Hurricane Michael: Image Of A SKULL IN Storm’s Center?

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    As Hurricane Michael barrels towards the East Coast, an eerie image from Tuesday’s satellite views of the storm was captured.  At the center of the hurricane, appears to be a likeness of a human skull.

    According to USA Today, some weather forecasters tasked with tracking hurricane Michaels’ progress saw the image of a skull at the center of the now-Category 4 hurricane, which has sustained winds of nearly 130 mph as of early Wednesday. And weather forecasters weren’t the only ones who took notice.  The image does look eerily like that of a skull.

    The National Hurricane Center is currently anticipating the possibility of a stronger storm because water temperatures in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico remain warm for autumn, said WeatherTiger meteorologist Ryan Truchelut of Tallahassee, Florida.  Satellite views of Hurricane Michael seemed to warn that it will become a Category 4 storm before its eye hits the Florida Panhandle or the state’s Big Bend area in early afternoon Wednesday.

    “#Michael has that ‘skull’ appearance on IR (infrared) satellite this morning as the eye is beginning to clear out through the CDO,” meteorologist Jim Dickey at WZVN-TV, Fort Myers, Florida, tweeted Tuesday morning. CDO stands for central dense overcast, which in weather speak means the thunderstorm clouds that surround the eye of a hurricane. Dickey wasn’t the only one to tweet about the satellite imagery either.

    The effect seems to be a common one, as AccuWeather noted a similarity to Hurricane Matthew on October 6, 2017, when an infrared satellite image passing over Haiti went viral after seeming to show a creepy skull.

    Hurricane Michael is now just hours away from striking Florida and is expected to be one of the biggest storms to ever hit the area. According to The Guardian FEMA administrator, Brock Long warned at a press conference Wednesday morning that the storm will be one of the worst that southern Georgia has seen in decades, and people there should “wake up and pay attention.”

    Hopefully, those in the path of this monster storm have prepared for it.  In parts of Georgia and Florida, it’s likely very power will be out for several weeks, Long said. North and South Carolina are also expected to see rainfall from the storm, which is a concern because rivers there have not yet receded to their normal levels after flooding from Hurricane Florence. “Unfortunately it’s going to be a reality and it’s going to cause problems,” Long said.



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      1. A scull? Really? It just looks like a hurricane to me.

        • I saw that burnt into my toast this morning. looks like elvis.

          • looks like a pelvis

      2. We need to go back to condemning sex outside of marriage.

        People are too fucking immature to handle this shit.

        The screeching mobs of hysterical women have got to stop.

        • “By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Therefore shall the land mourn…”
          — from Hosea 4

          Mega church CEO’s/pastors were forced to apologize for saying this. ^

        • F that shit. I haven’t been married for 50 years. Been living with the same woman for 40 years, and ain’t getting married for a piece of ass.

        • How was your climb in the Pyrenees?

          • (A good idea.)

      3. People also see skulls, or Satan, or angles and other images in clouds.

        The mind works by accessing past memories of familiar things that are similar and projecting their memory onto current things to make sense of them.

        If the mind didn’t work that way the world around you would make no sense/ You would remain an eternal newborn always seeing everything for the first time and being unable to understand it in context with life, history, and the passage of time.

        If you try, or if you are told to, you can see almost anything in almost anything else if you are seeing it for the first time, and this happens unconsciously most of the time. Something most advertising makes use of.

        • All that hoopla when it was only Hillary’s fat ass.

          • Well, that explains the hole in the center. The “Red Eye”.

        • I see an image of Hermann Rorschach. . .

          • Better Rorschach than Oedipus.

        • Someone in my town saw the entire nativity scene in the stub of a sawed-off branch….Can you imagine such delusion?

          You would think that,for once, a reporter would call another report as being ridiculous….but NO!…they feed into it proving themselves to be consensual buffoons.

          Time to turn off the internet and get back to AM/FM/SW broadcasts.

      4. It’s just trying to imitate a coffee table ashtray.

      5. Now saying the storm wind gusts are at 150 mph.

      6. Boy I wish they would quit putting Hitlerys face on this hurricane!!!!!


        Nature worshipers and superstitious people take pareidolia literally, as life and death, not just an interesting illusion. They don’t assume that it takes a visionary to see it, nor to develop some paranormal skill. It’s democratized, so that everyone can know it, see it with your own eyes.

        You’re not asking whether it was drawn that way, as a coincidence:

      8. This is the time of year for harvesting peanuts, pecans, and cotton. The farmers are trying to harvest early. These events are starting to have an effect on the food supply.

      9. I don’t see it….

      10. wonder how many times they went thru stop action/frame by frame to dig that up?

      11. seriously
        is this site TRYING to jump the shark?

      12. Jim Stone caught ’em reporting 10,000 ft winds from the windmap. A strong 1 or weak 2 at the surface.

        That said, it’s big, so those winds extend over a large area.

        Empire of Lies, remember?


      13. Of course it’s a skull! Where ELSE ie the EYE of the storm gonna go???

      14. These people are crazy, …

        … that’s clearly a Neanderthal skull, or possibly some other hominid such as Homo Habilis, and not the skull of an anatomically modern human!!!

        • I’ve heard about Florida, before.

      15. This ridiculous reporting began with the 24 hr gossip channel, CNN and the typically over dramatic Weather Channel.

        Since then, reporters of every ilk feel they must comment on every stupid thing they believe they see, just to fill up the air-waves and bandwidth with their drivel and insatiable desire to demonstrate to everyone how deluded and insignificant they can be.

      16. Yeah, and I saw Jesus in my Latte this morning…..

      17. I knew a schizo-effective person, who was a lovey drunk. Would run into traffic, when his wife upset him. Was convinced that everything had a scientific, materialist explanation.

        Are you a deadpan literalist?

        If you were a primitive and had to guess what to eat or where to go, how would you do it?

        Your extraordinary rendition flight crashes, you know not where. Planet (whatitsname) flies by, mountains crumble, and you wash up somewheres…

        How does nature give you clues.

        20th century geniuses and statesmen, who you consider to be credible, claimed to trance-out and talk to muses.

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