If America Is Such A Happy Place, Why Is The Suicide Rate Up 34% Since The Year 2000?

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    What in the world has happened to us?  Despite our ridiculously high standard of living compared to the rest of the world, America is a deeply unhappy place.  When I was growing up, there were no “smart phones”, the Internet did not exist, if you wanted to buy something you had to actually go to a store and hunt for it, and most vehicles were pieces of junk that completely broke down after a few years.  Today, we have hundreds of television channels, we have more movies than we could ever possibly watch, video games have become wildly creative and there is an app for almost anything that you could possibly need on your phone just a few clicks away.  We are literally drowning in entertainment, and yet we are far less happy than previous generations.  In fact, the CDC says that the suicide rate in the United States has risen by 34 percent since the year 2000…

    Men who work in construction and extraction had the highest rates of suicide in the United States, according to a report published Thursday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For women, suicide rates were highest among those who work in arts, design, entertainment, sports and media.

    From 2000 to 2016, the suicide rate among the US working-age population — people 16 to 64 — increased 34%, the report says.

    It greatly saddened me to learn that construction workers and miners have the highest suicide rates in the entire country.  My grandfather was a construction worker, and he took great pride in his work.  In fact, I still have a wooden bowl that he made for me sitting on my desk as I write this article.

    On the other end of the spectrum, suicide rates are lowest among teachers, professors and librarians

    For both sexes, the occupational group with the lowest rate of suicides was education, training and library. This includes jobs such as teachers, professors and archivists.

    This surprised me, because anyone that has ever spent much time in a classroom understands how much stress a teacher must endure on a daily basis.

    But overall, the news is not good.  At a time when the U.S. has been at peace and supposedly “prospering”, our suicide rate has been absolutely skyrocketing.

    If this many people are killing themselves now, what is going to happen once things get really, really bad in this country?

    Of course the authorities are at a loss as to how to solve this crisis.  They are saying that this rise in suicide is a “tragedy” and that we must increase “prevention efforts”

    “Increasing suicide rates in the U.S. are a concerning trend that represent a tragedy for families and communities and impact the American workforce,” said Dr. Debra Houry, director of CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. “Knowing who is at greater risk for suicide can help save lives through focused prevention efforts.”

    In other words, they want us to throw more money at the problem.

    In America today, whenever anything goes wrong the “solution” always seems to be to make the government even bigger and spend more taxpayer money.

    But the truth is that big government is not going to save us.  People don’t need more government bureaucrats telling them how to run their lives.  Instead, what people really need is to find meaning and purpose in life, and that is not something that big government is going to provide.

    Suicide rates are particularly high in many rural areas.  In fact, a previous CDC report discovered that the suicide rate in rural areas is actually 45 percent higher than in “large urban areas”…

    The suicide rate in rural America is 45% greater than in large urban areas, according to a study released last fall by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A more recent CDC report said Montana’s suicide rate leads the nation, coming in at nearly twice the national average. A third long-touted CDC study, currently under review, listed farming in the occupational group, along with fishing and forestry, with the highest rate of suicide deaths.

    That occupational study was based on 2012 data, when farming was strong and approaching its peak in 2013, says Jennifer Fahy, communications director for the nonprofit Farm Aid. Farmers’ net income has fallen 50% since 2013 and is expected to drop to a 12-year low this year, the US Department of Agriculture reports.

    Without a doubt, things are tough in rural areas all over the nation right now.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, almost 1 out of every 4 children in rural areas is currently living in poverty.  My wife and I live in a rural area, and there are so many families up here that are deeply struggling right now.

    As the middle class has deteriorated, more Americans than ever have been forced to turn to the government for help.  At this point, almost 52 percent of all children live in a home that receives monthly help from the federal government

    The Census Bureau has released new data that strengthens the case for calling the current generation of American children “The Welfare Generation.”

    Among American residents under 18 years of age in 2017, according to the Census Bureau, 51.7 percent lived in households in which one or more persons received benefits from a means-tested government program.

    If the U.S. economy really was in good shape, we wouldn’t have such a dramatic problem with poverty.

