Hurricane Florence Threatens Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, DC, Maryland, and Delaware: DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO PREP!

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    This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    If you live near the East Coast, you should take some time now to start prepping for Hurricane Florence and the storm cells that are right behind her.

    Hurricane Florence is currently a Category 4 storm that is gaining power in the Atlantic, although it still about a thousand miles away from any landmass. Florence is aimed dangerously close toward Bermuda and could then hit the Eastern Coast of the United States with a Category 5 fury if the simulations are correct. The Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states would bear the brunt of Florence, but the effects could reach as far as southern Maine.

    How sure are we that Hurricane Florence will hit the US?

    There are two possible scenarios, according to models found on the Washington Post website. #1, it hits the East Coast and #2, it turns and heads harmlessly back out to sea.

    This far in advance, it’s impossible to say which of the two tracks Florence will take. There are a lot of variables…but one scenario bears a chilling resemblance to a devastating 1933 hurricane.

    A storm in Florence’s current position has never struck the United States in recorded history. However, the prevailing weather pattern could provide an exception. A giant ridge of high pressure over the North Atlantic has a chance to steer the storm toward the U.S. mainland unless a trough of low pressure is able to capture the storm late this weekend and turn it more out to sea.

    Eric Webb, a graduate student in meteorology, pointed out on Twitter that the 1933 Chesapeake-Potomac hurricane took an unusual track over Bermuda into the Mid-Atlantic coast. That storm pushed a massive tidal surge of 11 to 12 feet up to the Potomac River, flooding parts of Washington.  While Florence is positioned somewhat to the north of that 1933 storm, the specter of it taking a similar track needs to be carefully monitored.

    Others are likewise concerned.

    “Very concerning shift in the EPS ensemble guidance with Hurricane Florence … must now seriously consider this storm a U.S. landfall threat. Still considerable uncertainty about a possible / hopeful turn away from the coast out to sea. Continue to monitor thru the weekend.”

    You’ve got a one-week warning.

    If Florence hits the East Coast, we could expect landfall in approximately 8-10 days. That means you have a one-week warning and you’d be wise to use it to get prepared if you live anywhere near the East Coast, from Georgia on up to southern Maine. Even if you are a couple of hours inland, you can expect torrential rain, flash floods, and damaging high winds. This could lead to lingering floods, power outages, and wind damage to structures.

    For the love of all things cute and fluffy, do not wait until Florence is guaranteed bearing down on you. USE THIS TIME TO GET PREPARED. If you wait until everyone else is panicking, you won’t be able to lay your hands on supplies like water, batteries, flashlights, etc.

    Do you need help getting prepped for a potentially Category 5 hurricane? I’ve got you covered in this thorough guide

    You’re going to want to stock up on the following:

    • Water
    • Emergency food and a way to cook it
    • Emergency lighting
    • Supplies to protect your home like plywood, duct tape, tarps, etc.

    Spend the week making preparations that won’t waste your time, even if Florence does go back out to sea.

    • Trim any trees that are hanging over your house.
    • Check your supply of batteries.
    • Figure out what might become a projectile in your yard and make a plan to secure it.
    • Clean out your gutters
    • Check your roof to be sure that there aren’t any loose shingles or potential places for a leak.

    Get prepped, because if Florence hits, the storm will rival last year’s Harvey, Irma, and Maria. And the way our luck has been going with disasters lately, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if it does make landfall.


    The Prepper’s Hurricane Survival Guide

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. as a resident of Florida, all I can say is “there goes the SPAM off the shelves again”.

        • I have 52 cans of SPAM in my pantry, what’s in yours?
          We did a pantry inventory recently.
          I have an excuse, I live in Hawaii.
          I’m getting dumped on by Hurricane Norman today.
          Norman just missed us.
          Good luck you east coast guys!

          • Whats in my cupboards? THANKFULLY, NO SPAM!! 🙁 Extremely bad for your health!! I got tons of water and flashlights…

            I do have cans of beans, packages of tuna, etc. and plan to get more groceries.

            • Stranger,
              Hawaii has the highest per capita consumption of SPAM in America. It is standard at local McDonalds breakfast( I don’t eat at McDonalds), as is rice, but I know of the local twist.
              I really don’t eat that much SPAM, stash is more for barter.
              But if you get hungry, SPAM works just fine, it may not be healthy but is better than starving.

