“I Know Where All The Bodies Are Buried”: Clinton Foundation CFO Spills Beans To Investigators

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    The CFO of the Clinton Foundation, thinking he was “meeting an old professional acquaintance,” admitted to investigators that the charity had widespread problems with governance, accounting and conflicts of interest, and that Bill Clinton has been commingling business and personal expenses for a long time, reports The Hill‘s John Solomon.

    Clinton Foundation CFO Andrew Kessel made the admissions to investigators from MDA Analytics LLC – a firm run by “accomplished ex-federal criminal investigators,” who have been probing the Clinton Foundation for some time.

    Kessel told MDA “There is no controlling Bill Clinton. He does whatever he wants and runs up incredible expenses with foundation funds,” according to MDA’s account of the interview. “Bill Clinton mixes and matches his personal business with that of the foundation. Many people within the foundation have tried to caution him about this but he does not listen, and there really is no talking to him.”

    MDA compiled Kessel’s statements, as well as over 6,000 pages of evidence from a whistleblower they had been working with separately, and which they filed secretly over a year ago with the FBI and IRS. MDA has alleged that the Clinton Foundation engaged in illegal activities, and may owe millions in unpaid taxes and penalties.

    In addition to the IRS, the firm’s partners have had contact with prosecutors in the main Justice Department in Washington and FBI agents in Little Rock, Ark. And last week, a federal prosecutor suddenly asked for documents from their private investigation.

    The memo also claims Kessel confirmed to the private investigators that private lawyers reviewed the foundation’s practices — once in 2008 and the other in 2011 — and each found widespread problems with governance, accounting and conflicts of interest.

    “I have addressed it before and, let me tell you, I know where all the bodies are buried in this place,” the memo alleges Kessel said.

    The 48-page submission, dated Aug. 11, 2017, supports its claims with 95 exhibits, including internal legal reviews that the foundation conducted on itself in 2008 and 2011. –The Hill

    “There is probable cause that the Clinton Foundation has run afoul of IRS rules regarding tax-exempt charitable organizations and has acted inconsistently with its stated purpose,” MDA alleged in its memo, adding “The Foundation should be investigated for all of the above-mentioned improprieties. The tax rules, codes, statutes and the rule of law should and must be applied in this case.”

    Foundation officials confirmed that Kessel met with MDA investigators, but said that he “strongly denies that he said or suggested that the Clinton Foundation or President Clinton engaged in inappropriate or illegal activities.”

    “Mr. Kessel believed he was meeting an old professional acquaintance who was looking for business from the Foundation,” the foundation added in a statement.

    MDA was specifically created to investigate 501c3 charities, and researched the Clinton Foundation at its own expense in the hope that the whistleblower submission they compiled might result in a government reward if the IRS was able to corroborate wrongdoing and recover tax dollars.

    The IRS sent multiple letters in 2017 and 2018 to MDA Analytics, confirming it had received the submission and it was “still open and under active investigation.” But, shortly before last month’s election, the agency sent a preliminary denial letter indicating it did not pursue the allegations for reasons that ranged from a lack of resources to possible expiration of the statute of limitations on some allegations.

    I asked a half-dozen former federal investigators to review the submission and key evidence; all said the firm’s analysis of tax-exempt compliance issues would not be that useful to federal agencies that have their own legal experts for that. But they stressed the evidence of potential criminality was strong and warranted opening an FBI or IRS probe. –The Hill

    According to retired FBI supervisory agent Jeffrey Danik, MDA’s work is “a very good roadmap for investigation, adding “When you have the organization’s own lawyers using words like ‘quid pro quo,’ ‘conflicts of interest’ and ‘whistleblower protections,’ you have enough to get permission to start interviewing and asking questions.”

    While some of the documents MDA submitted were marked as attorney-client privileged, Danik doesn’t think that should be an issue for federal investigators – given that since special counsel Robert Mueller “got the OK to investigate Michael Cohen and his attorney-client communications with President Trump, I imagine that hurdle could be overcome under the crime-fraud exception.”

    Meanwhile, next week a GOP Congressional subcommittee led by Rep. Mark Meadows (NC) will review the work of John Huber – the US attorney designated a year ago by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate “all things Clinton.” The hearing will establish how much money and resources Huber has dedicated, and whether we can expect to see any recommendations regarding Hillary Clinton’s transfer of classified information from her insecure private server, along with the foundation’s activities.

    To that end, a prosecutor working under Huber called MDA analytics last week and requested copies of their Clinton Foundation evidence, according to Solomon.

    A prosecutor working for Huber called MDA Analytics last week, seeking copies of their evidence, according to sources. The firm told the prosecutor that the FBI has possessed the evidence in its Little Rock office since early 2018, the sources said.

    Some evidence that MDA investigators cited is public source, such as internal foundation reviews hacked in 2016 and given to WikiLeaks. Other materials were provided to the investigators by foreign governments that have done business with the charity, or by foundation insiders.

