Hyperlink Tax and Filters: Is It Time to Dust Off the Mimeo Machine?

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

    The unelected bureaucrats at the European Union are in the process of destroying the web and social media as we know it. In the not too far distant future, we may be obliged to use other technologies to post news and commentary—for instance, a mimeograph machine.

    If the EU Copyright Directive, Article 13, becomes law, the following small quote will be illegal.

    In response to the campaign, a European Commission spokesperson told Sky News: “The idea behind our copyright proposals is that people should be able to make a living from their creative ideas.”

    Are EU apparatchiks really interested in making sure artists, musicians, and writers get paid for their work? Hardly. The law is designed to control the internet and shut down what faceless bureaucrats decide you shouldn’t see. It is also a mechanism that will allow large corporations to squeeze every last penny out of content producers. For long as anybody can remember, content producers have used fair use to quote from copyrighted sources. 

    From Techdirt:

    Only the most antagonistic of rightsholders would view memes as a destructive force pushing creators into poverty. But the EU’s proposal takes exactly this hard line: it wants platforms to treat every bit of copyrighted material being uploaded as infringing by default. This won’t just bankrupt smaller tech companies and make millions of users miserable. It will also do serious damage to internet communications in general, pushing platforms towards restricting users’ interactions with the service, either by limiting their ability to post content or by suspending/deleting accounts for alleged Article 13 violations. The law is stupid and dangerous. Far too often, so is the EU.

    If this law passes and social media and websites are forced to pay tribute to corporations for what is now fair use—quoting a source in a blog entry like this—it will be the end of the internet as we know it. 

    I quote corporate news sources every day. But if the EU has its way, quoting a source will not only be illegal, so will hyperlinking to it. 

    In the future, those of us who write political commentary may be forced to seek out low tech alternatives, such as a mimeograph machine or photocopier. 

    But this too will be illegal since the same rules apply to printed material.

    It looks like we may eventually be forced to use the samizdat method of communication—producing content in secret and passing it from reader to reader as it was done in the Soviet Union. 


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      1. At the beginning of the conservative resistance to Clinton and liberalism -which was the originating root of the current “alt-right” movement- we relied on fax machines and dial up modem based private BBS systems over the phone lines and South American based shortwave broadcasts to relay information and hold discussions with each other.

        With few exceptions we were actually fairly effective at it, with things like defeating the Clinton “crime bill” and a good deal of the credit for the defeat of Hillarycare being attributed to it.

      2. This is all about covering up corruption. Important to know: when Gordon Brown in the UK bailed out the global financial system, he also did the same for the entire global klepto class.

        Once they were given the nod and the wink, they went nuts with thieving money from the economy. Money laundering, bribery etc. Is at record levels. They do not like the fact this is leaking out on the Internet as it has done. Some of the most corrupt people in government and international organisations are being exposed, so they want to shut that down.

        What you need to do is to flood the internet with content about these people while you can. Stop looking at Kim Kardashian’s ass and do something worthwhile with your life.

      3. The EU is falling apart along with the NWO.

        They always go too far.

        Coming soon, the final nail in the coffin of the EU and the NWO.


        • Hey B from CA – don’t misunderstand this. I’m what could be termed an enemy of the NWO and could care less about the EU. But I honestly don’t think the NWO nor the EU is going to just go down without a fight. Things are going to get rough over in the Old World and they’re going to get even more so most everywhere else. The puppet-masters have been planning whatever is going to go down a long long time. I can only figure they’ve got all scenarios covered – just like they have covered their own hindquarters.

          • Heartless listen to B from CA. I trade a lot. I constantly hear bond traders note that Dragi and his ECB have totally destroyed the European bond market. They say all that needs to happen now is for Dragi to end his QA and contagion will sweep the Euro bond market. This event will blow away all the banks in Europe. This will all happen soon…

            • and just what does this have to do with this article?

              Answer = Nothing.

          • I have to agree with you. The EU will drag as many countries down with it as it can, if it does go down.but, I don’t see it going down. The EU is the NWO’s puppet child and they want the entire world to follow suit.they want a one world union and are pushing hard to get it.

      4. The EU is so ridiculous. ARPANET was the initial Internet and was available to DoD and associated research scientists. Then they allowed grad students. Then lots of government scientists in other regions, then their grad students, and so on until what we have today. And linking was essential to trace where the information came from as very valuable further details coud be learned from scanning the original research.

        To stop now is ridiculous. Search engines would be useless. Do you realize that only a small portion of the web is searchable? That’s right…a web designer can keep their site from being searched by bots and thus sites that have a web presence and an intranet are safe.

        Having less would be near worthless. It would be less than the old GEnie, Compuserve, and AOL systems because they hyperlinked as it unfolded.

        Bugger eatin’ morons floating asinine ideas that essential are sabotage.

        • Hyperlinking is the entire basis of the World Wide Web.

          • Why does the world need to interact with your material.

      5. Technology has created the opportunity for monopolistic communication control and its increasingly being used to manipulate the narrative. Some modern reincarnation of the Anti Trust Acts that would be applicable, along with expansion of the First Amendment beyond mere government needs to occur. If this doesn’t happen a relatively small minority will circumvent the intent of the Bill Of Rights and with it the US Constitution giving them de-facto control over the masses. This would be extremely deceitful and they won’t even realize that it has taken place.

