eastern economies will have the gold, make the rules, and provide the world’s reserve currencies for all international trade. The arrogant bankers and politicians in the US, and other western sovereigns will be finished. The charade is over, the house of cards is about to collapse, the SHTF event is coming to a head, it’s over. Tangibles, tangibles, and more tangibles.


        I may not have any use for the government of Iran, but the fact that they are willing to hold bankers accountable says something and it is more than what is going on in this country. They are hanging 4 crooked bankers, and others are going to jail for a long time.

      8. On the positive side, I’m looking forward to the generic yuppie douchebag’s face when he realizes he’s not as cool as his checking account has been telling him all these years. Here in Dallas that is his natural environment-for now…

        • It’ll be kind of nice not to be “the crazy chick” anymore. 🙂 All the people that rolled their eyes at my family’s lifestyle will be looking at things a whole lot differently.

          • Hi Daisy,

            Awww, you KNOW we’re all ‘crazy’ here, anyone will tell you that! 🙂


            • @Daisy & JOG….Yea, we may all be crazy here, but I like to think we are “Crazy Like a Fox”…..and that’s a GOOD thing!! Take care…CC

              • Yup, I tink yu mot hab sumtin dare!!! 🙂


          • @Daisy
            Thats sorta where im at, will be nice to be prepped and dealing when folks you told to start thinking about this stuff are wringing their hands trying to figure stuff out, wont be an i told ya so guy, that wouldnt be the christian thing to do but can say it with silence. Ill actually be happy to just stay home and grow for myself and barter rather than the markets. Sorta a back to basics reset.

          • With you there Daisy… 10% Off has nothing to do with a discount!

          • @daisy
            maybe you are a crazy chick but you are “our” crazy chick and are proud to claim ya.

          • You know what, I think some people are starting to wake up a little. I have been getting asked questions by some people who rolled their eyes at me six months ago. And of course there is the one person who I told to go get a gun and some ammo, now he is crying.

            • You may be right Jim. I’m seeing an uptick in food sales from my website. I think more than just real preppers are starting to stir. This is a good thing because I don’t want to (but may have to) kill anyone to stop them taking my family’s food

            • “And of course there is the one person who I told to go get a gun and some ammo, now he is crying.”

              Tell him to get a Mossberg pump shotgun and several boxes of buckshot and a few boxes of bird shot ammo. Might toss in a few boxes of slugs as well. These are still available and reasonable in price.

              I bought a Saiga AK type rifle last year with two 30-round mags and I am VERY glad that I did. It shoots real well and only cost $535. I checked on-line yesterday and this same rifle is back-ordered in most places. The ones that have it want $950-$1000 for it and they have 10-round mags now. 🙁

              That’s some pretty fierce inflation for about 8 months.

          • Nobody ever calls me crazy. I know so many facts that I easily turn the conversation around and expose their lack of knowledge.

            • This may be the case for you, but I’ve found just because I know more about a topic doesn’t mean that people accept what I say.

              The cognitive dissonance runs so deep you could hit most people upside the head all day long with facts and they will choose, despite irrefutable proof, not to believe you because it’s just too uncomfortable for their tiny little worlds.

              Sometimes our ability to accept the truth of the world is what marks us as “nuts” in the eyes of the sheeple.

              • Daisy is 100% correct on this. My mother is a Glenn Beck fan, but when you ask her where her food stores are I always get the , “we don’t have the room” excuse.

                She just can’t accept what is about to happen.

                • really most of us, like myself, really could give two damns about most of you sheeple now. however, unless we get a few more cowards to come out of their shells and stand up to the criminals and help make the arrests, they will push ahead and folks like durango kid, will sit there and enable the status quo and make the easy call that it will never end, will continue to be right. Most of you will get poorer and poorer but you will lose anything we have gained by your cowardice and belief in alot of poppycock. You are sick little bastards!

                  • you are sick little bastards and enablers who like taking it up the poop shoot from the likes of Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein. And they have no problem doing it. Figureatively and literally!

                  • Why don’t you list the names and addresses of the Banksters you want to arrest and we will meet you there ??

                    Oh, that’s right… you wont get within 5000 yards of these people so unless you are a REALLY good shot, for the love of God… stop babbling !!

              • Daisy, I hope you haven’t let eeder or Angelo in on the “home twenty”, cause they sure come across as a couple of psychopaths.

                You’ll probably have your hands full with all the “eye-rolling pundit beggars” that find where you are.

                I know it will be easier said than done for us to turn away hungry people. That will be the hardest part, for me at least.

                • Don’t tread — never feed an Obamabot.

                • Thank you for your concern, DT – very appreciated. There are a very limited few people who know my location and I do intend to keep it that way. 🙂

                  • Good for you and yours! We have “weeded out” a lot of so-called friends, the nay-sayers and fair weather friend types. i know I’ll have to deal with a few of those, snooping around, when the shelves are empty and the bullets start running out.

                    We’ll just handle it on a case by case basis. When the zombie types start rolling in, I just hope I’ve got enough gas for the four-wheeler to drag their mangy carcass off to the old secluded house place with the old hand-dug well. Otherwise they will be fodder for the coyotes. I hope it don’t come to that, but we’ll face the challenges head-on.

                    We can only truly know what lies within us, until we are faced with protecting our family,food, and firearms.

                  • Daisy: I have no need to know where you are at or live at. And if you ever find any reason to know anything about me, its best to ask Me rather than rely on anyone who thinks they know about me, even though they never even met me.

                  • Angelo ~ Truly, I have no issue with you at all. You’ve never been anything but polite to me. 🙂

                    I was just responding that I am very careful about disclosing my location, and I think most of us are.

                    ~ Daisy

                • you saying something about me numbnuts, or maybe you are not who you say you are. COME CLEAN!

                  • Daisy: I guess I should have worded it differrently. I know you weren’t asking him about me.

              • It’s all in the presentation, babe. I’m a touch more opinionated than you are. 🙂

                • You may be right about the delivery. I doubt you’re more opinionated, but I am definitely more diplomatic. 😉

              • Ive found that when you are the smartest person in the room you will be the “crazy” one….being right is treated almost as badly as being confident…most people are intimidated by confident(not talking about arrogant)people,at least thats been my experience.

              • Don’t sweat it, Daisy. What you are running into is called “Darwinism”. Many will not survive the coming SHTF and for the very reasons that you are discovering. Their deep sense of normalcy bias will simply not allow them to do what is needed to survive. OK. S**t happens.

                I have family members who are in utter denial about this possibility. Because I care for them so deeply, I prep for them too. Yes, they think that I am “a little weird” but so what? I can live with their flawed assessment of my character much better than I can with the idea of them not surviving because I failed to protect them from themselves. There will be time later for “the look” that tells them “I told you so” without actually saying a thing. 😉

      9. I am a believer in natural selection. A collapse and the carnage that will follow will weed out the weak stupid and crazy. Look at the bright side. If you are prepared for the “big show” that’s coming, you could actually have some fun settling a few past transgressions and grinding some axes. I’m quite the optimist. 🙂

        • King Krazy:

          The truth is so sweet no matter how dark it appears when served.

        • If you don’t seek the moral high ground…
          you’re no better than your adversary.
          I hope you think twice…
          That vista is dark and filled with peril…

          • Screw the moral high ground. No offense to you but I’m sick of that saying, I’ve heard Mccain say it too often. The republican establishment has used it as an excuse for years to get out of having to do what they were voted in office to do and that was to fight for our rights. Now were at the point where the progressives are in control and many believe that voting doesn’t matter.

            • Glad you have a brain Rick.

            • I hesitate to respond…but you compared me to mccain …
              I do take great offense to that.
              When I read the rest of your comment…well…
              I’ll just chalk it all up to ignorance and frustration…
              because there hasn’t been any difference in any of them for decades…
              Death by a thousand cuts or an upward blade thrust, just below the sternum…
              The results are the same…

              • @ jerrytbg

                You misunderstood me and I apologize for not making it clearer, I’m not a wordsmith. It was the statement “Moral High Ground” that I’m sick of and as soon as I hear it I put in the folder with “It’s for the children” and “If it saves one life it’s worth it”.

                As for the political gamesmanship, I began to question the party system in the early 90’s and it wasn’t easy. I had served this country and believed in her and was a loyal citizen that worked hard toward the goal of achieving the American dream, still trying. I’ve participated in civic responsibilities and the more I did the more I began to question what I was seeing. I know that the two party system is corrupt to the core and our country has been compromised by scum yet I still have loyalty to the country that I believed in when I enlisted.

                It’s not only the government that’s been corrupted but everything where people are involved, little league baseball, the work place, craigslist….. Sites similar to this one think it’s readers are a monkey on a sting, they pull the string and we are suppose to go ooooo ooooo ooooo and throw our crap around while they crank the tune on their street organ. It amazes me how many people throw their crap without question, it’s on the left wing, right wing and sideways sites. I not only question the government but I question everything.

                You can’t unring a bell but on some days I would like to unlearn and return to the simple times of ignorance is bliss. It’s the curse of being a new junkie.

                • typo correction: ” It’s the curse of being a new junkie.” should read “It’s the curse of being a news junkie”.

                  Being a new junkie wouldn’t be too bad if it was for something like chocolate.

                  • understood…and agreed to.
                    the offer for trading CBlock filter
                    for 10 lbs elk sausage still stands 😉

            • LOL. You incorrectly assume that the republican establishment aren’t progressives.

              Go over to a place like Free Republic dot com and look at those republicans.

              Mention anything close to them minding their own bidness when it comes to something like gay marriage or the War on Drugs or even propose cutting some defense spending, protecting American businesses over outsourcing/offshoring and they’ll swarm you like piranna foaming at the mouth and going on about ‘we need a law to protect someone’.

              Those ass clowns are just as progressive as the left and they really dont even understand why/how.

              • “LOL. You incorrectly assume that the republican establishment aren’t progressives.”

                Where did you read that? I think you are assuming something. My eyes are wide open.

                • You referred to them as two different groups of people.

            • Stuffing the ballot box is an old time Chicago tradition. That is where the dead vote early and often, right? It is not a great leap from there to, “We don’t need no steenking elections!”. We KNOW what the people want and we are here to make sure that they get it”.

              Unfortunately, what these “people” want is to continue to sit on their asses while the US Treasury is looted and some of it is passed along to them. They are OK with the world’s greatest theft as long as they get some of it.

              I will not lament the passing of this part of our society when the SHTF.

        • Revenge is a dish best served cold.

          • Bob, you couldn’t be more right. While the main alternative news sources report on the governments purchases of millions of rounds of ammo and get everyone upset, there are people who are preparing for war and not the least bit intimidated by the fed. Look at who gets hired by the TSA and DHS…mostly a bunch of rejects and losers who only get a shot at a “real” job because of King Barrys afirmative action plan. They may have a lot of ammo but they are pathetically poorly trained and by the looks of them, most couldn’t run the 100 without dropping dead.
            There are some serious operators getting ready right now. There are some deadly serious Patriots gearing up to take this country back from the losers that now think they have control. I’m a pretty damned good 3 gun shot and I know people who are on the Right side, who I would seriously fear getting into a fire-fight with. It may be a small percentage of people who actually do the real fighting but there are a lot of pissed off folks who have an axe to gring with the government. The scum “ruling class” will one day pay for their crimes against their fellow man. And revenge will be served cold.

            • Roger that… WA RFACE, QRF standing by…

            • Yep..Bucket list!

          • “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

            Indeed. Perhaps as dessert?

        • I was gonna add the same, KK..why did we hear the message and others not?
          Natural selection at its finest.

          • People capable of independent thought, coupled with primal instinct in a modern age.

            • A sharp blade and some full thirty rounders would help.

        • The weak, stupid and crazy may all have a similar fate ahead but unfortunately they will also get off a couple of lucky shots/blows. Several of the good people are going to go down as a result of these lucky shots, may be not immediately but weeks later due to infection.

          The thinning of the herd will take out some of the stud bulls as well as the runts.

      10. “Confidence in the Dollar”,

        What exactly does that mean. The dollar, a printed currency is nothing but a TOKEN representing wealth, things which are useful and productive. If the TOKEN is backed by unproductive and or useless resouces then what value can realistically be ascribed to it?

        The “Full Faith and Credit of the United States” is meaningless unless backed by a meaningfull article. A government now so deep in debt our children will never see the light of a debt-free day in thier lives, neither thier children either harfly constitutes something in which to place one’s faith. Nothing that society currently ascribes a worth to tofay is seen to actually have WORTH, yet none anywhere have seen fit to call the “Emporer’s New clothes” what they actually are.

        The longer this continues the greater the fall that closes it at the end. I fear for us all, now and today and my imaginnation balks at visualizing what is yet to come. May God have Mercy on us all.


        • What makes a 100 dollar bill worth more than a 1 dollar bill? Thay are printed on the same piece of paper. It is ONLY the perception that people have that makes it more valuable. As soon as CONFIDENCE is gone then it is worthless !

          • what makes a 100 or a 1 dollar bill different from a piece of toilet paper?

            • Well….Toilet paper is usually softer..more absorbant…and much less likely to be saturated with heavy metals and highly toxic dyes.

              • I will get a bunch of thumbs down for this but got to keep things real.

                So you gold and silver purchasers I have a question for you. When the dollar is worthless how will your pm’s be valued? Based on what? By who?

                Let’s go back in time when some cultures used sea shells as a currency, then sea salt was considered the currency for a few thousand years, then products made out of bronze and subsequently copper became the currency of the day. Next up was gems, diamonds rubies, emeralds etc. Then one day silver was the desired backer of currencies, next up was gold and that was considered the king of all pm’s. Then / now who uses it to back any currency? No one, everyone has a worthless fiat currency.

                So how can you put a value on a mineral that is no good to anyone other than some manafactures. Zinc is used in almost if not more manafacturing but it is worth next to nothing. Who makes that decision.

                The money changers, thats who.

                But tell me what pm is worth more than gold, oh yeah platinum. But because it is so rare no one has been able commercialize it enough like gold and silver to exploit a market.

                Well I for one believe that salt, honey, bullets, beans, band aids, land, meat on the hoof and fowl in the pen is and will be worth all the pm’s in the world.

                Keep on prepping my friends but don’t be sold down the river by the pm sales people. And for those of you who give me a thumbs down, I know, you have already bought into the pm scheme and hate some one like me bringing a light onto the subject. Get out now and in to tangible asset’s.

                • But, but ,but, I’ll need some honey and all I got are silver dimes….Truthfully Big B, what you say is correct. It’s all about what you can really use or need at the time. Whether it be silver dimes or a good bicycle tire innertube.

                • PMs have always in the past been valued relative to labor. It took a lot of labor to search for gold, mine it, purify it, and coin it. Other things take less labor to produce, such as bread, furniture, etc.

                  When I was growing up, I could buy a loaf of bread with a silver dime. Now a silver dime is worth over $2 in paper money, but that is about what a loaf of bread costs. So silver is still “worth” what it was during the 1960s.

