“I Turned Him Into A Mexican Tonight” : Hypersensitive Snowflake Media Triggered By Conor McGregor Compliment Following Loss To Mayweather

by | Aug 27, 2017 | Headline News | 80 comments

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    After a surprisingly brutal showdown in Las Vegas last night between Mixed Martial Arts fighter Conor McGregor and undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, McGregor was quoted as saying that he turned Floyd Mayweather “into a Mexican.”

    As you might have expected, the social justice crowd immediately pounced into action across the internet.

    Words like racism, bigot and stereotype started flying.

    But for those that know anything about boxing, the word “compliment” is more appropriate.

    The Mexican style of boxing is one that is often overly aggressive and involves a lot of punches being thrown. Mayweather, though undefeated with a record of 50-0, has long been criticized for his defensive style and low punch volume during fights.

    What McGregor actually meant, though completely misconstrued by those looking for some sort of racism to grasp onto, is that the usually reserved Mayweather was forced to fight more aggressively because the Irishmen just kept coming at him.

    But in reality… this is actually what McGregor meant:


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      1. as soon as I heard him say that I knew there’d be a shitstorm over it today

        • it wasn’t a compliment, no body wants to be mexican, not even mexicans.

      2. Are you in shape to go 10 rounds? How will your legs hold up? I biked about 22 miles this AM in a couple of hours. Feeling good and strong. I biked 34 miles last weekend and kayaked about 7 miles, up and down stream. I have biked so much lately I had to order new bike pedals, as I am wearing the other ones off the bike. I also bike in the rain. I like to bike in all conditions and get to know your body, terrain and weather. Biking is one of the best exercised out there. You always have a nice breeze in your face and it is low impact, aerobic and great for your heart. Get a good Mountain Bike and spend at least $400.

        Yeah, and my reward now today, a big juicy sirloin steak off my grill for my belly. And a few beers.

        • You can’t outrun a bullet. You are not going to go 10 rounds with 7.62×39.
          SO. YOUR POINT IS……

          • Check the Video I posted below you Anonymous coward. Your 7.62 x 39 wimpy bullets are no good past 100 yards. Very inaccurate, as I put a Green tip between your eyeballs 300 yrds out.

            • Forget distance. I have 22lr’s that travel at about 1400 ft per second.
              That’s screaming fast. You can’t outrun that. No matter what shape you are in.
              You talk about putting one between my eyeballs? Must be the beer talking.

        • I recently started to gain weight because; 1) I was trying to eat down non-prepper food I was keeping in my chest freezer, 2) I did a test drinking sweetened iced tea and found out I LOVE it.

          Well long story short I ballooned up really quickly. Thank goodness I’m almost back down to my fighting weight (see what I did there).

          Question: How do you know that you’re getting old? When you pick up a gun and say “man this is heavy!”

        • There mere mention of ethnicity is now politically incorrect. To notice someone’s race is “racist”


              • Its rare I agree with Acid/Eisen, but he’s dead on. Half of you keyboard commandos will never come out from behind your computer to fire a shot and will go quietly to the camps. The other half will be 300 pound mouth breathing wastes of space who think they will barricade themselves in their homes and “engage at a distance.”, never mind the fact they cant engage far enough or fast enough to rout the mob that will burn their house down around them.

                There’s a small, small percentage of us who understand the strategy & tactics, the eventual optics, and perceived moral high ground and how all three relate to “winning” anything… and are still fit enough, sound enough, and mentally fortified enough to do what needs to be done. Unfortunately, the people in charge are doing their best to keep that percentage misinformed and fighting against one another.


                • Well said, Marcus (Luttrell?).

        • I recently went solo mountaineering in Canada.

          Had a near encounter with a Grizzly.

          I learned that if you have to ford a stream take off your shoes and socks and go slowly so you dont slip or cut your foot. Crossing mountain streams is not a joke. Rocks on the bottom are very slippery and sharp. Plus even in the summer it gets freezing at night and you have to dry your feet off with your bandanna that you should always have with you. Beware of large dangerous game that tend to congregate around streams.

          Human senses will always be inferior to those of animals therefore you must have your weapons at the ready and be observant.

          Solo mountaineering requires you to have a 40L pack for day trips and a 100L pack for multi day trips. The essential items belong on your person and not in your pack. You should always think if you lose your pack somehow what will you have left? Thats how you have to think.

          You cannot venture too far away from water sources. You have to know your position in relation to water at all times.

