Hyperinflation To Start in 2015: Economist Says Get Supplies : “Gold, Silver, Canned Goods, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water…”

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    People reach out to take fruits and vegetables distributed for free by farmers during a protest against high production costs outside the Agriculture Ministry in Athens

    (Pictured: Greeks Fight Food Food Following Collapse Of Their Economy. February 6, 2013)

    It’s impossible to predict when and how our economy will finally reach a breaking point, but according to contrarian Shadow Stats economist John Williams  it’s coming one way or the other.

    The only thing we can do now is to prepare for it and that means stockpiling critical supplies, just like you might for an earthquake or snowstorm, but in larger quantities.

    Because, if and when hyperinflation starts people will quickly realize that their dollars are worthless. And as we have seen time and again, and most recently in Russia, when a currency rapidly loses its value the public will have no option but to panic buy everything that isn’t nailed down in an effort to unload their diminishing purchasing power before their currency is completely worthless.

    This means, as John Williams notes in the following interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, that food and other essential supplies will disappear within a matter of hours.

    If you have a crisis ahead of you the preparation, by definition, is something you do before as opposed to trying to scramble out after.

    In terms of the inflation, holding physical gold and silver is a way of preserving the purchasing power of your wealth and assets.

    In terms of buying stores of goods to live on… canned goods, toilet paper, bottled water… the disruptions to the system here early on could be just as bad as an earthquake in terms of shutting down electricity so you can’t pump gasoline, or getting distribution channels disrupted to grocery stores so that you can’t get food… You want to hold some of that in reserve to cover difficult times just like I do here in California anticipating a potential earthquake.

    What we’re looking at here is a disaster just as bad in terms of the disruptive effects on people’s lives, but it’s man made as opposed to a natural disaster.

    The challenge, of course, is knowing when it will happen.

    As Williams highlights in his interview, we had almost no warning in 2008. People went home for the weekend on a Friday and all was well. By Monday morning the whole system was literally just days from a complete collapse that, as one Congressman warned, could have resulted in martial law and tanks on the streets of America.

    Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday, that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousands points the first day, another couple thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.

    House Representative Brad Sherman (D-California)
    Debate on the House Floor, October 2, 2008

    Here’s the scary thing, as John Williams points out:

    “People say everything is fine again—nonsense.  You had a panic in 2008… The system was on the brink of collapse.  The Fed and the federal government did everything in their power to prevent it. ”

    “They pushed things into the future, but they didn’t do anything of substance to address the underlying problems.”

    So, are we going to have another panic?  Williams says, “Yes, and that is the type of thing that can break at any time, and you just don’t have the options you had in 2008 for buying time into the future.”

    In short, we are worse off today than we were in 2008 and all of the machinations by global governments and central banks have done nothing to solve the fundamental issues.

    The question, of course, is when will the next leg of this broader depression take hold? When is the next crash coming?

    According to Williams, there is no date he can provide, but he says that some specific events may signal that it is fast approaching.

    Williams called for the beginning of hyperinflation sometime in 2014 but has now revised that prediction to 2015. 

    Williams says you will know hyperinflation is starting by watching the dollar. 

    “The first stage of it will be a reversal of the dollar.  We are not going to have hyperinflation until you see a massive decline of the dollar.  That will start the process.  You will see the flight from the dollar, and the Fed is going to have to absorb them.  That will be the trigger for the money supply growth within the system which will exacerbate the inflationary problem and the deficit problem and the funding problems.”

    Greg Hunter: This is going to happen. I mean, this is not a maybe… It’s just a matter of when, not a matter of if. Is that correct?

    John Williams: Yes. That’s correct.

    I think the odds are higher you’re going to see it this year. But first the dollar’s got to break. The dollar right now is strong. The dollar has to sell off. You’ll see that, you’ll have some warning on that.

    Watch what happens. If the dollar sells off gold is going to be spiking… oil is going to be rising.

    With the dollar at multi-year highs as of late it’s hard for many to imagine a scenario like the one being painted by Williams. However, as we know, the governments of China, Russia and other countries are already moving to divest themselves of U.S. dollars.

    Being that we are undoubtedly involved in an economic war right here and now, it certainly makes sense that Russia and China will eventually move to crush the dollar. They’re not ready yet, but they will be soon.

    This means that you should be actively preparing for what Williams has described as a real possibility in the immediate onset and aftermath of an attack on the dollar. Waiting until everyone realizes what happened could lead to horrific consequences for those who failed to prepare.

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      1. Load the boat with silver while the price is at this level.

        • Preaching to the choir here.

          • Hyperinflation will NOT happen in the USA. Here’s why.

            Hyperinflation destroys the currency. The dollar is the world reserve currency of the PTB and New World Order Corporations who hold their wealth in dollars. They will not destroy their wealth.

            Deflation destroys YOUR wealth if you are over leveraged and cannot pay the GB their interest on your debt because you do not have enough dollars. Then they repossess your assets. Deflation increases your wealth if you have dollars.

            The GB/PTB are not going to destroy their wealth.

            They will destroy your wealth and make their dollars more valuable by withholding dollars from the masses; either by lower salaries and wages, more unemployment, and fewer jobs with fewer dollars circulating among the masses.

            Hasn’t John learned anything from the last “recovery”? Just asking. Have you folks? Save ten dollar bills in number ten cans and bury them in your backyard. 🙂

            • durangokid, That is just stupid. Use your money to make more money, or at the very least buy goods one can use. Not you or anyone else knows if and when SHTF could occur. Prepare for it? sure, but hiding your money in a can is not preparing, that is just wasting your money. It will have no value and you might as well use those bills for kindling. JUST PLAIN STUPID.

              • Just Me: No, saving dollars in your backyard is not stupid. You wouldn’t put your silver or gold in the bank would you?

                Likewise you should not have ALL of your cash in the bank. Granted good investments are important, but the markets are dicey and the BIG MONEY is holding 50% cash. Maybe they know something. Maybe that is why they have BIG MONEY. Maybe that is why they are holding 50% cash.

                Even when good investment opportunities are available, smart investors are not 100% vested. No one should have more than the allotted insured amount amount in any bank account. And these days,neither should anyone have all of their cash in the bank or be 100% invested.

                Like gold and silver its only yours if you have it in your possession. Anything is possible, not everything is likely. But hey! Double down on whatever you are doing, its your money. 🙂

                • Insured? FDIC? That’s a laugh…its broke…it will be lost!!

                  • ANON: Maybe. Maybe not. Yes the FDIC is underfunded but it is not broke. And those “insured” accounts represent the maximum amount of dollars that the US government will “guarantee”; limiting its exposure.


                    The printing of dollars from thin air to replace those DESTROYED by the bankruptcy of the institution that is insolvent.

                    Haven’t you learned yet, how this system works for the PTB?

                    Losses are a write off against other income, reducing taxable profit. That’s how multinationals making billions of dollars of revenue pay NO taxes.

                    While amounts in excess of the “insured amount of the account” represent those amounts that the government will not protect; and all monies on deposit risk becoming “unsecured obligations”; the US Government would have to be destroyed in a Nuclear War for it to renege on its basic obligations to its citizens, who are us, and we exist in their eyes to support their system and are captives of it.

                    Thus, the extensive preparations for continuation of Government, and there the system.

                    Parasites always exist in a symbiotic relationship. That’s how they thrive until they kill the host; or the host kills them.

                    In the end there can be only one. Let me point out here for the umpteenth time: The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. 🙂

                    • A “guarantee” from a government has all the sincerity of a whore’s kiss. Nothing real there, just business.

                • Keep drinking the koolaid moron

                  • Endless shit, new day.

            • Maybe you can help me with some valuable insight. I have been trying to get my wife to close out our 401 but she just won’t do it. She refuses to take the penalty. I tell her it’s better than losing it all. Is there away to withdraw it and limit your penalties? Even buying property would be be better then having it in a 401?

              Any advice would be appreciated.
              Thank you for your time.

              • theres nothing you can do to avoid the penalty. even if you re invest it, you still would have to pay the penalty. a family member of mine with drew his 401k, took the penalty, but still had enuff to pay off all debt and live debt free. leaving your money in some1 elses hands is NEVER a good idea. take it out and move out of the city. unfortunately, theres not much you can do with a spouse thats not on board, just pray theyre eyes are opened before u get caught behind enemy lines. best of luck to you Sir, you are not alone.