    And this is something that a lot of Americans are quite concerned about.  The following are some very interesting numbers from a recent MSN poll

    • Approximately 2/3 of people are concerned about the level of poverty in the United States right now.
    • Women are 1.2x more likely than men to be concerned about the issue of poverty.
    • Generally speaking, the more money you make, the less likely you are to care about poverty (although more than half of those making $150K+ are still concerned about the issue).

    From those numbers, it looks like men have some work to do in the compassion department.

    In the years ahead, poverty is likely to get a whole lot worse in this country.

    The suicide rate has already been spiking during “normal times”, and many are deeply alarmed about what might happen once this nation enters a period of utter despair.


    Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

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      1. Who says America is “such a happy place”?

        According to the World Happiness Report, America is in 18th position, one notch above the UK.

      2. Many returning Vets commit suicide, because of guilt and betrayal. The put their life on the line, not for America or our freedoms, but for Exxon and an oil pipeline. They slaughtered a million people who were just defending their homeland from illegal invaders stealing their Country’s resources for American fascist Oil Co’s. Another words, they were used to steal assets via armed gang of thugs.

        • Right on the dot!
          Glad somebody has still a clear mind.

        • He’s right you know ^^^^

              • There are many reasons why suicide rates are up, however, to me this a teaching moment. Think about this situation relative to a shtf scenario. I’ve been saying this for years. Suicides, homocides, grudges, selfishness, hunger, anger, debt etc. All these and more in a shtf tells me that it’s best to stay away from folks. A lot of the problems people have, which are mostly self inflicted, are gonna explode during that time. I don’t think survival will be like many envision. Learn how to fish hunt and trap. Practice cooking on a Dakota oven. Filter water, BOIL it, then filter again. Think necessities and work up

              • Call me what you want,but,does any one else notice that the most unruly/perhaps dangerous crowds have something in common?

                I guess their is a reason they call it “Black Friday”!

            • I have said it once. I will say it, again. Dice is a libertarian. Everyone reading is probably a libertarian. Do these Dice skits make a sound case, for unconditional, civil liberties.

              If anyone is reading and is smart enough to feel insulted by my statements, I assume that I’m not talking about you. I mean, you’re not in these lines and you’re not turning down free gold, and not failing simplistic logic tests.

              What about those other kinds of people, though? The ones being trolled. Should they have driver’s licenses and vote to affect self-conscious people.

              • . . .there are many flavors of libertarianism. The basic idea is private property and contract. Civil rights are legislated, not natural, rights, and should be rejected by libertarians. Before 1964 signs were posted “we have the right to refuse service to anyone.”

                The economy was incrementally nationalized [from 1880 to today] via regulation- to give the semblance of property being private. The owners became trustees or stewards of State/social assets. Civil rights laws were to ensure that “all of society” had an equal chance. [Some] moronic Americans to this day “think” that USA is a country of private property.

                So after 1964 you had to admit one and all- BECAUSE THE PROPERTY IS NOW “THEIRS”. But the “owners” still think they have a deed to private property. . .end result- there is more than one claim to the same asset- the owners owns it- but wait, the people own it. This contradiction is a main reason of how we got to this point. . .Go ask Alice. . .

                This is the fascist theory of property- nominal [in name] private property, but all ultimately owned by the State. Rights became permissions.

                As Mussolini put it:

                ALL IN THE STATE
                THE STATE IN ALL

                Libertarianism has been infiltrated. Left [pseudo] libertarianism is one result. These creeps believe that civil rights laws can be melded into a private property system.

                Fractional reserve banking also allows more than one claim to the same asset- that is, to the same gold [19th century version]

                The psychological root is the attempt to blend reason and unreason- perhaps to blend male and female views.

                • btw: Open borders is based upon the same premise as civil rights laws- America has no right to “refuse service” to all humanity.

                  btw2: Catholic social teaching- God placed all wealth on Earth for the use of all. If some have more, they must have broken into a “wealth warehouse” in the night AND TAKEN AN UNFAIR SHARE WHICH PUT THE REST OF THE WORLD INTO POVERTY. The poor are simply claiming their rightful share. . .Whites need punishment for abusing the rest of the planet.

                  btw3: How the [marxist] left views capitalism- A life boat, having limited supplies. An ogre, with a large black overcoat, starts pilfering the supplies [food] and hiding them in his coat. Soon there is a shortage- folks start dying The ogre is well fed. The ogre is “capitalism” or “the capitalist.”