              • Awww, you beat me to it. Hawaiians love SPAM. I’m surprised you ONLY have 52 cans.

                Have you tried it in fried rice? Fried SPAM in the skillet then dumping a decent quality BBQ sauce is not bad in a pinch.

            • SPAM? Seriously, ever look at Spam when it comes out of the can? Its a slimy pinkish gelatin with mystery parts, attached within the fat cellulite, probably sucked out of fat women at plastic surgery clinics. It is not even food. Just garbage can leftovers from processing plants. I refuse to pollute my body with such disgusting waste byproducts. To each his own.

              • AFTER? have you seen it BEFORE it goes in the can..?? the scrapings from leftover hogs heads, etc. nasty stuff.

                Bluefin tuna, if you have to keep an easy protein.

          • r, I was in that area yesterday, and yep the surf was picking up for sure due to Norman offshore. Back in Kona today, it’s quite nice on this side of the island.

            And, Roger that for Spam. I prefer the low sodium choice for my stock.

            • In,
              I use low sodium SPAM also. Regular SPAM gets salty when you cook it.
              Kona is almost always nice, but I hate the traffic.
              I’m not a stranger to traffic, I learned to drive on So. CA
              freeways, and drove in Seattle traffic for over 20 years.
              I hate going to Kona. If you are a local you can usually
              get around some of it, but the poor tourists are really stuck.

              • Yep Seattle is bad, LA is bad, but the worst traffic I’ve been in in the states is Boston. Worse than even NYC.

        • Hey, according to the weather channel. Just this month.

          Six (6) tropical waves could form in into storms.

          Four of those potential ones are crossing Africa now.

          Just showed it on the weather channel.

      2. DC. Oh please take it out. Or shut it down so those bastards can’t cause more problems for the common man. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I cannot believe what a disgrace the democrats have become. Some republicans as well but the level of disrespect for the rule of law and our constitutional process is really disturbing. All bets are off if they remove President Trump as I will assume that there is no longer any law and I’m going to tear my way through a few people’s defenses.

        • 2069 miles of east coast shore line and the hurricane will be about 45 miles wide.

          Way to cause panic…….

      3. First, it’s only a Cat 2 with only 105 mph winds, not a Cat 4.

        I have water and batteries.

        Everybody on here should already have everything they need.

        If you live in places that do flood, prepare for that. Move things higher, sandbags, evacuate.

        I’m staying home where it’s safe.

        • I’m going to order some porn magazines.

          The internet will be down and I will still need my fix!!!!!

          • Wow! That’s sad. Pornography will lead you to help

            Please seek the Lord while you still can and repent and ask him to break the bondage.

            Jesus said if anyone looks at a woman to list after her, he has committed adultery in his heart…….(Matthew 5:28)and no adulterer will enter the kingdom, unless they repent.

            I Was in bondage to porn for many years, and it led me down paths i never intended to go.

            Thanks to t h e chainbreaker, Jesus Christ, I am now free.

            “Who the Son sets free, is free indeed” John 8:36

          • Thought you’d already have all the back issues of High Society, Juggs, and Cheri.

          • John

            STORMY DANIELS ?

        • About an hour ago, they were saying CAT 4-5.

      4. The Atlantic Seaboard is where you don’t want to be. The very worst is the Northeastern states due to population density other than upper Maine.

        If the SHTF, and you’re up there, don’t follow the horde, go to Maine. You might make it.

        I pity the fool trying to get past the mountain folks ie hillbillies of Appalachia. They are the tip of the spear that the Horde must get past.

        Don’t wait till the last second. If buggin’ in, batten down the hatches. Get your waterbob out and fill it. Carefully clean your washer until it is pristine, and fill it up as reserve water. Ideally you checked your hotwater tank, flushed the valve as rust is surely there. You have a hose and all fittings ready. A 55 gallon barrel or two would be a whole heck of a lot easier than all that.

        Double check your parafin oil. Have candle followers without lead in the wicks.

        Sharpen all knives. Double check ammunition.

        Inspect all natural gas lines and fittings.

        Have your food up high in a cache in case of storm surge and flooding.

        You have extra propane and generator fuel, right?