                  In 1920, one ounce of gold ($20) could buy you a really fine expensive suit. Now an ounce of gold ($1,600) can still buy you a really fine expensive suit. So gold is still worth what it was in 1920.

                  Gold and silver are a store of value. After a collapse, eventually the economy will stabilize into some new form. Then gold and silver will be valued probably about the same as it was 100 years ago, by relative labor costs.

              • in other words, toilet paper is worth more. got it.

                • Rocky Mountain Currency. 🙂

            • Toilet paper does not come with dark symbolism or a hex either.

              • ive taken the odd dump that would test your theory HH.i thought i even saw elvis in it once.

                • !!!

                  Hale too thee keeng baybee !!!


        • At some point, USA’s creditors will decide that no, we’re not “good for it” anymore, and stop throwing good money after bad.

          • bob, the one thing you do not seem to understand is that most of the debt is held by the bankers.the vast majority of the debt is held by the federal reserve, which MSM will try to say is essentially held by the people. they are wrong. it is held by the bankers through the federal reserve and isn’t the responsibility of the people. where they have you by the short and curlys is that as long as the people believe that the fiat is worth something, they will do anything to service the debt, because not servicing the debt means the currency collapses.people need to get it through their thick heads that we will all be better off without it in its current form.anything else is just enabling the bankers , the politicians and the useless .

        • There are not enough individuals in the aggregate who have money, that can affect the “confidence of the dollar” because they do not have any.

          Yeah, I said that. Those who have it believe in it!

          • yes dk, bingo. those “who have it” believe in it. those who have it is getting to be a fewer and fewer number.many thought apartheid would never end in south africa despite the increasing majority of black people. sure enough it did end. one other problem dk. not everyone that has alot of greenbacks or other fiat actually believe in it! you got any other theories? because this one doesn’t hold water! Engage!

            • Yes, eeder, but those who have it have a disproportionate number of dollars, and their actions in the marketplace dictate the acceptance of the dollar, or not.

              A handful of sand?

              No I don’t think so. The number of people not really participating in the American economy may number 50-75 million, (and that is a tragedy) but that leaves, 250 million + who are, and THEY have dollars to spend: and they are spending them.

              Engage your employees or be impoverished by them!

              • Only the disenfranchised and or delusional would thumb down DK’s comments. He is only stating a fact and an irrefutable one at that.

              • they have too much sand to even hold onto dk! those dollars that these fucking pigs hold, would trigger hyperinflation if they ever tried to spend them. IT IS DEAD MONEY. Most of them understand this fact. Seems alot of subtle , finer points escape you.You are right ( the easy call) until you are wrong. And I wont even be able to gloat about it!

          • what you fail to grasp is what they have is like a handful of sand. dust in the fucking wind! dont blink or youll miss it! here today gone tomorrow! Engage!

          • Do the holders of “paper gold” (100+ times the amount of physical gold) believe they own gold?

            All the Central Banks are hoarding gold. Why?

            The East is aquiring and hoarding gold. Why?

            Everybody is still playing the “dollar” game. It’s a good game. The dollar is NOT pure fiat. It is backed. It is backed by the deal the US Gov made with the OPECs to only sell oil for dollars. The Petro Dollar. In return for “protection”. Brilliant, actually.

            Deviate from the plan, and watch what happens. Saddam Hussain. Muommar Khadafi. Iran.(sanctions). Nothing to do with terrorism. They all were ready to do oil deals without the dollar.

            China knows they will never be repaid. Not with dollars. They will be repaid when the dollar collapses and gold is revalued in the “new system”. When king dollar is no longer needed for oil trade, game over.

            • They will be repaid with the substantial collateral set aside for them… we the people and our rich forestry systems.

              • no rick is correct. the chinese ultimate goal is to have a reserve that they have MUCH more say over. No one gets repaid in the end. It is not possible! Only a fucking idiot would think otherwise.

              • They made a deal pehaps but we did not consent…therefore there is no deal…never been never will be a sheep!

      11. There are people who often comment on the very low prices of groceries and diner meals when seeing a vintage photograph from the pre-60s era.

        Some wonder why it was, without ever realizing it is due to the 95% debasement of the U.S. dollar since 1913 (FRB).

        It is just not taught in schools. The best analogy to use is pre-65 (90%) coinage to explain prices from the past.

        Without going through the whole PM’s issue from last week, I just want to say: be prepared with tangible assets of all kinds to both use and barter with. Get a list made and work the list!!

        I did not read any part of the article which did not ring true to me. The only sentence missing is the one about timing. Writers here will offer up their personal opinions.

        If you are the responsible person you say you are and whether it happens during your or your children’s or grand-children’s life time, collapse or revaluation will happen.

        If you(not you)have not made and tested and retested plans for the probable events talked about here at Mac’s site you are not truly prepared!!

        From Montana’s Continental Divide, Montana Mike


        • Watched the original Die Hard this weekend. A gas station sign flashed into one scene. Gas was .75 that was 1988…

          • yeah, i saw that as well not too long ago!

      12. Here is the roadmap. Read the last line and weep…


        “…a recipe for a nearly-guaranteed civil war as you will generate over 100 million Americans with nothing to lose.”

        I don’t care how well you prepped. This is going to be ugly.

        • I liken to The Walking Dead show.

          • Watching The Walking Dead right now. It really does make you think about how horrible things will be. I would prefer the walking dead zombies over the live ones we will be dealing with. Then again, both types are brain dead!

        • @ Justin Case,

          As well my SINGULAR fear…what comes will be unimaginable.


        • Justin Case, thank you for posting this link. I have forwarded it to everyone I know.

          There are enough charts in this short article that it should grab the attention of most people, including those who are now feeling-the-squeeze.

        • This is going to get ugly, and a lot of good, ignorant people are going to die. I feel sorry for them. My brother is living off the system, and well at that. He gets full disability for mental stress from when he was in the service (bull, if you ask me. Who doesn’t get depressed?) He buys all the latest tech stuff and goes on vacation every six months or so, yet he gets his car repo’d because he misses three payments. He has his wife and five kids, and runs out of food at the house all the time. I try to explain to him, but it goes in one ear and out the other. He is a good person, just ignorant.

          • I do wish to express this concern; all those getting disability are not behaving stupidly.
            My dh’s check has gone for nothing BUT preps.
            When not used for preps, it is saved hopefully for an acre in the country–if time permits.

            • Good jay jay, I wish my brother would wake up. If the shtf and everything falls apart, I am going to have a hard decision to make about feeding him and his family

              • And the LORD shut him in.
                Genesis 7:16

                Noah must have felt overwhelmed by guilt. So will we, but it is what it is.

          • Are we related, Jim?? I have a brother that sounds almost exactly like yours!!! He doesn’t have a clue – but his wife does (sort of). I heard her tell her daughter what they’d do when TSHTF…yep, head to MY house!! Thank goodness we live about 4 hours away, and they don’t have a vehicle (supposedly) that is road-worthy!

            If I allow myself to stop and think about it, my heart hurts to think about the sister and probably 3 brothers I will lose when all this goes down. I tend to just keep my head down and keep prepping. I’ll deal with the heartache later.

      13. Water…food…protection…medical supplies…
        in that order…it’s the only way to survive so we can rebuild.

        • (sigh), I suppose a new Corvette is out of the question..

          • @ RedPine:

            LOL! I hear ya.
            As much as I love hot rods, I’ve pretty much decided that my next major purchase is going to be one of these:

            • Burrow Owl;
              Good choice! The ‘Vette is actually my best sarcasm symbol to depict the yuppie sheeple way of life.

              Personally, I couldn’t afford a ride in a rick-shaw. LOL

      14. The time to buy straw hats is in winter, when nobody wants them.
        At this time both the bashing of gold and the AM trashing of gold prices on the New York market, speaks volumes about the threat gold and silver are to the fiat system.
        Greenspan even admitted years ago that gold prices were subject to central bank manipulation.
        While gold and silver could go down sharply in the event of a collapse, I seriously doubt they would ever
        lose their relative purchasing power.
        The same cannot be said for unbacked paper currency.
        Besides, gold and silver won’t lie to you.

        • BK, great assessment. “Relative purchasing power” is the operative term here. whether deflation or inflation, gold’s purchasing power, in my view outpaces just about everything else during times of crisis.

      15. There is a slightly different way of looking at all this. In 1975 I predicted that the US would go down between 2012 and 2015. My reasoning was simple; that’s when the 1950 group turns 62-65. Being one of them it was obvious that it would be impossible for the Gov to honor all of it’s promises. If it was obvious to me, The Gov knew. Using that as a basis, what would the Gov due? Everyone knew cutting all the spending was impossible for those Asses in DC. They did what most people do; As soon as they knew beyond any doubt that they were going down, they spent like they were never going to pay it back. Because they aren’t. Why do you think they are selling Gold and silver coins? To give the thinking public gold and silver. Beyond that they wanted two thongs, Bankrupt everyone else at the same time, and run the rest of the world out of oil and coal at or before we ran out. Well look at what’s going on, It Looks like that’s just what they have done.

      16. We’ll trade with the currency which has value. Problem is, few have a way to create an alternative, fungible product. Shoes my friends. Shoes. Someone told me it was one of the top problems for the Pilgrims. A year in and you might have a valuable asset if you have solid work boots. Hard to trade much else as we are in a society where most all of our income goes out to mega-companies. If you’re like me, you are actually a feeder on the financial system in one way or another. Its your job. Much like the millions who work for the gub, millions work for the financial system.
        Like the article means: its self feeding for now. Could avalanche for sure. But its mostly like everyone else is waiting on the sign; then they’ll try to run for the exits.

        • john, your recommendation on shoes is an important one… never a bad idea to have extra boots, especially in your buried survival caches… and some extra socks.

          • Lots of socks, and foot powder. Heck, I don’t even throw my socks away when they get a hole in them or stretch out. Might be a day when those will be a luxury, even with a hole in them

            • I gave my wife a pair of socks and asked her if she could darn them for me. She threw them in the trash and said, “Darn socks”. Then she looked at me as said,” Hows that”? I just walked away.

              • PO’d Patriot,
                Sorry, but I can’t resist…I just gotta say it..I just gotta…You’re telling me that you can’t darn your own socks???? Why is it the little woman’s job?

                I know many men on here will thumbs down on that…but really, can’t even darn your own socks….how sad is that?

                • Them damn broads exist to do something besides cook and shag.

            • @Jim,
              A well worn sock can be a great shootin’ iron cleaning rag. The very best, IMHO, are cotton diapers that have been worn, washed, and worn again while raising a couple of kids to the point of being potty trained. Waste not want not.

        • (palm to forehead)…
          I knew I forgot something…:)

        • I agree! I’ve been trying to buy shoes a season to a year ahead of time for the past several years – and really I need to do more than that. At least I am assured of having some for the next year, in case they’re not available next year, and keeps us a little bit ahead of inflation. I like to buy quality all-purpose shoes that can be worn to church as well as being comfortable enough to wear shopping or at home. I’ve kept several pairs of old shoes for working in.

          Think I’ll buy some more while we can.

          • when the shoes run out, save your old car tires. grin

      17. Great commentary….and it’s nice to see that SOMEONE uses the past participle of the verb “to lead” correctly!

      18. I have to agree with everyone here that economic collapse is coming; it’s only a question of when. A house of cards will stand for only so long. Those “safety nets” have limits to them SOMEWHERE. They’re straining at the seams now, and when they finally break, there will be riots and blood running in the streets. That will be the REAL SHTF. The only thing I’m optimistic about is the unrest and civil war that are coming to this land and it’s going to happen for a variety of reasons beyond economics. I dread it as much as anyone else here. just came home from another shopping trip. My prepping will only stop when the balloon finally goes up. Everyone get everything you can now while you still can. best wishes to all. Braveheart

      19. hey piper michael. do you care to chime in on this subject. tell us oh wise one. how about you facebookpage?

      20. I don’t what everybody else’s finances are, but for our family; it was to use for shelter, water, food, defense, barter items, etc. you know. We just did not have it to invest in PM’s; I feel if one doesn’t have the means to purchase several oz. of gold or silver, you spinning your wheels.
        To me it’s the same as someone who thinks that 2000 shares of a stock is great, let me tell you that is nothing you need tens of thousands shares to have anything.

        Yes I know PM’s are to preserve your wealth, but you have to have wealth start with. We poor folks out here will just have to get by and live through this peerless time we all are facing.

        I just feel that reaching the other side (a live) will make me a rich person.


        • agreed Sir.

          • What if they actually do go to All cashless system?..Includeing Property Taxes too!…And what if they only allow all items you can posibly buy to be bought in Their cashless-debit systems so in use Now for utility bills etc.

            What if they also Forbid trading in gold or silver to aquire such cashless debits?…Once preps run dry, and they will regardless how much you store away, how will anyone even grow own food if property taxes must be paid in cashless debits form of currency?

            If such happens even the wealthiest who own much PM’s will be equal to the poorest amoung us. It will be an either or scenario. Either fall into the new cashless system, or fend for yourselves. Most wont survive that type scenario, even younger and stronger trained types still must eat and have a roof or at least property/land to erect shelter on.

            I watched Greenspan when he was still head of fed res back in like 2004(?) I think it was, on cspan tv live. He was answering questions to a senate or house committee on banking etc. One committee member asked greenspan if they were able yet to complete their cashless stuff.

            Greenspan told them that the fed res was able to get alot done with the entire banking systems of the usa, and also Most of the rest of worlds banks so as to be able to convert to entirely cashless system.

            But greenspan also told them it was moving slower than antisipated for the Private buis in usa and especially europe and rest of worlds buisness’s. He said due to that reason the fed res needed aprox another 3 yrs to be able to have the entire world monetary systems govnt-private-banks all ready to go to 100% cashless worldwide.(3-more yrs would make it ready by 2007)

            Then the senate or house member simply said Thank you no further questions. Greenspan answerd more to other members and it got boring so I stopped watching.

            It sure seemed evident they all are planing that type system and are not infoming the general public. Yet for some reason not many want to even consider it posible.

            Personally I can think of no other gov run thing that could screw it up for even preppers. Is there even any areas withOUT mandated property taxes to move to to avoid at least That posibility?…Anyone know of?

            • @Angelo….The cashless system is obviously around the corner. They are planning for it once they get rid of the dollar. I’m sure the RFID chip will be part of the program, that way we can even be scanned by drones miles away.

              Weird times are coming. I do not feel that any of us on this blog can fully prep for what lies ahead and shortly.

              I have enough money saved to pay off my house. But I am reluctant to do so. In the future, when SHTF, the NWO will confiscate everything in the USA. You cannot confiscate stuff if the note is still large, but you sure can if the person owns the home and the property.

              There is no doubt in my mind that property taxes will soon skyrocket due to lack of funding for schools and civil services. When you can’t pay, then guess who ends up owning the place. I forsee higher taxes for those that own their places v the ones that do not.

