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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck for Portfolio Wealth Global.

    It Looks Like Powell and Trump are Burying the Hatchet!

    Ray Dalio is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, but he ought to make sure to put his predictions INTO PERSPECTIVE. When Mr. Dalio said that cash is trash” in Davos right before the COVID-19 panic, he didn’t mean that cash is to be avoided right away. His true intention was to say that as of 2020, the world is TRANSITIONING into a new age of quantitative easing and you need to understand it IMMEDIATELY!

    As you can see below, new cases of reported COVID-19 cases ARE PLUMMETING around the world. There are likely around 100 million infected individuals, about 90 times the reported amount, and THAT’S GOOD.

    We’re undergoing what’s known as “herd immunity.” Our body, in its INFINITE INTELLIGENCE having survived tens of thousands of years of ice ages, famines, droughts, and times when chasing calories was the ONLY WORRY of the average person, has a robust immune system and can FIGHT disease.

    That isn’t the case with ALL INDIVIDUALS. Most people are suffering from overweight, a lack of sleep, too much stress, other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and a multitude of Western illnesses, simply by mistreating their physical bodies for decades.

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle of proper sleeping, breathing, drinking, eating, being outdoors, and moving (exercising) isn’t the regiment most people follow.

    Therefore, we’re seeing COVID-19 mostly INFLICT DAMAGE to weaker immune systems.

    We can all learn from this that we need to handle ourselves with respect, NOT SUCCUMB to the lust of tastes.

    This virus shall pass, and when it does, governments and central banks have revealed their METHODS OF OPERATION to us.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    We will begin RESUMING NORMALCY soon. I expect the U.S. to be RELAXING MEASURES by the end of April in most of the 50 states, and other countries will do the same thing.

    At first, most will be cautious and will not want to spend more than they should (individuals and businesses), but the government and the stimulus from it will act AS A CATALYST to this process and SPEED-UP the recovery.

    Hotel chains, casino operators, cruise ship lines, travel agencies, and other leisure providers will cut prices and offer flexible terms to entice the pioneers that will return first.

    Slowly but SURELY, everyone will RETURN TO LIVING a full and vibrant existence, spending money and looking for ways to entertain themselves, educate themselves, and purchase products and services.

    Human nature hasn’t changed; we all CREATE ways of ACHIEVING growth and development in our minds, but our habits may be altered in HOW to get there.

    The genie is out of the bottle IN TERMS of spending, and this time IT IS DIFFERENT!

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    Interest rates are zero around the globe AND that’s not going to change WHATSOEVER because most countries can’t fund their budgets using ORGANIC LENDING.

    What I mean by that is that sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and large asset managers AREN’T INTERESTED in lending governments money anymore.

    The APPETITE is gone.

    Taking the place of these lenders are the central banks themselves. This is called quantitative easing, and thus far it hasn’t caused INFLATIONARY PRESSURE in most developed countries.

    The reason is that many assumed it WAS AN EXPERIMENT and that it will end soon.

    The jig is up, though: everyone now knows that DEFICITS WILL ONLY INCREASE and that central banks will fund these by increasing the money supply no matter what tax revenues happen to be.

    Therefore, as you can see below, DEFICITS ARE MOUNTING:

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    In other words, now EVERYONE is on the INSIDE OF THIS JOKE.

    All governments know now that their colleagues are debasing and they will OPENLY do the same.

    Citizens will catch up to this, but not until it is WAY TOO LATE.

    So Dalio is right: we are entering a 10-year period where COMPARED TO REAL ASSETS, currencies will fall by 30%-50%, and YOU have first dibs on this since you’ve STUDIED THE MATTER.

    Instead of trying to convince your brainwashed friends, WORK to increase your net worth in your main career so that you can invest and COMPOUND at a fast rate!


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      1. Silver is way more undervalued and used. But then, I repeat myself…

        • Tell that to the Hedge fund Controlling manipulators who are suppressing the value of Silver.

