Husbands Can Beat Their Wives With A Stick If They Refuse Sex According To Islamic Council Of Clerics and Scholars

by | Jun 4, 2016 | Headline News | 84 comments

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    Since millions of women in the United States support the unrestricted immigration of middle eastern “refugees” we thought it appropriate to give them a warning about the kind of mentality they can expect, because apparently the sexual assaults and rapes in Europe aren’t enough.

    According to an Islamic Council made up of clerics and scholars, Pakistani husbands can now beat their wives if they refuse certain requests.

    The head of a powerful Islamic council is refusing to back down from a proposal that make it legal for husbands to “lightly beat” their wives in Pakistan, despite ridicule and revulsion including calls that maybe the  clerics should stand for their own gentle smack down.

    Speaking to reporters, the chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology, Muhammad Kahn Sherani, said a “light beating” should be a last resort.

    If you want her to mend her ways, you should first advise her. … If she refuses, stop talking to her … stop sharing a bed with her, and if things do not change, get a bit strict,” Sherani said, according to Pakistan’s Express-Tribune newspaper.

    If all else fails, he added, “hit her with light things like handkerchief, a hat or a turban, but do not hit her on the face or private parts.”

    Source: Washington Post

    According to the report, there are a number of reasons for why a light beating might be in order:

    A husband should be allowed to lightly beat his wife if she defies his commands and refuses to dress up as per his desires; turns down demand of intercourse without any religious excuse or does not take bath after intercourse or menstrual periods.

    How can such an ideology ever assimilate to Western laws that protect everyone, including women, equally under the law?


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      1. A man should not beat his wife for ANY REASON. All it proves is what you already know, you are physically stronger than she is. Want sex? Try being nice, kind, gentle, loving, caring, sweet. That doesn’t work, try flowers, candy. That doesn’t work, take classes on the proper way to satisfy your wife, then maybe she will actually WANT to make love with you. If not, you’re both married to the wrong person, get a divorce, not a weapon. Your fists are not what make you a man.

        • Grin N Barrett, welcome, and I totally agree.

          • Two decades ago, pre 911 the oil refinery I worked in sent several operations personnel to Saudi Arabia to start up operating units that had new designs. One of the guys told me that he was jealous that a Saudi could divorce his wife by going outside and loudly announcing three times, “I divorce you”. Apparently the economic loss the male receives is minimal too as her needs are not important although the children are. This guy was going through a divorce upon his return to the US and banked a couple of hundred k while being in Saudi of which the Mrs would get half. I don’t know how true the facts are that he said, but they certainly have an entirely different male / female relationship there.

            • It is 100% true, we knew someone who did that, they said out in public something along the lines of what you said, but she said “I renounce you” three times and that is all is needed. Barbaric culture indeed, but having to spend thousands on a lawyer, paying someone alimony for the rest of your life is madness aswell.

              This is just my opinion, but a marriage in the eyes of the law is a contract between two party’s, once there is a divorce the contract is null and void, why should anyone, man or woman continue to support anyone who they are not in a contract with.

              Now, if children are involved that is another matter, the parent still has the financial obligation to support their offspring until of legal age where they can support themselves.

        • wtf grin ? I hate muslims as much (probably more)as the next guy but you’re beggin to be bullied !

        • Well said, G n B. A man can earn a woman’s respect, and her affection, but if he threatens or assaults her all she will give is submission out of fear. No real man wants that.

          “People are yelling about same-sex marraige. Anybody who’s married knows…. it’s ALWAYS the same sex.”
          -Robin Williams in ‘Man Of The Year’

        • I totally agree. Well said.!

        • Nope, This one that goes into the clerks check box.

          Ask nicely,. Candy….. Classes!… Pffff, yeah okay Barry. That what wookie tells you

        • Perhaps all liberal women should marry these goat-breath bastards, then maybe they’ll reconsider their “coexist” crap.

          • The Photo above. A Pakistani woman with Blue eyes? I say BS!!


            • Lots of red hair, too. All a legacy of Alexander the Great.

              They are favored for wives due to their appearance.

              There’s more in Afghanistan than Pakistan.

        • Grin and Barret.. I see those Anger Management Classes you took, worked. Yeah using a claw hammer to pound on the table, cause dinner is not ready, didn’t work for ya eh? J/K..


        • I have lived in Islam World.
          the above resolution is what I agree with

        • Now now, no need for Islamophobia. We must be sensitive to the religious values as our dear leader has instructed.

        • Grin n Barrett says:

          I don’t think the article is debating the merits or pros and cons of a man beating his wife. It goes without saying.