                  But on a lifeboat there is a fixed amount of supply- the ogre was evil. But in the real world, especially a free world, there is NOT a fixed amount of wealth.

                  btw4: So called advocates of capitalism also adopt the socialist view of wealth- the market is the “most efficient method of allocating society’s scarce resources.”

                  Let that soak in- the alleged free market folks DO NOT BELIEVE IN PRIVATE PROPERTY. All wealth is social, the cargo cult view.
                  Private property would mean the right to hold back wealth which was placed here by God- it would imply a right to steal from God.

                  Marx called for abolition of private property in the Manifesto.
                  So basically no-one believes in private property. Now you know how we got here.

        • Most suicide victims are White.
          This is due to numerous factors, of which here are but a few:
          1) Whites have had their roots stripped from them.

          2) Whites are being replaced, and they know it, yet are unable to honestly face the issue.

          3) Whites have gone from the builders of the greatest civilization the world has ever known, to being demonized, and having their civilization stolen from them before their eyes.

          4) White males now bear the brunt of a manufactured enmity among their own people; White women have been convinced to hate their own men. This contributes to both sexes giving up.

          5) White people are daily bombarded with all manner of self-hate, from all mainstream quarters.

          6) White people, males in particular, are increasingly being dispossesed in all spheres of our declining civilization, work, academia, politics, etc.

          7) White male Veterans bare the brunt of dispossesion.

          On and on it goes. But, the owners want you dead, especially if you are White, despite their studies…

          • JustMe, you hit that one right out of the park. Certain black, Hispanic, and Islamic organizations are waging an illegitimate campaign against our people, culture, and nation. These groups are evil and have to be fought, even destroyed. Anyone who paints a target on my back based upon my race/gender will have a war on their hands.

            • It would be nice if you named the (((actual culprits))).

              It would be nice if SHTF had as much free speech as ZH.

          • Good looking white females breeding with black males and bearing halfniglets is enough to make any decent conservative white male want to check out. That shit needs to stop.

            • Infidel, spot on. I see so much of that shit in my area I literally get sick at my stomach on occasion. I know the feeling, believe me.

            • 1000+ upvotes!

          • 100 % In agreement with all you said. Lets go a bit deeper into why whites hari kari. We whites are programmed and pushed by parents and inbred genes to work to succeed. Succeed in school,sports, college, career, love and marriage, and in all other things. We plan ahead for and worry about our future. When we do not succeed we take it harder than those races with darker skin who are programmed differently, mainly to just live for the day and not worry about the future. Have fun, dont worry mentality. How often have we heard of college kids ending it when they fail or get in a little trouble. I am old and have had 4 friends do it. First my 18 yo school buddy got dumped by the love of his life, so stupid at 18. Another buddy age 27 same reason. Another age 53 always single, quiet and lonely, not the type women naturally attracted to, and another average Joe quiet never married guy recently of 60 years who was depressed and basically saw no future in going on. None of these were vets, just lonely guys. Love issues or lack of love is what I have seen mostly. I have only heard of 1 female doing it, certainly must be more but not in the numbers of men. I live in a small town and hear of a lot more cases of young men I dont or barely know and if the numbers of white guys nationwide are of the same percentage as my small area then we are looking at something very serious, almost a self inflicted genocide. As our white birthrate continue to plummet, this is just one more nail in the coffin of the white race. 100 or so years from now the elites should have us where they want us, gone!! KF