          • I SUGGEST: When Hiking and back packing and or crossing streams, use some walking sticks to balance yourself. It is a huge asset for balance and will help you walk further and avoid any injury, especially when crossing streams. Consider a pair of Water surf shoes to put on. You do not want to go barefoot. Try hiking 20 miles out of the woods with a sliced foot.

            And for you fat lazy couch potato eating slob schleps who don’t give a shit, kiss my A$$. There is a heart attack waiting for ya any time now.

            • Remember Jim Fix the runner? Heart attack got him. Runners and athletes die from heart
              attacks all the time. Nobody is immune from that. Remember the race between the rabbit and the turtle. The turtle took his time. He knew he was going to cross that finish line.
              Everybody knows what happened to the rabbit. That knucklehead had a heart attack.
              Learn from the turtle. Slow and steady wins the race.

              • No idea who “Jim Fix” is but if you mean Jim Fixx, the fitness writer who smoked and was significantly overweight until before he took up running in his mid-30’s… the guy with the history of heart disease, enlarged heart and atherosclerosis who refused to see a doctor despite all the outward symptoms… I’d say you’re undermining your own point.

                Also, in this case the idea that endurance athletes may put more mileage and stress on the cardiovascular system may die form heart attacks like normal couch dwellers is irrelevant. The benefits of being in good enough shape to live a good life do what you need efficiently and with strength and energy throughout your life outweigh weather you die at 70 or at 80. I’d rather be Jim Fixx and keel over pushing myself and doing what I love outside than to go face first into a bowl of chip dip while watching football.

                By the way… the turtle still ran, just slower than the hare.
                The turtle didn’t sit around smoking Kools and eating pizza while blathering on via the internet about how the hare is going to lose. He got out and he did his roadwork.

                • Smoking Kools and eating pizza. Geez, Marcus.

                  • a bit extreme, sure but you get my point

          • Cool! Where were you? I am an old Albertan (and British Columbia), and did/do a lot of hiking in the area. I can’t emphasize enough to spend the 40-50 bucks on bear spray, which works on the other big threat, cougars, too. I also used to live on Vancouver Island (Nanaimo) which is ground zero for cougars. I’ll bet Angry Beav will have some stuff to say.

            Read Stephen Herrero’s classic, Bear Attacks, to prep yourself. Herrero is at Univ. of Calgary (I was at Univ. of Alberta, in Edmonton, so of course I absolutely HATE the Dinos!) The Craigheads in the US also have some good books out. Herrero’s is a bit dated, but frankly, bear attacks haven’t changed much. I have hiked with a Search and Rescue Canada person who was attacked and almost killed by a griz – came upon a sow + cub (VERY bad!) who were feeding on berries (even WORSE! Mother and cub + near food source.) Thankfully, some medical students found him on their hike very shortly after, His scars were incredible.

            Key takeaways: With grizzly, play dead, roll into a ball, protecting your gut with hands behind your neck/head. ALWAY hike in groups of 6 or more. There have been NO fatal attacks on groups that large. For black bears (which can range in colour from cinnamon to brown to black – I generally call Kodiaks brown bears – there is a lot of confusion in terminology) the main point is to fight back, and PARTICULARLY if you are attacked at night. With cougars, you ALWAYS fight back (preferably with bear spray you are carrying!)

            With polar bears, just try to write your loved ones a goodbye note as quick as you can! I have family member who lived for years in Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay) on Baffin Island. He told me he was once out camping, and unzipped his tent, to find a polar bear 50 metres away. Wide-eyed, I asked him “What did you do?!” He told me he just quietly zipped his tent back up… to which I replied “Lotta good that would do.” He said “Yeah, if the bear had been hungry, I wouldn’t be here.”

            You can actually go up to Churchill, Manitoba on Hudsons Bay and they take you out on these giant buses, with 10′ high wheels so you are WAY above the ground, and watch polar bears. Google “Churchill polar bear trips” or similar and check out the videos. Interestingly, polar bear fur has a yellowish undertone, and the fur is NOT soft – feels like coarse wool. But best thing is a large calibre gun and being a dead shot. All other bears generally try to avoid you – altho I did hear of one ranger who was bluff charged – which is common – near Banff SIX times in one summer. Can’t you just imagine what the bear was thinking? “Ha! I think I’ll give old Herman the ranger other accident in his pants again today!”

