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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    There’s a clear agenda IN PLACE. The Democrat-led states are taking A HARD LINE against Covid-19, while the Republican ones are adamant about re-opening.

    I don’t care how many financial promises media talking-heads and mid-level corrupt politicians are getting, it is CRIMINAL to continue scaring the public about this disease and to suppress the results of READILY-AVAILABLE medicine in treating it.

    Trump succeeded in bringing the middle class back to life since November 2016. During his time in office, millions of people went off food stamps, rejoined the middle class and unemployment was at a record low.

    Covid-19 presents a leadership challenge to his administration since it involves healthcare. The economy takes a back seat to that and that is not something Trump is personally accustomed to – his lack of flexibility in reading the pulse of the nation could cost him the election.

    Trump just can’t let the financial aspect of it go, though, so he is losing MUCH NEEDED CREDIBILITY. America might be headed towards a Biden victory, even though it’s pretty clear he is not 100% mentally capable.

    Shutting down schools, restaurants, bars, beaches, gyms, sporting events, leisure hotels, casinos, shopping malls and restricting travel is NOT NECESSARY at all.

    If there’s the potential for a shortage in life-saving medical equipment, produce more of it, but don’t demand communities put their LIVES ON HOLD. Quarantines and business closures cost WAY MORE than funding new hospitals and medical equipment production.


    Check this out – the market ISN’T BUYING this purposeful tactic (deployed by globalists in order to regain control) to WEAKEN REAL AMERICA. Investors are returning to the recovery trade.

    After many years of bearish sentiment, commodities are back!

    This is due to the fact that investors have calculated the dangers of this 2nd wave and just don’t think much of it.

    In recent years, technology has been carrying the entire market on its back. It still does, but this might be peaking soon.

    Take a look:


    How can two POLARIZING RESPONSES emerge from the same pandemic?

    One half of the country wants nothing closed, while the other is willing to sacrifice its livelihood, rights, and freedom to move about in order to potentially avoid a healthcare overflow.

    The answer is a LEADERSHIP VACUUM.

    This country is searching for direction.

    What Portfolio Wealth Global is anticipating is that there will be a petty back-and-forth between the parties at least until the end of August, when the next round of stimulus is to be introduced.

    The Democrats understand that it isn’t really the stock market that gets the average voter excited about the Trump administration, but the fact that the REAL ECONOMY was strong in 2018 and 2019.

    Right now, low-income workers are suffering. They’ve shouldered the burden more than executive-level employees.

    The “V” theory is largely a CONTRARIAN wishful thinking opinion, held by very few.

    Whoever wins the upcoming election has a rough task to accomplish:

    1. Unite and bring together the country to get over the hump and START FRESH.
    2. Deal with China.
    3. Deal with the deficit.
    4. Deal with taxes, inequality, and financial gaps.
    5. Racism.
    6. Covid-19.

    This is why I own gold; no human being can solve these challenges without MESSING UP.

    Gold is the antibody, the drug, the cure and the vaccine; it is the SOLUTION!


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. Here is article for you.
        Located at ZeroHedge:
        “Chinese Ambassador Struggles To Explain Shocking Footage Of Handcuffed & Blindfolded Uighurs Loaded Onto Train”
        – – by Tyler Durden, Sun, 07/19/2020 – 14:00

        This is WHY Joe Biden and Beto Odork said, “They will take your guns”. “Take your guns by force.” So they can load you and your family on a train to Nowhere.

        Lefties NWO globalist-Techie censorship anti-speech lefties, the chicom flu fear mongers running the Media lockdown psyop, THIS is what they will do to you. THIS is their goal. You damn well better look at the pictures in the article closely. That is your future.

        If you let communist into seats of power such as congress, senate, president. If you let communist in Seattle-Atlanta-Seattle-Portland-etc, loot burn riot and DESTROY historical statues. If you allow Media to brainwash a once free Nation. THEN THE RESULT IS IN THE ARTICLE presented.

        The submission to the lockdowns and occult chicom mask is only Stage 1. The rest is to come. The result for you will be like the article pictures, –cuffed, controlled, compliant, bound up and herded onto the train to nowhere. DEATH.
        DEATH is end game for anyone that opposes the TYRANNY of globalist beast system communism. Death is their “Final Solution.”

        It all begins with you being compliant and obeying lockdowns-occult masks-and allowing politicians to take your firearms.