          • You are more right about this than most know. The absolute highest priority goal for TPTB and officialdom is to completely change the demography, culture, and civil rights legal structure of the US. Their tools are politicians, bureaucrats, MSM, “civil rights” organizations, NGO’s, academia, Hollywood, and the courts to name a few.
            The minions for TPTB strive to control public opinion and thought by controlling information and by social conditioning. There is nothing wrong with women working or having a career. But through social conditioning, anti-family entities have stigmatized and shamed the idea of women who want children and family. They don’t want women to have children or desire families. Rather, they seek to “empower” women to by encouraging abortions, even going so far as having taxpayers pick up that bill. Same-sex marriages are legal; further deteriorating the cultural, moral, and family roots of society. Leftist entities don’t want the conventional nuclear family with its influences to be predominant above the state. TPTB wants the power of the family swept aside, to make it easier to influence and control people. Even the tax code can work against the family. Now, there are “civil rights” groups and other entities working to redefine the act of suicide, to not only remove its stigma or taboo, but to manipulate society into accepting it, to normalize it. And it is desirable for TPTB for men to lead in suicides for a variety of reasons.
            On my last job, to keep down lawsuits, the company would require employees to attend sensitivity training on an annual basis. They brought in this instructor who was gay, (who cares) but he had an open bias against straight guys, especially straight white guys. He said there were about 260 different types or groups of people in the US, and that they were all oppressed except whites, that we were the oppressors. He was frequently asked if they are all oppressed why do they keep coming here, his response was that it was a racist question. Though the instructor was white he said “if only we could get rid of all the white men in America, it would be a better country and a better world”. (NO one listened this crap, we just shook our heads, and kept interrupting him to rebut what he said, only to make him angry). This person represents the ideology of the left. This fruitcake is mouthing what the chief ideologues of the left formulate.
            I have said it before; the most hated and defamed group in the US are not blacks, not Jews, not illegal immigrants. However, the people are being steadily propagandized to believe this lie. The most despised, reviled, ridiculed, and maligned group is the straight white Southern Christian male. We are at the apex for all their vitriol, we are their number one target. They constantly portray us as inbred, uneducated, and hopelessly racist.
            What American men need to do is to stop feeding and supporting the “the system, the establishment”. By merely functioning by what is “acceptable” day to day we are playing by their rules. You can never make a difference in your life or the life of your family, or in society if you keep playing by their rules. 1-First start by NOT BELIEVING ANYTHING they say, 2-act and live on your own terms and own behalf as much as possible, 3-don’t ask for anything, don’t take anything (because there will always be with strings attached), 4-save your money and resources for you and yours, and starve the beast, 5-if you have kids put them in private school, if you can’t afford that then educate them at home, 6-empower yourself in every part of your life by making decisions what is good for you, you must always believe it is all about you and yours and not about anyone else, 7-don’t willingly cooperate with any facet of gov’t and never tell them them anything, always be suspicious of them, 8-find like-minded people and gain strength from them (there are millions of us), 9- take your family to church, let them help mold your children’s thinking than gov’t. 10- actively learn about and use ALL your GOD-given rights, 11-make a habit to learn something useful or practical each day, and 12-earnestly teach your children to do the same, as they learn and grow they will expand the list.

          • “From 2000 to 2016, the suicide rate among the US working-age population — people 16 to 64 — increased 34%, the report says.”

            Veterans and/or active servicemen, have been committing suicide at the rate of 21 per day, every day, for many of these years.

            Many became “hopeless” after the VA failed to provide them with health care they were promised and earned. Very frustrating. Almost 11,000 Arizona heroes died waiting for that health care. Multiply that number by 50 states to derive a ballpark number for our forgotten heroes.

            It was institutionalized mass murder.

            The problem with an “all volunteer” army is that these same guys keep rotating back into combat zones again and again and again. At least in Vietnam you knew that once you completed your tour of duty (13 months) you would likely be returning to the world to restart your life.

            Not so with the All Volunteer military. I believe that this reality had a big impact upon our best & bravest who just couldn’t take the stress of combat anymore. 🙁

            • DK,

              I don’t always agree with everything you say, but I do salute you.

          • And guess who sold them out? It wasn’t Africans, Asians, American Indians, or Latin Americans.

            • Mostly White “elites”, at the behest of their owners. The sellout began over a century ago, today the bill due is becoming obvious…

              • Time for another of my poems (suicide related).

