Hurrah for Midterm Gridlock!

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

    Thankfully, the “most important election in recent memory” is over and the results have turned out as expected.

    Democrats now control the House. Republicans picked up a couple seats in the Senate. Trump’s agenda will tread water. He will spend most of his time fending off Democrat attacks. Empty-headed ideological turf battles between the two sides of the one-sided political system will continue. Gridlock will be the state of the nation.

    Gridlock is the only positive thing to come out of this midterm election. It means the state will have a more difficult time carving up our liberties and imposing a batch of new nanny state laws. Democrats in the House will send legislation to the Senate where it will be nixed by Republicans or sent back hash marked. Bitter intramural squabbles and theatrical pugilism will be the order of the day. Legislation interruptus is the preferable outcome.

    But there is one thing the party with two heads and one cyclopic eye have in common—war never-ending. 

    Both Democrats and Republicans love war. It’s a yuge profit point for sociopaths and full-blown psychopaths in the death merchant industry and their playmates on Wall Street and in the Too Big to Fail international banks. The bribery coffers of the political class runneth over.

    Excluding exceptions such as Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul, Congress is almost entirely in support of war never-ending. Trump the election campaign noninterventionist has threatened Iran, China, and Russia with sanctions—polite-speak for informal declarations of war—and all three are now preparing for what will be the final conflict.

    This aspect—both “parties” supporting aggression and undeclared and illegal wars—make the results of the 2018 midterm election irrelevant. Rainbow intersectionality will be less than insignificant after the thermo-nukes leave their assorted bays and silos. 

    But never mind few are talking about this. The American people are sufficiently brainwashed by years of incessant propaganda—and the nonstop accretion of social programming through “entertainment” media—and although they are disturbed by the slow-motion disappearing act of the middle class and the unaffordable care act, they continue to buy into the designated enemy farce, as demonstrated by the willingness to believe Vlad the Destroyer in Moscow will eviscerate “democracy,” which is nothing of the sort. 

    We are now reaching the boiling point, both socially and economically. After the shiny asset bubbles turn fully toxic and implode, the political class will steer a teetering and unhinged nation into a final war nobody wants—except of course the hubristic sociopaths who tell us every couple years they have our best interests at heart as they kiss babies and perform the customary photo-ops and town halls. 

    I’m told if I truly want out of this madhouse of distorted mirrors we absurdly call representative democracy, I will need leave the country and find comfort abroad. 

    But even if I could afford to uproot my family and head to foreign destination, this would not protect us from a nuclear winter following an atomic firestorm. 

    I sincerely worry about this, even if my neighbors do not. Maybe this can be avoided, although probably not. The only way this insanity will be prevented is by an uprising of the people—unlikely considering the degree of brainwashing, indoctrination, and apathy—or by a foreign army invading and occupying the country, which is improbable considering the size of the United States. 

    For now, we’re stuck with the status quo—rule by a corporatist fascist elite (real fascists, not the pretend kind imagined by Antifa) that is working its way toward the endgame—a one world government and currency. 


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        • And the circus continues. Doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, were screwed and anyone half awake knows it inevitable. Like I say, “Humanity is an epic failure”. Thank God for alcohol lol.

      1. Nothing wrong with a good war. I retired young investing in defense contractors.

        • Meh, get rid of a bunch of useless eaters for sure. I just have empathy for all the other life on this planet. Sad how humanity destroy’s everything it touches. I can retire early because I invested in self reliance and being debt free. Pray for the dolphins….

          • Hmmm I notice no one can disagree with that.

      2. So we have gridlock and nothing gets done….not exactly progress as the country crumbles….

        • The thing is, gridlock is a FEATURE of this government, not a bug. The founders set it up this way so that it would LIMIT government intervention. Unfortunately, over 200 plus years the incremental interference builds up. So we are where we are now.

          No war on the horizon however. Unless something changes. Tariffs won’t cause war and may actually prevent it. We will see…

      3. Hear! Hear! Now there’s a man after my own heart. If gridlock and inefficiency don’t save us from Government, then bring on the giant meteor.

      4. Conservatives are mostly big government statists. You can’t kick people in the ass and impose your morals on the population without big government. We all know that.

        Liberals are mostly big government statists, too. Their plan is to go into more debt to expand all the big government programs so everyone can have Keynesian prosperity.

        The bosses are laughing at both sides. Being sociopaths, they don’t care. They will rob all of ’em.

        • JRS, it is funny how hypocritical most everyone is! They preach about freedom, constitution, etc but in the same breath they want a host of socialist shit. Too bad humanity is too stupid and irresponsible to support anarchy (real freedom). In a free society NO ONE has the right to demand ANYTHING from someone else. Like taxes for their kids skool, parks, etc. If there is no victim, there is NO CRIME! Natural law is all that is needed.

          • No victim, no crime. Too bad the costumed clowns don’t follow that principle.

            • Ya the clowns in state costumes are the MOST guilty of treason and color of law shit. If some fat pedophile in a suit says this is law and you enforce that law who is to blame? Just doing my job is a sad assed excuse and non valid. The enforcers ARE the problem! If ANYONE enforces unjust laws they need to hang! The same goes for those morons that think Finnicum deserved his fate!

      5. Tulsi Gabbard is my congress critter,
        She is a loony crazy anti-freedom nutcase.
        She is better looking than B. Feinstein
        or a Pelosi but just as ugly inside.

      6. Its Good the Dimocraps took the House. Now in 20-20 Trump can point to their do nothing antics and tantrums and the Tide will turn in his favor. Two years is a very short time. The 20-20 presidential campaighn started Wednesday.

      7. So this is what feasting on the corpse of the grand experiment looks like…. How uncivilized. Humanity fully deserves what is coming, especially because it could have been prevented. Meh, wont be missed.

      8. To stop the wars, the young in America need to stop going to the service. Just stop… That forces the Politicians to do what? start a draft? or stop sending out military to every 3rd world hole.

        Two years of grid lock for sure, but look at the big picture.. this election was won by very small margins… Many Republican voting people stayed home on election day or we are really close to being outvoted across America. within 4 years the Demorats will have the power and we are totally screwed. All down hill from here. If you want your Guns and ammo, better start today on a long term buying spree. Soon it will get very tight to find the two items.

        If you want to move to another country, where will you go. If America goes down, ever two bit Dictator will come out of the woodwork and blame every American that lives in his country.

        So take that chance or think about a long term plan and stay in America and fight for this country when the bottom drops out.

      9. Ultimately, the herd will be culled either by nature or the insanity of human animals. It could actually make for a better time for those prepared and do not mind a simpler life.

        • Luddites never win.

      10. Mischief is thwarted.

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