                • Thanks for the advice everyone. It was in an IRA and she moved it into a 401 without telling until afterwards. She thought she was doing the right thing. She’s a financial controller. I know they all are. That is her actual job. Luckily we already have 2700 acres to fall back to and I’ve been making arrangements for sometime. It’s not our property but we could buy 100 acres of it. That’s one of many reasons to get it out.
                  Thanks for everyones time. If any of you are in Lou Ky area come buy 111 Gun shop and talk to the Viking looking dude and we will all try to work toghether. Over time of course.

                  Keep your heads on a swivel folks.

                  • Kids are down your way at Bellarmine. I’ll drop by sometime.

              • Can you borrow it from yourself? A lot of 401ks let you take a loan and the fees are less than the penalty. Your money won’t grow while you’re repaying, but you can stretch out the payment where you’re only repaying at a bare minimum.

                • “Can you borrow it from yourself?”

                  Very often, you can do that. Just be aware that the borrowed money will be taxed twice because it is repaid with taxed money and then taxed again when it is distributed in retirement. Of course, anyone who is convinced that the economy won’t make it until they retire probably isn’t worried about this.

                  As to taking money from a 401k, yeah, it’s difficult to do that and it is set up to be difficult. This is supposed to be “retirement” money and not an “I need money now” fund. If one leaves their job, they can roll their 401k plan into an IRA and then set up what is called a Substantially Equal Periodic Payment plan or SEPP. This allows one to take money penalty free from an IRA but there are some rules that have to be followed exactly. One drawback is that if you are relatively young, the amount that you can take tends to be pretty small, unless you are fortunate enough to have a HUGE amount of money in your IRA.

                  I’m sure that your wife is a terrific lady but she is stuck in old thinking on this. The financial paradigm is changing and those who adapt to the new economic reality will do a lot better than those who continue to suffer from denial and normalcy bias. If she cannot do this, then it is up to you to do as much as you can in the hope that it will be enough. That is all that any of us can do.

              • If you can roll 401k to IRA, you may be able to tap cash early without penalty. Google “substantially equal periodic payments.” I believe you have to be 55 to do this and continue for 5 years, it’s in IRS code. You’re basically annuitizing your 401k.

                • Actually, you don’t have to be 55 to do this. You can do it at any age, although people tend to do it at age 55 because they can do some things with their 401k and / or an IRA that cannot be done at earlier ages. The problem with doing it while in your 30s and even 40s is that the money in the plan tends to be modest, so what can be taken from it will be relatively small because it is amortized over one’s expected lifespan. It is an option, though, and one that is worth checking to see if it will work for any particular situation.

                  I created my own SEPP plan in 2005 and it ended in 2010. It worked well for me because I was age 55.5 when it started and that was the only way I could retire and take money for living expenses. I had to keep the plan going for 5 years to maintain the validity of the plan. While this worked well, doing the math for it is not for the timid. Fortunately, there are now on-line SEPP calculators that can be used to figure out your distribution amount.

                  The best tip I can give anyone on this subject is to keep great documentation of every thing you do. Set up a 3-ring binder and put every single piece of paper you get from the initial SEPP plan statement of what you are trying to do, the calculations, any correspondence you have with your 401k and IRA plan custodians, annual plan statements as of 12/31 of each year, distribution amounts (check these EVERY time, as mistakes can be made that will bust your plan if they are not corrected in time), and anything that comes to you from the IRS. Organize this into sections so that you can find your paperwork if it is ever called into question. Last, keep this documentation for at least 7 years after your plan ends. This is easy to do because a 3-ring binder doesn’t take up much room on a bookshelf.

              • check out these guys, you can roll retirement accounts to a self directed account and physically own the assets behind it.


                • Very interesting indeed. I’ll let you all know how it goes.


                  • If all else fails maybe you can convince her to roll it over into an IRA with a local credit union or small local bank. Not the most ideal situation but it would be safer than a 401K.

              • Go to perpetualasests website. You can turn your 401k IRA or SEP into a LLC. You can buy real estate, PM, farm land or retain in cash. I did it. Best thing ever. Great guys Gus or Will. This is the best option and no penalties.

                • Thats the info I was looking for. Awesome….thank you so much. I will start working on that this week.
                  Again, thank you.

                • “You can turn your 401k IRA or SEP into a LLC.”

                  Yes, you can do that and as of this time that will work. The problem with it is that the IRS itself has not completely fleshed out how these will end up working. There are aspects to this that only have interim rules that are subject to change. If they do not change, then all will be well with those who have them. If they do change, well, the IRS will see that as YOUR problem and not theirs. Hopefully, this will work out well but it is not certain as of this moment.

            • The option to “withdraw” dollars from the system is not possible with current debt levels. In a ponzi fiat system that is 44 years old you either continue to issue currency until hyperinflation or pull currency and cause an immediate collapse. At current debt levels…inflate they will. This is why deflation hasn’t taken place since 1952 B.N. (Before Nixon) and why no fiat currency has ever survived. 0 for 400. Betting on deflation? May as we’ll bet against the Harlem Globetrotters.

            • durangokidd…Spot on bro. Most folks here will never understand econ until their lunches have been eaten and pooped out by someone else. Gold is a waste. Food yes. smart even in good times. Guns smart. No hyperinflation. Not going to happen. Deflation and depression. that’s whats on the horizon…starting in Oct2015…with a rising stock market. Go figure.

            • Look at the systems behavior on a macro level. The Fed. has looted the treasury from inside and out. Their behavior is consistent with that of a criminal. They are running up the credit cards, printing obscene amounts of money, just as the unethical do before they go………….tada.. bankrupt. They are in the stock market because they want their wealth in companies and corporations. In production, land, commodities, etc.

              They have been hiding in Red China because they are going to need the muscle to hide behind. They have raped the whore, and now they need to kill her so that their crimes cannot come back on them. Destroy the evidence!!! They will be poised to enact a new currency, after they collapse the dollar. They shipped industry to China in anticipation of this inevitable event. Communism is their idea of a system for the ‘working class,’ worldwide. No rights, no political power, no monetary power. Just a herd of slave workers. They have created an aristocracy of money. Money that is created at their whim. No wonder they used this power to buy up, and corrupt the entire world.

              We must all pay attention; they cheat, lie, and steal, while their competition must ‘earn,’ their wealth, and play by oppressive rules. They will have no compunctions regarding the creation of a ‘new,’ dollar. One that they create, and continue to control. Call it an Amero, or more correctly, a U.N. dollar.

            • @durangokidd, if your opinion is correct then I guess Russia, China, etc are really stupid to be setting up their own BRICS financial system to get away from the petro dollar and the corrupt Central banking system. They should have realized the value of what you are saying rather than buying up most of the world’s gold bullion recently. I wonder why Russia is demanding payment in gold for oil now, and converting US dollars to gold bullion. You’re right -Stupid people those Chinese, Russians etc.

              • LOL @Justathought… love the delicious satire on this.

        • Anybody know a good chiropractor who can fix whiplash injuries. My neck got a whiplash snap. Couple days ago I read a reasonably well-argued article by Mr. Skousen about how “The Powers That Be” can keep on kicking the can down the road (at least for a little while longer).

          Now I read this article that 2015 is da year for hyper-inflation. Of course, I’ve read in other places that deflation is the concern. And yet in others, it’s stagflation.

          And of course, we’ve got the 4 blood moons thing coming up this fall. And Renegade Braveheart has a hunch that it’s 1Q 2015.

          I like to read differing informed opinions. And I lean towards sooner than later for a big-time SHTF event. But I need a chiropractor for my whiplashed neck. 😉

          • FS-
            My gut feeling is that it wont happen until Obama is in his final year in office.
            No understanding or reason here , just my 2bits.

            Right NOW the major crisis (at my place) is that last years strawberries have run out !! Horrors !
            Is it spring yet ?

            • Ummm, that’s just around the corner…

              • I just got 100 rolls of 2-ply for less than $30. Added to what I already have, I won’t need to buy toilet paper for several years.

            • Funny you should say that. I have a bad feeling about Obama too. I think he’s gonna wanna hold on a bit longer too. So all this talk about the 2016 primaries for both the Dems and the GOP is premature in my estimation.

              Obama and his cohorts in crime will false flag engineer some global crisis which mandates that he order martial law which enables him to hold onto the reins of political power past his supposed expiration date in early 2017 when he’s supposed to hand over the office of POTUS to someone else.