    One of the nonpublic documents is an interview memo the MDA Analytics investigators penned after meeting with Kessel in late November 2016 at the Princeton Club in New York City. –The Hill

    Kessel’s inadvertent admissions, meanwhile, track closely with comments made in 2008 written by a private lawyer named Kumiki Gibson – who the Clinton Foundation hired to study its governance. Gibson flagged concerns over improper commingling of charitable and private business.

    “The work of the Foundation and the President are intertwined in a way that creates confusion at, and undermines the work of, the Foundation at virtually every level,” he wrote, warning that such actions pose “reputational and legal challenges, and with confusion, inefficiencies and waste.”

    Specifically, the memo warned the foundation had not created policies and procedures “required by law” and that some of its leaders “appear to have interests that do not always align with those of the Foundation.”

    It also raised the possibility of illegal activities, saying the foundation and its managers held an “anti-compliance attitude” and that there were lower-level employees who “begged” for whistleblower protections after witnessing “less than fully compliant behavior or even worse are asked to participate in or condone it.” –The Hill

    Meanwhile, a 2011 review by the law firm Simpson Thatcher noted “material weaknesses” found by auditors in 2009 and 2010, such as a lack of board meetings and unsigned board minutes – and also found that some foundation employees “abuse expense privileges,” while others had conflicts of interest.

    We look forward to hearing anything further from Solomon and The Hill on whatever Huber has been up to.


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      1. “There is no controlling Bill Clinton. He does whatever he wants and runs up incredible expenses with foundation funds,”

        I thought that the purpose of the foundation was to finance the Clinton’s in the first place.

        Was it actually created for some other reason I’m not aware of?

        • Anon, you have to abide by IRS rules.

          • You apparently don’t have to abide by the IRS rules if you just kill their agents who come to investigate you, as the Klintons seem to do, which is exactly why they will never go to prison and will get away with their crimes.

          • laws? ethics? the Clintons? Seriously dude?

        • In reality you are right; it was set up to finance the Klintons. Unfortunately that is in violation of the regulations governing charitable foundations. But hey – why spoil the beauty of a thing with legalities.

        • Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, December 7th.

          For anyone who doesn’t know, Pearl Harbor was a USA Navy Base in Hawaii, which was bombed by Japan, giving the USA the justification for entering the war with Germany and Japan (Ww2) that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted to bring us into. It was the 9/11 of the 1940’s.


          Is the misuse of money more important than murder?



          • B from CA

            The Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor was the gold standard to justify going to war. That standard has continually dropped over subsequent years and now, like our money, there is no standard at all.

            • Boy you drank the leftist historian koolaid. FDR is the leftists’ icon for every rotten idea on subverting the constitutional republic.

              Here’s something closer to reality but fails to discuss FDR’s illegal war policies not only in China with insurgency groups and the Flying Tigers, but numerous violations of the law helping the UK since he liked Winston Churchill.

              FDR wanted the war, saw it coming, and manipulated geopolitical events so the USA would end up being the superpower.

        • Now that this guy is “OUT” I wonder if he will see January 1st, 2019 sunrise. Just saying. Another body for the Clinton Body Count looms large. 🙁

        • Well yeah it is the clinton slush fund. the charitable part is and was a fraud. Haiti found that out. Of course nothing is ever done with high level criminals. The people saying things like “you have to abide by irs rules” are laughable in their naivete.

      2. Why are these two not in prison?

        • Remember back when they were president,
          She stole hundreds of files on everyone in power.
          Those files were never returned so I assume she still has them.
          As secretary of state she could have continued that M.O.
          Bottom line, She has dirt on everybody complete with photos and film!!
          But that’s her last resort and her leverage to get the folks involved in any investigation to behave and say oh there’s nothing to see here.
          Those she doesn’t have anything on end up dead!

        • Clinton private slush fund, financial fraud.
          They take bribes.
          They murder people.
          They go to private island and abuse little children.
          They commit treason with Uranium One deal.
          Hillary puts her private mail server in bathroom. Result is compromise to national security. Putting intelligence assets in severe danger.


          Obama is a traitor. Not one day in jail.

          Clintons commit murder, high crimes and treason. Nothing done.

          One day maybe people will have had enough of the criminals running this country.
          That is why they keep trying to get your guns. Unarmed sheep are easy to put into genocide camps.

          Where is your outrage?

        • They have one thing you and I and most of us don’t. MONEY.

        • Like the Bush family,the Obombers and Trump.they are above the law

        • Karma will get them…..have patience.

          • Bullshit.

            Either they “are” karma, or you are. That’s how that shit works.

      3. i bet bill/hillary are lookin in the mirror right now bonein up on their best low tone voice /uh uh uh- to get mercy/support from the media talkin heads…
        pathetic creatures,,,

      4. What a waste of editorial space–any one above the IQ of 70 knows this and knows nothing will change E-V-E-R!!!

      5. They will sing like canaries and all the other Luciferian illuminati will also be charged….

        …otherwise they will die mysterious accidental deaths or suicide.