            • Alberta… Humm…!
              Too close to Yellowstone.
              If it pops, Alberta is gone.
              Prince Edward Island is safe, plus, they grow tasty potatoes!

          • I’m very jealous. Current commitments keep me close to home. Best I can manage is solo backpacking in Dan Boone NF.

        • Hey man!

          I bike 5 miles a day

          in the house

          over the A/C vent

          with a fan blowing on me

          that way if i fall off i won’t hurt myself.

          i don’t bounce as well as i used too. 🙂

          • but you do it.

            GOOD ON YOU!

            I just found out my 72yo mother took up boxing!

      3. Very good fight. Thanks Mac for all you do

      4. CCS: no one gives a sh@t

      5. Who the hell gives a shit!!!!

        What the F does this have to do with SHTF?

        • CrackSummSkulls = Eisencrap

        • Looks like Stiner has no mental toughness. Quit after the first round. Its reflects, how the Shit media twists everything around and tried to instigate another race war. I am not surprised the MSM did not some how try to drag Trump into this argument, since he used to hold Boxing matches at his casinos. That Conor McGregor is one tough White Irish Honkey!!

      6. Off topic, communist stooge, and obama, “barry sutero” supporter, did not give the residence time to evacuate the city. Governor Abbott needs to talk to Trump to have the major fired and removed from public office. We Texans don’t need garbage like this major running out cites. Mr I am gonna fix all the pots holes around Houston has done a damn thing, Instead his pushed officers to pull off people off the road with more harassment of motorist who are going on about their business. The major is negligent and needs to be fired for lying to the public about the bad potholes and and road conditions in Houston. Less see how this liberal, obama supporting idiotic mayor handles the situation. Remain calm and patient he told the people. That is the same thing that bad governments tell people. Abbott told folks to evacuate, so he has my vote. Then again, even if the major ordered the evacuation, the unprepped idiots would not have left, because they trust government.


        I already know that HAARP is responsible for that Hurricane and this is a no brainer. Why do I believe this, because I saw lighting in sunshine in my area flashing all over North Houston, This is what I saw happen the last time we flooded.

        Also I would like to give a warm Welcome to President Donald Trump for making it a priority to Visit Texas. While your at it Donald, fire that mayors ass.


        • They were right not to evacuate Houston. If they did then there would be thousands of dead people in their cars stuck on the highway.

          Lessons learned from Hurricane Rita.

          6 dead and people wet. Does not sound too bad.

        • Hurricane Alley. Tornado Alley. Earthquake alley. No matter where you live, nobody’s safe.

      7. President Trump stopped Agenda 21/30 by executive order. Has to do with forestry and lumber business, which is necessary to sustain small towns.

        Also, related to Forest Fire control.

        This is why the globalists hate him so much. People have suggested Trump stay safe and go into security mode.


        I have no idea if any of this is true. But it sure sounds good.


        • Thanks B. Agenda 2130 is TRULY evil; as you know, has a lot more to do than just forestry, it encompasses a massive control grid. If Trump has stopped this fascist evil, that in itself is incredibly good.

        • To everyone, stormfront.org has been taken down. First the daily stormer and now stormfront. Looks like they’ll take down pro-white websites one at a time. Anyone who stands up for white people is now a target.

          • Stormfront is down for now, but not down for the count. If the new world order (((tribe))) wants a fight with the white man, they will get one.

            • Oh yeah, like you’re going to do anything about it.

              • Maple Leaf, go f#$% yourself.

                • It’s all made of small, comprehensible parts and pieces, available, on the open market. No, you were not going to do anything about it. Someone else was going to take responsibility.

              • does this mean you are a canadian?

            • WPWW, if someone wants a fight with me, they’ll damn sure get it.

              • Being an internet tough guy doesn’t count, Braveblob

              • DP is a tubby 60 year old internet brawler – in other words, he’s nothing.

      8. OFF TOPIC.


        Listen to the video and you might be suprised at what they said about the elites, that they are coming for them for what they did to the people.


        Hey cabalist rat bastards, if this was a beta test, I think that over here In the US, expect something like this to rise up multiplied by the millions. Good luck with trying to take down America.

        Mac, you may need to do a header on this one to increase the fear bar.


        • When the war gets going, the government that replaces Madeuro will be much worse than what Venezuela has now.

        • If an army marches on it’s stomach, how do the people go from starvation to uprising.