              • Obama won’t stay in office a day longer than his legal term. He’s just coasting right now, and can’t wait to get out and start cashing in on the speaking fees, book deals, and board membership sinecures. He knows if he gets out he can begin to create his artificial legacy as a genius statesman to ensure he goes down in leftist history as a the best president ever, but all that goes away if he tries any funny business.

                • Smokey: Obola will need that cash for legal fees. The lawsuits will start as soon as he is out of office and has no one to pardon him for his crimes. 🙂

                  • Forget the lawsuits. The US House and Senate will be investigating that SOB and bringing him and his minions to justice… or so one can hope. If there is any justice in this world, a lot of that crowd will be seeing the inside of a cell for the rest of their miserable lives.

                • Obama like Lincoln Roosevelt Shafty Kennedy and Blow Job Clinton will get good press. History will lie and proclaim how wonderful he was.

                  • Agreed. 🙂

                • Insured? FDIC? That’s a laugh…its broke…it will be lost!!

                  As dictator do you think a legacy matters?!!!he will never leave…I talked to the…man…a term I use loosely…in 06 at a gun caucus…he…AINT …LEAVING!

                  • ANON: If you think the FDIC is broke, then its all the more reason to bury your cash in the backyard. 🙂

              • FS-
                Look at the timeing in 2007/08 when Bush was leaving.
                Just seems like maybe a trend could develop.
                I really have NO idea .
                But he WILL leve office on schedule.
                There is SO much more damage he can do as a civilian, like trotting around the world speaking out against the next POTUS on a never ending apology tour .

                • He wont have nearly the number of protective agents following his ass around if he leaves the WH. Hes a scared little boy w/ big ears. He aint gonna hit the circuit unless the money is tops and he gets a free day in a bathhouse.

              • free slave,
                If you research you will find a couple of articles where in speechs the Obummer made in the last few years it was hinted that he would never leave the whithouse, and of course there are several prophets who say the same thing, sooooo, I personally believe him and his co-horts and who ever else is part of this crap will pull something off, false flag etc. ect. and he will stay in office and of course we will go into civil war.

                • I remember someone (not here) saying that GW Bush would be our last president. He “proved” it with scripture and everything. There have also been many who have predicted the last few presidents would declare martial law and cancel elections. It’s still possible though.

                  • Lisa, maybe he was our last legitimate President. The liar in the white house has no business being there considering he cannot prove he was born in the US with a valid birth certificate.

                • Yep–saw the same comments years ago on this forum
                  about Bush not leaving the whitehose and we all
                  know that didnt happen either.

                • Same. To much NWO hand showing, last 2 weeks profound in how much they have revealed, the scramble psyop on TV over middle et, Europe, UKraine. White is black black is white. meets that they have total control. I see FF, DC. As cia & other agenciesalready moved HQ to Denver international area complex.. More secure.. Add that to timed dog & pony ss hearings that perhaps dc WH non defendable. Continuity gov hq, Colorado been there since complex built for that purpose. The Denver international airport. But also all land around bought but foreign heads of state, elite etc. the old school plane of a house on the street is inane. We r very ripe, I mean asap for false flag.. I call missing nukes from Minot afb, dc. Further if that doesn’t happen asap, call mall shooting, massive, bloody.. And btw the drills etc no longer use term martial law, as one tip off, two it is actually already our perpetual state. It is continuity of gov..

                  Add that to bush family owns now 178,000 acres in Paraguay with own military base adjoining rev moons 1.5 million acres, on planets largest water aquifer, has gas reserves to. Find carlyle group & Blackstone involved in a lot of set up. Remember the day of CO & VA earth quake, nukes on tunnels.

                  Cia, MOSSAD, mi5, saudis, uae are al Qaeda & ISIS.

                  Look up kerry, Victoria’s Nuland, cia state dept coup in Kiev, installed & vetted whole kiev gov fascist genocidal regime, see massive monsanto land grab in Ukraine, Bidens son on UKraine pipeline board. George soros funded coup beginnings, last yr state dept funded over $6 billion into kiev, had us boots on ground, cia took over their controlled media.. Alll verifiable in press, vids, international news. Hacks, leaks, recorded communications.

                  The hsbc scandal showed over 22,000 us gov/Intel accounts funding al Qaeda, Isis. See clintons accounts show millions to them from saudi gov, they had many accounts for laundering money, tax evasion. Same with carlyle. Etc.

                  See that carlyle group, Blackstone, rothchild benifitds by missing MH370. Radar cloaking chip. See Phillip wood, text they were hijacked, sent out pic with imbedded gps for Diego garcia us base.

                  Recall massive lloyds of London investigation on 911 because stuck with paying out twice. Us cases western district PA 2012, & Salah vs bush northern district CA 2013. Proved the us under gov, elite, NWO pulled of 911. Those same players have big move now.

                  Not this week Doj reaffirmed in small arms treaty in full force, last week Allan Greenspan called for NWO, DHS put out new list we r all domestic terrorists, new surgeon generat stated gun ownership is signal of mental health disorder, yesterday gov came out with reiteration of UN agenda 21, telling Americans that they must adhere to new eating guidelines.. Lower foot print.. “Useless eaters” theme. Carbon tax on everything, they r pushing global warming. UN codex alimentarius in full force, UN North American Union valid they reinforced. The bs vaccine push, the manipulation of sheep with Ebola & measles. Etc.. Never before would they push so hard so fast. Recal posse commitatus fully removed yrs ago. Recall top mil, pentagon brass removed.. The new litmus test.

          • @FS,
            Just take a look at some of the statements in this article:
            Hyperinflation To Start in 2015

            It’s impossible to predict when and how our economy will finally reach a breaking point.

            Because, if and when hyperinflation starts…

            This means, … that food and other essential supplies will disappear within a matter of hours. (Hyperinflation doesn’t start that fast)

            the disruptions to the system here early on could

            The challenge, of course, is knowing when it will happen (2015????)

            When is the next crash coming?
            According to Williams, there is no date he can provide

            Williams called for the beginning of hyperinflation sometime in 2014 but has now revised that prediction to 2015.

            Talk about whiplash!!!!! And now if you will excuse me I’m off to the chiropractor.

            • John Williams’ “economics” is proof that rectocranial inversion is incurable. And he’s probably losing brain cells rapidly, since it’s hard to draw breath with your head up there.

              • Oh, the irony.

                • JQP:


          • FS, I could be wrong about which quarter but I don’t like the way tings are shaping up. Maybe 2nd quarter? We’ll see. All the same, get all the supplies you can NOW before they get priced out of our reach. My prepping is still continuing. Going shopping again this weekend.

          • Recoil will help any sore neck, shoot a could hundred rounds and u will be good as new

            • Well did you notice that in every commercial, its always a father and his daughter. Almost never father and son like in the olden days. Trekker Out.

        • -5F today bitches and I was on the mountains. Completely warm if you know how to dress right the cold is no problem.

          One of you idiots was laughing about the fact that I said I fall every time I go climbing and said I am incompetent. That says to me you have never been climbing in your life because falls are unavoidable on every outing.

          You have to practice this bugging out shit. If you sit your ass on the couch and expect that you are gonna just rise to the occasion you are very wrong.

        • Have you noticed that in every fucking commercial on TV the dad of the family is made out as a bumbling jackass? The agenda of feminization rolls on.

          • Hello Acid. Only the white dads!

          • Acid, not only commercials, but entire TV series where the Dad is marginalized and oppressed by the wife AND the kids. The wife has been turned into a feminazi bitch and the kids have been brainwashed by the public schools. That’s one reason I let go of TV service. Now I spend that money on preps.

          • Or it is a bumbling, stumbling white guy to dumb to tie his own shoe aces….but wait….here comes the genius black guy to the rescue.

            • HMMM..shoe aces….shoe laces.

              • You was sayin’ ’bout stupid whites thar granny? Yepper, ya’ll is a REAL ace yourself!

          • No I’ve never noticed. I haven’t watched TV in over a decade.

        • I watch a lot of porn and I have noticed that on xvideos for example there is an increasing number of incest and schoolgirl themed videos (which I don’t care for).

          In Weimar Germany prostitution and drugs were made legal to distract the sheeple from important thinking.

          TPTB seem to want to indoctrinate younger and younger people to increasingly kinky sex acts. Bread and circus.