                Bitcoin Bob had a big stash
                Put all his eggs in cryptocash
                Riding the wave up to the top
                He thought for sure it never would stop
                “I will live just like a king
                With big mansions full of bling”
                Although it was made from thin air
                In his blindness he didn’t care
                With global tensions on the rise
                An EMP hit by suprise
                It took down all the internet
                With shaking hands he began to sweat
                Sure enough it disappeared
                Something that he never feared
                On his couch full of tear stains
                With his gun blew out his brains…

                • Speaking of bitcoin suicide…. bitcoin is crashing! Down to 3700 now.

        • TSB, and yet most vets are silent or even worse, bought into the ‘Kill Muslims’ mentality. Where are the vets demanding, ‘Bring the troops home!’?

      3. And how many suicides could be traced to the endless stream of psychotropic prescriptions if only someone was interested in looking…?

      4. Or, they joined the military because there weren’t many good job opportunities. Then they got out and there weren’t many good job opportunities. And there are going to be fewer good job opportunities in future America.

        • And, just maybe, they’d rather kill themselves than follow the mk-ultra post-hypnotic command to shoot up a concert or gathering of unarmed kids.

          • Another VA benefit?

      5. SHE BLOWS

        NO!!!! IS THERE SHE F–Ks YOU!!!!

        You are on it though.

        Men are getting f–ked more in DIVORCE CASES in the Court System by the MAN HATING GOLD DIGGING FEMINIST WOMEN out there.

        Be smart guys make sure you get a PRENUP AGREEMENT before you go into that PRISON or its ASS RAPING TIME AUTOMATIC for YOU.

        Because they BELIEVE the BOOTY POWER 95% of the time.
        ALL they have to say is this________ the(WOMEN),and ITS BENDS OVER GUYS.

        Check out MGTOW on YOUTUBE.

        That’s why Suicides are up………

        Also from a Vet like me how served in Iraq.

        Our heroes Both Men, and Women are coming HOME most of them.


        That is TERRIFYING unless you have been in a WAR ZONE yourself.

      6. The VA is handing out suicide pills to vets. My father a WWII vet went to the VA and was given suicide pills as the solution to his problem and a short speech about taking the honorable way out. Also a friend was offered suicide pills by the VA as the solution to his ills. Saves them money in treatments. White males are leading the death race due to the attacks on white males by the Democrats. The big push has been to hire women and minorities and screw the white man. he is the cause of all ills. Older white men are the most discriminated people in the US. Miners are facing fierce opposition from the left who want to close all mines of any type everywhere. The are also largely white and face the prospect of no jobs no future. It is a case of race and sex based discrimination that was OK with Obama, Like one place I worked to told a young woman they hired. Just show up for work for two years and you will be promoted to management. Quota hires. Horrible discrimination in heavy construction, Women cant do the job putting more work on the men and limitless illegals are willing to work cheaper than white Americans can considering they have to pay for supporting their homes and families. the illegals get all that free and work undeer the table Its a deadly mix for white maled

        • My experience with the VA is the opposite. One of the first questions they ask is “do you want to hurt yourself or someone else?” Most the guys/gals in my VA community based outpatient clinic are Korea to Iraq era vets.
          I agree with you that “they” are trying to eliminate the white man from America. Problem is that the white man built America,
          to what it is today. Rightly or wrongly we are the freest, strongest, and most compassionate nation the world has known. We have done wrongs against native peoples, Asians, Africans, and each other, but we are still better than any other country if you examine the historical record.
          White man isn’t going to go quietly into the night. I don’t buy “the sins of the father” crap. I also know making threats on a keyboard is about as effective as people rioting in the streets. Let’s just say we can do more damage by doing nothing at the right time, than we can do, being aggressive at the wrong time.

        • My body count list is growing fast of those I’d like to get suicided.

      7. The real problem is in the sentence, “Despite our ridiculously high standard of living compared to the rest of the world, America is a deeply unhappy place.”. Our standards seem to be built upon money, things, frivolity, fun and games…. And yet it is posed by this article ‘why are we so unhappy?’?… Really? And no one gets it? So simple. So darned simple. Our standards, our reason for joy or satisfaction – the measure and framework – is wrong. A choice of the spirit needs to be done. As we are today seeing the annual insanity of ‘buy, buy, buy’…. thinking to purchase what? Love? Friendship? ….happiness? The cause and the solution are pretty self-evident.