          The article is more about the naivete and ignorance of Westerners particularly women with whom it has become fashionable to lobby relentlessly to welcome cultures where this type of behaviour is the norm and to bring about the destruction of the very civilization that allows these westerners not to be beaten or “Killed for honour” beheaded lashed and otherwise oppressed and subjugated.

      2. And it does not matter if she is sick or tired. Or if she is having her issues .
        Having sex at the time of a woman’s issues is forbidden by the Christian laws because her body is getting rid of toxins.

        • DustyFae – Well that’s part of it, the other part is that having sex while she is on her period makes you wake up in the morning, and your 1000 Count White linen Bed sheets looks like the Japanese Flag.

          ~WWTI… been there…

      3. Barak Hussain tried once but Mooshel remind him about the shot That Killed Gorilla Harambe. So he stopped the beating.

        • Actually it’s Moochelle who’s been beating Barry.

      4. I believe a good woman is submissive to a certain extent. Beating her to get sex will make it suck if she finally complies. Unless of course she’s into that kind of stuff.

      5. I’m sure the beatings are a bit rougher than assault with a hanky.

        • Actually they may be, but that would be a crime. Also, many clerics in Pakistan really are too primitive and lack correct Islamic teachings to be giving rulings like that. A man doesn’t have the right to hit her even with a handkerchief for refusing sex. A wife is not allowed to refuse her husband sex unless she has a good reason, and this helps him as men are built in a particular way. If she refuses without good reason she will answer to the Creator.

          • Fuckoff, pederast.

          • I believe what everyone is referring to is covered in the fourth chapter in the Quran where a man is allowed to beat his wife lightly if he for example judges her flirting with another man. Before he beats her lightly there are many conditions that have to be met before he beats her lightly.(in the west, men do not start beating women lightly they go for the real thing soon). Muslim men are still killing baby girls in Pakistan and I have never found a Imam or Muslim man who will condemn or say it is wrong, they all just say it is cultural. The Prophet PBUH addressed this issue about 3 times in the Quran and he said it was WRONG. What this says about Muslims today is that what the Prophet said 1400 years ago does not apply today which I believe is because MEN HAVE HYJACTED MALE PRIVLEDGE IN ALL RELIGIONS SUBJECTING WOMEN TO THEIR DOMINANCE. (and this is after the Prophet freed women 1400 years ago)

            • You’re both nuts.
              “Muslim prophet freed women 1400 years ago.”

              “A wife is not allowed to refuse her husband sex unless she has a good reason, and this helps him as men are built in a particular way. If she refuses without good reason she will answer to the Creator.”

              The prosecution rests.

      6. I know bout all religions are screwed up but Islam takes the cake these looney tune liberals wanna let in all these whack jobs? Hey Hillary ole bill could just beat the shit out of you instead of fucking his interns. I personally would like to see this disease of Islam wiped off the face of the planet But we can’t hurt anybody’s fweelings by not letting them in or calling them out on their bullshit. See the Minnesota problems with the Muslims ?! Dam straight build a wall and keep all immigrants out. We got too dam many people here anyway. Stupid people wake up. Everywhere overpopulation is causing problems. And these Muslims are taught to breed like rabbits to overtake us ” infidels”. There are no go zones in France where the cops won’t go. That is absolute horse shit. Keep taking up for these Muslims you liberal bitches. Mayb they can make it where any man could beat you. There’s an idea. I’d like to smack the face off some of these Hollywood bitches

        • TM, BRAVO! Couldn’t have said it any better.

      7. What’s a light beating. I guess we gotta start off light and then work our way up to stonings and genital mutilation and finish with cutting off her head and putting it on a fence. Light beatings sounds so much more tolerable even loving to get your spouse to cum around.

        • Light beatings – BDSM – “SOME” women like to be beaten. It heightens their sexual arousal. Plenty of vids on the Internet reflecting that.


          • and you’ve found that out by the hookers you rent?

            • No,… Katchup On your Shirt. I’m not into BDSM, but some are. I don’t rent hookers either. Remember when you lay down with dogs you get fleas. You sound like GA Dopey’s sidekick.


      8. Now if only the prog-libber women will marry mooslem men then life will be much better here in the USSA. Beat them everyday, they sure need it, and here I was being all islamophobic, sheesh.

      9. If the light beating gets too heavy and she dies, you can call it an honor killing.

        • Where’s the eye bleach” ? Good thing I didn’t look long. Would have burned my retinas!

      10. This is the real war on women.

        Can you hear me Hillary!

        • W and W,
          not sure Hitlery counts as she would be the one doing the beating!!!

      11. GenEarly, just give it time, the feminazis will find out the hard way what Muslims are really like. Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix libturd-minded women.