          • As long as you do not sell young kids drugs/prostitute them otherwise all drugs and prostitution should be legal,why should the state make money off of it thru the police/court/prison cartels?!As adults tis no one elses business unless you drive way drugged out,keep that type of law as then endangering others,but unless that,govt. and people should mind their own fucking business!On a side note to porn selections you mentioned,one of my exes was a catholic school girl(a bad one!)and came over in her old school outfit,Warchild had a great night!

          • Acid—

            You’re a strange one, indeed!

            On one hand you post some (occasionally) serious alpha-male data w/ links to some decent info, per combat preparations/strength-training and survival-combat gear….

            ..but on the flip-side..you openly admit you’re bi-sexual…w/ a hard-on for female painful/domination and (a perceived) addiction to PORN!!

            …yet you decry & lament over the tagged incestuous & adolescent debasing smut…streaming, via expanded screen ..onto your monitor flat-screen???

            —(..why do you continue to watch such, sonny?)—

            …and not to mention..your visceral, gut-wrenching despoilment..of the wisdom learned & earned by “us” old-timers here!!


            Honestly…I owe you a “thumbs-up” in a satirical sort of way..as you are our resident ‘in-yo-face’ example/poster-boy..per the younger generational product of…

            ..the (satanic)Judaic infused society…that our nation has become!!!


            –(deep sigh..again)–

            ..when the balloon goes up, AE…battle & fight whom you will…and as you lay dying from a sucking center-mass chest wound, courtesy of some straight/GOD-fearing old-farts accuracy…remember to give thanks to those judeo-pornographers..who provided you w/…some fleeting, self-administered…orgasms!

            • Hunter, that’s the best description of acid/eisenturd I’ve ever seen. BTW, braveheart had to become maverick again. My posts won’t go through under braveheart anymore.

          • sounds like Acid has too much time on his hands or in his hands. too distracted to stick to the subject at hand. Can’t bug out til you climb out of the gutter.

          • sounds like Acid has too much time on his hands or in his hands. too distracted to stick to the subject at hand. Can’t bug out til you climb out of the gutter.

            • Jim, acid is one of a kind. At least, I hope ONLY one of a kind.

        • @ BJ in ME

          Don’t have your silver in the same boat your firearms were in when they sank in the lake.

          • …NOW YOU TELL ME…

            • 🙂

        • BJinME – Bingo. I have been studying the charts now on silver. I just am not sure yet to pull the trigger. I see Gold dropped under $1200 and OZ, and I have a feeling that Silver could possibly drop to the $10 Range, possibly before it skyrockets. I would say, that any number under $16 is a Buy for silver and average in. Just have your Money ready to buy. Right now you can buy .999 Silver 1 Oz coins for about a dollar more than Spot Market prices. And if it jumps a buck in a day you just made the difference back. If you are Flush with Paper Fiat Cash, its a No brainer to trade it in for PM’s and could be totally worthless in a really Global melt down. Start stacking coins and bury them in your hidey holes. Just got another Ammo Box of 420 Brass cylinders filled with lead today. I liked the look on the UPS Guys Face. lol The ORD sticker on the box is a dead giveaway.

        • Off topic…

          Radio shack is closing within a week. My Sister in law picked me up 74 two packs of D batteries for $0.29 a piece. 148 for a little over $21.

        • The actual paper cash money don’t exist. The mint doesn’t print anything larger than a$100 bill. There wont be anyone with wheelbarrows full of cash trying to buy a loaf of bread. The mint has been printing 24X7 for decades. The paper money wears out and truckloads are burnt every day. The actual cash in circulation hasn’t increased very much in the last decade. The trillions in debt are treasury notes . Nothing more than IOUS. A signature on paper. Just like a car loan or home mortgage.

        • Yea load the boat because it is sinking. You people are insane.

      2. Load the boat with “specially made” brass and lead. Will be a lifesaver!

        • Done and done. Now I need another boat.

      3. It isn’t going to happen this way.

        Catastrophic events wake too many people up at the same time and create active resistance on a large scale, slowly induced (economic and social) misery weakens and softens the masses up without widespread alarm so they will comply without any real organized resistance.

        • Sharon is exactly right. It’s also known as “death by a thousand cuts.”

          Additionally, this administration has taken misdirection to an entirely new level. Every day there is a new assault on our freedoms… health care, the internet, firearms, ammo, gold and silver (I understand that gold and silver dealers are now being targeted just like firearms dealers by Holder via his “operation Chokepoint”) and we have the immigration nightmare, and the administration refusing to acknkowledge that islamic terrorism exists. We’re being spied on, via our computers, our phones, and now our TV’s. One after another, our freedoms are slipping away, not all at once, but just fast enought to make us notice, but not so fast as to forment a rebellion.

          It’s brilliant, really. We have no representatives to speak for us, who are willing to fight the administration (Mitch “I surrender” McConnell).

          We’re doomed.

        • Sharon –

          Hello, are you in there?

          You said:”, slowly induced (economic and social) misery weakens and softens the masses up without widespread alarm so they will comply without any real organized resistance.”

          We are and have been getting this “softening up” treatment.
          It’s called “austerity measures”

          Local/State/Federal Tax increases
          Food & Commodity Tax increases

          Racial Tensions
          Religious Tensions
          Rich vs Poor Tensions

          The list is endless – this has been going on, this is not some new tactic that is being implemented onto the public.

          It will only continue, until we the people do something about it. Of course, I must be dreaming again, because we the people will never unite as a unit to defeat the people who are responsible for the misery that has been polluted across this Planet.

          There’s just too many diversions and distractions that is keeping the majority of people at bay. Until the Government pulls the plug of financial assets from these people, only then will they rise, but unfortunately I’m afraid they will not know who their enemy truly is.

      4. this is really getting to be the “same old shit” speach…but we need to keep stockpiling

        • I know i really dont care what happens, my collecting various supplies is just for a safety net for whatever comes along, be it natural disaster to a possible war!
          Dont have any money anyway so the hyperinflation doesnt affect me unless i suddenly need to buy something but generally i can get by without!
          The people who are going to be screwed are the “It will never happen here” crowd, and the folks who dont even have a clue anything is amiss!
          Some of my preps are popcorn and butter flavoring,
          They are sitting on my lawn chairs in the store room….

        • I agree. John Williams said the exact same thing about hyperinflation more than 3 years ago. That’s when I quit following him so closely.

          I believe it will happen, but it’s always been the question of when.

      5. Well, seems like a lot of us knew this was coming, if we didn’t, why do the prepping in the first place?

          • Maddog, that ugly wench couldn’t save herself.

        • Because, “it’s always something.” Whether you lose your job, the husband gets sick, wild dogs kill all of your chickens or the river gets over the dike and floods your house, it’s always something.

          I lived on a flood plain once. We put our supplies not in the basement, but the attic and in the shed on the high side of the hill…that was the year I found out that chickens CAN swim…

      6. Soorrrrrry I don’t buy it. No way will the dollar collapse within a year on its own, sure there is a lot of currency wars going on but the dollar is still near the top of the food chain and you would be stupid to think it will really crash in a years time, short of some world wide disaster. Sounds like a great reason to keep prepping but its not one to worry about….There are a lot more scary things going on than currency manipulation! Oil is going down and gold just looks bad, still I think Silver is a bargain. So if your worried buy silver eagles.

      7. I believe J Skousen is correct on this: there will be no hyper inflation; it’s yet more “noise” drowning out the real story: the coming WW3.

        • What if it’s both scenairos together at the same time

          • Technically they go hand in hand. when there is currency issues/bankrupt failing Nations abroad, War is always lurking around the corner to justify their failed policies.

            Reset … and the cycle continues until it catch’s back up to itself. Central Banking must be destroyed, enforce and put back the Glass Steagall Act. Destroy the Federal Reserve System and have the Government print their own monies backed by Gold.

            Have and keep an honest banking system, then flood the rats out of Political Power who have done nothing but un-Constitutional and Treasonous acts upon America and abroad.
            NO need to wait for “voting day” to have these kind of fecal matter stains removed from corrupted seats.

        • Housing suddenly fell off the map like down 30% in a few weeks. 30 Yr Interest rates, rose from 3.7% up to 3.95%. I close on my Overpriced City House Sale here next week then F*ck It- out of here to my rural remote Hidey Hole and off the grid. I may go dark here for a while Peeps. lol Just will be busy getting set up, building a secure compound perimeter.