          So why are hedge funds being bailed out for their gambling losses in the stock market? They win every time and 401K holders get their a$$es handed to them again every time.

          Physical and gold silver is hard to find or you are paying a marked up premium for the physical silver.

          There is NO Capitalism in America, no free market or supply and demand, Just selected winners and losers manipulating everything and never held accountable, just get bailed out. Screw the Banks. Stop paying all unsecured debt like credit cards and federal Taxes Starve the beast. Take all your money out of all banks and turn it into Silver, The let the banks crash and implode.

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        • So, it becomes a case of “if you just lie by providing phony information” sort of thing.

          Which won’t really make any difference anyway.

          But it’s the board owners decision, I just wish he wouldn’t include that use a phony email address stuff. But, then, I usually encourage honesty and probably have no right to impose my beliefs on others, everyone should decide on it for themselves.

        • Wait more like 2 days for your opinion to be posted, and after 10 more articles are posted. The site host has been absent for a few years. Either is making money and doesn’t care any more. I’d rather have 1 article a day and or chat rooms to discuss things like solar or guns in more detail. Our comments are diluted with more nonsense articles. There is no legitimate discussions here or debate. Next article then wit 2 days to see your opinion posted.

      3. gold is great for rich people.
        Working men should buy food-garden seeds-livestock-feed-hay-building materials-ammo-more ammo.

        Why don’t you have a garden planted?
        Why don’t you have a small flock of backyard chickens or quail, for eggs. Occasional meat? Rabbits? Milk Goats?
        Do you want to eat? Or look at pretty gold?

        Even if you live in a tyranical communist controlled city. Do not comply. Get your livestock anyway. Give away your extra eggs, meat, milk, to closest neighbors. Being on Good terms with neighbors is imperative to you not being hasseled/shut down.

        Have tallest fence possible. You must hide your now considered by the control freak power hungry so called “authorities” a currently “subversive” activity of food production for your table. Don’t comply to insanity.

        You can keep your gold. Can you eat it? Does it keep you warm? From current articles at shtfplan, a good tarp is more useful than a gold brick in most situations.

        Give me a man with knowledge, a small flock of chickens/quail, a few goats, garden seed, a chainsaw/axe, rifle, sidearm, as much ammo as can be carried. That man can provide food for his family even if the so called government looses it’s mind and imposes TYRANNY.

        You are witnessing TYRANNY.

        • Most working men don’t have the money to buy the land and home needed to use those food-garden seeds-livestock-feed-hay-building materials”

          Unless they are rich, in which case gold is great for them instead?

        • The typical stupid herd reply. Are you going to pay your property tax/ rent/ utilities/ fuel/ etc. etc. etc. with chickens? Go ahead and don’t pay your property tax and see what happens. Save your $$ in cash that goes down in value as we speak. Metals will protect you from hyperinflation. Metals are private and untrackable. Real metal is untaxable (if yer smart). What are you going to do when Fred has something you need and you have nothing he needs? Metals are for people that already have their preps in order and need to store wealth safely. But then that is so far over your head it might as well be the moon. Hey I know, let’s have a critical thinking/common sense contest!

        • There is no choice between Food or Gold. That statement is about as dumb as choosing between Food or Guns. Get both. A well prepared man has both his food, guns and his financial house in order to protect his remaining wealth. By all means store food first. Then store Guns and Gold.

          Those who have no gold or wealth only get to store food.

          Buy low then sell high. I would not be a buyer of Gold at this price of $1680. Give me $1300 Gold and $13 Silver. Silver should be trading at $24 to $35 now, for the usual Silver to Gold Price Ratio Range of ($47-$70) to $1 ratio, but is suppressed and manipulated and why it is at $110 to $1.

          Its all rigged and we are being duped.