      9. Speaking of racism, black NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is now a “white supremacist,” per the fascist left, Really. See original, insane article at http://www.theroot.com/charles-barkley-is-a-great-example-of-a-black-white-su-1798149722

        Barkley’s thought crime was to encourage black people to concentrate less on getting angry over historical monuments and more on getting an education, working hard and being successful. He also said black people “need to stop killing each other.”

        Of course, black Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, who said we should not tear down Confederate monuments, noting “ the Civil War is a part of our shared American history, and it’s important that we remember it” and “If you don’t know your history, you are bound to repeat it,” will be the next person for white leftists to call a racist. Cain also noted “”When you start trying to eliminate signs of our history, where does it stop?” Answer: It won’t… until we have statues of Karl Marx up here rather than the USSR.

        And Jim Brown, arguably the best NFL player ever, and black, stated (in reference to the Colin Kaepernick kerfuffle, but still dealing with same general issue), “I’m going to give you the real deal: I’m an American. I don’t desecrate my flag and my national anthem. I’m not gonna do anything against the flag and national anthem. I’m going to work within those situations. But this is my country, and I’ll work out the problems, but I’ll do it in an intelligent manner.” Expect white leftists to label him a white supremacist next.

        In get worse. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is a black Somalian activist was once a victim of genital mutilation as a young girl in Somalia, and now critic of Islamic extremism. Today, this bold woman has called out feminists who refuse to speak out against radical Islam, demanding reform “in cultures and religious doctrines that continue to oppress women.” As you might imagine, the vile frauds at Southern Poverty Law Center, run by white zillionaire Morris Dees, have deemed her a hater, and included in the SPLC’s Hater list, called a “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.” BTW, check out Dees’ zillion dollar digs when he had the temerity (stupidity) to have House Beautiful show his home in the magazine. One site is https://pamelageller.com/2011/02/southern-poverty-law-fraud-center.html/

        And what could be more racist than a black genocide? Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger made her racist vision and purpose quite clear. Sanger desired to rid the nation of those she deemed ‘defective’ and ‘feeble-minded’ by stopping the growth of their populations, particularly blacks and other minorities.”
        Sanger supported black eugenics, a racist attitude toward black and other minority babies; an elitist attitude toward those she regarded as “the feeble minded;” Sanger spoke at rallies of Ku Klux Klan women and developed the notorious “Negro Project” which sought to limit, if not eliminate, black births. Today PP has a disproportionate number of clinics in black areas, and a disproportionate number of black abortions. No cries, of course, from the Antifa brownshirts to tear down Planned Parenthood clinics…

        “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” – Charles Mackay, 1814-1889

        • The Southern Poverty Law Center is now a hate group. They once stood for righteousness in the 1970s, but now they have been taken over by the liberals. Very anti-christian hate group.

          Watch this video from djameskennedy.org

          ht tps://www.djameskennedy.org/video-detail/1729-profits-of-hate-the-southern-poverty-law-center-special-1?utm_campaign=Profit$ofHate&utm_source=DJKMwebsite&utm_medium=redirect&utm_content=L1011

          • Thanks, John. What a tragedy Kennedy is gone now…

          • JS, the SPLC NEVER stood for anything that’s right. It’s a chewish group dedicated to the destruction of our country and people.

      10. To often people speak first and think later. It was meant as a compliment.

      11. Just goes to show that snow flakes know nothing about BOXING!!!!

        Why do we even give snow flakes any attention!!!


        • Sgt. Dale, I came across this video recently and I thought it contained really good information. I want to introduce this since this article is LAME.

          Ten Prepping Lessons that Being in Law Enforcement Has Taught Me


          • This video bends over backwards not to say, “n!ggar thugs.”

        • Sgt: Why do we even give snow flakes any attention!!!

          I asked the same question to MAC a few articles back. Espaciall when they bash Trump. He said, we need to know what all liberals are thinking.

          I disagreed. Why give stupidity further flight. Just dismiss them and make them irrelevant so we can continue making America great again. The more this BS Is printed the more disservice and hate is created. WHy pour gas on a fire. The less we pay attention to them the less mileage they get. Like we all know, We are supposed to ignore a constant crybaby, and he will stop crying. Been this way since the beginning of time. The more attention you give a crybaby the more he/ she cries.

          The Commie Liberals all know the more outrageous BS comments they say and make, it will be spread across America by all media types including this site. Why give a dodo bird dingbat flight.