        • The Internet is thought of as a gargantuan publishing house when actually it has the potential to become the REPOSITORY OF ALL KNOWLEDGE. Such censorship would be like removing every book you disagree with and then in one generation, the next generation, for example, has no idea of the diverse opinions on history. They will assume the leftist historians have sacrosanct ideas and they are Truth when actually they are opinions.

          It it as stupid as Rome destroying all records and books on Carthage. We know a minscule amount about Carthage now.

          It is as boneheaded as allowing the Library of Alexandria to burn. It was possibly the greatest lbrary that ever existed and scholars would visit to make copies of scrolls. And when it burned, the librarians sacrificed their lives to carry out the scrolls as their skin burned as they were priceless versus their lives.As a result, this contributed to a giant step backward in overall knowledge.

          These pinheads who are censoring and controling hyperlinking are honestly insane because they are not considering the ramifications.

        • As I stated elsewhere, Social Media has grown to the point where it will be viewed as a public utility. I believe the government will regulate it as such.

      6. Oh, hell … we aren’t even close to going underground, we’re just spoiled. Yes, the proposed law is draconian, but we were going there eventually. We still have magazines, we still have (a few) decent newspapers. And the good, old-fashioned broad sheet is easier and cheaper than ever to reproduce. We’ve just gotten lazy — and have spent our money on more Chinese crap at Walmart, so we have nothing to invest in one of the traditional communications mediums.

      7. If I post something that Europe doesn’t like, what can they do to me?

        They can’t stop me, as I own my various web sites. Only the NSA can accurately read memes, and even they can’t understand the real meaning of many of them. FB says they are going to have the ability soon. I believe I can fool whatever algorithms they think will work. I just posted a good one on there a few minutes ago.

        Are the Europeans going to come over here and shake their finger in my face?

        • “Are the Europeans going to come over here and shake their finger in my face?”

          No, they are going to have the FBI arrest you for violating their laws and the FBI is going to accommodate them. Did you miss Kim Dotcom’s arrest in New Zealand for doing nothing illegal? The FBI just went in and picked him up and threw him in the clink. As a practical matter, there are no jurisdictional distinctions anymore. The governments of the world are happy to help each other out for the most part.

          …and yes, they can remove your website also. Just like Silk Road’s.

      8. got my cobra 29 cb and a antenna that magnets to the roof of my ranger. Total redneck setup it goes well with the be popular sticker on the back window.

      9. I’m confused. Don’t the link owners want people to click thru? How is anyone going to click thru without a decent description of what they’re going to see on the other site?
        Or is this law going to remove the ability to even link to other sites?
        Also if this only applies to the EU, then that means the rest of the world can continue the way it is now and just not link to any EU sources?

      10. I’ll be honest, I clicked this article because the word ‘mimeo’ brought back a happy memory. Am I alone in remembering the smell? I can fondly remember that no matter how tough the test or negative the hand-out, it seemed the entire class would pick up those passed out papers and take a deep breath drawing in the ????? – what was that stuff?

        • It was a “Ditto” machine that left a strong smell not a Mimeograph. While the “mimeo” used ink to make copies using a stencil, a “Ditto” machine used a mix of methanol and isopropanol to disolve a wax like pigment on the master and transfer it to the “copy”.

      11. “producers”

        Most produce high pressure, clickbait and spammy redirects.

        Few produce considerate, well-researched material. You would normally have to pay, to see that.

        Noone has produced an independent infrastructure, at least, since the internet was called a bulletin board.

        People expecting everything to be for free are typically the least productive. It’s generally called moral hazard, when you would use that same time and money on something risky or intellectually-lazy. You’re saying this is important, to you, but will typically not give up cigarette money or McD’s, etc.

      12. Europe was a very nice place in the 1980s and 1990s. It was visibly improving and modernising year on year. Even France was clean at this time. The only crappy place was the United Kingdom, full of violent morons, bad food, filthy and run down infrastructure.

        But then financialization started and the corporate lobbyists, many from the US, moved in. Did you know there are more corporate lobbyists at the EU than there in Washington, DC?

        Europe used to be the place where you were guaranteed to see the most beautiful, stylish, healthy women anywhere on this planet. It was a feast. Just go from one city to the next and soak up the variety and beauty. Now, go to many European cities and what do you see? Refugees, Muslim women in scarves or Burkhas. In Paris, there are so many they sleep on the streets everywhere. They are filthy and are the source of much of the crime.

        But, you know what? Obnoxious Americans used to come over and say “Oh, Europe! It’s too white!!!!!!! Where is your diversity????!!!!” These ignorant people who did not know Europe’s history did not know that Europe is the most diverse place on the planet. Why did you think the women came in all hair colors? All eye colors? Body shapes? That’s diversity!

        And so they went back to the US and lobbyied their ignorant politicians to make Europe like the US – a land of immigrants! And they opened up the borders and then stirred up wars in the Middle East and Africa to incentivise the people there to flee to Europe. And now Europe is a mess.

      13. Goodbye aggregators. And good riddance.

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