              Also, we are almost already cashless. Bank accounts are just digital and most people use credit card, debit cards, and checks. We are almost there.

        • Several oz of silver yes, gold no. Gold is for the rich. But I do suggest a few silver dimes, even for the “poor” they are only $2.30-$2.50 each. You can carry them easily and they will barter for most anything.

          • Wow, I must be one of the rich then.

            The 1-gram ingots of gold, or the two-peso gold coins, are affordable by most folks. Small denominations will be very useful for goods exchange.

        • PR
          Dont feel bad bud, same boat,
          Lately the $ are trickling in so its a choice beteen preps or bills, hate to say it but lots of times the bills loose, theyll still be there tomorrow, preps maybe not! Look at the ammo sitch

        • It don’t matter. Do what you can with what you have.

      21. Daisy, I know the feeling. I’ve been the odd man out in my family for years now. The last time i tried talking to anyone about prepping was when the financial crisis of 2008 first hit. Nobody would listen then, and i know no one will listen now. When TSHTF, it will become a totally different world. Braveheart

        • @ Braveheart:
          I’ve long since learned to embrace the term ‘crazy uncle’ and wear it with pride.
          You may rest assured that those who are most inclined to laugh behind your back now will be laughing the least when TSHTF.
          Methinks Charles Darwin may have been on to something when he formulated his ‘Theory of Natural Selection’.

      22. There are a lot more valuable commodities than just gold and silver. Get some Swiss and Canadian currency. Get platinum and palladium. Get a fuel storage shed on your property. Get real estate. Get a working farm going. Most importantly CONSTANTLY FIGHT TO REPEAL AS MANY LAWS AS YOU CAN.

        • Eisenkraut, for once I really like your thinking. How do I go about getting some Swiss Francs. And I mean Bills in the Hand. It ain’t like a bank, in a town with a population of less than a Thousand, keeps them handy. Trekker Out. How’s my English?

          • Mountain trekker. not a chance on the swiss franc. there in a boatload of trouble as well.

          • The Canadian dollar isn’t so great either. When I do work for an American company I take a 2-3% hit on the exchange every time.

          • Bullshit every bank can order that shit. Just go tell ’em what you need.

        • Sorry but I disagree, platinum and palladium were not even valuable until the need for catalysts came up in the 20th century. Nearly all palladium is used in catalytic converters in cars, How many new cars are there going to be when TSHTF, most mufflers will be recycled and Pd will be in surplus. Same with Pt. I have some of both and side by side they just look like nickel. As far as Canadian or Swiss paper, it’s just paper. Ask the next 20 people what the price of a Swiss Fr is and see how many of them know. When It goes bad NO ONE will want any one’s paper. For a long time.

      23. Load up as best you can

        Whatever you buy get at least two or preferably three.

        Save some cash because there is something you forgot.

        Remember. ……all we can do is try

      24. Just Me and Oldman, in the final chapter of “One Second After” it was estimated that only 30,000,000 people were still alive in the US 1 year after the EMP hit and that was only an estimate. In a real life EMP scenario, it’s been estimated 90% of the total US population of 300,000,000 will be dead 1 year after an EMP event. It’s going to be hell on earth. Braveheart

        • @braveheart
          have not read that book and i believe those numbers read as probable…what would be in question is the speed of the die off…if this all goes down in the dead of winter the die off will be much quicker and the zombies will be very limited on how far they can travel out of the cities and into the countryside…winter will be hard on even those who are prepared but impossible for the zombies too overcome…it will be a living hell make no mistake about it.

        • Yes, have seen the prediction. It will certainly be most people in urban areas, rather quickly, then the surrounding rural areas, as MUYs exfiltrate and go scavaging.

        • BEFORE industrial revolution (OIL, COAL, GAS), there were about one billion people. SINCE the industrial revolution (food production increased TREMENDOUSLY because of fossil fuels): ABOUT 7 OR 8 BILLION PEOPLE. AFTER the oil’s all gone (or the part that’s easy to extract): down to about one billion again…

          Any time now, the sharp drop off will occur…or as Peak Oil experts call it: “the Die Off”.

          • Our government put out a graph which showed the “Drop Off”– supposed to occur any time now. THAT’s the real reason our economy will never improve…its all downhill now… plus, of course, the rich elite, banksters, etc. raping the planet as much as possible before the whole darn thing crashes.

      25. When the Fed was created on Christmas 1913 didnt anybody think to ask any questions such as WHO’S IN CHARGE OF IT?

        When SS and Medicare were created didn’t anybody think to ask WHO’S GOING TO PAY FOR IT?

        How can adults be so brainless? All this shit is failure of our own design.

        • Those things were very well known by the people who were installing those programs. The central bankers had been trying to weasel thier way into American power for the entire 1800’s, when they helped install Woodrow Wilson as figurehead, excuse me, “president”, they finally got thier way. After he had seen what he had done, he morned his stupidity, but he had already sold America out.

          When FDR & Co., who was installed by the same parasites, instututed ssi, it was to a generation of people who had everything stolen from them in the depression, and were desperate to hear that they would be taken care of. Which, again, was by design. They were not very interested in questioning what ssi was really about, or whatever, they saw it as FDR saving them.

          It is easy for us to say the people of the time were “brainless”. They were indeed far more simple, and were not inclined to question authority, especially after surviving the depression. But, look around you, the “youth” of today are in probably worse shape to do anything about what is coming.

          Most of today’s youth will make good slaves for the duration of thier short lives…

          • The 1913 fed res and the “six-Million” are the Two biggest hoaxes perpetrated during the entire 20th century!

            And ironicly Both were perpetrated by the same people!

      26. money is an invention. so are its problems. but how to change from the current condition? too many people doing nothing and getting paid the most. american dream? small business can’t survive at the present level of fees, hidden costs, etc. to build a new house, how many “agencies” have to inspect numerous times? labor representation? when? investment firms owned by royal foreigners? the federal gov owes somebody and why?
        i’m a bit tired of this oppression. kick the foreign investors out! if we want to get rid of this crap, we’re going to have to go do it ourselves. the shills are in every branch of the gov. the ones in our faces that have been there far too long are the shills. the politicians wrote the laws that have allowed them to stay in their positions. they’re not going to change back. so far, of everyone i’ve mentioned it to, no one caught what i did at the end of one of obama’s recent speeches. i felt like he underhandedly said if we want our country back, we’re going to have to come get it. anyone?

        • @bigtoe1111: interesting; I did not see it, so didn’t catch it. try not to watch him but that’s a mistake on my part. in order to be prepared, we have to know what they are saying, instead of ignoring them. in that vein, I have started watching NBC nightly news just to see what kind of junk they are pushing.

      27. Attach a lien on WDC CONgressional paychecks and retirement accounts.

      28. I’m wondering if others are ramping up their activities now? I’ve been feeling a sense of urgency lately. Anyone else? Around our place, we run out of hours before we finish the daily ‘do list’ now. Last weekend we butchered the last hog and got it packed up and frozen, sausages made, bacon cured. This weekend the weather had been nice enough that we did some preliminary garden clean-up and a first-pass tilling in one of our gardens.

        I’ve been getting rid of excess “stuff” that takes up room where more stored food could be. Figured out a few new hidey-holes, too — even saw a box that had book spines glued to the front so it could ‘disappear’ in a bookcase. Loved that. Hope everyone thinks to cache a few buckets elsewhere — we know how greedy the Nazi-gov is.

        • Absolutely ,ramped up my preps. Just got laid off,we’ll actually the boss folded the company. He made his milllions,so he’s done. Best thing I could ask for now,timeing is perfect. I have a gut feeling we will see drastic changes by spring,early summer! It will happen so fast most will be in full denial faze.
          Prepping full time,and I still feel we won’t be fully prepped,but than a again very few will.
          Shoot straight

          • Fed up with Feds, I’m sorry to hear you’re laid off but VERY glad to hear you have a positive attitude about your “misfortune”. Good for you! Godspeed.

          • If every person regardless of income would think like ‘what if I lost my income next week’, then this nation would be ready for a shut down.
            Glad you are prepared Fed Up. Sincerely.

            • ARE YOU KIDDING? DON”T SAY THAT! If even 10% of the Sheeple start to think that way, it’s over. The PIZZA shops, the car dealers, the hotels, all vacation related stuff, cable TV, all the clothing stores, except good boots, restaurants, movie theaters: And a thousand others would be bankrupt in minutes.
              You wouldn’t be able to Buy:Guns, ammo, blankets, matches or any of the items we are stockpiling anywhere in the country and the collapse would be so fast they would never be anymore. For One moment consider the possibility the GOV does understand what’s going on and is giving the people who are smart enough to figure it out time to get ready.

              • But the Gov thinks the people who are smart enough are their the govs worst enemys or potential trouble types. So why would the gov help us?

                • After it’s all over,someone has to be around that’s smart enough to run the country and pay taxes.

        • Damn, Zoltane I wish I was there to help you with the hogs. Sure do miss it. It was in February every year. There’s only two of us left out of eight that would butcher and process 4-6 hogs. Started on Thursday snd cleanup was on Sunday.

          • I wish you were around, too, PO! That would have been quite the job with that many! Hubby sliced his finger off last November and the healing process has taken quite a while. We managed but another set of hands would have made the job easier. And more fun. At least we had a big mess of BBQ ribs on Saturday night. That was good eatin’! 🙂

            • I met a little pig once; he was so sweet! What they say about pigs being smart is true. It was a beautiful spring day and he looked at me so inquisitingly.. first time I ever “communicated” so to speak, with a pig. He was just a young thing– so innocent. We were standing on opposite sides of the fence outside. He didn’t realize the horrible fate awaiting him… guess that’s why he looked at me so trustingly and was so inquisitive.

              He had been brought there (to town!) by an old Puerto Rican man. When the city officials found out, they told him he had to get rid of the pig. And he did–took him down stairs of his basement. I hate to think what that sweet, innocent little pig went through. Too horrible to think about. Old man bragged later about the little fellow being up in the freezer. My daughter and I stopped eating meat long time ago– when we read what all they have to go through just so people can have “meat” on the table. Funny thing, when people get real sick, first thing doctors have you do (if good doctor) is to eliminate the meat..

              • Grasshopper, it is evident you are clueless on the subject so let me assure you that the one clean shot to the brain with a Mini-14 dropped the hog immediately. There wasn’t one second of pig-remorse. This barrow hog had a good life and we even turned him loose on occasion so he could whoop-it-up. But that hog was here for one reason and one reason only.

                A piglet is cute, sure. For about a month. But let me point out to the contrary that a well-raised, 300+ pound hog isn’t sweet — they’re strong and if you aren’t paying attention, you can be knocked down by one. All of our piglets are grown out to hogs. They’re raised well (and many people who grow out a pig could say the same thing). They don’t grow up to be mean — but they’re large. Same as any other livestock — they MOVE AROUND.

                FWIW, I’ll guarantee if you’re hungry enough, you’ll eat meat.

      29. Everything will go to HELL before we go to GOLD I mean whatever SHTF event takes place will be bad enough that even GOLD won’t matter. Escape to the country while there is time YOU can’t be in the city when the SHTF

      30. Out here Iowa there a saying: IF IT’S NOT “BROKE DON’T FIX
        IT” WELL we beat this mule for as long as everyone here has be alive, “everyone”


      31. Get your money out of the bank. Only put enough in to use when you have to. Keep as much as you can in small bills, $20 and under. When things first start to go south, the banks will be the first thing to close. There will be no FDIC insuring your money. This is exactly why they had to bail out the banks the last time. They were in fact to big to let fail, since the FDIC could not cover all the money people had in the banks and they did not want people to know that. If everyone realized that the FDIC was a big joke, there would be a mass run to pull their money out. You will still be able to use cash for awhile, since most people will not see how bad it has gotten and will not have anything else to conduct business with. Until things settle down you will not be able to buy food or anything else with gold or silver, because most businesses will not know how to value it. Keep gold and silver, but always have a large amount of cash on hand as well for the inbetween times.

        • Your money is insured and it will be there; it’s not the money but rather the value of the money. They will print up what is needed to shore up the FDIC. However that increased money supply coupled with all those USDs no longer needed or accepted internationally will chase a finite source of goods.

          Roosevelt closed the banks in the depression and people lost money because the MONEY had value and the elite wanted it.

          There will be plenty of money, plenty……

          • that is there best option probably kev. It does not mean they will do that though. All of the options are so bad that they are in a very tough spot.


            • What E. is saying is the courts sided with bankers; when TSHTF, the money, fiat, CDs, money in any form, even savings can be used by the banks to settle THEIR debts–screw yours.

              • than fuck em..dont pay when the curtain goes up, I bet a lot of people still owe big money on thisngs , and the banks wont get it all if they play this game..dont pay the bastards, and keep your money out of thier dam banks

              • True, true, true.

      32. notice to all of the agent provacateurs on here. why dont you try changing your strategy.instead of saying ” oh shoot, he caught us lying again, how can we do a better job of deceiving?” , why not try just , well telling the truth and not deceiving. I mean , its just a thought , but maybe not deceiving others would be an option.

        • You might as well be asking a skunk to stop stinking.

      33. If this all goes down and the USD is not accepted in the world it’s a guarantee that WW3 will either be on the way or already started. The US directly invades or invades by proxy nations that just hint at not accepting the USD as in Iraq & Libya.

      34. Greetings Everyone!
        Ah the future looked so bright that shades were needed….
        When I started out $40.00 bought TWO shopping carts full of “just starting out” food and odds and ends.What’s $40.00 buying now?
        “Two bags of Silver and one of Gold to get you thru”.The problem in our day that’s fast appearing are the amounts of faked PM’S out there.And we all know(here at least) the awful train-wreak when the masses decide that fiat money is worthless.It happened in Germany after WWI.It did take a period of time before that happened.But IT HAPPENED AND FAST!What finally caused it to be so severe were the idiotic actions by the same kind of feckless people we have today in D.C.(and locally more and more!)
        The Reptilian Republicans are caught in the grips of the Koch brothers and their Ilk(can you say “bought and paid for” fast?).The “Democrats”(a shade different in color,but with the idea that they ONLY know what’s good for everyone else,or so their told by their masters)Meanwhile they toss trinkets and money cards to the restless masses so their complaints are muted,if not quiet.My personal guess is when we see the Thousand-dollar bills start showing up in general circulation,the Republic’s end is about near.Perhaps sooner than that,but not much later.Frankly,TP makes a great investment and can’t be taxed.After eating everyone needs it!On a lighter note,I’m personally seeing signs that folks are tired of the likes of Washington,D.C,Monshanto,Bayerisk,BPer,BoAlers,Goldman-suckers and all the rest of those who “are ruining the Earth”.W/o going into detail(we don’t want to give the buggers any ideas!)there’s just might be something taking shape other than a TEOTWAWKI moment,given enough time.As more people “take a step to the left” the less needed ANY of those above are.And that includes their “goods” and “services”.It may be “too little,too late”.That’s what happened to Germany when the desperately seeking “peace and security” sheeples elected the Nazi’s and Hilter into power.We all know how that part of history ended……
        Meanwhile,back at the ranch….
        All the best to all
        Hope you can get your spring garden started.
        Hope God goes with you,but go!