      8. Oh my Gawd!

      9. They can keep it going longer than you think. Won’t happen under Obama. They need a flag waving Republican in the White House during the collapse. It was Bush One who successfully got gun control laws passed in the 1990s. Many patriots will find it harder to resist a white republican. The Dems are on wrecking duty and the Repubs are the cleanup crew. In this case, they will be cleaning up and burning the last scraps of the constitution.

        • @ Terrible Ted and others–

          It’s naive to deify the Constitution. First, it was written by 56 aristocrats in a time of political deference. It wasn’t written to give the guy behind the plow rights. It was written to enshrine aristocrats in power forever. The guy behind the plow had no voice in political affairs, NOR did he expect to.

          Second, the Federalists won the contest. The Con – stitution enshrined a tiny minority in power forever. Those enumerated powers have been stretched by a compliant judiciary to impose slavery under color of law on us all. To set the value of money …. Wasn’t that a neat trick? Congress abdicated that 102 years ago screwing all of us. Do you see how that works?

          The BOR was an afterthought, insisted upon by a minority, the Anti-Federalists, at the Constitutional Convention and in ratifying assemblies in the several states.

          The Supremacy Clause gave the tyrants the excuse they needed to run full speed ahead. Has been misapplied since Marbury v Madison but who cares? There’s 200 years of precedent that isn’t going away anytime soon.

          Your rights aren’t a gift from the aristocrats. Nor from judges or political vermin. You have the right to self defense, freedom to worship, press, assembly etc by virtue of your birth. Your human capacity to make choices implies your right to act on them. You don’t need “permission” from anyone or it isn’t a right.

          It’s futile to venerate a piece of paper when the same piece of paper enshrined a government that, like all governments, is about coercion, theft and murder.

          Source for this rant: 50 years of reading. Quick and easy reference: Larkin Rose videos on Youtube. The first three minutes of his “Defense of Freedom” sounds appalling but go with it.

          • So true. The principles of liberty and freedom are really quite simple. Our rights would exist in a vacuum, and while they may be infringed upon, they cannot be taken away.

            Constitution or no, I am a free person.

      10. The only solution if your’e able too is to avoid having to make the choice of staying in a completely untenable scenarios.

        Seems to me that all these articles are pointing out a very serious zero sum game. Even if you fight and stay, you fight to win what, zero?

        If this goes down anywhere close to what some of these writers say, this will end huge chunks of the American population.

        Sorry mates but there is no riding that kind of time out for nearly anyone. I’d go one further, what if this turns into a wholesale sanitization from the powers that be.

        If the full apparatus of hte state get’s turned on us all, even being in rural areas following will not help you. I suspect that the detail of intelligence on virtually every one of us shows tptb not only our postions, but also likely what we have in our posessions.

        Think abotu this for a second, wasn’t there a gov inventory about 3 years ago that the fed asked of all the townships in America to put up the inventory of everything each town has as far as equipment and that each township, city and rural community has already been catalogged?

        I love America to the bone, btu this is a zero sum game they are describing. Mad max kind of stuff here and knowing what I know about hunting is this, a dangerous predator becomes even more dangerous when they are hungry and terrified.

        Turning loose 300 million people who all begin to reorient on there primal selves is a 9 meal from anarchy solution if there ever was.

        Damn, tptb won’t have to do too much as the people will literally rip themselves to shreds tryign to stay alive. Then it get’s real ugly, they will begin to eat there own. This is like some sick twisted scene out of a George Romero movie!

        I’m going fishing in South America way the heck south and hopefully I can prep enough beer and weed with me to ponder how to restart the earth lol!

        Maybe I’ll resurface in about a decade if I make it that long on an extended fishing trip! Then again, maybe we’ll just bug out for good and start our own Ashram of Truth and Conscientiousness and spend our days laughing, filling and making sounds! hahahahah

      11. Silver and Gold will no doubt SKYROCKET in value at some point. My bet would be Silver more so than Gold.

        The question is when the collapse comes where are you going to cash it in and what would the dollar be worth then?

        Ezekiel 7:19 ‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

        Revelation 3:17-18
        17’Because you say, “I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing,” and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, 18I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire.

        What is soon to come is the Tribulation.

      12. Williams is a pretty sharp guy, but I don’t think anyone can claim an exact timeline on how things will play out.

        The problem is there is no fixed goalpost to measure by. We inflate our fiat, everybody else does too. All relative unless you’re a little rinky dink county like Zimbawae and REALLY get carried away with your printing press.

        Until SOMEBODY finally draws a line in the sand and says: “We will redeem our paper for a fixed amount of gold/silver/oil/wheat/whatever, this game is gonna go on a LOT longer.

        Inevitable does not mean imminent.

        • I agree. Every time I find myself agreeing with Williams, or whomever, based on solid math and simple economics the Fed or the government cheat and kick the can down the road.

          The article by Joel yesterday reminds me of the lengths TPTB will go to string things along.

          This doesn’t mean that in a just system the collapse wouldn’t have already happened, it just means that our enemies can cheat the inevitable more than we might think.

          Plan accordingly, but please try not to become too rigid in your planning.

      13. It may be a zero sum game but I want to stick around long enough to prove/disprove it. Another tip to the store…….

      14. Yawn,,,,,
        Oh sorry,
        In other news today
        Miley Cyrus twerks Joe Biden and Barry Sotero while getting hammered by Mooschelle and Acid Etcher!

      15. Thought it was supposed to start in 2012.

      16. Kind of reminds me of the one armed juggler who wants a nap and yet his stamina seems incredible. How long? Williams is old school math at its best. A remembered place where the numbers aren’t always friendly. A base line in the manipulation during the information war that I find refreshingly helpful. For there is no knowledge without truth. It is sad we have to remember it now. An archive of truth I watch, just like this website, for an indication of when.

      17. SSDD Free Beer Tomorrow, never comes. I’ve, become old waiting for Silver’s day in the sun. No I’m not going to stop prepping but if I could have bet everyone that said when in the last 50 years I’d be rich. To bad we cannot send some of these people a bill

      18. Going out next week to get a ton of T.P., and Bleach
        Get some more silver, and ordering more Honey Ville #10 cans of food, or some more Wise food. I had planned to do this two weeks ago. Did I see into the future? God I hope not! Because what I’ve have seen AINT PRETTY!

        Just finished loading 1000 round of 9mm. 800 for me and 200 for my Father-In-Law. Going to start on my 357 Mags (200of them) Father-In-Law won’t be getting any of these (LOL) My order of 7.62X54R just came in today. Still have 300, 7.62X51’s to load, and about twice that in 5.56’s to take care of.

        Going to pick up some more propane tanks and get them filled and store them away.

        Boy do I hope they are wrong, but if they are right I’m ready. Damn I sleep good at night!


        • I forgot I’m going to get some more heirloom seeds.
          Folks it won’t me long before it will be planting time. Get then now before it is too late.

          • Sgt. Well reloading is something to do during the Deep -Negative Deep Freeze up there. It may dip to 39 deg here in FL tonight. That’s really cold for late Feb. Normally we could be hitting almost 80 deg at this time. Oh Well Let er’ Rip keep loading like there is no tomorrow. I hear Road Rage is really increasing. Prepare a Freak out there Road Raging against you. Calling 9-11 will be useless. You all better be packing major firepower. People stress levels are peaking in SHTF. Short Fuses. Treat people like humans, they may be really stressed out. Just sold a bunch of fire wood to a couple for $5. like you should have seen their smile they were so happy. I listed it for $40. Hey make their day.

        • My biggest dilemma of the day is,,,
          Do i load the 55g Blitz Kings or the 69 g SMKs?
          2000 LC cases picked at the range all cleaned sized trimmed and re polished and ready to go!

          • Kula:
            Well Old Friend; This is very simple
            1000 55Gr.
            1000 69Gr.
            Best of both worlds.
            By the way what do you load them with.
            I load 55 Gr. 223’s with around 27 grains of WW748, and a W.W. primer. I shot them out of my two AR’s and my single rifle with very good results. Soft points and FMJ’s.

            • Well now “they” know what to come looking for in a Martial Law situation. I lost all my guns and ammo in a terrible bass fishing accident.