        You filled all prescriptions especially if diabetic…or have respiratory issues. Mold may be greatly exacerbated posthurricane so have apple cider with mother and spray bottles.

        How full is your septic tank?

        Have some comfort food. Watch out for elderly neighbors especially those without local family.

        If you had to get out, is your car checked for fluids, tires, spare gas can, belts, fuel filter. These are the main things that will fail and block traffic for MILES. Have alternative routes and good physical maps if GPS is out. Have the maps in plastic waterproof cases.

        Have $500-1000 cash if credit cards go down. Expect price gouging.

        • Here in Northern Virginia, there has been so much rain this year that things have remained quite moist–even the dew point has been extremely high this year even beating many tropical areas.

          I hope my car part arrives before the storm does. Car runs fine just need the piece to pass inspection.

          I’ve had flooding inside the house for one thing or another so most of my downstairs is tile so it mostly cleans up nice whereas the carpet needs to go. Anything important is upstairs except my treadle sewing machine and player piano which are too heavy to move.

          When Hurricane Isabel came through, it brought wide-spread power outages. Power went out while I was online but I could still do things because it was a laptop with a dial-up connection and phone lines remained viable for good while. I was in a chat group reporting what I heard and saw. Mostly I hated the moaning winds…creepy especially when you’re alone.

          If the “big one” is aimed at my house this time, I’m bugging out (for numerous personal reasons). Time to get my BOB adjusted for this kind of event and put away my yard toys.

          Dang…I was ready to settle into fall soup making and other autumnal taste delights (love to cook and do it well). Eh, I can cook with whatever the heat source.

          • Those eerie winds are foehn winds technically, most often labeled Chinook winds. A lack of windbreaks across meadows and sudden gusts due to pressure systems will cause a howling wind.

            No doubt these gave rise to mythological fears of ghosts like the Irish banshee.

        • Maranatha, the southern Appalachians are where my family and BOL are located. Long way from the coast but we’re always prepared for all kinds of things. Watch this affair turn into another Superstorm Sandy. Whoever doesn’t prep is inept.

          • Yahooie, it’s looking like part of Virginia is going to get hit on Tuesday. Good luck. I’m saying prayers for you.

      5. Been hotter than the hinges of hell here on the Delmarva Peninsula for weeks. Water(sweat) runnin’ down the crack of my ass like the mighty Missisippi. I’ll take the hurricane if it brings relief from this kneegrow heat. I always have what I need to get through…. bring it!

      6. Have a set of tools in a military tool bag. Make sure you got boots or better have hip waders. It is extremely difficult walking through sloshy water and handling tools and see in the dark. A headlamp is a GODsend when doing repairs. They are 20x better than a flashlight.

        If you can afford it, get one of those ultrabright flood flashlights as that can be a BEACON to alert emergency personnel. If you’re searching outside for a lost child or a pet, that beacon is a blessing.

      7. Folks make sure you have plenty of mantles for propane lanterns.

        Also, test your Coleman stoves. If it won’t properly pump, disassemble it and see if the leather cap is dry. It likely needs a little lubricant. Then it should pump just fine. Most folks don’t realize it’s an easy fix.

        If you have no way to handle power loss, then a smart thing to do is organize your neighborhood with a cookout. Any protein has limits as when you ingest excess, your kidneys eliminate this. However it has a very powerful psychological effect plus the fullness. Better to eat it then throw it away. It takes a little planning to suddenly cook the entire contents of freezers.

        It’s a good time for the guys while grilling to determine who lives in the neighborhood and who is a potential threat. And organize a watch rotation.

        If you have metal straps you might ensure hot water tanks are secure.

      8. According to some the ongoing pole shift will eventually cause sea levels to stabilize at 425ft to 625 ft higher than at present. And slosh storm surge will be much higher. You need to be 200 miles inland and at 1000 ft elevation.

        • Well, I was thinking about selling the house anyway. Might need to do it soon since my elevation is around 99ft. I feel better at a higher elevation; don’t know why but could be it’s usually in the mountains where there’s lots of trees.

      9. It’s not ideal, but if you have an inverter, you can run it off your car battery and run small electrical devices for brief periods. It’s better than nothing.

        Some of the dynamo radios have a cell phone plug so check yours and see.

        These little inconsequential things really allay your wife’s nerves.