      35. A hundred plus years ago the government printed it’s own money supply without debt attached to it. If you needed money for a home, business, or what have you, they lent it to you. We don’t need the FED. RES. And we dont need gold or silver as money. What we need is paper money used within the country with out debt to start it going again. It would mean the 535 would have to get off there butts and start working for this country instead of themselfs.

      36. This is just me, but I feel that the currency is so manipulative that it is not going to be the U.S. dollar collapses that is the cause of what is going to bring down everything. Even if all the oil producing countries trash the U.S. dollar to purchase oil for a basket currency or some Arab OPEC dollar, it will be because of another reason. This is what I feel, that some other cause(s) will bring the dollar down. There is a whole list of events that can happen, pick one or more from a list.

        There is a lot of wiggle room left that those in the government can pursuade others that the U.S. is still the place to pack money into, also phantom money into. Those in the government are such liars and still have the benfit of having the largest GDP in the world. Not for long with China as a very close second. They will just print up some trillion dollar BO coins to handle the bills. This could continue to go on for several months or a cuple of years.

        Look to the black swan events or something that is expected, like the New Madrid, San Andreas, Cascadia faults, regional or world war, disease as this is ALWAYS very possible each day thereafter today, EMP as 2013 is at the high point, the climate changing rapaidly for whatever reason as it has done countless times before, etc, etc, etc, etc. The main objective here needs that people have to be prepared for it, and 99% of the people are either clueless about, in complete denial, just know it is not going to happen, or just don’t want to. Be the 1% that do prepare WHEN it happens, as it can happen suddenly as often it does.

        • How did you get boldface?

          • @ Eisenkreuz:

            Google HTML Reference

          • I thought you knew everything… 😉

            • I never claimed to know everything. I say only that the decisions made by you old people are moronic beyond belief.

              • Not at all: We lived long enough to get old and some of us got rich. With your personality I wouldn’t count on making it very long, As a friend of mine said long ago; some people are alive only because you get in trouble if you kill them.

        • That is one video that should be sent to every single senator and representative who keeps saying gun control is a good thing . For it is plain to see, then the criminals have the upper hand .

          Not One More Inch .
          We must Stand together .
          One .
          God Bless the Republic of theUnited States

      37. Thanks to modern day communications, Ponzi Schemes never take more than a day or two to completely collapse. Thanks to modern computer trading, it may only take a few seconds.

      38. Based on Chaos Theory, the sandpile develops more and more stress points until some minor event triggers a cascade of collapses. I think we are all feeling the stress points build. It is amazing that it is holding up as long as it has. Sort of like the game with a stack of sticks. Which one will be the one that makes it all fall down?

        • @ Merree. Well said. I can visualize BO and helicopter ben and these other characters in a type of cartoon continuing to try to shore up and add more and more pilings to the foundation. All the while you see this big sagging center ready to come down in a cascade of sand on top of them. The thing is BO has plenty of these foundation blocks to put under the foundation, they are called lies and deception to continue to fool others into believing that everything is just fine. I really think that for it to collapse something major needs to happen to start the whole process going.

          I think of the U.S. economy as a ship that has run ground on a reef, as plenty of water flooding most of the interior of the ship, but until something occurs to dislodge it from this reef, it won’t sink. All it takes though is a medium size storm or something to cause it to sink into the deep water abyss off the stern of the ship. Kind of like the ship is resting on an atoll, top of a blown out volcano peak with very deep water just a little distance away. Again just waiting for the right push and then down it goes, and fast.

      39. Key word: Reserve

      40. Consider 30 % of the global population being told no hard currency , no food.
        Consider another 20% being told the american consumer has no hard currency. Therefore you have no job, good luck .
        Consider lots of people being told , the american boot is now off the petrol state face. So how do you feel about converting or paying 400 a barrel for oil ?

        America may go down , however we are going too take a whole lot of other countries with us . Schadenfreude Smile )

      41. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want,
        He makes me to lay down in green pastures,
        He leads me besides still waters,
        He restores my soul.
        He leads me down paths of rightousness for His name sake.
        Yea, even though I go through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for He is with me. His rod and His staff does comfort me.
        He prepares a table for me in front of my enemies,
        He anoints my head with oil. My cup runs over.
        Surly goodness and mercy will follow me all of the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of The Lord forever.

        What good does it do a man if he gains the whole world with all of It’s gold and silver, but loses his soul? Dust in the wind, it’s all meaningless.

        • Seek God now, while you still can, repent and make peace. It’s between you and Him alone. Shed your guilt and know real freedom from fear, real safety.

          This paper money, this country, this world is going to die very soon.

          Admitt to Him that you have broken His rules. Ask that Christ’s death on that most cruel cross covers your payment, the only payment worthy to pay for offending God. Accept God’s free gift, ask Him to come into your heart now.

          Say this; “Lord, I admitt that I am a sinner. I am sorry for my sins. I accept what Jesus did on the cross as payment. Please come into my heart and wash away all guilt, all fear, and all doubt”. Help me to believe, in Jesus’ name, amen.

        • @Last American….Psalms 23 is great. But the Lord did not ask us to be lazy or in debt, but to work with your own hands and to always be prepared and to pay your debt that is owed. Are we doing that?

          Yes, I worry too much. The Sermon on the Mount puts life into a much better perspective.

          The problem with most Christians is their cozy attitude towards today’s events. Too many believe in the pre-trib rapture and therefore are not worried. They usually say, ‘it is in the Lord’s hands’ or, ‘if it is the Lord’s will’….

          Yes, those are true but it also gives a false security that we will never see the real hardships that could be coming. Many will be surprised. Thus, we should prepare the best we can and trust God.

          • Jesus told us to prepare by getting a sword. He also told us to work 6 days and rest on the seventh. No mention of a 40 hour work week.

          • @ Ugly
            I suppose that given that less than 10% of the population preps, the same could be said about FEDX workers, auto repairmen, or any other group, not just our fellow Christians.
            I really don’t see how Psalm 23 would lead on to being lazy, as it has three points. First it givens great honor to God as it illustrates that it is thru His grace,goodness and leadership we Christians are safe.As Jesus said, “Even the hairs on our head are numbered”.
            Secondly it points out that God is in control of our lives and works in them, even if we may not be aware of how or why.
            Thirdly, it gives comfort to us knowing that God is our Shepherd, the One who guards and protects His flock.

            This does not call for us in anyway to be lazy, but it does call for us to give praise to God for all that we have and honor Him with all that we do.

            Having worked in both a Medical Field and The Ministry, I can tell you that in both cases 100% of the people will not be saved.

            There is an old poem that I recall from my High School days. An Englishman happens upon a great stone figure in the desert. On it is carved these words, “I am the Great and Powerful King, Look on my power and despair!”, all around it is sand, nothing more.

            My point is this, only God is eternal.

            • God maybe all that’s eternal but take out a 40 year real estate loan. you will know the feeling that it’s close enough.

        • I never comment on these postings that refer to religion. I have to admit, though, that I realized I have beeen so focused on other things for the past several years I neglected this part of my life. Got my family moved to a rural, safe area. Got all the “stuff” I could store. Still have some things to wrap up this spring, so I don’t mean to infer we are 100% squared away. Still have to work on physical conditioning (ugh) and hunting skills. Never did get that silly wood stove installed. My point is, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and forget what is most important. Time to get centered. I know there are some athiest/agnostic types who post here. I show you the courtesy of not ridiculing you, so please recipricate. We are a nation based on God’s law. We need to take the time to give God His due. We are about to need Him more than ever. Don’t leave a good Bible out of your prep list.

      42. Alright you old bastards. I’m going to educate your wrinkly old asses as to what good music is.


        If you don’t see the genius you really are hopeless.

        • @Eisen….You cannot beat the music of Louis Armstrong or even Elvis. Those two are worth more than gold or silver.

          • You’re a knucklehead.

            • figured he’d like –what’s it called– hard metal or whatever– basically, scary stuff– most of his comments are so angry, aggressive, chauvenistic…no taste in music either!

            • I was hoping for a link to Foggy Mountain Breakdown. I’m disappointed.

          • Mye eers ar burnang agin

            Hey y’all.

            NO EARTHCAKe sign tew dey- !!!!!! thee snakees ar all cozi in dere pen —notte acktin funlee

            N- E one cee Co Co fore Co Co puff puff puff leightlee?

            Nino orkette?

            Whar has hee bin?

            Gran paw und i bin wurried bout oure gude freind

            Iz hee owt hideeng inn thee wuuds wit thee mexikenns ore biig feete?
            Ore thoze aleLyin criiterz frum ufo …

            Me und belly bob bin dranken sum shine erlier tadey…grany chase us out of thee traylore wit a broom ..he he he und thet Deng dogg pee pee wuz barken thee hole time

            Bye yall

        • Pantera? You must be kidding! Oh, wait. I forgot, you’re just a young whippersnapper. Musical appreciation is still in it’s infancy with you, isn’t it?
          Some day, my young friend, you shall reach a point of astounding comprehension. A point at which you will properly value true guitar greatness. A point of honest evaluation of genius in E flat. You will finally become a fan of Vince Gill! (I kid you not. Mr Gill is indeed one of the all time best)
          But that is far in the future. You are still in the milk phase. Not yet ready for the meat. So, in the meantime, enjoy your metaloid manipulators of musical mediocrity. They are sufficient, workman-like and, though not truly talented as such, able to render triple digit decibels to young ears. That’s ok. I understand. I too, was young once (about 135 yrs ago, if my failing memory serves me).
          I hope you continue in your quest, my friend. Keep searching. The road is long, with many a winding turn.(the Hollies, ‘He Aint Heavy’). But if you stay the course you will be rewarded.
          And dare to dream of greatness! Press onward to the goal of infinite musical wisdom. For therein lies the riches of Ricky Skaggs, Flatt & Scruggs, Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry. The giants on whose shoulders the modern-day pipsqueaks now stand.
          And, if you are lucky…you may someday reach the Final Destination. The true Valhalla of musical genius…
          Travel well, friend. Safe journeys. Oh, and “Turn down that racket! You’re disturbing the whole neighborhood!”

        • Pantera!? ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

          You’ll have to better than that. Find some real metal, or better yet, metal that speaks to the soul…

          • *the ancient soul…

        • child you need to spend some time in the Mother Church and give those ears a tune-up!

        • Oh Eisen Eisen…is your focus so narrow that you can not truly appreciate the classics…
          Have you ever heard of Puccini or Handel…
          If you take the time to indulge an old man you may just learn
          that the generation that is yours or follows yours …does…
          For which, I am grateful knowing, that not all is lost…
          http://www.youtube .com/watch?v=csjIrNbAtEA
          https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=qU5wwmlsgYs
          And, for our Christian friends…never a more inspirational rendition of The Lords Prayer…
          http://www.youtube .com/watch?v=bSj31u3urvs

          For all three…just remove the space in front of the dot.

          • damn…didn’t work.

            • I do have to apologize for the complexity in viewing these…
              For some it may be worth the effort.
              Hey …it was my first attempt on this site…a little slack maybe. …please… 😉
              If I attempt something similar again…I believe I can do it.

      43. Just Me and Oldman, I agree the dieoff would take somewhat longer in warmer weather. We’ve only got another month at most until spring. Mayeb we’ll make it until summer before something happens, but I’m not counting on it. This is just me, but I estimate 50% of the population gone before summer ends from various causes. I keep hearing reports of NWO activity being ramped up everywhere. I still feel sometime in spring will be when everything falls apart. i’ve been speeding up my prepping as best as possible; made another shopping trip today, in fact. Time is definitely not on our side now, Everybody get everything you can now. braveheart

        • Good Evening braveheart!

          That what is coming is, in fact, enroute now is for most of us a forgone conclusion. All about us the pace seems to be accelerating, does it not?

          Perhaps sometime in the Summer, perhaps otherwise. I am of the conviction that we will NOT see another Happy Christmass before the RESOLUTION of this arrives. I am seeing a variety of things, ‘tells’ in the finacial markets which suggest that the PTB are beginning to lose thier previously firm grip on the whole enchilada.

          Keep Preppin Bro…we’lll need it all too soon.


      44. Hello Everyone. I’ve been lurking for more than a year & it’s time to stick in my 2 copper cents. I have read almost every comment on Mac’s website and this family is the BEST group of people out there!! There may be a few flakes, but most of you are brilliant.

        I do believe BI hit it when he said the manipulators will not allow the fiat dollar to tank, no matter what. But, the dollar has been so damaged that all it will take is one missile from one of the lousy countries, like Iran, Syria, Pakistan, NK, (you get the idea), and down we go.

        When this happens, instant chaos!! Fuel will skyrocket, no more shipments of anything, and we’re all on our own. I say to everyone– Pack away as much as you can, but think about fuel for the transition time. The time you will need to go from living with electricity to nothing. Keeping freezers going will be top priority, short term, to get everything dehydrated and salted. And short term, the sheeple won’t care about hearing a generator, they’ll be snuggled up in the corner waiting for their savior, til it’s too late.

        A little off topic, but no-one talks much about it. We need Mac to start this. COMMUNICATION!! From my name you can tell, within 100 miles, where I live. It’s all hills around here. CB’s work in the open, but we need to come up with a ham frequency for us only. With a zap signal, that we can change frequencies if needed. As soon as the crapper goes airborne, all comm will be down. Guaranteed government induced. Even if it’s just a few transmitters in the U.S., at least everyone listening will get some idea of what is happening out there. Out for now.
        molon labe

        • The beauty of Ham is that it cannot be shut down if you have your own antenna, unlike the cell towers.

          In addition, you should get a satellite phone if you can afford it.

          Ham is not easy to learn. You need at least your general class.

        • Be Welcome Here KM,

          We are always glad when those who are here choose to ‘see’ and be ‘seen’ I can see from you rpost that the gears are a twirlin’, “Think thrice…then Act” I agree completely.

          Og late some ‘hints’ are coming out of China that are to say the least, disturbing. It appears that mch of wwhhat the West THOUGHT it knew about the ‘Middle Kingdom’ might be little more than clever fabrications on the part of our ‘inscrutable’ Far Eastern Freinds.

          I beleive that, more than even the middle East, that China will be the lynch-pin which when pulled will begin the collapse…I have my reasons to think so.

          Anywho, Be Welcome here and Congratulations on ‘coming out’! 🙂


        • Welcome, KM! Glad you jumped in!

          ~ Daisy

        • Welcome KM! Your comments and thoughts will provide additional value to the blog section.

          Welcome aboard!

          God Bless ya!

        • Welcome! 🙂

      45. It took my wife losing her job and me getting my pay cut to realize thing are getting worse and worse. I now put whatever i can towards food ammo etc. Some people i try to talk to give those looks. Only some will listen…the rest….well who knows.