              • If Sarge is anything like me, the last thing I care about is who thinks they are coming to get what all from me. They might get that stuff but they will have to carry me out in a bag, i just dont care that much, and the only way Im going anywhere with anyone is horizontal

                • Kula:
                  A brother from another Mother and Father!
                  Yes: Sir we think alike.

              • Now that’s what I call an “oops” Warface 🙂

              • Damn,we all seem to have had these boating accidents,mine was a kayak,what the hell?!

            • Been loading both the 55g Blitz king and 69 grain Match King Sierras with 25g AA2230
              Getting close to 2800FPS
              Is funny because im lazy and just seat both with the same setting and it works fine, wont win any matches but can kill a cantaloupe at 300yds no prob,,,

            • Oh yea, and CCI primers,
              My best loads for 223 Rem are Lapua brass, Varget, forget the#, and the 69g SMKs loaded on a RCBS Summit with Redding Competition dies for a high grade AR i got, that thing punches holes in holes at 200yds

              • Kula—


                Have & use the same…press/dies/powder-primers & brass. Only difference is the rifle, a Savage110(Shilen mfgd. barrel) w/ a Timney trigger & a Khales K-32 (3x12x50) scope…

                Her sweet-spot is 25.5gr (thermo-stabilized) Varget w/ 69gr. SMK’s. Best 5-shot group ever @ 200yds, shooting across a sand-bag rest…can cover the group w/ a ‘nickel’

                atmospheric conditions =:

                zero cross-wind, temp 78*F, humidity near 70%

                Achieved near same results w/ 75gr A-Max (25.2gr Varget)

                • …opps! ‘Tis a Khales K-312…my bad!

                • Cool beans,
                  Running mine out of a generic AR lower with timney trigger, upper is a 18″ black hole weaponry 1/8 bbl JP break, Jp BCG and bolt with JP captured spring buffer on a generic flat top upper with a Vortex 12-24×50 Viper PST, is light weight and easy and smooth to shoot, not really sure what the hell to do with it other than poke holes in paper,,, not even really sure why i put it together,,, was and is fun though,

                  • Kula—

                    I don’t worry ’bout you…you & a handful of others…y’all know your shit!!! ..yes???

                    hence..let the chips fall…where they may!

                    ..our job is to remind ’em that…

                    ..”OLD SCHOOL”..rules!!!

                    ..’nuff said!!!

                • Hunter and Kula:
                  I’m launching mine out of two Bushmasters. One with a 20″ barrel and the other with a 16″ barrel. 20″ 3/4″ groups and 16″ 7/8″ groups at 100 yards. With my loads. My 5.56’s are not my sniper rifles. No that is a different story. for another day.

              • Kula:

          • It doesn’t matter which bullet you use, the important thing is to load the cases and have the ammo, not components.

            • Smokey
              You need to say this again over and over. I keep telling my brother this all the time. But he always said this will give him something to do when TSHTF. I think he believes that spear brass will be used as barter down the road. I keep telling him empty brass won’t be a problem. Jacketed slugs will be. I told him to stock pile slugs, powder, primers and not the brass.
              What do you think?

        • Sarg, buy some Calcium Hypochlorite instead of bleach. 5lbs of it and you can make your own bleach til the end of time, and take up alot less space. Check your local pool/spa stores.

        • Hey Sarge which weights the most, a ton of TP or a ton of Ammo. Even better, which takes up the most storage room? Trekker Out

          • MT
            You, and I know a ton is a ton, and we don’t care. Just as long as we have them!
            What takes up more room. T.P. because it has to cover a larger area. (HA-HA)

        • Sarge—

          Per your load data forwarded to me..per 7.62X54R.

          ..Had to reduce the charge by 2.2gr. for consistent grouping.

          I attribute this to barrel length. Mine is a Polish short-barreled calvary model.

          ..never-the-less…I owe you one!!!

          ..Testing/proofing time = ..much reduced!!!

          Thank you, sir!

          • Hunter:
            I wish I could get out and shot mine after the modifications of my 91/30’s.
            I cut mine down to 20″ with a flash suppressor. One is in a ArchAngel stock and the other is in a ATI Monte Carlo stock. both have long Eye relief scopes.
            It has been around 5 with the wind chill of 15 to 35 degrees below 0 for about a month now. Next week won’t be any better.
            I might have to do the same reducing the load, but that is half the fun.

      19. I’ve been a pepper for too long. If there is collapse and you are the only one with gold, silver etc, then it WILL NOT MATTER.
        You can only prep for moderate emergency. That’s it.
        Just ponder the scenarios and you will quickly realize how pointless it will be if the situation becomes desperate.
        Anymore of what I just mentioned is fearmongering hype to create fear, man’s biggest nemesis.

      20. Personally, I’ve always thought that tptb would pull the trigger in the beginning of winter/late fall. Especially a grid down situation. Let the cold cull the herd. Its the main reason I moved my family to Florida. No one knows when it’ll happen, but a lot of us here have a good chance. ( except adic itch I hope she dies) good time to top off the desil. Pickin up a few more calves this weekend. Whatch it happen Friday’ haha.

        • Na, wont happen friday, you should be good to go!

      21. Deflation right now, gas $2.00 gallon. Went to Dunhams sports today and lo and behold crap loads of 22lr $2.50 for 50 rounds. 9mm 250 rounds for $59.00 beprepared.com has a sale going on $54.00 for 72 hours food for 4 people. Ordered those for our kids. Stopped at market and pork for $1.29 pound the muslims were lined up around the block for that.

      22. I see a pattern here, ever since the OCT 19, 1987 stock market crash, I notice a seven year stretch between crashes in the stock market. So will this Sept 11,2015 be another day that continues the seven year cycle? Well just have to wait & see..Also notice that the event’s are getting MORE Precise & Intense, with each passing seven years.. Just think of the Possibilities..If YOU prepare, YOU shall not fear..
        1. Black Monday October 19th 1987
        2. Black Tuesday Sept. 17, 2001
        3. Black Monday Sept. 29, 2008
        4. Black Friday Sept 11, 2015 ( Elul 29 )
        I did MY homework, & tried to find the TRUTH, How about YOU..
        May the good lord Jesus look after you & your family, stay safe & may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS..
        BEST Wishes & REGARDS ROBBIE..

        • It’s the Shemitah– read Cahn”s book!

        • September 13, 2015 is supposed to be the date of 29 Elul this year. It happens to be a Sunday, so the market might fall either 9-11 or 9-14. Or it might happen a few weeks later as it did in 1987.

          Or something else might fall. Obama wrote a paraphrase of Isaiah 9:10, and that paper was put in the top of the new WTC building.

        • We didn’t see an end of the world total collapse scenario in 1987, 2001, and 2008. What makes you sure we will see chaos on Sept 11, 2015? Is it because of your gut feeling? Is it because you prepped and want chaos to happen?

      23. Apt quote – this is Obama –

        “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

        ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

      24. we’ve been hearing warnings of hyperinflation for several years now
        the dollar is still strong
        and as long as oil is paid for in dollars we’re safe
        there is NO such thing as the free market

        ALL markets are HEAVILY controlled by the government and Wall Street
        they’re not gonna let the dollar fall without one hell of a fight
        if it does fall
        it is the end of America as we know it


        • When you look at the stages of America, changes always occur. You can not escape the changes going on in this country or the world. There are those who claimed that America died years ago stated by an unhappy soul who was accustom to the way of life in their youth. The ugly truth is as you age, life gets harder, less exciting and your passion decreases. Name an old person who still loves the America of today. Most of them would tell you that America died in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, or 2010.

          If America was suppose to collapse when the debt hit 1 Trillion dollar, then why it didn’t? 30 years from now, we will live in a nation where our debt will exceed 100 Trillion dollars. By then, you’ll be at your local Social Security office fighting for your check.

      25. Folks the rug is moving more every day now, and the heat source under the pot we’re in is getting warmer all the time now. If we do not do something soon the pot will be to hot to touch, let alone the rug moving to keep us off balance. Soon my friends some action must be taken, but it just maybe way to late to matter (this is what I fear has already happen). Time to make your last stand approaches, prepare all you can, but you also most prepare to die. IMHO!!!

      26. I need a pair of wings to fly over all the BS.

      27. Well THINK hard about this one ….we have been told numerous times that we are worse off now than in 2008 YET the system crashed in 2008 but hasn’t crashed now so they must have intentionally crashed the system in 2008

      28. A question for all those that seem to think they’ll need thousands of rounds of ammunition and case loads of mags and such:

        If you actually get into a major armed conflict with someone do you really expect to still be alive after thousands of rounds of ammunition have been expended?