        • Can’t fix stupid men who call names and no woman wants.

          • Got your burka yet, Rebecca? BTW,since we are ‘stupid men” don’t look to us to prevent your beating. Maybe those libtard-obamy pajama boys will protect you. I wouldn’t move my trigger finger from the safe position. Have a nice Prog allah akbar diversity coexistence day.

      12. This is about the most stupid law I have ever hear. We need to keep the muslim cult out of our country if this is the way the think

      13. Islamic men do not treat their wives well.

        • What you have read is just the tip of the matter should this country be suddenly ‘flipped’ into Sharia Law (which is what Obama would dearly love to see go down, the sooner the better).

          Once again, we are being shown that the longer we are “held back” from taking action, the harder it shall be to oust the bastards that seek to change the entirety of America into “ancient history” in less than 20 years.

          Of COURSE we need to resist such things or THEY WILL COME TO PASS (and nobody will be immune from it).

          Viva La Resistance and Molon Labe and FUCK THE BASTARDS

          * The woman in the pic has eyeliner and every else that Islamic women are prohibited from using …just to make you ‘hurt’ a bit more as it is ‘manly’ to want to protect a woman (if the man is in the correct state of mind). Hmm …subliminals ARE used everywhere …aren’t they.

      14. Our rule for happiness in the bedroom – “Only one of us has to be awake”.

      15. What if she wants sex and he for some reason, perhaps an injury, does not ? Does this mean she can “beat” him ? LOL

      16. Let’s for the sake of argument look at this situation by turning it topsy turvy. What if sharia was run by women and men could be stoned to death for transgressions against the cult, men had to stay inside, Men couldn’t be teachers had to stay totally covered in tent-like clothing, men were housebound slaves who were prevented from going to school, reading, voting, speaking their mind and Imams were nasty old women.
        Let this go on for a month and then see if there might be some dramatic change in that society. Naahhh, 1000 years of tribal inbred stupidity can’t be fixed in a month no matter what you try to do .

      17. Religion of peace huh,,,,,
        I feel sorry for these women stuck in these abusive relationships and religions in ass backwards countries. Cant imagine they would chose this if they knew the truth.

      18. Bill Warner, Ph.D (math, physics) (Christian) who has been reading the world religions for 30 years, and Islam’s holy texts since September 11th, puts up politicalislam on youtube. Several dozen short videos. He also publishes perhaps 20 short books, quoting and citing The Sunnah and Quran. Have watched and read most of them.

        Islam as effects Kuffar, non-Muslims, isn’t its religious facet. It’s political. Power.

        One does not need to depend on what someone else says about Islam’s doctrine. They are available in English online. There’s no substitute for doing your own research.

        the noble quran hot calm is an online version of The Noble Quran in the English Language, with commentaries by Qurtubi, several others, and Sahih Bukhari.
        The most Salafist version in English. Searchable.

        The written version is published by Darussalam Publishing in KSA, so you know you aren’t getting western apologist bullshit, the “sunshine and bunnies” version of Islam.

        memri dot org is good too real … crusades … history … hot calm

        The problem with “experts” from places such as Oxford and Harvard, is the Saudi princes have been making multi-million dollar “gifts” to them for a long time. The profs won’t say anything negative about their benefactors.

        Forget the Qur’an for the moment. Until you understand something about Muhammad’s life it’s an opaque waste of time to read it. It makes sense tied to his life.

        wiki ……. islam ….. net has helped me a lot too.

      19. I laugh at the women in America. They cite the nation is in the grips of a national rape epidemic, institutionalized inequality, unbreakable glass ceilings, etc. I’ve seen them hit men because they believe men shouldn’t hit back. They have all the important advantages in a court of law. Many want men to be effeminate. It is socially acceptable to blame men for all their problems. Hell, I read about some lady saying it’s okay if married women commit adultery because men make them do it, and on and on. That’s all okay though.
        I watched a video where a white feminist was saying she wished all white, straight, Christian males would just die, it would be a better world. All while saying they want unrestricted Muslim immigration and others from third-world countries where rape and every abuse of women is the norm. They should read what is occurring to women in Europe because of the floods of third-world illegal immigration. All I can say is feminists are misguided, irrational, and filled with pure hate.
        They state what they want, but desire to destroy the very society and legal system that gives them the rights they enjoy. What do they think would happen to them if we became the society they want by the means they seek to use. Their lives would be miserably different. It is all so incongruent a reasonable person can only assume is that many women hate men more than they love their own lives.
        I work with 22 men and 1 women; the average age is about late 40’s, about 2/3 of them never married or had children, most of us only dated or maintained relationships with girlfriends. I ask some of them why so; the response is they don’t need or want the hassles and problems caused by what the average women today feels they are entitled to. Basically, the guys say serious relationships aren’t worth it with the attitudes, entitlement mentality, and ridiculous demands; just having a vagina is not enough and doesn’t compensate for all the other crap. I can say though me and my friends have a far higher standard of living and quality of life, and enjoy life more than the vast majority of married men, even married men who are wealthy.
        Since we are producing vastly fewer daughters then maybe the next generation of women will not have to “suffer all the horrors and injustice” of today’s women.