      8. One word: “Democrats”

        • Or maybe more politicians are “Arkanciding their enemies”.

          • “That occupational study was based on 2012 data, when farming was strong and approaching its peak in 2013, says Jennifer Fahy, communications director for the nonprofit Farm Aid. Farmers’ net income has fallen 50% since 2013 and is expected to drop to a 12-year low this year, the US Department of Agriculture reports.”

            All the more reason to shop at farmers markets. They hate small farmers and rural people. Besides being safer and better food than the corporate a-hole farm food.

            • Why so many suicides? Too many weak-minded people? Why so many weak-minded people? Libturd influence.

              • One word… pharmaceuticals.

              • The article Forgot to mention half of the suicide statistics were Clinton appointees at one time or another.

                • And whistleblowers!

                  • If I were to shove the Klintons heads in the toilet I just took a big dump in would it be “SEWERCIDE”?

                    • Genius, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one!

      9. This administration is now taking credit, for the high jobs numbers of minorities.

        • Because it’s true. Do you think Obama created their prosperity? Bwahahahahaha ??

      10. The American Way of life is the problem. America experienced an unusual boom post-WWII but that was an historical blip. In total, it was 20 years of exceptional prosperity, and the Vietnam War and the Nixon financial reforms put paid to American economic exceptionalism.

        In the 1970s, the Middle East rose fast in prosperity. By the 1980s, it was Asia. By the 1990s, it was China. By the 2000s, it is Central Asia and Russia. They once sang “Everyone is getting fat except Mamma Cas (though she was a fat pig who died choking on fried chicken).” Well, now everyone in the world is getting rich except white America.

        The world has changed and it is wakey, wakey time.

        • I am not obese so it is not personal offense speaking.

          Mama Cass Elliot (Ellen Naomi Cohen) was obese.

          It is a myth that she choked on food.

          ‘An oft-repeated urban legend is that Elliot choked to death on a ham sandwich.[37][38] The story spread soon after the discovery of her body and was based on speculation in the initial media coverage.

          A 2014 article in Haaretz identified the person who started the false rumor as follows: “Unfortunately, the first doctor [in London] who examined her speculated to the press about the cause of death, and that’s the version that stuck.”[39]

          An autopsy had not been performed when the physician was quoted, and London police told reporters that a partially eaten sandwich found in her room might have been relevant to the cause of death.

          The post-mortem found that Elliot had died of heart failure, and no food was present in her windpipe, yet the false story has persisted ever since’


          • b says, “It is a myth that she choked on food.”

            Allegedly choked in a restaurant, in the next town over from me, where I have visited. I wonder how many people made the same claim.

        • So what happened financially in 1965 and 1971?

      11. I worked construction for 33 years and I am positive that being in a classroom can’t be as stressful as working around electricity. When you work with something that can kill you worst case and burn you severely least case, that is stress. I don’t know to many electricians that killed them selves other than for health issues. When we were young if someone didn’t like you, you just stayed away from them. Today with these smart phones you can’t get away from anybody. I can’t recall a single suicide while I was in school. Today you hear about them every day. It is sad.

      12. So many young recruits have a hard time dealing with life as it is and then to be thrown into combat situations harsher than anything they have ever dealt with. Too many trophies and safe spaces to cushion them and their parents protecting them from everything. Suicide looks good after awhile….

        • Like the original M*A*S*H song, “Suicide is painless…”

      13. Jim, look at the kind of influence young people are under today. Too many being “sheltered” from real life. When real life chews them up and spits them out, they don’t know how to deal with it

      14. Homosexuality as a mental disease was abandoned in the past few years, but there is a resurgence within the psychiatric and medical community to this approach. Why? Because many people who are homosexual and have had sex change operations regrets lead to suicide. The media promotes homosexuality especially to white Europeans.

        Often the only white males accepted into Ivy League Colleges are homosexual transsexual.

        Homosexuality has always been associated with high rates of suicide.

        Children and teenagers are encouraged by propaganda in entertainment to experiment with their sexuality including promiscuity and homosexuality, both which lead to higher rates of suicide.


        • Viewing homosexuality as a mental disease…


          • Often, the only white males accepted into the Ivy League are either homosexual or transgender.