        After the first mag, or maybe two, of ammo is used in a fight you will either be dead, gone from the area (if you are smart), or the proud new owner of your former adversaries guns and ammo.

        Spend your money on more practical things. Unless, of course, you are a target shooter and anticipate shortages or maybe intend to be using it for trade purposes (ammo being of questionable use for this since you may be resupplying the bad guys that will simply use it to take whatever else you have from you).

        Having too much stuff all in one place makes it essential to stay and fight to protect it and maybe die in the process. Having it spread out makes it easy to abandon a part of it for strategic survival purposes instead of having to stay in place and try to fight to keep it (a fight that will only draw others if you actually do manage to win it).

        Make your strategy one of “live to fight another day” above all else if you want to survive till the end and end up being the winner.

      29. 3) Hyperinflation: Two things must be present for hyperinflation to happen. First, you must start with a relatively small money supply that can be expanded multiple times in a few years. The dollar base is so large, after having been inflated and spread around the world for so long that it literally can’t be inflated rapidly as compared to smaller currencies. The quantity of dollars in circulation is estimated at $200-300 trillion (not counting the huge non-monetized economy of derivatives, contracts and hedges perhaps as big as $500T). The FED could create $20T a year and it wouldn’t exceed 10% of the money in circulation (and they are only creating about $3T per year).

        Second, a nation has to have some sort of indexing or automatic injection mechanism to put increasing quantities of money into the pockets of consumers so they can keep up with rising prices, otherwise the inflation kills stops economic growth—what we call “Stagflation.” We don’t have that, and what we do have (food stamps, unemployment compensation, Soc. Sec. etc) isn’t effectively indexed to inflation. Without the public’s ability to keep pace with inflation through automatic salary increases, as they did in Germany in 1936, the economy retracts when people can’t keep up, and spending decreases—again stopping hyperinflation and causing stagflation.

        Now, I fully realize that real inflation is much higher than the government manipulated CPI. Real inflation according to Shadowstats.com is between 6-9%, not the 2% the government claims. That said, you don’t get a hyperinflation mentality unless real inflation rises to the 15-20% level, and the FED seems very much aware of that. They show no signs of letting real inflation rise above that level, and as long as they do so, people do adjust—we’ve been doing it for 20 years now.

        • Very good points. But remember the rule of 72 – your purchasing power will be cut in half in must 10 yrs or so with just 7 pc inflation.

      30. Bu, bu, but Joel Skousen just said a few days ago there is NOTHING to worry about, NOTHING is going to happen! So which is it, dude?

        • Uhmm you should re-read what he wrote. The question is not only what but also when. If you, or anyone else, knew either you would be rich.

      31. What we’ll probably see over the next six to nine months, barring any significant changes in the financial situation, is low but steady dollar deflation – the dollar will increase in purchasing power: prices will generally drop.

        Commodity prices will fall, equity prices will fall, etc. – if the Fed ever pulls the lever on rate increases, the price drops will be more substantial.

        If you’re hot on gold, realize that there is generally an inverse relationship between interest rates and the price of gold. Rates are very low, if rates rise we should see gold drop in price as demand wanes – as people seek interest bearing investments over gold.

        The dollar is not strong, the US economy is not in good shape . . . but it’s marginally less bad in America than most other places.

        • Thanks to John Williams and others who posted. Williams estimates the deficit at $6T. Not much else needs to be said. A strong business does not need to borrow 1/2 of its revenue to stay solvent. He also rightly asserts the created money does not go to the working economy but to the ownership, stock market, leverage economy. So, maybe the working economy is stable but the ownership economy is not? I don’t know. I just know in the city where I lived last year I’d see people driving around in $40k trucks and stuff so they must be making it. Here I see people driving 6+ year old, non-primo vehicles and doing other sensible things. One thing is for sure for me, we have no real retirement savings so social security better get its act together over the next 20 years!!!

      32. I like Williams, I read him regularly, and I think he will eventually be proven right. However, he has also been predicting this for a long, LONG time, and never have his predictions come true. Just saying.

        I guess it is like all preparedness – we we make the best judgments we can with the information we have available.

      33. Hyper inflation is like ratings widget,the more involved with posts slow loading gets worse on site pages,the more involved with money printing ponzi schemes the worse inflation becomes.

      34. This is the same story hoard supply’s blah blah. Ammo guns this that and the other what about skills tools the more you know the less you need.

      35. I gotta say have more of the things you use everyday. How many guns does one need. Have a few to cover the widest range of scenarios. A pistol, rifle, shotgun. Good your covered. Oh ammo for all of them in quantity. How about soaps socks undies. Tools spare set of brake pads for the car couple of muffler clamps. A box of screws a skill saw drill tape measure plywood wall studs a roll of tar paper staple gun bungee cords a good wheelbarrow shovel pick sheet metal rivet guns chicken wire . Just a few thing others might not have thought of. Peppers are the reason there is an economy they buy things to put back. Sheeple just buy what they need for the moment. Up here in the northeast a pair of thermal underwear for every day of the week a few fleeces thick hoodys wool socks winter hats gloves bibs you get caught out in jeans and a jacket only your done for. I’m outside all the time for hours and with all the right gear your fingers and toes still get cold. I gotta say the snow is nice. It just sucks to work outside these days. Hyperinflation whatever.

      36. Dang guys …… didn’t we just have an article about how NONE of this is going to happen.

        Which is it, DOOOOMMMMMM or all is, sort of, well?


      37. At what point will people realize that the end is farther away than one might think. It is always nice to believe that you have insight into the future that most people do not have but reality is that no one knows what the future holds.

        Yes all things will come to and end, but do not consume your life today for what may or may not happen some day.

      38. When was the last time anyone got a raise .I don’t know anyone . I’ve known many to see pay cuts and more work. A guy I work with said he’s making the same$ as he was in 89 same company. Don’t hold your breath there is no more pay raises. Only pay cuts to come. Same $ 26 years later. Was supposed to get raises but company kept that and cries they are broke. The only people that get increases are the executives. No matter where you work.

      39. One thing I see not mentioned is the use of or having a portable shortwave receiver or similar item in a bug out bag or even one for the roost. It might behoove those that haven’t done so, get one. I’d recommend one that allows for solar recharge, as well as crank – has a USB port on it to charge small items such as portable GPS, battery packs etc.

        This question is for the reloaders in the ring here. I am just starting out – maybe a bit late to the reloading scene – got a Lyman’s 49th edition guide, picked up a single stage “Anniversary Edition” reloading kit from Lee. Ammunition to reload to start is 9mm, .223 and .45ACP. Any recommendations? Nothing expensive, just now getting back on my feet.
        Thanks in advance.

        • Reloading is the way to go!
          As far as recommendations, a lot depends on you and being precise and thorough with your loads, just take it slow and csreful, had a friend blow up his Glock the other day with a double charge, always freaks me out when i hear about that stuff…

        • I believe I’ve mentioned on here before that I’ve had a Baygen hand crank shortwave/AM/FM receiver for over 15 years. I pull it out, crank it, and play it every so often to make sure it still works perfectly. I also got the small plugin solar cell with it so I can play it out in the yard without cranking.

      40. I agree with Kula. Follow your recipes in the reloading books. Every gun I have seen that was blown up was because of a hot charge (to much powder). Keep a clean work area and stay alert.

        • Archivist, Kulafarmer,Richard – thanks for the feed back.
          Thus far, in reading the book it stresses safety – which is a good thing – and attention to detail is part and parcel of it all.

          OT-Archivist – I have two hand crank / solar power AM/FM/Shortwave units – as well as 2 of the AM/FM units.
          It’s good to be back working. Albeit not at the ROP I was making before-but it feels good…
          Be well, stay warm.

      41. If you really want to prep, get out of debt. Everyday, people suffer from economic collapse because their paycheck to paycheck life style finally gets them. Give yourself raises by getting bills paid off for good.