          Here’s your game plan…
          1. Prep up…you know what to do.
          2. Then buy a fleet of IT books. Server and web. Read your ass off…then just keep creating .com companies to pull money from the globe.

          We’re not going to mad max days.

          Life will go on…but you just need to be ready if we do for a season.

          While the collapse is going on…
          Plan for your rise.

          That’s prepping.
          One jerk who laughed at all my books is now fired off…and I now make five figures more!!! ha

          Tip…used books off of amazon.com.
          Read on.. sql server, mysql, grails, linux, and so on.
          then….start coding into the night.
          Just finished my code run…
          bed time…work then at it again…the rest of my days.

          YOU’LL LOVE THIS…
          With things getting bad…
          It wil be all that much easier to be a sugar daddy..
          Hot women of the younger variety.

          No…I’m not a black dude.

          But I smell opportunity and there you go…
          Cash talks…

        • Right now—food not hard to accumulate. But ammo—forget it. In the normal places I try to buy, such as wally world, or other sports stores, it just isn’t there too much . Once it hits the stores, it’s gone. The PTB don’t have to worry about gun confiscation, just remove ammo from the supply line. UGH…

      46. 90% of laws are stupid. Why do we need all these laws? Why do humans being have this fanatical obsession with enslaving themselves? Why can’t people learn to just shut the fuck up and leave other people alone?

        • @eisenkreuze, the answer to your question is one which I figured out about 15 years ago. Most people are so afraid of dying, that they will search for anything that might help them avoid, cope with or forget this fact. Instead of accepting the truths of the world, they bury themsleves in a web of lies to make it all better. I say give these ninnies a soother and stick them all in jail cells. than the rest of us can enjoy our time here , while we are here , instead of living in the self imposed hell that 95 percent of people insist on putting themselves through.

        • Your question doesn’t make any sense. That’s probably why the thumbs down. I would say 99% of laws, rules, regulations, whatever should not be on the books. I’m in construction and have innumerable alphabet agencies breathing down my back that you probably have never even gotten close to dealing with.

          Your average citizen per se is not the one writing the rules. We vote in supposedly decent people and they go all to hell once they’re in there. They see power and come up with this crap to enslave & control the populace. The 47% see what is happening, but only a few % really care. This has gone on for generations in every civilization in history and like all the rest we in the U.S. will see a very bad ending before the reset. The 3% here will have to put this country back together after the rulemakers destroy it.
          molon labe

          • We dont need rough-in and final inspections for foundations, electrical, plumbing, and roofing. Thats why contractors are licensed. The government doesnt need to be involved in all this shit. The government just needs to fuck off.

      47. Let me ask these questions of the floor: how old are you, how long have you been a survivalist, and what was your wake-up call?

        • Just turned 49 (but don’t look it), wake-up was around the time of Y2K, but have always been practical and loved being in Girl Scouts, being in the woods, using herbs…while my friends were watching TV I was reading “Survival Skills of the North American Indians.” Always was a survivalist at heart I guess.

        • I had been a “stockpiler” and a very thrifty shopper ever since my first daughter was born, and I had an interest in self-sufficiency. I have wanted to be a farmer for as long as I can remember, which everyone in my very urban yuppie life found quite eccentric.

          However, it wasn’t until I was laid off about 7 years ago that I realized the true benefit of that. It was then that I began reading and learning about the economy and began to prepare witht real focus. Also, at that time, I saw how other friends from work who had been laid off were faring. After 2 weeks, while waiting for unemployment to start up, they were already lined up at the food bank because they had no groceries left in the house.

          So there was nothing earth-shattering that caused me to prep, just life and what it throws at you. It’s just common sense.

          What about you, E?

          • I’m an Eagle Scout, a Bush Pilot, and a Ocean Sailor. One grandfather was a farmer and the other was a machinist. I taught the wilderness survival course and I lived in a tent in the woods for 9 months when I was a teenager. I also sailed solo from MD to the Bahamas and back. On 9/11 I was standing near the WTC of Baltimore (there’s many of them) and I felt a need to beef up the security. I found out that TPTB in MD wanted me disarmed while letting criminals run around doing whatever they wanted. I resolved that old people are too fucking stupid and pussified to be allowed to have an opinion and just needed to have the truth beaten into them. My grandfather was a prospecting hobbyist and depression survivor who taught me about PMs. In 2008 I found that a lot of my investments went poof while the PMs I had went through the roof. After researching the economy I resolved to be a prepper for the economic collapse. I’m teaching myself about urban survivalism, and my top three sources are the miami prepper on youtube, Selco, and Ferfal. Urban survivalism is totally different from other scenarios. The ideas I had in the begining about putting on the camo gear and the balaclava, running out on the streets with the AK screaming “alright you bastards” have been thoroughly dashed. My new strategy is largely based on Ferfal’s firsthand experience.

            • Solid advice, Eisenkreuz! Though I must tell you, living in the People’s Republic of Chicago, I sometimes think it would be liberating for me to run outside and yell, “alright you bastards!”

        • Im 39, I was born a survialist but its been an ongoing process since I was surrounded by ninnies, socialists and sheeple for most of my life. My wake up call came about 10-15 years ago. It wasnt one thing , but what started it was when I had an epiphany from god and I realized that fearing death was insane and it was holding me back. Finding JR Moores show on shortwave was also a wake up call a few years after this.

          • @eeder….you have been writing with such venom lately. May want to check the left nardle. A brown-recluse may have biten. If only 39 and you had wakeup call about 15 years ago (thus age 24), that must have been a life changer for such a young age. BTW, I am looking at shortwave. What type of radio did you buy?

            • Nardle = new word. Thanks.

            • go to hell fbp.

              • @eeder….I have only one screen name. I use Ugly on other blogs as well. I was just curious about the shortwave radio you bought.

                PS. Did you get a chance to check the left nardle?

      48. Mac, let me add to your recommendation on extra boots and socks. For cold-weather wear, get some boots with Thinsulate insulation. They’ll keep your feet warm and dry; can’t go wrong with Thinsulate. Also, get as many pairs of thermal socks as you can afford; they last longer and are more comfortable. Also, plenty of foot powder on hand never hurts. I’ve got enough boots, insulated and non-insulated, thermal socks, and foot powder to last me for the next 3 years. i prefer boots, anyway; I like the ankle support provided by them. braveheart

        • For wet cold winter weather, the Sorel Alpha Trac or Glacier boots cannot be beaten. For dry cold winter weather, I go with Lacrosse boots.

          • Careful of the Lacrosse. Some of them are of Chinese manufacture.

            • I bought them because the site claimed the oldest boot factory in America or some such thing and I was trying to buy American. When I got them I discovered they were made in China. You can’t buy American if you want to.

        • You can’t beat Thorlo socks. They’re expensive, but they last, and they give the best foot support, warmth, and moisture wicking of any other socks I’ve ever tried. A pair might cost you $15-20, but they’ll outlast any three pairs of lesser socks, and your feet will love you.

          • Lady of Lake,
            I totally concur on Thorlo socks. My oldest ones are 20 years old and have no holes…elastic is shot from repeated wear. My last 6 pair are at least 5 years old and are still in like new condition after repeated wearing.

            I worked for OB for 10 years and have literally spent several years living in the outdoors. I have tried everything out there in terms of socks. Wool is great but wears out fast. Thorlo rocks! With quality footwear of course.

        • Smart wool socks they are the best…keep my feet warm all day when trekking in the snow

          • I’ve had 2 pair of the Smart Wool socks for everyday Winter wear around the homestead. Both pair of socks have worn at the heels and ball of the foot areas. Granted, I am outside and on my feet, working, doing chores, but they should hold up better than that. No other wool sock has done this. Too expensive for the short-life that Smart Wool turned out to be. Maybe others who wear them for outdoor work, not walking, have had similar experiences?

            • Zoltanne,
              Got a pair of them things on right now and yep there is a hole in the ball of the foot area. Guess I gotta darn them myself since my cats won’t do it for me. Still trying to teach them how to dust.

              Snarkiness off.

              • Kindle ~

                I’ve found that depending where the hole in the sock is, sometimes they are really uncomfortable if you darn them. On a pair of good socks that you’d wear hiking, it can cause blisters. (Maybe I’m just doing it wrong.)

                Cracking up about the darning cats.

                ~ Daisy

                • Daisy,
                  Nope, I concur…sometimes it is better to leave the hole. My fuzzy-faced kids need to start earning their keep. Granted they are good mousers but I think they could do more….

              • You do know how to wash those cats when they get through dusting, right? 🙂

                • Yeah, that’s what the upholstry brush on the vacuum cleaner is for…isn’t it?

                  • Bingo!

        • Buy a Handcuff key they are very small and easy to hide in a pocket etc. All or most all are the exact same key. Never know when such a key may be real handy to have. You can even practice use of it so if ever needed it will be a great asset.

      49. Warface, you’re right on target about federal workers of today being a bunch of morons who have no idea how to stand on their own 2 feet. Somehow, I can picture those DHS/TSA people shooting themselves in the feet during firearms training. I’ve got veterans in my family who were raised on shooting and hunting before even entering service who could chew up and spit out those DHS morons like they were all worn-out pieces of chewing gum. When the time comes, the govt. will get all those people killed for no good reason. braveheart

        • I was at a clinic when it was inspected by the state. Nurses had told me that the nurse doing the inspection worked one day as a nurse, then quit saying, “I ain’t goin’ spend my days emptying bedpans.” Next thing we know, she pops up as a state inspector. My comment was “the government’s doing full employment for those with no skills- at least it keeps them off the street.” The nurse I was talking to just looked at the inspector and sighed. Just another example of a government moron.

          • When I still worked back 30 yrs ago I had a reg route for various commercial account jobs, every month I did window cleaning at a detroit welfare office branch. From the view you got standing around inside the building all seemed normal. But once you got up on top of various desks etc to reach tall windows when you turn to look behind yourself, then is when you could really “See” what goes on in entire place.

            Out of aprox 50 welfare worker staff, usually aprox 2-3 are actually doing real work!..The rest are at a desk napping-eating apples/oranges-fileing nails-adjusting facial makeup etc etc…While all the reg welfare persons are waiting for service. Typical fed or state worker force.

        • About twenty years ago I decided to try and get a fed job. My mother had worked in personnel and knew how the applications were scored so she told me how to do the paperwork. Max score was 100, but with my veteran’s points my app for one job was 115. A job came open at a federal prison nearby. I wasn’t even contacted for an interview. They hired a member of a “protected group.” Interviewed for a job with DOJ. At the end of the interview the regional director came around the desk and shook my hand, saying one of things he hated about retiring was that he wouldn’t meet people like me anymore. They hired another member of a “protected group.” That basic scenario went down a second time with DOJ. By that time I knew the personnel clerk. She told me they needed a female and a black, maybe next time. A year later they contacted me for a third interview. I told them to stuff it. The feds, as individuals, are generally not the best qualified for the job. That may explain a lot.

          • Ob, and this is black history month to boot. Next is Hispanic history month then we’ll get women’s month. No mention of the minority (white) history month. Now you know how they divide us.

          • Ha! know someone who graduated from a top 15 b school with MBA. A best student and had lots of various experience. He applied at Honeywell. Turned out a protected person from his class who was a mediocre student was hired without even interviewing!!! Later he worked for Nabisco I think it was. One of his tasks was giving 20% of their contracts to protected groups – even if their cost was 10% higher than the non-protected people. But would you rather be born “protected” or born to be responsible!

      50. I wonder why the incessant propaganda on this website? 99% of the “predictions” never come to pass. The accuracy rate is dismal at best. What is the point?

        That which we fear the most almost always never happens. This is what needs to be addressed and talked about, not all the things that don’t and probably won’t happen.

        It’s very doubtful that a currency collapse will occur. I’ve been reading about this for years and years. All the advice that suggest “something” will finally happen has proven to be wrong again and again and again.

        The claims about gold are just as misguided. I’ve come to believe that these articles are nothing but self-promotion to purchase from affiliates, nothing more.

        I come here for information, not more propaganda.

        • You know this is a SHTF website! Our currency has been collapsing since 1913. And like you’ve all heard before, you could buy a loaf of bread for a silver dime throughout that dimes’ existence, try that with a fiat dime!! “Predictions” are by their name something someone is guessing at. Depending how you interpret, there have been many ‘predictors’ guesses that have come true. Someone on this board will guess right. Let’s just hope it’s not everyone and it’s not total destruction.
          molon labe

        • That is the problem. We have all been truly blessed to have lived in an unusual period of time in which all the best of things came together (unless you were caught in one of the wars-but I think I speak for many of the baby boomers.)

          After WWII, the US was the only country left standing, industrial might already developed and destined for more.

          The country protected from the ravages of the war by two great oceans.
          Cheap, plentiful fuel.
          Plenty of food with expanding agriculture.
          Emergence of improved healthcare.
          Not too much debt. The dollar emerged as the reserve currency.
          Plenty of room for population, economic growth, jobs.
          World wide affordable transportation for the masses.

          You get the idea.
          Very rarely in the history of the world has a generation of people had it so good.

          Indeed, it is hard to think that anything bad could possibly occur. I know. It seems inconceivable to me. But I am not sticking my head in the sand either. I am quietly making some preps.

          It’s called normalcy bias.

          • Well said…it takes total commitment by all to get to that point.

            Now, less than half participate.

            History shows that all good things come to an end due to equal outcome.

          • horsesass: Yeah like when 300 yrs ago the folks decided to Remodel Fort Cadillac, and turned it into what became the worlds greatest manufacturing industrial city the world ever saw, aka Detroit aka Motor City. They never back then nor during 300 yrs of ongoing improvements thought it would be looted and burned 1/2 down to ground.

            But look how That turned out! and it took just 5 yrs for the latter to occure. You just never know what can happen.

        • Indeed, Time will tell…..


        • My Grandfather had roughly 900k in the bank prior to the housing bubble. He was worried and tried to withdraw his money. The bank could only give him 75k every six months. It was a major bank. For your dumbass comment, our currency is worth 4% of what it was originally worth. You better wise up.

        • If you haven’t noticed that things are coming to pass, then you must not have done much research! I KNEW they were coming for the guns, even told my brother about it.. and that was just before all the hupta about mass shootings. And then I told him we were going to have a civil war. that hasn’t come to pass yet, but everyone else started talking about it too. The point is, you CAN see what’s in the horizon if you are willing to pay attention and do the research.

      51. Just read something on NEWS MAX…don’t know how true or not it is..

        “NRA uses Justice Memo to Accuse Obama on Guns”. Something about secret memo and “got cha!” moment.

      52. God will see to it that all you liars and sinners burn in hell!!

        • If that’s what you think, then you must ALREADY be in hell (delusion). GOD IS LOVE.

      53. This goes out 2:Daisy, Sokie,vrf,braveheart,BI, JOG,etc.-you Know who U R …..
        ThanX 4 all ypu do to make this a most iteresting
        ‘Home Away From Home’-
        And of Course-Mac, &family;
        you guys R truly marv
        yeah, and…. almost forgot N.O.