            • LBGTQ is indeed a mental disorder and needs to be recognized and treated as such that it is, not given a protected class for sexual orientation.
              Sexual DISorientation is more accurate.
              LBGTQ suicides are, well, a solution perhaps?

              • “A tisket A tasket A faggot in a casket”?

              • You can’t force a person to be straight. I agree sex changes are often a mistake and do more harm than good.

                People can’t help feeling sexual attraction. Most people are a little gay at the margins. A lot of women experiment with each other when they are young.

                There is no risk of being gay spreading and most people settle down into relationships.

      15. The spike in suicides is due to people scheduled to testify against the Clintons.

      16. Might have something to do with the takeover of the opium fields by our government. Increased output from 180 tons per year to 3000 tons. Billions in profits for big pharma.

      17. People are becoming godless, the darkness of sin and drugs kills their hope and faith leaving them nothing to live for unfortunately if they end up in Hell it will be so much worse and they will not be able to kill themselves to get out of there.

        You follow darkness and every bit of good and life will be extinguished in Hell where there is nothing good.

      18. Without God there is no hope, no good, no life and the darkness will consume them till all the light of God that is them is extinguished in Hell!

        • There’s no such thing as HELL!

          • There is such a place called New Jersey.

          • There is such a place. Hell, Michigan does exist. Been there for gas or something while on a trip.

          • And you know this how?

          • Hell, California, U.S.
            Hell, Michigan, U.S.
            Hell, Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands.
            Hell, Norway, a village in Stjørdal.
            Hell Cave, a cave in Slovenia.
            Hell Creek, near Jordan, Montana.
            Hells Halfacre, Kentucky.

            The original name for Hell, was Hel, where the dead went before rebirth. With the advent of organized religion, Hell became a place where bad people went after death.

            • I stand corrected! 🙂

            • Wow, so many choices when you tell someone to go to hell. One may need to be specific considering how confused many people can be.

            • Just Me, Hell, Memphis. Especially when run by libturds, LOL.

          • Au contraire my friend, Hell is real and it is for eternity. Abandon hope all ye who enter here! There is only one escape and that is through Jesus Christ. Please don’t delay. Trekker Out.

          • The problem is that a culture that simultaneously tries to combat suicide but celebrates euthanasia can’t coherently give us a reason why life is actually worth living. Devoid of a meaningful discussion of our higher purpose or an intentionality to the universe or a personal Creator, we are all just random cells in a universe of chaos; why stay here any longer? Why suffer if you don’t need to? Why do you stay?

            If God doesn’t exist then that means there is no absolute moral law. If there is no absolute moral law there is no justice. And If there is no justice what is the point of existing? There is no point. There is no recompense for your suffering so why continue to suffer?
            GOOD NEWS: God does exist and because He exists there is justice . Because He exists, suffering is not worthless, in fact suffering has value. Our Lord Jesus Christ personified this when he willingly laid down upon the wooden cross and allowed nails to be driven through his hands and feet . His suffering, the passion atoned for the sins of humanity. If Jesus Who is perfect suffered what should that say to us about the meaning of suffering and life?

            • Very well stated Deplorable ruski, I’m afraid we came to the game so late, our comments will be read by few. Trekker Out

      19. Teachers-professors-Liberians all deal with humans face to face on a daily basis=low suicide,
        we all need to find ways to talk to each other face to face then

      20. Who ever claimed America was such a happy place?
        Ronald McDonald?

        • If one reads the actual ingredients of a Happy Meal, one may become unhappy…

          • I used to love Burger King, it was one of the safe fast foods. Then came pink slime, a burger substitute. I ate twice more at a Burger King and will never again. That is some nasty stuff.

            I’d rather carry a rocket stove and bring some safe frozen burger and some twigs for the stove to run on a roadside.

            • PTPO, agreed about fast food. Anything in my preps beats the hell out of fast food.

      21. There are hundreds of thousands of people, mostly men who are homeless because they have lost their job’s to ILLEGAL immigrants from MEXICO !

        The communist/Leninist democrats are thrilled by DEATH !

        They love it when people that disagree with their psychopathic ideology DIE !