      42. Hey acid I just saw you post about every dad made to look like an idiot. Your not kidding on this one. To broads we are schmucks . The Debbie wassermans are in charge it seems. Of course they know what’s best for all family’s that’s the wife being the boss. Jeez this world is so fucked up. I hate bitches that try to control men. I’d rather be lonely than to deal with this type of woman. Got me a good one that knows her role. Very hard to find these days been through a lot till I found this one. I was just thinking why would anyone buy gold it’s too expensive to buy now I’d wait till it goes back down. I’m not someone who buys things at high prices because there is a rush to get it. I have some I got a long time ago when gold was affordable. I don’t really think the dollar is gonna collapse entirely. But with all these bubbles it’s a matter of which ones gonna burst and take you down. I think the housing bust in 2008 was the biggest that could possibly happen. I was working as a courier then and would go to all these mortgage companies and pick up the closing paperwork. There was like 50 to80 a day for a few years. I mean it people were making money hand over fist and they were buying bigg dollar things like Cadillacs boats. Then it dried up the mortgage closings became less and less . mortgage corps were laying people off left and right I remember this. It was like a gold rush and when there was no more gold the for sale signs came out on boats cars houses . I will be honest I don’t think the economy will ever recover from this. People are still living in foreclosed homes. Father in law use to say money goes where money is. So true . People bought houses and paid way too much for them $250000 for a $150000 house my neighbor did this he’s under water with his home loan. I know people want to get their own house that’s good but don’t pay too much know what you are doing. Got my house for $90000 a very good deal . Put my offer down and told my buyers agent that’s all I was gonna pay. The seller mulled it over for a few days and took the offer. If they said no that’s fine by me on to the next property I’m not in love with the thing there is others. Same goes for cars too I’m not gonna pay too much I will walk. Dime a dozen.

        • My wife was watching the movie Bridges of Madison County. Those kind of movies send the wrong message. It seemed to me to encourage the idea its ok to cheat on your husband. It Ok to go after another mans wife . Because True love is present. Women get to believing in the TV fairy tales. I told my wife if it had of been real life the philander photographer would have given her a veneral disease and she would have passed it on to her husband. Or he would have taken naked pictures of her and sold them. likely both.

      43. Every year it’s the same crap. We were suppose to have a hyperinflation in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and now 2015. I guess when your site is called “Shit Hit The Fan Plan” you’re suppose to create these boogy monster stories so you can put food on your table.

      44. they forgot two commodities bibles,ammo.

      45. I knew of the crash of 2008 from a couple warnings, but I didn’t have any money invested to lose. My brother did so he took out his investments 2 weeks before it fell. Both warnings were from a well known personality and the other an investing company many people here do not like. It was not that no one knew it was coming, it was that no one was taking the warnings from these sources seriously.

        The price of food will increase because NASA has started the prediction that there will be severe drought in the west and Midwest coming this summer.

        Since NASA made the warning, don’t ignore it. Buy your supplies now to save your dollars and prevent your shortages for the coming year.

      46. Back to the basement to make more ammo.

      47. We need to keep our head out of our butts and realize that it does not matter who is in the White House or Congress. All politics are local. We will be in the same situation if a Republican was in office. The power to be will continue to play us against each other and use diversions.

      48. I’d like to see how Williams offsets the effects of deflation to account for the inflation that we have not seen yet. As technology is given to various poor countries around the world like China and India, the deflationary effects have so far offset the inflationary effects of the money printing. So I’m not sure how many more years the deflation will offset the inflation. I agree with Williams in principle, but I don’t see him taking on the reality of the rebalancing effects and how long they can continue to offset the inflation…. Maybe the US gov’t and banks can keep the charade going for another 2 years. We’ll see.

      49. That 7 yr cycle of NWO manipulation has 2015 as yr for shed. Same. To much NWO hand showing, last 2 weeks profound in how much they have revealed, the scramble psyop on TV over middle et, Europe, UKraine. White is black black is white. meets that they have total control. I see FF, DC. As cia & other agenciesalready moved HQ to Denver international area complex.. More secure.. Add that to timed dog & pony ss hearings that perhaps dc WH non defendable. Continuity gov hq, Colorado been there since complex built for that purpose. The Denver international airport. But also all land around bought but foreign heads of state, elite etc. the old school plane of a house on the street is inane. We r very ripe, I mean asap for false flag.. I call missing nukes from Minot afb, dc. Further if that doesn’t happen asap, call mall shooting, massive, bloody.. And btw the drills etc no longer use term martial law, as one tip off, two it is actually already our perpetual state. It is continuity of gov..

        Add that to bush family owns now 178,000 acres in Paraguay with own military base adjoining rev moons 1.5 million acres, on planets largest water aquifer, has gas reserves to. Find carlyle group & Blackstone involved in a lot of set up. Remember the day of CO & VA earth quake, nukes on tunnels.

        Cia, MOSSAD, mi5, saudis, uae are al Qaeda & ISIS.

        Look up kerry, Victoria’s Nuland, cia state dept coup in Kiev, installed & vetted whole kiev gov fascist genocidal regime, see massive monsanto land grab in Ukraine, Bidens son on UKraine pipeline board. George soros funded coup beginnings, last yr state dept funded over $6 billion into kiev, had us boots on ground, cia took over their controlled media.. Alll verifiable in press, vids, international news. Hacks, leaks, recorded communications.

        The hsbc scandal showed over 22,000 us gov/Intel accounts funding al Qaeda, Isis. See clintons accounts show millions to them from saudi gov, they had many accounts for laundering money, tax evasion. Same with carlyle. Etc.

        See that carlyle group, Blackstone, rothchild benifitds by missing MH370. Radar cloaking chip. See Phillip wood, text they were hijacked, sent out pic with imbedded gps for Diego garcia us base.

        Recall massive lloyds of London investigation on 911 because stuck with paying out twice. Us cases western district PA 2012, & Salah vs bush northern district CA 2013. Proved the us under gov, elite, NWO pulled of 911. Those same players have big move now.

        Not this week Doj reaffirmed in small arms treaty in full force, last week Allan Greenspan called for NWO, DHS put out new list we r all domestic terrorists, new surgeon generat stated gun ownership is signal of mental health disorder, yesterday gov came out with reiteration of UN agenda 21, telling Americans that they must adhere to new eating guidelines.. Lower foot print.. “Useless eaters” theme. Carbon tax on everything, they r pushing global warming. UN codex alimentarius in full force, UN North American Union valid they reinforced. The bs vaccine push, the manipulation of sheep with Ebola & measles. Etc.. Never before would they push so hard so fast. Recal posse commitatus fully removed yrs ago. Recall top mil, pentagon brass removed.. The new litmus test.

        DHS is fully immune & not accountable to congress, we have seen this stated in many hearings, since then gov has been moving massive agencies under DHS umbrella. Now this week stated the massive meta data centers & prism etc are to be moved into DHS ownership.

        This week gave full legal authority for them to have fully functional (w weapons) drones in us 24/7.. Your distopia is here. We are the enemy, the useless eaters

        • AFFC—>

          I gave you the 1st up-thumb, sir!

          ..I..like you..pay attention..& often search “dead threads” for ‘GEMS’…such as your post!

          ..my only hope is…you’ll come back 7 see my response to you…


          All the best to you, sir..and always know..that you’re NOT ALONE!!!!


      50. We did get warnings of 2008. “Predicting it” with a timetable is usually a bad move because it requires specific information. I advise most financial analyst to not bother giving time tables and talk about generally unpopular truths in the financial environments that will lead to problems such as a collapse due to the Plunge Protection Team.

        Dr. Ron Paul informed us it was coming pretty accurately in 2007 during the primaries, especially in his exchanges with John McCain. In fact, his analysis helped me figure out what was happening months before it began (just not to the enormous extent it was), and when it did I knew enough of the system to see how the machine worked as it was happening. I was able to see clues in March 2008 when the Fed was grabbing extraordinary powers in response to what were the initial failures.

        Dr. Paul always stays away from giving time frames for a reason. There ARE people dedicated to masking and manipulating the market from investors. The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets (Plunge Protection Team) are manipulating the market to prevent another Black Tuesday, but ended up simply delaying Bloody Monday of 2008. So they essentially delay the event it till it can’t be delayed anymore and to many cascading events triggers the inevitable.

        When it is coming, you will see news blips of certain actions the Fed is taking, news of so and so having financial issues. I mean you essentially have to be glued to financial news like an investor. Is it worth it? If you have money to move, yes. Otherwise just be prepared like this site advises.

      51. Oh and mods, please edit the section of my initial statement of:
        “due to the Plunge Protection Team” in the first paragraph, last sentence.

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