        Fear is their weapon.
        Famine is next weapon they will bring out and cause.
        Prepare for them Now. Push back Now. Do not Obey. Stand.

        Be ready for Bill Gates forced biochip vaccine.
        Death is their “Final Solution.” Death for YOU.

        • When two reports from nurses tells the public that being put on a ventilator ensures death in a year and some die within 3 months, the vaccine is the least of our worries.
          However, the vaccine has been proven to have no antibodies just days after administered, so why would anyone have one??

      2. Article Located at BlackListedNews:
        “Bill Gates Funded Digital Identity Based On Your Vaccination History”
        Published: July 19, 2020
        Source: great game india

        This is one of the goals of your Genocidal Masters like Bill Gates and his rich freinds.
        Once you are unarmed you will have no option to resist.
        That is why Biden-Beto Odork-leftie commies want you unarmed.
        Today you comply with “laws” “rules” “orders”, you wear your chicom occult face diaper, allow yourself to be locked down as livestock. Then you are vaccinated as livestock.

        Tommorrow you take the vaccine or you can not buy-sell-travel. Beast System. Chicom flu as a cover for 5g deaths and American patriots being dissappeared.

      3. What they should have done is this:

        Phase 1: Shut down flights. Stop the international virus spread. Isolate the vulnerable especially the old.

        Phase 2: Lock up blacks and Muslims for two reasons: one, they are most at risk and second, they have the lowest IQs and do not abide by public health messages.

        Phase 3: Let white people go free and participate in the economy. Keep blacks and Muslims locked up until there is a vaccine. Then give blacks and Muslims the first trial doses of the vaccine to see if it works. If it works then roll out to rest of population.

        Always important to remember the virus came from China but it is blacks and Muslims who have spread it and continue to spread it.

        • Once again Frank you’re showing your lack of brain cells.

      4. OMG! LOL! You weak fucking patriots! Are faggot weak… Ooo.. keep your powder dry the final civil War is coming! Its here you pathetic keyboard commandos and you do nothing… stay in your cowardice holes Ha, ha! The movement is progressing and showing results! Where is the big bad 3 %ers! NO where you weak pussies! Militia where you at? Oh, that’s right you are paying taxes for our asses! Lol! Who’s the slave now bitches?

        Weak pathetic big mouths with no balls!!!

        Love you and peace be upon you!

        • You don’t need to worry where we are, I know where you are sperm burper. I saw you knock down that 92 yr. old woman. Your turn is next. You coward. Keep eyes open,your fat filthy mouth shut and be alert!!! T- 101. May the lord have mercy on your soul. R.I.P.

          • Yes we’re here, and our eyes are watching you. Have fear, we will make our move when the time is right. Tic Toc. The 3% are ready to move when necessary.

      5. @ K.D.

        Early on the WHO concluded that Africa was too hot for covid-19 to successfully incubate and reproduce.
        Keep in mind that for all practical definition the entire continent is void of any healthcare system.

        Yet this same (cough) Nuevo virus thrives in Arizona and Texas ? ~ GTFOOH

        Now the official excuse conclusion is deaths are being underreported.

        According to the latest data collated by Reuters, Africa, with a population of 1.3 billion people, had over 493,000 confirmed cases and 11,600 deaths. By comparison, Latin America, with roughly half the population, had 2.9 million cases and 129,900 deaths.

        It’s hard to underreport deaths when you’re stacking the bodies like cordwood….WHICH THEY ARE NOT.

        Don’t bail on me yet Karl
        There s a myriad of a**holes that need to do the rope dance before this is said and done.
        Like Slavo says – “this ends …when we say it ends”.

        This is a time of revelation and these global scum fks need to be revealed.

        • Moon, I live in central Arizona in the mountains and it was 99 degrees yesterday. Last week, Phoenix was 117 ! They are shutting down, impeding, killing small business owners here and not doing anything to the big corporate stores. Sick of this S$%T.

      6. The clear political “AGENDA” of the Demonrats is to cause economic & other chaos throughout our country. Americans will not vote for the incompetent Biden based on merit. Demonrats have been trying to undermine this President for years. “Russia Hoax”, Ukranian lies, Racism, etc. were alleged for years in an effort to undermine the President. The efforts to return our nation to SANE MANAGEMENT have ignited efforts to remove the President because he repeatedly demonstrates how incompetent previous managers, like Biden, have been for decades.

      7. Once again Frank you’re showing your lack of brain cells.

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