      54. The “problem” or doubt/concern I have with gold/silver is that until the last 50-70 years, there were no “competing” things for gold. Most everyone was self sufficient, and value was in simple things like land , horses, the plow, maybe a few guns, and their house. No distracting worldly possessions. Anything left over could be accumulated as gold or silver, not stocks or other modern financial equivalents.

        Then once the auto age, electronic age, the great dependence on cheap oil arrived, people became disconnected from the farm and self sufficiency, and a default dependency on luxuries substituted for former self sufficiency. Gold and silver became a distant memory. This was also fertile ground for the emergence of fiat money.

        So how much is gold worth? Well, 70 years ago, a lot, not just because of its intrinsic worth, but that people recognized it and used it as a medium of day to day exchange. But today, when people are suddenly faced with food shortages they won’t even be able to think about gold and silver as their “ticket” to salvation. Therefore, I would not be surprised that simple barter will emerge and become established well before any gold and silver standard. It will be interesting to see however, if the states and local governments will develop their own gold/silver back currency in time to avert a money exchange crisis.

        Having had the “privilege” of being brainwashed by the the best education money could buy, I now boil down most of the imminent socio/ economic disruption to the establishment of The FED by the private banking cartel. Loaning money that they can create out of thin air to the government, collecting interest on it which guarantees an exponential debt spiral. Unbelievable that people don’t understand that. I am ashamed that I didn’t until 8 years ago.

        Once the FED is established and operates a fractional loan system which supercharges the explosion of money and therefore debt, the politicians suddenly have a way to pay for everything they promise to the public which allows them to get re elected. The public will always vote itself a free lunch. Again, the ability to spend money is what gets a politician re elected.

        Once a politician gets re elected and becomes a fixture, he becomes a target for corporate influence money. The politician gets rich, and the corporations get favorable laws which enrich them in a quid pro quo. A facist state is born.

        For a while the system worked because the government could tax and borrow the money. Now the government can’t borrow, and has run up against the limits of what it can tax. So now the FED has emerged from behind the curtain as the Creature from Jeckyl Island and is about to expose the consequences of its legacy.

        All of the above mentioned corruption of the monetary system is ultimately dependent on abandonment of the gold standard. Nixon took care of that in 1971 with very little fanfare.

        The politicians love the current fiat system because they could never have “paid” for all the freebies (at least not as long as they have been able to thus far) if they had to comply with a gold standard and the usual generally accepted accounting principles.

        If unable to pay for their political promises, the issue of term limits would be mooted. If politicians didn’t deliver the gravy, they would not be re elected…which if you think about it means that being in office would not be a career, but rather a call to duty. No “free shit”, then no reelection.

      55. History books are written by the winners. Later generations must dig deep to find the real story. It’s taken a long time, but I can now say with certainty: Doc Holiday was a lousy dentist!

        Doc Holiday and Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy escaped a Nazi death camp together. They’d hoped to make their way through occupied France, then cross the Channel. Bones thought he had a 3rd cousin over in Ireland, plus Holiday wanted to collect an old gambling debt from Churchill. They moved by night, through the countryside, stopping occasionaly to warm themselves by a small campfire…

        Holiday: Your the first man I’ve met who could drink more whiskey than me, sir. I respect that. (cough, cough)

        Bones: (hic)That’sh high praise indeed, coming from one such as yourshelf (hic).

        Holiday: Tell me more about this cousin of yours. You say she runs a saloon in Belfast? (cough) Might she be in need of a Faro dealer?

        Bones: Poshibly. (hic) I’ve never met her. We’ve only corresponded a few timesh.

        Holiday: And tell me again, sir, how you came to be here. If I remember correctly, you said you’re from a time in the future? Three hundred years hence? That’s quite an astounding claim, sir.

        Bones: All I know for sure is that Scotty and I were monkeying around after a (hic) hard night of drinking. We got to rough-housing in the transporter room and somebody bumped the switch. So, zzzaaapp! Here I am. I only wish I’d brought some fresh AA batteries for the tri-corder.
        Now, tell me Doc. How is it you got here? In europe? In the 1940s? Your culture had no space travel, much less time travel. How’d you get here?

        Doc: I shan’t regale you with the details, sir. The story of Molly and myself escaping from a crooked card game in Deadwood, the flight out of town, the possee hot on our tail, our harrowing escape through a canyon near Strawberry Creek, the crest of a hill, plunging into a misty fog in the moonlight, riding out the other side, only to find myself alone…and here… in this war-torn continent. I shall not try your patience, sir, with such mundane minutiae.

        Bones: I think you just did. Well, anyway, the bigger question is how do we get back? To our own time and place, I mean? (he taps his tri-corder against an empty whiskey bottle, trying to make it work) You ain’t got any AA batteries, do you? (hic)

        Doc: First things first, my fellow traveler through time and medical malpractice. The immediate need (cough) is to get across the channel. Then, I’ll find that pudgy faced little Englishmen and collect my $400. Thence, we shall make our way to your cousin’s establishment for refreshments and further planning.

        Bones: Shounds like a plan to me (hic). Let’s go!

        To be continued….(or not)…

        • We are still studying you. Possible head design leadership on the the top secret urban assault vehicle.

      56. Good Evening Ftiend,

        A ‘Cute’ mash-up, one I’d Never have thought of…you wouldn’t happen to be related to Mr Willims would you? 🙂


      57. Here’s an anecdote that demonstrates (at least to me) how bad things are getting. I have a relative in her sixties who is always defending people including politicians and looking on the bright side. I have told her she would have defended Hitler – of course she denies that, but she would have, at least before the Jewish pograms started. She used to tell me that no one wanted to hear my “negativity” when I tried to warn of things to come. She would ask me why even talk about it when we can’t do anything about it?

        Well, now even she is getting angry about the invasion of privacy of the police state, and asking me “what can we do?” – and not rhetorically!

        Other relatives are starting to ask me what’s going to happen next with the economy.

        • Well I think financial schemes causing the collapse are largely due to the tribe Hitler set his sights on.

        • LT- I think you, I, and everyone here have the same relative.
          molon labe

          • Ain’t that the truth.

      58. “pogroms”

      59. Michael BloomJew’s big sugary drinks ban is about to go into effect. You will not be able to order a 2 Liter with your pizza in NYC.


        • as much as i disagree with this law, is there really people who drank a two liter bottle of pop at the movie theater? I say let them kill themsleves!

        • Bloomberg is a raging control freak. He has made up so many stupid laws for people’s “own good” while allowing certain areas of NYC to be without basic utilities for more than 3 months. Great priorities, there, Bloomberg.

          I don’t drink soda pop, but I should be able to in whatever quantity I wanted if I chose to do so. And if you are getting an entire pizza, why shouldn’t you be able to buy a large drink to split with your family?

          Further, while I rant about Bloomberg and food, if he is so concerned why isn’t he using his position to lobby against the neurotoxins that the FDA deems as safe, like aspartame and MSG, just to name two? Those are far worse for people than a bottle of soda pop.

          You may have noticed, I have an intense dislike for both Bloomberg and the FDA. 😉

          ~ Daisy

          • and thats a good thing dais as michael bloomberg and the FDA are vile and illegal.

          • Daisy, Believe it or not, Bloomberg is an enormous philanthropist. He founded Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation. I’m definitely NOT a Bloomberg fan (same reasons as you point out) but he is involved in some health-related issues, like tobacco use. While his donations total over $1Billion over the past decade, one might wonder why it is that he is so focused on the large-serving of sodas. It makes me wonder what is attached to those sodas. Is Bloomberg going to pave-the-way to go against the sugar industry? Or does the Government have ulterior motives with the soft-drink industry? I feel there is much more to this one than just the size of a sugary soft-drink.

            He thinks a 2-liter soda is excessive. I think his multi-million dollar donations are excessive. Can I outlaw his over-spending? 😉

            • Z ~ I strongly suspect his philanthropy has a reason that directly benefits him, don’t you? I have puzzled over the fact that he seems to be against Big Food, to some degree, when most of those folks are all for killing off the populace with toxic ingredients.

              Maybe he has stock in Splenda or one of those neurotoxic artificial sweeteners?

              ~ Daisy

              • Daisy, off to the end of the Internet I go! As a political figure, we can find out where his investments/investors are.

                Now who makes Splenda…..


                • Oh this is too easy. Just skimming the stuff off-the-top, look what is obvious:

                  There is a connection — he’s got some skin in this game. Bloomberg wants to get rid of sugar and go with the sugar-replacement, Splenda. Splenda is manufactured by a Johnson & Johnson unit known as McNeil Nutritionals.

                  Bloomberg got his BSEE from Johns Hopkins. There is now the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health — he recently donated $350 million there but in total, he’s donated more than $1 billion.

                  Johns Hopkins has the Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care and Scholars Program and the Bloomberg Program is established through this.

                  • Nicely done, Zoltanne! And you know, that was just an off-hand comment about Splenda.

                    Now, the really horrifying thing about this is…Splenda is FAR more toxic than sugar. Not that cheap crappy HFCS and processed white sugar is good for you, but it isn’t a freaking NEUROTOXIN like Splenda!

                    I read last night that artificial sweeteners are made in an especially horrifying way. The e-coli bacteria is fed fossil fuel. The feces that result is…ASPARTAME. Yep, it is the poop of e-coli sweetening that Diet Pepsi!

                    (And note to a friend, 😉 yes, you were right about artificial sweeteners!)

                  • And Z – would you mind if I borrowed some of your research for an article? Got the wheels turning…

                    ~ Daisy

                  • Daisy, have at it. Time to get the word out!! Anyone and everyone, WE have the ability to force changes by publicly decrying conflict of interest on things like this!

                    Always, always question authority. And follow the money trail. Sometimes our guts just know these thing so your ‘off-hand’ remark was more like your common sense.

                    I’ll try and find a few more tidbits — I had to finish cleaning out the barn so I was rushed. lol

                  • Daisy, you’ve got mail.

                    The bigger picture needs to include Bloomberg’s own interest and contributions into the new United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda. The UN has established what they call the Millennium Development Goals and this Post-2015 agenda is set to work with communities and governments to decrease non-communicable diseases and theoretically improve health. This Post-2015 Agenda is nothing more than one of the ways that human behavior can be controlled within a community or government system. And golly, isn’t Bloomberg doing that now?

                    Not a shocker, Bloomberg submitted his own ideas on this Post-2015 Development Agenda. His document is all about the Fascist way to reshape behavior by setting new policy, etc.

                    And believe it or not, Bloomberg has claimed to have increased the lifespan of a NYC resident. His concluding remarks: “The post-2015 development agenda has an enormous opportunity to build on the progress
                    that has been made since the launch of the Millennium Development Goals – and expand and accelerate that progress… It is my hope that our experience will help inform work that is being done around the world to
                    promote public health, and to frame the new development agenda.”

                    CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL

                    (Link to follow)

                  • (Quoted from Bloomberg Philanthropies) In a recent submission to the U.S. representative on the panel drafting the proposed Agenda, Mike Bloomberg provided his perspective on what it will take to achieve meaningful change.

                    As Mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg’s policies have helped add three years to the life of the average New Yorker. The City’s approach is presented in a publication the Mayor brings to the panel’s attention in his brief, which also focuses on three main principles:

                    1. Use data and metrics in setting goals, assessing progress, and ensuring accountability;

                    2. Make the healthy choice the default by creating policies that encourage individuals to make the choices that will improve their lives; and

                    3. Leverage public-private partnerships for social good.

                    By following these three guidelines, the United Nations, its partner organizations and the governments with which they work can make lasting progress towards solving some of the most stubborn development challenges—particularly the growing burden of non-communicable diseases around the world. Population-wide approaches are necessary complements to Universal Health Coverage, the goal of many in the global health movement. Indeed, population-wide approaches like the ones outlined in the Mayor’s submission are among the most effective and equitable ways to address key health risk factors and save lives.

                    More here: http://bloomberg.org/docs/post-2015-development-agenda.pdf

                  • Zoltanne – My goal in life is to be the squeaky wheel. Just a tiny little wheel squeaking along. Any little bit of irritation I can cause the corrupt is an added bonus. Small squeaking wheels, when joined together, can make a heckuva a noise.

                    I didn’t get any email from you, however. You can reach me at daisy at theorganicprepper dot ca or daisyluther at ymail dot com. 🙂


          • Daisy,
            Bloomerbutt is in my top 10 along with pelosi, frankenstein, schumers, cousin janet, cuuuumooo, and others.

      60. Here is another scenario: I am seeing alot of Russian or Russian speaking people as of late here in the Southwest. I have heard they are trying to blend in and they speak fluent English. I have a gut feeling that the US will be divided up between the Russians and the Chinese. Alaska is only 90 miles from the Russian border. Any thoughts?

        • YES! Where I live (northern state), foreigners have basically taken over! I’ve met some work crew (road maintenance men) who’ve complained about the foreigners having all the jobs… and I’ve thought the exact same thing!

          There are some apartment complexes which have always had a few foreigners but now have about 99% foreigners– and I’m talking of huge apartment complexes with numerous buildings, both sides of the roads. They have most of the jobs, and so, of course, most of the apartments! The other day, I read the elementary school now has an “immersion program for Chinese”!

          I like foreigners, don’t get me wrong! Some of my best friends have been foreigners. However, they are taking over in certain areas.

      61. Learning how to make ‘shine.


      62. Maybe we need a couple middle aged white guys swinging baseball bats and breaking knees to iron this country out.

        See….take the white guys out of the equation of running things and look what goes down.

        You’ll miss us. So you tried to beat us down…so now….STEALTH MODE.
        Good luck inflicting your affirmative action on us.

        Now…we’re going underground and we’ll be running .com ventures…with no buildings.
        You will never know who we are…. just files on a server pulling cash for all corners of the globe.

      63. Who isn’t gunning for the death of the petro dollar? Every day more and more countries trade directly with each other in gold, oil, and food, bypassing the dollar and criminal organizations like the FED, IMF, and BIS.

        When the dollar dies, the criminal clown actors in Washington die and they know it. Let’s just hope the military (both the ones in uniform and insurgent patriots) arrives on scene in a timely manner to keep the bloodshed to a minimum and start the rebuilding process. Get the FEMA camp visions and drone nightmares out of your heads… the future is bright.

      64. Obviously they don’t want a gold backed currency. And this is not without good reason. As I calculated, with all the gold China is hoarding, and with massive austerity measures, they could only hold their shit together for 6 years were they to go to 100% gold for all expenditures.

        How will you expand? How will you even maintain current standard of living as a society? You can’t. Don’t even try.

        I mean it would be fine and dandy if this was 1800 again. It’s not. It might come down to that but I’d be in no big rush to test the theory.

        But, sadly, you know what they’ll do before they let it collapse to 1800’s levels.

        They’ll make all currency “virtual” and traceable. Think of the advantages from their POV. Black markets become impossible. PMs become useless as a means of exchange. Everything you ever purchase becomes monitored. Think of the levels of economic control. It puts policy decisions firmly in their court.