      6. Wait…They have a live one?

      7. How is it that all these people investigating the Clintons are still alive? Now THAT’S amazing! Not one of them “arkancided” yet!

      8. I wish hat they would finally come down on these arrogant political class jerks, start with clintons and go after all of the rest of them,
        Until then, i have no faith in the legal system nor the courts

        • Nailbanger, we’ll all just have to wait for KARMA to get them. Don’t know when or how it will happen but one day it WILL.

      9. Look for the news that this man committed suicide, shot himself twice in the back of the head.

        • Either that, or he will stab himself to death with a knife….like 27 times.

      10. The Clinton’s don’t have to abide by any tax laws. The IRS is still staffed with their people. So is the DOJ. So is the FBI. Trump has failed to purge the enemy. We lose.

        Will it be:
        1 jumping off a building
        2 self inflicted nail gun
        3 hand gun
        4 shotgun
        5 hanging
        6 mysterious car accident
        7 drowning
        We should take bets

        in ebonics
        “yous gonna die sucker”

        • I’d say jumping off a building many times till he learns how to come out of his pike.

        • Brotherhorse

          * Plane crash
          * Heart Attack
          * “Accidentally electrocuted” fixing a toaster in the bathtub
          * Shot to death in a robbery and he still has his wallet and money
          * Killed by a poisonous invasive species that was previously unknown in that area
          * Struck by lightening (no storm in area), body cremated W/O autopsy

          “They” like to make it so obvious that foul play is the cause yet officially it was self inflicted or accidental. This intimidates future whistle blowers.

      12. This guy is going to have such remorse over his actions he will shoot himself in the back of the head twice.

      13. There was a thread yesterday about sociopaths. These two fit that description to a T. I don’t think there’s a sin they haven’t yet committed or a law they haven’t yet broken, including but not limited to, adultery, fraud, theft and murder. Instead of being marriage partners they are partners in crime.

        • Yep, they’re a couple of amoral fucks for sure and for certain.

      14. “The firm told the prosecutor that the FBI has possessed the evidence in its Little Rock office since early 2018”

        There is the death knell for this investigation folks.
        Ooops, the closet containing that evidence experienced an extremely localized catastrophic fire. I seem to remember a similar conflagration at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock some years back.

        Nothing to see here. Move along. No the FBI isn’t corrupt. Just an unfortunate incident.

      15. I think, effective leadership sets goals and dates. You know what you’re doing and whether you’ve failed. Based on arbitrary benchmark, on arbitrary time. Where do we get this idea that formal life is ever supposed to be a surprise.

      16. And yet….. Nothing will happen.

        • Just keep waiting. (and waiting…)

      17. Holding highest political office insulates against high crimes committed being made public until after your dead if ever seeing the light of day. Examples are OKC bombing, Waco massacre and Clinton body count. Republican-Democrat have become labels with illusion of choice to dupe the masses. Will the American people protest in the streets like in France or has that option gone the way of the dodo bird?

        • Not unless they are being paid to do so for some leftist/socialist cause.


      19. Nothing to see here. Move along.

        Nothing will happen. Nobody will be prosecuted, let alone sent to prison.

        The Deep State protects its own.

      20. Clinton Foundation CFO Spills Beans To Investigators

        If this guy is getting on your flight get the hell off the plane. They’ll pull a Larry McDonald on him.

      21. how many dead after saying they know where all the bodies are buried. dangerous words. the Klintons know who buried them.————Grampa

      22. Been following a bunch of podcasts on this story. It will not be long before everything about the Clintons, their foundation, election rigging, money laundering, murder, et al blows open.

        Does anyone remember the FBI raid into the home of a whistleblower by the last name of Cain? Apparently, Clinton operatives in the FBI raided this individual’s home looking for those 6000 pages of documents so they could destroy them. Problem? The documents weren’t in Cain’s home. They were in the hands of Trump operatives and investigators, and have been for quite some time. It’s quite likely Cain was a decoy to flush them out.

      23. Soooo, these folks are doing an investigation of the Clintons, on spec, hoping for an IRS reward?
        Sure, sounds legit.

      24. I hope he has good bodyguards. Otherwise he may end up as the latest member of the “Clinton Body Count”

      25. Decisions, decisions.
        Ought they be put in front of a firing squad or hung?

      26. Andrew Kessel is a walking dead man.

      27. Say we get rid of the klintonds and their ilk? So what? there are others just a bad and a whole lot smarter that will take their place. You never really entirely get rid of those type folks. There is too little money in being a good guy. And unlimited money in being a bad guy.

      28. Don’t care to read anymore about the Clintons or their crimes
        Only thing I want to read about is the the jail sentence for both.

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