      4. Howdy Y’all,
        This evening’s missive will reprise the Banking System – in brief – and attempt to compare what ‘was before’ with ‘what we have known’.
        Roughly 500 years ago the first exercise in sanctioned banking began in Sweden. The then King of Sweden authorized an individual to begin banking operations country-wide. Approximately seven years later, the individual so authorized had drug the entire edifice he created into the classic ‘Ponzi Scheme on Steroids’ (Suorise, suprise, suprise…) thereafter the King issued a writ of EXECUTION against that first Banker. Said order was eventually revoked – unfortunately, IMHO – and the rest is simply History; thence the age of financialization began; the abstraction of Wealth via intrinsically worthless tokens ‘representing’ actual Wealth.
        The era prior to that point might well be best described as “The Age of THINGS” in that one’s intrinsic worth was measured by a single criteria…how MANY ‘things’ did you actually, physically possess and were capable of DEFENDING from depradation.
        Everyone on-board this far? Good.

        The Era of Finacialization is now, effectively over…finished, kaput. Period. The talking heads on the various financial media will continue to talk up their game…primarily since they are sunk in it nose-deep and somewhere in the backs of their pea-sized brains they are desperately hoping for that ‘Greater Fool’ to come along and solve their problems…however, that is NOT going to happen. Given the Fed’s actions these last two weeks it is plainly evident ‘That the Emporer has NO clothes at all’.
        “So, what now?”, you’re likely asking.

        Well, the current system has fully and completely been driven off it’s rails so – IMHO – the highest likelihood is that very soon the entire Monetary system will collapse…OR a new genesis of Tyranny grander than any ever seen in History will soon arise.
        However, there is an alternative. Specifically, you might – might! – choose to be other than perpetual debt-serfs – for Serfs you will soon be if the current system continues to propagate – so effectively the only recourse is to return to the previous system which existed long before the foolish Ponzi-Crap in which we are fully immersed today ever existed, a return to ‘The Era of Things’.

        Not to put to fine a point on what follows here, but if you haven’t been already LONG preparing for what is barreling down the tracks at us currently, then you will want to immediately make peace with your Maker…you are NOT going to be around much longer. The necessary preparations to enable one (or many…) to ensure the coming calamity take YEARS and IMMENSE amounts of input; personal, monetary and emotional. Frankly most are incapable of the adaptations required. I in no wise am attempting to to be discouraging in stating this, I AM solely attempting to convey the practicalities hereinvolved.
        Furthermore, inasmuch as the Fed has now FULLY primed the pump for hyperinflation even your Gold and Silver will likely be of little use…as you’ll soon discover. When a man has a loaf of bread he’s depending on to FEED him and his family NO inducement will suffice to convince him to part with it. Offer him a 2 Kilo gold brick and he’ll simply shake his head and walk off laughing: Bread you can EAT, just try eating that Gold brick (Spoiler: Gold has VERY low nutritional value).
        There is a strategy which you might employ to best effect over the next few months…one that WILL benefit you beyond measure if you so choose. In a collapse such as what we’re facing now there is an historical pattern which proceeds without variance. Specifically, for a short period script (paper money) will continue to be accepted as satisfactory payment for goods…bear that in mind for later. As conditions worsen – which given the rapid drying up of the supply pipelines incoming from China and India – is far closer than most can accept.
        As ever greater amounts of money chase increasingly scarce goods the prices seen at the consumer level will naturally rise…and that trend will accelerate, initially becoming parabolic, then exponential. During the time before that the PRICE of Gold WILL rise….possibly not to a level you’d like it to, but YOU must decide when the point of necessity has been reached; typically the point at which the ever decreasing availability of what you NEED outweighs waiting for the price of Gold to hit your imaginary target level.
        Remember Folks, Life is Pass/Fail ONLY…

        Be well, be SAFE and be Blessed


      5. So DEFICIT SPENDING increases the DEBT?!

        Wow! Thanks for letting me in on that inside information!

        We can all use MMT with our banks that will GUARNTEE 0% interest for THE REST OF OUR LIVES and keep INCREASING lines of CREDIT to meet our desires and whims!

        No Need to buy gold!

      6. You are sick as hell. You have a really sick sense of humor. Did you get bored torturing kittens and puppies? Drop dead!