        I’d rather have 1800 than THAT.

        But I’m just saying. A gold backed currency = instant 1800. There just isn’t enough of the shit. How do you even compound interest without running out of it?

          • They’ll do it.

            Count on it.

            How else are they going to paper over this BS?

      65. :: floats an air-biscuit::

      66. I’ve lost confidence in everything that has been touched by politics. We’re on our own and have been for a long time. I’ve been preparing for thirty-five years. Most of my early preparation involved acquiring firearms and ammunition. Everytime we’ve seen gun control legislation passed eroding our rights, I ratcheted my efforts up. The rest of my needful things I’ve been gathering for the last ten years. My confidence in our currency is ZERO. All my confidence lies soley in my faith in God and to a degree, tangibles. I am heading to Annapolis on Friday to support my second ammendments rights at a rally there. The tyrant’s bill (state)has come out of committee and hits the Senate floor on Friday. We’re hoping for a large turnout.

        PO’d Patriot (remaining vilgilant)

      67. [ phdinlogic says:
        Comment ID: 1191506
        February 24, 2013 at 11:56 pm

        Here is another scenario: I am seeing alot of Russian or Russian speaking people as of late here in the Southwest. I have heard they are trying to blend in and they speak fluent English. I have a gut feeling that the US will be divided up between the Russians and the Chinese. Alaska is only 90 miles from the Russian border. Any thoughts?]

        here’s a thought for you guys. I read a couple weeks ago that hawaii is looking at taking away a bunch of the citizen’s guns. i can’t help but think of how important that island chain would be to ANY country that would want to attack america. fleet commander yamamoto said he wouldn’t attack american mainland because “there will be a gun behind every blade of grass”. how much easier would it be to take hawaii if there were no armed citizens anymore. and as i write this i remind myself about australia and england…they will pay some day for the taking away of the citizens guns too. PREP LIKE A MOFO and PARTY LIKE IT’S 1929!

        • Thoughts?

          Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic if I’m right. Go right ahead. It’ll only buy them 10-15 years tops.

          We need thorium nukes like fricking yesterday and then we need to start voluntarily having less babies for the next 150 years.

      68. Intel
        DIY Weapons of the Syrian Rebels

      69. if you dont know how to maintain them, how to take them apart, fix them..etc… they will end up useless junk

        Library of firearm manuals…


        • True, but not true. With very minor cleaning and lube most guns will outlast the person who has them. I’ve got 1903’s from 70-90 years old, still very shootable. Some of these new toy poodle shooters like the AR’s may need coddling buy the old standbys will keep very well and shoot far more ammo than anyone but me has.

      70. Here’s something else I have been thinking of lately. People with children, between the ages of 0-18 should NOT be allowed to run for ANY political office or have ANY job in which they are responible for implementation of ANY policies(civil servants). These people are generally EXTREMELY dangerous to their kids, themselves and all of us. They will come up with ANYTHING, if they somehow think it will just make their children safer in their small minds. Really it is about making their own fears and egos soothed. It is ridiculous and it must be stopped or else we go further down this rat hole to hell.

      71. I watched a movie this weekend that I had never seen before. I thought it was a horror movie! Scarface. The funny thing about it is, I have all the good traits that Scarface had. I have very few or none of his bad traits though. Thankfully. It is a good and telling movie, for those of you who maybe have never seen it.

      72. Okie, keep that humor coming. Km, welcome aboard and hope to hear more from you. Possee, good to hear from you, how have you been? J1G, I’m just now catching your comment #1191304 from last night; I agree, I think SHTF will be in spring and then we’ll have a long, hot summer. My prepping won’t stop until the balloon goes up. braveheart

      73. Mayer Rothschild sent forth 5 sons to gain control of the banking centers of Germany, England, Austria,France and Naples in the late 1700’s. By the end of the 1700’s they had amassed by far the largest personal fortunes in the world. Learning quickly that wars lead to greater profits the family backed England in the Napoleonic wars. Being a fact that few countries are rich enough to wage war in an affordable manner makes all beholden to their financial backers. If those financial backers make both sides of a conflict beholden to them, then any chances of losses are greatly dispelled and profit opportunities soar. People have been subjected to this ever since. Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and World War 1 in 1914 was no coincidence. The German descended Bush family that backed the Nazi’s in World War 2 were bankers. Focus on the zookeepers first, then the enabling vulture Bilderberg’s. Expose them, it is their cloak of secrecy that protects and enables them. Then get mad, real mad. But stay focused. If this thing goes hot against the people, know where to nip the bud responsible for the blight in the plant. Let them know that oppression of the people and their consequential wrath will be directed appropriately at central bankers. If they realize they are the target maybe they will play nice, but probably not, for greed is a powerful human trait. The power elite are responsible for the state of affairs presently, make them accountable. By pass the enablers for now. Expose the zookeeper central banks and their power elite to the light and maybe there is enough time to pre-empt this New World they are creating for we, the people, occupy this Earth. We are the enablers. They fear that, it is their only fear.

        • Rothchild cleaned up in that napolean deal too. I think it was a dispatch rider for a newspaper co who when his horse threw the rider and he either was killed or hurt badly, the man who found that dispatch rider looked into the contents of riders saddle bags.

          He found the first notice that napolean Lost the war. That man who found the rider and his dispatch notice took it to His boss…Rothchild! Who sent word to his bankster brother in england to pass the word that ENGLAND Lost the war!…He knew france really lost the war, but by saying england lost, the stock market was crashed pronto in england. Then the rothchilds bankster family Bought up most all the stocks dirt cheep due to rothchilds-created crash!

          The 5 rothchild sons mother was quoted once saying “If My sons want War then there Will be war!…If they do not want war then there will be no war”

          They are the most corrupt khazers to ever live.

      74. In the UK they are trying to force the Pound to where the Euro is to get us in via the backdoor.

        The next stage would be to get the Dollar and Euro at 1:1.

        My advice to anyone is to invest in real tangible items like arable land, silver, useful books, and whatever you would need to function off the grid.

        If you have cash in the Banks, get it out now, and do the above. Like in Argentina, they will not let you clean out your account when a Bank Run starts. Not a big deal if you only have $200 in it. A huge deal if you have $20,000.

        All paper is 100% toxic in my opinion.

      75. Just wanted to mention Greshan’s law. A formal definition of what Kettle Moraine says. Can be applied at many levels.

      76. China is already dumping the dollar. The Chinese are buying American real estate and condos in Florida and on the west coast in large quantities. Friends in the high end jewelry business report massive sales of very expensive watches to Chinese buyers. The Chinese have a very good fake ID industry. This way they can get around the US anti-laundering efforts. The Chinese government is also buying tons of gold.

      77. haha, the trolls and agent provacateurs are eliminating posts again. As I said, would you all stop being afraid of dying. It is not a reason to make you , your childrens and everyone elses life miserable. and to the agent provacateurs who dont want others to realize this invulnerability that many (most) possess,you are sick and evil. DON`T FEAR DEATH , embrace life. Again, I encourage people in the city to consider making a change in your life.

        • .
          I AM FOR YOU…

      78. I think its time that all of those who are here to deceive , to step forward and come clean with us all now.

      79. I am seeing a pattern here and it is disturbing me alot.

        • no , that would be you.

      80. I always laugh when people on here say god will protect them. I guess there is more than one flavor of kool-aid.

        • I knew someone who thought this way,, right up until one of thier close family died by the hands of another..so God didnt protect them that day or moment did he?

          Gods pretty busy, lets give him a helping hand and take care of our own problems so he can get to do what he does best

        • God will protect a person’s soul if ….., not necessarily their flesh body. If the soul is protected for eternity, why fret over the flesh body? I don’t. Brang it!

          • Maybe because you need a flesh body to take care of things on earth? Such as your small children? Older family members? Or just helping to make the world better for others?

            • Good point,NT.

        • Please cite me that Bible verse that says followers of God will experience no hardship or pain.

          And further cite for me how you know that even if I have a 10 in terms of hardship that God didn’t protect me from 11.


          • Quite the contrary. He says we will all face some of the same things/hardships and that “accidents’ happen. Acknowledge it and accept, He says. Not exactly in those words, but it’s in there.

            It all has to do with “freewill’ and “choices”.

            Reminds me of a story. (Oh no, not another one of Tread’s stories)

            A woman in her late 50’s was in her hospital room and the word came in, it’s terminal cancer. She said,”Oh but I’m wealthy from two rich ex-husbands and I can pay for any kind of treatments”.
            The DR. said, “well, I’ve learned to never say never”.

            The woman, a believer, began to pray. “Oh Dear Lord, I know I have not been fruitful with my money, but if you will help me survive this i will spend the rest of my days helping others”. Out of the corner of the hospital room came a voice, “do you promise”?

            The lady says “Oh my God, yes, just please tell me how long I have left”. The voice returned, ” I’ll heal you and give you 42 more years of life.”

            Sure enough, after months of treatments and convalescing in a swanky hospital center, she was pronounced cancer free. She thought well since i’m already here I’ll just get me a little touch up work done. After months of plastic surgery, face lift, tummy tuck, cellulite removal and a fabulous boob job, she looked marvelous. Not a day over 38.

            She walked out of the center with a new dress on and heels and feeling like a million dollars. As she was struttin’ her stuff down the street, started texting her friends about her new look while crossing the street, and didn’t see the Big truck grossing 78,000 lbs barreling down on her. His light was green and her’s wasn’t. Smack! Instant death.

            As she entered the pearly gates she was greated by the Lord and she commenced; Why did you let me get killed after telling me i had all those years left?

            The Lord said, ” I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you”.

            It’s all about the “choices” we make.

            • Lol EXCELLENT. Great story.

              Now point me to that verse that says God is your personal magic geenie. Ya know, just rub ol bobble head dashboard Jesus and your every wish will be granted.

              IT AINT THERE EITHER.

              Does anyone else really loathe these oh so open minded leftists that foam at the mouth about ‘drinking koolaid’ when it comes to God?

              I mean really. We’re all koolaid drinkers for having faith in that which they cannot disprove and is proven when you look for Him, but they’re all DEEPLY in love with the CONSTANTLY disproved notion that the damned govt is Santa Claus.


                • @Grasshopper….That is one of my favorite Bible verses,(and I have found that it really works for me!) Take Care, CC.

        • If I die by the hands of a tyrant, it means little towards the protection God has given me. Life on earth is short and fragile. He has protected me by giving me Christ and a promise of eternity.


          • I use a simpler analogy—if we all had perfect, safe lives, how would we ever learn to appreciate the best of the good in life??

      81. Suckerpunch’s new game “inFAMOUS: Second Son” explores the surveillance state. “Right now, there are 4.2 million security cameras distributed all around Great Britain. That’s one camera for every 14 citizens,” said game director Nate Fox, in a dramatic introduction to the game. “It is hard to put your finger on what that sense of security is worth, but it is easy to say what it costs — our freedom.”

        Like Great Britain, the PS4 will also have a vast network of cameras — not one for every 14 citizens, but one for every console owner. At the presentation, Marc Cerny, head of the PlayStation hardware platform, showed a photo of a depth-sensing stereo camera for the PS4, designed to track the new Dualshock controller as it moves.

        some statements made about a new gaming device, has some real heads up comments about the surveillance we are under…many countries are under.

      82. On the Lighter Side

        An internet news story just flashed up. No sheeet.

        “Wife testifys of Husbands urges to eat Women”

        Would that be “eating out, or in, sir?”

      83. When the Weimar Republic happened, Germany removed all money from every bank account overnight and replaced it with 48 dm. No matter what you had in the bank the day before, the next day you had 48 DM.

        My father knew an old man who at the time had been a shopkeeper in Germany. He had 2 grocery stores. For one reason or another he only ever banked the notes he received in his shops, he didn’t bank any of the coins, instead he tipped them into a barrel in the basement.

        When the government emptied the bank accounts, they declared all old paper bank notes were no longer legal tender and couldn’t be used. You had to take them into a bank and get them changed for the new notes (at a much lesser value), but they didn’t change the coinage. Think about it, notes are easy to print, coins are very expensive to mint.

        So this old man (he was middle aged at the time) was fine. He had a basement full of coins. It was this, and this alone that stopped him from losing his business and being bankrupt like so many others.

      84. Another self-promotion article by Slave (promoting his affiliate connection to gold and silver).

      85. A Plea to all mankind.

        What do we want to be? I mean that in the collective of all humanity. If there is other life in the stars beyond like us…; curious, intelligent, competitive, sensual, compassionate, and cruel. And they come upon a dead planet hundreds, thousands or millions of years from now…, one we know as Earth (for all things have a beginning and an end). How will mankind be remembered? What ‘did’ we do? If our final accomplishment is our own species extinction then what does that say about us? Do I need to repeat that? How does mankind change it’s course? We’ve been living in a world system created by greed and the desire for power(control). Period. It is that simple. That System’s life, like every system ever invented, is coming to a close. That is our reality. It is going to be cataclysmic. It will be worldwide.

        I LOOK FORWARD TO THE FUTURE! This is our opportunity to take back our lives! If there is a creator, then I know one absolute. He gave mankind free will! We must take control of our lives! Stop letting others influence and control and enslave us. They are wicked and they are cowards. Stand up and fight. You have the strength and the will power, inside of you, each of you. The struggle will not be easy, there will be casualties. But now we have a reason to LIVE. We will take back control of our communities. We will build healthy, diverse, and vibrant communities. We will work in harmony with our Planet and be good stewards of it’s bounty. We will build a future based on generosity, cooperation, tolerance, forgiveness, and love. We absolutely can do this, we just have to DO IT!

        I cannot think a better cause to fight for than that of true Freedom!

      86. My $.02. When it happens, you could offer me an ounce of gold for a can of soup and I would pass. There are stories of other countries that have collapsed (Argentina, Bosnia, Germany, Zimbabwe) where people were offered a car for a meal and were turned down.

        First priorities of all in my opinion should be to be prepared for you and whoever you are prepping for to be fed, hydrated, clothed, sheltered and protected. If that is taken care of by all means get yourself some gold and silver.

        PM’s are for wealth preservation after the collapse happens. Need to get through it first.


        • I have a few extra cans of soup. Should you feel inclined to reject the offer, please send the hopeful my way. 😉

        • I’d buy heritage seeds for trading and sharing before I’d buy gold and silver. They’re alot cheaper too and more useful.

      87. I think the masses that can, or are knowledgeable in whats going on have already been moving thier money out of this country, and they been at it for a while.
        Even if its the little guy that can only safely move say 8 or 9 grand in a money belt when they visit friends or family in another country..convert the money to loacal tender and sit on it, waiting to see if they need to leave yet or not

        • so, some have been losing confidence for a while

      88. 4 Days my friends. Then it begins in earnest. The smart ones saw it coming over the weekend and bailed out of the DJ’s today. You see what is happening in Italy? The bond market balloon is going to bust and the United States Plunge Protection Team cannot do a thing about it. God Bless and Stay Safe.