      20. The only conclusion one can draw is that the ‘feminists’ cheering on the muslim invasion of the West, actually want to be slaves.

      21. Wake up. The “Zionists” are waging a genocidal war against white Christian America. Hang the criminals who are bringing these rapists into America.

        ….don’t be deceived. these “Zionists” are behind the invasions of America and Europe.

        Zionists are Satanists. Anti-semitism is good. Christ was an anti-Semite. Christ killers are evil.

        Rape is war. The “Zionists” know the Pakistani retards will do the job for them. Deport “Zionists”.
        And execute the leadership in the U.S. Otherwise stand by while they rape by proxy.

        • …I hope you are offended.

          I’m more than a little fucking offended my own damn self. You mother fucking assholes, I mother fucking hate you. And this is hate speech, in case you were wondering. Fuck you. I HATE, HATE, HATE you.

      22. Hey folks it is called evolution.
        All the strong willed women are killed,
        like breeding animals for the traits you
        want. The compliant have babies,
        the rebellious women end up dead.
        In the western world we generally
        don’t beat our women and it is
        frowned upon. That is why Democrats
        run our society and
        rebellious white men are being
        exterminated. HUMMM? is there a
        connection there?

      23. I wear the pants in my house…my wife said I could…sometimes. I hafta ask though.

        • Jim in Va. knows the secrets to a long term marriage. 1. As stated she allows him to have the last words and they are…yes dear, 2. her money is her money and his money is her money, and the best secret that all men who are in long term marriages know and that is…..WHEN MAMMA AIN’T HAPPY NO BODY IS HAPPY. Congrats there JIM.

      24. In plain language, Islam is the religion of the anti-Christ, it is the great beast Daniel and Revelation warn us of. It is not just a religion, it is a governmental system, a legal system, it defines the public and private lives of everyone it subjugates Muslim and infidel.

        It is the what built the abomination of desolation on the Temple Mount.
        It was wounded in the head with a fatal blow at the battle of Tours. Oil money has breathed new life into the beast.
        It follows the false prophet.
        It uses Sharia law to control who can own land, businesses, buy or sell, be free or slave.
        It cannot be reasoned with, it cannot be controlled, you cannot coexist with it.
        It murders and beheads the saints for their faith.
        It already controls nearly a third of the world population.
        It’s time is nearly over and the god of this world that it worships knows his time is short.

        • Couldn’t agree more. I too have come to the conclusion that the beast will rise from Islam as the prophesies of the Islamic messianic figure called the Mahdi dovetail all too well with the Christian prophetic figure of the Anti-Christ. Thus, every person will have a singular choice between submission to Christ and submission to Antichrist.

        • You’re a fool.

          • A half century before Mohamed and Islam even existed the bible predicted Islam and its prophet, it actions and deeds. Islam has fulfilled all that was promised, and millions have already died. What’s coming will be the biggest waste of human life this planet has ever seen.

        • Allah is another name for Satan. Islam is devil worship. The religion of Islam has no place in Christian America. Don’t ban guns, ban Muslimes

      25. Never met a woman, conservative or liberal, who likes camel jockeys and their sick nonsense. Of course, you white boys can pretend otherwise to support your agenda… hate talk of your own against women. Your hatred of women shows as clearly as those Muslims and you are not fooling anyone with a brain larger than a pea.

        • Could you help me out? I’m looking to paint the outside of a barn and yours was the broadest brush I’ve been able to find anywhere. Do you mind if I borrow it?

          “You white boys”? Really?

        • Rebecca, at one time, early on, you made sense, (most of the time.)
          Lately, not so much.
          This is a good example of your hatred of men.

      26. and we want to allow this kind of shit to come to america, you have been sold out by traitors, you vote for traitors, you get what you deserve.

      27. I’ve had it with this site and all your racist ass commenters. Quit bashing something you know absolutely nothing about. We are here, we are peppers, we are peaceful, we are Americans, we’re not going anywhere.

        PS: our women are some of the most beautiful that walk this earth especially compared to your BERThA ass lookin wives.

        American Muslim.