      12. Think back to a simpler time. Nobody had outbound access to the whole freakin’ world electronically.

        McG’s remarks would have reported and EXPLAINED on sports TV/radio, in the newspapers, and in Sports Illustrated and the Boxing Mags.

        No Sh!tstorm ever comes up….or if it does, it is very local and nobody Nationally ever hears about it.

        But today, every idiot ridin’ or walkin’ can spew their idiocy worldwide in 25 nanoseconds….


      13. Off Topic: Do you have enough food … Does Anybody?

        Hunger eats away at Venezuela’s soul as its people struggle to survive

        h ttps://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/26/nicolas-maduro-donald-trump-venezuela-hunger

        • i have been watching the Venezuela mess unfold for the past two yrs.

          it takes a while for a nation to go down.

          like the frog boiling in the water thing.

          it’s a good lesson for us to learn here.

          • grandee, the lesson I learned was to focus on Food, Food and more Food. In other words, I am now 100% focused on food.

            I know people can only do what they can afford to do, but a couple weeks or months is probably not sufficient. I saw your peanut butter purchase and I thought it was a good deal but I am the chicken man for 2 or 3 more months.

            • I am rolling in peanut butter. I’ve got 20 16 oz jars and I’m not even actively trying to prep that. I get 4 jars a month with WIC and we just don’t eat it that fast. And before y’all think about criticizing me for participating in a gov program, well, the country is going to Hell in a hand basket. At this point, the country can’t be saved and all I care about is what my babies eat. If I thought there was a chance that staying off the gov dole would help the country survive, I’d do it. But it won’t. So we will enjoy every last spoonful of that peanut butter when the balloon goes up 😀

              • Hell…with that much you won’t need butt wipe!

      14. Have I ever said how much I hate libturds? OK, just checking.

        • Braveheart, I just call them what they have shown themselves to be. By their actions, you shall know them. They are Communists, plain and simple.

          America elected a SJW/Communist and almost elected a Socialist/Communist Drewish person. I have no illusions about a large percentage of the American population. But it is crystal clear that a force/group greater than the President runs the country.

          Communists deserve the “Black Flag!”

          • Justice, agreed.

      15. One of the biggest compliments one can give and receive in the world of boxing. I find myself why we even bother attempting to debate with these small minded half wits? But we can’t just let them run rampant unopposed.

      16. LMFAO MAC
        You gotta look into Otis The dog that preps.
        I just read an article about a dog packing a bag of food looking to shelter out Harvey. It’s not a long or detailed one but it’s a cute prepper story of a different kind. See if you can find and post a detailed article.

        • In Texas, an incredibly pragmatic dog became a local hero as he thoroughly “prepared” for Hurricane Harvey.

          h ttps://sputniknews.com/art_living/201708271056836075-hurricane-harvey-dog-food-otis/

          • Even the damn dog has the good sence to bring at least his food preps lol.
            Wonder what he’d do to protect his little stash from the hords of strays looking to steal.

      17. The black guy beat the white guy. It doesn’t get any more politically correct than that!

      18. Now, menthol cigarettes are “racist.” Yeah, really.

        In the never-ending attempt to keep abreast of the leftist Newspeak, two more for your reading unpleasure from BizPacReview:

        a.) Fake Indian Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren has “joined other Democrat senators in calling for a ban of menthol cigarettes because they are racist. Warren added her name to the effort led by fellow Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey and joined by Rhode Island Sens. Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse and Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal…”

        b.) And in InSane Francisco (where I was born), another leftist classic”: “Catholic school removes statues of Mary and Baby Jesus to be more ‘inclusive,’ less ‘alienating’” http://www.bizpacreview.com/2017/08/26/catholic-school-removes-statues-mary-baby-jesus-inclusive-less-alienating-529615 After all, could be more offensive than a Catholic school having a statue of a mother, and a baby, who just happened to be its founder.

        Extra Credit: At CNN (of course!) The brownshirts at Antifa are seeking peace through violence. Yeah, and “war is peace” and “we have always been at war with Oceana,”
        “Unmasking the Leftist Antifa Movement: Activists Seek Peace Through Violence.” Story at CNN, Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement. http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/18/us/unmasking-antifa-anti-fascists-hard-left/index.html Next up from the Antifa brownshirt fascists, I assume, is the old meme from Vietnam, “We had to destroy the village to save it.”