      10. Hurry up and run out to buy a bunch of shit you don’t need

        • yeah, stick to frozen pizza and beer like all the idiots I usually see at the store before a storm…..

      11. It’s currently at 11pm been down graded to a tropical storm
        So go run out and buy stuff you will not need it helps to boost sales

      12. Better get 2 30 packs this go around

      13. In Tampa my city house was only 8 Ft above MSL and a block from the bay. Way too much insurance to have to carry. Now in the Country my BOL cottage is above 47 Ft. Plenty safe in my lifetime. Get away from all coastlines.

      14. Real Preppers are already prepared. Just more fear porn click bait for suckers.

      15. Why would a prepper buy what they don’t need? I have actually used practically all of the things I purchased in power outages, ice storms, a severe wind storm that took down branches and trees causing outages, water main breaks and issues with water safety due to chemical spills, etc.

        Meanwhile most gear can be used for hunting and camping.

        Why buy food that you will not eat? I don’t see the point. As long as you rotate, you save money due to inflation. I actually have saved money generally as prices always go up on medical supplies.

        The only things I bought a little extra was in some lighters, but matches are still good. My parafin oil is still good.

        Just be wise as serpents but as innocent as doves. That’s what the Bible says.

      16. Hmmm going on vacation right on the Atlantic, good times!

      17. Remember, if your beans are past date, it takes longer to hydrate them, but lentils will rapidly hydrate. This os why lentils and rice are often reccommended for beginneers.

        So if you have both, switch to lentils and double the soaking time on your pintos. Toss the water as that residue does two things: increases flatulence and makes the skins stay hard. So you toss the water and cook in fresh water, and add some baking soda. That’s the old German American way. If they are WAYYYYYY past date, you make have to germinate pintos.

        Lentils are not as popular but make a very good base for an vegetarian Indian curry. Makes some relishes a
        Nd somechutney and pappadams or naan to go with it. That’s the traditional accompaniments. That lack of popularity means if you make a last run, there are liable to still be in the grocery aisle.

      18. By the way, check out your chainsaw now. Make sure you have fuel, oil is often mixed with it, and that you have the lubricating oil too. When a chainsaw kicks back, there ks a switch built in as a safety feature. If that is trigger, it will cut out and no restart until the safety is reset. See the video.
        Hopefully you won’t need it,but I bet you do.

        If somehow you get flooding and it gets into your fuel, the old school way to get water out of fuel is pour the fuel slowly through a chamois and it will wick up the moisture…somewhat. you may need several passes.

        Since the hurricane floods and all the trees are down, mice and rats will seek the downed branches for safety and the snakes know from experience there is good hunting there. Be careful.

      19. One of the easiest meals is tuna casserole on a stove top. Take a package of mac and cheese. Follow the directions, but add a small can of cream of mushroom soup, and a can or package of tuna. Dump in some leftover veggies. It’s a single pot meal amd filling amd ready in less than ten minutes.

        If grilling outside or using a coleman, you need very fast recipes as you don’t know how long your Coleman fuel or propane will last. Don’t get overly ambitous and waste fuel as your region may have a low priority on getting the electric going.

        Old people get befuddled when these kinds of weather events happen and when the power is out. Some are just barely hanging on and routine and activity keeps them stable. So if some little old lady is the neighborhood,you need to go check on them. Take a plate over as an excuse.

      20. Now as the hurricane comes inland and loses some of its power, then further inland you still can lose electricty and have lots of downed branches. This always surprises people who are nowhere close when they suddenly get the freak windstorm.

        When you know where it’s going to hit, it may bounce and change direction,but you might go through and get some stuff ready and reassess your preps. Don’t get a false sense of security.

        As that system comes in, it’s going to impact current weather systems inland and might affect you. This happen twice and we had lots of down tress especially pines or other conifers.

        This is good opportunity to teach young people aged 6-16 as they get some hands on when the weather is bad. Stuff like teaching about cloud types,building fires,safety, watching our for fragile neighbors, cooking,etc. If you go oytside with them, do some plant identification of treesnoting the leaf shapes and bark and discussing uses.

        They like some excitement to liven things up.

        Older teens can get some basic electrical testing instructions, demonstrate what circuit breakers do and how to reset them, check for voltage and continuity, and basic troubleshooting but checking halfway to quickly assess the issue.

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