        • Just to be clear Islam is not a race. Racism has nothing to do with the conversation. Attempts to call racism are just lies and subterfuge.

      28. This is the same reason why I don’t let my nieces or nephews go to the movie theatre.. Because some crazy white Christian man might shoot up the place. This is the same reason why I worry about my nieces and nephews at pre school and 1st grade… Cause some Christian who’s having a bad day might take the lives of innocent kids……….

        Do these examples define your entire religion/group of ppl???

        • TOS, if you’re so afraid for your nieces and nephews here, take them and yourself and go back and live in some turd world muslim country and take your fucking chances.
          My first time swearing here and it’s worth it.
          I don’t believe a word you as a muslim say and will never trust you. Leave USA.
          Our country is screwed up enough without muslims.

      29. Well i believe that he should be allowed to hit his wife, but only after he’s been castrated and she is also allowed to beat him for not having sex.

      30. Muslims are trash, sons of bitches!!

      31. I find Muslims incredulous. An entire culture that is so insecure of their manhood that they feel compelled to take their daughters and young women, and carve out their genitals, so they can never enjoy sex or have an orgasm.

        Muslims call it female circumcision, but in fact, it is a violent castration process. The ultimate form of rape.

        Islam is a cult so bent on controlling people that they violently mutilate their own daughters with carving knives.

        • Plan, in Africa, if there is no knife available they will use a piece of broken glass. Barbarians all.

          • This barbarous act is being done in the US. Muslim communities protect the practice. If a young woman brutalized by this process complains they will murder her before allowing her to testify against them n a US court.

      32. They can sell their dead goat after having sex with it for meat, but only to a neighboring village, not their own.

      33. And wives can divorce their husbands and take half his shit plus half his pension plus half his paycheck in perpetuity and go fuck Chad Thundercock according to Western lawmakers.

        Tell me which is worse.

        Answer: BOTH SUCK.

        For fuck’s sake people, some goddamned common sense is in order.

      34. Mac Slavo writes, “How can such an ideology ever assimilate to Western laws that protect everyone, including women, equally under the law?”

        Islam gives women many rights and protections. When some council gives some edict, it is not binding. At least the cleric didn’t say it’s okay to beat women on the face or with sticks etc. Having said that many moderates don’t support the beating of wives even lightly.

        Mac, before criticising other societies, why don’t you look at your own where men either drunk or not beat women, some men punch women in the face, some men beat women with belts etc., some men body slam women to the ground (there are real cases of that) etc.

        • There are indeed — and we have laws in America to protect women when things like this happen.

          In middle eastern countries, broadly speaking, it is often the woman’s fault for being beaten or getting raped, and it is she who is punished by these very councils.

          • allah akbar comrade! Perhaps you could name the Religion of Western Culture that advocates currently for the beating of women? Or any Eastern religion for that matter. Only your pathetic “Religion of Peace” dreamed up by a Pedophile and common criminal.
            Go peddle your taqiyya elsewhere, putz.

      35. What do Muslim men get to do if their camels resist their advances? Eeessshhh !!

        • What do you call a Muslim who is wealthy enough to own both a goat and a camel? A bisexual!

      36. I never thought in my entire life I would see a day in the USA where we would be discussing the beating women being as ok by some religion

        • That’s because Islam is NOT a religion, not by any stretch of the imagination of a sane man or woman. It’s a political ideology that is being touted as a religion of peace, but it is anything but that. Islam is a misogynistic, spiteful, vengeful, hateful and hypocritical mental condition, no matter which way you want to look at it from. It’s only for those inbred idiots and fools who have a blood lust and cannot think for themselves. The followers of Islam need others to do their thinking for them and tell them what to do because they are incapable of doing it on their own. That is why the Middle East is a stagnant culture. If it were not for the Western world, they would all still be living in nothing but mud huts and caves without any kind of medical or dental care, higher math, computers, etc.


      37. They have something going over there. The men need to stand up and take their homes and families back. There cannot be two presidents in a household, nor are the husband and wife equal. There can only be one president (who has the final say so), and in my home, that is definitely going to be ME. The woman need to be put back in there proper places. At home, raising children, and home-making. This is how it was in the 50s when I grew up. And it was a much much better America. And guess what? The woman were happier as well. They wanted their liberation, and they got it. I say, but what were you liberated from? And are you better off for it.? NOT

      38. The absolute core of the republican platform is forcing a 12 year girl to give birth to a child that was the result of being raped by her father. Ask any woman how that compares to being hit with a stick a couple of times. Republican attitudes towards women are as bad as any Islamic theocracy. Try looking in the mirror once in a while. Your hypocrisy is pathetic.

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