        It’s time to use the Patriot Act to round-up ALL the Leninist and remand them to mental institutions and internment camps before it’s too late.

      22. There is a hell on earth and it is strip mall, wasteland America. America is best where there is community; where you can walk to the shops, coffee shop etc.

        You may be surprised but often the funnest and friendliest places are where there are lots of gays. Give it a try and you may actually enjoy life and not need those opioids.

        • Just don’t drop yer keys!

      23. One of the scariest FACTS in youth ministry or for any educator is a homosexual teen is far more likely to constantly have suicidal ideation due to self-loathing. Be a good critical thinker and look it up. There are valid reasons to associating homosexuality to mental illness as it was formerly classfied until political correctness changed the DSM.

        There are many magnitudes of suicidal ideation and actual attempts by homosexual teens. And then, we already know from two major studies that transgendered individuals regardless of total surgical and chemical modification are STILL highly prone to suicidal ideation. Look it up.

        If you think it’s horrendous now, imagine the data thirty years from now after moronic parents encourage the behavior even in extremely young children.

      24. On the subject of suicide.

        Obama led America down a rat hole. He told America that unemployment was a new way of life, that your children would never obtain the life their parents had. Food stamps would be the new norm. Obama created an image of a failing America. Of course suicide was on the rise.

        Trump turned this around, the media fights the reality. Still many people are on the losing side.

        Americans need to think like preppers, we think about surviving, and even prospering regardless of the situation. Keep on stacking. I always think I terms of surviving, people like this don’t commit suicide.

        • Let me add, there is a spiritual aspect.

          Yes I was just interrupted by a local power failure. The power out for over an hour.

          There is no such thing as a coincidence according to the CIA.

      25. PTPO, spot on. I live, breathe, think, eat, drink, and sleep survival. As long as you have the right mindset you can survive anything. I speak from personal experience.

        • That is the spirit, and we are in a spiritual war.

      26. Vets would not be committing suicide if they stayed on US soil to defend US soil.

        If United States Marine Corps major general Smedley Butler was here today, his message would be, BRING ALL OF THE TROOPS HOME IMMEDIATELY!

        Smedley Butler was major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. He is author of ‘War is a Racket’.

        Vets can continue believing government lies and being used as pawns, or they can spend a lousy $5 and get the truth.

        • I’m a Vietnam era Vet. Perhaps I missed something. We were reviled, spit on, and abused by our society and government.
          Sure lots killed themselves with drugs and lifestyles, and nobody gave a darn. But I don’t know of anybody that blows their brains out because they were a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine that did their duty honorably.
          Nuff said.

      27. Let’s not confuse ‘Happiness’ with the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. The latter requires Liberty. Liberty requires bare minimum government; just enough to protected ‘our stuff’ from neighbors across the street and nations across the sea.

        Washington and its Warfare State, Security State, Surveillance State and Welfare State need to go.

      28. Sh-t 4 Health Care

        Every one of those suicides is a data point

        in the worst health care system in the world.

        No other country combines negative productivity
        (that’s where doctors hurt patients, instead of helping them)
        with sky-high prices like the US.

        The hollowing out of the middle class by the health care industry, and the uncontrolled wildfires that just robbed California of 1/7 of its 2018 GNP ($400 Billion Cost on a $2.7+ Trillion) – oh, and the Terror War –

        those are just 3 of the enormous forces ripping apart the USA that we knew.

      29. People have too much time on their hands. Thinking is basically a negative activity. We are taught that America was born through revolution and each generation wishes to leave their own legacy of destruction, called “improvement”.

      30. We gobble billions of pills, guzzle oceans of booze, and distract ourselves for decades on end with frivolous pursuits like promiscuous sex, spectator sports, dopey TV/movies, the latest iGadgets, and vacations to worthless tourist traps, and yet millions of us are profoundly unhappy and barely hanging on by a thread, ready to open fire at the mall or at a school over the results of an election or a fender bender in traffic.

        We are a deeply empty, hollow, and psychologically sick society that utterly lacks any meaning beyond personal selfish pursuits of momentary hedonistic pleasure.

        The coming decades aren’t looking good. All I can do is be a good provider, teach my daughters well, and look out for those I care about.

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