      19. Now menthol cigarettes are “racist.”

        In the never-ending attempt to keep abreast of the leftist Newspeak, two more for your reading unpleasure from BizPacReview:

        a.) Fake Indian Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren has “joined other Democrat senators in calling for a ban of menthol cigarettes because they are racist. Warren added her name to the effort led by fellow Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey and joined by Rhode Island Sens. Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse and Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal…”

        b.) And in InSane Francisco (where I was born), another leftist classic”: “Catholic school removes statues of Mary and Baby Jesus to be more ‘inclusive,’ less ‘alienating’” http://www.bizpacreview.com/2017/08/26/catholic-school-removes-statues-mary-baby-jesus-inclusive-less-alienating-529615 After all, could be more offensive than a Catholic school having a statue of a mother, and a baby, who just happened to be its founder.

        Extra Credit: At CNN (of course!) The brownshirts at Antifa “are seeking peace through violence.” See “Unmasking the Leftist Antifa Movement: Activists Seek Peace Through Violence.” http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/18/us/unmasking-antifa-anti-fascists-hard-left/index.html Next up from the Antifa brownshirt fascists, I assume, is the old meme from Vietnam, “We had to destroy the village to save it.”

        • Test:

          I checked out the article about the removal of a statue of mother and child.
          What surprised me was that instead of teaching from the Catholic catechism, they teach religions of the world. That is secularism. That course is offered in colleges.

          It starts out with little concessions and before you know it you’ve given away the store.


      20. heres what real people i.e. normal people think of all the racist sht spewing out of the dumfucks on the left.
        Fluffy aloha Racist basket Scene
        ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDWYzYMQhaw&spfreload=10

        • an my good brothers from other mothers dont careshit about the lies of the retard left.
          The Most Racist Field Trip Ever A Child Could Ever Take
          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKpAGaI_DF0&spfreload=10

      21. Better hurry!! FEMA offices open at 8am Monday. No proof of I.D. or proof of anything needed to stake a claim or two or three. Free debit cards and maybe free trailers!! Come to Houston and steal your fair share of the American taxpayers money.

        • Did the ChiComs just buy a bunch of our treasuries or how else could the gubmint hand out
          the free shit? Because after all, WE….. ARE……..BROKE. Trump or Pence must have made
          an emergency call to Beijing begging for some emergency bond buying.

      22. SJWs won’t let something like not knowing what the hell they’re talking about prevent them from giving their unsolicited and unwanted triggered opinions.

      23. I knew a guy who wouldn’t speak. You say to him “hello” and he bounces his head and keeps going. I thought it was strange, but I don’t anymore.

        Once a black woman introduced me as “my ni$$ar”. It wasn’t until years later I learned that it was not a put-down, but a compliment.

        All this story shows me is that there are misunderstandings that lead to heightened tensions which are more likely to occur when two or more different races are in close proximity. And those looking to cause hostility will use any excuse to exacerbate those misunderstandings from a mole hill into a mountain; while they laugh at the “stupidity” of both sides. Where there is trouble between two people or two groups, look for an outside instigator.



      24. The main-stream media, or rather “the fake news” such as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and many times even FOX, but especially CNN and MSNBC are not really the media now days.

        These corporate conglomerates have been subverted by globalists, useful idiots, communists, psychotics, and any ol miserable weirdo that comes along who hates the freedom of others.

        MSM is a constant propaganda cycle and or agitprop trying to confuse, misinform, agitate, and divide and conquer the public in every way possible.

        the best way for Americans to deal with this is to stop buying their products. As some example would include subscribing to cable and dish television. Stop shopping china-mart. Stop going to their football games and sporting events, their Hollywood movies, stop taking vacations to places where they receive the benefit. Most importantly take charge of your health stop buying their fast food and products that is making a weak, stupid, and sick country. stop buying their products and services all together. Stop enriching the bastards.

      25. If swinging desperately is the opposite of planning, rhythm, and composure, the comment was still an insult; you are still being stereotyped.

        You have what are presumed to be champions, representing the different races, and people are becoming prideful, when one beats the other down.

        The (hooray) ‘not-racist’ people watching this, have lost a plot as simple as rock-em-sock-em robots or dumb cavemen. Reprobates make this complicated and socially-awkward, too –people hitting eachother in the head. Anyone who can’t understand that is like a limping wildebeast or retarded tadpole that only swims in one direction.

        Are people like this still supporting the venue. If so, why.

        The point has been made (legitimately, afaic) not to pay for divide-and-conquer.

        Who’s still paying, when you have given-up, already.

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