        • Howdy Big-Un,

          Glad to hear you’re ‘with it’. Regarless of whether they can ‘manage’ it all one more time or not is irrlevant. It might be that they can forestall it a bit longer….but no more. The handwriting is ‘pon the Wall now, finally, the waiting will be over. The Dawn will come again, “May the Hand of God be upon Thee and Thine in the Long Night we will All soon face.”

          Should it begin, and we lose touch with one another, …it has been a pleasure Friend! Take care…


          • Absolutely it matters if they can stall it.

            Do whatever ya gotta do, financially. We need something like 7 more years unless you guys want to start dumping a non-ridiculously-small amount of money and resources into that thorium nuke project in China.

            While that money is still worth something and the resources are still convertible…

            • @ Theguy,


              It does not…the ‘tells’ are getting worse, literally by the day, the notion that “YEARS are left is frankly, fantasy, wishful thinking. Start watching the ‘Hedge religiously. Perhaps, a handful – a short handful – of monhts remain. Even the FED’s 30 year has begun to rise, for the PTB this is the stroke of doom Friends. They have next to no remaining means with which to suppress the markets further. The vast distortion of the markets which the Fed has engaged in has created a potential well which is now beginning to ‘push back’ against thier efforts…strongly. This is much similar to a compressed spring, the more compression you subject it to, the larger the force with which it pushes back…increasingly so. Prerp p Guy’s, fo what you must, NOW.


          • Indeed JOG and all of the rest of you would be missed as well. All I am saying is that it goes down hill from here on out. Obama will start a two week campaign across the country next week to win support for more taxes and blame the Republicans for the bill he signed into law himself. The republicans will do….uh.. nothing because that is what they have been doing.

            So the sequestration will go into effect on Friday. Then on the 1st of April the government will be out of money because of no budget. Another boondogle. Then on the 1st of May there is something else. There really is, I just can’t remember it as I am sitting here.

            Point being why are these “people” getting paid? They are not doing anything but passing laws to take away our rights. A bill is being considered at this moment to suspend or alter our rights regarding search and siezure.

            It would appear that all the finacial fiasco’s are just smoke and mirrors to cover the real issues that revolve around our rights. It is a double win because when the financial system falls apart to the point where everyone is seeing it they can say well we have been warning you.

            Friggin carzy struff. You all heard about the UK being downgraded over the weekend by Moddy’s. The Italian Prime Minister is talking about bursting the bond bubble that has been growing because interest rates have been better than any returns on the markets.

            France is dust. If not for the infusion of American dollars into the European banks the French banks would have had to declare themselves insolvent. They are having a run on the banks and have limited the amount you can withdraw on a day by day basis.

            Anybody else read Survivors. See the spooky correlation?

            Top it all off with a U.S. Media who is not reporting any of this. Hold on to your hats as it is getting ugly.


        • BigB, Things might heat up, that’s for sure. So I went to the store today and bought marshmallows to toast. I don’t know how to make them from scratch during the Winter.

          I also got some more lamp oil, another kerosene container, and a few more bottles of wine. Looks like I’m either looking for the light or gonna get lit. Or something.

          • Zoltanne, great selection–just don’t get them confused!!!
            All are fine for burning, but not drinking!!

          • Zoltanne, do you know how to make them during the summer cause I am pretty sure it is the same recipe. 🙂

        • BIGB–I sure hope you’re wrong about the Bonds market. That’s what Max Keiser was talking about in his video– the Bonds Market– and how when that crashes, the whole thing is over. If it does occur, I guess my daughter and I will go down the drain- We’re in a very large city, and all my supplies are way up North. ; (

      89. The Walking dead will not be just a TV show, but the reality of most. The govt will abandon them in their time of need. The preppers can’t help due to the enormity of the need. They will wander in a vain search for food, water, shelter, a kind word. They will be victimized by gangs and looters, but still they’ll come. They’ll come because they have no where else to go. What to do…

      90. looks like i have gotten under the skin of the CIA trolls on here. good work guys. how do you make all of the thumbs change. you think you are quite clever , dont you fbp. i think youre as simple as a wet noodle. you are a nitwit. What is your agenda. spell it out.

        • That’s easy

          Protecting my Family

          Supporting the Second Amendment.

          And all the others it protects.

          • Keeping my dog from worrying about derivatives

            • another of the CIA trolls. or maybe youre all the same little runt?

        • EEDER

          • yes nina/fbp?

      91. Just think about this scenario, please comment. What if the government right before or just after the collapse says all green backs are no good (for payment of anything), and you will have to trade them for the NEW MONOPLY MONEY at $.10 on the dollar (for your old useless green backs) , will your cash reserve (you put back for hard times) at that rate be enough.

        Also no gold or silver can be used for payment of any kind; due to the new law stating that the government now controls all PM’s. Anyone caught using or excepting will be arrested.

        Yes this could very well happen.

        Like I’ve said my cash have been used for Shelter, Water, Food, Defense, etc.


        • Pale Rider, I think what you are refering to is Script. People forget that the North Koreans have been flooding our economy with counterfit monies for many years. Both with paper and coins. Would be a good excuse to do what you are suggesting.

        • They won’t bother replacing coins. So my coins will suddenly be able to buy 10 times as much. I don’t keep paper.

      92. Well,we gave it a hell of a run guys.

        Now let’s try to have some fun.

        I’m gonna put on “The Thong Song”,
        and we’ll tear this place apart.

        ……Stay Thirsty my friends!

      93. Afternoon All,

        Things across the ‘big water’ are not looking good today, Italian bonds yeilds are surging,
        the ‘debt bomb’ which is Europe looks to not have much time left. South America will soon be
        in chaos and it appears that the Chinese have greater problems internally than we had yet
        suspected. Our own government is a sad, sick joke populated by those who have only thier own
        interest at heart, without concern for anything but thier own enrichment and the enforcement
        of Tyranny. Within mere days the American ‘Debt Bomd’ may explode as well.

        Things have looked better.

        In the event that we are unable in the future to readily communicate with each other I
        would likke to say that I have have been honored to have come to know many several of those
        here. Many of you know who you are,I will not pester you with a long list of names, but only
        say, “Thank You” one and all, your thoughts, revealed here, are graved into my memory and will
        abide there as long as I continue down my path. May the Lord Bless and Keep EACH and EVERY one
        those here who are of good character, who are “Great-Souled” and who love thier fellows.

        “It is not given to us to choose the Times in which we live…but only to choose what to do
        with the time we are given.”

        That line comes from out of Tolkien, from a conversation between Gandalf and Frodo. For all
        that is just a line from a story, yet it is so true.

        The body means but little and the time we spend here is short…but the blink of an eye. I
        will not surrender my dignity for any reason, to anyone. I will meet what comes, face forward,
        I will not shirk my duty in this life. If need be I will look my Death in the eye when He
        comes for me and I will not flinch. I WILL die but once thusly, not over and over again by
        living in fear. My life to come is Forever…I will do here whatever I must to be redeemed
        in His sight so that I will dwell in the House of Lord Forever…


      94. …it’s all lights and shadows, that’s what we are– lights and shadows of the Lord, nothing more. What makes us think we are flesh and bones? That’s wrong…

        • @VRF…OMG, that is just too funny! Take Care, CC

          • hahaha glad someone enjoyed it..

      95. Louis Farrakhan: Gang Members Can Serve As Protectors Updated February 25, 2013

        UNIVERSITY VILLAGE — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told thousands of followers Sunday he was planning to reach out to gang leaders to help “protect” the Nation of Islam.

        That came at the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day convention. Farrakhan, 79, renewed the call for African Americans to pool money and buy as much land as possible, in order to “control means of production” and produce food and other goods, such as clothing.

        Farrakhan said collectively owning land is a way for black people in America to prosper economically. The calls were part of a speech that lasted more than three hours and touched on topics including Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, U.S. Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel and a national push for gun control.

        Farrakhan told a crowd of more than 7,000 people at the UIC Pavilion that national lawmakers are using Chicago’s violence epidemic to push for stronger gun control laws but said the Second Amendment has nothing to do with the spate of shootings in Chicago.

        “The guns that every one of our young people have, are they legal? No!” Farrakhan said.
        Instead, Farrakhan had a different idea for how to address gun violence. In addition to sending letters to black military leaders, Farrakhan said he planned to contact the city’s gang leaders to recruit gang members to “protect” any land the Nation of Islam might buy in the future.

        “All you gangbangers, we know you love to shoot, but you’re killing yourselves,” Farrakhan said. “All your weapons are illegal and you’re using them like savages.”
        But Farrakhan said gangbangers are “natural soldiers” and could be taught “the science of war” to become protectors of the Nation of Islam’s assets in the future.

        Read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20130225/chicago/louis-farrakhan-gang-members-can-serve-as-protectors#ixzz2LxcDA3M5

        • I find it interesting that three groups that are politically spread across the economic spectrum being Lindon Larouche, John Birch Society and The Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan can see a that a supra government exists that direct world affairs. Those three pretty much agree on the end goal of the supra government and methods that it uses. Their disagreement centers around how to deal with it.

          The body politic are more or less ignorant of the above but know circus quite well and enjoy food for now.

          “None are so blind as those that will not see”.

      96. @Just One Guy – thank you for your information
        and kind words. I hope you are feeling better.

        • Good Evening Emily,

          Thank you for asking, I am doing better! How have you all been up in NY…we DO worry for you, given the nature of those who have the reins of your government there. I hope you all are all right! Thanks again…

          PS: (You seem like one of the NICEST people here!)


      97. @ JOG, BI, Daisy, PM, Burt, Smokie & sooooo many others here on this site, especially Mac: THANK YOU, dear friends, for your inspiration. because of you I have canned my own meat, tomatos & beans. because of you I have made my own candles. because of you I have overcome my fear of shooting and found out I actually ENJOY it. because of you I feel better prepared to deal with what lies ahead. God Bless you all!

        • Jenn, because of you I feel great after reading that. The reason we post is to help and to learn.

          Good to hear from ya.


        • Thats what most of us are here for….kudos to you for trying 🙂


        MAKE BACON.

      99. You know, what is soon to happen in our country, reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot’s song The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

        Here is the part I feel is fitting to what is going on now.
        When supper time came the old cook came on deck;

        Saying “Fellas, it’s too rough to feed ya”; At 7pm a main hatchway caved in; He said “Fellas, it’s been good to know ya”.

        It looks like we are approaching 7pm.

        ‘Fellas, it’s been good to know ya!


        • the big lake they call ichigumi!

          • I thought it was, “the big lake they call Gitchigumi” spelling is probably off…
            grew up in MI. been to Whitefish Point. Lk Superior is one incredible body of water. cannot imagine being on it during a storm.

      100. @JOG….Hey, I sure hope the time does not come that we cannot communicate…..a day does not go by that I do not check on you, BI, Daisy, and others here (and they know who they all are)

        On a lighter note, looks like we here in this part of Canada are in for another big snow storm (starting tomorrow night) Glad we got a “bit” of food in the larder!

        My sister in the mid west (MO) said she was in a grocery store today, and there was not a loaf of bread to be found…guess folks were really stocking up….she said a lot of the shelves were BARE!! I guess it’s been a few years since they have seen this amount of snow!

        Well I better call it a night as must have dh at the doctors office at 8:30 a.m. for blood work….things are a bit better each and every day….Thank God!!

        • CC, glad he is doing better. I’d bet you and yours have prayers from most on this blog.
          God bless.

        • Good Evening CC,

          I too hope that it does NOT come to such, but being forward-looking I would rather have said what I did than not, and then never be able to. Tis better to speak when one can than to never be able to.

          How is the ‘other half’ doing? Know that our prayers are with you always, as Jay Jay has already stated below.

          I hope got your sake that the weather does not significantly worsen…Candian winter can be terrible, I know. Our own weather is ramping into a major snow=strom this evening alrady; the forcast is for UPWARDS of 12 inches…we are NOT looking forward to that. Take care CC!


      101. @ Emily. Without being nosy. I’m in NY also….Hudson Valley…How bout you.

      102. @JayJay….thanx for your kind words….and I have to agree with you (with all the prayers from my dear friends on this site)….has certainly helped!! Thanx again, and take care,CC

      103. Long time lurker here. I have been working on the backend on an idea I have had for a while for a disaster/survival cookbook and wanted to get some feedback on the idea. So, I just started a Kickstarter campaign.
        “Cooking with Fire: The Disaster Cookbook. How to cook when the lights go out.” If you are a fan of cooking or disasters, 😉 check it out, we need the support and we have some really swell disaster cooking type pledge rewards!
        Thanks and keep the cooking fires stoked!

        • hue, it isn’t working is it??

          • I think Hue gets brownie points–don’t waste your time going to the link, folks.
            There is nothing there.

      104. Yes, yes, gold and silver. Oh, no, wait, I’m not a scientific lab, how do I tell the purity? How do I assess fair value? You’re a bunch of ninnies. NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE U.S. Tried going into, well, ANY retail location that isn’t a pawn or coin shop and tried to pay with gold or silver? Good luck with that. Hope you enjoy pushing your car.

      105. It’s the JEWS, stupid! Jew bankers, Wall St. Jews, Jews in the media, Jews destroying government policies. Before the USA can make a comeback, round up the corrupt, Satanic Jews and get rid of them all!

        • Dat’s Rayssiisssizimist!(sarcasim)

      106. The difference between the US dollar and every other currency that has experienced massive devaluation through hyper-inflation is this.

        The entire world for decades has wanted US dollars for their own transactions. Therefore there are gazillions of dollars all around the planet. It’s a lot harder to devalue a currency that is used all over the planet than one that is used solely within it’s borders.

        • You and also Bobby Billy are right. A currency has to be accepted. E.g. cigarettes in prison. For hundreds of years people bartered. Most Americans do not know how. With the government debt tornado starting to hit, the survivors will have to keep their transactions as free as possible of it. Maybe why so many of “our” major companies expatriated and left America as a tax and accounting home and remain here only as a sales outpost.
          What currency can the average American use at his or her locally owned restaurant? Dollars are the most quick and efficient.
          Bobby Billy only points out a market need – someone to guarantee a metals currency. Many peopl ehave posted here that you should own a metals currency which is of recognized value already. E.g. older USA coins with silver.

          • This is true ,
            my grandparents were small scale ranchers during the great depression , they bartered everything they needed with beef . The ranchers and farmers had their own system of exchange set up with each other . It wasn’t a fun time for them , but they had it far better than most .

      107. Pretty simple , the moment a country stops backing its currency with something real and tangible , that money becomes worthless . There is also no need to tax at that point , other than as a means of control of its citizens , worthless money need only to be printed as its only worth something because they say it is . This kind of system only works for a short amount of time and is dependent on other nations acceptance of the ” value ” of that currency . Its like a large group of people playing Monopoly , you can wheel and deal , on and on ………………..but at some point ………the game must come to an end . Thats what we are seeing now .

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