      7. Here comes the gold heists.

      8. Many people, including myself, have some gold, silver, etc. But what good is gold if there is no food to buy?

        Ezekiel 17:9

        They will throw their gold and silver into the streets…

        • What good are your beans and rice when your water is shut off and your land taken away and no power and no fuel and no parts and you get stopped at a checkpoint and on and on and on? Thinking things through isn’t your forte is it lol.

        • James 5

          It’s a speculative instrument, a medium of exchange, but not holy unto itself.

      9. Completely OT here Y’all,
        A fascination treatise on macro/micronutrients for garden soil is found at:
        Careful attention is paid throughout in classifying the various soils you’ll likely see regardless of where you are in the US. The list of micronutrients (elements appearing in extremely low concentrations…but absolutely essential to adequate plant growth) are Iron, Boron, Chlorine, Sulphur, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc. The article treats well with symptoms manifesting in the absence of any of these though many are principally similar.
        As it happens many of the micronutrients are not ‘durable’…that is, they do not once applied typically sustain on soil for more than a season. All but the Manganese and Molybdenum are easily added via common household stocks…please remember NOT to ‘over-do’ when adding these.
        Boron…simply add a small amount to water in your garden sprayer. Iron – same – obtained by the simple expedient of throwing a couple of cups of Mason’s nails in a five gallon bucket in warm temperatures for a week or so. Chlorine, REALLY simple, just add a half a capful of Chlorox (Sodium Hypochlorite) to the mix. Copper, this one is a bit more difficult to source. A commercial product named ‘Cutrine’ used typically for clearing algae from farm ponds will do the trick in VERY small quantities. A caveat exist exist with respect to Cutrine: Under NO circumstances allow that to come in contact with eye tissue…permanent blindness might well result. Obviously, wear eye protection while spraying anything containing that! Sulphur is simply obtained at most pharmacy’s as Sublimated Sulphur powder or alternately found as ‘Flowers of Sulphur’ which is identically the same thing.
        All of the preceding can be mixed as a single mix for spraying over your fresh tilled soil with hazard except as noted. However, IF you are intending to add Boron to your garden by using Boric Acid THAT must under NO circumstance be combined with Chlorox inasmuch as the combination of most acids and Chlorine rich compounds instantly evolves Sarin gas; one of the original nerve agents…a word to the Wise.
        I’m still hunting for sources (common) of Manganese and Molybdenum…if anyone here can add to this I’m sure it would be appreciated roundly.
        This late, Adios Muchacho’s! Andele, Andele…Ariva, Ariva!!!


        • (Pink) Sea Salt

          • Howdy Linda,
            Firstly, thanks for your response…much obliged M’am.
            I presume you mean that pink Sea salt contains the two micronutrients I mentioned above (Manganese and Molybdenum)? I’ very been able to determine a large swath of common household chemicals that can be combined (in relative safety…) but those last two are a bit more difficult to label as ‘Common’.
            Again, Thank you regardless of your answer. This place began as a broad forum for people to SHARE the broad wealth of knowledge which we – collectively – possess but which individually few here – or anywhere else – can claim to be broadly knowledgeable of.
            Be Well, be SAFE and be Blessed…you and your’s as well.


      10. The Last to Know are the supposed experts, once again!

        CNN reports that 45 Economists are saying that we are already in a recession.

        Hate to break the news to the economists, but everyone else already figured that out.

      11. i bought silver as tahy are saying now it was said then silver is going to skyrocket when i went to trade mine bought at $11 when i sold it was at $14 no one and i mean no one would give you $14 food is more valuable than gold or silver if you want to spend a boatload of money buy anti biotics not the fish kind either you can get them online from india wo a script thay arethe real deal

      12. You should buy food, garden food, have supplies….and buy gold/silver to have any ounce of wealth when the paper evaporates just sitting in accounts

      13. I have bought stock in (Generic Co.) (according to this article.)

        Now, everyone raise the price. This is the time.

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